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Aiken Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 2

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Aiken Standard (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Aiken, South Carolina Page two attend Standard Page 2a, Aiken Standard april 6,1990 Worth quoting on this Day a this is by far the Best indication that we be had that things May be decreasing but i done to think its the a Martin m. Simons on insurance Premium reductions in 1909 american explorer Robert Edwin Peary became the first person to Lead an expedition to the North pole. National briefs from wire reports Marcos banker details transfers to Imelda new York a examiners threatened to shut Down the Philippines National Bank a new York Branch in 1982 because of red Ink resulting from Imelda Marcos spending sprees a former Bank official said. Mrs. Marcos used the Branch As her personal a Piggy Bank to pay for artworks jewelry clothes and other luxuries during frequent trips Here prosecutors said thursday. Oscar a to can Carino who managed the Man Hattan Bank for la years until 1984, said its debits Rose to about $22 million at their Peak. The 60-year-old Carino the first of her countrymen to testify in mrs. Marcos trial in . District court was returning to the witness chair today. Mrs. Marcos who sat taking notes in her customary Black dress during the testimony is accused of using More than $160 million stolen from the National Treasury and millions More from defrauding several Banks. Navy biplane recovered from Pacific san Diego a the Navy has recovered the Only surviving example of a pre world War ii fighter from the Pacific Bottom where it sat for almost 50 years. Probes had shown the plane was in near perfect condition for most of the time it was underwater. But a fishing net recently damaged the plane which was pulled out of the Ocean wednesday officials said. The f3f-2 fighter a biplane made by the Grumman corp., was discovered More than a year ago in about 2,000 feet of water some to Miles off the coastline. The Salvage Effort funded by the san Diego aerospace museum was coordinated with a Navy Effort to recover a helicopter that crashed in the same area last year. Health baby born to couple los Angeles a a healthy baby girl was born to a couple who conceived the child to serve As a Bone marrow donor for their cancer stricken daughter. Abe and Mary Ayala revealed eight weeks ago that they had conceived the baby named Marissa eve As a last resort to save the life of their 18-year-old daughter Anissa who is dying of leukaemia. The baby weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces at birth tuesday night at Queen of the Valley Hospital in suburban West Covina the couples Niece Lydia Sanchez said thursday. Fetal tests have shown the baby a marrow is compatible with Anissa a and doctors said the transplant could occur in six months. The Chance the transplant will cure Anissa has been reported As Between 70 and 80 percent. Police seek motive in massacre Detroit a the assailants who massacred six men and boys in a reputed crack House May have been stoned on drugs or seeking revenge for a Deal gone bad officials said. City councilman Gilbert Hill former head of the police departments homicide division said he saw Little difference. A most of the time its not a turf Battle just thugs robbing each other Quot Hill said. A some of these Guys walking around with uzis and .44 magnums they have the brain of an ant. I done to think its part of any organized the wednesday night attack was the worst multiple murder in Detroit since june 1971, when seven members of a heroin ring were found shot to death in a West Side apartment. The victims ranged in age from 15 to 32. Jurors ask for dictionary Washington a jurors in John Poindexter a trial asked for a dictionary but then said they did no to need it As deliberations in his Iran Contra Case ended their fourth Day without a verdict. . District judge Harold Greene called prosecutors and defense attorneys into the courtroom thursday and announced that the jury wanted a dictionary. What ensued was comic Relief for the lawyers who have been anxiously awaiting the jury a verdict since monday. The judge and lawyers for both sides were jut against providing a dictionary. B the next thin you kll0w they look up ill m a conspiracy a and then they will know More about a w it than we do a Greene quipped. Poindexter Poindexter is charged with conspiracy two counts of obstructing Congress and two counts of making false statements. If Crit Standard usps-010-020 want to subscribe please Call 649-5316 classified advertising please Call 649-1555 display advertising please Call 648-2311 have a news or feature idea please Call 648-2311 miss your paper please Call customer service 649-5316 5 30 . 7 monday Friday 8 . 10 30 . Saturday 8 . 10 30 . Sunday Aiken Standard offices Are located at 124 Rutland drive. We Are open from 8 30 . 5 30 . Monday Friday. Our mailing address is Aiken Standard . Box 456 Aiken 29802. Subscription rates Home delivery mail rates monthly 3 months 6 months 12 months $5.90 $17.70 $35.40 $70.80 3 months 6 months 12 months $27.00 $54.00 $108.00 All Advance payments should be made to Aiken Standard pm subscription the Aiken Standard established in 1867, is published weekday afternoons and saturday and sunday mornings by Aiken communications inc., to Box 456. 