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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 22, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Mexico a leading newspaper i nit 11 Jinni of Kar. \ i of i v \ j Iii a a f Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico sunday july 22, 1923. 20 a ors toll air two i f tio to new Mexico leading advertising medium Price nip. Tit judge Lem s District Albuquerque lawyer is charged with unethical and unprofessional conduct As an attorney at Law Case will be carried to the state supreme court special to the Mornini journal Las vegas n. M., july 21.-�?-the mate supreme court will decide sin important is be for the Legal profession of new Mesic w Hen it considers the disbarment of judge hts hard la. Ham a of Albuquerque former chief Justice of that Bench according to judge David j. Leahy of lha fourth late saturday Altern Legal practice i signal conduct Congress will not be Calleo to Convene in extra session the president farthest North country benefiting by current recess the shit indicia District of thin state who on suspended judge Hanna from the District for unethical and Usif Rofes Attori at Law. Leoti \ Dempsey makes a Short visit in Carbon City sri i a a la Inni in Hup. V m., Only 21.�? Jwak Hal sump Iii a \ Wright it tinfoil it Ltd if Lim a trill int Chism in a a it 11111mapping Nuy Lien for ii Bort it i before a Onton ulnar Khz unto trip of r Fin Navajo it my at lot. How it on Lily was to Colorado on a Fulling a of i. us Emrol in a a Tonoda Ami in familiar with tim country anti Tho Raifa. In a Del Biol a Era i hour Tomc Rolft on at a ant of n Travy rain when Eti route pm Weott Holbrook Anil Gallup and dal not Arri to until Nom or mid ii Tell t. How ant Tho tar tinting Point of i Tori it Aho it . Hip i a gnat of in pert n it to Dent a Loray Moott of tim i a a i in no Tomn t rial it a a Many to a cited Tho Tariro Shaft at a menu. Little or Honey Industry thousands View near Duke City body of Villa is flourishing troops search tvs tar. Foo murderers year into adjacent a a i states Smith Bee expert remains of Robin Hood of my v a. I Mexico slain by Assas the Honey Industry in Bema a r a t a Gnu hello county la assuming proper lays r p1 Lov Lio i it let of Tlona that place the Quot Busy Hui Hail St Naftal 5m�&Quot among the real go getters of the. . Or inn Yaffa is affecting estate Are mixed Al. Aoma of ground loft some supposition is openly in Unco addition on Pant log a by ranch May revert to state of Chihuahua la bring shipped out of a Buquor qua into Texas Arizona ran Aas and Oklahoma. On a few Over from to North fourth Street Smith a co. Ara putting up about 1.990 pounds of Home a Day. The Plant which does the extracting is located in Small shod but from this Little Cut a bushmen some 30,900 pounds of Honey a year Are sent into the Market this Honey retains in the local mar a Pound d it president Harding indicated by Arrow speaking at Ketchikan Alaska. D i Quot fit men a re thu Kin Man. In ilk to to lob lure t it i warn i by u it Tun Hitt \ 11 la it a stadium Tendon. Jut it re erf of Lief Lerlla lived Thor a or. It Hie to Rook Hart in it rut that Addre St at aet month sure net. Quot tit for that a he at with Grad Tsi Neaf con cultural in org at the one of the Jid do More Ion than to d d in a Nova to to do alaskans who have it Ltd a pres Dent Harding during i tour of America s farthest North pop Ltd. Aion. Have been impressed by two pall in wheat prices charred to speculators senator Ladd declares there is a plot on the part of those who opposed Federal regulation a the of to find a i Preble no of the a Lent a of the territory. Parral. Chihuahua. Mexico. July to f by the a sue lated pro a t at about cent Sis body of Francisco Pancho Villa. Robin Hood of Mexico loin the opinion of county Agri disputable the Moat let ump the it cultural agent Reynolds j c. Char act Smith knows More about Bee the. F co,1t/m��or�r>r a a a any Man in new meld for then he St by strange Ombina purpose of describing the Honey Lon a Bor Quot Sens and fiery Industry a morn ii g journal re a is i when Potter visited the Kmeth extracting of p a on today View Plant yesterday and was shown \ a a Over the process by the Propri j r. A tor or i military strategy Learned let in Are t pm per mental to bees Are temperamental. 