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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 7, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Exico a a fading newspaper Albuquerque morning journal in Al in ii y i a i \ \ \ y pc Albuquerque new Mexico sunday june 7, 1925, Ime Elf inside red by Uge officials of train rus killed by rest a Jiries fatal Wilie in Middle West Ano East senator Schall Blind escorted by his secret Ary wife nil i s a Ltd to in St i Iii i is i til is 4 Franks Slater new Mexico s leading advertising medium Phim fit i cd non Allied note of Wnm in ii tie expert around Shat p sur taxes and \ of a fold h oi1 elite i cuts in limitation or levies Jason finnicum employed at Hagan mashed beneath loaded car. Dies on Way to Hospital Here mini it menu be re Hundred million eduction is proposed sur y hears that National organization is boing formed vital object i f fighting for action Jar n Fin film in i blvd in Tho ilium tim Over to a j add Ore it if about v i re h k saturday morning. Fin Niri in dlf1 while tiring brought to Albuquerque by Al a Bench mine gunman. Linoleum and Hugh y Alley in Tihor Miner were working with a rom in Rasor in on of Tho Galt Lri it of the mine when a it a in to Down Tho track f t no comp c St it a Mon from bom ing no urn car it i i w a s ii i to it i on Juno re. Up a although the next Pun a v. \ i in ii december the question tax reduction already Isva no Tai Civ in tin Trent i i it he broken and the opinion of inter la he injury be r Ira of or rho twine i Ente i ill the cur. Kin knocked Devn and the n Lei lop of him and stopped eight of the car and Ore wan ii hour a i ii and a half. Valley was it no k in the shoulder but not i idly inn f Filoni it urn a Skull was fractured. Ins hips Ami in inn opinion to led administration officials moved and he was being taken to involved arc be i the Mouth or the mine la a i it Kyl that something be Don for his Baric which Hurt hint badly. Ile became unconscious while on the Way to i a h spit a i Belo. A Coroner s inquest held Halbur Day afternoon by Justice a it car the French undertaking rooms resulted in a verdict being returned to the effect that finnicum Cama to his death by being fun Over by a in or a car in the mine of the ii Tahti mines. Ii and that bus Ltd the was not Lugt to his own negligence but to the negligence of the company. A Foreman Inch. W to testified at the inquest said that there was plenty of room in the Pas age Vay for finnicum to have stepped out of the Way of the approaching cars but that the noise of the com pre or probably prevented him from hearing the cars anti the cries and whistle of the Man in charge of Lite train lie said Fin was in experienced Miner and had Peen working in this particular location for several Days and was i Miillard w the the o e trains. There was t Enty it f Light to the a sea Crew a Hgt wit or Sun i the w k the in were it no Gad in was preparing to equip the Ore trains for hauling by Cable Thui making the mines More the a Cor Ting to his to finnicum w As Al out r in. I a is a a Vav Eil i v and b by Ltd re it going he lived in Dawson where h employed is h Coal Miner Stern half of coun shelters freezing pm attire Are report a rom Rocky its general exodus from cities is reported thousands flee to spend the Vav Crk of n d in cooler spots showers the v rather moderate t places h i m go. In per a i of it do hoi Ian Don his i t it a re from the to the All int in f in once today nit Ilion when. K a hand in a a in the issues Gifu Ita till /.�. Is in Tho cast of the pre us legislative Battle Over Mellon tax plan officials eve the principal differ is Likely to arise in any revision program will hour around the amount of total Cut and the manner which a Doh. For a tinted to torrid of mgt a the heat passed the May a f rat Huth la. A by user a by xxx i by i of a n Winpar 11 it a i i a a it i to half of t he i. Snow ruin and in. N to freezing a in Many Section nou ritalin Region. Ina and Montana path of the Cool a sea Kona i v Low Many Points. I m moderated the Nany Points in la v As Abo port Vav ii d in Indiana Chicago s broiling sled it into by a a it a i visa