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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 10, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque morning journal int in m l l i Imming in the markets Tup to i j ii a o Vav a it eds Mia Cellaneous a i a utne tsim financial u nil is i in. In 4 i f n i f it a my re Pic a u o d u n a i Iti 11 i it i i xxx x n in f ill we Iii Uil he Hrh in Rel apr in. ,1 p lint my i n i urls my in. M o Tor a d la re. A a Newi eloped 1.1 Tinc. Xxx i la i Noi a ii ii a in a a to f a off of was to flip a Odic War Eph of of the k t i shoeing tin the upturn in Illy achieved it be Ofton profit a no la it for it lipping yrs Rke it to ft1 i. To Sod a 0 it us card i . Ill a yer a a la alburt �4v of it i a a 1 i Quot to up to til a a . I lift Rte matter to till i i to h it in to at a a it it and re b Brot a unlit. A a t that Binu 1 put los n if the a me i to gave up tha a Roe ,11. In the Honor Reb to n that w. of Man yup t., re Tama my National-1 the my jew. That a. Boys we re it of p v hich Anteri a of my Alfh d the to klan lot i to and love and her d to by not v. Ken t a e of the new Jersey k i a i for h a i h a be. Confra she it Man found near a w a a Man and v a Ald Poti so t to b who was a Par leu be a add a \ i xxx it your in of \ it . A in new York Bete Cen the my Sican uni a and the commit a e of int a a National and in which american ail opt a at irs May i take part. Are Aptt a la a indican d Ripen a bin thought to have been d is posed of i a a it a a Ting was railed to discus i Mexico Quot w til a of i o per of a m lint inn to i til pm a i in i of a re a col tit Ion i i As been la la bards Ere a ported in almost xxx Bat this f a by my it the country Bey be the lath a Ade. Judged from i. A is ration will have i of do to it itself now n instil a Colon and it i it Well tit Aat i to do so fro in the fact i to t proceeding a Neric sen by in inst the adv Nace of their taking on Fen hid Able a if it Nuder the Chi i f this i that Usa Ion in Mexico which has but a Boa Ted. Ai rid if pacification and Ala bill1 Atli i n is a off it Ted it 1# u a Eless to a arg tin with orc he of reign a i t of a a a \ hic bulge in the Corn Tia fort a Mart re by heavy a it nil Al it in in Bovine bar re on an opinion not a Undine authority that Corn in Pulc were no longer a Burdon re that every bearish Factor had pro rat i try to Tho fill . A Dror. re Hith re a i Turnt report indicating a later % it at a Fly nub e to a. A k h and Good of meat. A m a k us t1 Kama it it Frog us in a la Tun 0 of urn banal fir of a n i in a Ped a it a. Kine 1c, i it re a avy. Wan i inf a Broil Quot a Firof. Of of he 9t 1i Gill 1 a i. J Bra i it in i Al # i a w a it. \ a Foft t orb i of toll. Rapt 1 Tich i in vt., x Oft \ it k ii Clift York. Juno a it Lor r Nill t i ii to i i j Xiv of a Han to h 1 a ill Grain i Iii i i re notice to dealers in fire Hose. Livestock i la Long a. Fur Ken i room with Boa 1 id t tin ill report ii a Jan Doul Moo is now tons of am hot la Antis to redux Canoe i the to their has j a i i us i in a. h it i is h f the a of Ren hip i at Legal notice no a i la i i i lit in in u i Wing t in to t a Al i put our a1 for a a it qua what to the u Albi Querqui cd George entertain xxx no lowing that til British pram ,1 Sud democratic sort of person. Lunk is in \ verse of today Mimi Xxiii it it we \ 111 Ort my. Hux a it a to Basrur by old that the do. William Jennings Bryan to retire from the f. Quot personal politic a is not irrevocable in a must not be. For Iii Ruer contemplation of rial catastrophe makes one shudder. To some Xvi a a lonely Lovely than song a i knit Tel a g o i hair never heard Sun Utar Banting in a White Birch to fir deftly Syllaba a singing Bird to frail so fugitive to uncontrolled a Lom by Init. Bird makes inc id Ket a i it f i xviii not speak nor with the listening cd a affront a a our loneliness Htow to the Rath a go f a >11. Pm re to min the agony stammered wot is f of possibility of a by yank is Beld of candidates yet for Neil irk u Roal ,.an hardly i a than and part of the Joy out of a a wild dark n Cdr Cerer never in a. Rould be to take the major i a j / a Joseph Auslander in new it Oil tical if Quot. Most american ref new to agree nun Nim disagree with him in matters of. A Tor i n. A a a a Quot Crisi paragraphs a i a i hmm Quot Quot in Simou acc Iahn a Iii. We a is Huud without a fight a 1 a it off is that the Irish Atter giving peace a Tria r��?opl7to.