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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - May 1, 1884, Albion, Indiana gh e llMon ^etv TWO DOLLABS A YEAB. "Äe-wr to tli.e Z.jiz3.e; Ijet tliè CSbJ-ps I^aJLl wla-ere th.ey a^ay." IN ADVANCE VOL.XII.no. 32. • ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, MAY 1, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 19 A SHATTERED HAND. Teetli I Teetli george e. johnson. SÜBGEON DENTIST Albion, Indlaoa. Special attentlou Riven to both SuKCiifAL and thkbapuetical treatment of all disesesof the mouth and associate parts. Dllico, East Main Street. 2yl tue lost is found. : :KONKLE : —Ü- To tlOLO IFront I I am now prepared to do all kinds of Wagon, Carriage And Sign Painting, ETC. {»-Thanks to mv friends for past favors. I hoiie by iloing good work for fair jirkes to merit a liberal share of your patronage in the future. All work warranted togive satisfaction. S. K. KONKLE. BARGAINS. BAR6AIHS. When you want BARGAINS Call at the Postoßce lïTctiorL Stoïe ! And See Our CKSif .A. IT 33 COlNTKnS lo Additional Local News. Notions of All Kinds Kept Here. S. M. QREENMAN. Livery & Feed-Stable. CARRIAGES FOU BUSINESS OU PLEASURE; SAMPLE WAGONS foh COMMERCIAL MKN, AND GENTLE TEAMS FOR LADIES. TERMS REASONABLE! Barn on JeffersDn St., North of Court House, -! ¡- ALBION, IND E3D. I^op'r. FIRE! Protect Your Homes! against fire, ligutning^^gj S^^ND CYCLONES, -^ BY a POLICY OF ^- INSURANCE FRANK CLAPP, I who represents the following RELIA-I BLE INSURANCE COMPANIES: .VORTH Ins. Co., Philadelphia, Ins. Co., Xew Yorlc City. SPRimFIELD F. & M.^ Ins. Co., Sprindfield, Mass. MTXÄ^ Ins. Co., tPHŒXIX^ Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn. Iiis. Co., Xew York City. Ins. Co., Indianapolis, CLAPP BJXXÎK i —Beautiful line of Shawls—New Store. —Boads are getting in good condition. —There are some cases of scarlet fever in Goshen. —Cyrus Freeman,*» of Peru, was in town this week. —Elza Shaffer's father Sundayed with his son in Albion. —Joseph Bonar expects to start for the west next week. —The presbyterian church is yet without a resident pastor. —There is room for and need of more manufactories in this place. —Jacob Niles is worthy the support of all for trustee of the Third Ward. —Owen Black will return in time to preside at the democratic convention on May 28. —Joseph B. Kiddle will make a splendid tov/n trustee. Let every republican vote for Eiddle. —Boyle, a tramp who murdered a fellow-tramp, has been convicted by a Fort Wayne jury and sentenced to hang. —A cousin of Mrs. Thomas A. Huston, from Philadelphia, has been visiting with the latter in Albion for a few days. —Andy Parks will make an excellent town marshal and ought to be elected by all means, as we believe he will. —Decoration Day May 30. Shall it be observed in Albion. What say Worden Post G. A. R., and the ladies of Albion. ? Quarterly meeting was held at the methodist church during the past week. Presiding elder Mendenhall preached on Sunday. —Loomia, of the new store, seems to be building up a fine trade here. Many of his old Kendallville customers are coming here to trade with him. —A number from Albion and vicinity went to Chicago on Saturday, availing themselves of the low rates offered by the B. & O. at that time. —There are four persons on^^e sick list on South Oranga/^reet. These are Mrs. Morris, 'Mx^/Freeman, John Freeman and y^lvester B. Easterday. —John B. Pepple has erected quite an extensive addition to his residence in the north part of town, and has made other improvements about his promises. —Fitch and Baughman are both men of excellent qualifications for the oflSces of treasurer and clerk fr r which they are candidates. Give them your support —W e know of no daily paper in any of the smaller cities of Indiana that is receiving a better support than the Goshen Daily News, and what is better, it is merited. —There is a young man in town who has a habit of peering into residences late at night The night-watch declares he will expose him if caught again at this low business. —Carter's Little Liver Pills will positively cure sick headache and prevent its return. This is not talk but truth. One pill a dose. To be had of all druggists. See advertisement. 