1�?~�?Tv Aira n f h a j ti.1 Asi Ilion to the and i Oppre Auty and to to above taken during shown How he was ret Alaska. The Pho scat he stepped into the Plant a Tanto Bridge. His fro i w Bich a festooned with bees go in Miguel or pc a in la Ltd about the nyatst1o�a a Cen a Attar. Nod i Fileki vat for is fart in Washington it wheat Price filth was stir by fall daring recent ated to Manipur Felt i k j in t a. Regulation of the lick rim rpm Man is Tolo of Lieut. Maughan is ordered to return by rail to Dayton in la do. Re re fur k Kyj e m Agee on xxx 11 it a inn Roy Garris. Who asks to have his parole cancelled so he can leave town gets advice a a jul ii flt id to la i p her leg sen it it t in r i half a million dollars damage caused by fire no Inman i it a n. A. Only 21. A i ire. Pread by Ktie uni and Dunn mate t it a it a a my a Iii Notor mu.,i Oit the by in-., District of b it Lim rat of Hall in mins it it realm Etc its Way into Ihrol Tiller Ruxine club lugs iump4il Tho main a. Unum him and it rend Bito tin a a by twp set inn. I a Belle t a Lime Birt i in a Frame warehouse it least file persons were Rei oiled Iii the oily he plot Al with Burns and cuts from fall lug list in a and Gin a. Al nor wit it Oie Rome by Moke anti i Lute. No deaths Hail Len pc ported. It <1 no a Lark tonight Lite Fin a under a a Outrid. Tin los a it Jii Itol at from $5�>o,. Igo to . Trio Villa s Sec a a. A. Hns allo Mora is. On hip a it a a Chen bad its she and bodyguard. On bystander thing him vicious in on the ankle who Nam has not been Learned. Later another left its stinger higher a also were killed. On Villa guard up the stun limb and As he left another latin tied a successful it tack under the right Eye. Or was wounded. Vim in attacking band the attacking hand totalled Carse of loss Smith ascribes this hostility to these in the Bandit s unlucky num fait that bees object to dark j her. The so Zallanta were on foot clothe knowledge withheld until while Pancho # men were mount too int for the reporter to go the \ a leaving Parral on a Happy go rounds in his it. A. 1j s. I Lucky journey to hts ranch St Tho frames bearing the Honey Canutillo Durango. Combs Ara placed vertically in a Large extractor after Tho Nap of the comb a been removed with an electrically heated knife. The Combs Are revolved at a Speed of _ in l. N i about 2so r. I. In. End the Honey bed and sped off on hours which Wash out dam Ann ditches thrown against the Side of the vat he Ben hidden in the River bed which drains into a warming pan. The pan the Honey is Strain a Doz it a Bullet pierced Pancho body and four cracked through i to heed. I shots found their Mark in trullo. The Assn Saint fat a to the rive on Navajo irrigation sys terns in Eastern Ariz heavy fall of water pms in Fantom ari7nna p 1 through Chiffon into the final. Tabern Arizona contain rib from which it la run two torrential Rains doing considerable damage have fallen in the into the cans ready for Market. Life Vork of the lice pome of the fact about the life work of the Bee Are most interesting. To appreciate them a visit near the Bridge. Gen. K. Martin commanding a detachment of 109 Federal soldiers. Captured three of the attacking seven late yesterday a Short distance from Here general Martin who hurried her from t he Huihua t Ltd for personal investigation. Is holding the men acting under order from president Obregon. Tile general said the assassins need 30-39 Rifle. Military detachment have left Jim tics and Valle de Allend to in clays after the regulate it Lon be crime effective to or asserted the Quot wheat nut in to to slide Mill since the there has been a steady d Umill to. H he thurs and tear a for the i Rte he o i t h i d. To Vin a ii. In to Ndon Beatrice neb. July not always a virtue novo a ruling handed Down in strict court her a Canerday j be Leonard Xiv Field on be a i tenant Soled to leave wednesday d from to per a rib Mig the by Ole lit i Ai i a i a Mer Oral tour Honor. Said Roy Gan in. Young married Man of Bemus before the , parole which you