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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 4, 1906, Albuquerque, New MexicoMoulin y, ii him* I. HMM.THE ALBUQUERQUE MORNING JOURNAL. PAGE SEXE*. ALLEGED ATTEMPT tho polsbnlng, found strychnine In tho I latter'* hotair, while nearly every edible in th** Wood home ‘Obtained Hi® poison to :i E.iiMlet or less degree* laitere of a loving nature which had passed park a Jut forth between Mrs. Mood abd Barbar were later found and the officer# thus wove a < haiti of airt utnstu titbit evident e about; Maltier that resulted In his h<*lt»g j bound over to await the action of the I I grand Jury. It was at the hearing of the ease J jthat th** Bisbee woman's r oft nee ti®11 ' i with the ease i ame out. Ii seems that j j Barber, knowing her. bad written her.) telling her that his house was so bad-) iy Infested with rats that he fear® I they would tear it down. He added that h>- could procure no poison Iii j Lordsburg, and such being the easel requested th t Mrs {Simpson put Im-sortie here and forward it to him. I This she did. believing his statements j to be genuine.    j Last night at the Mulrhead Castle I Hock lodging house. Of He* i AF Groth found Mrs, .Simpson, who admitted | purcb lath# tip* atry* hnlne and mending : _ _    if to I’, ii tier.    also how ii a h rn Bar OF MINISTERS WIFE ber*s leu* I .    nill tining til I ••quest. She si .ted that sin made the purchase ■    »■    it Hie Kin hai l pharmai > iii this city. ■ Mis. Simi *>n is a inn—, ami upf. 1 Rev. N. D. Wood Says Effort Was •mi-nn »«> bw - «...    •    cm®    *m- J    ployed in tis it    ap,u iiv ii the home or i VV It. Brophx    man mer «*( the r .pi « r •Queen store, site has bort ie in x- ATL Sensational Charge Brought Against James F. Barber. SMC HE WAS ENAMORED DESERTED FROM THE GALLUP’S MUNICIPAL NINTH CAVALRY TANGLE REMAINS CAUGHT HERE UNSETTLED mmm LEON WILSON MISSING SINCE 1903 ARRESTED LAST NIGHT tx on Will gust 21. I IMI United stat. Worth, Ka night up Shelter, of which WI hum v. be taken ut, a it. gro. who on »\u- . dee, 11. ,1 fn m the Ninth • cavalry at Fort la ive i-wiin ncr*'etel here la t an timer ti in < apt,ii.I troop JI. the troop of ii im Biller, anti will to Fort Wingo1 . The city council it foe a short ?i twit n It* publican, The for the well wats til represent 11 i\ e of a . be hero soon the GV* I until this man coted to pay bills ai Thursday nlglu (ays um Gallup liter of a pumi i. ce *1. and as i ntlfiidither is t<* WI It h meeting w, Made to Murder Him With Rat Poison—Barber Out on Bond. (Lordsburg, X. M., Tribune ) Th** people of ILordsburg were great- where he wilt he turned over t> th# officer in command. WI bin 11 h.l ll- CII efjvdoyid lit; some tim** as a walter in the Sup'a*. * t afe, ai I had be* a i liq other xx* k in Al-huqu* i qui b tor** h<* w» ut P* th. Sta g's. Ile hue herm here about a yea . .    „ j,    .    Th®    arrest wa- made bx Night chief • >Vl consoler that Mr-. Simpson wa-,    ,h>    , an Innocent party to the attempt to \v»ls* u s r* c*»r*l (< ell®ut reputation here and McGrath stated that those in Ford burg who ire conversant with til® facts in til* poison the Rex. Wood Mr. W'vod I is recovered au l xviii •rn I fy surprised and shocked feist Friday push the ens® against his would-be afternoon to learn that James T. Bar* j murderee. t*-r had been arrested charged with HttempUng to poison the Hi x. N. I* Wood Barber was examined before Judge MiQrath s tfurdax afternoon, and committed to jail in *1* fault <>* 13,000 to awalt the ai ti* ti of the grrth I jury. Th** fa ds of the car** or.