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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 10, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rage foam Albuquerque morning journal june to 1923 Bentley is la Fine fill m baseball Calendar National league american league Moh Huy it Taietti a 4 fit 4 1 How in y St at speaker cleans the bases with a circuit clout to crowd that overflows onto the Field. Making ground rules necessary. Sees giants defeat pirates we my i i v pit Wei i Thi i play Cleveland wins an easy Victory from new York score thirteen to three Bush wild and unsteady Burf i a f i tar Ai urfa. Form i a pm Bitt before on of la intr front of. \ or Hico mod to my Forh the crowd Cerf toward on to f eld my in ground ruin to nary. It Wath Bret a a 3 that t get i no air a the i tit i i to tin i a Iii 1 la r h Brast skis a Boater. S ii Ism if it tim till t it std a Eta Rte of Galry to til ptas god p brr. Jew y Ork Quot Bane re it a Orch. La. Frise 2b. Maueel of Young of a by. A Quot Connell. R1 Der entity. P a r Arl it. Of 3 7 i i a a 2 a 4 j 8 i 8 a i 8 i a a a 4 it i 1 3 4 i j i 3 i i i 4 i i a \ r. Western Bloomer girls who meet Grays at Barelas today Tot is a 12 it 12 Nii Khanii an it In. A mar Anvelt. N a arty of. But. If. Bar Hart of tray nor. It., , la halt nos. 2b conch Amend p a. 4 0 1 i it 4 0 i 1 it 4 a t it. 4 j # t. 4 a. 4 a i 4 2. 3 it it 4 7 it ,. T 0 it it i a _ .34 a2? i 0 ban total. By inning5 new York us to Pittsburgh. 0 1 a Imro a two has a Craft. The a Snider. Bawling. Bon it Quot in alarm Vitta a nit so. Grimm a Rawlings. Mar.avill#. I it Aii a nit Mia flow. A St ,.jt by Bentley i Meadow i. I a York. Dun 1 it it a an away Victory today it err. In a new tor Arr a car a la to 3, 1 the Tai Koan now Hay loft Ai of a noir Taal Aaen Gam. Bush to wild and a St by and Attar a takas our with the Ieese filled Tith i the a it talked to ambe a it a and speaker then cleaned if. With a hem run into the tight Field bleacher Ville pitched Welt for Cleveland and Don by Playa i aided him in keeping Down new Yot h a Accra. Score Dei Eland k Gallop wins doubles Dawson the singles Albuquerque out a. To it of a Jamieson of. 4 i 2 4 0 a mar 2h. 4 it 2 4 speaker of. 7 3 5 i it . I b. 4 i to i Summa of. 3 2 3 it j. A Quot Well As. 4 3 3 3 Luik so. 4 it it a i a Neill c ,.3 1 i j i utile a it a a a a 3 0 it a 3 to tax a ill Yew y a irk k it. To a la. But rip of to 1 i my a ii a ill i a. Boson a2 o i a t to if Mann #. 3 it 2 3 i a my. P2 o it a 1 it Rye. A it # it 1 it Graa a i ii it it a Quot Tola i. .34 3 0 27 la 0 the Vul for amt a Ami a Mfd in the invitation tenth tournament held under he no fit Cha Torf dub Ami winged on the a till Mart i eking mid a Sci Al of. It Ommert. Re to re a Zitti of tin Dawson tet int tui of will cur of Biol to Lane it a tit to mph Hung a by i rank yet Mlton for Hie Engle Winner while the Albite of the tens la dab will he adorned with the Lieari Shtil trophy in in of Hie albnqnrrqm1 country a Lii for tile Tel to flout a foam. I tie me in tier i p of the Tram Whie will take Hie Loi Ilc trophy for Gallup will not he known until this morning ii the final in dough will he a tart Al to o clock. I or or i certain to win Lino inuit team remaining in Hie running Are Floore. Haw Eony repro it Ntah end it a of Tel i Victory in Lite single. A is Giller player Titan he a Neier been Acon on a tempt he follow Hie a get the halt but do play to Perter