&Quot urn ilk. Thirty j . No the. 1�?Tnlt.ft a it a a�4 , cd to e d a of the &Quot"4 t con Mem a a it prov1wk.s Moll Kou thought.,. Off 1 a other Llu Bai one ratio the soviet never run of of i Quot 1 Sag Canda j As the v. Elking Delegate of go ill Piedmont. A i hot mar. Nui off of v ult la it a to it. of the is cadence for which Nej Eosin a launch of hrs on nowadays to Sti Al there Xiv. E tinier in the heyday of a reputation a a booze record Ohve i i v by pass Thi mkt i la Thi Tutti u a elected but xxx. Eventually senator Tom Wata Oft vill talk Bac if to e yous m ,. One eliminated j wrong Man wily not non a Indian ii in if t o to it Foj i in candidate pm tax Collie not aspire is candidacy when i in for fear he would via i the 1 danger a i in Arnut a i x m arc Uva i a Tii 141 tit it \ i a ii Cut heft Levi a a a Xiv full we did t in Joy xxx k1thku Germany Nill pay but not until after giving i to it id of late the country has settled to the peaceful j Gur a temptation of keeping him to aver in the to. An in which it has Learned to enjoy him the can who never had a Chance. Then it old to understand she Doest enjoy it n Ledo Blade. Of the adopts the a xv1u�m, Reform Iii i of Oltof is. In Ira i Quot Oli Etc. It a1, will probably regard ii a Man a a will spend $124,000 to get a Nom. A. I nation is a Fine figure of a Polit Al Philadelphia record. 1 a f v to in map is to hic. You 3iwv/ia the . La a a a filth h. I t by it adm Ria to new York j urn a Morrow will a til Trade is acted in More confide by retailers who How n Melon to buy for the fun industries especially Iron and a tit oms o-1- lines arc Tive building Haft taken no Otto surge Forward factory activities in shoe and marking have no Large at the East while he a rushed to capacity with some Xiv t e in , to i to ,.ju 4.23. Mark t a Tiv e. Vav la it it Querqui. Wit be said Durn v is w. Mostoff be add nov me co. My hand a riot court a the i n $ ire the and tend to a it eng sales 10c to a a shipper Hulk. Sows steady bulk k pig Quot to higher a t in a f 10. T a que que Bernalillo , m sex icon the 19ih la of m i Quot a Seal it i bad . Clerk if the District court by la Miry f. Lee Deputy hid the if v Iha t no la it a , ask for 1 i fast in and fur sate Al All Quot a ii Oft sikh receipts i it. Al keep a d a Ping i nibs steel i ii. Ova is. w other. Best native sprit g Lamb. $11.00. Rill x a my to Chi 1 do i i done whet it Xvi announced by the chamber of i Commerce that Albuquerque should be shown by her people to from eight to ten thousand visitor nigh in urn Days. T of a few people raid editorial of the Day Railroad wage statistics. Great owl the largest of Alt our owls. A a once i get balt a on my i Xiv la wait until it grow Erelt Quot Willt. Ving stimulated by St. Joseph la her i can be to by j palier hide crop reports Joseph june 9 of. S. Bureau have improved Livre markets. Hogs heed pts i tide xxi til v it . Cd among108e a to big a Urple food tap Aufa jew Arle Sal Quot to shippers a lift until he found not far rold additional measure of Mon the Al. A weak to amp a lower than a pc a a v Ufa in Industrial movements received bulk Ito to Tufte Bird lived. Then a a in form the id a Tbs Mas saw it to Durund a cig. $r.40� dc&0 a Uia a a very pronounced Forward step Dvorak it Ito St yesterday $lo.25 for showed the school teachers look a a developments it should i a nrd�e8r j a remember 01. Be occur Tea in a in tie a vt0� i pts tile of a 50 per cent a Quot Illg feathered Chap whew a thank you a hooted i As lie reach i a i est end o i Eup in a atli�?11# cd pts 1,100. Beef in in and Butcher Stock mostly coming the be done. I announced is about to follow its recent order Bush a a a a Pang the Bob cat i of Fol Eyer one admitted that it would be the Best and which Cut some $48,000,000 from the annual a reaching Forth hi4 claws to catch i11 of of of was arts another of Ryfa from the Chicago Tribune some ear nibbles a suddenly cried Luau of 1�?