gave he i Uhn. In. I entire of a a my turn by a expect to re ii of w months if # or i by i int be in Utah. N lives it lord appt it n j nil i month cancelled to keep out of Trout Tom Gibbons will meet battling Siki -0 so that i mar a Iju i for to a t e a stiffs i xxx i to n i Edwards is cheered As next president of United states rive me a jail sen Moy leave the judge who during i sixty Quot to h of experience at Hie bar have to r la Ren known to Ileal out in match Justice leaned Forward Uttz non it i Jfe Kiv an. A Lunation from the re und Youthful Jill Ider it a Quot the Fellows around town is a i. Pc Illy one arc slandering me j from Tonj to say and As i no in i Der parole i cannot protect my i it a he declared with a i smile which was Fraugh new pc y 21, i eight of or. Dempsey a mont., has Huntt Long ii eight in Yankee Sis Oday the e decided. It in Paul. Stiff been Siki h i a ilium Date fought legislation that wot their activities. Now fica new Law with a few Teeth proving to be annoying a Ina dig rated a period of St a spline for tim wheat Farmer and the farm bloc in Congreve by which discipline they Hope eventually to convince the wheat grower that he was All wrong in damage legislation which curbed their Power Anil that in must come Back and ask con it be to repeal this annoying ii Art. Take the to h frn 11 w find again Trust to the generous Meres # of the wheat Sharks. Quot their is Stem liar worked very cleverly during the last three month in driving Down the Price of wheat by mean of heavy Short Selling. The propaganda a been it i a id Tho a a a Dei t or Matts weather reports foreign Supply and demand Domestic needs of a tremendous surplus in the growing crop Allf Ujj have been cleverly used to fore i natural i yer out of Tho Mark to in the belief that he would eventually buy at lower Price Quot Salls to Coyt. I several Days in Eastern to a Bee farm will explain the sub Arizona about 60 mile Wert of cot matter better than any de a la.,up, new Mexico. George Script ton. But a Brief outline of the no Leer of the United Organ led manner in which the initiates Indian irrigation Bervie. Sects carry Tho Honey from a a 12rii,#lzlamzb is been sent to Ganado on tit Bower to the hive will show their tril the mur4 r re Indian reservation in Arizona to Busy habits. A investigate the damage done to a i he life of the working be is j the irrigation system maintained about thirty Days. To y Hatch out flier by the United states gov in the Brooder and take to the a run sent for the assistance of the Ureal outdoors on their insatiable navajos in their farming opera quest for Honey. They gather this and carry it to the hive in a pro ther a five a six Mlp of Bose and when their wings Are Aitch a at Ganado supplied with worn out and they can carry no to a a trn 1 fuse Avoir. More Honey they fall and die this t Arth Side ditch which i the epic of the Bee Buth. Appal to i 5 acres has been lug Industry and Swift death when practically destroyed the South the capacity to work is gone. To Dit h. Serving about 1.400 tin Bota Are bred in the hives acres was not badly damaged provided for this purpose. The two Rains occurred both of them Queen Bee lays about 5.000 eggs a do dog damage. Before the first Day. Keeping the army up to c a army up ave Octant attn nov up nepali Quot a Havy Hail. Cov strength for the death rate is very a., Ali Orney Uene Rai a ring ground two inches thick High. The study of the us eco re Armstrong rules that Ali ,8�?� the Veals Many strange facts. From and shirk the fight and try to lose hero old the i Xvi of is located about six Miles self in tits mass of workers they a state of Rora Ganado four inches of rain tighten up their formation and attorney or it in hour not Long ago it keep her on the Battlefield. When sea elephant Given to zoo at san Diego a of a a c�?zv1, Quot to with on. To six of the. Queen. App. Or Schuss arc taxable except. It re my pm we Colo in each swarm in a season. The Quot infer St Ftp Pymm prep a d,tch8 w a damaged first Queen born m ikes it her bus mini slate Commerce by a or fact water running Down iness to quickly Asri Sinate the. To Quot Quot. ,. Eve j and washing others in they