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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 13, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Ericos Reading Ewa paper us. I inn vicar it. It i a v. Ain. To. Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico saturday june 13, 1925. New Mexico a leading advertising medium i Rte i in i i ims Iron is by protected is i discussion of Shepherd trial China trouble is proposed by Omaha suffers from supper hour in u v p Lynch approves state s method of presenting its Gase against alleged Slayer of Mcclintock la f i go Juno 12 Al a Thea prosecution a uphold today in hts Rny a Hod of presenting it Mur verment of the Southern ,5rr or a n dior i a it in Hepherd Cal it a sen lawyer charged Republic is on trial Beu,.h 8lnylnk a to Siam nri.0n my fore the Weld Secretary i in took out toe defense turned in ii own favor medical testimony of three state witnesses. Attorney today entered into prolonged debate on the defense Contention that judge Thomas j. I a Lynch should Force the pms Ccu refugees from Hankow and non forthwith to Tabii the i Canton Are seeking pro of state Kellogg says Olds conference with ambassador Sheffield conference on the spot i would be the Best Means i of settling the dispute is belief of the diplomats missionaries ordered from Supeh province i Scopes counsel Wubbens Stone ire Brush up Imp la80r on Bise of in Leader Dies in Darrow Colby and Malone f i i i u i c d ill i visit american museum u my Maui i i ii of natural history and Confer with authority brotherhood or in relations with the Calles regime Are Friendly but conditions Are not futilely satisfactory Lection under the guns1 of warships More strikes Washington tune 12 a. A the administration la support the government Mexico a Only so Long As protects american lives id american rights and implies with its inter nation engagements and Obliga on Quot str tary be Luigi hired today in a formal tement. A your relations with the Over Ament of Mexico Are tend in but nevertheless i editions fire not entirely 11i a fact the Secretary statement said. Til statement ii in of or a Unic i Raer Sailor Sheffield we n Mexico a Corpus Delict in or forfeit its canc. The defense contended it had not i been proved Quot Billy Mcclintock died through criminal Means. The state successfully contended i in june 12 a i i the int eduction of a Ach witness both from Hankow til great i a a Tep in Stabli Vilna the Quot Cor i River City of China where Brlt-1 pus Delict which it it uld he fixed up Volunteer yesterday fired Onset it Only it Orcut Gatanti ii evidence la mob of strikers who were Ivilo and orderly was i threatening the Concession and i Quot the fair and orderly Way to Canton the Southern River City i try this Case is to prove the Cor i Alu re Yunn anese and Katig j up d elicit i first before poisoning lung troops have been engaged in the minds of this jury with test j a Long Range Battle for nearly a Mony of motive a contended wit fortnight refugees. Chinese and Ham Scott Stewart chief of de-1 foreign Are leaving for the Porta fens counsel Quot and they cannot i where they in find Protection n prove it. I Der the guns of foreign warship. Quot of they done to. Ill throw the missionaries too have been order Case into the Street no matter How i big it is said judge Lynch in i finality. Hoc ton Rufus Stolp and j. Her a it Ach John t or to is t turning to n it w York to Dayton i Coit of cd wet Quot i Rushing u i to acres of the Rise of the re was nut la Dis. Mss it in i i v i t part t my radicals f hints f re play Ltd r the cos opt a it Cit a Cli iroc of Vin stilts la w Aga i net a Tell la Rem a i Lai t of. I it Quot Obj a and dim. V i i 1 1 m ies in the counsel \ a Hie lean my a urn of no i i it a sic i in the v Pill Al i of the a e of Man howl Tat the it Elution of b ten apr i o v i i t i Mir it r maidu to 15 Vil inn i acute Brights disease burial will be in Cleveland on monday s. Prenter becomes of the organization the advisory Board it his successor Omaha neb., we just sitting Down to supper when a Tornado swept a Section log Homes and trapping the occupants. Seven pc tons were injured Iii Tho two Hou a score of others Hurt in nearby residences. Rick whee attended Hilly Mcclintock in his last illness under Cross . Admitted the Young veiled i Tel died lurid Jill epidemic of typhoid fever attributed to Caline a fainted oysters faulty diagnosis Lade to it a. ,a i. A first t a treat Tho youth said a faulty