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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 10, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Sunday Dune to Albuquerque morning journal. To seek diamonds on lonely Island reformed anarchist ads police dying Mariner tells of wonderful wealth British company organized to exploit unknown mines off african coast. By Birling Aberbom Juno t. An expedition n going out from England log a Koi a Jimmh on a qty to ring Island soon where a a of tic african const. The i an is Mark ii on the admiralty Chart bul As far As is known Only on min hat Ltd r brought jewel therefrom. That Man was Captain it. Jones a Welsh a a r Mariner who Cli 1 it Cape town in in quot and who just before his death showed some Stumon to or. William i Riff i the a Diamond Ltd pert. Captain Jones said the diamonds Cun from a wonderful Island off the coast of Africa where they were to or found i to Rich profusion or. Grit filth w is Able to a tire himself Clat histones came from no known Diamond mines and Val it <1 them it 13.1190. in ill Jones handed Ltd ref Lith a map showing the position of to Island j rim the for some reason mad no use of this information for win years hut now a Syndicate a Ftp he a formed to exploit the new treasure is Anil the directors among whom la Captain Fred Rick o. Jackson the Arctic explorer and when the Diamond Island is discover a to float a great corporation to develop the mines International slim. An int a nation ii Hrh it on the Lints of tit Newyl it re exhibition will a held in lit Odon at Olympia in i Oit Prev Psi anal arrangements hat Al Khi a been made the att Aldane Fth a St representative horses from in i listed stat -. Canada. Frau a he glum Holland my till in Ayr the prise will amount to a Lviv thousand dollars making in. The most important show held in in part of the world i Tell project h i been talked of to soup time hut the definite Dart in was not arrived at until sufficient support had been promised but the Lead Ina his now net s if Anteri a. The of Lair is sur to i a hug society fun a lion Chi that let it of Hump and Noth Americus in confident it a ted i constant attendants Satako Wintro without sooner. A Hakes Are we thong ten by. H 1< n drawing crowded audience it the 11 n a i court the tre. W her or Cha re Fry Givis a a sri of mat Imes the Ian is ramp draped bul the play a App air in appropriate in itt Tri the performance Winch Arlt tiled quot cd a Tulp Cit liar to vol hit scene riot acts with an int n t. In the Middle. During the recent shake pc. I. Thai at ills maj to i to a up m red in Hamlet quot without seem Ami also without the labor its til t. It Hie ii is usual at this the att. Sal a Tell the great italian tragedian could pity King i a a r with to. Nth t Stag furniture than Tat a care sunup on i Xinh Tiou lion11 it Atli attn ii hit be a comparing stamp collect i it at t he i n exhibition held tit West mini to where Neath tip millions of dollars Worth of i ii stamp Wen on show the Brince of Wales v in Hab Ltd a to enthusiastic stamp Coll tor v Ltd Inch a a midshipman in the Ilosvai Navy w it ii a of in larg St sex titbits and tint a it it v i i. To j St trip from the it it St collect ions i it Lima lid am 11 a la met. German Uthi Italy. Two of thu t valuable stamp2 to the world a it i Ltd a tit by the Prim of u Lith v were the i a a 1111v and two pm Mathiu -41 barged Best Riff o in i nil in in quot to to it Penny stamp w i h is an Unusco l i port Man a bought at a Public aug lion la is year for f 7 fit Tilev a old Prim tilt in i of is ii a i so i id in hoi be in a Fri to Bio Coll it thai on a How the Junior Section. Mall in v j Ltd a it Ltd r of a ii it Blit exhibit i i h a in Dpi Toa if hawaiian tamp which or in i from destruction by earthquake Ani lire by beings it t tin round it oui. I w a Days before the disaster i Don anti Hilliard match. A game of billiards was played the nth t d in at St a is St affordable it rag with inn a onlookers the players were to local diam plots w lie agree to play a game of up in the Liana Cia at the Lippo a Iraq Etc during the Gam the Iii i runner looked after the Ilion w in is a round on Ped Tai soon the Lams got so i a gel i cd about flu Gime that the it dashed around lit. Rag in an alarming manner. My i i amal k Able nerve the two i ii ii tub the game who to lusted about a Lve minutes and i cheered i a lie Crow d ii but v lug Iii rage a Ricole x ii Dun i Iii. Ola tiered. A Wilhoi Urs of fiddle Are Egi it i no or the tit of a violin Onad by Joseph Narm no til a master who ii a at of