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Ada Weekly News (Newspaper) - July 26, 1934, Ada, Oklahoma THE AD A WEEKLY NEWS NUMBER 17 VHI I IMF. XXXIV ADA, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, JULY 26, 1934 WHERE DILLINGER WAS SHOT TO DEATH A<;ed Father and Brother Claim Body at Chicago Morgue and Begin Lari Journey OTHER CLUES SOUGHT Officers Hunt Hiding Places in Search of Further Information on Bandit Jo CHICAGO, July - I. T Dillinger sr., look od upon his today for tin* first time since desperado was shot down. The meeting occurred lo undertaking «*st abashment north side. While a crowd from 500 to HOO person about outside, th** Indiana fanner and son, Hubert, wen the desperado s Election Day Brings Burning 106 Degree Mark, 103 Early This Afternoon (From \\ «-tln**'*tla,»Oailf) Today marks the sixteenth consecutive day on which the government thermometer here has reached the century mark or better. Early this afternoon it recorded a temperature of 101 degrees and shortly after 3 o'clock had climbed to 1**4 degrees, ^ Clouds early Tuesday night and •a light sprinkle of raindrops brought on hopes and a few' minutes of relief, to he followed by a night with little air stirring and temperature that never dropped With tears aging eyes, the gazed for a few bullet torn face “My boy!’* Those were the that escaped dis lip gled to hold back H til* *rt, John’s an arm around led him away. It was planned telling in his elder Dillinger moments at tilt of his son. only words as the sirug-his emotion, half-brother, put the old man aud Tom D. McKcown Fails For First Time in Long Career To Win Own County Ion For the first time in hit political career Tom D. McKeown. veteran congressman, tailed to carry ii is own county, being edged out by I*. I-. Gassaway of Coalgate I in Tuesday’s run-off election. to    start the    official    returns from    the 5k long trip to    the    farm of    the elder    j>    precincts    in this county    showed Dillinger at    Mooresville    .lnd„ ins-1    Gassaway    with a margin    of 5,OIH* mediately. Outside the funeral I votea to McKeown’i 4.781. home was    the    worn    hearse in    McKeown was seeking    re-nomi- which Dillinger sr., had made tile nation T*> the office which he first trip to Chicago yesterday and in wrested from William H. Mu! ray, which lie was to take his boy's1 nQw governor, in 1916. After rebody to its final resting place. {election in lins, he went down to Under a blistering sun the cor- , j(M. pin gey of Chandler in * “• tege was to make its way over , Harding landslide of 1920, roads which John Dillinger | came back two yearn later to ilu> iii a re. March, TUESDAY S VOTE HELPS IT TUPELO Austin R. Deaton Eliminates J W. H. Ebey For State Legislature Place CMO BEATS TMM Entire Membership of Board of County Commissioners Altered by Vote Pontotoc county voters, untie- j terred bv the extreme heat which I prevailed throughout Tuesday, went to the polls and continued their shuffling of county officials: taking a hand also in the changing about of state officers. While the total vote of Tues-; day, 10.851, did not equal the; record of 11,017 cast three weeks! before in the first primary, it was nearer the other total than had been predicted.    ' The ranks of those who were ■ campaigning for re-election suf-, fered heavily. Pontotoc county •turned over a majority to P. L. Gassaway of Coalgate, who defeated Tom D. McKeown of Ada for congress from the Fourth Ada fire department was called early this morning to Tupelo ■ to help extinguish a fire that was making rapid headway after destroying one building. Wile ii the Ada chemical truck arrived a 125-foot building had already burned and the flames ■ were eating their way into a two-1 story building.    | With the use of chemicals and ■ a bucket brigade the fire was Veteran Members of Oklahoma Delegation in Congress Shelved by Voters halted after burning about feet of the second building. VOTE NEARLY COMPLETE Observers of State Politics Express Surprise at Unexpected Result    * F! Officials Consider Arrange-1 ment to Provide For Possible Emergency    j J City commissioners of Ada are; considering plans for making it; convenient for farmers who live! in this vicinity whose wells have dried up to get free supplies of wanter to be hauled to their homes for home and stock use. A number of cities in Oklahoma are assisting in this way after continued extreme tempera-have dried up wells and water tu res district ; rejected W. H. Ebev, J streams, making their own veteran member of the state leg- J resources available to farmers in islature, and completed revision j need. of the membership of the board Although John iii Chicago. of his trap of county commissioners, u.ft tito uintrrflnh theatre! Complete official returns from Dillinger was shot to death by IS department of .in>(i<r agents as i e '    ‘ •    1Ute scene Pontotoc county’s 56 precincts photo shows the little theatre on the North Side ot < Imago that was the seene    d    a    c|ear    majority    for    W. The alane the tin but win high ex am! not so hum a^o speeded in powered automobiles in hi pendulous of depredation death. Over the roads on which less than six months ago he roared westward after his history-making escape from the C rown Poi at, Ind., jail. In contrast to the thousands which milled around the county morgue for a look at the body of the hank robber only a few dozen persons gathered at the undertaking establish Blent where Dillinger sr., claimed the body of his son. The trip to tie* farm Hie rider Dillinger at villi*, 1ml., was to lethe same worn hearse the mild spoken father rn to Chicago yesterday iii Day by Day Happenings in Pontotoc County Oil Fields (FromThursday'* D«ll>)    fWirick are reported planning to Four rigs in tin* Be bee field are j drill in 31-2 waiting now on standard tools deadend with their drill- going They are the Manahau No. I Midokla No. I Mercer in 24-5-4, Moore-Deaner No. 2 Lakes-Cray in 25-5-4 and home of Moo resin ad * In in whim was «ii iv-lvx E. F , the place. I Since taking of if ct 11*23, the Ada Solon has represented this district in congress constantly, winning re-election regal- fore ; arly until yesterdays balloting, ting. His defeat climaxed a strenuous    _ campaign in which five opponents)Gray in 2 i worked through the district before McKeown returned to Ada just before the close of the last session of congress. With litth* more than two weeks time, McKcown spoke ill ev« rv part of tho district and in the first primary survived a record vote which sent him and Mr. j oil of the 125-5-4, which is in \ Iola lime, Magnolia No. I Norris, drilling to the second Wilcox, found traces of water and is being plugged back to the Cromwell sand, where a ‘show' was found about 3,600 feet. Moore No. 2 Wirick, V. Stanfield of Roff, making his third campaign for county attorney, of 5,407 votes over Turner King, in his first race for office. *King received 4,635 votes. Truman Harrison, county attorney for four years, was badly beaten in the first primary by John Boyce McKeel for county I judge. | Crawford Out-votes Thompson Tai Crawford, former county 1 judge, finished wrell ahead of the Pontotoc county has not suffered yet to the extent that many other counties have, the extended drought has wrought general damage and some hardship in this county already and if it continues will bring about conditions similar to those where emergency already exists. An arrangement here, with two or three places where farmers could get water conveniently, may be announced within next day or two so that if ail em ergency arises at farm homes ,this section the farmers will have access to supplies. THE VOTO At large: 288!