* ,.s follows Mr. Wood spent Munday, May Cth at IlAchtta, returning Monday. His family W as at Portales. New Mesic o, visiting Mr*. Woods t ither. Mr, Wood found that someone had be. ll in his house while he was gone, out an examination of the house showed nothing tm-- ing. Ile cooked a beefsteak Protect Your Vitality TIM* .». II. OTtlelty t o. *.i\c Sensible Vilxice to Take Fare of Hic IMgestIon. lHil you ever stop t*> Hi ilk of the duty that you owe to yourself and to •iking up 1.1 V- Whim ll made no r* si "damn and although he at Ii- it att uip cal i . de* V ii identify whan < *<nfi'*»itt* <1 with |»>sii!x • 1*1* ntitkifttlon he admitted his d* ser-tl *n and -val to* re,ally had r, * oi>J* fion to going Ila* k min th* limy ll will probably b< l iken to Fort Wingate tonight. th*- btlia ar® r< eel val •Hid ai proved iii**(*•:> I of , t th>- end >f each quarter a *hereto! iiI? XX 4* learned bx tho Ccmncll th:.!in inJurn tfo.i ut em a* kind is noon t**be made against til co un cli, althoughnothing i efinlte xv.o- stated is to whatti**' I ii i»i it * lion xx iii c •X cr. it was *1* -bided to retain Att* • a*’y Field as tm-| lawyer f T the On* i'll la ca.-c thor®' should b * »nythong doing along theI In J J notlni i lim It va- reported thatcertain ll •* .(SCS had been paid to th*.?clerk of (he council I to th1 cit’*‘Rof be old Im lid. K i 111 r r a s i • action w as tnkon « t as t,%j lo ive it « —*n until t A* t ® “ IM < lilt ll Isl It*• *!>•< talon of th*’■ airt on ta*- Bandi *g if th* hoard inland. red. The en ut ’• •’ adj urtu’d un-til tin n« st r* nu lur mc.-ting xx hen thematter >* f street a *1 sidewalk i rn -prt.yoin* i it'* xviii bi taken up.The Store 'fff - >w(’ I LM r "i iM mw•V'-i Bn %HT’.’DI RSON STYIE ttax THE CONSTANT ENDEAVOR OF The Globe Store is to place before purchasers goods of merit and reliability; goods that will prove satisfactory in every particular, and will make permanent customers of all who make the first purchase in the store. Cj Ladies desiring a corset that meets with all the requirements of present styles of dress, and that will give comfort and satisfaction under all conditions, will find md upward* OM la th M V \ \ VUU QI FUQI IWS Will i    ••    ma    im    •, Dollar prlo* may cl for hi-* supper. but Winn im went t«i yoni family to protect y cit it he found it w i- **<* bitt'1!    h* could not swallow It. It*- tried two or three time*, thinking he wa** bilious ami tried «>m» ami tam. 'I'll he ai**o found bitter. Filially hr * oohed amil® bacon he I: id it' the house. ami opened a box of sc ile«l ira kern h* had just bought which listed all right. He simp.., ted nothing. thinking the torte of lip food « 1 ii use. I by his physical condition. In time lie felt the effect a of the poison. am) then suspected Something was the mat let and hurried to l»r. Fro* km who found him in a bad condition, bu: was able to pull him through. An examination *>! th** hon • show* I •here was n large amount of strych-*fte in the salt, in the Jam, ami In •ne breakfast food. The question then was:    Who    had omitted Ut I- crime? The Sherh* k lim ** *y*tem of deduction m *« used * It Was found Hilt th. re xx re hut persons who had any obj.