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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 10, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico June 1923albuquerque morning journal la of of la Wal Tai i Tsofi Morral Joram advert ie1 is pay morning journal clarified rates mis Linen cd re s5e a of i a a a. I a r tie i a i a a a it. Of a pm he a a a a a s a a per null Myrtlo. a a i per Hee Loran Toas a a a a left pet i m r�?Th$1.64 lift wet Frittum til of pay like rent is a amal Al Rorm Frame Howe Ich Iso i v 142, garage. Or and Al robber sit la of i gab a a i lie rent i of Ila 3# w. Cold i Martin s specials for this week \ till Ano m a he ask Fri Rin modern of a Rah. A a of big a til Belt of it,#19 _ r. T a i a i ii and for Sale Ranche. Of if tits rank ti�?T1 is a i c of j Ofa a Sart j fait of a a Larf ugh but fir or Largi i Jot the Bas no a Batty Aren bin i built of a-1 mat Tai and b fir clue lob through net Quot own a Wilt a i flt a i than would cast 1cpfo ii Imp a i a has or a a re Riff i no Down. A 413 r t., f Trier garage % r Safe a la for Sale a miscellaneous. Us i or inism a of or. J is Bon a i part of theft i juju a. Talk Sci by r a i. I i a a #erl4rnt, autism Ella i surant i a a a fhtfp0 no a . h. I no of Street i few Jill Al Iii or Huj. A car entering. By if Tiba help wanted. . Potted Ca a Highland. How nigh Type by neat of Bard Wood or. Radio ital and Fli by rred a if Turr $4,500. I a let pub hear by opa. Four room Hon with fit Oping porn Large int a had ire and garage. , Good term. Craver if . Five teems i Alf aping porch Aid. Of floor la i a int Iliad find garage Hon a is new ii . To run. Loar Tav Ard. Tis room and a i garment. A Root Twat Hardwood floor All Srb h Fruitt Jaa i. Be flood term he b. Twenty arts a and fanned. Good Wail with Alce trip r i four room dwelling Large # Hicks Bon. Will a wonderful poultry farm 13 200.00. Who rank a Good a rms. If the la la not what you want ii a. A Bava la the Van realty company fir ii faint insurance a Narh or. �0 self. Cold a offers wanted Fin 1.1 acres writ of River fruit a & not clot Uhopa a food ar i into s value of can he plotted and add Hep men Mon a loan City property. Jul h . It # by 211 w. C Idjo Hor a 41# Eon Salb id double apartment furnish so a .ifjr#. 4 room tach rid. 2 Bath rooms Fine rooting location Aall also sell any 4-room bri4 k Hoiu. Will sell Aena rate Ami tee Vin g town. Quod terms. Ply re Iju i#01 Fly spi Tal my Large room . Oord ass ment lot flail feet. Plenty of Shad. Young fruit and Shrub Beryl tor a few Days Only i i so Cash ,1. P. Cill Ruino. Phone Tiu Vav. Gold for rent apartments i Kunish Unar a fit a h Sii Knik Rich. Set bar Iraq Ilad v or i Nuru Large so West mrs yet 7ishhil&Quot Are you looking for a heme or Home site of so might pay you a oar Tad Aal hating. We j. Leverett Phon lid Iii w. Hold a a a six ii Ai i Rabas for rent Yousra. Cut part i i frat s la ii . I1 or rent Jaum apart m . I b ii i Ait tee a tit. Re a a i a i ii Sattali j Job Ras. I ia a j a # t tag a. Await ? i run Quot per fur for rent office rooms dogs and pets of a Emi for rent rooms. A i a a. Pina 2�5-w. Lei m Quot ii iii�r4 sir Fra Iechad i a a opine pare. , Oso of i21# ? i Aam a r ebbed of is 11 i oof of i j nubby i pan Amaat. Bona Iii a a i put h Abt. a-4ti� waiter til ree i pm by a a the. Gar As a fur big i Tea fur h. Lie Vagt 4 me. M ii fun. Holt apart Mart. A-144�?T4 Karil .