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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 7, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico V in City to detion Albuquerque morning journal. Cit f edition ii v-1 mint x fair us Niu no i Albuquerque new Mexico wednesday june 7, 1922. Dally he Tarrier or mull a pc in month Wirtie on a 00,000 workers Are affected by pay Cut made b y labor Board is a curse pursuing Audrey actress and artists Model a it a a i Ider effects movie Vampire has disappeared from the screen. Says it hic ago Vamp Wilt porn lied m it Rem Ovet the neat a Lvov ant see rom 11 hat Tri lot auction in wages which ill take effect july 1 ill amount to about 60.000.000 a year. Ervi Sory forces Are not decreased Jority report is filed by lie three members of the tribunal represent lie employees. Hirago Lune 6, by Thoj Bui ated press a Over Strong protest of the e labor representatives to United states rail la labor Board a now Cut of seven cents an j for railway shop Molies and Nill cents for Jet car men cutting 000 shop men approx i sly $60,000,000 a year ordered by the Board c new wage reduction j get an estimated added i in of $59,669,347 an1 by to the railroads Fob j Rig on the heels of a j Cut in the wages maintenance of Way lab i last week. The shop s decision becomes of be july 1, Tho same As last weeks order. Tint a it r i or tit pointedly Man Tun 6.�?th her Whit be brows. Ste ii per rid Bor jail earring. I inn lid will Fin Titi t her a vein lion n the so ill Ltd a in no longer if Ion file Tiro on ii to it re told Al a myelin today what the Public want now. In Sec to speaker. Are to it i to Biri heroine of the i it Eva Type with Coli Hill Quot a fir Aln be City Ami inno Quot tha modern picture Lur said William. My Quot must he Young and in Meed in appear Nee. In o in appealing in her a in i Ibeck Ila wearied Vampire t v pc Quot Tho Public i Iff he a i hired. Is voicing the demand for cleaner film and the proud or Are filling the demand. End is if the i i it i to Iske strike 1 vote Oei order to reduce Pui h Ca a reach i n i of two hour proposed reduction too drastic claim w i a Auh by the Road i the it la for Lowr wages we Rill 9 i Ole. A i Quot a Knocker a hard flit the larger rut was ordered for it in a Cir Knocker a Herau a the i Nard 11 it Belles de lint their in Ork ii id not require the Aden i or 11heil err in a other Branch of i or it. R men work. Thl hot Aller re notion for the freight Caf men line under especially a l Ore Critt irn in the minority report the Hor member1 d daring there was it justifies Ion for i rumination p level Meas stand soon whip ire la ills the a it i fwd Pray a to f special army Board probing Becky a death mrs. Jean p. Day whose husband killed officer. Tells of an alleged attack Marie upon Hor. Fir the Rodd Security to flout Bond Issue Dere. Suy off in it to Tith i ii of my i to of up of re or by april i la of Felt Piffier noon to ii Al i morn i i Tho foe drat f d h fill of ii i 1 i Bot ii i 1 11 11 l f la 4fi run Ira i Vale no i no the or m tuft r Futi Iff Tahbo a t log i to t to f Al f i i vhf a a i a v Suri fit to in n lorning a Csc Rte d e. A r or in ate Ila reparations scheme to be rearranged i Bernew v w a it eff j Peel a hit a i rep tonal l i loll or the for Cir cleaner new recely an erase of ill a or. Were Cut Vecenta an hour. Or to cent a in. I r Mechanic where Dilly rate % Ai. Rase from fat la Fem trill worker to or 2$ for blk Uhr la lne cent a Day unit the new reclaims bringing their ally wag to approximately $.>.i&Quot. i Urt bar til i apr did the b it Ards a latest Decilon which Ain followed shortly by re j uc1 to for l Ier. I Roll i Lunk d o d of to of t us v a inn of i Quick to roof Rem today. In i a Heads of Rived at i is h or strike a it Vav by in intr Ai pre. A. N. u be Fame i i i a r ii h p a Aith is in cd adulation loverly Iii to Rte. A or to. In t Pine. A i oblivion All i 0 ufos wh.?