thin and a plenty of ill err a a a a Anil pm Are own on in in Hurtte Ami in Hai it a general f in Eil Denee hat ret urn and placement Are All Hist ukr by ii Psi in the final sir Gallup Hope after a go Mega a eliminated. Dpi not Hare a ism a Mono Tonk Flint a the yank took mow Tod. Of Corr took the fir game of the mate and atm there went on to win in it might aet. I Ore kept evil Lar to tin Huck court Chron ghost the fret aet and won it in ii a. It won the fir for game in a my Ami the a in ii Tok turn winning on id Wuhr Fop then it firm Moore running Mil of it. In file second att met Nril steady return an Solh fat plug proved in i Noah for the Mart amt la Ilawan re pre Enta lir walked steadily tit rough. Winning Lvke be we thong a an or Gam going to Deuce in the third of Sully broke through tor the fir of game to Lead in a Ark the fir a time during the to Fetteh. Ill in Moore took two Ami int attend hut Sally playing the steadies game to had shown. Matte hark to Lake til lint two Anil again fake the Hail. Floore took the Etal it Ami my nth gain bul Zullp turned up on earn term by taking la eighth i Hen Moore took the neat two game it t and Tantri. Roy a Umpire and roles and Hail Moore were linesmen for the final. Albuquerque a forced it of both Hie single Ami double in Hie Asan flit Al Roo of. In the of Hie single Sully of , of at my sunni Dob mrja hug n3, 8-s, , while Elm it re Dawson Beal to uglier. I til be rally so. S-1. Rim re Nita of tin double f Law i Frt round a. I. A form amt Al it flier. Haw on. Heal Moor amt yet tuna. A c #-8, 34, 14, y la High Ami Kirk. . To at Ami Marron. In t04, Lerret Ami by Miner i a m., beat Meyer Ami a Lihn finn i. A a a. A Iii it Ami hobe , heat t Arret i anti , i s. I. It. Of of we Iii round Kirk Ami y i to Tgu. Hallo beat Moore Ami Mellor. Hawk Ltd my 04, Sully anti Loire a Alltop. Bent a Errott and by a Citer in yi., �.�, i ital of flu double of or i will in played on the i on try Tut Enort tin ii it a Lii. Marting at look Loek the Dir Fiora i of tile Lyhu Querube t intr a club have mended a Hearty Tevita i Hon to Hie pit i to Atti and the Maitte. Vow a City Colf title matches Start i neat. Bundi to a a Alae in the it my Fin in jul the Fob t \ the urn aft Aru in hell a Wilt ring stir on Al 2 then re 3%, a gtd. A win he a hoi pl1 a Ami Fin la and la Aam r in tile final the final sunday june m qualifying round next sunday. With 16 Low golfers in championships state Bank finals today i will he held a a a pc Elal in Epand i Hui Quot tiny the so Hole j for Amil final and final a �1_ Cid d up ii i Ord or t i Arrua Foni i the Phi yer of a a the lung grind the. I w it Hay to endure in the Quot Tate i Cha . I the pen final and final in she leap the Coli dry club City Golf a Hampton hip Tott Mamont will open in the f of Unerv club link neat sunday the qualifying my d it la a played then and player permitted to go Over the it our nent any hour they Hoo. Seer fat a qualifying May be turned in to the club prefer Aion. Or. A s Kleh a. At any tim before a p in. Sun Day. Thl la to he a Amati to Tournai handiest allowed to at v player entered the Ala Tern we Niilow arose for in Hole i l begin play tha following sunday june. 24. The Winner of Thia Tyrnn j mint will i Ive i name ens inv on the cup and will also win Ai go i medal. Match play will he Atar Tat a. In. The golfer turning in a it it a n a a on j Hank cup hat n Rosment w i he played f min try Chih link to Dav final w a he played this a tar tag at a of Solodk. In final Otego will me me and Guild win pm a Quot he finn Wilt he pts ted cd in the its Fei la Djit Sou mor Nicl of he in we i a i Pere in a ii i the d v than Gre t f a i Viv a Tima of. In t Poe Goon e i Lee Quot theft Wirt Nim in a at i lit a a but tin tinn a Law v i or to f a i. 4 ii Fps. A Yankee. 