Mona i Lite Ltd litre the til u i v. Nill now it was the general belief that Tsuan Eri i mud on violins not Celt an i roti Brabam i the i Eli win ii is lit one co to ii it Ion Bas been exhibited at i meeting of to. Or to soviet Iii Iii cite w her t was i red by Many Euhus ism was als play d upon is Ais sued of an a Quli t oui inned from bag i 4 of i a terrible care Rutht to Dufft Alq urn .0, a quot a r a a a a hem had upon the child. I ready offered subs Tanti Yout Laiful Thieve Hob studio. American artists residing m til la in Quarter have recently been ii to mixed by a Bond of Youthful robbers who under the pretence being models gained Access to their studios and it m red off everything tin y could i in their ii mils upon which Hail any value. The Leader of the band is a girl of fourteen Julia t Laud Len. The polio i ma11 a descent upon her rooms recently following the complaint of a i number of american Art int. They j mind i Entile band of eight boy and girls ail sound asleep in the Sam room. Every available Nook Anil Corner i was filled w Ith loot from costly it a it my in ii bronzes and miniatures in bicycles. Among the thefts recently. Committed by Julia was that of i purse containing on francs. With the Money she had fitted her entire Hind out with new clothes of astounding gorgeous mess. Silence Nim Al holds fleeting tile Amienee society of i Iris his lust held its annual meeting. According to tin a it port read by the sect to to. The club Hue proved a great us Cess no All it members Hove greatly benefited thereby the rub of the Mullet do not Rad for absolute silence but the members i Are supposed not t a a 1 ilk unless the y have smoothing to fray t Hatter is absolutely Tabooed Burh in Illier riddles him. Of Tutti club is exclusively for limn to avoid noisy place h and participation in Public demonstrations. It tile m cent meeting the my my a declared i ii t is Nee tic y joined Iii club Lait Only wore their nervous so i tents much Wetter. But those who Iii i agy work had obtained much hot a results than hitherto Bream the y had hot Fritt a d away la or Energy s i in a Xia Salve talking i Lei big Ltd a i to to Llarin Large min the of Refuge from the turkish harems a making their appearance in i., in v i fit to r in. .11 of Oriental Dames and damsels is tik pm a a in f to i And the native society in that Cliv is becoming win he taught and it pits will he Alto in it fuelled to it to list to a x j. It i i i i a a ii to relieve congest a traffic by Sci j anti fit a Neuvy i tug of their cart or Carr lag s. A course on the Topography of purls i to in in puffed in the curriculum. The school will b started shortly on the quot it of the co1 brute 11 t r i a hours Marl it. In enthusiastic i or. Lepine. Prefect f that ii has Al-11 t i s to be awarded to tin he let pupils. I in v Story of i to cot 4 in Pope. The boy nit of the Pope by the car tibial resident in Rome has been tir i to exist hut tin id a i quit or to Lull # the Vatican i Cut mainly i fluent i ii was unlit l o Xiii who had Many disciple among the h iced College As Well As cardinals his in Ere Atton. La moreover by s i a in Home previous to the election w her is the up sent pop hellion came to the Al Mal Ltd his first i it him about Twenty it ars ago us n to was consecrated a Bishop if Mantua. Plus x a no part it unpopularity among the cardinals is due to ins not having become familiar with them before his Lect i in it it a the it Loha id. Iii Loy. Ii of the sacred College. Cardinal of Egli i is constantly with i Hob. P Xvi values his advice very High Ca clonal Ort Galia was not in it Matli w Iii i on Xiii and did in i i a it til Vatican during his pontiff it. A Hood a fest a do you really think this Medicine i will cur your dog s cough quot ask let the Friend. Quot it a. A Ltd quot a Lii the other. Quot i Urie i it i i my husband and ii cured him. J Detroit free by e s cd Futia of Ca on lug vim an a in Inge men has he a made with Hng and. A a Rie Reb umber of Ira Ling ships Vav 111 be a to in Nadian via a Fern and Canad i is to pay the Cost of maintaining them. He a to fore la. Laud Ila borne the c St of defending a tads with tort it i guns arid Ahi. Page sever big go Ihbe of w ii. The Best and i was to defend the to us of disease is i Wall fortified by an lifts Tetter s Tom Aiti years it has been p .St sex pens v a Stern against at be i str try anti a a Ltd si.,Mil dose of bitters. For ivling its wort de. Iii Merit As a health maker and a a or. Of that you ii it it i have n it he Sitan v Iii t King it As the weakest stomach in a a retain it