appear. They Bat egret of to the out the Dot Cly Waus. Tie to the death on the bodies of 1 i v i i he a at s at Kin to Hee which Means the working Bee and if one would Caroline sex t to of a cent a Gal in Jig Utah Quot red House. Ion applies to gasoline sold the Quot hich Federal government or the new Mexico assistant _ a a it. N. Al ruled in a. It a a be. N reported Here the in the survival of the fittest has been opinion today. The question was a it irrigation Reservoir was worked out the last Ameen goes a to by c. In stroller Carter. The Nat aged the Rush of water Tak about her work of propagating the lug out part of the storage dam. Hive. A the cells in which the Queen Bee Are hatched Are much larger than those of the workers and the number of these cells is regulated by Tho intuition of the workers through their extraordinary organisation. The Queen Bee is rather Lumberton n. A july 21 by r w up. Having attained the opinion follows. Your inquiry is bated up no statement Quot a question a been raided in reference to the collection of the excise tax on gasoline an to whether this tax must to in id a the United states gov the men tried on three guilty by n. C. Jury it with red pit will in Yon ii j to i it this worst offend Luero 1 Hun in. Res a her i heir ail h a1 editor in pre it id a in Hen i today to t n u i to i in of do v my weather the re a a seen and then a pair of Blitz lug Young eyes in a deep v i a n i in a Lack w As in mute a Para i to till a neb. Berha r s is to for was f. A Ling the re Sira at to it Prat iced in h s sixty cats e bar find w us Tho Gavel. But u hotels front rued that he was remember my the Day when he was cited for a n Stripling private on a Battle Field of the rebellion or in months when to commanded a. Brigade in the Day of 9s, the silence he said Quot my boy Pearl is Jot always it virtue. Lick hint of he or anybody else takes unman advantage of you again. Lick hint hard. I will pay tour Fine. Never fight unless you fee you have to but when von 1.�?� do it Bounty attorney Harold Hatton re a while both grizzled and Youthful attaches broke the ii comm of the tribunal with half controlled applause. Quot your said the san Diego calif., july 21 a a sea elephant said by local scientists to a the Only one in Captivity was brought to san Diego yesterday and presented to the City zoo by Tho officers and Crew of Eagle boat no. 12, which took naval reservists from this City and. Oiler Point in Southern California Rill at Magdalena Bay. Hough practically an infant a elephant weigh than of pounds. The animal was captured at the Guadalupe Blana Xet Maii no is under careful Protection of till mexican government. The youngster was caught in a heavy net. Lie the trip to san Diego in Fine shape and on arriving Here wins hurried to the no of True Pueblo and or that so prod had failed in of it chit exturs and Deco been Best glug the of-1 Quot a of Huck. Director of the zoo. P Aihui Guerque hotel id that zoological gardens and learn if Tbs Quot Box car re Vang Here was hurried to the zoo it is to he left on tile f0, to to obtain a sea elephant d window frames of till alive. It was elated at this new exterior of to Quot first floor of the acquisition to till local collection. 7�?� i financiers sail on Erin Cut or agencies or department of the a Tate of new the. Associated pee he a pc re n t f1 growth permitted by the Large Mexico on sales made to of not guilty on three counts of an ccl1 them. Indictment on which they were a Queen exclude Quot the s a on the question pro tried was returned hire this after in Tbs Honey hives there sri Les that on or before the 10th noon after 60 minutes deliberation a a Queen excludes Quot which prevent it of Ca c i month after March it by till jury in the trial of j us a a a a regular Blue will adorn quoth let be of the few1 doors and windows of exterior of lower floor like upper stories 19.1, every ii True or of gasoline Brogden Mike Lawson and John and every retail dealer lit gasoline on lied Peth. Correct Tho men were indicted and tried 1 by for kidnapping secret assault and during assault on women a a result of except a so the kidnapping and flogging near a i is exec peed