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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 7, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Their Dii. June 7. 104 0. The Albuquerque morn Tny i journal. Moi Turku enormous wheat Santa be figures on yield of eighty million bushels a strength builder after a wasting illness there is nothing which so surely and quickly builds up exhausted strength As he Heuser Busty James to. Koontz general freight agent of the Atchison Topeka a Santa be railway company has prepared a estimate of the Kansas wheat top to thin year. Giving the probable yield for the Entile state As 80,021 too Buh ols. The estimate is made for the toe be tit of j k. Gorman freight Traffor manager and George t. No Holstun. Third Vine president of the Santa be Iii charge of raffle. Situ Ltd or. Knout has been general freight agent of the company an estimate of this sort a been prepared a o h year and used for the guidance of the operating department of the company in distributing tars Over the wheat Belt of the St it. The estimate of the wheat yield fat 1903 made Iii or. Koontz n june i of that year placed the probable Lehi at bushels. The actual yield was 94,041,902. In 1004 i Koontz estimated that the state worm \ Leld to, bushels of wheat and the Ai Taal yield tis shown by the my increments live months late w 68, bushels. Last year or. Koontz estimated the wheat crop it <�?�>3>00,000 and the yield was 87.6 . The annual estimate made by or. Koontz to the officials of the operating department of hts company is tin Only w he it estimate made it the state f. I. Coburn Secretary of the stat Board of agriculture. Re fuses to Mak Estelm ties of the probable yield tint the Railroad companies try to deter mine before the Harvest begins what the yield will he. New he i i Hom pm Ehm to m w Oil Secretary Charles fib it a of it i Boma. Isabol a territorial chatter t a the Pueblo Oklahoma a not v or a railway company which proposes to build a line from Pueblo to new of lean distance of i 050 min Pas lug through putt Tomb Cleveland Oklahoma. Canadian k Nufi a Blaine Dewey Woods. Woodward at Beaver counties in Oklahoma at an estimated t Ost of ii i 000,000. Tile company is capitalized at $3. >00.000. And has is headquarter at Oklahoma oily. The Are it. A. Woo Bridge. W. C Burke tjenrg1 la. Lia Ison. Warren k. Tiny Hrani John i Cameron All of Oklahoma City. A a ital Luul men interested Iii milling. A number of Santa Ioui. Int Haw associated in a mining Penn my. Proposing to develop several groups of promising claim in Southern California and arizon e under tin name of quot the co to pah Copper the Buim Aloe Holder authorise the Lamia ult a int a the Stock to that Alu of $1,400 too. In ablation doubtless is limited in tin sum of $ ,Ona. The principal plan of Baut Ness i Kingman. Aristo 1, Anith stockholder. V. Law la go of a manager quot of the Manti be John Denair. Superintendent of the Arison it division. A. Holterhoff or pan Mut Phy and o n. Parks or. A Asol Lik 4 or slim a. Ii Harriman a bet n o Favori silly Imp Ewfimi with the recent pc intent with the a Cill motor at on the Union Pat it Lim the it he a ordered the erection it of Tampa sex la sylvely for their construction. The tars Are now in Active us on the i Mon p in 11 a. Atai of the to having Bern turned out by die regut Omaha shops in the t of month they Airn of of to Ani Are 55 feet hot. By lug aim or it she to an id Al Tell racing y it tit the ton round i off and the front tapering to Sharp paint thus wind resistance is 1 reduced to a minimum. Tin cat driven by a Luo a Povur six under g to find engine with a primal it Battery to Start on my unt a Magneto j for regular . A in new Xiii. Post. Although the it ii to is a Ltd ii til on in the at the Railroad of c d>-1 ado and a Usa have jul a i Ai i bled with unique mile Post. In la lot Iii of adverts unlit the Duk tobacco company have set up at intervals of it it it a a six nuts a the Light of Way of to Railroad of Colorado and k in of big pointed Sigil with thar Trade Mala Lii uses on them done by la Bigg sign com pm in the West mid a mss the tap a of Hies sign it t a Many nibs the v it just fat enough along tin Light of Way to to Only read from til til a log it Alii the help to a a Ion Frt Iii do Monotony it the Iutin and the it tis ascription above to a sign is Sutti but to Oil Yoni lit title to it and to Nak it Gnu read what to Neath it before a lit past. Of you Don t get t to finish what it says until first sign what you a i ass the i rain go 1 along win your Cut Lesliy to finish and you him Louis it looking for the next on to appear. Anything is a inversion on trip through k , where the w by a excitement consists of