of r Ani the Thermo / climb to i i to v a ii 90 j exp r Petty document a t Vav Loeb suffers mental breakdown mutters incoherently and uses profanity of the most obscene k be Jenkins cables i i. W demands of entente inspired by jealousy a i a in it 0&Quot? <1 pot b i it n a port it Hon it i. \ \ i w n uie pro tee Nonar n adv i Toi Bim r Man outspoken in their de-1 allies note1 ? leg n. I i a Alden d to a Vav p i Iii it Tut. i Quot to do is of i of in a Tny will he it. The i son at i with f in in be Pat gets eve r n More insanity Toda t lie v aril n fore has subs remains in slant Tho of Utard lit i cd Ide o guards Ai constantly at a i bedside when the i Tun Nek Wear away find he is quiet attacking forces Are advancing on City a of Iii Holl Force e Declai e of reported to d their Pur co operating in Aid. I i a d. Obj a Ltd Ltd \ in i if a land a Nator is escorted senator and mrs. Thomas d. F White Hon a for a conference he a idled of or a numb r of i it fled his t Onstot cunts and Xmas to White flown chill of i fines with the fresh ars but with his Hiing probe election department of Justice May Manuel Trujillo and Enrico in of a tax a i it 11 a f a he tax a Quot c i taxes on l in Dor a and Many r Tih it of 11, u Filiti Levi of til i. Xxx id a pot ted to til a a x i hat it nut onal to Organ on xxx a of be Fern it 1 through to Cut t cd a xxx p i a a a i k <1 Ltd a t of i gating for and s coh i tax bion. The advice by Dice ted organisation xxx As p prepared to e notice on Congre men Polit blocking i f the by would be Ppd new chill eng o and use in of the members a i Ion at till at Ion of lie i in. I in be asked to look into alleged irregularities at then. M. Polls last year Olivas arc held for murder when Leonardo Sant Fonti succumbs in it president leaves Washington by special train to attend the Norse Ameri can Centennial Celebration and san in Ane 1 ment of just a it look i in Nib Glt d regularities in lh1 cd w t. N. The inst Ling to Quot deaths attributed to heat in new York june 6 Al de i it Wash i no in she a i in aft i a min be my i Quot a a no clean Ltd n 0 at St. I Iii Tot 1 will to. Tho it i Vav v. And is i k. J un1 6 i \ i i timid i if t h to venue t a it it it it Fth i busiest t Bai Guch fares Mere torrid is the Rands of Sahara Iglus arum p. I v. A a i a a it in Roun Ling out a xxx a of in Merable a lie of Lelal Tel of deaths in so York City from the six Days cond he it a o a <1 fifty loin Bellevue Hospital alone so is attic bul of to heat occur red the i i the highest temp in lure a a j 36. I i us Iii s l l n i i y 11 y Host on. June 6 it a of a Secretary War John w weeks who is Ivyle Sclung St the to neral Hospital from an opera a for Gall stones performed last was resting so comfortably i. 11 a in t a i b i h n 11 v v i ,. J .1-1 i i a o la in f cock lie lie to Hie my lib i tic weather i Ohi fam Fen or j Tine 6e�?new Mexico inlay Aud monday generally or warmer sunday except in j Lenin Southeast portion. Arizona sunday and monday or warmer sunday. Washington june 6.�?weather Hook for the week beginning ortday Northern Rocky Mountain and it eau regions mostly fair to nature below Normal first part d about Normal thereafter Southern Rocky Mountain and h Tea u regions local showers i cd ire at begin be East of the do otherwise mostly fair. Night guest it the Home of Secie tary Kellogg w Holt companies i him and mrs. Coom up on the ape Elal train. Or him in the Presleu Mial i try inc11d, i senator Lenroot of Wisconsin. I i i me inlay the president Quot Iii a motor from St. Paul to Minto a to ills to be guest of Honor by a luncheon. In the afternoon he will deliver an address at the Centennial a a Lei .1.11 leu fit t he slate Sill grounds Midway Between the two i cites. Aft i u reception which Quot Iii he tendered in the evening at. Tho state House by the governor a the i resident Hshi mrs. Coolidge i i will leave for Washington arriving j a e in wednesday morning. J Tho presidents journey today is i i his first outside of it Ashington Jasted from Short cd Ulses on the Mayflower and a motor trip to a. No polls sine he a to i cled last be tin to Chicago tin that occasion he contented himself