* out of 3354 precincts: Will Rogers --------1/6.107 Henry S. Johnston —134,773 Second district: 294 out ot 296 precincts; Jack    Nichols_________26,850 Phil    K. Oldham------17,198 Third district:    329    out ot 162 precincts: Wilburn Cartwright —30,911 C. C. Williams 1---16,4511 Fourth district: 345 out of 4 38 precincts: P. L. Gassaway------31,485 Tom D. McKeown----20,091 Sixth district:    294    out ot 363 precincts: Jed    Johnson---------20,364 Jess    Larson----------15,314 Seventh district: 384 out ot 359 precincts: Jim V. McClintic-----22’jr? Sam Massingale ,— 34,555 Eighth district: 446 out of 4 73 precincts: Phil Ferguson--------11,321 J. M. Gentry---------10,346 in Deaner-Moore No. I Burke. The finished a fishin No. I Mercer is at 2.14ft feet. Midcontinent No. I Milligan, iii 25-5-4, brought in a week ago today with a flow of 1,040 barrels, Wednesday flowed 900 barrels of show in Viola The No 2 Milligan, also In iii 29-2-f, j job on July 13,i cleaned out. the well and resumed drilling in basal Hunton. J. C. Shaffer Inc. No. I A. J. Harden, in 30-2-7, found a lime and set ;OQu cas- Dollfuss Wounded j present county judge, Claude w, I Thompson, after a spirited cane- ( I paign. Crawford received 5.447; I votes, Thompson 4,631. J. F. Mc-, I Keel, present judge, was elimin-j ! ated in the first election. I A. A. Caldwell, Allen, finished I -- I ahead of W. H. Mundy, Pecan No Wire Communication With Grove, with 2,327 votes to the latter’s 1,919. This was Mr. Caid-1 Chancellor Or Slain by Revolting Nazi Group FACTS NOT KNOWN Gassaway, district jud Coal-Atoka county district, into .flowed about 500 barrels Wednes- had a slim;day. the official1, j„ vol ( test is now , Harvey, Mooresville undertow r. The services were to be held at the home of Mrs. Audrey Hancock, the slain mail s sister, a* Maywood, an Indianapolis c,ib-tirh, several miles away. pis-ft a .Names of Sla> et s Secret Federal authorities, meanwhile, kept a guarded secret the name of the man, or men, wi tols felled Dillinger as I north side neighborhood motion picture theater Sunday night. Published reports that the “purger” was Samuel A. Crowley, first assistant to Melvin H. Purvis. head of the department of justice bureau of investigation here, were denied by Purvis. “Crowley was not the mail who shot Dillinger/* said Purvis. Purvis refused to say who the actual killer was, asserting that departmental rules forbid such disclosures. Seeking the hideouts used by Dillinger. 2**0 federal agents and city police were engaged in a house-to-house canvass of the Lakeview district on the city s north side. They were hopeful that they might obtain valuable through the the run-ofl. Gassaway margin of 71 votes in returns for the first Looney, picked by many probably run-off opponent of McKeown. failed to get into the two-man elimination campaign. RESULTS IN BICES FOR SHIE OFFICES the Fills field, the ne. Joe j macks took No. I Lewis in 19-y as the|today was drilling at 1,756 Ie IL L. I 9-2-7 feet. iim to the lime. Tin waiting on cement.    « J. E. Crosbie Inc., No. 2 Daw es J Harden, iii 30-2-7, topped Viola! lime at 3,770 feet and Saturday had drilled 9U feet into the formation, finding well saturated lime, H. 1^. Blackstick No. 1 Lewis, iii 19-2-7, had sand after drill- Outside World; President Rumored Under Arrest By TW ADE WERNER (Assoil*ted Press Foreign Stuff) A .093 — Carter 4, -Ferris 3,1 Harrell 4,1 ll,! Rog- 4.696. Read information inrougn me seisure of tile bandits personal effects. They had little hope that even if they did discover one or all of the hiding places they would uncover the remainder of the loot frequent hank raids. ce believed, was ii* deposit box, rented limed name. found in Dillinger *s ll! taken in That loot, ti some safety under an as Three keys Slate I laces Governor—E. W. Marland Lieutenant-Governor 3,795. Berry 4,29 4. Secretary of State — 611, Sliced 2,6 6 7. Attorney General Williamson 3.990. State Treasurer Hastings 2.437. Superintendent Instruction Vaughan 5,276, Murray 2,8 7 7 Examiner and Inspector -cis 3.915. I Iodine 2,7 58. State Auditoi Childer Insurance Commissionei 4.3**2. Corporation Commissioner Shaw 3.587, Stewart .1,72.