Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1922, Page 9

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 16, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico To Lune 16, 122albuquerque morning journal id nos Burns column la a j i our til w Mimi 4 la i Vioni in to in of moderate right n rec left i Hugh bringing up father. Copyright 1921 by the in Terr Illonal w a of a re jct u. S ret fit off Koobir Sod Alsop mpg per a furnish 25ft Goonie fun shed .91,090 room on v. Heights i , Hoot s on i height j $1,750 Liis i a it i Toad be newly Soo la no i a. Foo in car these i i utri \ r. Its a Lincoln addition Quot a Elt of e n North fourth Avreet a re m id i Rico lots Good i a id., fruit Trees ditch ter wonderful View and a his Pic a a to Bent Tho loud d on a of do. La on Fahy a y i into Koo Rush find Balanti i 0.00 a month. 0, to Kingsbury realtor real Balate Loans and insurance. I n rid phone oo7-\y. Roar wow i think in a 60nna de a cd be Happy it Quot h a i Wiz by my or ilk of the let to the doctor i or the ship i <�?~57 to of Voo want to by George Mcmanu 4t Al i up Fui Foel for rent a to a five to a fourth War i la one of m in Thel a i tar it read this Henna rent to Sid i a a a rid s in Hilf j Ord i us it a owner leaving town who Ali five room Cement Home with fireplace Fyrnne Hunt in feature walks min de Row it a and a real Home. Fee at Kluson it phone 414. A Dri i Lull. T Hora Iso s. I our to. Sold in eve n lots fourteen dais to nine men. It t More to it ii in neat Itter a do hat u ailing Down of. Might u a House in it Ift Tov Al 111 it phone i tuts. W. Roe Sale it id mat if de Fame i Wilt in f wanted to buy business property h t it it a a a a a a a or a a i from tie so a e i n and Urb a. To it i Ipi Tot in Al. Or rive of Arna St Bungalow. Modem garage it it Tibet la t in seventh Street Tern a la Leo Pix frn White a ie.-, Bungalow m Tern o in floors feature Gar Saa other tries i Ruth e. Aul. I in a a a Ami Ani Madaii j0011 cd fair Tise in. Hight Fin 1�>. Inn. I i a a in sol Rutan i a v modern. nets families. Highland c tela . fir Virld Tii actin utile surely hoi la i nine. No Iii #. I mirth of. Ell part flt 61 we Quot Quot i a w a a for Sall five to Brick thins Block from Central Avenue fourth to a re. Price 15,000. Terms. Four room furnished four Block from Centra i Avenue Corner lot pour n Ward in too terms. Dieckmann realty co Rialto non w. Golf phone Ato. Wanted St,700 fur a a it of Little Home of four rooms and a glassed in Mere eng porch Oak floor All kinds of built in features of the r Oseff pie Lawn and it1 la been. A it located in fourth Ward Good terms for appointment Call x i i Mil in go of a tors real of Riaf a fir and Auto inst Tynce Loans. 22.x xxx. Fold. Phone 154. Must go fast and for that reason Ftfe Sac a fica thu Home. I. A from Brink f furnished nicely close in the fourth Ard. Five of Underd dollars will handle it. Plume in Franklin amp company realtors. I surant a a Loans. 