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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 19, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Mgr Rix. The Albuquerque morning j of r axe. Tuesday inn it inc published by the Democrat publishing company a it. A. Macpherson president. W. S. Burke editor. H. R. Rexing. City editor. Entered As Aeo Ond Elness matter at the Post office at under act of Congress of March 3, ugly Albuquerque n. M. The morning journal is the Lum i no Rem Buu an paper of new Mexico supporting tre of the recur Liu an party All tue time Ani the methods of the Republican parti when they Are right. Southwest a question to by lowered. A i or statehood proposition has been settled is far As Congress is concerned. Whether we shall have joint statehood or not is now up to it the voters to de Clde at the coming november election and a Lively Campaign on this question is expected Flagstaff Sun. Column real estate new Telephone is. Money to it loan on Coull real estate Security at i it of Kates of interest. Tarter circulation than an other paper in new Mexico. La new Mexico issued every Day in the year. T1�o Only paper a the morning journal ital a higher circulation rating than is accorded to any other paper in Albuquerque or any other daily in new Mexico a the alar lean newspaper directory terms of subscription. Dally by mail one year in Advance Dally by Carrier one Dally by mall one month .50 to rent. 5-room Frame n. Waiter St., modern. 25.00. Two 5-Rootn Bounce s Broadway with hath 20.00 each. Where Olliev Are at. 5-room House. 8. Arn quot modern. 123. The town squabble will Loon by set two tent b. Kill Ron i ., 8.00. Tied. Attorney will argue the Case at House. S. Edith modern. 25. Length and the Tobiens of Gallup will two 3-room houses Marquette ., know where they Are at. Whether they 12.00 each. Are 1 City or a town with 1 City Conn House. Vav. Silver ive., 12.50. Cd or a town Board. The quicker 2-room House and taut s. Fourth St., this question is settled the better . The taxpayers Tong winded litigation Brick House n. Second Street a pensive. And the people Settle the modern. $20.00. _ a Perque tuesday morning june it. Mod. New Mexico it ii a a a Friendly Vieu i o i of by a great Deal of wildly sensational matter a be a written and printed in connection with the beef packing exposures neither is there is Bill Gallup Republican. Differ emm Mark. Delegate Smith brands the quot no appropriation for the schools of Arizona state As there Are Many better people Der land it to be a bequest from the Federal government to Ald the Nee a Yate to place her Public schools ur<-011 a solid f Linda Ion who will object to such 4-room Brick House n. Fourth Street modern $20.00. I 3-room House furnished s. Amo St. 5,000 1 Xiv Lur pad 118.00. Public a a bribe i Fok Bale. What it in pour n re of land in the Elbe limits. With Good hous and stable fruit Trees Etc., Iii a Ane location. Sir Ltd oni House on West Coal a. Up to Dot lot on West it Loid av., near sixth St. House Hunting everyone gets tired of Hunting houses Only to be compello to to Moat again of you at Toad in a House you move into it. Ami that ends your moving troubles. Own a Home of your own. Porterfield co. To West Gold put it i quot. Us. Nth a Day Ruys it. The Puri. Of one Alt fare saves la mile err walking Iii a hoi Kite Kim. Pays pm la Olf Iii a year in the waste it saves. The Federal Treasury to Ald in Educa log our children who a Tieton Star. Where the packers Orr. Reports connected with the great a Shadow of doubt of the fact that the truth. In the most charitable scandal concerning the preparation of Light in which von can look at it is fully bad enough to warrant the demand for Reform Radical and far reaching be form a in the packing Bur i Ness. As convincing evidence of that fact take the following from Tho Kansas City journal and remember As you read it that the packing musings is one of the leading industries of Kansas pity and that the Journ ii is a Kansas City paper w hit h always tight. For the town and its interests to the last ditch. And with these facts in mind read this from the journal a there is no doubt that the sensational descriptions in or. Sinclair