>.    j Labor Commissioner —Murphy > 4,602. Smith 2.086. Charities Commissioner — Bas-J sett 4,589, Moore 3.7 4 6. President Board Agriculture Cordell, 4,07 2, Cook 2.990. Clerk Supreme Court—Pool 3,-689, Payne 3,09 7. Chief Mine Inspector— Brown 3,574, Rutherford 2,194. i Congress-at-large — Rogers 4,-712. Johnston 3,152. Congress, 4rd Hist. - Gassaway 3.090. Me Keo wn 4,781. State Rep. No. I——Ebey o,o 11'rom Friday** Daily) new locations are announ-iced or rumored in the Pitts {field southeast of Ada, welis ni-| ready drilling give promise of I interesting developments within la short time. J. C. Shaffer Inc. No. I A. J-I Harden, in 3<*-2-7, had Viola I lime at 5,673 to 3, *50 aud a jug Simpson for day; i VIENNA. J illy 25 irian nazis captured Chancellor Enghbert Dollfuss today at his (office in (heir long-expected well’s second race for the place i and Mundy’s first entry into j politics. Ch es Roberts, incumbent, lost out in the July 3 vote for. the first district. In district two the vote of two years ago was reversed, George IL Collins, former commissioner, staging a comeback to defeat Charles R. Johnson, 1948 votes Blizzard Defeats Attempt Reach Commander in Isolated Advance Station OKLAHOMA CITY. July 2 5.--UP* - The defeat of three of Oklahoma’s nine representatives in the two democratic primaries, as the viewed in connection with the retention of seats by four others presents a political enigma that mav never he solved. The defeated congressmen ate ■ Tom McKeown, fourth district; i Jim V. McClintic, who has dep-i resented the seventh district 20 years and is now a member of the powerful house ways and , means committee, and I*. B. j Swank, fifth district, j Toe fourth district nomination was won by I*. L. Gassaway, j judge from Coalgate; the fifth by Josh Lee, colorful young forensics professor of the I niversity of Oklahoma, and the seventh by Sam Massingale, veteran Cordell to and nils set e&sinj {show of oil WeeUis 1(| tj|(, ii,n I J. E. Crosbie Inc. No. 2 Dawes Ha rd* ii, in 30-2-7. was drilling I today at 5,710 feet. "’ j Magnolia No. 1 Norris, iii 18-(ieeliest test in the graben it 5,834, found water in the Wil- to will test plug back the Cromwell cox sand and 3,675 feet to sand. H. L. Blackcock No. 1 Lewis, in 19-2-7, today was drilling at 1,760 feet, still iii Simpson, i Black stock will drill a test fir* 11111*r south soon, the No. I Dawes I Harden in northeast of southeast    ______ of northwest fit 30-2-*.    ,    (From    Thursday"' Delaney and others are plan- jn the Pitts field ning to drill No. 1A Craddock (Pontotoc county th** iii northwest of southeast of \ stock No. I Lewis (I rom Monday * Daily) Deaner-Moore No. I Burke, Be hee field, was reported today at 2,140 feet in Woodford, bailing. Midcontinent No. I .Milligan in 2 5-5-4 flowed about 900 barrels Sunday and th** No. 2 Milligan about 4**0 barrels of oil. Manahau No, I Gray, in 25-5-4, was reported in the Woodford and hailing. Deaner-Moore No. 2 Lakcs-Gray, in 25-5-4, is rigging up standard tools. In the Fills field, Moon Wirick in 29-2-7 was this morning at 3,529 feet in Sylvian. IL L. Black stock No. 1 Lewis in 19-2-7, had a fishing job. In 36-1-6, near tile Pontotoc Johnston county line, Kin* -a land Gillette No. I Duncan 280 feet, in Viola lime. i “putsch” aud, at the (hours of ni;*d excitement, civilians at the chancellory cried: “Dollfuss is dead!” | They had just left the building into which « group of nazis had smashed and from which a police commissioner had emerged to announce that the chief ot the government bad been shot and seriously wounded in struggle get t ing conform end of four D0 1838. Johnson beat Collins out in the run-off two years ago. In the third district John Hall, Roff, finished in the lead, ahead of D. B. “Babe” Davis, who two years ago defeated Hall in th* run-off. Hall received 1,238 votes Davis’ 1,136. Mr. Hall has on tht* county excise to a There wras no way or into the chancellory to or disprove the report. N*». 