124 Rutland drive Aiken 29802. Second class postage paid at Aiken . Postmaster Send address changes to the Aiken Standard to 456, Aiken so 29802insurance group files for Premium decrease by the associated press Columbia a a National rating group representing Small insurance companies has filed for a Premium reduction that could affect More than a third of South Carolinas insured motorists officials say. The group insurance services office filed the request with the state insurance commission on behalf of More than too companies almost All of which write less than i percent of the automobile policies in the state. Together however they make up about 37 percent of the Market. The requested 8.9 percent reduction would affect the part of the Premium based on losses the companies have to pay out. If the other portion of the Premium remains the same policyholders with those companies could save almost 6 percent Overall a an estimated $3.8 million a but the actual rate will depend on the types of insurance coverage an individual carries. But even if the reduction is approved Consumers with those companies will not automatically see a decrease in their premiums. The loss Cost rate makes up about 65 percent of a premiums Price. The other 35 percent covers the insurance company a expenses and provides it with a margin for making a profit. After the commission sets the loss Cost rate for insurance services office companies collectively the companies will have to file individual rate requests to cover their expenses and profits. Those requests must be made within 90 Days after the commission sets the loss Cost rate. A hearing on insurance servies offices reduction request is set for May 5. A this is by far the Best indication that we be had that things May be decreasing but i done to think its the first a said Martin m. Simons chief casualty actuary for the insurance commission. . Ranks in Middle of life expectancy by the associated press Atlanta a the United states lands in the Middle of the pack in rankings of life expectancy and death rates in 33 developed nations according to new figures from . Health officials. Atop the list Japan. In the United states the average life expectancy is 75 years trailing Japan by 4.1 years but beating the lowest of the 33, Hungary by More than five years the National centers for disease control reported thursday. The average hungarian lives 69.7 years the cd said. The United states also ranked near the Middle of the 33 nations in death rates from All causes 828.4 deaths Are reported for each 100,000 people each year. Japan was Best at 628.8 Romania worst at 1,242. The leading cause of death in the United states heart disease hits harder Here than in other countries. The . Mortality rate from heart disease was 382 per 100,000 per year for men and 214 for women compared with 339 and 206 in the other 32 developed countries. Throughout the 33 countries heart disease accounted for 30 percent of deaths with cancer causing 21 percent and stroke causing 14 percent. Fourteen percent of deaths in the 33 countries a about 1.5 million a year a Are attributed to smoking the cd said. World death rates life expect country Tancy year of data 69.9 Romania 1984 69.7 Hungary 1987 71.0 Czechoslovakia 1986 71.5 Bulgaria 1986 71.0 Poland 1987 69.8 soviet Union 1986 71.0 Yugoslavia 1985 73.5 Ireland 1986 73.2 East Germany 1987 74.8 Malta 1987 74.1 Luxembourg 1987 74.1 Portugal 1987 74.2 new zealand 1986 74.3 Belgium 1986 74.8 Finland 1986 74.9 Denmark 1986 75.2 Israel 1986 75.1 Austria 1987 75.3 United kingdom 1987 75.5 Italy 1985 75.0 United states 1986 75.8 West Germany 1987 75.9 France 1986 76.5 Netherlands 1986 76.3 Norway 1986 76.5 Greece 1986 76.3 Australia 1986 76.5 Canada 1986 76.6 Spain 1984 77.1 Sweden 1986 77.4 Iceland 1987 77.6 Switzerland 1987 79.1 Japan 1987 0 400 life expectancy average per 100.000 population death rate includes All causes and is age adjusted 1,242.0 1,229.4 1,207.6 1,170.3 1,145.7 1,109.2 1,047.6 1,046. 800 1200 source Center for disease control a Lee Cervera bailout plan expected to be billions Short by the associated press Washington congressional auditors warned today that last years savings and loan bailout plan will fall a staggering $68 billion Short and called on the Bush administration to come up with a plan to raise the Money. The general accounting office in its highest yet estimate said it will Cost the government $325 billion to close or sell failed Thrift institutions. That a greater than the annual budget of the defense department. The new projection is up a Sharp 26 percent from a $257 billion estimate the Gao offered Only five months ago. And it is based on admittedly optimistic assumptions about interest rates Rescue costs and the number of a amp a failures comptroller general Charles a. Bowsher who Heads the Gao told the Senate banking committee. In his prepared testimony Bowsher called on Treasury Secretary Nicholas f. Brady and Federal Deposit insurance corp. Chairman l. William Seidman who is administering