�?T�?T54. A a set a Job. La a a Rutih. A Piaf s he fansm9# a a it. A car zit be rut atari i Waif a a git pm a i a -4 front Garn if w a i Art a i a a a a wait Birt. I inc of rant Coatna. A Lei r far Reaita. Phona 4�h-j. Oft a f a roam Fen a is Walter. i i re lie a i r Mara Start nigh. Phaya kalium i fro a dra Tiaga of Daeira. Quot i a a each rat Quot. File Nam sit win wanted ranches. Wanti do Houtari. I. Par shh Tab a j a i tire a of i tar or i lit i my a a i. Tiv ii. Tile Taat Aii astilbe. A a a a. P a i Ahi ov�<1a him tit and eel a of. Oneida Neal Hnatt >j1, by p Tiki v v Furat bad Mot met a Fife go a a. Wih i i or Nat a Ril Tea. Lira Roc a Tod b gala w j a landed i Cost Ian. Fofi Quot 1�?T.ks f so Ian Quot Quot i uni furn Lapiad a unfair plated. Ill met return int # Pareiko i i a Quot he a Fra vol apart wast. C intact part of ally 1 1 a w a a Acairel a or of a Madam Baum eat i a Rev my Rama Aneta. Ill Perth map apart car a Afi Twita i Walt a nuns i tit Uiti roam f gosh sell i acres Gand s la absolutely , life ditch two Aldea. Over 2 fruit Irene loaded with fruit Garden plot 1-room Adobe garage with Toft Chicken honer too 1-room Taw Frame House wit gun amp aed slurping porch and 2 a craned pores party must sell account of health or will Trade for City property close town and near . Shelley Braun company if w. Gold. Ave. Kingsbury a column Small no of m Knish 4 room Modem. New Adobe. Good porch completely fur sighed located Comer lot priced for notch gala $2�?s#j# one half Cash. pm r cd f won Ary a Good double Boa Modem. Two bather compete fur numb a i i property located eke a Good Street and a Good rent District can be bought very Aarav tar a. I Vit you Reno we have just a few mom of Thor Large lot Rood soil located North fourth Street. Sivi min of Imus we have two very Fine summer be a pm the upper recut. I iced right Kingsbury realtor Sio cold phone of a run or a a a Rita w ovo Muttu no. 191 jus . _ i Fin ii Hlf Tare a sri Rar a Tambene Fin a. Ara. Fwee i rat id a i if Auh is nit Plaine isee a. && berth furl go h or pm a i f r Light i till tit Man. Rhea put Manl pm r . Fur lit i alter a no i a o of. No get not a . put a i m wanted livestock posturing a ? a # a a f a a a m Legal notice. Led Pic pos a for purr automobiles. T #7 i i nlt�4 a a .t., v a. I j two a tray fit ten a la 1#a a. I r my a a a a. A. I room fro uhf trim Diat Riu a ii Foo. Lob bin r#0 r the i Ana p. Fil a Foh Kent i a room furn Hal hoi a a cig id k f. T met w shut k third. I feh i Usa Uke. a paid. To till a a a Udith Ina atre ill #r>9th or a. South Arna. Phat a i0iv-j. Amo. Pir a i4t9-w. I �?�1&Quot . A 131 Wmk pm of. Sew a a a a porch and Privet i. Mm.,�?� A a. Ifon a i on8 f with pantry and Cloet far poll j,.cai Batt of Sis a Jold. A Nuti a a a Rural cd jul flout Aller. No r a �?