221 xxx oaf Gold Avenue. Furnished Home you can see Tho value to this four room furnished modern Bouse St the Pelee we Ste Able to of or it. Completely fur n i shed Rulh a. Of of Viii furniture. Lion in exe int repair. Located clog in fourth Ward. .1,72,0 of a d. Keleher Tifai Tor ail Vert old. Phone 410 Ftp i o i #21 i near shops poems. Modem furnished lot Gars a South Amo 14.2 of a x. Mawr a in Brick in garage Tiara be if la xxx of a a phone 1122-it. For Sale five room Frame four blocks off Central Berend Ward. Paved sire a 3 2? it Ca Ahil 8 9 it this won t last. Realty sales co Iii s. Second. Phone a. S3,700 a i sea metical hot a o builder Bing infer finishing and lit ii a la v. It k Guarani <1 i it f a a strove xxx Mckinley. ,$7-11 it a a Avo Yon Mmry on your building and Lien tiring by cack the we i k myself i have no in and ext no. Phone me and save int noir. A. L. In Hung. Hrs it Rren a apr Trenta i xviii buy a furnished Adobe Matveen cottage with four rooms and Nice front porch screened and a1 most in to. Can arrange terms. V it. I it Ligh x a realtor. Phone it. Rutherf0rd&g0ebel general contractors a pair a Vorko . Xiv. A. Ill to s for the Hest painting. In to Init log is poring and floor finish r in Albuquerque phone 1594-Xv. Aas xxx est c Opper. R _ owner of Avino town 1 tills i a file a Homo and the uric is right if you Don t tink to Call and see it at 1393 w Tijeras. Mrs Otwell will i e or 11 i to so to you or Call .1 a if. Toxin of insurance la Al i a talc. Loans 21ft xxx. Old. Rad. 240 for rent news Quot i in t by incl in Dup Home with glassed sleeping p a t and sort Ned front porch. Xxii in it Ftp one or two years at lift per month. Rom n is. It a in co. For rent or lease on University of lr1 five room tool e Eti co Home Gar age Lif t air heat Maple floors unfurnished Vern. A Leverett realtor. Phone no. It mini and Gold for Sale to Ltd modern v loom Hoise. A Aik porch Shade and no Clos to chamber of Commerce. Price i3.&g0. J2mi Ash Sod monthly payments. Re Al est Ste Exchange. 409 w. C of icy. A i flip a la it Cui now i a Tery. Fuji to a t a rth s Cnn-1. As Long As it lasts si0.00 per Load a Netter grads . Of about 1,000 feet Call with Wagon terms Cash Mckinley land amp lumber co. Albuquerque. New Megleo. Automo Olgr. 1 1 Hull n a a i a. Or Ueni jul s re in pin i a it a avg a k but. To Tirigi car. i a c i nod Dlila a opportunities Flea rooms and Bath on North eleventh sleeping porch Hardwood floors built in Fps i tires j 94.500, easy terms. Four rooms Balli and Steep log porch in Highlands close to a hops. 92500, terms. Bra k. Five it rooms c Ose in fourth Ward Fine location Corner lot plenty of Shade. 4.df>o, terms. Max Fly i Ion a cd cd. Run for , Loans. 20 1 West old. In watch the University Heights grow fix is want be fifty to and to. Lot now you will new Hune there. Lot. 910.00 Down per month. We Levered realtor. Phone Fin third and Gold. The rat it to a a 1 i to glad a so w it i my i Rutx ill inn i a i in dollars monthly b a lot in the f dance be ii valves an i Eva Ara a ready. To. To of g a up re and phone it to a Chas. R0ehi Roberts Turner co 214 xxx Csc old. Plume to Choice residence and business property. Bus. Iness opportunities and ranches lots we liars a in it residence. Apartment and Busine a Sites priced right Hori a in or co. I in Gold. Phone 4�7 we have Homes from j 75 0 to 418.900. Viv meet Ami i it j.,f j m ends. A no we go a \ n tee a Square Deal to Roth Ruter and of i Leil at you r b Ervick. Roberts Turner co 214 Xiv. It old. Phone it. For rent Roomi Foh Khz i a it t Sis . Rev a .1. P k i font Niimd sleeping put a ctr Ros we Sliver Foh it in nth room for Light Houe keep ii i a it i w to ia<1. Ltd a a a i us i care is intr u Auto co., til bight Buick Lier p it a Nger Lite or. Good Orant ult Al re in. Re i k or 17it-w, flt 11 tint k Llis to i t to Rev a nth. Phon offs pc. For rent Ramis lied r it or a lie Hutli xxx Smit sit gout a me no Chil Ute tie a Lees Pau Ren a diet Ling r it m Man t that ii Tell bullit. A n 4 a it Pacific. Of it n to to f-., nuhxhyi5ei -1�?