s quot the Jungle quot have exaggerated an impression at to the real conditions that prevail in the meat packing Industry. Granting that i statements Are True the conditions he describes Are the rare exception and not the Rule. And it it is morally certain that the effect the author seek la mostly false. But there is no getting away from the fact that his Book has made a profound impression upon the Public mind an the Par tis to corroborative testimony of the Nelll be it nolds report adds color and body to the popular prejudice against packing House products and the widespread disgust of the methods of the packers. This being so. It is obvious that something must be done As soon As possible to restore Public Confidence in the meat Pat King us the a referendum clause a a a a the meat products of the centry continue to occupy the Public attention. Tho meat puckers themselves Are greatly distress i Over the fact that j their business i injured but do not seem to be at All concern d Over the i fact that they have by their criminal carelessness or by worse me in in. Angered the health arum the live of millions of men. Women and children j the world chieftain. Candidate wanted. At the present time there is one Demoi ratio aspirant for the treasurer office two for the assessor ship and. On for the office of sheriff who h Ive announced themselves As being in the race for nomination. No one has yet spoken for the commissioner ship for the Al re to or second District the office of probate judge county Surveyor a or superintendent of school. There Are rumours of possible candidates for Liberal donation from Corner non a. And Edith St. 7-room House modern lot 7f>xl42 feet Fine Cement sidewalks Good stable. This property Wil be Soi l cheap of taken at once Fine lot near twelfth St., on Tijeras 1 Road at a bargain. Seven room Frame House on a Corner or Highland with Bath. Lot 60x 14 2 in a Fine location 1.700. House and int on South second St., be a to a Lead and Cha. Avenues at a bargain. 14 room House two blocks from Post i of flee. With two lot. House Well furnished. This property i in one of the Best locations in this City. And is for Sale St 3 500. 10-room House North fourth Street with 3 lot. 76 Al 4 2 fest near in i in e. 3.000, Brick House and lot on West coat . 5 rooms up to de Brick House 7 rooms with 3 Lota on North second Atrz it up to Date Arlie. 2.650. 5-Roorn Brick House nearly new modern improvements at ,160. On North 4th Street. 7-room Bra. K House. Time use Avenue modern Fine location it Soo. The More important it flies ,1 tit it a room Houe furnish Good Lee to the Candida that Arlt it but Mon $1150.00. My of thei rants seem 1 Little blk room Frame in one of the beet timid the Democrat convention 1 a4. Bar which will nominal. To mini a a ,.�on. Edith Dpi meet in Alamogordo july 21t of. Of a Man expects to get before the pro. Street Fine Roemmel a pie properly Benr that time is a can t act Hundred and Twenty Sera ranch b. Ruppe the Freschi Piton druggist 20 West Railroad . J. D. Emmons the furniture Man. Goal amp second free a 26cpnt Lottie of free Williams liquid Antiseptic shampoo with a 75-eent bottle off m pack s celebrated hair tonic Cooling and invigorating to the Scalp. Prevents the hair from falling out. Removes and prevents ii Nodi Uff. Imparts a delightful odor to the hair. Your Money Back if not satisfactory the Williams drug @0 Tuc xxi a ii cd wait w both Telephone. The Blue front 17 West Railroad Avenue Albuquerque planing Mill All kinds of Nihi work a pee laity. The right place for Good work at Low Price a. J. Love. Prop. Auto phone 463 i it 3 s first St a Date he should be getting Busy. Alamogordo chieftain. Wanted an i Ria Iii. The ice problem is just at the present time the my it it serum one that sex Hhd Alfalfa grafted fruit Good buildings Etc. Treat. Wootton amp myer dealers in real estate 123 South third Street Foh Nav 5-room, Brick modern. Clee in Nice location lowlands. Terms if do i j Eft 9-2. Iii Hio. Five room modern new an finish Nice location Highlands it will Only take about t40u.uo to handle this Salatte on go Ai terms. N n e residence lots from 50 00 up a a it the instalment plan. Why pay rent ? for rent five room