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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - December 11, 1884, Albion, Indiana .> tu-». /T yv )il iMm«HEW TO THEXIIIE. LBT THE CHIPS Vkht WHERE THEY Uky.« , .....- NO. ». ALBION. l«)BLE COUNTY. INDIANA. DECEHBEK ii. 1884 NEW SERIES. VOL lì TOBTDSaD WITH TXRBOB. iThto to tt* Oenittiton of the and of tlx South. ITIm Raeotd of tha Qamoen^ ' Fartr Ohum It. ewMetoer*. «ndBelchint. and itrencth- IIMWCI. _ . « F«Tcn. LMittade. LMkof '.4e..itbuw>«|aa. , ^ llM MBolM taM alMnre tr^Bittt^ lines on wimvfier. T»kenootì>er. to HMracnuBMi« awl . KING'S EVIL 1|r«ltk*BaaMlor£^y^ven to Scrofnlm • of ftmperütiUuu t:i:.l it cuUiJ IÁ1 by • Idac't touch, ^lia work: 11 mlwr wm, Mid knows tliat SCROFULA cm only be rami br a tborou;^ h r nrlficap tlon of the blood. If Ihin is lurl»^««!'. perpeiuute;« its tuiiil tUnHiKb after treiwratiou. Auwi^ ft« :1c Uevelo{>U)£ttls uro ________Ei-uptioBS, Tu- SMn. Bolla, Guitiuiclet, tSrarriip«^ FwiilMit IJlMn, Kervon« and Pky-■ieál CWIIapws etc. If allowed to com- — --------- ScroCttlooa Ca- Ltrer Diaea—■, . _ _ ____aptioit, and irarl- HiigM gyi....... fntni iiirT-"--- ^ /fyer's Sarsaparilla fisrsSííSSSísL?'^^ aükáltanüve that ft eradfa^M from ijiljM Baredttary ScrofaUs and miairf «(NitaKioiM^waaea At Iba ame tiow ft ra-VttaBxes tli6 blood, restortei im to ^ trftal orwuu and the entire aysleiu. 'ndasicak Ihiewative ItoSiciiie ■mitee SfwAms fe^ Dndt. ma-PoUtuivm and otta of preat po> Fricntificntlv corn» 11» ^eneraH.r kaowit Siinibd DTOfearion. aiid the ^ eoiwtantíy prescribe Aver*« ÀlNloliite Cure ftaridl^lKaaea earned by the viUatioii of Ihibtooá. ItiieonedRratcd totbcLigb* «t frMrieabb degree, far bcroiid any «aUßr pmpantkm tor wbkb W» cffi»tl •radüiB^ aad fa ttMtefore the dMapaat. • «ivdlMttebeXUoodpaxttyiafiawtf- Aym's Sarsaparilla nSPABD BT |iùwl,tlwlChwdels.l Mkyaannw^t ftlmUi üs ISiat wido-spraad mkurm and tenor lexistaiiiiiog Ihe eolorod people of ^ aoatii, is not deoie& That theesose ai this aianii and tornar in the minds |of the negro is oooamonod by the Idmioeri^c party gidning oonMo^ the govmrnnrant, eann<^ be sacoeas {tally refated. Dmnoersta, however, I assert that it is wholly because repub licaos in that 8e&ti<ni have taught the colored man that in the ev«it of the demooratic party gaining control of the govarnmrait, that race would be I again enshived. There is a better reascm than this. The iMgrora {lu^fools. They see that all advance-I niMit of thdr race, or measures look ! ing to thràr advanoenMnt, have been I bittwly opposed at every step by the I leadsfs of the democratic party. He I sees that that party wiU swarm up to I Washington on md after tììe 4th day of Mardi, demanding tiutt democrat ic principles diaU role in the admin-I istarati<ni of the government He seen, in the language of an exchange, Ithiit— These are the same men who in 1853 inserted a danse in the constì-tation of the State which declared: /'No negro or mulatto shall come into I or settle in the ^ate aftw the adoj^-I ion of this constitution.** These are the same men who, by I Coi^tntiimal «ìactment, made it a mme for any man to onploy a n^;ro I or mulatta These are the same men who de-I dared in the Constitution tìiat **no I neg^ or mulatto diali have the right of sofhrage.** These are the men who in 1865 I opposed with all their powor the ratification of the thirteenth amendment ! to the Federal Constitutiou providing that slavery or involuntary servi-I tude should no long» exist These are the men who in 1869 I oppo^ and against every pro-podtion in the State Legislature to I famish edocation for the colored ichildreii. These are the men who in 1809 I reds^ thehr fdaoes in the Legisla-I tmre to provMit Hie ratification of tixe I voy ammdment to the Federal Oon-I stituficoi on whkdi the civil rij^ts law was based. These are the nme men who issued I an ad^tesss to thdr party defending [ thdr course in resigning, in whi<m I they sdd: ''We believe tÙ» govwn-ment was f<»rmed icx white men in {the inteiest of *white men, as well as I we know it w«i formed by white nmn ¡1^ whom the «oloeed people vsro looked ap(»i as an inferior and sub* I ordinate raee, and were held in servi tude