the bailout to a develop proposals to provide the additional in past appearances before congressional committees Seidman has conceded that last years bailout probably is underfunded. The administration however has suggested it could get by through Early appropriation of about $30 billion intended for a amp a failures after 1992. The Gao a figures Challenge that suggestion. Japan s prime minister says reforms necessary by the associated press Tokyo a prime minister to Shiki Kaifu said today the Broad Trade reforms approved by the United states and Japan could be painful but will improve living standards. Consumer groups said the changes could Hurt Community development and go against with Cul Tural values however. Speaking at a news conference Kaifu said Japan must carry out its end of the Accord announced thursday in Washington a was a responsible member of the International the agreement reached after four Days of discussions sets Forth Complex proposals aimed at lowering americans huge $49 billion and my Trade deficit with Japan. A i ask for the understanding cooperation of the people of country a Kaifu said. In the end he said the reforms will improve the lives of the japanese. The talks were unprecedented because they aimed not at boosting sales of specific foreign products but at easing barriers to Trade in both countries. But the federation of specially stores associations said in a statement it would do its Best a to prevent the decisions from being enforced by keeping close ties with other groups and promoting con Sumer awareness and White remains unconscious critical by the associated press Indianapolis a celebrity visits have boosted the spirits of Ryan Whites family while the teen age aids victim remains unconscious and in critical condition with a lung infection. A Jeanne Whites Mother had wondered whether their travels and All they be done to educate people about aids had had any effect a said Carrie Van Dyke family spokeswoman and director i of health promotions for the state a health Board. Up i a she feels now they did have a Impact. The visits helped the family tremendously a Van Dyke said thursday. White White 18, has been in the intensive care unit at Riley Hospital for children for a week. Or. Martin b. Kleiman said during a daily briefing thursday there had been no perceptible change in Whites condition and he remained on life support systems. Kleiman said he had been impressed by pop Singer Elton John and other celebrities who have called and visited Whites family at the Hospital. A a in be seen nobody trying to Advance their personal careers. They be come As private individuals and they be been very honest and very sincere in their concern for Ryan and the family a Kleiman said. Hospital switchboard operators said about 1,000 Calls a Day have come in from celebrities and others expressing Hope and concern for White. A record of each Call has been passed to the family. The callers have included vice president Dan Quayle sen. Edward Kennedy and entertainers Michael Jackson Carol Burnett Lionel Ritchie and Phil Donahue. One of the visitors was John a Long time Friend of Whites who passed out $500 Worth of toys. Most women mentally of after abortion by the associated press Washington a some women May feel regret sadness or guilt but most do not develop mental health problems from Legal voluntary abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy according to a study published today. The study in science Magazine said some women May experience emotional distress but for the vast majority a Legal abortion of an unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester does not pose a psychological Olivia Gans director of american victims of abortion called the study a a manipulation and a a a rehash of data from earlier studies. A when you look at these studies you can twist them any Way you need to to get whatever conclusion you want a a she said. Nancy e. Adler a University of California san Francisco professor of psychiatry and Lead author of the report said the panel surveyed More than 200 studies and found Only a about 19 or 20�?� that met solid scientific standards. Once those studies were examined she said the conclusion a was really quite Taj majal opens in Atlantic City Atlantic City . Apr Donald Trump rubbed a genies lamp and lasers lashed the sky to Herald the opening of the Taj majal his glitzy new Casino. But the billionaire real estate Developer will need More than electronic miracles for the City a newest and grandest gambling Emporium to break even in an Industry whose growth has slowed lately analysts said. At the grand opening for the billion Dollar 1,250-room, 51-Story Casino hotel Trump came on stage thursday night and touched an Aladdin a lamp setting off a Green laser that shot up to a red ribbon along the hotels outside cutting the Bow in two. A Max headroom Type Genie appeared on a giant screen flanking the stage and said Trump was a a master for making this Casino of a princes and princesses and a genies and then the fireworks began watched by thousands of Boardwalk spectators and celebrities including former heavyweight Champion Michael Spinks

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