diagnosis had been made and it was not until Tun or three Days later that a i Correct diag noels had been made typhoid fever alone caused the Oleti Many a death testified or. Wil Ham p. Mcnally Coroner s chem i no Meric to science mid Tell whether it i hoi Mal Tun Oner or d inoculation by re from Supeh province in which Hankow is situated Tho presumption being that anti for Ign agitation is being Felt in the Interior. The foreigners of it ant on who have their separate Concession on of. I i. Island no not yet been disturbed by Tho fighting la patches Raj but steamers loaded with refugees Fot Hon Kong his to run Tho danger of passing it wine Burtt by pro agents Oil rights of University to be determined Board of regents instructs attorneys to investigate legality of land com at Quot this is not t it Ltd it Riidu Priit the g a it in a i i rial Mech w cd id Quot Ive been in i Hai about a a cannot or i of protect Ert id w s Ca us i i by the Allie Shoh. I do Trace of a pol text cd Mona i in t if n half a a ii co did Merit by a inst so Estelle Gehling. I through the arms River fire of j k a Abigt in Glt a on Honan isl Ai d the Yunn anese who arc i Possession of Canton proper. Strikes Krit wed i in Shanghai As a result of at Han k a re crude lie Cotton la i t not the i Iii in City police join in raid on Home of mrs. Giannini old town Constable among those captured land missioner Swope s Ordo n was f Reby dint in the Herd. Trained ours in in sumo witness tiie of mrs Birl Quot of the Day rival for Julie Hep a pit Rente u tit Ion. Inhere to int we two claim c Oliven f i co Limiter Cha i Oil in a i Ion we let Iti 11 to to of \ til Quot j for the Ropert Len i Meg la. Myk o arum Foi r in i j a a i Clit _ a Intel the gov Nev. The it a tar in Loo k i tig i sex can gov Poper Les ill Cit unify at Cut Deal of Dis urbane1 has been strike a in Seine i i in the fort and Oast ii tied up by and engine n the d i Pion has Sugg Etc to cities that sj1 it w u id i set Ling i and has i natives the foreign Consu Tho Rivies t he present state the trouble lbs British i Cades around one of Hie that ii s Cee to id began in i striking coolie wrecked Japan British com it to attack the when the Voltl cig i Dispa to i in growl the to there Nee of dolls and 1 disturbance mint. River i agents a on the Gln Nln resulted giant i larg of ii St lid Preclik t 011 11 t a thy w till a i he raid by Federal prohibition s and policemen Friday a Lent Hon it of mrs. Marianna North fourth Street in Trio arrest of mrs. No and John Lasardo a w the Possession a rid Wile Jor. Pasqual Cut Nola con of the hid Albuquerque it and Manuel Sedillo a i a cd a we i lid Don was i affairs a troll-1 May 30. Of hand. In i in i Armor d killing ors the in i Strle c j was i Bop it re i on re muons a Pendly r a Are of fid i Hinmon Altus i la i to v i i i i ifs beg t mgt ii a i it n or ablation of the agrarian zilch no compensation Ade and other propel tally ruined and in on Ken by the mexican g account of unreason ands of labor. A or shelf id will have the full port of this government and e will insist that adequate pro Felon under the rec Quot to nixed Rule f internat Oral Law afforded citizens. We believe it the desire of the mexican govern int to carry out do co liven it is and to indemnify american Haena for the property , Long As Are satisfied that tis is Hie poll v of the mexican verment and tills course of aeon is being carried out with a Stern Quot Mutton to meet its inter to Ion Al obligations that will have the support of the tilted state. Many a airs taken up 1 cannot go into the it tails of t in Many Ca sos which or. Shef eld Hies taken up with the mex an gov in Nhut they will be aked out As rapidly As posse be. I Nave seen the Salem its i blushed in the press that anther revolutionary movement Lay he impending in Mexico. I cry my ii Hope his is not . A this governments attitude torn Mexico and toward threat Ped revolutionary movements is dearly set Forth in i ii i when Lere was such a movers tit taut ening the constituted gov a wit Cut of that country v hic i and entered into solemn engagements Vith tilts government Quot id a making an Effort to net Hose obligations at Home and Broad. The attitude taken by lits go. Eminent at that time a aaa p to bring out. Rep in hic ago from dime and had of Money lifter die the Merlin Mann begged his gov s Tot Cotlon Al Tewart tried Henann had Iowa Quot without s obtained Quot a lot he began to Han of estate. Reich i he courts prot tee n