hf thtt fiMBMi of the D )elara t tion of ladeoiBdeBee and fotmders !of the i^onooi iaititations ~ " 80 long .pro^MTsd« TImw «r» «ìndplea I wkiAthé Gokmneat wÉs I tb»pillMM«aiùBOii whieh it ww ad iàiiiSiby nwetats." ThflM «TO Ite Mm» men wbo ia a pofilie, iddrsH itt ^ianse of ' aofcioii in ndgn^l to deiiiifc ft» nl-illMlkMi «i «tel»Miittt Aaeadzttwl to tlM FeM QonlilaKoii, f^arim the dwwaitt Ih» Oooslitation of o«r WkOÉ^^émM» ttiond'Mi fro»' «oniMi^fh» SIlA^orto «OHBOsse «¿^tt of flBftrnge, and d«dar«4 tbWBVlMiM .1 These are the same men who in 1874 làot éanm eokxeà men in tìie dareets cá Indiam^«^ to detmr from ezerdsing the rig^t of suffrage seeored to them by tìie Republic. in 1877 and »TO «UMKidiiig our Bfeale lg oat tibe word white and xepeding the Úáñteolth aztide and the fifth aeotkm of seeond actideu Thiae are the saaio meii who^,voted these measòresat thepdte in A OAGBD BUZZABD. liiTely Times Inauffurated wllhn the Booat ia Invadad. under A hcnrse was reomtly stol«i from a widow near Auburn, named Warstler, uid the sheriff of that county soon learned thró an animal answering the descri{^on of the one stolen, was in the possesdon of a family named Buzraurd, at Cldoago Junction, Ohia Thither t^e sheriff proceeded, and what followed is thus related by the Auburn Courier: Sheriff Boyle having fortified him-sdf with the necessary legal advice and papers, the four men, induding beddes the sheriff, Ifr. Warstler, libr. Crawford ai^ Mr. Ad«ns started for the Buzzard homestead. And then the fan began. The whole family put on their war pdnt The women howled and tore tmd threatened dire vengeance on the whole party. The old man ordered the sheriff out of the house, and when he found he didn*t go, told him Sunday was no day for l^fd business, and threatened violence if the invaders of his home did not leave. The old lady added her gentle voice to the racket, and things took a livdy turn. In the scene that followed, the old Buzzard drew his knife and went for Mr. Crawford, and was gdng to cut him up then and there, (^wford was not in the mood to be cut up, and the old man and his badcers found that Mr. Boyle and his crowd did not propose io go back without the property. The sheriff then put the horse into the possesdon'of yoang WarstI«-, and as the family would none of them tdl whdre EUswinrth, thè Buzzard that stole the horse was concealed, Boyle left Warstler to keep the horse safe, while he and Crawfo^ and Ad ama took a look for the thiei They ^ sii^t of him after awhile at a dktance trying to get away, and they at once gave diase. At first the yoimg man got the start, and was about sixty rods in the advance at one time. But the pursuors had the best wind and bottom. They first threw off tìidr overcoats, then coats and vests fdlowed, and after a hot chaqe of about a mile and a hdf over across cornfields and soft ground he was ovwhauled and taken in town. He was about played cmt, as were dl the party. It is thought he would have run longer, but the dieriff fired « few shots after him that seemed to have a wonderful effect in tiring him out At every shot he would look aroimd^ to Me whether it was going to lut lum. Then he would start out and try it again. Hie was taken back to the house, but on readiing tìiero, it was found that the lu»se was geme ai^ón. It turned out that the old lady hadtoba (^tbeDemr wteintMpW^ miatif aDCoiistito'l atvkfd fa«ri«aaiid midffla paiäoB batman ilia it Mi .bgr«|#»aMa«NitobaM.I dad viih M piopiai «ad if ib^TMM« lipid flAoes aaddl OB ' ai» wb(da SWabt^ W .cm gone tor yoni^ Wuatter nngh diod, and bad &Ì1I7 bighteoad Inni off tbe bona Umstlini lusdcd oi«rh> anottrar id the Bazittd4x>7> iriw Uc it awaj aomawlMca. ThaaboriStoid ba maìd aciaat the whole an« for OQnoaaling atoleo good» itthar did not gi** botaa. Xlúa bcco«^ than tp ßa». The bona «M on and «be tbietaooalndad ba*)ald«iiBáliÍMk«i<jbVr. Bi^le •atoiit.» Xta Iteia .^) lymagi^nakaa • lafiii««! op» flw ^ft«¿bat-akat «Sìit it ava Oat «faaCm ttv XJ > o > d -00 Ln o o One PRICE i > z o ^ o ! t M P > 00 O 00 oc Ol 00 TBY THB New TI» e Best Local Newspaper In Ikble County. 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Clippings and Obituaries for the Albion New Era