17mol —Frank Berhalter, of Kendallville, died one day last week at the age of 28 years. His disease was consumption. The deceased was a man universally respected by all who knew him. —It is now stated that all the material of the defunct Herald, of Columbia City, will be forwarded by Col. McDonald, to the Ligonier Banner, of which his son, J. E. is local editor and part owner. —In publishing a newspaper our object is not to pander to the wishes and tastes of i^e depraved and vicious. A newspaper ought to be a co-worker for the good of society with the church and school. It wiel^ a powerful influence for good or evil. —Harvey Singrey, superintendent of the {x>or farm, lost his pocket book on Saturday, containing about $180 in money and several hudred dollars in notes. When he discovered the loss on Sunday morning he supposed it had been stolen from his house, but later in the day it was found by a peddler and returned to the owner. The gentleman who found it was W. D. Weyer, of Auburn, traveling for J. C. Henry, of Chicago, and Mr. Singrey desires the world to know that there is one hon-Ai^HioN, I NO. I est man in the person of Mr. Weyer. LIGHTNING! CYCLONES! Pa. —LaGrange republicans will nominate a county ticket, May 31. —Rev. Colclazier will move from WoUcottville to Kendallville, it is said. —The wife of sheriff Carter, of LaGrange, is in poor health, and her condition is regarded as critical. —The Auburn papers boast of a $100 road receipt that was paid into the coimty treasury last week, in that place. —Prof. Luke, of Ligonier, and county superintendent Denny will conduct a normal, or training school for teachers, in Albion, this season. Let teachers make their preparations to attend. —Any person wishing their residences (not too far from public square) cai-efully inspected at each hour of the night, can make such arrangements, at reasonable rates, by calling on Artiiur Hoffman, night-watchman. 19 w 2 —In Whitley county a great many farmers had to borrow money to pay their taxes. T. B. Felkner, who assisted treasurer Lang in the collection of taxes in Noble county this year, says that tax collections were better by 30 per cent this year than last -Cash paid for eggs At New Hartjord Conn. Ind. FRANK CLAPP, Store. —Dr. Parker, of the News, disclaims any intention of becoming the democratic candidate for joint representative for the counties of Elkhai-t, Noble and DeKalb, in the coming canvass, but assert« that of right the candidacy belongs to an Elkhart county man. —Fine line Dress Silks At New Store. —The parents of Mr. Frank Saltz-gaber are quite aged, both being upward of 80 years old. They are residents of Ohio. There will be a reunion of the family on the anniversary of the elder Mr. Saltzgaber's birthday the latter part of this moi^h, and Frank expects to attend. —A boy at Nappanee was badly bitten about the face and head by the family dog, and as the canine, had hitherto l^n of a quiet, peaceful disposition, fears were entertained that the animal might possibly be mad. The boy's nose was nearly torn off in the encounter with the dog. —Calico Remnants 4 cents—New Store. —Commissioners' court will convene in regular session on the first Monday in June. This will close Mr. Mummert's connection with the board, unless special sessions are called, as his successor, Mr. N. New-nam will take his seat in September. At that session and thereafter until a republican is elected to succeed Mr. Davis, the board will again be democratic. —Best prints, 5 and 6 cents— New Store. Notice: In another column will be found an article in which all (whether the will or no) are interested. Neglecting to read it may prove a very serious affair. We refer to the advertisement of Prickly Ash Bitters. A knowledge of its merits and the benefit you or your family may derive from using it will save not only health but many dollars otherwise expended in "Doctors' bills." 17ml —Best carpet warp, 18 cents per ß). New Store. —There will be an excursion to Washington, D. C., via the B. & O. B. R. to the meeting of the American Medical Association, on May 16, 1884 In order to a accomm^ate those desiring to attend the meeting, the B. & O. Railroad Co. have made the following arrangements: Delegates paying full regular fare from principal points on Trans-Ohio Divisions to Washington, will be returned to such points, on certificate, at one-fourth of the lowest unlimited rate. , —^New Styles Dress Ginghams at the new store. —A good many of our democratic exchanges are crowing lustily because a majority of the trustees elected in Kosciusko county at the April election were democrats, and asserting boldly that it means a democratic superintendent of schools for that county. Well, if that is to be the programme when democrats control, and as they have already established the precedent in Noble county, we suppose there will be no kicking if the republicans of Noble and Whitley follow their example. By their own actions they say that Watts P. Denny must go. —Produce of all kinds bought at Mrs. Clark's New Stobe. —Prof. White left Albion on Wednesday night —Circuit court convened in LaGrange on Monday. —An eyeless colt is one of the wonders over in Kosciusko county. —Mrs. A. J. Denlar is slowly recovering from several weeks of severe illness. —There was a cyclone about Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday. The wind blew a gale here. —Dr. Rerick, of the LaGrange Standard, has been on the sick list during the past week. —At the county house in Elkhart county there are three men whose ^es are 86,85 and 83 years respectively. —Schwab, of