it in a special in ily for poor appetite our rising flatulence heartburn Cost Veness it Eph it. Indigestion email his or malaria. F or and ague. Done to fail to try it. If you knew the Iain a halve you u to without it. He i diseases for which Abl a sore nipple Burns ,.St Btu j sore eyes itching rile urn Ami Cozen per Box. Cor Sal vain f Cha my r us never we Josh to re an some if la it la especially Val chapped hands chilblains chronic piles letter Salt i brim Lupi to by ail i druggists. The St. Elmo Sample and Deb rooms clinic liquors fervid. A Good Blae to while away Hie weary hour. Ail the popular twin ii Keno Ever monday thursday arid saturday nights. Joseph b a it m to 124 w. Italy Ronal ave. Bronil Efrer Fay Wood hot Shinos i. A Tiff Sha i it in \ Iii Xxiii t it nil Kinta blk is Xii is i i Iii the my to him the i a nit it it my Iii in Xii do 1 v i chop ill la s s xxx i do Rolls Bili s. Omi visit to i lit it f l i a xxii i St i Auto. Bin in fill Colo. Buttone blk the London club livery co s a it Mia to Midi no is i s l l a limit. Big he v s Attal St a Oil a i Vbk a me. Must ii alarmed. Til Hight of the daughter of the 1 i i t. R or tin Interior i report a the. Daughter of the murder j it quot a in Pasha Irrl Ved in Bari hav a fled from the Turk ii capital Art i Hurt i y before or two la Light r quot Fhi Secretary of tin foreign optic Fie from their Horn most it the Refuge. Be women Ltd Filli Moe Al h to tiding Lim it Uig Turk in t ids to fur.11 of the or t i accept tin Lim in i if. The Crumbler it it Fth foundations of Oriental society \ the strange part of it d that ail tin Vav. Met Colp. To Barf let ted Wile nine i inc in a v a i do Ore a tin form of at pol i it the 4 Chilmer family it i its i Imelli Irvona by in is it ii tin it it Lxi w i la we was married oui lost june Haju to divorced a i hit band to Are a or of Iii in .St Liati a the 1.wager Lulu a i my to lug till inter of til Marquin de a Tell a. The Young woman who a just Obi lined her divorce and a. Owe Franca a year Alimony Waap Tofila that Ira Motif daughter it the county a a of that name the ground for the Pat Ilion Volt re 1 Erti us to Prim dial ing deserted Iii w if. Ami one to live i h other women no in than nil tim during Hurt married life humane a it to i lineage Driver. Xxx us the approval Fth auth it Riti. A 1 the Socia Lic in l ass stat. Sitz a. Menu a which i on of Iii to Al a. A Eie fur the pro a a a tuition to i Ruby to animals is about to Mart a free achoo for Driver the pour will lust it no Ami that Hail a will be occupied but to of High standing pupils Walt be instructed in the an j atom of till hot Ain will a giver kilo Iez Ign of the us Points of a hors., such As will Muff. T most from heavy Laid tor in to Nee my first Ahi to the injured in a i r to i i it a prop Ray c ire for i wounded annual while w to Fang for Tharri ii a a , to a Ltd to. It minuted vein hid How he to raise a Faith a hoi will by laugh of nil lug my driving Xxiii i ear i fully taught Ali i Thim St and in i economical ways of fee Rig in order it get the atm t possible re tults lecture Lam it it it for drivel 1 How t to quot Bandi i special rates to the West vow should plan to t Sec that trip to California. Yet a xviii enjoy the change. Visit the grind Canyon an petrified Forest. Lip eral limit and Stop Over. I is angles and return. $36,00. San Diego and return $36.00. San i Ranc Isoo an return $45.00. L or Oiler rates and full pail cts tars Call at to Ket office. Pickets on tie every tuesday i thursday and saturday during May june july August and september. A a a a ii ii i Ai by Ai Iii ii my the store of reliability summer dress fabrics a right now is the time when a Milady quot is needing thin dresses the thinner the better for Comfort and the Globe store is prepared to care for All wants in this line. We have in Stock lawns Dimitres mulls swisse Organ Dies Eoli Ennes Alburtis spies phantom checks Percale Gingham prints and Many others prices 7c a cd and up the cheapest and Best line of Wash goods in the City i he big Globe sign on West Railroad Avenue Marks Theen trance to the store of reliability and fair treatment the Globe store t. E. In i to by agent. A a a Toti amp Gradi foresight amp after thought m. Berger a of bar pm i veil i i i x i. Ii i it apr a. 1 a North Tat to it. Ltd a a flour a Jerrt anti a a 1 us Fin he it. A non Whit Anil ii Al by it x at tick an i b Manti Stock c Riith a <1y#i#r Bono beef Sera pm other St of k Ami Bov Hay Alfalfa or n t hop wheat lit a . No Ultra fun Shell 4�?Thi Ken native halt and try food. Auto. Phone 42t. Id w. Copper