with regular train Vaccani Modalion hut at the request of Railroad officials who insisted it would to in the interest of operating efficiency and safety he is making use of a specie train on ids Minnesota trip. The train made up of two compartment cars. Att observation club my dining car. A it it Here As the second Section of Quot lie of the fist trains opt it ing Between the Capite i and Chicago. Arrangements have been made to route the train through Yards in Chicago so As to a of stations a to d if is a Sproba the t any step will be made at my of die larger it Iti s in route. The trip to the twin Cit is the or a Gest or. Coolidge has undertaken since i teeing the White hot uis and will take him into Wisconsin and Minnesota for the first time since he was vice president. For it. Irs ago he deliver d an address at the Minnesota state fair held on the grounds now being utilized for the Centennial. Us reported for the City 9 new York a Ling i a of 13 a w Consin i Chicago i Ohio 7 Indiana Ila. La Michigan 3 Innis. I new traffic rules effective monday the my traffic rubs will go into effect monday morning it was announced saturday by the Polfor the guidance of the Public the rules arc published once Torr Nofz turns on cent Raj Avenue from second to seventh streets in ins e. Fair s on i i nth St re it Frai now York to cold avenues inclusive. All tars must be brought to a oomph in St p i Quot fore crossing Central a venue Between second and seventh streets. Inclusive All cars must be brought to a Complete Stop before crossing fourth Street Between new York and Gold avenues inclusive. Cars from Side streets May make left turns into the traffic pm Central by stopping before entering Avenue. Advancing past the renter of the intersection and then making the turn. Quot Stop signs have been painted on the pavement for the guidance of Auto St. The ruin ill other with j pal proceedings a decor it Renehan nouns i i. Otero in ids cont office of governor. Quot the re pres natives publican party at the Albuquerque pressed Date fight Soteros contest Ash w in or Bis. A s i Iii to Lay. Quot they a was so much Shujau election that it is no tim hut a civic duty of the i id the fed ral gov. In tent to investigate the Crim we believe were committed feel we can prove beyond venture through the Fedora jury on the theory that it rational election with o presidential elect and Congo suntan meeting of that state Cen Mitten if be Bel i h june 19 and it will be d at that time whether Man let for the lie r in a no piled b it ii d to lid mid now that Nat Quot to Over Tho Bitont nolo to Cornin Nyha but n ton in it it rally Alin Yod. T Here is concurring sentiment in both a he press end political quarters that the Luther government must Ltd a Timi a ret a Dong with the entente that will insure Early evacuation of Tho a it Binge zone by auntie i Cor Tho tit Quot being the internal lied control commission Honda car tors in Berlin will remain the competent tribunal before which the Merman government mind Dis use infringements with which it is charged. The inter Allied control cont till a Ion comprise it Ino Ile Legate from France England Belgium and Italy Japan and Tho United states. Nut tic resin Menf there in Strong in i of on a of in list in resent n of in Berlin at what is viewed in official circles j As a Quot Petty document. Apr in gently Gorman officialdom is seriously reckoning with the possibility of the convocation of another european conference at which the whole Range of Post War j problems would to Given formal consideration by All interested Powers. The present disarmament note has suggest d to German official the urgency of such a conference. The German View is that the present procedure of dolling with these \ Loiis Post War la ones by exchanges of notes and by the Dell cry of ultimatums not Only Falls to achieve tangible results but is to continued hindrance to the economic pacification of Europe. Note b renounced Industrial and financial leaders i Are outspoken and bitter in their denunciation of the Allied note. They charge it was inspired by whether Boob would economic jealousy and. Further 1 a1 regain his sanity