the Orange street tobacco store, is on the road this week in the interest of the Albion cigar manufactory. —Andy Parks has sold his fine span of mules to Lewis Seeley, of near Brinofield. He realizes about $350 for the span. —The Warsaw Indianian says that "Billy Felkner, of Milford, son of Thomas Felkner, of Albion, is in the city visiting his relatives." —Nelson Prentiss delivered a discourse from the presbyterian pulpit on Sunday last We have heard it spoken of as being a veiy able address. —The presbyterian social will be held at the residence of Dr. Lemmon on Friday evening of this weeL Refreshments, ice-cream, &c. All are invited. —Miss Ada Parkman, late teacher in the Albion schools, dropped into our sanctum on Monday and ordered The New Era to her address at Brim-field, Ind. —Times are close with farmers and money scarce, as many of them were compelled to buy corn at a high price to keep their s^k during the long winter that it is hoped has now lost its grip. —Mrs. Clark respectfully solicits the patronage of the people of Albion and vicinity. She proposes, by fair dealing, an attractive stock and low prices to merit a share of the dry goods trade. 18w2 —While fishing on Pike Lake, near Warsaw, a gentleman threw his spear at what he supposed was a large pike, and upon drawing it in was surprised to find that he had speared a large otter instead of a fish. —The circuit court of Kosciusko county has decided the Syracuse ditch case in favor of said ditch, and we suppose that the work of lowering the lake will be commenced. The case will be appealed to the supreme court. —"Billy" Williams and wife expect to return from South America this summer, if Mr. W. cen obtain leave of absence from the government. He is now the representative of the L'nited States to Paraguay, and resides at Montevideo. —The Locke correspondent of the Nappanee News says that "Mr. Dexter Mendenhall is very sick at present: We did not hear what the doctors call the disease, but it is some ailment of the bronchial tubes. We hope to see Dex around again in a short time." —Medical men seem to be the favorites with our people. Dr. Pickett is already one of the town board. The republican caucus nominated Drs. Hays and Lemmon for trustees, but these gentlemen declined. The democratic caucus on Monday night nominated Dr. Busz for town marshal. —The two men who were recently arrested in Adams county for robbing and murdering a farmer in that county, are the men who escaped from two United States deputy marshals, near Albi#n, by jumping from a train on the B. & O. road, of which an extract from the Bremen Banner published elsewhere speaks. They were being taken to West Virginia where they were wanted for burglary. _ A BAD, BLACK BERRY. Oscar Berry Takes in the Pack-erton People on Paints and German Baptist Publications. A Disastrous Day to Lee Danner at Diamond Lake.The Officer» go i Gafheri Berryin' but in the Fruit. Fail to The Packerton correspondent of the Silver Lake Times said last week of the crookedness of an individual who is credited with being a probable resident of Noble county, that "an intelligent youth by the name of Oscar Berry, hailing from Milford or Ligonier, has been operating this town for some three weeks claiming to be a painter by trade. Last Saturday some victims from the country recognized him as an agent taking subscriptions for periodicals of the German Baptist publication, for which it is said he took in $40.00 on order but never sent in any. After speaking to him about it a warrant was issued and a posse came over on Monday but alas the bird had flown. It was however soon found that the place had suffered the loss of about two weeks board, a lot of paint, varnish brushes, &c., cigars and sundries, and also a pair of shoes. A number of these articles taken would not have been known, only an intimate friend of his who helped smoke the stolen cigars and knew of the transaction told of it after all was gone. As there is but little difference between the man who holds the bag and the one who handles the scoop it will do for consideration. Oscar BeiTy is a young man of small stature, smooth face, and can talk well, rather good looking and will bear watching." For the honor of the county, we trust that this "peculiar" Berry is not a product of Noble county, but that he hails from Milford or some where else, as the account intimates may be the case. Albion has an Ed. Berry, who, so far as good looks, smooth face, and a sufficiency of chin music is concerned answers the description given of the Packerton Wild Oscar. More than this he has a ministerial look and bearing that might become a peddler of German Baptist publications. But then our Ed. is not that kind of a Berry. He is not a painter, except in so far as the goods in which he deals gives color to the cheeks of his customers and frequently starts them out on the streets with the avowed