�?T. Vav lira 1 Ai id Rev off m to Neon it with to Trio i son recently so ,1 a i \ the Tea film. Us a it Model and v is Al d Quot he i in re Despi of seed my by n i to i tut i ought it hey that a non he i a id to cheat the Fla v11 ads is i n death. In a Humble la Tutlo Colin Audrey Munson and a sketch history of her life rom an unknown farm Gill \ Jins h y became a celebrity of it r night. Used photograph r off red her i it it Ion in his studio. Hhd posed. In la or 20 of the world Groat artists were clamouring for or , without any jul of i iwo red ill been pm is Rie a vein on it a i or Lood when Days attorney trod lined several Lefter concerti alleged relations of Heck with to the men at other army Post where he a crime had been stationed. Official a fore the heat ing Day and Iii j Sandal attorney assented to waiving the i country i Rule of evidence no thai til Plia jul cd we tonns might he answered tgfs0p conversant with army affairs pointed out tonight that the investigations might have nor ing be intimated on whether civil authorities would he no ked to prosecute Day. We Hen an army officer die. A Board of army officers named to determine of he i win 10 a re a. Ihl Nifon of the ids he in re la be a a belief id in Rity Fery the Rte to. t rations tangible the conf Ankert in Rmina a Terence of in a a discussing the Hague of High go. Off incl touch with fit a Loument in this i abroad expressed the a was coincided in by rotary Mellon that a German Bond Issue could not he floated it the United Blatus. Which would by looked to for most of the loan. Unless attractive Security is offered for the investment of american Money in Herman obligations. Money Market condition. 141 my aside political considers t ii i pos i a d Ina just a ult a vol o cd i heat r n a j it incl i i i Audry 1 i. A Cath v the in recover intern it i t she hop re her t is in lug from do. Cd i old Becks is Thith try r fore a it Vasht 11 rap no i ate Ion dits of ii and All other in employees except the Ira Iii i men a Brief and offer Spla Natlyn of Hay the p it were arrived St. This pm. Brought More fire from the lit is de Cia cd the in Tori a decision did net con d r Quot human needs a ignored the plan of Tho i a ploys for a a living wage pre will the pillows on which tiny Audrey told the Story a f Rind her a Fortun. Was just the culmination if years of put a i Quot Hight years in which the of a spurned Man pursued d drove me into the Depths of is and Dinep Point put his Arm or 1 i lip to my him in Tho far a o you mean that i did and in Imti urn to Mimi or thai. It. Cor or has foil owed y Book in a w Ltd i hic to la. No to lift r do ired a a i Rev said her into the wit Kin j Walt or xxx Ilki i a t mid to lied i v a my Mother and i lived at the Wilkin Home for a abort Tim Ash said Quot but i hardly knew Tho cot Tor. The mid so tried vainly in get i death in in of Dun it was Point i Lofia involved in a pm Ibl rear into til Oversea y. M. A. A. For Raj f>1 a Range tent of reparation payment vice flu ring the War j Kroner a sury exonerated Dav am Basing their Coeel Slons upon Audrey declare that the gossip Short after to slaving j Money Market condition in ii the linking to r name with the Xvi Ikin Scarf ruined her plans for a British movie corporation. Quot hut the then Tricot Many us i of or nay tire has followed me because i went sit sigh and now a life holds nothing for the former Model and her Moth of. Mrs Katherine Munson return 1 to their Horn Ner her a year Huo in straightened circumstance. Decently a r engagement to a wealthy contractor of Chicago and Ann Arbor waa announced. Not it a when he wired that ii engagement was off that she tooth Poison. America ready to discuss settlement of debt with France Paris tune i by the associate d Fresa not fiction from that the United states government a ready to discus the Ett Lemont of War ishm was i sent to he foreign office Thi their payment in All dermal country official asserted that uness Bonds issued under the terms of an International loan to Cler Many or to have priority ii Germany Ai purity in preference to the existing reparation Bonds very few of the Quot new obligation would be Alc Quot red in the Ameris Ati Market. Under to e present reparation arrangement official explained the a la an1 c reparation Honda for approximately in Onn. Roo Gold Mark have priority for re it and reasonable minority Opinia <1 to a son in of to. R con t p Lin of the Nib f Hor i in it. All Ider i Bot my a no attempt to How that t i that the i Mechanic a not entitled to Rurh Ade Quot a the in a a do Ltd a is j the decision however con to t Are i cd numerous Tabb s i cared by i the Board Gath tical de port rent. Designed to Abow that although wag were reduced they had not be n reduced More than the a j duct Ion in Tho Cost of living a and j that the purchasing Power of Repic a t pay ii is