~jl i my lets. I ii. Of. Or Hun to Quot furn theft in in firn ii a i meal Lioa to wind a a Al Wra Tat West to a fun ii it a a. V at i eps amp la u Sar a will a All my Fin ii or was Toffi Carns a. a. In i. A # a a he for Isi North fir. I a t and or Tore of Iti gang plows hardware a ref r a company. In to an4 fruit Trees off b a us. Cill Fui it Lri guv Lul to in f a tune it Quot Taun first payment git North thirteenth for rank Home. New Nix r in pres ,1 Holck Bungalow j porch Lawn. Flowers tree. Bis cwt wont a. I to in it it liver phone 194.m Foh Falk no Lee Home of t or rile i front screen porch electric i m Detent a Merit Ltd nor a 1 try water Auto lot no or to v mgr chi1rtr�n. Apply j bargain gee wire at i ii a route. A id hairier. Joi West Tore. Pfc Itta no pick no children 4h River it it rent front room traitors ssi Kaat Central Foh ii bkt�?11 timekeeping to ins porch tin South Edith. For rent furn Ehe i for rom a Rio a i h i a i font co. I per month sit North third it urn i o it Hunt Rit i i $ c or Runa. Or to i r i or Rai in m pedal rat a f it re of r re i reek Lay a r r them Lien Auto re a or plug pen t 609 South Walter. Airing in n rib third phone 610. J Laroe coot Roi in. Beautifully furs hed j i _ private Ith Imin it Roma. For it Entz room an i porch near i a a Dong House. Saj North Edith i f it rent a two furnished r i Light Htu Eck copier. Fill West 11 in and apartment in of or no it phone Issi a j 4 feat so ver. To hot i modern nicety Tor to f pin a or A a Konh Poi t n ent >two7room> Howe and Aseep a ii for he Quot a j i Ltd a month i 1 its Suth Edith. In &Quot,4, or or three room Cotta a Corm i it it turn ii i # modern c riven i1 is i East Silver pm rent Hoti Cee Wner. On pre Teea. Sii by uth a nor take in incr Ltd ear. For by it t i urn Tih or in cot i age h a a Bing porch phone it a. Or East Fri Terr. Foh rent Neveta a rent 126, la a cd i at ult edit t a Mode furnished a. To wrecking to co r and feed Emi t i arts t for All care leaving hip Parte tops. Bodies Quot. Ete for line Asa i-1 re two pore ill hi1 Poh rent i i Home four rooms n unfurnished. Loc the or. Phone 134o-Jr. A i a it Rexi in tween . I a Ping it i Gtna keeping North third a of care news front Rodt f it r Light housekeeping. In n and ring gears keep us i mind a Fot wrecking phone 4.14. Re in Apai titled a a and Light in it a i Quot i it it l front apartment a a r it a i i Pri rata Bath sir. A it it a Tel. Run s a m a a ii f a it it he front Quot a a a a a. A a a get of. In r m modern apart of 11 South Amo Lull 6 v. It liver phone Sti. Rent c esp. Two three room pc a to Nice clean rooms aha f u Mitred for Light i p uth a liter phone gift Sam a i re a barter Mutik and to figs he est a a Felt a in a n i its a Wavney a doids., i it a. M i on a let Plano id player pianos Preo a \ Al in by be j a he. In re in re piano s34 , Walter. Said phoned and Alt band Tonii fume nth a or ii by i. Pruva a i or Nill invt Rue \ of Tim. N time Fred a my a. Phi >2-j j ii Al r Sale -1140 Nubia Yohoi graph. I i m prs 11� # v net Quot for qui a it Gate Chr y Lem no fir. Yet it Naor 111u South i y. Edith Rene of a Jat. So i spot a Heel uni Arch a Quot Utah Quot to it a prevent fatten Iru Tep. Cures All f i nip anti female. Prepare a Guterl it it a i it in 1? attend Long our summer see Aiona by Ftp Emu i strut in. I it i Progress. 