purpose of "painting the town red," to use an expressive cow-boy phrase. Instead of spiritual food in the shape of German Baptist publications, our Ed-deals in a different kind of spiritual pabulum at ten cents a "nip" at the East Main street saloon. It is a well-known fact that a number of persons in Albion are in the habit of spending the Sabbath in the woods, or along the banks of our lakes and rivers shooting game. On Sunday last Lee Danner, baker at Franks' restaurant, and a quiet and industrious citizen, in company with Peter Huffer, of York township, and Ed. Berry, of Albion, bar-tender at Willett's saloon, repaired to Diamond Lake, some six miles from town for the purpose of having a day's sport in shooting snipe. They were armed with double-baneled shot-guns. Mr. Danner fired one barrel of his gun, and leaving the other at a full cock, commenced to reload the empty barrel, and while doing so the loaded barrel was discharged sending the full charge of shot into his left hand, tearing the flesh and muscles of the hand in a fearful manner, and taking off the ends of three of his fingers. He was brought to town and Drs. Pickett and Green were summoned who dressed the wounded member. It is a very bad wound, and if it heals without entailing the permanent loss of the hand, Mr, Danner will be fortunate^ At best the hand will necessarily be maimed and crippled. It was an unfortunate day's sport to him. I will sell at a bargain to an early purchaser, two horses, one good top buggy, one double-seated spring wagon, one dray wagon and one set of harness. Geo. O. Russell. An Answer Wanted. Can any one bring us a case of kidney or liver complaint that Electric Bitters will not speedily cure? We say they can not, as thousands of cases already permanently cured and who are daily recommending Electric Bitters, will prove. Bright's Disease, diabetes, weak back, or any urinary complaint quickly cured. They purify ^e blood, regulate the bowels, and act directly on the diseased parts. Every bottle guaranteed. For sale at 50c. a bottle by Huston & Molen. —All kinds of grain and produce will be bought at the New Store, as soon as suitable arrangements can be made with the B. & O. railroad. It is proposed to make Albion a good grain market The highest market prices will be paid at all times. A H. Clark; Loomis, Manager. —The Fort Wayne Journal says that "Lanta S. Cassel, the W^hitley county horse thief, was not caught in Iowa as stated by a contemporary but at Manning, 111. Sheriff All wein captured him at a farm house at 10 o'clock at night Cassel was sweetly sleeping when Allwein ap proached the bed and said, "come Lanta, let us go home." Lanta awoke with a start, yawned and said "well Frank guess we might as well." —No one from Albion, The Era says, attended the Republican con vention at Auburn, which clearly in dicates that the "hub" is losing her interest in political matters per taining to ^e Republican party. It was once the head and front of the party in this county but the olc actors of that party in that place are mostly gone or are losing their inierest.—Kendallville News. W^ell, if the actors in the re publican party are losing their in terest, it «doesn't manifest itself any where except in the imagination of our contemporary. Private business may detain delegates from a political convention, sometimes, but a good report will come up l^m the «polls in November, and don't you forget it A SHATTERED HAND.Shooting Snipe on the Sabbath Day. l. w. welker, AnORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. P^OIHce up stairs in Clapp's Block. THOS. b. felkner, AUorney-ttf-JLaw, Albion, Indiana. 0£B.e« otaklzs Ixx Tolixx S. SXaiclc'B 3a.«w Blocke. 22t( fielding prickett, Attorney-at-Lawy Albion, Indiana. Office on York Street, directly West of Court House lyl D r. pickett. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attention given to chronic diseases and disease« of women anil children. Office on Main street, 3d Door East of Bank, Albion. Indiana. 27yl A, «AHTt, DENTIST Ligonier, Ind. Filling Txith a Spkcialtv. 'yy'iluam t. gbeen. 'lipciu I ALBION,.................INDIANA. WOK/IDElSr IPOST no. o. A. n. Regular meetings second and fourth Saturdays in each month. D. A. SCHAFF, COM. S. R. EASTERDAY, ADJ'T. WM. TRUMr, QuARTBRMASTKR. J^ORTH STAR LODGE, No. 380, I. 0. 0. F. albion, indiana. Regular meetings every Tuesday evening. E. l. Tbsgarden, N. G. J. CocKLKY, Sec'y. ■^^ew millinery establishment. I have established a newl MUHnery Store in Albion, in rooms over Denlar'a Restaurant ill Stone's Block and ask all to call and see my stock. IfivCxs. Ta,s. .Am. Oaaaaploell. 'TTT'ILLIAMS KCOUSE. Albion, Indiana, RICHARD WILLIAMS, PropW, This House is entirely new—is of brick, and furnished throughout. Good Is completely Sample Rooms for commercial men. Main Stbmt, South or Couat Hovn. v7D7jrl ;

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