Fri in his insinuations i ilium Monette plumber testified hot Quot had heard Shepherd ii Uke Adverse cult prism of Rehb Mann and to a Tel Zetti Bank Teller introduced shepherds Bank account for the period from Jan uary lr21, to january last. It ranged from a few cents to a it no i tit generally was very Low frequently less than one Dollar Robert White Long missing witness appeared today ready if testify against Shepherd and accused the defense of intimidating him. He is at a hotel under guard. N w grave Cor Fin tire of Chilli and a about More june i a in of or the in Christian Nisi a bewildered pessimism Distant prospects in cup a lined late ions in film Artoris View of recent outbreaks and the development of an anti foreign and anti Christian movement in the former celestial kingdom were expressed today among rept Eonta i lives in new York of the More than j 5,000 american missionaries in the chinese Field. The first word of withdrawal of i Ginnarie from outlying tests to guarded cities was received today by tin department of in sinus of j the episcopal Church to v Horn j Bishop a. A. Gilman of Hankow cabled a a bit nation serious. Women and children missionaries ordered to i this i representatives of other mis i sinus expressed the opinion their j own workers around Hankow will lie ordered to fellow the episcopal i example. Four episcopal schools in the i lower Yangtze Valley have been i closed owing to the anti foreign i disturbances. The american Baptist foreign Mission society has received Cable assurances All its missionaries and property in Shanghai Are Safe. In lures. Franklin foreign Secretary of the american foreign i Baptist society said today that in Arm rent cars v a or Sale. Not i mrs. Time on a quor director to and a o and u were Arn int. Back. It it Inola ave liquor i Giannini w ago Tirol charge of invest gallon of the Legal rights of the University of new Mexico to the royalties from Oil developed on i belonging to the institution. Was ordered Friday by the Board of regents St a meeting in the office of in. J. A. Keidy a member of the Board. Keleher amp Downer attorneys for the Board were instructed to look into the matter of the order of state land commissioner e. B. Swope which withholds the royalties in the permanent fund and pays Only Tho interest t therefrom to the state lust i j Miloye. Who a in in j Tut ions on whose lands Oil has be n re also arrested i discovered. The attorney s will advise the Board As to the Legal rights of the University and As to what its duties hrs to the institution. George s. Downer who was present it the regents meeting said Friday afternoon that i would got it i Santa feet once to begin the Intuit in. He said the Board had not authorized Legal action combating Swope s order but had merely request d that the probability of its legality be in Cal gated so that the Bourd might he advised As to what course to pursue. The attorneys were empowered to consult with the attorney general or. Shop and other of Fiona is. Members of the Board favored the turning of the Oil royalties into the current fund and using them for making badly need d extensions to the so honks Plant it was stated that any action that might taken to set aside shop s Quot a Ltd r would be in the nature of a Friendly suit. The Board desires a ruling which Quot ill be of value in guiding its future actin s. Members of the Board present were Nathan Jaffa Santa be chairman mrs. Frances Nixon fort Sumner a. A. Sedillo Charles Lembke and or. J. A. Keidy Albuquerque. Myers of a party a Tunini and Lasardo. Aid that numerous asses of liquor were i Tho four seemed to Jolly i try a cd Gallons of wine cellar were Dee officers who kept evidence. Several and jugs found in i where the party was go a re taken to the Polico a uti of the bottles Eon-1 a liquid believed to be Fhone whisky. Some of it d on the floor and lighted Experiment horned brightly. Raid was led by Samuel us a. Acting Federal pro Hibl prohibition agents Yta and patrolmen 1 a Nahum. The off de with a search d by affidavit of and Sedillo did in their Possession was arrested some Tion agents said Possession of la return to prewar ask rites former newsboy is to be next Premier of new South Wales guilt Pless to i Burbee bots lads Are to be sentenced by judge Helmick this morning on number of charges of thievery following prelim it iry Heiring before judge d. Montoya. Friday afternoon in which the court bound Samuel Martinez and in it Rena Trujillo Over to