vie dealer in Giuka Phu visions. Hat. In it a let i i in Beau the Aillet f4>redghl 4 cd in i4xaniiti4 heir in. Our e vim Riel ice Ami i Letl i mla7x of Otic u a a la quot in a Mph a a i a �4 line a mud my re -.tim. . Bol i i i Cie l fill so will f4r our Lla Ctm oar in in a unit capful work. 21s.2bx-2i7 no til Iii he Altu it i the Bebber optical co. Manufacturer of Lite it Forni Liiro it i new. New Mexico meat Market Alulu Querques a exclusive opticians us Gold ave nut patronize the old reliable the Crystal ice company we manufacture w. E. Mauger = Wool a rearming m us a it Avery loom ton a i Jinx 4- old a Cline x11 it 11� 1114 r41 a a nothing but Ige Amir it tiie i. Prop. Fresh amp a t meats Iii xxx it <>141 a1 , Ai Ituau rom lax of in Kokason. Stone hotel i Xii /. Inti Sajtl a i May to ii till Lite Pear Mound la a of x 1 Loti or it hath Llou a Hun 4 quot Iii Miiko. Mrs. We. Rogers. Prop f doubt a moment longer. A a enter of fax you recognized Long cd the. A anlage of Alecto Troj Apt Ani for Light Ani p Mer but a a a were afraid of the cowl Are you not it to i abuse your Mill of an pro Neon idea a let in a a in you to Eti by Iii. It o in for to of agents for the general electric co. Ami Crock a when a co. Motor and Dynamo for �v4ry Industrial service. Let in enl mute on your required Santa. Hikko both xxx St Ken l l i t Tbs and a a not Kly ration Fomb any by i h phones a. E. Walker fire insurance Secretary Mutual a let by 2i xxx los i it Milt a Xuy xxi Xii Auto Nati 1�?~lmute 721. Auto inulin Bloom so Ohi Niton Lilune 31 w. J. Patterson livery and boarding stables 311-313 xxx i is Lyra % a a a. Alviti Iii re ii sea Fri xxi meet ii Loving it rtt by Mellow and a lined Ion a a Blu Niue Al Cill Lell i d Lulu in a ill it St in a it Mabl i quot known i in Tel the Arr a it people Aho hav a a Bolt to Bol 1 an i t i me in Wii it i in ii a 1. E Jetti. But who of unit my t be a lha a Niay Hon it i .11.ut filing a t a Monlai of tin it Leri of a . That put pm How vet a i utile the i a Friend of ibis remedy. 1 hey have Dom much toward making it a Liou behold fiord by Ikemir per oni y#eomm#tt4atlomt t it Friend a i it in a g x d to. Have in the Horn a i la widely know for a cur h of diarrhoea i ill firm of Haw it trouble. For Mie by to til umm in a Kir from tit ate Miro Ona Irea Ingeni and in her a a Tux Al Al input my Mill Wake in Titi Ink by railing no i Nill . In North third Arm. It Ark taunting iou Ink in 15he future Flathead Center of Fie by Mexico located on the Belen Cut of of the Atchison Topeka cd Santa be rail Vay the new City of Belen is 31 Miles South of Albuquerque n. M., is at the Junction of the main lines of the Santa be system a leading East and West from Chicago to san Francisco and los Angeles Elpaso Texas and old Mexico the Belen Zzz Ovnand improvement company uncork Orald Ake the own Khi or the Balen Tow site coat Toual or Ona thousand i in ekk and j a the Fata Mitt Fet fronting upon to an to f at try a a Avakum Rio lit in the Burma Tenter of the new City and directly upon the into be hallway depot ground the Aith Anat a a a a ids i a r it Hitu Wurr Eon. Piny a now gelding it a Atenais depot gi�u4 i and Yard limit Soo feet wed Aud a Mil Long. Pm i i a of a evenly to ii of no uak to Arwona Alfau it new Paks inc i t and fit Al had. Uhar it Kat ind Houke Aouad Ilavu c cd is Ater Tanka. A him Zhupa Etc. It my the Ary of Belev Ila # to ulat a of in and a Verai Large Merea Tiu House to Bel Patent to Mill Apt try my Barr a daily winery Rte. It tax a largest a hopi tug Point tor four we a a i wheel win a Ana Bai and fruit in new metco. it Loc Atluru upon the great trunk line. Leading Noah. Soma t it a j xxx act to ail pout Tath unit #4 stat and old memo it future growth a mini or Tai Point Annot a aet i in ated. All fart bruised Matt Eger and freight dam will a a through Belen we can Gilt k in a cd Leaton and la pay flu Cook the water la Good Aud chm it Tien a a lid of Public a Bool Hona twi Church a com in in Iii club dry hotel rest a Urania Rte. It in a right it bakery tailoring Tab he Hunt , plumb planing with drug Ator barn a he. Etc. The Lota Opp red Abl of in i Hicks and i Kumm Kast. Olin third of Purcha Honey aah two Lubirda May remain on note Ani in orig a for be year with titter rat at . Par Taal a annul. Thi perfect Aud warranty did Ftp a. I ome Early if you it Khz to Chat Cusk the Choice lots. For further particular and Price of lot Cill in or on a writ to the Belen toxin and improvement company Yohji a Ecke. We. A Bug eur Secretary a Adf

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