2. Till by i St its y a p. A la i. Of a. 3. H i v in a i. A i Core for the qualify no r and he matched again to the one turn int in the Aig Trenth acor in a firm bracket second Lea on Wilt lie Ini i Hui agn to f a Quot a n a a cure third again fourteenth Thi a attn followed thro the lint eight and nine ft.##. The thatche will be Over to Hole. The a cond bracket will he play i i Taall at to i Ilia but i Worth r tin. Every Ort Yulch a Rah la t i to a p i i Aht r 11 a Lento fat p Roland 1 great nerve Power comes from blood Power a the Bartu Ait Tat the Chicago. 4 to too Chicago. Jon Bard or aah to Felt f Mea Rente Aero the plat ninth inning breaking a to and riving Chicago it alright Victory Over Boston ton a 4 to i. Hartnett. To Quot Corr a Only prevented the vim by vib a. To i repeating the famous Markle g Ripe play of failing to touch a of a in a a my ii in the cot on third appeared and Hart Quot Eft in first and two out. Talt a hoi a drive to Lei Peld. In the scoring Heathcote but Hartnett heaved thinking the Gam a Over. Started for the to tub Houe. Had a t a Noat reached the third a Eun v 4h-n the Chicago Placer Rashed of Iward him waving Iho Utin and t. Pointing to second to a i inn or a a arted Back and reached the Nae i Tat a a a action of a Coj i he for fans who Hie to Byard the Affert non til have a fret Opportunity of v a a a a a m s a ,7hf to Tom of Gal Bali Piny a in action i acor muted local Baa shall player to a acrid 14 years. Although on Arron eur report has been published in the Nar-1 Columna of a local a Nung daily to that a team of Bloomer Iii in Albuquerque in h a d the by Iri Ninga Cleveland. Neap Yirk. I summary i Una Quot. Me.i�?T, in Rupee. A May t Ipp Horn run by Playa a warn by a brow a Brower is Ottay a re and neb ii to heed a eel i Tith p. It of a a for Onea to in not is.200 Coo 10 1�? $ two.1 in hit a three a hit speaker. Double j. Bewall and and a Bewall Hipp . I sport Corner general gossip Jie a fort irate thing for a by Quot thine v the git i r id m nod j Fly him nobody pick lit a if Hie or ? the nerve Power that conquers that keeps 70mr� tint pulls them up to Success that makes brain Power Clear and Quick comes from blood Power it i the secret of strength i the world has mad human door Uttof to i a be it a a i a it warn by and Brower by a re and Tipp. Base on ballot it of Tsueh off Maya i. Riff pit or. 2. Struck out by Bush 3 to Hie i 11 it a off bund s in i it off Maya % in 1-2 off Pipgras 3 in 3. I losing Pitcher Buell. Whipped Bane or Roku kit Mot d i a i a i in g Outfield Quot. Us youse lib Moil about mate out of Thoua Aoda of Fine in r a Tho world got you on your knee Hap it sapped your muscle. Or. Joe he 1. Pittsburg Kama writes Friend m is. The the Ball waa relayed score the tig. Powell of. Faux of. Southworth. Of. Vel nine la a Bockel. So a Ford. Cd. In Iii la Vej. He Smith. Renton Smith. Rax Ivon. A a a Mcnamara p. A Bouton a it. H. I i 2 a r. Is s 6ys9 it Renton in eight the totals a a a a Batt Ltd to 7.2 ran for Earl Smith in eighth. Two out Whan winning a of re Chicago f of a actg a bal