i More that it is an open assault i upon the Dawes plan for the re revery of reparations in that it alms to throttle German economic activities which in the end Are to i pre a. Furnish the funds with which lha j heard i Dawes plan payments Aro to be i Marie. Quot the Only danger that threatens the Dawes plants politics and pol i pics May in the end swamp it said or. Of Jalmer hot Bact president i of the Reky Shank. Quot after waiting five months to learn the nature of our defaults i said or. Or Bact Quot we Are solemnly j i informed that the German cavalry i has a surplus of horseshoes on hand and that a certain lathe in Pomerania must he dismantled be i cause it threatens the peace of i ii Rop. I Quot this system of political suppression has just about brought our nerves to the cracking Point. If it goes on. The German Boller one of these Days will blow up. Teb Quot i t i suddenly to table a raving Culpp care of the Slot end it i temper mind r i a i a ethic i a i winds a re t re Quot b was to Tiff Tom lust thursday from obedient prisoner int madman by a sudden mental breakdown following two w weeks j illness with the measles. Ile in the prison Hospital apparently completely recovered and was about to be red As cured and returned to a it irk in the chair a shop xxx Hen hts mental breakdown i Carne. J most of the time Loeb mutters incoherently and uses profanity of the most obscene kind. His Wrath is principally directed toward physicians and attendants. When this Vinton i Fri wbb Pond Ordinary re. Strain he is placed in what is known As the Quot cold a method of strapping insane patients to the be i in Ruch a manners it they cannot move. b s brother Allan. With whom be had tax ays been on Tho most Friendly terms come thurs div to visit bit t but Richard refused to see him. Quot i do not want to see him a Richard fold his attendants. Is inn allx deranged Warden Whitman said the from his observations he xxx As convinced More than exer that la suffering a mental derangement. Or Martin said he could not Felt recover with russian soviet Washington june aply of rial anxiety in washing on Oxer in situation in China was in no than be it Pold partner of Loeb in the kidnapping Aud slaying of Bobby Franks who i convalescing front an oper it Lon for appendicitis. F regret today xxx Hen he a he was losing his mind. Quot poor fellow Quot he said. Quot maybe bus the terrific heat that is affecting i i i i or the ill valves night on to o t ii it ill quest Kun i ii this p i to Xvi it Ting in h front a Fin Yard of a to Quot a to i of his Oxx it a Rene to banality to tin King a. I n Xvi to a r ther to 1 c in. Man an i Trujillo and i Immo in the. Diva it i 1 it it d and in Xvi iconic a Par i visitors to Nix i d on the sit it is it. I Quot ? lid it Jad feeling had a listed it that Between i Nill Beform Ami tin j to a a a a. Mexicans in account of tit Lam. I a Hiti matters i a a s Par Nutly t i is was i and not the d rec t a ans Quot of if fracas per i d which Dev clo cd. Muc 1 Llu 111 Cit in grand v lived Fin int font i a t Rhad i attn r Xmas a than him sell so in hts Friend orc a s getting Iii a it v ors Quot fit. Sin a i f Quot i u i it Natosi Quot cd. A rushed in to his do use to i a said. And rec cd v cd a frightful i a i lug University of Arizona and new roads carry 80 per cent of travellers new hotels to give them shelter june a a ii i in it r in 11 Tho pox but the Ling incl wit ii r a in ii of the if if a it Iii All in to if Vav ill it a the but i Ruh id Mimi i a of \ my i l win hoi t i i it a \ jump june i in my y m us ii Ell rim Foi i. Til., Light Xiv eight Defeated Phil s Alvadore a i i. Lament Quot by Fen Roun i fight at the open air Ascot Park Here tonight. Salvador who made i name in the four round game Ems unable to stand the Pace set by the speedy easterner in the longer bout a crowd of 35, too saw the fight. I 111 in is soft la i it ivors in \ i Ion of \ i Kohm ,1 Day in Washington v. Of the Federal grand jury xviii invoke the Cost of the co gloated to he $l>,009 1 que que pox Xvi Quot 5 Quot it xxx us agreed the xxx oui be provided anti in Pessary Quot i id or. Quot contributions to the fun he