~rii #t#&� Nett Borho i. Tis Are Ping a a a a a pots 14ft?, r Gnu a if a. A Toh a garage. Foa Cummery poor re War. R. Apart my of Gay f Raith is e i. Ill South a run a. Porn rent thre Rolt my hat. Faint go a a darn. A Marri it. To Aleph be 14 i m i of i Ihm a 11.r#a Quot for i a a a a a kit Irp a i kit to. R ,. Bijj we a i Louth Amo. get ihe i Quot a a if. Iof so Kahn Wiuf tag i Gur gym aa a . a Mem a a a a. a a a j amp a a flood f of. Ioli rent Al a a plug a int 118.c, of my Nten nicely Furt tuned by Urr com phone Hli a Muthtar a. Isi Vuth mr###-1 by mph Large Cool a leapingnett.or re a. Lino jars front r Ora and porch fir a a a a la a. I i i . With hath. North Beerd. Imsa me a or Inbut a Al a a a nit far alms a stage a a a a a r. or two a nil even sick. ?c3. Seth ten. Inquire Iii North Watt Abear. I eighth. Hon Loci. Is. I pour i be Tern furl shed Hon. Merj cease cd porch ills North fl#eo#4 1 Rene i737-j. Filiti runt a none Tat Light h use . Apply Jam a Dairy beae gt4�. Two r Oma Enel pint remit fur lilt East Central. Two a j attn i Lur Roo Tau who a a f int he Garag apply a a a i p i v a a Ait i v ale at. Or re j a. I re w pants labed for hot a keeping. Iten Nea rift get Coal. A. A a a Vvs and private hath Arr Furi ult Ren i,.cai half of ii a Tat Oigt old Fluth a Van the of born a adult eat when we choose offer the Beautiful Home for Sale we Are keeping a mind the thought of Comfort for the Leas expenditure without Sac location nor modern feature required a Horn by careful buyer even modern rooms Rolerat residence Section for is,759.00 Onrec City realty co. Realtors 207 w. Gold phone a a hotel company Stock Ive rave a yeah Buver for a limited amount of the Stock. If you wan Tell our Wefler Flag company price�?o5c f Anderman amp Balcomb Lal estate and Tyty Hance Iii w. Hold i a Bon a 1800 fir Amish Gra rear. Aff a Tele pm inquire end git Mil. Ii i a im.i 11 r for h Wark a a. Era hitch a Cerago. Is West two urge hell for Alee lag tie with e rest , close or a West Iron a Large Sung a a a a a a i the phone Bath int hot water beet new apr age Sears or. I pans for i Rrt v tttt4 is i West . A cirs a rent the Auto be Fok he. I tines Rix be furnished j a -1 ape trn i. Cell 413 Smith fur-1 a a lift 494 Flea i i for silk i Par. tim j a growl a i ,.nil no .-3 s f i a a of. Y�11 waste or fat a if Uhar Mali Tao. 3 rat j ski be a a i a Iii 1 Quot jul j Ika j. f. Jar a Friar Hin Taek raping r r feed g porch fur rent la or four room Iii j i a h a j. A v a i garage Iii East r. I Copper. F Ora . A Kaep. int Tjw Faross is Quot Feu reduced j ran a re with burping porches. 124.00 ass Ai tio Karl Flentge. _ Pedro two r,.i, Turku lion Eli a aping Sam a a Broad was. I water $100 per my . A a a a Quot. Sri Quot a Ald i nj my Arr two Ana hire mom apartment me a a a a a a a 1 front room Block West of Santa i jrr.i�,� i Rry Aifa rent Smalt Tir Era Lions a shop 194 a third a modern Home. Apply mra. ,.n eighth sir partly fun Ond Nee f ism , Wmk a ii Noton 1091 West Central Phore if Nevaleane amp the Nail tag rut. J. D. , prop for Fa. a room apartment. Kitchenette als Ping pot a. Ill e lie int i fillase a Siar 1 lady. J i i i a i a Aseep a Cool. Highlands liar apartment with Asce Ping porch sight Oak. Up inc Iii be Edith. Phone 1144-w. A it. Pic a phone. Cal Sisi a i j Vav la Usi the Jefferson a Ona thorough modern four room apart meat. Bath ail a Loots. Stoa la tip East Central. Personal. F r a i i tango a of r 11 3 ? i change. A. Vche. All cob Nian waa. Roasa a a a a. A. �94 a or i Lovertta 4c-s _rknt�?.