-* t in ivlng him. one xx as a woman . very hitter against hint, beenu-of th** xvork he had done as a minister of th** gospel, and ettpt I wish® that he would die, and had talk**! Very bitterly again«t him. This < lie* Wits run low ii. and It xvas found that it was Impossible to have been De-Woman; The tracks that had been made by th* person who had enter' I the house wer*» tho**# of a inn A. and the stride xx as that of a I arg*- man. It whs known that J. T. Darter wa* greatly enamored of Mv Wo. i ai. I it xx us found out from he*1, after sh*-«• lur nod to lit*rdsburg, last week. th ’ lie had WM rn ell ll* r to elope x—lii hill. Hint h.»*l threatened to kilt her and himself if die told her husband of his prop"*!.-- anti ha I her well si ired up. Tics gave an object for him t > commit the deed, >n«l the sa me oi -Joel ha* hewn th** eau-*- of thousands of death* durn g t >• xx oi l I - history The lacking evidence was to < onne. t bim wttti the poison. vx hi!** he xv • at work Friday his house ,\ a lied. on th** authority of * search w limn! and none* full bottles **t -ay <h-itfne and one about one-thlr«l full wa found In his ll OU so, and th*. bott • Im,l«* ex idem e that they had been bough' In Douglas. f»o 'his evidenro fhe arrest ami commitment was made. Mr Barbar strenuously I ; s iring guilty, tit*! white under the ir-custamrs th** evidence was sift .eld to Justify Judge McGrath In holdlmt him to await th*- action of Mu gland jury, it I* doubtful lf a Jury would convict him of th- crime, ort the ex t-deiii e ai hand. The case is arte of clr. umstanti il ••Video* e. All.I SII* ii C IM* has to Im very complete before a July will convict. !»*• truly HH tiff McGrath r *- * 11*. c*l this and telegraphed lr -trl t attorney Turner, asking him to come over and attend th* hearing, wanting the egperien* • •■! leg ii kilo xx ledge a district gjtornex is suppose t to halve to help In getting out the evidem •• Mr. Turner, a- is usual xx ail Itirn *na not want to travel ai far. when there xx is no fund t<» pay traveling expense ami refused to and *.» til* henting was held with no prosecuting titer nay. VV. It. Walton one of tin* prominent atturn* »-    .    rf    Stiver    ll'    . bap petted to be In town ami xx is retained by Mr. Barbet t>* Ic !■. him o> ' Ile let tin- es* mint* mm co oh. to • whit evld**n*e there pa- igi'n-i Barber. awd intend* to apply lo Judgi Barker, by habeas colpus pio«eedliu -for an examination md I as ic* doubt but Barber xx iii ite tin i released or ids bell great! x re .I u* cd Vomiter V et-ion of I u*c. Ilf this case the Rialto* An/. Ile-vie* has th*- following ll. J Mi Ut *th, deputy abet .it from latrdshurg. .New Mexico retitled Bisbee last night lo Ititerx « x a Mi-rttmpeon who reside* her* and knowledge of whose connection pith m attempted poisoning < I-, at Lord-but ; iv Mougiit lix the ..(ii cis. The fa* is of this case is s..t i lo McGrath tell a story of I * P* ■>*-•* infidelity of a woman to bn pl* < hr husband and a subs***|U* nt attempt cit Ills life by lier a liege.! paramour. Hex. X. I» Wood Iii- *x.t>    . , I Jetties T Hither ar* the centi'<1 fix; orc* in the altair, and the n 11 mony et tile trial of I ta r tier on (he . ii *rg** of attempted poisoning, show til*. I,ut* • til Im a horn* kl!