dwelling Nice location Clos in new. Thoroughly modern. Six room Frame dose in Shade tree Nice location $20.00 a month including water w. P. Metcalf notary Public insurance Honda Money to lao. Ssi Gold a a a senator Morgan of Alabama holds that the referring of the joint re question to the people of the two territories As a condition piece in a Chiveli and is one that should Dent to the life or death of the Arisona new Mexico Section of tin statehood Bill is unconstitutional holding that Congress has no auth orly to Delegate id Power on this subject. This is the position the Star has always taken. There is but one course or Way to but it pursued in the making of a Fedora i Law under the it Natl tut it a. And that is. It must Pas both houses and be approved by the president it May be passed Over his disapproval by a two thirds vote of both houses. The element of the referendum Doe not enter into our Federal i w making Power. Home of the states have adopted the initiative and referendum principle As part of its Law making Power but this docs no obtain and 1 our Federal Constitution or Congress. This May pro a to be a very Nice Point in the disposition of the a i a new Mexico Section of the joint statehood Bill. Tucson Star a Story is printed to the of i i that Schwab will contest with new hands for the senator ship for Nevada. In the language of or. I Leveland. It is a condition Ami not a theory which confronts the nevadans Ami it is rather surprising that they do not recognise the fact and take advantage of it. Instead of Selling the senator ship at private Sal Why not put it up and let the highest bidder take it and turn the Money into the state Treasury that would be a decided improvement on the plan so fir As the tax Payd is con earned. San Francisco chronicle. At o o to Che a Bluff is wot Worthing in a Che Prospect is that the Effort of Nom of the auran r company managers to take undue advantage of the pressing necessities of the ii tim of the san Francisco Fie wih fail it was the scheme to comp i the log re to Settle at a big do it out from the face of their policies without regard to la Merit of the Ca quot Lim dual Eyer my the policyholders out of million of dollars in the aggie tie. The tale insurance out missioner and attorney general ire after the companies with a pair of Sharp a ticks and Are ilk by to bring them to term with the assistance of the newspapers. It is dawning upon some of the in Utun a Hylo is that tin y will be out of Busine in other Slit As Well As in California of it is bruised abroad that their contracts Are worthless there has always been an impression that fire i surant it amp tules w re in business f paying losses As Well As ret Elvig premiums and of any comp by tries to quot squeak out quot of settling when the time comes la might As Well give up l it Harter and go out of Bual Ness. A Loa Angeles time All the Street by Sloe Trie Power be and ele Tria a a Par. The company s Long a Bra now running in san franc is a Ere being prope a gyrated the a cer a Liwer plants of the California <1 Hon in the he Era and brought to wan Francisco Over Dos Iri transmission Wir e. When colonel Bryan sets foot again upon american soil. His admirer propose to take charge of him and banquet Blin All the Way from the Atlantic to the Platte. And thu w. Shall if he has a stomach to match his vol e #0 As others see us be taken up without delay by the men who make the machine work. For reasons Hest known to it management the local a tor is closed Down and All the i a the it is obtainable is shipped in from Amarillo the Long haul compelling the charging of exorbitant rates Roswell i now a City of around people and this condition of affairs is simply intolerable when a necessity that can hardly be done without is concerned. The commercial club will make a great hit with the people by letting up on railroads and us h ilk a few Days and compelling some sort of a solution of the matter. Boswell is to a la. Too enterprising nod too careful of the health and a or fort of its people to permit the present order of things to continue Long Roswell Register Tribune. A whet will of he a will it be prisons the great or s continuation of territorial servitude