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Ada Weekly News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1934, Ada, Oklahoma THE ADA WEEKLY NEWS VOLUME XXXIVADA, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1934 NUMBER 37 A roiumn cif talk more* or less about the news of the time. By Members of Staff A beautiful .•'tory was told in newspapers this v. <*< V. about a dot; that afoust-d a sleeping St, Louis family when lo* smelled ►as fumes, and    ilft-ti    died    from    the effects of    tht*    *:as.    It i-    one of those dot; stories that we hear now and then, show im: the friendliness of the dor' and his regard for his mantel. The man and wife and all three children were saved when the master of the house was awakened by t he harking ol the dog, - Every    now    and    t lieu    a story conies out of Washington or wherever    'fie    No.    I. 2.    3 or 4 man in Hie Roosevelt administration is located that reflects t Ii* humanity of the gloam Iii the juts! theta* has been a tendency to take tin* tug shots into a kind of a stratosphere and attempt to make them seem so much lugger or better or stronger tis,iii the common field run of humanity. Hut not so with th** present administration. The story has now leaked out about a tilth* poker game tin* one-tvvo-ihree-loiir boys engaged in dow n in Wat rn Springs, *'b'orgia. It seem'- that the total I winnings of the winner amounted to only $1.38. Now we are not boosting for poker, hut we simply are giving this incident to show that the men President Roosevelt bas gathered around him are just ordinary folk who have been drafted into the service of their country. Congressman I'atman of Texas, who has so long sponsored the campaign in congress for the immediate payment ol the bonus, predicts the next congress will juiss »It*1 necessary legislation and that the service men will get paid off soon. President Roosevelt has indicated he does not favor immediate payment, fun « v< a if lie wen* to veto such a hill a fact by no means certain tin* house* aud til** senate probably* could pass it ovei his Veto, tjf $    | I Wiley Post is said to fie contemplating a Hight from Los Anga*!**- to New York through t Ii «* stratosph* re. or th** area several miles above the surface of t h e earth, ll** is Quoted as saying he expects to make the trip in six hours. If our memory is not at fault the distance is around three thousand miles, which mea tis that Wiley would have to average about lino miles a hour. And that must be some speed, He mad** a flight nj* into the stratosphere at Bartlesville a few days ago ami apparently found indications of conditions that will permit of speed not heretofore believed possible. Of course, he would be Hying above the clouds and probably above the dangers encountered nearer the earth. Completion of the improvements at WhitersiiiitIt park near Ada has been arranged. Civilian Conservation Corps workmen carried the program almost to completion during their 13 1-2 month stay before th** camp was moved to Lake Murray. Fifteen local men have guaranteed payment of a loan of $1,500 for materials and the I ER A will provide labor needed to complete projects tinder construction. Only a visit to the park will reveal what a comprehensive prog I ani has been carried out. and such a Visit will bring pride to tiles** who are pleased with any step forward in beautification ami att ram iv eness for their community. * * Miss Louise Allen, Red Cross secretary, has about 25 families which wig not have any Christmas tw o weeks 11 **m y est* rdav unless kindhearted people come to their relief. Thoi our it investigation has pioved their need. Any person or gnmj» desiring to see to it that one of th. e families need not teem i rely wit bout Christmas cheer is asked to come to Red Cross headpin*t tern in th** old citv hall building or to call Miss Allen at Mn. Organizations which have ah* ady selected families are asked to let Miss Allen know of th*’n so that titer** will be no duplications, for duplication of has-' kets lo on** family would mean that some othci family would go v it bout any. Finland has notified the I' S. government that it will pay the next installment on its war debt on the day it O doe. The British government sent a note saying it would he useless and therefore unwise to pay over #37?*.