the september District court the two boys appeared before judge Milton j. Helmick and pleaded guilty to the charges of larceny. The boys with Kila Archibeque who pleaded guilty Friday morning will be sentenced by judge Helmick this morning at 9 us o clock. Jose Herrera the fourth member of the gang who a scheduled to be arraigned this morning is expected to plead guilty to the same charges. The four boys were arrested wednesday by Deputy sheriffs Saizar and Finley following a raid on the Home of Jose Herrera. Property found in the building at Tho time of the raid has since been identified by various individuals in the City As belonging to them. More than a truck Load of the stolen goods has been removed from the Headquarters of Tho four boys to the office of the sheriff. Archibeque was bonded to the next term of District court for 3,"oo when he pleaded guilty Tai ,1110 larceny charges Friday morn it ing. Martin and Trujillo were placed on Bonds of $3,000 and $8,000 respectively when they pleaded not guilty before judge Montoya at a preliminary hearing loiter in Tho afternoon the two i lads reversed their decision Ami appeared before judge Helmick where they pie cd d guilty. J Martinez is now under a sus diary sentence on stealing roofing be been in court exception of Lier to has filed five against him. I 4h�?~ n <1 Aid in lining a \ Tai ted the museum pro professor Osborn it warned him nut to let radicals run i the ase. Later Scopes As guest of Honor at a Honor of 300 so called liberals and radicals said a a a have met Here in new York the Moat lovable Bunch of people i Ever knew those who hive taken up my in this connection the new York likening Post says Quot Greenwich Village is in its Way to Rhea county. There shortly will descend on Dayton tenn., the j greatest aggregation of assorted Cranks including agnostics ath a l its communists syndicalists and new Dawner Ever known in a single procession. Quot the Scopes Case teachers re-1 search workers biologists and other men of science Are being mothered in the Rush of Long haired men and Short haired women feminists neurotics free thinkers and free lovers who Are determined to Shine in reflected glory. The vital issues of the trial in Tennessee Are being lost in the Stampede of professional martyrs nod a swarm of practising Hume members of the civil liberties Union which is aiding the defense disagree with suggestions that the Case be inst in spectacular fashion at the first trial in order to arouse interest in evolution nod to by the United states supreme court pass on the constitutionality i of the Law these dissenters be i that it would be More beneficial to rout 1 the so called Powers of d of Knss right at the Start. Cle Tun a Broth nets a to i leaders no country d late today Hospital la for uraemic put Stone be a ii go upon ref t City. He a i a ital at Otic clans who a that Hie ii but today it to aril of the five Kongi Ding in Bor tors of Tho Hospital Here be went to Tho v to be treat Djune 12 Caine. J Redden i of i, me of the labor Fin 1 in a or. St t Teadt _ poisoning. Cam ill several weeks turning from new York As ordered to the Bonce. For a time phys attended him declared was not serious t rep i t cd lip s it that Ferod a sudden breakdown Van it foil wed by death. Or. Hone g physician gave Aruiz Bright s disease a the immediate cause of death. Burial will be hero next Munday. William a Prenter. First vim president Slid treasurer of Tho brotherhood who succeeds or. Stone until the advisory Board elects his successor will Call the Board to meet Here immediately after burial. Or i forges Check when Warren s Stone completed his academic education in Mal is his father wanted him to Taka up that study of Law while the son was inclined toward surgery. A a sort of Compromise of it May to called that the so a in september of the same year began firing a locomotive on the Rock Island Railroad out of Eldon Iowa. Whether he sacrificed a distinguished car Ltd or in Law or surgery will remain unanswered. But the work he chos it eventually made him internationally known and a Leader in two widely diversified Fields As Beati of an International labor organization tin president of labor first National Bank in America. On of the characteristics of or. Stone in doing a thing was a determination to do it is Well As any one could. In that spirit he began Al Lii it his locomotive and in that spirit he continued although promotion was slow. He worked fix years and nine months at the firing Job before he was promoted to it Engineer. Then he rounded out a Quarter it f a Century on the Road by putting in ii years and them months it the throttle Iii freight and passenger service. Through All those years or. Stone had innate executive ability for the display of which he had i Little Opportunity in the locomotive i cab. But he had shown it in Tho a councils of his fellow engineers and while still holding his Job in the was called upon in align. 