�?T to Quot spar ten pm Nice or furnished with of kit Hen 4utd i re re journal for Sale houses rot j Uriol a ra5 ter a Quot thu a Reirer fac 1493 a Edith. Phons Vav. Por Pete a Molera Al is room Nae. Fourth Ward. Phone a i a. Handsome die room residence Baa ail dam Convent inc i must eat i. 1.44# goo term Call owner Bdl 1 ��r1 or i4? i three mom a House with a for i f a a c Tasse King bit k hone i�.9f9 Iii # a. Balance a a rent. 111 sooth mrs Assam por Sake four rugs my be. Partly f Nuhad darn except heat fourth Wiir four Block from new hot for further particular a or c ii la grocery store of the beet the City a nil once. Owner leaven Riff. This la Good one and the beat of locations. Good c ran Stock new building with living room new fixtures. Re Tjw he by truck. Exc Tant Ade and a mosey maker Man and wit can Bandi with #mpoy#4b her a a Chaine Tep right and Arak Money. N. Chas. Roehl Soi a. Gold phone 240 Bernard a. Is Eyster All Kinde of i surant heal t5tate lit is tub third met phone. Felt a Byi ight rat t i or deciding i a tip jus. w re truck. Of dads Ern Cen no. Set Coal. Two targe Light bom front Poi re the her. Duct e�1, add a a gov a need Mejeh d i. J Mig g a id. Thus 1244-j. I v a Ara i ast e Alt affair. I a wanted age la. Iliff i a get Lary a lit r by til. Gallon or a Radt Cotta co is Paul. Or newly decorate. I East so runt four room furnish a apartment with Pravata hath modern cart �92 North by for a Mouth. Owner j ii Sake Quot a last i pc Lea Braet from owner. A r furnish Frame run rent Welly furnish cott.ig#, Gnu no children i South three r Bein a glee ale Ping filth p o Iii -1� Columba. I Uane a or Jyi Vry Farisha apartment Quot Quot i by be with Gerard i we. Adjoining rent four room. H thre a a j sleep Lar porch furnished # lil a. Or 19 a y until september i references i�?T., be i min. Modern Eon Vaa duh # mucus i mrs r a.s i sleep two Gore Baa East front aha Al . Tag porch private Bath no s. key a a Quot a a a Eon the of Flo Tofft. To reliable a. Ifs ? i tub Price a Ash. Or Tarn owner for rent comp let furnished apart. Merit tight Ware heat and cooking for rat room go runt a Largo four room Nous Gas furnished Sis North seventh. Cran by modern h a �?�,.�?� e fourth Ward mod Vry rep a Romenta Phons s14. .v2 gent Lazier cd a Lap it. No sick nor can Irence apply. J Volt desirable new a pigment three a 11 j3-w. _ Jis end g eased Steep los a town. See Lier 411 South fourth Ideal land for fruit grapes berries and Chicken ranch neat land tit Valley and a Price that mean doubling your investment within a year. Buy 5 or acres the earn pries you a build fray for a 60-foot lot the suburbs Small payment Down. Balance carry terms. Steve Roehl 44 my North of town business chances. Pit a a i i �4 my -2.1 pm a Alf Rajrill i prs and m mat by a f daily. trial. Ski let get. Antis by a. garage i i rent a Parater. Convenient tint Het Eldena. I i Wilk share Ray a i. G a Reb furnish with i Gental i or Sale Pou i try egg a. I get. R rat rat a a depot rat&r.4 i a. men a a i �?o4 Kwh s. 11 a West , a bin. I Biri c Dif the for rent a nifty room Bunga p hath. Front porch and Haa Amaat. Low a Ompie sly furnished. Areola1 Ess pi.# lilt a. I rat a garage. Wilt Lea. Cle la. Tuns Cee front Rani a and Klueh phone i a _ Venatta nicely furnish for Houma a a Large s Eer ult rent a three room furnished keeping. Shady -.