*■ Po.0un due from Great Britain and cunningly blames it on a breakdown of th** existing system of ii.tor governmental war debt obligations. - - * I tie assassination of a big Ii Soviet official embarrasses those who lave been blaming alt** Communists for all such murders. COULL MUTLU!) WAR ON HIGHER UPS OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 12. bf** Harry B. Cordell, president of tin* alate board of agriculture today announced open warfare on “those higherups' at A. and ll. college, who. tie said, ar** lighting th** ex ten aion department. The dejiartmerit includes district agents, county farm ag* lits arid the home demonstration agents. “I ii av** received word that some of th** real higher ups «»t th** college ar** making speeches over the -tate declaritf gthat the extension department is doomd. ' said Cordell. “I want to warn t he ip right now that unless this light against the department is stopped those back of it are rifling to a fall.** Cordell refuged to name the ‘‘higher ups.” T Judge McKeel Plans To Clean bp Present Docket By Saturday (From \Vt**ln«*»da>’« IDtilyi Disposition of robbery and larceny cases will be th** main job of Uh* district court session today, with other charges ranging downward to obtaining property with false and bogus check on the day’s schedule. With most of tin* cases of major importance on th** docket for this term already out of the way Judge J. F. McKeel and his assistants expect to complete the docket before Saturday night. When this term of court is finished, the remaining cases on t Ii e docket will show a smaller total than probably any other time sin*** the court was established here. Scheduled for hearings today ar**: Lloyd Mayes and Buddy Mayes, robbery with firearms. Frank Reed and Ruby Reed. breach Of tin* peace. John Ryan. obtaining property by means of false and bogus check. Norman Frasier, grand larceny. Baul Inman. J**eni** Inman, Jack Hendrix, Jess Dean and M. W J ones. larceny ot domestic animals. Flay Hollyhen. larceny of auto casings. Jimmy Johnson, grand larceny. Jim Copeland, attempting to commit robbery. .Millard Roper, forgery in second degre**. Earl ( lark, assault with intent to kill. Tommie Jeter, robbery with firearms. Emmett Botes, .Marshall Mardis, Lawson Mardis, larceny of domestic fowls. Earl Arterberry. abandonment of wife and children. Weiston Waldron, assault with sharp and dangerous weapon. J R. Drake and W. E. Drake, rohltery in the ‘irst degree, Wednesday morning George Hill |*leaded guilty to rape in the first degree and will h** sentenced later in the* vv«***k. Bonds were ordered forfeited and alias warrants ordered in th** following cases:    Elmer Inman, second degree burglary; Charley Rose, larceny of automobile; 14ill I-lazier, second degree rap**; flank I topsoil and Joe Spain, removing an animal from restraint; Cyrus Brown, grand larceny. Case of \\ alter Black, assault wit Ii intent to kill, was passed. ion: Beard and Mrs. Tom Beard, breach of the peace, appeal of each dismissed and judgment of j ti -1 ic*** of peace court ordered executed. Fast against Elmer Holloman alleging larceny of domestic fowls was continued; case of James Henry Hall, accused of wife and child desertion, was continued to Friday. ( uses dismissed on motion of the county attorney were:    Pyatt Morris and Keg Langford, grand larceny; Jim Godhy. Le** Kirk pat-riek, robbery with firearms; Jim God by. Newt Littlefield and Tom Kid well, robbery with firearms; Virgil Lefever and Alonzo Leftover. assault with intent to kill; N. E. Raskey, driving car while drunk; Albert Horton. Horace Lu - land and Bob Horton, grand la re**nv. TO ELIMINATE ULI Senate Investigators Resent Action As Designed to Frustrate Efforts PEKE LEHER BARER Orders Senator Watson to Give DuPonts All Possible Support WASHINGTON, Dec. 12.—LBJ President Roosevelt started administration forces today toward enactment of legislation to eliminate the profit from war and promptly was assailed for beginning this activity before the senate munitions committee bad concluded its inquiry. While the senate committee received further revelations, the president asserted at a White House press conference, that “th** time has come when legislation an t Jibe to take th** should he enacted profit out of war. “It is amazing to me,’* Chairman Ny** (R-Ind > of the committee said, “that an effort would now seem to he made to check and halt th** work of our committee which is under instructions of th** senate to first acer-tain the facts.” Ssenator V’a ml en berg (RMieh) referred to th** presidential move as “sidetracking" the senate inquiry and added; “ Phis is one instance when congress will write its own ticket. “ File investigation will continue and J hope that no flank movement will discourage necessary additional appropriations needed tor the investigation.