this is the question f it a the people a determine there Mac i ii few politician w to would rather remain under the washing Ai government. The -. Art others who Hope for spoils of of flee under single stat Hood. Who Fco a they have no Hope under the grand and great ate there be path is who far that a j1 int Tat in ans Republican stat Ami hence they done to thus a to the subject of Arizona that i teat lat us look at the whole Busine calmly Ami work for that which will inure to the gyrate Benefit it fall concerned let u hav statehood let us bad a of government i t tile politician and the a lacquers go to bomb a let t have Home rub that is what til people Are going to have now done to forge t this prediction the people will determine the question Tucson hgr Murk Smith s Tat to break bassing Over whatever of truth there Mas have been in or Smith insinuations against the Spak rth fact 1 tin Ains that at the tim the mad tits ill advised attack the it purpose of statehood question was Ettl a and absolutely nothing was to be gained except a Little cheap notoriety for a said Del Gat Ile could not Overlook the Chance to be his egotistical self into the Lim Light or Smith should a in my r that la plea of a Fiona for the defeat of joint re is not the Only thing this territory is ilk a to ask of Congress an j this abuse of men High in the Public a i and abiding great Power is lint calculated t gain a Ria a 4t> Friend with the Powers that he bit on the contrary will do her inestimable harm a this Tat St official break of Deb Gate Smith is on a Par with others of a ilk it nature notably i conduct before Hie h a a committee on territories during Hie visit of the Arisona delegation to Washington the past Winter when lie made charges against members of la quot committee and other High in official life which lie was unable to subs Tanti a a business chances Good ranches near the Cit for Sale at reasonable prices fire insurance. House for rent. Hents collected. Tints paid and entire can rec taken of pro Perer for residents mid non re Identa. E. H. Dunbar it amp co co wee Gold 4semi Sod to ted Street its so warm you Needel t in the Sun Jud your drug Slot a 1 attend to them we have Evory that in a drug 11 i up coming Elep Liziie Tole we of aptly. Table flt �?�1. To and darn a 4 a it we have for Sale j a a few Small snolies. Ranging from j three to ten acre each All under a ditch mid under High state of cult # \ at Ion. Al of. Desirable lot Iii the differ. And e Del ions to tin Ell v we have several Small cottages Well ? in for Sale Atli re jus in by term. J Colo. Phone. Black 144 j Baldridge a is the place for lumber shingles and lath. A Large Stock of w windows doors paints oils brushes Cement building paper Etc., always on hand. J. E. Baldridge 003 Houth i i rat it re it. Aldi i Erqin e. New Mexico in a # a a a a a the Alvarado pharmacy la Briggs a first St re t both Ltd in Opal to it re i Gold a hones to contractors House builders Etc. Having consolidated la a fluent and Superior Imu Liting old a. Hie machinery Leing of tim lilt designs and la make Wear pre Iii my to Alo All kind of to i la work at a Price never Heinie Al in pm cd Iii new we a ill la glad to give Chi nun on anything Irmo la Mill work of a limn to Mak sniff a window Etc Cen mid will a alanine Mili Sfat Ion the Superior lumber and planing Mill co. .11 in a Safe Deposit Box in a Nix easily Aud the rout i Small. We have them. First National Bank Hios. F. I i rum d. Amp r. G. System lit and for which he afterwards apol a its and Lorial on the statehood Bill the Chic ago Tribune Calls attention to j ofl�4 Phoenix a in to i in a the a t that Oklahoma As it comes into the Union will have More Power unknown i dlr arts i in the House and in the electoral a allege at least so far a votes Are Titer or Many a pie w to hav a concerned than sixteen older commonwealths which indicates its res by it remedy with splendid re Tyr importance and a Tao clearly show that it is fully ready for statehood. Its suits hut Are unknown to aug admission will be hailed with pleasure by the entire nation and it develop Jull meat Offill he watched Aith keen interest than referring to that portion of the cation these Copic however Are let