��n& p Reh Deelora i with twin Bede cottage and or of four Roost a Heap. A oat a of tuft Watt goal. .7, i a a a a Phot # 34u0-r3, r Sutra of nether i via a r R.?Ona furnished kit eke ply. Wood Park Driver. I , apart Mettet Arith two rooms awl re a and apart Mem ,v,.\ litre v int Bor res i hath. A sick not children. Inquire Flome Lhing ult.ateen water paid a a Hosea with tights. Mornings. &? South fourth. Baths. I x and cd. I warts Quot Ani youth Arna. Owner Kouma court beautify fur Nimi it. a Ilia 1 Quot staked private int Ranee Itta hath Tona a Quot a Quot. Tvo Quot r no a a Gia seed Quot Quot sleeping Mirror snort. Simon awl priss. Nun hut or no no ii a mini p Reb. Nicely fun shed. Modern exp a cd. 201 North eleventh. _ Hast Silver. j k w cd dec rat so furn Igiel _ of three rooms private Beth ind i and hoi Quot chit Road w for re meat Market i fill and Kaw v re. Compleat eat tar for rent rooms with Board re $4,00 a week. Packard i Fob Baiey a compel shoe shop address bog a a i turn is a for Kake turd Truje a-1 Conill a a Chena ask Over Ell trucking of a City finn. Ill Colum has a i 9u4-w. Of a i i Wyan-15. -11 phone j a ruts Schlof hens 1 i Verav. Ino nor a re plug i be rat 33c3es Quot is e 1 both. S ii quire $04 nil Walter tit a fur ribbed by no a Lowa h flt earn j Al a plat Perch 15m Centra. $4# he riled and elect Light a Thrall per month. Inquire la South third j. Arr i i 0 a Wetklo a Rex re org. I per month. By John Al Hent Quot a the roughly cd sunny Artu. 1 a sol b a. A rum. I 41. _ i front apartment two r Nna and Fli Raneta Isser for my Tang. soft Hast Gas you pm a Rehs we Tai i fax four Rin i f"urttisee3i Glasa kit Che Nett bsh Adial Nung Largo front j of . Ear journal of Kiwi for two. Iii North map. Cate Ping 5 . Water pay. Alt a 1. Two a rite a a a /. Nusi k. 131 Lvi a i or All All fur Lecal soard and room far too a r a and Flag a ale Ping pm h Amo. A frat Casa shape. No junk a if Garden and 1 Leven a Arm of a Mon tit a Rajput furnished i Furar i Naes do tag Good vote Ian if for Salk first Clam or try Ore five year lease Good loca.. Stack front 94,090 $4 too. Rant a Taos Abl. to d-3. A a a journal. a lock of grocer mid Quot fax our. A a so my blur building will Taka Good a As a Stan payment. Bela Nee a Ash. Apply Par Lars 413a North fifth. Ceil front a toll son Day morning. For a i Al ring is main Santa be Trail Darlng Good iras new be tiding highly fun the d and abut Ppd. Hunt address 2104 East Silver Beautiful go Van room real Dane built for a Horn just completed. Mutt been a appreciated. For a # by owner. Open every afternoon. For Sale for Sale livestock. I Elk High Vitie a the Tell tows. Principality unites with Switzerland ii or a Man. 13sh Kus Roux Aud Rreb. St. T r two Beard if dear i lift-j._of i is porch Ali Ting hands very lessens. To i a i i., i a j a a a her ii a a kit Waller. A Quot tit a j tints All. i Quot a i Dan Carneng semis of Trad. Pm hot Waif and lights furnished j leaving Iowa. Will give bargain for a i 51j i a third. Uncool. ii. K set. For re totalled Lafar Apa trat of pm a ukr. I Patton Call North first. A talc. H rent 313 of a i id Kinley Avania Pew Hus Pic aaa by located Clit f. Artie. Trn a Conj urge j Fltrent i Arni & Ai estate no. Ii 090 tum or grip Opportunity of vice porch and seeping p Reh. Built i m Tern. South a a a. 1 &Quot&�, a per of Rad responsible Man we has a Fatu a Bath Roath elect lights. I month. I 8>uth first 35 01 for i put i mail ? we manuf eur a ply Isis North first i m the 40? South first i 2.6# pm wonderful automobile accessory which a a a a Gaii. J.