6j.�-< re we Tern i Enol private a Tanes. Phone so a. Wanted position irk t y the Day. Phage nursing. Ada i phone in f Ping apartments i a in tents Henrietta Lintel Al Law use to r. F i pushed Span i. Iii t or r id water. Light and a it Aid rent re is Aloe. 421h Broadway a nth your re in modern nicely a no in a a i a ii or in Juire Dadaou a i Large the i North. I in Tew Ona i if Ca and on Small a t in rushed completely fir be plug Crane apartments 216 i seventh Phons Sii. la pie tar a h Uppa it Rath f a a Teti a t Eethel co of wee Antral. Por Kalks Sweet potato Plant St cent per Hundred tag Quot extra two Dollar per thousand it Quot in ,niatt4 a in to n. I i Cee n. M. A h cer a Oer Deni a Ark by the hour 1341-m, Felt r m p. In a anted laundry work to take to Nic f r by the Dav. Pm a hol it id a leaning Ria work. Ca 11 j w. I Ewe. Phone i 430-r k n e11 a 11e j a air works rep air anything 413-w Ltd for w. F j it rce Wushi confinement Asbe Itom Hoof faint Quot d for nil Kinde of Rofa la per gallon the Marann c to South vein it. Photic Isit a by a built up roof w 111 last a Long a the building. Uve effects a lift o top and real dressing. Effect Ault enamel a Ai far vat spar enamel on automobile.,Plymouth c stage print Flo Meathead n Kab exp Erie i a ale Newin by owner it pm fit a Cit hold on no in n ii n the Iii it. ii n North Maple Trina. Call 121 weal 8. R t the 194 9 a. For ? Nix i Nom cosy modern in a facing \7c#t Central Only five i Leat from business District garage Eltis Lawn and to it Aalt meat at a bargain apply owner. It 17 Kent Avenue for Lale Ott tra of City seven a it of a Boti Quot bind fur Garden thirty fruit s it pro x. M $166 Dot in bal to an rent monthly. Apply it a a Roa in for Oil Quot a fat.eflve7 r of Cement Block House Furnace to at in Iii. Chicken Hoite i either furnished or unfurnished a shout Jagt but la la ii a ten Gak i in list Lull rat Tell Amo waxing Lawn i it r a \ re a Quot a me room cottage j with steeping p i cd Tate feet. J of a j in darn Pigeon i it Hal Thea and j Chicken House Al new priced to sell. Inquire Sii West Gold or has b ult i j Saper r Parte. Tire Battel rings rims fend Mort Magnet Quot get psf it dilator Etc parts for Over my Knight 4 i it. 6 Balm t m drama nil Des sprint w Hee a in electrical equip to. A a Slid drive a completa line of a i so Delft we Lye he k. 4, s. Ide Haker. Reo 4 i Irige. 4 Overland Overland hotel 209 West _ it r rent furnished with or without h Jet Kef . Jul North fecund 4 Hope i a i a is Garelt Phat a ure no Orurke Chat it 4#s-k. It my , Saxon amp Sun n w rings. K or. P none a i Etlan gear end Axle a a for any car. Mcintosh aute co., 11-1 Aat at cupper. For rent modern sleeping Averill apartment los a North Sec and. For runt on furnished t m for Kettleman also garage. ?c4 West co i mod. In furnished cottage. Rooms a gtd k a a d Ltd a Ping porch i -. 