Durbar r the Duke City Gray against the Bloomer girl. Durban d been relend by the we giant Only the season i re after showing fairly Well ton e Ilian to of t ii at dare Coniti in o i Fern ice dirham was granted i unc Ond trial release by j a a Mcgraw to order that he might with an club he wished our imm reel Elt a Vera b g Hague offer though they were from Tai end learn. It was also offered a berth wan Dlf for int teams in the americans to elation from which league he a graduated when he moved up t the giants w the chief Meyers. But Buie turned this offer Down Tik a he was offered a pm sit Ion in to Wpm. Hie to. If carried a High salary on the cond lion that Durham Alto pitch do Ham accepted Thia offer and warm i Way to take the Job v he 1�?Tndilte grabbed him to i a the Rei St the d Bee of f. The g of id to Liptrott a i by lib Olphia. 0 Philadelphia june to founding Bolita Naylor and Freddie Het a for la Hitt. Detroit walked off with the first game of thae a id ri.�?T, from the second plus Athit atty i Tea today by a Ecol of 8 to 4. B s St a of it g their attack in the second til inning the tigers h Naylor hard Ivd j in every inning until the sixth he ranged with i fir desist feat of the 112&Quot or son chalked up against him. During Thi time r in i lilt Liman and Cobb hit hot cars. Tho score Detroit Susey a. K. Ili a if the or of t his i i Rani d i to Tov ii. Shul tie p a a 3. Horr a in Jim Jeff the Wincer Jack Man in flt a iso4, in ice i visa f 4 s i Quot a ii h cd but a in hard hitter in a heavier tar Dele of i and John re Tith decide Lien a if nay 8b Blue. La e a Bhat will to try a Coni it a it it on Kafoed a ii not Long after by round decision i Arnth cond a i until a i of or Gat i n s t t he Bloom # paso i frat fourth at it the b the Rich to f Ras the mighty a a k a j a i be defeat the last i a Runn a noir or nigh Fri v a i f of a reach arc in and aril t cd slip i Lith i Gin of lit Umann of in thaw 2 b Rigney is a a Waler c a Holloway p total i a ii to sub i a a Hiah. If tie it the twp she tit. Of a a a a a Frollo her a Grantham 2b. A Farrell e t t Berg 2b a mar. Of. Heathcote. Of. To Furtnett 1b , r totals by innings Boston Chicago. Summary. A i i a a first a Ith to Down lies h la. 4 a 0 i i a Izar Cam to Bat the Sam to. 4 i a it u a i a clean up Hilt for if 3 4 1 a a Grays today hoes crashed a Lim 1 4 a to i or a # to Center Field. 4 0 2 a Tift the girl in Center inst a a. 3 1 i 4 i it playing the Quot All Safe with a. 8 it 8 o 01 Down and no a Banc for the or. 4 it a it 4 hirer on first to acor Dif a i far _ a. A Sward in Quot car a to wind than to .34 4 la in to i i up w the a up cat ular grab. But be did not grab. The 1-All it Bama and Hind h til Quot a i it a t n. i to Dan pad a i unable the i a ,. .000 i 0ft n2r a 2 the ouch and psf Ore it could i # re it a too Joi �oi�?4 two base what a. O Neill. Grantham 2 Home Rury first Gam of the aerie i Boeck a. Powell stolen is so Mitchell v a knocked Cut Felix. Heathcote. Double play Box in the find inning we Benton Ford to Man a. Struck tora la bunched four lists with two out by Kauffmann 4 Benton 2 Pauaea and in error by a Dkl foe afro Ankara i. Hub off Benton i four run. Head and Bishop were t in to Mcnamara 4 in i 2-8. Los-1 n a a it pounded hard. Benton pit sting Pitcher Mcnama \. Baj a effect i or by except in die third on Benton Kauff i inning when three Kilts Ai i a base on balls gave the visitor their two runs the poll