-twh inquire Flat j Lff a off i pay Fitself a few Dorsme. Wanted salesmen. A a a a f of a a a Tetiva few this stat. R h Bath glassed sleeping i ii mreese font 1 Rohn a h him Earth or i Central ave nut Iii a. Dao la j week. Iut sly. No Lech log Aico Vint Cost trie Only egr valve or Hora Rel Quot by. Urb for mile aa. Strafing Perch with 1huja flip i or week air. I Quot a a they Mermanla Agency 1 exr nor i. S k o �?�-1 Ai ply of pc i la if 3.niu Ipa it., r of 13 cd i Cut r1 Vai ame rat Ion Tho my j is a Only i Umit a p. I Mcc. T Lara tar Ilo ext state ,�0j try his inc of a red . Till i a Imil tin Iii his just v i Sib Quot armed pot i watchmen i main ji�2 Tho pro Cista ted 11 o mind i.Ai. Of sit11 go Ria int Ralu . Lun 1 the a Ottisa Patof fur that they Soli Money loan. U Quot i 6 i watches Aith . Ill r a a Orth of o. I i a k a a Quot heir rx f. 11 Naiomi a farm 00 f and sri a a y now a Jersey #. W re i a a roam 1 or Wick Pho a tar 1 season w . Tnuva Stigmata Nad lately. Jan i May wig president. Pukwana Flat the Utah tax >9g porch # git h or without Board. I or Sale furniture a 1 m i wanted Madia Aly. Fri try Aid Stet r Nappy. Calenda Uso. Wita fur nip a Pri a list i Gar i ipthl8g Motufa co dash am . F a nver. Col a. Met Abl. 11 Quot ital Poi Wane g. & Man far 1 a Terr Story ferns j Peel a i aspens or41 Quot a a . I or new i k Combs a a a a a a Lesh a w a�?Tc7d�?iit meals flu Kent pm i i apartment com and Welt funnelled for Light a set Sci Pir far a Ness and 1 Myla Iii r. Ill. Ali s for refined c hip a janitor Aero Leo s week. Phons Ceil and conv Lecce let Cost Chat a Ai Irp. A tit Rome. Iii Wilt Lea. Wanted position dressmaking. a Liq Button covert1 plus Tang of All kind Madam re re Quot a Blat h. By m a i Ich o id Quot a pie tier of and Rda Mak of a. rank life i , Craus apartment a. I r e $14 top i a 5 Eri Hunt Proaper rocket Satin a a or Eliu i Ivan ill Art Evary i $5,099 or or de a Brown lit tit Hino Don promptly la. A a. _ Bast by Sachet Snanny. Proc 18a per gleam o paver and Kun. Raia Iulg. Re 1u u.,m ?7-w Singer. John Uoo ton Jyh j Rutn Latch Many a Anury work take or by Many a a so tally. Ira a Iii a. Cly 13.100. Five room modern of Dob stucco Wall furnished Uwin a Lade Trees Flower Beds. Get Busy this Ira bargain very Good Terra. Ebony 157s-j. Professional cards. Atiqi Ineys a i Uson and of Aon. A Arceya Tun mss 11 i i $ 0�a��ii diag. Prob i i j Quot Fin nit i \ n a a i m Kui Ops Quot or a i fun do irate Al the Stoma cd a Nett Uuk Ding la. Ii Tref Vuk of. A Arm or Quot Lye. Fir Noe and threat Bernebuilding those iss office or Avo a i a no tip p chiropractor a a Quot kit s cd. �?�-actl-.-. Room it. To Armijo a bldg Ash a m a h til a. Faim. R Grai ust Ivy Central Albuquerque a win is a my err a Trot Anit a i him i 111 111 ult the Range a a Quot. N a a eng fit Phat Slutt a Aud la get by Tang so. Meet All Angie i Abiog hot fear Tonga Al 30 a end $ p m olde Lam Drivera dam ears the dam Hoe we drive or Awa Cera. Writ for reservation Tsa. Heffern am Alloa props h get Springe of full Salk is. I i Ca 49 a a w m fee Cost i or a i 1 a i a ill i a vow making a i to i i Quot a k a s. .1 st., is Lri a r 11m Hiff ii a a i. 1, t nail4 0 Fra. A rns Mriz a. A Arage i. A Rnic a a a a. Air rom Nany. 4 a Lur. Ii m pitching a no. Dr��..King All work guaranteed done Kim the is get a of Inch a Erica i �4 Santa per a her a c Tea Iu&Gtmg, faecal 1. 