higher than the i r pm purr t a l Over of the higher g Toor. X p 1 i my the be. It Nice our Sty i Dot. Of. \ i j. I or is i i we r i i t i a Mont heed that in with the ordered three Ltd Terra shop employ would he i receiving a wag Grem a than the average Quot age paid for Simitar work in oth r industries j dig fun Ching Aud cur men. Hie de us n s ii that the pair can i eng Flower of the former und it r the i new wage Wecht he 1 a it per <#9tt i greater thin in it and the la i fee would he aide to buy 45 i More i j with the new pay than with the j i 1917 rate. Believes wages cult of. 1 the decision d. It it Bell veil i the wages fixed to to just and run or nil i Gugg Estton for a a some j i recognised Standard Quot to he Worku j i out by the Hoard no a Usea i j to for future wag adjustment xxx ill of ii 1.200.000. The a i # vote d of ii to Day will of feet about 1.290.91 to a it Fth country of Raj Iway Ell ply Alt sex opt Tho nerdier men m a re not in it sput a a int diam rut. Liar j e of w i v in it a Lini d for any Ciao or it but Tho shop in amp Nti him prism h in d the i Hgt i ail a eased Dot Cis Dutie Fiir Cei i pre ight or Mech Ore than c holler a tilt t or i to Woi i car men Latex int moulders i cure makers and Helper Abri it it of seven eight car men Var Kii of of a he of the Hon it american Flag will be at half Mast in memory of Galbraith la min soc est �. In inn ills till cd on a us Tho re i in. Hider hut Anontio of for and h sprit Ira Elf Leer. To Shinners to visit Here Day Imperial potentate to receive the a key to Duke City be than 1,000 visiting shrines will arrive Ere this morning in time to witness the first academic procession at the University new Mexico cars needed. Sty 9 on club Hon Vav. A i or Gate one notice we i every am i cell la i i % i ii tonal and la he. Ca r a a i in Maut int of to birr Burrett before 70,000 challenger for the lightweight Crown of Benny Leonard knocks out opponent in sixth round. It to or the pre i . I ll., Lull 0�?ie&Quot i Miler of Umb Ghl knocked out Bobby Lumi a a to. Of a Hill u height. Us. In Hie sixth round of i heir it uni us 1 eight rotund hoist i i in \ at Ullin league Lia Selwell Park in Hie Preu a of More thou pee Giors one of tile Bigg it i Howile ism Merum Lxii us match in i . Fite Knock out Cam toward the clo of the Ixia round. It a a tipping left Hind swing thai caught Barrett full Nuti solar plexus. He dropped to the mat writhing with pain and at the a it unt of ten when the Bell rang that by seconds jumped into the ring to a to i revive him Many persons in the it to j crowd believed the blow was Low n Tho i hut before Herman Taylor d a a i dared it teas not. In order to h it i1 upon the crowd out of the rink. W a it pageant opens convention of rotary clubs afternoon by Sheldon Whitehouse. Enue hut Issue of the it Honda for Counselor of the american Emba about half of the Tot. A her a a though fixing no Date the in j withheld by the reparations com Tifi eation is understood in off h Ute j Mission until it can lie determined the presidency circles is a perdy to Premier poin car no # to the debt commission informing it that a French n i1-�nn to espied by Jean v Parmett tier Hal been appointed and was ready to proceed to the United states whenever the Commissio i is med it advisable. The payment if Germany can meet the Tutere upon the 50,000,009 Odd of a and h Bonds. Under Tho latest arrangements officials explained Germany is Only required after the expiration of the present Mort a Tum to yet a Bont $500.non, a of Hatch $1x0,000.000 is i he International president delivers address reports of of and the payment in rss a my the remainder to kind of War Dei a ire do wily Allied in Bael for Hui Tang a Lse an. The French viewpoint and it is a would appear then according said that m pol Heare in Oppus no j for government economic expert any reduction of the total due that about $150,000,000 or $200 j fro Quot a Germany is realty protect i poo Coo which Germany might i i ing the interest of the creditor j to a a in interest yearly would of y Tance whose capacity for pay have to to the basis upon which Secretary and treasurer contends that the Canton i mint i affected by Liny reduce a j could a float do or such Par Are received. A merest on in St St Tor i of til Mem be it of a Hob i Barrett w As being t by. In Blitley Post Oso Cine in Nati. My i oui a vat a Nair of r i doll colonel