11 i % 1111 it i ii t h Edith. R to 1 a Lent two r a furnished Gall ii Den planted City Light and water also irrigation water 70s Mountain Road. For rent three room h i a with a Clit up re furl feed. 2s. Apply r r for it it National Hank building. For rent two room furnished House with Elespia p i ii modern iss per month. Ceil at 764 in St Santa be. Lippy it or vacant Hougee with the City for rent front bed room Dows if to town yeast North Pix the. Four win Able. Joi Exchange Why not Trade swim of j cur pro a no i v for Good improved or tin int proved farm land. Land to boing to increase in value. Now in Mio time to buy ave have Many Kozoil land proposition. Located in the Central nod set can part of the sin to to Trade for Albuquerque property. Roberts Turner co. 21 Vav. ,1,1 a. Professional cards a Iii John xxx Lukin at a a . Rome la j7 and Felt Row i bulding. Phone i til a. 2 in Anh it to a hit. A i in Kuttin a Allee tops of f it 11 Aly w r la it note. 9. Barnett buit Dlag o a nor flt r a p in a id. A ii in tires rime it net be general bearings horns Quot ome to parts Headquarters. A it have 8 a to aged to Date the following makes of Caus Buick c34 for r Entz three at Otter a furnished i Rombi for Light housekeeping. 433 West i a _ j it i rent a a Mph Tell Dir shed four a i re 1 Hon with litre or Ltd it Dorohti the it la 9-m, or inquire 1j04 last Cen trial. Or. 4. C. Cd Anker Eye ear. Nom end Throat. Barnett building. Phone i. Off in hour a. A i # a rn., and 2 to 6 p. In v7.�?~m. Sheridan. In. D. Practice Lim it my to gkn1to i Lila by i>l�?~e.%14b9 cd Defit Laski of till skin xxx to intr tory to a Nae ti.a Lalicos rank blog phone nun l by i r i in Plani of Fileo to f. C. Bakes m d mar a beat a. I a. A a 7 7rt,xl-0� a a to p. Use in Brick even Rooni or Al la Iye h in a furnished Aulta it for boarders office a moved to 114 n. Sect i me. Tis n rth Maple phone jets a. St ground floor. Phone 842. Foh rent pour re cd hrs Ber fanta be to a rent five room summer morn urn asked h 607 it a chiropractors p. Nth Call at no. S. Whiting h Ca i. \ he Rejiri for. Is and to Arm Liu Bill Ling. In need of f a Jet re up Lunga mat 1 1 a a i rent Nice a us it do a Wheela gears Axle of to. Albuquerque hotel North second. F r rent ale Ping Iii a Buff r Ping ton egg for hatching Tau re lion Winner. Phone 1472-w. Buick c3� a a i a. Da5 c cd Llano. A or hot mtr. Ltd Hur cd Trout 4 39, ii Holt l it n a l grand Crow Elkhart. I my re or. A Quot Arr f House. Foh i -1 in House of three Large rooms and a a a a h. Newly Deveorn std. W a Large sin aves fruit. Yard , fruit and Siade Trees. 17-,-__.-�?��? phone 1647-f i a a Oncko i to 1 arg in in furnished i a a a. Bred Ancona Bena. La i use keeping no is k or Chi Iron. Fur rent nicely fur in tied new four a a fax n rth f Ruth. I t m Bungalow Bath front end Back Perch gave of East Canty apply _. A a a. Nitrai. A. 1 a Quot a keeping Poi Quot All m a nor permanent Poe it nor sea 601 South Walter. I _ High a 41ft. A a n i eds Ioda Typ Wrt Titi and Aten. A Tuple work. Inc. Of sack Charm room 8. Melini build or a a Tiv decorate i Trees shrubbery f 1, pm a i5 a a a a a leu Quot rage Heil Ami re v % . Of Van potty a housekeeper in email f nil j 364-.t. Get h six r r. Jar tis i own Lawn. A Trust floor paint roof paint Anict runt Tafat Orvn svs ured the f. Keleber i nth i or Quot co 469 Alcer Trubl re Quot it g 0e a Ashier. With Reno Appl. Liberty cafe number i a i i a a i uis and led sleeping porch Bath adjoining Nepil i i ill us i i Tull cd lit 1 in Thoro s in inns. Cen a a a a or. A a summer location. Eat Coal it it at and Avenue one Duple x a try neat furnished to l , a. In i lights and Waler. Key at 119 id a