1 kinds Tefere. Vav Tai �$ i if do Kru Itic Bifid fat Rair wants a lard. Or. Jolley. 1?s last Astre. A Polar y position. Hons h4i-w. I. A i wan Esfi Nora faintly nothing a1 11. Toit. J r Imam i eds miscellaneous mat. A 0. 11 a v h. V. I tit rent a lit a a i ant artist Kin Horn Fey mrs. . a. F of a Lily 40# Smith Walter. Fra the a j or. P i a a a i 58 a. Loo Guiott la. Tray 1 Quot Siel. Firs. I ii a i. 11 a j Nullo fit typewriters m i \ ubi a i my i j m 14jti. You Antt your thumb Tho troll a acc Lieut int Tiow can you proxy was e Worth the 23,000 fun Hava of the Tompary for a Maul sir j a the air i l. To my of i if j ii g 9, 5 i i ill 6 the i Xof Ivko Al or tip Miata ices hauled h a h p rant rates of s j apply 39 7 North j a urd�?�., titties attend log san mar a i i i. A f 5 oui for. Of a hug regt test second head fit a tui e i Adim of i of int. A Mem a fax Kern pm by. A . I Guara Laad. A fill Jvn Fittl a Tat nut . Stura put tag paid a a mail Nadara manna and Liana Ina for Sale Eli estate for sauk�?1&chop fur Cash pm Lecatou varsity Heights asst front. Iii Virg i a l ii the por rent miscellaneous. For Ren a storerooms a i Quot a a f.- i Althhorn r Auto inst axe meals Tut a j tray Sarah fee.#. A or i be. Rats 110 Ai 1 me dial i v for Tern r. Lerua adj g by fins Tica c i a . 55 2. Ass ii i Rani ret i m a aga.�?�.- Quot v kit Riviar m d a Airt ail Aamon a Over i a lists. A i dry goods Storesa i try a id Linoa Init sri fahd a s Lins rats King f 25e Isom 18, a Mission. Rep / fit j a la la. Quot i 11a �1 v. Cd i h for Bale or Trade Antil a Dundas hem. J 09 Riel or k hav. I Capa blk Arat hopi j Rtravels Cantike �?T5-av a or. L mrs Tant Bookie Tsuk spi by a j earn .50 or he i or Cali. Or a so ii our a r is Wail pm. What Bai you if Doan Iii Erin Ira. .c. A i. Hud ii w Iii and rap i eau. Lubsina for very a. I s Marshall a hems for tubercular i Trade fur a unique Tau pm party Chin. Albuquerqu typs Waltor 1 a a i path North twelfth. is acc unt of or a be 8 % Wagner Cirn nge Soj a. Cut j. Fourth 1u a _ i South Rolth. To for k land a we sgt a a ii a fun be co \ Alley. A Tina Clear will Trade sir y of Quot or. X l a. Of c. Q a i a. i a iss a efficient or p. To lies 641, ill you want a typist Bot hour of gov or Wake a Monts. isi., a. To i Iva no khat keep Small of Hook i i Apa i a ii is Fey accountant is i i Quot. A#3 of a a b a i a Jour a a k or a ii Ielo v so a a Iii return fur Boarai a Ettta j rash. Ask tar or. Ernest 499 fast j tan w ant Al fest Tion Slie Noou. Oven tug j Arni saturday by Young Man attend lug school. Add Raas j. Exp car journal. Wane 6-�?posit Ion ii cl4qflv Ufa k a of Mea Feanle and ecu fuel thoroughly Doi driving any car we i rivet fun a a toss Smi ssh a by a i a o\\0 the Hest used Cadillac new Mexico for Sale a Price that Means big value for the Money. This car is splendid mechanical condition Aud will stand any tem. For Price and demonstration Call viaduct garage 500 South second Street and ask for or. Harrison. A a

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