limited to one or to but the rank and fib 1 the leaders will he ask their bit on the theory is not an Insixi Dauirs ii fight of the or. In neb to confirmed Mer that Santa be count gone River the top with it of la Joo in a half Horn a Tun ii said that other counties had made a similar showing. He said All party leaders at the conference were confident of Tho ultimate Sucre of the cent to. I Olith of i rial As to the length of Iii a if xxx ill take to try the Case. He said some attorneys estimate the trial Xxiii be Oxer by september i he Nisei among them while other think it ought to be finished by the Middle of August. The trial begins june la before judge i d xxx in Mchern at Gallup when the taking of testimony is finished in that county Tho court Xxiii move to another and so on until it has covered All counties in which irregularities Are charged Uty sheriff Alc Trujillo and n and they Weie jail to await the Fontius injuries Sidery danger that Sam afoot i officer Worsen mexicans in to v Here they Are r. I i p plat a d arrest county a i hic of Dev brought can a i dug to die. The two y a y is Dilt Islon san Francisco june 6 a George Godfrey negro heavy weight Xvi u a referees decision Over Jack Renault of Canada Here today after ten rounds of fighting that xxx As marked by much clinching. Phoenix Ari Semi monthly Road bulletin automobile club of Arizona reports All roads in the state in Good shape except a Short stretch of the National old trails Highway Between Winslow and Flagstaff where construction Vork requires a Detour and a Short strip of the Black Canyon route Between Prescott and Phoenix is reported rough. Manager Charles Kim Berlin of the automobile club says that Arl a a a. ,. Zona my new mexi a roc5 carry track Ann Field contests Fuji s p a a Cert of to t a Aston to Yenta. Automobile tourist traffic and during 1924 More than a million people passed Gin ugh these two states. Arizona business men have Avn keyed to the x Alum of this immense Stream of automobile visitors and an Effort to care for and direct the traffic ii Tucson already has Raley needed to build strictly tourist hotel working on plans for t bar Sui Urban hotel for Only with Golf links Tennis courts etc., an Brletic it athletes wearing the Maize and Bike Triumph in staged in Ohio stadium left local i port conditions for Hie Twenty Footit i ins ended at 6 p. In. Yesterday j order by the University ghost temperature so xxx est temperature f,9luge .21 i a an 63 i mid by at 6 a. M. .36 oddity Ai 6 p Mlo in pit Atlon. 0 id velocity .5s Section of wind. Four a parader it it of Fay partly Cloudy president Coolidge train in route to Minnesota Cumberland my. June 6 air a Ute special train on which president Coolidge 11 travelling to Minnesota pissed through Cumberland on time tonight. An till Tho thermometer around too degrees or. Coolidge made his get away from Washington in mid afternoon. Boarding a five car train which Xmas run As the Hist Section of a limited to Chi Wash quit n e w i it i Iff continued on two president cooled Tigon for Minnesota. Government department work because of the heat albertus of. Dalex lit of York was appoint d to tin commission. Burgeon general it Ummen appointed a committee to investigate Tetra Ethyl Gas news of a Sermon situation at Canton China was received at Tho state department. Former senator m camber of North Dakota was appointed to the International joint commission. Tombstone topples Over and kills boy Chicago june 6 athe Tombstone Over his father s crave in Waldheim cemetery which fell when he attempted to climb it. Resulted in the death today of Lester Laddie it years old his nit ohm was placing Flowers on the grave and sobbing As the boy tried to climb the slender Shaft three feet High. Of topple Over fracturing his Skull. Mother and child hit by automobile not badly injured \ i or to Quot ii r i or it it r i \ it it by i Laxx till Lex a Hal of Hanoi Mold kl., Quot truck mrs. C. Ii. I lined if to North i Lovent i and Ber i year old son i in ii a 111. Ii i Oil id i and new York at set Virday arte r ii o i it n. I agent was Brucd about the Lei Aud body and Iii Quot Mouth but. Mrs. I Al