* I k * I of th til* >-* d* |®rfn I ned type. Is-tier- that pass*-*! back and foith le t*cen the erring wife md Barber *-ln*w that h** xx a - not without eti. our lg« mem Bey . Wood, who IS th* p astor of th** laordshurg Methodist Bpi** opal liiur h left lait.lshurg on eat ui .lax evening **f the lith to go ti* ll I iiita. xx Ii*-1»* ti** was called to deliver a .(Aion on tin follow ing d*x Heim iiing t** hi - home In Lordst»()i it on Monday **xei ng hi* repaired to hi* home ai I stain I to prepare supper in tit* ab»«-ft. .* of I* wife, Ile notl* eat til ii everything he t:i< i tat cat tasted bitter I.rn ('Glutei tin fa* t to the condition of hts stomach, Hut aliet gagging over ~.\.ral inor sets which ordinarily were pa la t a oil to I.Im, he 11> down r»i« kness overcame him and tie b» ame tut ill that he Aought the office of u pax sn iao, ll enc. ceiled iii reaching th* Pxthiati I ‘ast Ie, where two bors aoli ted him to a doctors of ii* • He was xxPh the greatest difficulty kept Ailxe. «»fri. els working <»n tile ■ lr- an i mr vlt ilify, so be always at ihat your pox' their best ’ Just consider yourself a wonderful ’ and complicated machine, perpetually, xvorklng and xx earing out. Tie- vital part of the human m -■ bine is the siam... h. When it i-stmng m*l acts naturally, so that dl* i go;(on i |>«*rf**• J and the food tilt furnishes our steam power is stimulated. and the xraste properly Tenoned, then we pan do our b« st work and g* t the most enjoyment out of life. fin the other hand, lf the stomach giv*••* out. all Hie vital orp ins xviii soon become weakened and disease*!. There will he headaches, backaches. pains in the sides md limbs, specks ie for*1 the eyes, lr*-,* of appetite, sleeplessness, xxeakncss and debility. Tile J. H. QfRleliy Co. very n-slbly .tip, Is** people to tak*- care of th** dig«’Stton by strengthening the xtom-i h xxitii Ml-o-na talxlets. » remedy w hi* h tli**y ahsoliitely guarantee Is a posit ive cur* for all stomach troubles, * xcept cancer of the stoma* Ii, find s**U It \x (th tin* understanding that it costs nothing unless it < liras, Just is soon as you feel that your food does not properly digest, that you t isto lf aft* r .ating, til it tho tongue is furr-d. th** breath heavy, th** app* tit— poor, the head dull ami a* hi ng. begin th* use of Mi-o-nn stomach tablets. This is not a patent nu .ll* lo *, md its formula Is furnished to ail intelligent people who may desire it, It makes positive and la-ting cures, and Is sold under an absolute guarantee that it cures all dl*- •I - Of I ii* •* nil u h es ej • tug * lf, • I V-k the J. it. * • Kb Sly I *o. I., eh., x you th* guarsnt*.*. they give vs It Ii every 50 cent box of Mi-o-na. SAN FRANCISCO DISASTER At the UjPiiui theatre, M*in*lax-, Tuesday ami Wedut eday in conn* * ti*.a with mn of the cleverest vaudevlll' p* rforn.aac* « ever put on in Aibt quef-qile, Baby I,xi«*lIBaby FJ. r* nee. th Hilt and Hdm .rxd- trio. Illustrated songs, . tc. Don’t rail to this btl!. I a ii*! Suitdax Night. The m* tit D Changed and th-place will he run as It was last Mutiny r. IVV VV in til HOI vlHtlNt.s IN f.i: VN I FtH VI V NI VV VII \ Ii «» VHI IG I nxilM. I Willi - t ut: i id ii: t i bi s i ut: iciii i vi v 11< I OB I* VB I ICI I VBK VV Bl I I IO I ( VI'Ii I ll Viol P. I V V VV O ll ll SPRINGS. NI \\ VII Mio I very R.