Proctorville x. The on april i i lat nil shall of mrs Mary Watson and mrs. It mint Hattie Purvis. Equal to j left Gas foot Nurit on pug two. Troop to Canutillo Federal troop today bad Gem to Canutillo in anticipation of possible disorder at the Villa ranch. Affairs affecting Villas estate admittedly a re mixed and even some supposition is openly made Here that the ranch May revert to Tho a Tate. Troops from the command it Gen. Joe g. Escobar Are bound Here from Torreon to help in the Pursuit of then a sales who today remained unidentified. Two theories Are advanced by officers Here one is that deserters from Volls s guard committed the killing. The other is that of revenge. Had Many t a cml Villa the Mountain Man with ability to ride shoot and swear with a Peci bar Complex the great weakness of which wins an uncontrollable temper had Many enemies probably hundreds of men had a worn to take his life and according to his friends he had no enemy so bitter a Francisco Herrera. And not without cause. Villa is said to have practically exterminated the Herrera family prominent in Mexico. Mao Tesla Herrera general Over the left Wing of Villa # 1914 army waa mysteriously murdered. Melcher another general his brother Jose de la Herrera his f ther and a younger Herrera were executed on easter morning in 1915 when they were led to a Parral grave Yard , the Only male member of the family left is a government official at Gomez Pallilo Durango not far from Here. Today once More Villa became a front Page Story which position he had often emphatically declined. He also said he never wanted bul continued on tse two. Til Render a True and tement of All g Moline d distributor or dealer a preceding month the Hilo of which i in taxation hereunder a Tupeach fab Iii an amount of Moue tax herein Laid upon present inclination toward progressive policies is not temporary Brookhart claims i in or a i a lion b 1 Fth 1 cd do. P attorney Quot the 11 i c n to on a d it he Unity Tenor Young Man has not 00 a but a at hit in it i 1 Tun last Wood 01 a a i out that ii punish ted pal that till arrived _ i inight Quot b Quot splendid Quot replied judge Colby Quot now you ban something beside Gnu wife to work for and to fight for. A there tire time when oven jail better than on a rile a a Tho Young father struggled with his emotions in me at then raised Bis eyes in which anger had Given Way to Pride. Quot my son Quot he a Aid a a tvs already been named i a a Nard Colby Dunn officials Are willing to whet iter pm that Leonard t Olby Harris Wilt re a it a not be forgotten by his judicial Tion to 1 it father. Quot i May not have been i it w a 1 rite Law Quot observed on he Lerv of new York Fie Tat Whoso ii i Ppd had been Ham been a i a a Quot but St v a Oil Tho in a Dot. A i no Lins been Aly Ever say Blo dwelling 1 or in i Dows St universally T. Tire is is pc ted from chichi where i if i fitting for Kin. La hold puny will h gust 9, Wile whether a ii on the hot Monte for in steamship olympic new York july 21. The Mam ship olympic leaving for Europe today was a Bankers special in nit a Galaxy of leading financiers nil weeks a Diatlo on tile loudness Outlook conditions Are belter than they have been in months declared i it Baric ii so in chairman of the Board of the guaranty Trust it on a Rany starting on a five weeks Holiday. Quot business is thoroughly Bourd. All Over the country. People Are Sistru Colon a Foj doing Only Normal supplies hut will by Thor won t be any Landing pros e of the hot Home in two a and other cities Shafit furniture and in hotel. A of the hotel com id i meeting on a i it in ill be decided it t it be will be placed to cover final Bitite Noush or it Loes Aid Coll -1 pm to until world condition Are tin financial Reed. J radically improved Quot he said. Ice Quot it a. T tint 11 1 i if it insurance company of pm can laugh Sec till la hot ii i to by my it Iii a Olumn to i in it if cd Abu. A Page the unite. State government 1 or agencies or departments of the state of new m \ co Are 3. T a i rep of by the act in question we i therefore conclude the distributor i and dealer in pay a a tiny must remit one Cert Ner gallon tax on All sales. Other than