1903, to fill the position of it my exhibits All of the sixty Merit Radges possible for a sunlit to win believed chief of the International brother a Luul in will utile Vuu s n it Coin Tolve engineers to be imposter Underwood says he would new York june 12 former newsboy. J. P. Lang v be the next Premier of new youth Wales Australia. A message received today by sir James hider australian commissioner to the _ ,. _ United states said that had f slow Down the govern his government a. S Merit before it slows v Down nation s business 7i it it a i in the results of the election were i in doubt for several Days but the final returns gave the labor party 47 seats with a working majority of four. I the communist vote was less than one for each thousand votes recorded. Of balloonist Montgomery ala., june 12 a. A prompt return to the pre War income tax rates with a Blanket maximum surtax of thirteen per cent. Aas urged hero tonight by senator Oscar w. Underwood of Alabama in an address before the state meeting of Alabama tax workers. Sin i Ion in la wow is reported a quiet continual on Page two weather r. D. Jones of Hollywood loses his life in the Coquille River Oregon when Canoe overturns Marshfield ire. June 12 a. R. I. Jones a Hollywood actor doubling for a Star in Tho famous i Mayers-1 risky company Here film ing a motion picture was drowned in the Coquille River today. Jones it Lay iss Jol a proclamation treat Sonie respects til Quot Precept move clubs ment was More menacing than the this surtax is approximately Boxer movement in mme. Ill Quot of that proposed in Tho Mellon none of the other Mission boards plan and one third of the Maxi Here has received notification of mum in the present Law which precautionary withdrawals of their was written by a coalition of Deni Hankow Juno 12 today the situation in Hankow still remained quiet largely owing to the efforts of general Hsia Yao Nan military governor of the. Province of Supeh who to 1 to it Fua St Denver june 12.�?generally fair get to i o y Ami sunday not much Bange in to opera turn. Arizona fair saturday and sunny not much change in tempera ure local report conditions for Hie Twenty four louts ended at 6 p. In. Yesterday a corded by the University i ter Pei attire lowest temperature tango. Mean. I unti Dily at i a in. Humidity at to p. In. Precipitation. Wind a velocity direction of wind. Character of Day,., s2it to .2 Titi j .35 .13 0 20. Northwest Clear was shooting rapids in a Canoe for a picture to precede of a log drive. The Canoe overturned in the rapids and tones Dis Apnoea red. Twenty men of Myrtle Point int pc organised to drag the River for Jones body. All Tho members of the film company were at the segue this afternoon and it was impossible to learn is 11 in ii Star Jones was doubling for. Accounts received Here said that Jones was inexperienced in handling ii Canoe and was warn a �?�a1 by i lug Driver not to attempt to run the rapids. The film company has been Here since the first of the week under the direction in Irving Willat Jones is described As a Young a Man married. Cuing to execute any chinese who disturbed the foreign concessions. It is estimated that 5,000 chinese soldiers were stationed Mound the concessions tonight. Day in Washington Tornado injures two St. Paul mint., june 12 a a Tornado struck Conger Village minn., today causing much damage to property and injuring two persons. At Rochester minn., two inches of rain fell resulting in inundation of houses senator la Follett was confined to his bed with a cold. Two Navy women nurses were charged with importing liquor. The labor department begin efforts to end t to of plasterers strike. Campaign statements were filed by democrats republicans and into Pendents. Immigration quotas for next j fiscal year fixed it tic. Years figures. Secretary Kellogg announced a policy of insisting on Protection fur americans in Mexico. Of crafts and Republican insurgents senator Underwood who had a prominent part in Ute writing of use first income tax