-tail vt* r. hum ought to know of the many advan -*g. f tin St 41 lf IM lit laalgcr S) NICI 11 I: xx oui*! pleas* • ut to **h*.xx you sam -Ides and explain the system. *l*h in Automatic I"#, It s. IJihgou a Co.. Bookbinders. Journal Building • I VV I \ Isl I I    II I III I WUU s iw wood Hor    SIMIINGS.    til: V \ , I OI \ IV . NI VV    VII VB ti, VV    lid, TIN- (moi » D V lo I III    WOMB Itl l    I ( I I, V-    , IIVI: 1*B< IHI Bills OI I III VV V I -I IJS FOR t \S| S OI Bill I M.VI IS.Vf VMI sivill VB TIU ll Iii I . I III \i FOVIVlOll V I IONS 0*1 I I lim t i.Vvs, IIH springs vim: lot s: VMI.I s FROH | III DI IHI. \ ST Vt ii: VII I TS I \ I BV IBVIX FOB I* VB I ll ll. VISS W Bl ! I l l V Iii IIVI* ITT. iring th* in lying ay; then i,h**y I* r® Convert • ad t ll. S. IJthgOXX Bookbinder#. J- ut p*r vol ii rn* !heapl r tlutt biose In th* • r and ar* e. It’s up t Ch.. I Muildlrg (.rand benefit halt bx tin* John V. I alg a ii rifle. No. I. I idk/i **1 the <*. V. IF. Ill I lbs' haft ft ,mi, VV eilm-day. •Inn*1 fi. ,t: ti o’l’lfi* 1. Adtiti-Hlon, SI scofti - orch* str;t. I If you need a crrp« fifer, teicplione IIcHM'bb ii. Auto Blume ."sd. “SHV WH AN    WHISKEY* “It Keens #m I a-Bug S5®!g®r’s Caf®, Quick*-! .v Both®, Props, 75he Henderson Corset the very best on the market. Prices 50 cents and up to $3.50. These corsets are sold in Albuquerque only by THE GLOBE STORE. Cj Mothers know that one of their trials is to find hosiery for the little ones that will give satisfactory wear; we believe that Buster BrcWN) ***1snsHtN SIqG&VG pr( i UTH/ * 11 M. BERGER Wholesale I ti up aud Fem I It I V I. I. It v CX .vt i X* FI* d N. K in pre ’'Ria UCO,’ blin Ro-Ka Us:. ‘ int#, Hat White ai Rex Fbi. I Manhatta <’ru'»h. d B*inc. Beef <*th«n- Ktock and I *i Bcd 11 ut.” "Gold K ir" an i "M hoi* - th «< Hay, rn 1 'hoj VI fa I WH® if f lr* . X ultrj tick* Mm tyt Pf' ^7 ^ <- .•ti Csoca. Buster Brown Stockiivgs will meet every requirement. Prices:    12 1-2, 20 and 25 cents a pair. THE GLOBE STORE has the exclusive sale of these stockings in Albuquerque. %M V* V* v* Vt* VV kH G xK xH x« v¥ vt* Ut THE BIG GLOBE SIGN on West Railroad Avenue marks the entrance to the store of reliability and fair treatment THE GLOBE STORE Aute. Phone 626. lit W, Copper Ate I OATS NI VI FIR ll ** ll >| I VR im \|.S <1F V* KNOW I I IM. I ll Vt 1*1 (ORITI I !S I X- iiorm:    i hi:    vii    tm    1 \ vt. Mi n* \c\ ti nu? FAMOUS SHAWHAN WHISKEY IT KEETS Off T A~T TI fi G GOOD TRY IT! TRY IT! Rankin & So. riitf, IN I ll ax ck HUI. I I VIK DDVXX Auterna-t Prt me 451 ROOM IO. N% T ARMIJO Bt ll RlXt. NEW MEXICO MEAT MARKET Vndr* *. Romtm IV»p. Fresh Ss Sa i Meats '- ^FORESIGHT & AFTERTHOGHT v“; U • ' 1 -r-:---..., I’txtplc xx itll Ila- lament tc Mi nim Ii Pm fmi.iuiit -• *. u- tWx imiiH* their cxc*. (fur rxprrk'ttic iii. .I alc a a ii uii’iit Ii.i-D in iou- <amtinii<Hi- rcomimialaiioii. •nr ilcnnigii Un* xxhalg -oi our Igdww. ami nwrtul xxork The Bebber Optical Co. ^innufai turn- id ti®* I: lunn BiftM*ul R'ins. LSUQUCFQUE h EXCLUSIVE OPTICIANS    RS    GOtD    AVE    NUC 2f I ivaur VV Cst fhilil VrmiK*. Alhuqu* rqm «.AXI I SN x| NKO.Y. RAY WOODS & ROBERTS CO. VV IID! I XVI I Dix! BDD fORs I. VS VII. VS, X , VI | I r t t I Patronize the Old Reliable The Crystal Ice Company we manufacture NOTHING BDT IGI A w AA BOTH