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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 14, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Golf match is to be Helo soon american league National league Hoh i in v by x a a How Thi \ sex my x York Clevelan Phllis mph Introit. For go uni Alfild As a May morning As fragrant Cincinnati wins its sixth straight game Mcquillan is knocked out of the Box in third inning Bush allows but four hits mouse hits a Homer in the eighth inning with two runners on base non tor it Juno 13 fad two in a Row to the amen raw league finally Bro to to defeating by tout i to Low car to four hits a Homer in it fit5 int Infra of bean. Beal Tobin of a. Berber at. A Mai ton of. Williams of a Mcmanus so. Colline. Frehl Leboyer Lem la. Th., a Hooker p. Birn p. X Durst. A a win i 11 i i i i i in i hic go. 9 Yew York Ait n. A 0 i Bitting by hits in five a a ii hat in is i big f a tor la it 0 in in f Victory of Chicago it a it girls Dost data 2 to i erg that it Throe Gam Fri. A Voi 1 frat pot out of the go if loth tenth f r pushing i mph of matter Kennedy Ai Al. .32 9 a 24 la batted for Baya in Ith. X of i we a. K. La. To. A Devine and Cannon have a perfect Day at Bat both pitchers Are hit at will meeting tonight Witt of. I Tufa n. 2b. Ruth. Of. Pipp la. Menegi ii Ward. A. Bar vat so Hofmann Bush p. In inning i hip by my o Defeated to Quot Brown yesterday in the Twilight league by the Ore of 1ft loj neither team scored a the opening inning but in the a. End Frame it. Mary # batted around and when the dust a i cd ired away they had scored a recoil rung a n i the Gamo a Ewe i up in the third St. Mar v a added two More and on in the it at. Devine a cond in it Ker for i Mary had in great Day at Bat. a a Mem Max Amelim a a a two a i rvs faroritas2yt�r25c next time the dealer hand the Mozart Box across the counter Tell him youth a take the Hov it s the economical Way. Mozart is an uncommonly mild Cigar of Havana fragrance a beautifully Hub Beautiful sizes i \ select the on that nuts you boat i i \ or Fatm bae to magic. To Felfe s fee 2�# # \ in if a i. Lit in # 11 \ a i e Antonio of a. Pallas j pm on Shreveport. To a. 3 Ort Worth. Mont 5 Wichita fees t i Ati to \ 1.1 new Orleans Bot ii in that Tinonga. Memph a. 4 Atlanta. A. Utile Rock i. Birmingham. I i aah Ville 4 Mobile i. A Whf i Tioy Mhz Lufft of St Paul 7. 2mfr.m t Olla i moan 0#�r a to Gonatou Utard cig. Cor Ltd new York Louis Lewkowitz i i Paw. Totes Tyi St i i to i Vernon. Ii Portland 4 it tit Lake 12 loanable in Oak bad 4 Seattle i. It eleven in Ranc Quot Quot 4 Sacramento 2 further a and Decatur scoring score Brooklyn. Chicago. Batteries Dees tor and i Stile land and h. H 12 12ft a raft 800�? t la 2 too 080 too a 4 9 i Diekerman a adore Taylor Osborn. O Farrell. Panhandle Pecos Valley league hem i Iii it my a secret of great strength and powerful muscle tour ii. Or. 21-124 a a a batted for dams in seventh a a fitted of Quot re but Haw in both. Xxx battled for Cole in ninth Philadelphia a. R. It pm. A t Matthew of s o a it 2 it Wale so. 4 i Quot Perkin. 0 2 n Hauser la. 2 n 0 12 i Miller of 4 i i i it Welch of. 2. I o 3 f Holloway. Is. 2 1 1 Ink. 2b 3 i Quot 4 r Naylor p3 r e i Beach suit time is Here b Hon p xxx Mitchell gig 23 2 to 34 la batted for Sand in ninth. Quot batted for Behan in Ell Pittsburgh at it. Ilpo. A Nellle. To. 4 o o 0 is Jack Dempsey work heavyweight Etc Hampton. Reveals a secret of i. % training for Greet Stream pop Energy and endurance to Many boys enrolling for swimming at y science he now Grove that your real strength Energy and Cader Nee that mysterious Force thid pc enable Yon to dominate end fir it control other end win in m i every walk of life All de jew i Pend upon the Trent he land nature of the \ Hon of cell that com w i in Oil Yoer body and i brain that the physical of the cell de of Pond absolutely on the a food of eat that in Tait material with which Beym ire built just like a Bouse Bat ii built of Board Modi mud in not of Strong a one i built of hone and Iron. I Bel no important element in / building Strong forceful Keleit it a Peculiar form to of Iron found in the i huge a of Grain and i the Peel and pm a 1 of certain