Entz fun apartments it to Anat. R urns four room to in sleeping porches Gas on East Jhaj car Hue Call 1321 East Central. A thu n a Wood. Btl Quot n a 4g_ i Entz i t ratty private thorough to 5 in Par Trneny Vry Recaen Shle Biose in two Nice roots sleeping Libath extra a re room to base of tin a the it or phone ult Hor Kent Koonin with Board room and Board 60 3 Aalt a a Tapper Roaro an it i. Imp cry 1020 North second. For he to a room with ii Aid. Fit Ai uth Broadway room and i to a r a Ila per month no sick. 1037 Forrester. For it knt glassed in por it ii with Board 114 North Marie. Room w it it porch mid bail Gem lenten on a phone 1679-aar, toll rent Felig fitful room and porch _ for a a Nunlee eel Rhone 1579-m. Room am Hoard it. Per no nth no Rick j1 South by a Deray. Foh rent room and sleeping porch in Ned if desired. Phone 1340-j. Canvas Leening porch with Board to per week 1207 East Central Inver wants Job address drivel a it. True not afraid of War care .7 Imai a a x 1 i i a practical nurse or hindi Martin Sjo South Broad wave tag in r. U r. A or Porath a manager would file to to up we Hans concern. Address a. Cars journal. A anted to do t a writ lug or Oiler a clerical work evenings competent add a re m. Car to expert accountant Busine Quot Eon suit-1 ant Witt work Alt or part time reasonable. Address l. Cd care journal a an i de widow woman age the of five would Uke position a keeping off _ Adires e i m. Care Jon inc. I a us i Ihas experience teacher wants t v conch delinquent or Ether pupils of i Gramp or or Junior High Grade. Phone 1439 a is i a Quot i Rel pm. Be i�?�<>3-j. Fur Fale Elti rth a part of i our h Ward Brand it w to. Ion House w it h Perch plaster i Ellie 1 a of end a but a a a try water lot a x Oft Price Quick is 1.7.0a. Fee i Wner. Aah a i a a. M at. Care Jeu Nab Foh Halk i n s nth Side ban in a to Railroad Empi Uye 1 five room Frame dwelling with w Eli shac Ted fifty of Quot to lot and Imp Rcv Ettien Ait House n. 418 Vest at an tic Yii a 7.750 a to Erauw City realty co. Jot a est Gold phone 6 67. L�?T6n Pai. I Row nor. To 0 amal cot Talca in Scutti Highlands priced cd tic f r Quick turn in g one a four nos screened porch water. , Chicken House amt Yard. Full aired i it the of Hor cottage has i Bro it r u i hath. Sci tem d pore or. Built in f eat urea Well fur in Heil garage Quot Mer 1 t. One fun it Caf line Quot Isy terms a Rio Ami $209 Down. Respectively Bai am a ilk Quot rent. A Iran baby grand Crow Elkhart. Dodge. Dort a �?o4 pm i a Hup 7 ? la. In. Nifa Weil hitch a a i ii _ a i a it Deover Ai i every Model re Ann eur i ent Nice y furnished front Rooni 1 i 6. f 4 at i Gaa Hays. Adj fining Bah for gentleman c. A Knight every Model. In. 407 i est foal. Of Yeti Den t Are your car in the above mite Sixl Annex. To Ftp so we Abl Bat vat of Tati unix i new do a a a a i a1. It a Cam very oat. Mot it Jcj re a mar. A _ in addition to a i a Geef a k of had a 1 ment i in with it c Tot lancet j part in the stat we carry a com a tune Ting a new Home in i Ete line f f Neva gears drive shafts no Alt . Pho a 3249-r, a it shafts and general Acety Orieg Tori for rent two furnished Quot room for _ Light housekeeping regg Nablo adults or by i of Are Ime i. Worst. No sick. In a a uth. In it via do Quot t Var for 606 South second. 