these of such gasoline As is or a been brought into this a Tate and sold in original package As purely inter state com Mere sales or purchased outside til state and relight into this state in original package by the consumer far i own lies Post f u la y s u b in it to Dot signed 1, John Vav. Armstrong a tart attorn y general. Pastor invites men to attend his Church without their Coats Spokane. W.oli., july 2t a declaring that lie it Ltd to reason i i it Mon St Muld in uncomfortable in Church on a hot Day. The Rev. Rex c v it a read of a local Church an a nit is that in will appear lit the Pul tilt without a coat min Tler. A Ida pastor a invited i the men of ids congregation j to Immy to Church without i their Coats but so far they Lune acc Uick Reluct a it heed j at Craig to resign As dec Misc Der ill Corn Chicago july 21 by the Asse or. Brookhart dented that the in Livi i to of Ulster Al 1 a 1 1 i Quot Grey Siv j a go ent apparent inclination to element Iii Congress welcomes lha i Ward the a ,.�?z r. In. July Sih. A of. . to 8, Whf Sam lbs % ated press it 1.# persist Only re it of so Hampshire in Iwa confined of the Farmer of the mop i that trip James Craig will Washington yesterday calling West or the Middle West a in re sign in Premier of Plater Accord operation of the conservative Mose state bit my Idi a orig to the Irish new a nation of Partis to meet tits Quot me rj"1.0 Alist newspaper. Nae of radicalism Quot and will s�1.?�?� a Quot a to fans the reports Ara based apparent a a in wbk a lha Point Cornea to Issue i in h my if it West Quot senator Broom by on the absence of the Pron in at he beginning of the next con i j t West donator Brook from Belfast last week for the Brook Thi firmer never Baa had in Ora Ico Flemon stration halt off it it today,.,. The Belfast news say that Bis j Tow i into Ltd Republican and i i urns pm mid the Pris he to name has been with the. Thu Jeffers on Democrat Wall Bethe. 5. Com. A Upp ointment a ssi k governorship. It is stated authoritatively that he wan off a a a .0 Longini Post in 1 922 but refused be Lus it necessitated his withdraw Cerat when the next Congress convenes a or. Brookhart who passed through Chicago it it a his ii from Irish politics during thai Khi Horny in Washington critical period. La. I been the fact that he got his land fro in the government for St 25 an Ayre and that land has advanced in Price from a Low value now the Advance in the Price of land a ended. The Price a backward. The find Nubi interest of the have determined to fore the also of land Hack by reducing Loans by using 1150 a the valuation of Best Illinois and Iowa lands the Farmers pow re a the situation realize that thy never Cid d at a secret session thursday i extent of or in tor a com by motion i hav h for for the a Texier or Hung i or a Coin nation re j that a la re number of them Are faced with bankruptcy Quot or. Brookhart asserted. The interests of the Farmer Sod general elections to be held in Erin commenting on the statement of senator Moses w to is chairman of the Republican senatorial Campaign committee or Brookhart said that the progressives Wen Quot pretty Well organized now and i noun. July 21 by the Assoc a they welcomed the Public state 1 1 up Dail litre air de a meet which recognized them to the a a a a a or Bendon thursday i extent Ltd of calling tor a combination was Learned today to hold the of conservatives of both parties in is Fly. I cd in d ors not to Miflin o v to r to inc of t h f in the first week in september. The situation realty would come therefore it is believed that Dis a i to Issue at the beginning of in Bon of the Datl May occur Ai any next Congress he said in the toe ill ichor or Are Mutual Quot he said Quot the labourer is lha principal or Quot i customer of the Farmer and the moment 1 of strength end the Quot i i Cubi a Iii liter in Iti a big 1 to 1 a a j Farmer a a the principal custom i ill 1 is i i vol it 1# ii bus Erat a tic characterized the in Book Iii 1 in. Sob column i progressive in the two parties i classified Page i would win i Aasu of the labourer. The Middle profit i. Ulu Uund of Foge two a

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