PHONES <> ♦ I > ♦ <> * ♦ ♦ STONE HOTEL JI VII /. DOI xRltlXt.x I- imxx iif 1**11 ail Dc year around lh •>'    *    I    Via    .mu    ii i< >« hi I a lu ll!, la. Balli lloti*M* 4 HRIHIIii®, Bun MRS. WM. ROGERS, Prop a j t'u * * it i I mind . t I life! Lei uncut laager, a* a y*iii i< <>giOT./*d long ig*-** nt < ic**t;i* a| apii and po»’*‘r, hut •I of th® e*»*t wen* UA dixitbuif® your on®®un Idea — let un j Do* • umfurt# of Ag** Co, • r Th** Cl**ner®l Fie -Irlc I Fro ker-Wheeler Co. Xfot >r* and Dynamo® for every in*! u-trial aery Ice Let um eatl-»nata on your requirement*. mi sot’iiivv ixrutv I lilt BIF VX11 Fox-* I IU F I ION COMPANY A. E. WALKER URE INSURANCE rotary Mutimi Building A - - *» tai I* I? VV |x|' R VII.ROAR VVI xt I . Aul* mat**’ RIiomc *21. V ut* *Mi a 11*' Fit Foiormlo Rhone SI ti I Al.! VI i -I *»dx*r Vx.ioi* W. J. PATTERSON Livery «ind Boarding Stables Al tm.pi* rxpic, N,*w Mctt<x» Id he Future P^aitroad Center of JVebv Mejcico Located on the Tieton Cut-o+f ofThe Atchison Tofjcku AC Santa Fe Ha it tv ay The new City ol Belen is 31 miles south of Albuquerque, N. M„ is at the junction ol the main lines ot the Santa Fe system—leading east and west from Chicago to San Francisco and Los Angeles, cl Paso Texas and Old Mexico The *Reten ZSobvrt and Improvement Company (INCORPORATED) AHR TUR OWN BP S OF TUB BELKN TOWNSITE, Coiirtitii.g Ute ONB THOUSAND F J NI ISS AND RKdlllBNCB -OTR (Mire ll-vt 41 f#®t) froatlng ut in IO and *t cent.-r ut the NKW CITY Md directly upon tto* Sin in F*» Basin y ftepot Ground* The At b **. n » • k t in i ai, * k‘e It aiwujr j *ny v* ii* >. gi I ng rn • it ® nill* lung, (c®|i®cl% of arvtnty mite* if rn I** lr*, k I to a.'coated.i '• ta NKW I \ .4. N* «■ I I ). I JI Iii , arn IIAUV] . * VT1N * Ii *t st Bu I ll. -* t Ch® f »o» -frr*t« ani bvenu**a RIGHT in th* hunt!**®® 1*1 >t ground* MUJ yard limit* I®® fret apl* arid • VV aer I’m ak*, Ma* him- Shop*, Etc. ,t the ary of 'belejv ll** • populitten ®f 166®, and !***v«r»a l»rgr Men in: lr lorn** *, Th* Bel* n Pa—nt I*...s r Mil - . n>    ty HO bart I* J* t> winery, etc. It    I* »h« Iaxre ‘Ct ab trig p. In New Meglco. i'lom It* locution upon the (jrcat Trunk Isg®, lea I,ny N rib, -•■at‘» ) tnt a <1 VV.-t, to ail point* 'n th* United States slid Old 54* * a It* fxBun gi All fa»t limited, mall, agpre*® and freight tr tin* will pan* IU/ *!<ti I * leu ta Ch • e»«» i% *i    .    x*    :**i,    .i    i    ti    e    I'm    r    i    ut,    Th*    wm    ■    r    I*    good    *ni    it    ate    one*;    p two churr he*. * cummer* lal club, three hotel*. r**t xurant*. etc. It needs right bow a I kerf, pm mig e** it ii , nt eh ,eni*k®r. pluinhei, pl aging rn Ii J; « et r* IX1W IN PR I CKH AND TKHMH FAST, One third of our. baa* money given. COMB KARLY IF YOU W18R TO 4ECURE HIK ( tiOlCB LOTA %»h; two-lh;r !m may remain OB note and mort* ga for *ne year aith For further particular* and price® uf lot* ®&J1 in pemou *r writ* to ■ f! *ur, rn...a wheal, wine. bean* hay arid fruit ae a ( Otamer* DI point l ango’ be ta*ttim —J. I IU leg li m n 11 ti,OOH public a boo! tmoae, ne®* abnp, et TUR XA -TS UFI BUKH ABM Intercut at s*ghx p»r * ent per ski.;<m.    Tule perfi** t and warranty deed* The Belen Town and Improvement Company JOHM BECKE*, resident WM. M. TtEBGEV. Secretary A

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