2 drilling Oilier parent Iv 'overniiient officers, uploaded bv Prince Ernst is served board. Deaton won his nomination by a crushing majority over Ebey of 5,725 to 3,590. In the city of Ada T. O. Collins, former justice of the peace, lost to A. w. (Alva ii) Oliver, \on "^YarhVmberg"J vice chancel-', newcomer to the political field, lor, and with the apparent ap-;Cullins polled 1,28a votes, Olivet pro val of President Wilhelm Mik-< 2,159. tied an ultimatum of the Pontotoc county them I in nomination of several camu-and i dates for state offices hut stood 5:481 by others who lost in the state- rt   rv’cs*  ..-n,    *“s    fcJsjr- a    u'oZ:Antares    or!    a^M.Vw"    XaP safe,y traveled ISS milos to gur-1 official returns from Tuesday s for a winter I run-off primary indica e. Polar re-J But McClintic went down to defeat as a Marland-fu.ored candider ; didate, despite the state’s ap-witli a parent overwhelming verdict in several of j support of the “new deal in were suffering nominating Marland on July -j ' without a run-off becoming nec-biting gale1 assary in the goveinors race. tracks;    Veto    Vote a Foetor which' When the Oklahoma c.mgres-delegation almost overwhelmingly voted co override Roosevelt’s veto of the from his camp    nr-*-'    —    —    .  ----- Iiiirnl reported he was bein; bavin pass all records journey in the South "ion. Dr. Thomas C. Poulter, : of the party, came back frost bitten nose and the crew of five (from slight frost bites Dr. Poulter said a stopped the tractor in its I This county helped James E. I)ail>) in southeast H. L. Blackit! 19-2-7 is I northeast of 25-2-6, near the No. j being watched closely as a -mod (2 Craddock now being com pie-1 prospect for another producer in J ted as an oil producer in the! area. jSeminole-Wileox. Harry Black-, ^ fishing job was soon 'stock will be drilling contractsr. * j8hed and drilling resumed at j Petty and others No. I Fen 4,780 feet. I (correct) McMillan in southwest { j n Crosbie Inc. set pipe of northwest of northeast of J*'" 3.806 feet at th** No. 2 Dawes ls-8e will spud tomorrow for a Wilcox test. Gn at las, a putsch leaders warning ult her to release Dollfuss abandon the chancellory by nl. ,11:48 a.m. EST I or thejwide vote. i ova I heimwehr would attack. . communication be- Berry to the nomination for lieu-the outside j tenant governor; Frank Carter j world was broken off shortly for secretary of state:    Mac Q• J alter the ultimatum deadline.) [Williamson for attorney general, j \t hast six men (reports re-;Hugh Harrell for state treasurer, said ten) were John Vanman for state superinfighting I tendent; John Rogers for exam-inliner and inspector; Fat Murphy in for labor commissioner; Mabel Bassell for commissioner of char on its southward journey, was undertaken after Admiral I sional Bvrd, in his last radio report his camp 123 miles away, President troubled j appropriations hill, a hue and civ arose in the Oklahoma press. bv a “bad arm. El iii I (Telephone tween Vienna and SEIZE BILLOT BOI ceived in London reported killed in street winch immediately flared up Vienna and tit other points Austria. SAPULPA, July 25.—UP)—Two armed and masked men robbed Precinct Inspector A. L. Probst of New by, 12 miles from Bristow^ of .Tis ballot box and all election figures shortly after mid-ht today as he was en rout** rn; .90. the do md pocket wet** assistance In on ordinary a Yale key entIv to a e er. Authorities span whether th** loot se linger had dwindled dollars found on his j>* he was slain. - MILTON GARNER acted to be ot search. One was >r key. another the third ap parer bur* au draw led aver ad by Onto the few »tsou when DEAD clerk Milton Garner, county of Pontotoc county, died this afternoon at a local hospital. Ile under went a major operation Monday. Funeral arrangec^*int* ha*! not 1hm*h made early • Iii" afternoon. Mi*'*. Garner and sev-eial children survive. Uh-- -.......