Galbraith w a a i Pollee Vas the r own i meal a or. Irate but or. After Bra i the w in Iliad in an Auto re Atomi i Ord a i Barr or labile n i cadent at i Lull it Iju a ii s to his ires n g Roo w bile att Anding a conference of i i badly h Urt. La Rig g Ion of ii Ian. Quot he Dietl in Actu a from the l Lam fuel i a1 10 s Rin is r i i he City Tod in f ii1 a of from fir hours. \ t ten it 1.00&Quot at v cd to arrive by to of clock inns have Leon arranged for a i a f a a at Quot Dom isl on of the state University pruning. The ceremony which i nov ii witness Iii the uni \ v t i a tile most Impre i c a i nent of the in in of in Quot a n from the Lim corp Matigot will take a or of Eccles during the morn in her of Commerce official. Weather ii i Heasil. I nil Jun new a need i v Aud thursday. A hid it a ably ii Quot 11 Fishow St port inn Little change in nature. I ii thurs liar Little change in tempera i my i Kun Hort arc assuming in making Arr an go men to for automobiles in h to entertain the Karin cars and to show them the City stated yesterday that at least Iso cars will he needed to Curry the visitors to the University. The Egis should he available at # 20 of clock this morning and should he parked in the Ive Vicinity of the Avarado hotel on first Street. Police regulation will keep first Street to ear of All other vehicle from Central a no to Silver Avenue tile visitors today Wim include the Imperial potentates special from Savannah a. As Well As spot Jai trains from Atlanta Trenton n. J., St. Thu. Davenport and other Hies in Iowa. At a ceremony to be Hebi St masonic Temple the a \ of the its of Albuquerque will he tendered to Imperial potentate Ernest vile tis in official of ballot Abend Temple. Tho key is an o d Spanish to it pc about two feet Long and j w weighing about four Pound. The i Imperial pot Nate a special w ill i arrive Berent t30 o clock. More than 600 Sli Riners and their i families mopped off in a Luquer Jue yesterday and visited the Points of interest Here and in thin Vicinity wild adjutant holies a d was Cut off in the midst of lit a Aliy untiring efforts for tin nation j and the legion. In past Comman j Der Galbraith the legion Hilnor one i f the Trues and finest a. Re i Cis of Amel Tea it w or untiring. He died too soon the engagement of mrs. Huff and major Morton is announced <11 the pre�0 Greensburg. Pa., june engagement of mrs. Floyd a. Huff. Of ftps foul Quot a farms r in j Here and of Canior general Icharles j g Morton. U. A a Presidio com Man Der i was annoy Gucci at a do nor at tire polling Hook count v club last night Tim v will take place in new York late the i month if Gnemi to Ion in of Mand of the Rintz Ai to Corial Wii ii h i ii a it of Shingto Oil con California. Idaho Mon a j Utah Wyoming and Alaska with administration represents Quot the Only Legal government in the nation. Monement e Riany. Of payment i i of that Armitt a migh a con i Vertex from re a rat ions to #eur-11rv for a loan should it he decided to permit a part rather than All i of Germany visible recur try he Illy Hie Assoc ated Pekin Lune 5 by the associated ass. I still Tat sen. President of i in Republic of Smith China will if a to resign and thus Clear the v y for we pc fun plan to reunite China under one Gow rement according to a decs received her1 from Canton Sun contends that the Canton administration repro Oil Gina Enta the Only Legal govern it in Dei the he to of the Southern re pub aged ii has persuaded Many member i club. Of Tho original Republican it if rent to in tin a t Anton and we 1 v of be Mph in his role of dire it ror a in Pima f Heil the rift Between the i in lid thu Smith now fact a i lated be cml split in the old re pub can the int lament unless he can establish a Tii it or Pic ident at peking without i delay Vav. Ii in no members of the old parliament yielding to Sun arguments to remain at Canton and approximately Soo numbers As Nihil d at tientsin where they i recently declared for u Yuan j la my i r president we Pell u i hurried to tientsin today to a go j la to proceed without delay to peking and assume the presidency. We is understood to fear the Slbil Ity of Sun calling together to Sembera of Ute original re pub j an parliament Are in begins Suri inc is Vii in i. Indianapolis and june #. A _ _ Charles f. Quot Chuck Quot Wiggins Ftp no talking an internal in Dinapoli Light heavyweight Pugil loan having priority