fruit Aud / vegetable hut a modern method olm cooking throw i la important Lai it in a away n ital today a k to it orthly a of per film Wwlfe. A min. In he in or a a a to Ina body Jar a empty wet do a Hlywa it it Chapmo theom , re i Ray a his new a a Ferrol Jot Iron known a. Irow. Wha x it Artal Attila ilk do in or Ali la i i i re Iro i Ifie blood ii would \. In Ilia it cry Otto. A a tatter hat his \. Who want to liter Tate Hiti of r to h a mid t Odif Raj Fra. train Urb Wilt Typo Nat it to for him to l build up Hiya erg Yandon Range Mik notated Iron Al Hast a fired turn us Al ult i eur two Abs a two tic Al a and May of obtain pm Del rom any ral Abl a an dra tio Jug first a Eft ment in the Hgt a learn to swim com Emu to yesterday when n Chap dived from the springing forgot nit vat h Way a a terms the Witter. Instead. ,. I. I of Ace a on i it nor inns i total. 30 5 t it 3&Quot by inning Detroit ill my a Oft Phu Adelphia. Got 40� to Gummer a two bit Quot his a Kin the in Hitt re double play a Hale Dyke Haer Gall Way. Dyne. Har la on Ball a off Page a a a hair Groom keeps hair combed Well groomed is till tile of tile t ii e r in o in e t e r o to r thoughts turn to cooler than the weather clothes i itt Burgh i hum Mary . St Cruz rheumatism Palm Beach suit time u Here and Oil la find us prepared to it it serve your wants Ith a splendid variety at pleasing prices a and with it pain and it pro ability of reaching the heart. A rheumatism me no indeed to e Xii gone every bit of it pc Eunadine and Joy for by for the first time la years. I toe a Holton a learning to of a or will��m.-. J % Al pc Eta every Leo it to be at least Able i of the term. O. P. Chairman expected to Olti �00 010 010�?2 h of too Ooi-�?3 to a Leachie anti of Neil Aln Amith. Hair Groom to gang a mkt ask keeps a it a combed a Louin. Batteries Toney and . H it la a can of i hic ago june 13.�?a seven rally in wifi Chi or it. Ind cd out Hie till include ii in by Johnston Rind a l l. W Ash bum co Albuquerque a exclusive clothiers 1 my Tiong use it a Fine for hair j s Rio a i a i . R. 11itll Tift ? hit Ai to 4, la tilt a not Sticky Greasy or smelly i a Mai. . Or Ltd get n Jar of a a Hilr room of cog Arvak f seven from any druggist for a few tent consecutive Gaim s. Dickersom Ami make even stubborn unruly a driven off the Mound by Chine shampooed hair stay combed All my. In the fifth inning when Ute Day in any style you . Inc a a took th1 Lead. Hut end Quot my rum Liao it i All goo wonderful glory Aga to la the free motion i used to have when my Days were younger. I look it my hand and think of the twists and 1 swellings they used to have i Bern w a Over to the floor. I Haven been Able to do that in Many year i can thank f. 8. 8, for it git t me it was a rising Sun of Joy Sod Liberty. Brothers and Lister in misery do not tote your eyes an think that health free motion am strength Are gone from you for Ever it is not go. It Here and now for All of you. 8. 8. 8. Is wait lug to ii in j on then i a a i son Why 8. P. 8. Will help you. When you increase the number of your red blood cell Tho i tire system tide Ryoei a Treme dogs change. Everything depends on blood strength. Blood who h j i Hub Suffka Lent red a a is b ads4 to a Long lift of troubles. Rheumatism it one of than. P. 8. P. Is the great. Blood it danger blood builder system strengthener Beret invigorate or. It Stop skin eruptions too pimples blackheads Bene by if cd ferns it builds up run Down tired in end women heart if 4 com plex ions makes the flesh Armer. Start s. 8. S. Today. It i sold at a ii Good drug stores. Larder Sise is More a eos Omi it it. Do 0$ a in act you feet q Tkv yourself Nam by George Mcmanus copyright 1323, to Gay the International new registered a 8. Patent office up i Ather service when tiv i j a kelp poor will i Marque of Ltd k 6n Colun Ltd a g is Omer that gun i would t cwt 1 the can Kroc a a its a Chance i 60e>t i la by ave to <0 Home or i want a. J re to i chairman John t. Adams. Chairman John x Adam of the Republican National comr tree according to reports will resign after he next National Contention. It la Laid that Adams and Harding Are not on the beat terms

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