Lea wet rag i r t a in of h or to i tor t announced am will be if pre in i that Ira is. I Hod a is a a to Day. This will not help Grays. Re her in Teller will by Gram to at to Quot Iehl a a it the e. It Hale so. Perkins #. Hauser Lamiller of. Welch of i noway is sch 2b. Naylor p a druggy a. I Heit Tieh p 1 xxx Walker. A. I Quot and a i a n Hill 9 a Quot it inf Quot. I boy a Hamn he d the limit. He figure he can Corr t ack now i m a a # a a a often to a Lei what he he love traffic tit i re r r a. Kajo any Marmite who Mack Lieut refuse to he re Gaim re i % it a going to make millions but in a 40 i ctr the hoi b til i it Wen grooming it a reported the a he w is f Aam i a j for tim Clin in pm boat lip. Is inn to in to i in and Catcher her a i Alf j nth for i Imi in Olk pm. \ you i \ dowdy and p. Chi t Watson i. La i Bra a be. I Boswell 3-Li 1 Clave 3-4 7. A a a j Mir v nod i de Ards Kennedy 3tint. Whee a in ten or Ora to r fir land Pracht urea top fit the a ugh that to j lube Doc Anu Iii to postponed nerd me to take a. Of try toking in pen feel Uke it won 40 Jeffor Jui tor arum / to it it fee $9 tug birthday having Rev to the Union Arn i through it ii ii a amt i a it to u Ai Custer til the Indian t in let iou Are it Iha. A a i a r exertion. If you feel overworked if your brain h it iou in if your up or la about gone of your muscle a it growing flabby of a our spec eur in. A Force Ulm memory plays try a on you of you prefer to to Aion and silent of your skin is Sallow your Eye Dull ii hollow show in your checks the la one thing that always lift you up a d out nto a m w world of for a Ca a Las to a into a new world or i Orr Energy and acc eat. That is blood Power i blood Power build in v Power 1 s r. A u or a a i b of a blood Power. It blood till by the More a Rve pow f Iron err body a it Dpi to bulb ill ton. It Mer. I it mean a tor brain. Arm Strong healthy men have clean Rich blood. Your too do detect. Barn w Iii a the i n v a on 43 of for o i in ,.rtaai�xjb air memo fanning Many. The Rheve Bee Gtigg mid. Majk Jeu Ami Brooklyn sit St t oui o St. June St i a win Long Streak of us Gan a a ended today Vohen Brooks n took the first of the eerie it Ltd vanes held the locals to four i. V. Toporcer Regis tried ten a Siats. It Man Quot Fournier Day end the for Mer Cardinal was presented with �4 Floral Wreath and a travelling bag by local Admire i just before the game began. The score Brook j ii a. Ii. H. To. A. E god in their def Psi a j Ivy. In the ninth manager Fletcher sent Thuve he in a i ii i a a a for Rul r players and they a went oui in infield grounders. Re Philadelphia Arll. Nils of. Johnston 2b t Griffith of. Wheat of. T Ourrier la. It a Carren 8b. A Leon 2briib. Is. Deberry a a. A Nee Peai by totals a for nth of Flack of a a Toporcer 2b Bottom Ley j Stock 8b Myers of Mccurdy o a i Lvan is i Oak North Dyer. Fota is. 5 i i 4 0 0 ,. 4 it 2 0 8 a i. Amp 0 it 4 0 y. B it it 0 of. To gift la i of it i i 2 111. A it it 0 0 0 i. 3 0 it 3 2 a i a Tut 0 i 3 0 0 Ltd a 0 i i a i i 0 i a 0 a a a a a a a. A .38 2. In Nul 0 2 i s i a. Ii. It. To. A. In i. 4 a 0 2 0 e. 4 it i it it 0 i. 3 i it 0 1ft a ,. 4 it a 14 it to i. 4 it i it a. 3 0 it 2 0 a. S 0 a i i 0. 3 0 0 0 4 0. 2 0 it it s 0. A 0 it it it a. I it it 0 6 0 so a a Uhm sift 4 27 14 11 i lean of. Rapp a v. Liker of. Tierney lib. Holke la. Lee of Wilson Ofa ring a. Ilen line. Xxx Hubbell. Band i. X Behan Mitchell p he i Xiv xxx by. To Bishop p r to. A. 2 2 i it 4 a it 2 4 3 0 i i a a it 2 it it it it 0 i 3 it 0 it 0 i i it it it a it i it it it 0 Tift it it r by Mihm an la Leroyy n 1�?