Over a Para is. Today began serving sentence lion payments. Of six month at the slate penal in,nt7h a. Or of in a granted divorce Utlang to the delinquency of a 17-Yeaf-old Cirl. A Vigginno sen in s was affirmed by the late Supra is court and an Appeal to the Quot Pardon Board a denied. Ward s is witness before no. Grand jury by jury of which her husband is a member is the associated Tress Atlanta ga., june r a the no experience of a husband serving on a Iury that granted his a divorce has just been brought to Light Here in the Case of mrs. Bara Myrtte Almond a Grant Quot # decree of divorce from Albert Irwin Aima yid. Is s. A Inland did not attend toe hearing the divorce being Grant Quot on depositions taken in Newark. X j. Where she reside. Counsel for i. Almend a cleared that he did not know that his clients husband a on Law Elk after Lite verdict is required to answer cer i had been granted to a a a a Tain questions put her in connection with the slaying of Peters. Bill also canted 1�?Trrf i White i Mains nyy. June i District attorney weeks re Gist or satisfaction this afternoon when t mrs. Walter s. Ward left the stand after having been Dir it Ted i Iez time the seeming to have id no effect of the Battle did Rar a a adequate defense or s rain of blow. I hand. Indie it de j nost perfect attend Lewine headquarter by a be i son. H Ipi it in a a nod of Anil during than added Iii Fra ii it the in re skin i ? revved in til us i lie mexican lord world War h col 29th division i Iii it Tot for tie to wont Fout among the largest delegations was no a ii a i it. In. Vast Cray the Wichita. Kansas group which carried a band of about sixty pieces. 16 j the band and Ptiip paraded to cd by the University t temperature. Try second i to ii 0 Lite at i a in. How try at to p. In. 16 Illarion. Quot i velocity. N i a a a i n of 111 ii i of de. A a Eliot i Cloudy j in son in Temple where a Short con t was Given. Today sri als. Thi following speak Els a booked platform men will strike As protest against wage slash Jackson mich., june 6. A Jat form men of Lite interurban and City divisions of the Michigan United railway system that serve 63 Michigan cities and towns will suspend work it 2 of clock tomorrow morning in protest against it v age reduction representatives of Tho employees declared today. The men for today v demand the present wage scale of in Pargh tempi Volanti it a from to to a Conin an hour lid two Section shrines b it St i continued. The proposed i it a lid Section 2 >0 shrines Ayr lab Aaan the Scute from 43 to .0 com on fag two an hour. Approves action of u. S. In retaining troops along Rhine it in associated f re i r a i me 6 Chute is social d pres the action of the i listed state in retaining a limited mini. 0f it a Ops a the ame icon it a or of the Rhineland i warmly no a i \ re Quot Gorman official quart Quot. Rhe so i i Merit not Only Reg Quot i be step As a compliment b t con i. Iii the Quot continued pressm 1 of Picpican doughboy on the Shine Sill to of great moral Bene fit to the people of the District did my lie desirable Pat Iona i a a link in German a met i Quot n i n a i a hip. Fermanagh front is quiet but stirring events Are expected Belfast. June a by be a Oeta Tinl in pc Sijo the a or Mana git front is quiet tonight. Hilt stirring cents Are expected. I Enniskillen report thais in Loric Load a with Republican forces from Sligo i in Sod along Tho seashore route toward Republican Headquarters. The occupation of Anglie panic jut Castle by the British is looked for. I in i or a wat firt i if fond on june to it. Professor Felix Klemperer noted German phys i Cion attended Nikolai in inc. Soviet Prem Ier last april h been j Hurt if Day summoned to Moscow according to it a Berlin dispatch t the tim1--. Hts w ill Start from Berun tomorrow. I South and thus strengthen his cob intention that he is the Quot Only legibly elected chief executive in thu country on Tim other hand i Yuan tons j it to her both gland Hung the militarists Force j jury in connection with its inv out of the tires Dency of China in j potion of the shooting of Clar-1917, is said to have no inclination j once j�eter8 to p. Husband May to resume office unless he can do so with a United country at his Hack and the support of the old parliamentarians now at Canton. Approval urged of an appropriation to continue vice War of Thamel to do Washington june a a Savins of More than $ i,.odo to the government last. Year can be directly traced to the War on vie Ireland today by supreme court Justice mor-1 surgeon general Wehauser to answer Cert i n ques told the House judiciary comm to. When he appeared before it to urge approval of an appropriation get to $325,000 to continue lha work. Representatives of several organization of women voters also up neared before the committee in behalf of the Bill. Colorado cattleman. 