i Rulch in especially interesting to our a it eople the Tribune says i none the la is Friend of this remedy a the other part of the statehood measure will be generally acceptable ipod. If the two territories care to unite As Arizona they May have a Hance at admission by and by of they do not indicate such desire for Union and no me much doubts the result of the vote they May remain out in the territorial Region indefinitely another curious turn of history to when one mealie the great expectations regarding them i the Days of the Compromise pm if and the Gadsden Purchase if by chalice the 100,003 White Cit Lsen of of Tao a should vote to unite with the people of new Mexico it would be a a to Rte event marking the pawing of the quot territory they have dope much toward making it a household word by their Peis Uii ii recommendations to friends a i neighbors it is a Good Medicine to Baw in the Home and is widely known fur its i it of diarrhoea and ail form of Bowel double. For Sale by nil druggists. I Domain of the United mates. Alaska excepted s lev we a a a a a a t. A. Til lit i e. Hem. Intuit a a a Idila Leit a Hurner i it i quot a in Wmk Al rat National Hank from the mar of the building room 17 if Haji a Mai it of unit hoi Ani a California court has just granted a Man a divorce because his wife would t live with him unless he lived in to it son. Of it is fair to judge a Gong by a majority of its palier an attempt on the part of a woman to make agr Dot hand live anywhere in that territory ought to be pretty Good ground lip degree. Ranch he atm Halk. And Holic Ith a Shahe of your patronage of trs ladies Are Alu Aya it i come. Raak Ohea Al Tlly Ueki Bou Ling alleys. To our Cool will la ku1 through the Vichy it Moi try we Kwh tur Hummer the Mounta i t mib by a it yet with Weah Al a the it try. N s on on the Gan rho vide table i i litmus Al it i men s by sit a i s3 to a i in men High Mas la la a Gnu a him ii thaties $1.30 to �3 i a Thielg a High Simsw 1.5" Loti my i Tiller. U Low Al a one to thu dry Lii ii mates. .0uuu to ss.30 Lallur. He m is Saddle lip dusters a it a is. Ave this . Paints oils auf Vern Sbai Palmetto hot so of in ult i wets i lean and Kurps tanks. Cab paid fit hides Sod a Elm. 60m Wert Railroad a a eur Buss Dow he a bar Rry it at a go Sims St egg of lilt ii Al to f4ui he ref a to a a a a a m a. A a i a a Kuis fax a a a it i -1 61 a i a i he a w i St. I i. Vii tit. A Roicki co is is. I hold in by tim Otth ily a it in tank. Ka11lo be Braiu lib eff Odhe a to Nilmier to 1003. Eastbound if Aloir westbound 11.00 a. . Hants Paar. S 0 p. A 12 61 p. . Espanola lr.,. 1.30 p. A 2 11 p. . . .11 30 p. In 3 00 p. . Baratte p. M 4 02 p. . Hirv lieu .lv.10 30 p. In 4 32 p. . ,10.00 p. It 4 46 p. . . T10 p. In 1 10 p. In. La. Alamosa la. 6 40 a. M 1 00 a. In la. Pueblo. La. La 06 p. In 4.s6 a. . Colorado Karl not la. 0 40 p. A 7 10 a. . Denver la. T 0l p. A con Lutetium a at Antonito for Durango a tiv i ton an i Intel Points. At Alamosa for Denver Pueblo an a intermediate Pointe via either the Standard gauge line via Taveta pass or the narrow g luge line via halide making the i ire trip in Daylight and p lasing through the famous it Al Gorge also for ail Points on cried Branch. Trains atop it Kin Huda for dinner where Good meals Are served. K. K. Hooper. G. I a Denver. A. 4. Barney agent Hamae n. La. Your friends Back East might decide to Settle along the of they knew More about your neighbourhood. Head us a list of their names and add us. We will mall to them our land Llor nature Why not work together in this matter. It Only costs you a postal card. Address general agent and h. F tty., Rahway Exchange. Chicago communication made easy Between the great Kou Burert and Karina try. St. Loads ctr cars and ill Points North and East by the Elpaso 0 southwestern system Rock Island system i torte to qty a tie to thu Refore he first. The Only Way with two through trains Dally carrying hts my re and tourist Marc Para observation dining fare a hair care and on Chw err any trip any where any uric take the h4 i of pull particulars my say agent or Carnett King v. R. Stiles a rival agr at hew. Pass gnat by Paw Texas

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