~n�?Ttty soft of t Brule Johnson this Young i. F i Ider jump from rat appear to be a pretty thoroughly demo rare s a tub with Little it Hatjes of cop plug any dough Thia it year to the Champion Yankees o j with a can Nee of sharing a worlds 0 aerie Melon. A i the Yack recently grabbed of totals. A a batted f xxx batted ninth. By inning de Rote .?."ii a we Pella be Labia pop ill 102�?a j summary two base hits per Kins Hellmann Miller. Hot he Era a la How a Blue. Hale. Home runs. A , Cobb cheer. Stolen j Bdl Haney Hellmann double plays Haney Blue Hauser Gal Loway Naylor. Base on in a a. Off Ile Ioway b Naylor. 2 Idi-1 malt I. Struck Cut by Holloway. A j is mainstay if staff Lait at a. It the Smith i and a Sweet rated Only a f figured to Day. I Gal by d to his i a i Ber Are you married then see a Brothers under the skin today at the a abm you la know Why after you see this picture. Or Muscles Richer blood. A Clear e skin brighter eyes morn Energy behind everything you do after All courage your brainpower it sri n simple we a i red it Nur ambition your it Aith Yoni thing s. 8. 8�?z Tho great blood Back fighting strength or do you cleaner will do it. It cleanses care Aru you looking fora Wuy Tho by tem of Rhoun Piti Poison up and out do Yuu know Tomt the pimples a it sin and skin eruption Parve Power that Conjura every it is Tho body builder without a poor. Thing a born in a mood cell do it contains Only pure vegetable my you know that an ii Rea o in the ii Tail ingredients try it 8. 8, 8. Number of red cold in your blood h sold at All drug tires in two brings a tremendous increase in Sites. Tho larger do the Raore i your and strength you Economy a1. 8,8 8. I s been used done to Bavo to have pimples to and appreciated by millions for i a prove that your blod in weak. It years. V ass. Makes you feel like yourself again Chari cd it wanted will he 11 and ii or ii 15-10, him to t and it they qui fan the int tto on thamia la it Fri it a ii Quot no of. A w a and girls also to Spanish a who speak English. By Naylor. I by Irti its off Naylor to in Mach 2 in 3. 4 Jna Ltd 6, lieu hit Brillhart off Zahnis. I Brillheart 2 in 3 a Quot in 1. Losing Pic to r a Mouth i. In 5 Iff the none Zahl a or. I Henry pick amp co., broker Sou Ortli i it it. In it i. A Washington. 4 Washington Lune 0.�? of he fir Ling la Hind Zaj Hulser allowed St. Louts to defeat . To Ltd iday 3 to 4. The i Atter scored the or suits in the fourth inning after two were out on by or Manus sch Labner and e�#11, ram a u. Walk to a Vereld and b1u#k# Erie pm ror Washington got to shocker in. ,. The eighth inning for four glad to rat John score a a. Huggins two run a car a in via the waiver rout White bog Huggins was on for Utility infield us alway. Lins hem without a Good Rve info Ider sin a Mik my 3tr is St. 1,0111 Quot in i i a by d1 j As ted. A re rss ii a Phil Johnson proved somewhat a v it a of a Spring because of b a Robin of .84 totals. A a batted for Wilson in ninth xxx better for in t it the. Xxx Quot batted for Sand in ninth. A nth. Burns of Dauber la Bohn 2broush of Harper of Duncan if Pinell 3b coven ass Hargrave c Benton plan for Mccarren in eighth % hated for Doak in eighth by inning Brooklyn. 