Law. Also proposed reduction of estate taxes from the present 40 per cont maximum to the pre War rate of 10 per cent. Ile believed the pre War income and estate rates would furnish sufficient Revenue he said but added that if they did not he would Quot git e the president Blanket authority to abolish govern Apt bureaus and there Are Many of them that Are Mer conveniences and not governmental necessities until our expend it did not exceed our a in other be declared a i would slow Down the government before it slows Down the business of Hie Quot we have a serious danger to Hie wage earners of America ahead of us if your government continues to pursue i course that jeopardizes develop pm tit of our business growth and absorbs the Best part of Tho productive Energy of Tho nation a Michigan s Drunken Driver Law in effect Lansing Mich june la a a new and drastic a Drunken Driver Law is now in effect in Michigan. It a a enacted by the e1it at the urge of Law enforcement officials and dry organizations. Based upon the Quot theory that the Only effective Way of curl Rig traffic accidents and casualties attributable to Drunken driving is to keep intoxicated motorists off the1 highways it provides for the Man a i tory suspension of Drivers licenses. A first offender upon conviction must surrender his Drivers License for at least three months. In addition the a ant May sentence him to pay a Fine of from $50 to Hoo and to not Mote than "0 Days imprisonment. For to second or subsequent off t a till Drivers License is automatically i suspended for at least a year. The additional penalties Are a Fine of not More wan $500, or not mole than one years imprisonment or both. Earthquake Shock Felt los Angeles calif., june 12. An earthquake Shock was Felt in los Angeles and surrounding towns at 2 is of clock today. Moore wins Boi t Aurora 111. June 12 a. Pal Moore of Memphis tenn., tonight won a ten round boxing bout Over pet Quot Sarimento of the Philippines in the opinion of a majority of the newspaper men at the ringside. Mike Ballerine. New York. Junior lightweight Champion and it ankle Schaeffer of Chicago fought ten rounds to a draw. Wool trading More Active prices firm t Boston june 12, trading i is More Active and prices Are holding firmer in practically All lines. Late reports from the Sale at Kerville Texas yesterday indicate that the entire offering More than 1.000,000 pounds of 12 and eight months Wool a is taken by a i Boston House at around ii cents for Tho eight months Wool an i in l to 46 cents for Tho 12 months Wool ii Belgium will await the return of Veenstra with documents officially attesting where he landed Brussels. June 12 api.�? belgian Aero club tonight decided to Quot withhold the Quot final ranking of the competitor in Tho Gordon i a n Nett tap balloon re e tint ii m. Venstra i i t of the belgian a Prince Leopold returns to Brussel with documents officially at testing where he came Down. According to Veenstra a original re j p. It he was the Winner Wade t. Van orman Pilot it of the american balloon Goody to 111 today sent Ord he would de i Clare himself Victor if Veenstra was disqualified claiming that he j landed aboard the German St Camel vat hand and was therefore j s Dis cult lifted. Aviators will Start search for Amundsen on Board the Ingestre bound for , june 12 apr the Captain of the Ingestre which is carrying air planes to pit Zhur Gen from where a a Quot Arch will Start for Captain Roald Amundsen s Polar expedition received instructions front the s owners today to make immediately for Advent Bay. Spitsbergen. There the planes will be unloaded Ani lieutenant Lutzow Holm and the searching flight party will disembark. The in unto then will proceed to Coles Bay to Load Coal for Alexandrovsk. The flyers expect to meet Amundsen a Supply ship farm in Advent Lay tomorrow. The farm then will return to King s Bay to report on weather conditions there before the airmen Start from Advent Lac. At noon today the it Dan s position was Given As 7 a w North 11.51 East 2 to Miles from Advent the youth i Mahltig a a Roy Seoul win was arrest Chi Livre for forgery Friday Ai Terin on confessed i Day night that lie Louis Atkinson of Buffalo kilns., an escaped inmate of the Kansas Letomia Iott and Hun lie has passed had checks in 11 1011 of the eighteen cattle he bits i sited sine by escape a in Ontic and a half ago. I in a youth Aid lie Pas Quot a most of the Check by appealing i4 scout authorities. Regional executive Fitch