55, Dies at Fresno Hig Quot i on i j presi it is h illness Nikolai fairly Well act Sou re a in Rig 1 Der to a be w it id m ova i of a to f ii Bitch an i ing Long a outdoor mended for i with a hop Itta eks Quot of Prtt an oper As pert a Billie Dally la i he associated Reid a a soc ated j Denver Jum 6. Thomas it. H it attack i Coy 56 years old orc of the Best i i known cattlemen and ranchers in Routt county died today at Fremo calif., where or had gone for his health according to a Telegram received Here by h. C. Day City editor of the Denver times. I Dicey s Nephew. I Lacey owned extensive properties in the de Quot a Creek District North of bit in boat Springs Ramg to soviet ii had been constant a rat by in april Rudd for the re Arni had improved that lie was Mak was recon his Phi is Tan hip him from due to sex in or Trcic nervousness. Keen while remaining at i country place. Lenin insisted on keeping in constant touch with affairs of state in Moscow by courier or Telephone hut gradually he had Bren relieved of a i details of events which might cause Bim anti by am c. No i a is numb mgr. Monroe wd., Juno 6 Sac dug almost incessant in since last tuesday mat to k Loc tier turn weakened condition Vav lil h Lins not been relieved by physicians w n Are put led Lay tile child of Case Tim child Sheo sos both a Ami night almost without interruption. Another judge in new Mexico delaying Bill a by til ahocii#<1 press Washington june and House conferees on tit judges Bill. To create a score More Federal judges held another meet my today but again were unable to reach an agreement. The principal obstacles to an agreement were said to be Over Senate amendments to provide an additional Judy Carli in new terse and new Mexico enc Fedor 15. Although or. Weeks Dot. Lined to disclose what had taken plat Quot at the examination it was understood that mrs. Ward bad keen questioned concerning the card party which was alleged to have been Field flt a Home the night of the Quot shoot c. Earlier in the Day u is reported that she had declined to answer questions As to what time or husband returned that night and How he looked at a conference in his Chambers Justice Morsi Hauser was understood to Vav ruled that while so might plead privilege if Aho were asked questions com. Ming communications passing by pc on her and or an a re As Man and Vav of Ash Quot would have to reply to queries com uni Reg Cut i ver nations it which a third person was present. Quot i am very much pleas <1. Hut i cannot say what i have accomplished Quot said or. Weeks at Tho Clos of the session. Adjournment was taken until thursday. It was Learned from other source however that the county authorities regarded the courts ruling an a material Aid to the Quot investigation As it would questioning of mrs. Ward concerning events preceding the so Oft in \ besides or Ward seven witnesses Vav arc heard today. They included two other members of the Ward household Lulu Harto Quot a a nurse and Amy mild the Cook hut nothing could be a scoria by d a to the nature of their testimony. Vick joins carding i s. St. Louis june Quot lame Vick of Michigan Wolver sit v member of Tho mythical a ant o Iran football team last year a vie in acquired by the St. Louis a a dinars and joined the Tram at Beton yesterday. Did you Ever write a letter to Frederic j. Haskin step a minut and think about this j Quot to you Ca 1 ask our washing information Bur to any question of fact and got than it Back in a person. I letter. It d a great educational idea introduced into the Uvea of the most intelligent people it the world a american in a paper readers. It is a part of that Best Pur Oose of a newspaper Bern ice there is no charge except two crab in stamp for return postage. Get the habit of a King quest ions of i Iii i inc j. Ii Hon director the Albuquerque Jour be in of cantlion Bureau. Wash in it Quot a d l \ in

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