Mill at tit Telegraph pub As they la by. The in or Seal cadets Are in Albuquerque these Days he str burgs the nutritious tissue building cements of Choice Barley malt in predigested form Are almost instantly assimilated and taken up by the system. A i a sos in toxic. Tit �.,� Mew Klim to of a pc hops. V in to a it Ratt sold by All druggists and grocers. San Francisco is taking new cts Ira soc that the cont actors they employ put up hum Bud Ling of the Type that withstood the devas Ilion of i Cut thu k Imd Fader the new building Taw ii i in lately hied on by the by lid tug com in it tee the height of ski Raper a Las a St Elbr a k to building will 1< limit i i by the Width of the streets. T a supporting a i Tith fireproof Iii building regulations permit Flimsy structures june 6.�?although on has established the eel Frame and Terr wet the Only True t a san Francisco expert invest Gall a that the it t building w it to a lures that survived tile fire Aud quake the City building committee has adopted new regulations which will a to Illy entourage a repetition of the a cent disaster. An til ii i. G. Up it h investigated the subject hem a a a the Fai t i that the new Hull Ling Laws will permit the erection of buildings of the sort that wet tumbled Down by the Earth Juak. Though Archit a to have hammered away at the building a ormolu Iii an Effort to a t and one la i of ill in s the Vii hit la of the litre it 1# 11 ii agreed Unn until Ilion. The i it i wit i i to tit la a re i in of build in go Moi e than pm feel nil an on in a Ket Vin i it Ami i limit t he in Long 5 feet Mont i in it nor str cot. La Vav 111 i also Brin if a bout the Vav hic a Nini k of mail v tint now air etts the he ight tax of cd or that i Ltd i com i a but ii tag to c a re fixed in Fri in it Vvs Ltd i i f. Fir pm of bul tidings to f. To t 1 i us h a Bull dim in w nit Metal lath. 70 to it tin i with a Ooi leu l l the go foot f i a might in ii Ding St 4 amp of a a i. C a and Ltd i a s m to ii Tings Are to a built of inc a com bust mat a rials. And ally i Ivy i re ill any part of the. Try. I m in a i i is a ref it have a tee Fra n nos Rry tim Al w ill and floor to i f Las la Bull i i Fig a at to be built a till or Vav it i i St i m i a infant id Ltd a it Ner to Vav 111 i supt. Mirth Pat it n d the floor loads or with Walls Only the door being de i Frame All flout Aud sex Cpl Hie All t a. A to flits 1 class o building with Bra k or con ret Ber Intel tor to be in a class it. Class c a Ort will be mowed ii City. If Yon Stompro a Trot conclude that there a great Many Hay by cured by liver tablets. Get. Any drug Stop and g they also cure const Lou Sticks. I in 11 a Wil l id it la 1m.i i Viii it so no i i we i i i i i-4 i full Iii will i 111 \ Iii ill in ii \ is those i % 1 1 is i 1.1 to i kids a Hoing 1 \ a it i i in \ i i s till. -111 Xiii i if n11 xxi Joi it i la x in i Iii la i Iii i hmm Iii ii to x x a a Gill tit i in two Gar me in i suits i have lines of coat and trouser suits in single and double breasted models of extremely lightweight fabrics such As Serge and Cheviot at from. .$7.00 to $20.00 xxx so Zedfr Cirr a Stem 4 co Masih in i have underwear by the ounce Breezy Negligee shirts Cool hosiery neckwear headgear Nettleton Fine shoes and our own $3.50 and $4.00 shoes a Crossett so Joan shot Dot to nerf hat Settle ton shoe m. Mandell Fine clothing amp furnishings Albuquerque Manhattan sturts Earl the Wilson shirt Jarr u Niter Wear it my i it it a Tup or it Lipan Unni l a but a it Imp utile that la Vav f o list auction Chou 11 of the a if pm fir Epro of til a amt St t pm. Their a a i e a Peen a Strega Rod. The u is f Guss t plate and t it it i or. I a a men is in a ted build has been i Tigges ted in vain. A the it a a r butling a steel hollow til no tor pissed throw the Carf it in urn t ban u i lie any and fir with f. I the other tall str i lures that Landing. Y in # Cag of than Bull Ding was or auth Vav till Gus it a a t plat a a. And i a it. Her a \ ample of this s v in of a infer a in ii could hive a i it offered. Yet building c no i tee gave no a cd the Lessen. To nil s of 11. No Mitt a see of ii i in to at the a i n in a i v fid to give the builders w id in Augh latitude t special rates to the West you should plan to take hat trip to California y Joy the Chance. \ i it Canyon an Petri lied i Gill will Chic grand it Tah Iti Jama Xiv dlr an s \ngi1 is i it of cup n Tram St i to vers is and return and Weium. So and Revti rates an i i kit office. To. The the soda thirst it a rom and we were newer better abit to entertain it. Treat your Throat tit our in Iii Tufui Fountain. Nix a is six eclair a i i Jill a him i v fill Why Sisti is Orielly Snow is the time to look up your mowers. Rakes