mid a r Iii a bruised. \ a Elnel Quot of lie on passed or part of in r shoe Pirn Bing her foot. The Accident App ii Nutly was ii a voidable. Or. Ii Lund Ami to it Little boy bad j11kt, climbed out of a motor ims at new York a Reno and were walk tog Are and the front of it to Cross i Curt of trod. Rex Good who Xmas going North Tho Sanu direction As tile by did not soc tin two until hex xxi Light in bus path. In reported to Tho police that he xxx As not driving fast. A he bad a Quot cd Down when Tho bus stopped Llie Little Box was taken to a doctor xxx to found Bis in i bibles were not serious Columbus Ohio june 6 apr athletes wearing the Maize and Blue of the University of Michigan triumphed in the 1925 outdoor track and Field championship of the Western conference today conquering Wisconsin and sixteen other adversaries in spirited Competition that resulted in a shattering of five record. The wolverines scoring in eight of the sixteen events pred up 45 5a Point Xiv till Wisconsin second with 31, Ohio state third with 3 i4 Iowa fourth xxx Ali 29 and Illinois j of the stat fifth Vith 24�?Ta Points. I the auf tin meet staged in Tho Bilo is doing state University stadium was Start i Many plan cd in broiling heat that All hut j a i v Ria caused the contestants to Wilt. Be jests in tin i fore it xxx is half finished however Ness from j it irony Southern xxx id brought i he ays i Relief. J a i the Brilliant performance of Dehart Hubbard Michigan noted negro athlete and Imp lbs North rup Luis chiefly responsible tor the Victory of Hie wolverines. Hub a hard xxx us victories in the Century dash and the running Broad jump was the highest individual Point Winner scoring a total of ten. Northrup a a result of winning i the javelin and plat my in the pole j vault and Broad jump seized do i Points a while Herbert Schwarze and the i giant weight Man of the univer a shy of Wisconsin was next in Urie i with 9 Points. Schwarze captured the shot put and landed second in the discus. I Hubbard and Northrup both figured in the record smashing. I Hubbard s leap of 25 feet 3 1-2 1 inches in the Broad jump made in i the trials yesterday remained us i record today along with nor�?T1 who \ i i nips heave of 201 feet 9 1-2 inches of the javelin. Being made. Sad the Loon n ,00,000 Phoenix is million d o i tourist ire de Polo ground i other Dies e have projects on foot. Mobile flub of Arizona much to advertise the s of interest that can he hed by automobile tour a tort to divert the Busi the a Nten Coolidge asked to Send dirigible in search of Amundsen net fresh night to it of l Ion ing the y Ork it in of Olla be o give inn to the Post Lune los Angelo to greening 0, apr asked to ate consider end the Shen in search of the Amundsen Eusaw rth Polar expedition. The Appeal sent by new y Oik world and Otlmor tiers associated with it in North american newspaper Hance upon the request of norwegian Ann flub of Oslo addressed t the president route to St. Baul creased today when Consul general Jenkins at Canton reported that a Battle by then faction for Possession of the City was expected xxi thin 36 hours. Foreign residents wore leaving lha City and its suburbs at i p. Rn., yesterday Xvi Ltd a the message Xiv is dispatched the ill administration Hud retired Ini Hind protective barricades on Ilona n Island. Foit sul Jenkins reports three Days ago that a Battle a uld occur within ten Days and his message today indicated that the attacking forces of cantons a troops under general in a a which Xvi a within forty Miles of Canton Harn id Batter Prog a than had he Tiet peeled. Flay to Sugo added that Tho Yunna new troops entrenched in the Eastern suburbs of Canton xxx is Short of Minuni fion and Natl lofty and probably xxx Ouid be Defeated. Contending forces the contending fun a Are factions of the former South China group a which maintained an Independent government Iti the Canton Region under or. Sun Yats a up to the time of his death. Tho it Quot up then broke up into Radical conservative wings and the cantonese Force under general Hsu Aru understood to he the Radical Force which have declared their purpose of co operating with the russian