~ a a a a a a the United states Railroad labor Board it is another voice nne a out of the a Way Jabor. S i bounced is about to follow its recent order Bush a a 8prang he Bob cat Bank Clear Lar 5 a a ithe i n a a a a. A it a a a i in in Butcher # Ock move it it a a a do a w War to ski it Quot a a it a a a a Quot Quot a a we a lib a re la. My full 2. Of a possible strike on the coun i w,.r top Lusht yearlings. $9.1- a yes and Iti thank you for pc railways by what be the it rsm stay $8.75 Down few Odd a a a a he Lull a la a re a a Quot in a it a a a a to a a a ??.,Ine Tift a a it Hor. I it. I. Sift a cows Savoy hotel elms hotel Opp. Santa be depot 304 North first St. Fines rooms in the state. I xxi 111 i hot Ondl i old Wai i u. Akl of isl by Hoovis. Transient Rales single la end $1,501 duh e. 11.50 at i $2 it with Bath Ingle. 5-�fl a end f?.3<� double 12.50 land weekly hates xxx us without private Bath. I 0 to $10.00 per week. River dts us in if mat in. V xxx Hail us w a Vert six a Albua Ertic could have because the vis of maintenance of Way workers w Ith another of to ainu que i ,. ,1. Lift i a Ain tar lit in the my of thu ii la Cociu in Iti thumb Luo a a v ,. At it us and they Der making a similar Cut in the pay of shop err hours were from i y St x a t to it of pj0ye that gives new impetus to the strike talk were among the big t people of th1 re Pec time Ins pj.,d by the first Cut Pons it the country. In the meantime b. Al Jewell president of Tho they came real estate men Roi Arlane Shrin Railroad employ yes department of the american l of a Eil ration of labor expresses doubt that the train Tisz of the thousand. Land engine service unions the strongest among More than one thousand of them relieved the Raij wry workers will participate in the Conli on Oto by of the Long trip with 1-Nti under the it Retief of rail Union chiefs to be a a Aile i in a in i at in la Plung of to a y. M. U. A. Ainu. Cinatl next week. It would seem that the re is. Bow it in int i Noule than marked difference of opinion among tip Railroad. It the 4 a i Quot a Kun j la a 1 a a it. # fill v4�ri i lit v of 54 i Ever before. It delivered the goo it undo we Iriri a who xxx the Wise Bird t o say. A who hooted so he seemed foreign Exchange. York. June 9 a foreign a a a Yho the of who mod work a concerning the advisability of a St re but in if Tim current practice of the labor bom to to j til i Bat i cd were re oven the City hic announcing wage Cut of one Dana of Railroad i a1 icy and the High Albuquerque ans a two pm. A taken to tiie univ Bor after another is indicative of a fixed poll 1,1, the part of the Board such difference of porn among the various rail unions is Likely to i i Vigh Hundred i Vine is were i Lily commencement and toe not hop away. Quot i to Boh 1 in a till Boh i Quot for that wan Quot can t v no hide f a Quot xxx to will that i Crand t Lynx a a in. J a it x Ai a a go i 411 i i a a a. A touted Ait Hougui the maintenance of Way Union has not yet voted on the proposed strike it is quit xxx and i Nizic a Rad and will to shown in i Likely to a prove it. The shop men Are Likely to it in the a follow. That would not necessarily mean to Twenty million pop Quot a 1 Vav the xxx to ii the mov of j i j How. J i la u aah ii vat i in i Evv ii i i., la. A. 1 tire and immediate cessation of Railroad service. It a a a keys of the City were presented to the in a Olla Ris remained at work the strike i. I and he was made a member of the Nick it to s-?.td on its Merit. Without coercion a a a i f and if Tim other unions refused to go to the Aid Iii i tithe of in a. A a i Brunch of the maintenance men and Tho shop men at about Turco thousand Rotor maps Cai a 1 such strikes were settled it is pm probably that the a Law to City. About hot Queen Hundred of them maintenance and shop men later would rally to in 1 Quot of Tab Day. It required a lot of the support of the locomotive Ami train men in were taken i of a event that their pay was Cut and they decided to work on the part of at it tit n a a re strike. A ii of Erule t a it Day hut t a by us u 1 a these Points Are worthy of consideration by the a Juuru 4. re in the morning until the a a a a and drove them file in Waey to Init change easier. Great Britain de Nimal $4.4 9# Cable St 4 9 % 60 Dav Billa on Banks. $1 4 7rn. France 1 demand 9."8 cables. 9.08p Italy demand 5.15 cables. R.,15 a. I glum demand 8. ? 