60 Pio Oil 2 in. Louis Oto too too a summary two bus hit no Bot tour lev Stock. Stolen Baar Johnston. Flack. Sacrifices my a a Arran. High Vann. Baa of halt a Yario i Doak 4, struck out vane 8 a Oak t. Hite off bums Doak. 8 in 8 North. I in j. Hit by Pitcher of vbc#f9> 0"r Coak Mccarren it mild pm Tell Dork. Losing Pitcher Doak Tolar a. By innings Philadelphia. Cincinnati. Summa y rough mob ars. For id ,. In say Inu att a. If if pm a. I 5 i i 1 0 4 i i is 2 it 4 0 2 i 9 i 4 3 3 2 5 it it 0 fat i to 4 2 1 i 0 fat a it 3 ii of i 4 2 3 it 2 0 Quot 4 it s a i i 3 it a a a 37 12 16 a is i j Spring i tug the cd j management i cons Ider Lily Johnson i i a git Chati Way Bock ii Back to the a pasta improve t him rivet a f a big with la Whit sox i pm 2, la a senti Fie coast league 1 Mcmanus 2b. So a reit Sohlie Ber la. Faselt 8bshocker totals a to. Of a a f 5 0 i i i 0 4 i 1 n 2 a s 0 it 2 it it 8 i i n it a 4 1 2 4 n it 3 t i Fiti 4 i i a 1 it 4 it i it 3 it s 0 a a it is 8 8 s t 11 Browns then w and played there for three year. J then he c a a i to to a a i a a a. Of la w. A. Huth. A a i him Hack to judge la the Paclo Coset and i played bluer. 3b with Vernon and bait i Ake before thay it it sox a quire Quot i two Vram so. Gleason promptly put Johnson Short and he played that position met of the time pm years fast a aeon he nit a Ashington Arll. It in. A i. At the i so the Tsi .2 to 145 Gam to Ribald of Harris 2b reel c a Orvser j wad Quot. A. Bri heart a of Tenouth i a a be. Amp collars like society Brand clothes h., no2 Coo a ooh i j .411 a of �4x�? j 2 i two Baa i a the Bate hits i Panhandle Pecos Valley league 12 philae Suplita. 2 Cincinnati june i., enjoyed Holiday at Bat expense of Todi i or pets is three Shii Addi by and easily won the p Tchad 1 my Bart Roush. Stolen based double plays a Daubert i ave nay. Daubert Honline Tierney Sand Turney Lolk. on bails off Benton. I head 5 Bishop i. Struck out by Renton 8 head 2, hits off Mitchell. 4 in 2-3 head. X in 5 1-2 Bishop 4 la 2. Hit by Pitcher by la Quot hop it i Lagras it it. A ild pit a h head. Passed Ball a a Henline. Losing id a it Heil. 11 Day no Amat hic Clovis. Lubbock bos we ii % a t i cd it. Ratted eighth. By or h a a. Rouix i,0 Washington a summery h4 Stab Quot is a la Iii ask no equals in style and smart appearance. You would expect to find be. Amp collars Gold in the store that distributes society Brand clothes. All other lines of Haberdashery at the guarantee in tithing company Are on Par with these two leaders that a Why it is so easy for men it better than Ordinary taste to be pleased Here. A �0 .378 r stolen so uth Khz n Ossot Fotion Binning Hamu 3 Atlanta a. New or Cali a 2 Memphis i tie a a re inning. Tin a n. I j v. I a j i a a Quot Mobil i i. Hock u. .,�1200 too 020�? 4 thru bad hits in a Ric judge Wylam Quot. Severed. Mcmanus in a Rizir e hit a Gerber r Cir a in-1 double plan of a Harris to Beck in Puigh to Tobin Tab it to i Eft on a St. I of lat a Quot Sling ton i r a a an. A i a off shocker. 2 Zahniser. 2 Drill heart i struck out is Shacker 21ft West Central phone Ftp tit Harry Johnson shop i my f you want to get the most reliable fishing equipment at the most economical prices you re sure to get what you re after at this shop. We have everything the Fisherman needs the right kind of tackle and everything else that should be taken along. It will be a pleasure to advise you on these mailers. Or hurry t. Johnson of. We fix anything. Is a fourth Street

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