—- MARLAND HASTEN* TO WASHINGTON Collins 1,948 —Hall 1,238, A*ia. No. I — PONCA CITY. July 25. Saying, “ITI see you in Septum-, ber,” Rep. E. W. Marland, the ton 1,4 8 democratic nominee for gover- Justu nor, left last night for Washing-,Clark 46 ton to seek approval of Oklahoma public works and subsistence homestead project*-. District Judge — Crawford o,-447, Thompson 4,631. County Returns County Judge—John Boyce McKeel 6.7 55.    ^ County Attorney — King 4,60a, Stanfield 5,407. Sheriff—Kaiser 6.945. Court Clerk —Bedford 6.286. County Clerk—Garner 5.991. Treasurer—McCoy 6,024. Superintendent—Stegall 6,304. Assessor—Revers 6,300. Co. Comsr. No. I—Caldwell 2,-■327. Mundy, 1.919. I Co. Comsr. No. 2 — I Johnson 1.838. I Co. Comsr. No. 3 .j Davis 1,136. Justice of Peace. Culling 1,285; Oliver 2.1*9. 1 County Weigher —Summers e.-Owens 2787. . Constable Ada No. I—Black p> |1,745.    •    _ 1 Constable A<U N<>. t—Hafting- (I 'rom 'MiinlaF" tinily )    j    , Interesting development* mark-od the past week in the oil fleld ’    in    Sylvan    si,al, in toe i Harden in 30-2-7 Monday. Pip** was set to Viola lime, which ha*! a "nod show of oil saturation. Moore No. 2 Wirick, in drilling this morning t others; which j Semi-1 being t ubing and 25-2-6 oil from lh* a packer wa force oil through installed, reported at about hour.    I Near Allen the Mexhoma No. * ] Butler, in southwest of 21-5-8, t about 600 feet down. At 200 j Production was 10 barrels per is feet the test and at found a strong gas 465 feet a show of I I *1 •* r . Jud of Pl ace, Allen—S. J-W. H. Phillips 265. Constable, Allen—Jesse Hays (Continued on Page I, No. !») past week in of Pontotoc county, both —    . Bebee and Fitts areas.    I    At the Delano Iii Hie Be hee field, the Mid- No. 2 Craddock, in continent No. I Milligan, in 25- , is producing 5-4, continued to produce oil at I noie-Wllcox, several hundred barrels a day • used to after initial flow late the week1 recently before of 1,0**0 to 1,400 barrels. The companion well, No. 2 Milligan, found production in tile I Viola lime. This well is an offset north of the    No.    I Milligan. Four wells in    the    Bebee area are rigging up standard tools and I flow', may be drilled in for completions | oil. during this week. Speculation is* Selden Henry No. I Walker, also lively as to    the    possible ex-|jn 21-5-5.    a    wildcat,    is    rigging tension of the Bebee    field as the*^ xoble    Drilling    company*    will result of late completions.    ’drill the test, which    may    go    to In the Fitts field, the outlook j 3 590 feet, Mr. Henry    said    thU continued encouraging. The De- j doming, layed and others No. 2 Craddock j {In 25-2-6 continued to flow from]    (From    w>dn«~*dH) the Seminole-Willcox and tubing! was run late in the week. Another well will be drilled nearby for the group bv Harry Blackstock, to be known as the No. I Craddock. Blackstock ban announced a location in 30-2-7 for a No. I Dawes Hardin and I \t Klagenfurt, early said that President Miklas had been taken into custody by fed-, nil soldiers, but subsequent de-ivelopments made it appear likely that the soldiers had been aetiug las a guard. ll Garner, county county, died afternoon about 3 had been in bad Mil 1 on Pontotoc day He Daily) reports Blackstock no 19-2-7, which clerk ot Wednes-;) o’clock. health for! a considerable period of time and had finally undergone an operation. Deceased was a pioneer of Pontotoc county, his parents having settled here before statehood. Practically all of his life since J then w;is spent in and around I Ada. Several years ago he was come1 twice, elected county clerk and Vn 1 retired voluntarily. Two years ] is ago he again won and this year itles; Harry Cordell for president reports ! hoard of agriculture; Robert Brown for chief mine inspector. Pontotoc county contributed