9 1 Cable Quot x.. If Trman Den land. 5 ii cables. I m j. Hollain i Den land. 39.0 2 Chi is c9 "7. N o rat it demand i 7.60. Sweden demand26.0i Ion Mark demand 21.9. Switzerland Dot Neil old. 19 15. Spa in demand. I eee a 1 20. To land demand Czi Chat it Slovakia demand 1.95 Orget in de in a pts. 35.50. Brazil d. M my 14.1 2. Montreal 99 i. New Miiller new York. J in 9 1 All mon�1 loads $9.00 Texas quarantine tie j Aoh 6.25 desirable cows mostly j1�?T �0 Down a few Choice i up to $6.50 calves Early mostly 119.00, a few at $9.50. Sheep item zip s . Mark a. A gift a i it by Maiv. Top native Denver. Denver. Lun Quot p rat of a Vitti Market unchanged eel pts i a a f i x a a a i Cleft s. I 5 i s.2 i h Ca Ive 5.00, 1 &Quot.oo. Co i lies Points Are won by consideration by in hollow tree. To Railroad labor Hoard As they undoubtedly Arnbo j catch my considered by Tho Railroad labor unions it in the owl called a he duty of the Board if possible with Justice to j Quot hop away h the workers the railroads and the Public to reach Gily a and Tho a settlement of wage issues and working rules the Bob cat Ca without precipitating a strike. Tho Board has nibble Bis ears shown judgment and discrimination in waiting a a �?T1 so of the. Car ufos Handoc Mil. This tape. Of , literature ,1 Ishii to the visitor for mailing were stamped and Gix u to to if Home and More than four Tousan i freight rate reductions before cutting wages it the fuzz off to f p., rat urn a Ere placed in envelopes and 9nt,u jut now destroy the Good effect of Smit make whisker for ii in cd. Mailed. Savings for business by ignoring Good tactics and the Bon i ii Tell a it it to a tided to in visor a a a a. There by perhaps precipitating a strike. It an he i m in xxx froth i Montana o a it i just without doing that. I la k. Guy to i ii a who Are you who Are you that a what i to a it to knot. Xxiv do you a Ftp asking me who t Ani without telling me who von in it Quot a it it the Boh Gat. And All Tim owl answer was Quot who xxi who a Quot of. You make me mad in a going to but iou a howled the a. Lynx Aud in made a jump to in ppr Cut. A. Ward the owl but the Wise Bird paper 4 to 414 per cent. Just clipped inside i Den in the hollow tree Rind the Boh cat i Liberty Bond. Him. And then new York june 9�?i.iherty Honda closed sl4a, first Quot hop away Home. Uncle wig 4s $99 90 bid second 4. $99.90 Bunny did before first in. $100.c� second 4 v. Mild jump Iva and $99.94 third 4 11 $100.02 fourth j 4 14 St $100 Victory 4 us a. $ 100.6s. Veil the Rabbit receipts top $10.0$, Bull. $9.9 i. Sheep receipt unchanged. Flipped Ewe. $b.00_i i Quot Spring lambs $ 18.00 of 13. A o $ a 5 o 4 locker it Arket 19 90 n m Arket produce Boston xxx. ,. I Boston. Tune 9. The. Easier. It to Xiv flax s. Rial bulletin tomorrow xviii pablum and six months,1 lira quotations As follows a easy. High Low ruling rate Sud lust loan. Quot per Cicitt closing old 3 to Quot per cd tit. Call Loans again-1 acceptances per cent a a Ime loaf i Pir cent 9ft d Prim mercantile Mimer v a for i both owl in Linum w Foft. T to interstate Commerce commit ions Awee and of to a a a. U cd for Ain freight rate reductions before cutting wages it the fuzz off the p out j a in <1 tin hold i la i a a Lingo Board of Trade. Chicago Job a wheat scored adv once in Price toys chiefly As Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces i Elaine unwashed 574�68c Fine unwashed 46$i 4 8c half Blond combing 50c three eighths blood combing in n my. Michigan and new York fleeces Delaine unwashed>2<8>54c Fine unwashed 42ti 41c half mood in Wash a 4 7 amp 4 8c three eighths blood unwashed 45� 48c Quarter blood unwashed 48fi 44c. Wisconsin Missouri and average new England half blood 4 4 0&Quot 4 a three eighths blood 44 to 15e quart blood 4 i flit i 2c. Scoured Basic Texas Fine i months $1 a j a on by Moon today if you can. Bring them in phone them if you Are a sub-1 Scriber so they vill reach us by saturday noon if you can possibly do so. While xxx can take copy at the want and counter up to 5 30 of clock saturday afternoon from 4 of clock up to closing time is the congested period and you May not be Able to reach the want and department by Telephone after 5 30 In. 0 my Albuquerque morning journal phones 13 66. Ret it it Quot in j it i i a

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