and wheat binders figure with a before Yon buy xxx Lii Ixo the Best made and right Price. Rep re a in 1 is Wood. My. Korber. Amp co. Corner hrs Street and Copper avenge. Albuquerque Mew Mexico pet rent. Jars pail at tick Sale every i it saturday during a Al la ust an septet a a a Aaan or Uil a a w. L. Humble co co Lix by. Feld Anh Jhansi lit fables. I int la turnout at a Trumon Able hat. New phone 111 old phone 2 4a 4 aaaaaaaa4.aa4da<l c. A. Hudson i Walt taper Ana a Jap a Lac it it a re Booklet treatment the a proper in North second Street a lev i it xxx i ii i i>1nt. Plan 4 1 \ v i la in Al Ihm it 4 4 tin 11 att advertising cd the t a Man. Kari him Aud multiform a of quot carrying la menu go to to a re but on f the most novel. Inter Tulea aint alb ii a i Iblis a in of a a up licit p in i Hais Noli Aalf a s. In tin i How b. U g merrily perpetrate on the willing hour chive of or town in the work a if four Bright. A a a a Young a leg. Men now a Topping at a eth stung a Lintel re gild red t it Ltd feb ago anti win Are i alb i a thu making the n in a Bilder to prove it it Ial rate a a v in ii Ziaul visiting a Sci Hon Aud Home tire for the. Banedt of the gig a Are and la. N Ati it Lilac ult i on pan i i net Ca a the con jump to i of it of my i a a i. Trad Mark t a a a a a act Ai i t Pei h in a a n t yet a Abed a but hot will when log i a you w ii know a i Gre v Mit purple to. To Gentini Nail App line Iii ii i in Iii in i of the Iii la fit i a a a xvii in it Arri i it be patient Ai i in will aul pile of with com k a a a akan goo of pm it it the re it d to ill a a a to not a Ondof at the a a a Jai a the g the re Chi a to the comm in. I in a. Bat a a of a recent decline i the grocer. My Infanta Ilia i. Rim Mill xxx hit. Chr i 0m 1i-\x i k i Ace a Xix. Org Muir 3g to. To it log out lit i a pair. The economist 25c for 50c embroideries Albuquerque s brightest anti i 111 i a Light store Best store child a end Xii-1 Flat k 4 Nix \ la a i Lile i to jul it Jim ii xxx Ork Hgt a. Man Larex a his 3.v, Lochew out Al i in Brood la de nil ii n he at Vav i port Unity to i id i Dos i i do i la i a thick Hill it i it pm lot no. 4 a vol White 1,25. Is.50. Porn do i fifino 50. 91 at goods Fine Wash goods Xvi a Oil a i i i Bra i Aine. Kina Iii hrs , Fiat a or at a i Dot a a Yard. Sheer xxx a Lata sly. A pet us Fain i. A fully prepared to meet All re j Ltd i i this fill i to item to and t Hurt Art h efe in band i Ungeri Lawn v Ery she or 4� w id. Up tally a us by for Waist i a a i a. V ii i. Ling i Bath a. 4 is Inch a wide mini us a in a in Row a for Waist i my 5c a v urd. Cd Wiwi a find and sheer All Sis 2.v, 54 a 057 5c is. I. I with if pm Iii Upp of. To i june Sale of Silks read every teem carefully. You Tail i iou ant seme of them at these especially lots prices do 34 v i Iii \4 l l i x a to Ilia k i of Clit Sam in for this Al i lilt. Mid wow to. Fran in i re i in a ii la i i Imi w in x a get Turl. I Yard. Chaa wide it a a Lieut Vail a i a x urd Fine in i a hot it Jot jul. So u it bilk hit,11 Low Ltd he us. In Vav i t a it fight Bluc i link. Cadet Gray nut lid la i i Yard. For pretty the my. 35c Imp Rte i j a very fit i i e jul d milk Novelty Plain i silk for fan y per it and. Sta n Vav print i s no Organ die Good tvs millinery specials k t xxx mkt St %1 Imi i h fan Oil. I its i i Al it Alia hic lit a x. Ii a a wilt., it i Klun a x ii tis of in. The b. In. effects Irv White suits tailor made and shirt in Faist suits of Trench lingerie priced for Early buying is i xxx in i xxx los a Vii i -1% to not. I my by a it. 0 i h Lite a a 1 a i -1 a i a if in it i. Kwh quot ult of xxx his i i a r ii it blut off a a g ii t be. -pi.-. Shirt w list Sun listing of kit. Xai Nitt la .�?��., j,.-k�t. It 7.75 a it to ii Kirt tie by 1-t it. W 5.00 so in i \ of Linen suiting a i id. Ird i is Roku h mini 8 i lard. St i Tings. 30 tin he ill. Brown xxx in i xxi i Vav win a i is d. Or to tut i keel oaf u tip in Vav i of Blue a Blue. Regular m i. I in i Wear Iii a a cd i d Una to Light ii a to \ let iut at 30 lint in fit la t in ird j Alia <1 cad urd. Raja jut xxx la Iduix i Iii 4 i i Waist specials lot n lot n Jarl x lot x lot x livid d 1 sing at Alo lot Anni Price. Now. Inc 4 us. 10c ,01.0 1 j it a to Tufe in o i so la. Nov i in ii xxx i and i it it pan Ami 4 Cill to a n a. Is Tun 03 Fin i i. S3 in Sci a g1 03.50 to is j xxx nil a win i wi.75 web to in a i 541 White embroidered Batiste Robes at $5.00 by i int w2 Imi Lay int i 05. Imi to a Lxi any Fig i front or hit Ahja la All Iii 11 Uffit for link and i gang to in a Balter full to uns re Are ii i $2. >0 w Euist patterns at Slio red in the ult 85.Imi Sis at to 54 .75? afm Knoing june 0

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