majorities to Paul Stewart, trailing for corporation commissioner, and GUS Pool, running well behind Andy Payne f^r clerk of the supreme court. A crowd of several thousand, men and women attended the Ada News election party and I heard announcement by loud- ; 'speaker of county and statewide; tabulations for hours. The loud-, speaker was furnished through the courtesy of Pete Woods, rodeo manager. Today brought the usual aftermath of comment and explanation. with a general sense of relief that the strain of the campaign was over. The general election in late fall is far ahead, with few inter- to Sapulpa with returns. Probst and T. A. Renfro, a counter, were together as ta*' robbers forced their car from the highway, almost causing a wreck, and took the ballot box and additional tally sheets from them at pistol point. County officials were told by Probst that the robbers’ car had followed them for some time, catching up just at the city limits. all the election stun , wut government “Give me you’ve got or ITI blast you of here,” one of the men said Probst and election board offi cials said they were at loss to explain the strange occurrence. The first runoff primaries had caused considerable bad feeling in several races and the entire county had been stirred by the campaigning. I On the strength of returns al-1 ready in Wesley Gage of Sapulpa the democratic nomination I generally asking i< r the defeat I of congressmen voting to over-i ride the veto. Yet four o: those* congressmen have been renomJ nated. while three wer-s defeated by strong opponents. It is interesting to not** that the congressmen defeated in the Oklahoma primaries had served long terms. That was the case also with W. W. Hastings, second district, who retired this. y‘,ar, leaving the nomination to J tcu Nichols, Eufaula, who defeated Phil K. Oldham. Muskogee county attorney in Tuesdays election. Of further interesr, regardless of the “new deal” influence on the. vote, is the fact that the three newcomers, Gassaway, Lee and Massingale are not veterans i in the national political arena. Will Rogers, congressman-at-large, renominated in the second primary over the veteran Henry S. Johnson, former governor, has been an avowed supporter of the administration's new order of Encouraging from the H. L Lewis test in _ now swabbing oil daily, the oil was increasing in recent days.    1    without opposition Opinions vary as to whether the Blackstock well is still in the (Continued on Page 5, No. 4)    ^ party races to stir much eat lins team and notice during the inter-! won    ^    ^    ^    ^ Vining months.    t> s  ..... hofh depiltieSt in the; Th** heat; county’s warmest race. Without ballots in the stolen box months. *- LINCOLN, Neb. wave is having its effect on Bristow, county’s the 216 nominated for another term Surviving are his children and other wife, several relatives. births as well as deaths. Dr. D-jGage J. Bowman said it has been so.    ; hot in the average home and bos-1 bi da* nital that new had to be covered with ice packs to prevent excessive tempera-)out ut t u res. had a- lead of 439 votes. -a— •As \s political observers analyzed .'the outcome of the congressional races they were inclined to attribute the replacements to a combination of factors: “New deal” fervor, “worn out” patronage, and local political situations j Among the incumbents “cou*1 ing through” the grind of (ho j democratic primaries was Westley E. Disney of Tulsa, representing Th** first district, He was a I member of the 72nd and 73rd congresses and may V* classed as a “youngster.” It* the sixth district, Jed Johnson of Anadarko, incumbent, regained the democratic nomination. tie was lifting * his the hand of Jacob Weies, innkeeper. He was unhurt. Most observers concede that, in the gubernatorial race, nomination in the congressional contests is equiva-(Continued oil t*nge 61 No. ©X ;

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