who Bas jurisdiction in Oklahoma Texas and new Mexico questioned tin boy. To said scout headquarter had beet no u s Trail for several weeks following report of his wrongdoings the boy i net a Seoul Aud never has been. His operations were in Oklahoma Texas and new Mexico the boy told patrolman Renfro and be Aid to a always topped Iii Good hold. Repro. It Ting himself is a r y scout and it Xhu biting All of the 60 Merit badges which it is possible for a scout to win a youth of 15, giving the name of Lamar was arrested Fri a Day by Renfro on a j charge of passing bad cd i a Lamar is said to have passed a i bad Heck for $25 a the Chu Dren s Shoppe. He admitted to j the police that he Lins passed bad i Cheeks in dal Las. Elpaso my other cities he had a scout card in his pocket but he a not believed t a be a scout. The Case is j being investigated by the Albuquerque Council of the boy Salt Polico Are looking for a i Man or older boy who is believed to he Lamar a companion and j instigator of his Check activities. They have a description of this Poison but Havo been unable to locate born. Klansman undergoes second quizzing by Federal officers which had become vacant by the death of grand chief f. M. Arthur Wuhib delivering an address at win i mpg. Manitoba by to the thin i he started for Cleveland to take up his duties. Or. Stone never had. I been East of Chicago. Early in his administration or. I Stone was confronted with a ser Foum situation because Railroad workers generally had Vecuna Dis a satisfied wit ii the r Quot Ages. Tho new Leader handled the problem skilfully and in the end Bro Gnu about satisfactory agreements. To grouped to trans put ration Syat. Of the i country t to Quot assert Western and Southeastern sections after i aching agreements with Tho railroads in the two latter sections his negotiations with those of the Eastern Section became dead lot Kelt and the matter vent to arb trait of an agreement being i a lied on Tho basis of those of the other sections. As grand chief of the engineers brotherhood or. Stone took att Active part in the lamp in of Tho Railroad employ yes organization j tor the Adamson Law. In All negotiations is earned a reputation Tot always keeping his word my never losing his temper and although to be Carn be of Tho most prominent la or Leach is in Tho country he had gum the distinction of in vet a Cecil called upon to strike. He was quoted once having said Quot it is a Gundum principle without which organization can hop Lead Aaen to i no labor la exist. Diag Denver. Colo., John Galen Locke flux Kim of this a second quizzing cers investigating june 12.�?dr,head of the kit state underwent by Federal offi his income tax returns this afternoon the questioning As yesterday was conducted behind chewed doors. Ben b. Disk a. Or. Lockers attorney was present with him. I officials of i United states National Bank were ordered by United states District Judy j Foster Byrnes this morning to present their records of or. Loci. S dealings with the Bank As agent for the Kin to. And to appear for question ii g in regard to this account whenever Federal agents making the investigation Call upon them. It must carry out its contracts. Iof or. Pc Stone a Early achieve rent. In behalf of the engineers was the erection of the brotherhood 14-Storx office building by Cleveland. It pal for itself in Eara. At the end of which was valued at More loin $3,000.-000 another feature of his ministration was cot Puls by insurance for All engineers during More than Twenty War As a executive of the brotherhood it increased from a member -. To too with 6g,�.00, insurance by effect to nearly 90jb><> by��?�1 carrying proximately $ j00�?� too of lit % sickness and i a insurance. vide experience in cd in in to Quot As a result o p Ridic Mill is of Dolla it Brot in Hod dues and Man Rene and having mad an exhaustive study of co operative Banks throughout the world or Stone presented a plan for an engineer4 co operative Bank at the t if no Tai convention in to and was authorized to Start such i Bank in t levelled. It was opened november la i92 i. With a capital of $500.-0<,0. And a surplus of cd 0, three years later its resource Vero in ii ply $25,000,00&Quot this was followed by the establishment it Ltd several other Hanks throughout the country control by the brotherhood. And in addition a substantial interest a acquired in the and Ito Mon having of i a tinted eur Page two

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