soviet government and of renouncing All connection xxx till the chinese Central government it Pekin. Tho civil government of Canton also has been understood to support Tho bolshevism theory hut Consul Jenkins wild in Ina message today that it was Quot issuing a series of proclamations denying that it is communist but that tim same time promising numerous Raecia list in return to labourers and the Yuanti aties troops Are untie stood to he the provincial forces with which the Comoro it Ive xviii of the former Canton governmental group filled itself at the tune Tho majority of that group decided to support soviet sin. Few but of the Yunnan so troop predicted in Toda v a advices would mean the Complete Mastery of Canton mid its immediate Vicinity by to faction which has decided tendencies toward soviet ism and would increasingly Embarrass Tho Western Powers in maintaining for the Protection of their nationals the Long held special treaty rights grit aped tor that purpose. It has been part of the russian soviet propaganda throughout Russia and the chief aim of the recent chinese student demonstrations at Shanghai Ami elsewhere to Forest Manvi Ift foreigners in China and thir g Vivita Illg ruin its to forego All of tile a a Elal right. America a Helring the american Consul general at Canton his served notice on both faction that american lives Aud property must be protected in bin advice americans living in Tho Tho j suburbs of Cauton whore Tho fighting is Likely to o cur Are retiring to safer Points Many women arid children having been removed i Tho tune ins latest message a a sent. The gunboat Asheville was at Canton yesterday and Tho a am Pangi was expected there last. Night. Telegraph communication Hon Kong Quot a interrupted Tho message said. But there had been no unti foreign manifestations in the City of to the Battle at the Edge it of the City. Or. Jenkins added however that some apprehension wag Felt that anti by Lush manifestations Wuu develop and that men Tho american residents Felt much anxiety. One aspect f the Canton situation xxx huh attract attention hero is Hie possible effect it Quot ill Bavo in precipitating the larger civil War botwen Chang and Fangyu a Hsing. Vex he h has been indicated in official advices As awaiting Only some critical development to Brin Tho snuggle out into the open a Radical Victory at Canton i is Here might compel Chang manchurian War lord who is opposing russian domination China to turn his attention in in it Ion Ani probably Caus Fena Accuu a Cash run be on mox Quot a for support to reach an open break with Ching. The Canton development it a tin moment diverted Ute attorn from the Antl Force in i Eye it it Nathn at shr Bluit a which apparently had Seth cd do Quot n to a Collonia pressure against foreign rioting having been sup this Olie and v Alnut get Blu jackets from american and i it Bish so xxx he h guard essential utilities. A message today Nom Vav be Al. Ila to. La xxiv. A student demonstration and p. J been St bed the he leadership of Shanghai a message added that 6.�?the if Felt Tho off that the a he Ai i he w been Day Agit tor. used but it i Alcott lived to Consul said a a a on Rex in i a n that which Shanghai Al Ign Boycott Aimis arbu inv eloped ired probable. T at met i Mai k \ 1101 n i i Ashington. June f apr Porter c. My us but. Former Republican senator from North Dakota was appointed to the International joint commission today by president Coolidge. Ii vex isl i Khy by Kansas City june 6 apr vyv heat Harvest is under Way in Kansas. The whirr of reapers and binders xxx As heard in the Fields of Southeastern Kansas today presaging the Quot swelling chorus to a Nie xxx Hen the gathering of the states contribution to the National bread Basket ret into full swing the Middle of this month. Siti a i Ion f Sci a in i Fok Iid in him san Francisco june 6 apr v. Ii in Southern China shared in to rat in Tho chinese spot tto a the anti for tan disturbance which for the past week have made the foreign settlement it Etc Shanghai an armed and guarded City App us mutely 10,000 to tinted on in see Texo

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