7ergcet parts Bauta in the Stet 1 furnished notice for chickens Irish Sanatorium. Way. Phone 166s-j. Co ten pure of Tii Broad Wani lds i cell igneous Fob Ren t two furnish a housekeeping i Rookie with sleeping porch no Chil dry a. 1102 South Edith i for rent Eft very front suitable far t to be r it rent four Rolt tits. A Sage Nice j on Block fun Breeb Call tit North Cedar. Foix j if. Nth a Quot or r Stu Bungalow modern and furnished Large sleeping porch just what you w int near car in and1 cry. Rhone 354-j, for rent modern Gevea room unfurl i House Deal Robla location. In-1 Foh Sale Rabbit White leg Ancon cd cheap loll place formerly car to slate ave Raofi Orchard Ficu Sale a milk cd crate-1 to tvs a it broiler and fryers alar r i iut i la a i 12rfiw,b Sam Boais a re Road. Phone Kou Salk in 7i7yi i to at co., phone 3, for Ren r a m darn Home completely j Era furnished Jar a steeping porch located in Highlands. Fall from 7 to 9 a. Rn., or Tel Al nth phone 161 a a n t is t Davenport must. Be in condition. Phone 1925-w. A ant hdm Muir v to loan on Good. Mortgage. Mcmil inn a wed theater Riv. Went Centra k Alsol Ning. Ais. Denning Kal Sumon Hen i a Lautif tally Furm hed and paper Nark guaranteed. John i r a Quot a h or Quot apply or <1 Phons 6,14 Ai Rad Hamm Etc rth Beret i me Ria l room6�?tti Quot lean room i first rat by iffy or week Over pastime # have several tit Edge Bret Mort i a a a Vii nut i Utica to a d Page Ioana who wants them my item porch also to 1. Rooms fur Mill n let Wood tit Quot i put. Of it a a nth i it. For rent Large front room ground floor four wind we one by a k off line 609 West fruit phone 2042-j. And Tine of Hoo s. The a i or Sale ranches Jentz newly Dei rated most reef. At 1 attractively furnish d four a in Dern janitor Servic once a a Quot of interested a Ltd this Ideal apart a Don t phone m Cre a hts a apart Al Jome tis a Cost Lead. At i a to us Ronal room and boards rates re Sunn Blo. A a in pout h Broadway phone i wit aah la i Cut 60o. Children 85a. To Home phone 2066-j. Wed a of Spanu it a to travel by Auto. 1 a pan it a in 1,v it Hij win. Address Box i i in denial. Inch to travel going East any route Psi Ciai a in Boom of Quot a two or three. Mejt a Box to. 1 ire journal. Rat a tit he re pair a refinished and up s Zane Ovici stuffed Rook or chairs or to i Anc j it anti a Mruki Tellan ans made to order Ell work bleed. Stapleton upholstering a hone j327-j j i Vav i Al Bay you in do a. Quot cry resilience name Ami address 1 to five to f till affected with rur if made Vii a names Frederick Graham. And la Angel a Calif a or if d i i Ghifor Hunt room and Board private family convenient. Till Smith a alter. Wanted two Quot a thru women to Nom and Hoard. 960 North fourth phone of. If 5-aa?. Kuh rent i n roam and Board a 45 a in Litho. Laura Maes Sis Amo Foh it Entz delightful r it oin and porch for convalescent a vet in tit in Ai.-. Is East f Oal Piton 1579 of. Full rent Large front bed room and sleeping porch with Board private family gentlemen o i South High. Jameson ban Chi reduced rat a for thai summer co i and Shady situated two Milt s North of town. Phone 2is8 I full j for Salby a Amati ranch three Fanth to in West of Bridge modern houss. A Luk is age a livestock is a Foh is ail. A hav Hal Dej ranch to Peitler for n rth Walter it in bit p special Lummer Latex iss per month excellent Board private room with sleeping porch and tray Serai e. 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