*’ \ anienberg said the proposed White House conferences “ignore our first hand information and manifestly cannot know what else we have in hand.” Nve's statement, called government departments “co-defenders with th** munition makers and profiteers.” IV ii ix»se Favored Du Pouts Before th** committee today a 11*20 letter was read from Dupont files, which quoted the hit* Senator Penrose, republican boss Of Pennsylvania, as ordering Senator Watson (R-lnd) to “give DuPonts what they want just as far as you possibly can without getting into a row.” The Penrose-Wat son letter, which was not explained by th** testimony, referred to dye legislation. Signed only “i*“ said; “I Hail a long talk King this morning. “He says Penrose put over the best possible for dyes at with th** intention of if and giving us what U. S. Farmer Must Remain Capitalistic Farm Bureau Counsel Says Farmer Must Be in Control of Own Unit NASHVILLE. Tenn., Dec. 12 FP* America's agricultural industry “should and will” remain capitalistic* in form, says Donald Kirkpatrick, general couneel of th** American farm bureau federa-t ion. The good of such a system should he retained, lo* told th** organizations' convention in address prepared for delivery day- and the evils discarded. “The American farmer," said. “.Should and will continue to own and control his instrumentalities of production and directly so. as th** personal proprietor and master of Iv is unit, obtaining a fair return on las investment and adequate compensation for his management and labor, and a reasonable profit for his enterprize.” Kirkpatrick described eoopera-tive services to he rendered by farm organizations as including marketing, mutual insurance, pooled purchases and other major business operations in which he believed farmers could effect savings through collective action. “I might remind you,” he said, that it is the job of the farm organization and its service organizations to solve the farmer's problem before starting iu# on the thankless task of revolutionizing the world. * * W’e wo not need to enter entangling alliances at this time with other movements." Secretary of Agriculture Wallace in an address last night, called for a reduction in import duties, especially on products he classified as non-agricult ural. Increased imports. Wallace declared, “would give us a con lid foreign market for wheat, cotton, tobacco and other exports.” Young Slayer Tells Story For First Time In Associated Pres: Interview HS SELF DEFENSE Either May Have Pulled Trigger ADA NEWS TO INSTALL FAST PRESS FIRST OF YEAR „ I that time thejneeds of DEATH LIST IN Believing that Ada is goin ahead to become one of three or four largest cities in I with Oklahoma, the management of The Ada News some time ago I ordered built for it one of the | most modern of fast newspaper presses. The press is now under ) construction and will he shipped j to Ada the first week in January, c d A.L. u j ti j    lit should be erected and running Says Both Had Hands on Gun; soon after the first of February. I The press will he capable of I ped ‘printing 30,ooh 16-page papers I the an hour, and will he capable it more than met the the community. Now tile circulation of the News to almost 5,000 daily the old press is too slow and will have to give way to a faster and more modern machine. When all the news equipment is installed, including a complete stereotyping outfit, The News will have by far the best equip-shop in the state for a city size of Ada. The manage-of mem believes that Ada will grow , —    -    !    doing two-color work when need- ..    I** A, Dec. IL—LT>    Phil e(j    contain all the latest kennamer told the Associated ; features that modern science can I less in an interview today lie {devise for fast and efficient killed John Gotten in self-del ease i newspaper work. The press now in use was put after Gorrell learned he intended I to thwart the $20,000 extortion plot they had planned against the family of Homer Wilcox, Sr., wealthy Tulsa oil man. Kenminier declared he had aerier intended to go through with the extortion but had muscled in ion Gorrell to protect his friends, th** Wilcoxes. “Gorrell seized tin* pistol and snapped it twice in my face,” * Kennamer said in his first public 'statement since his arrest for the J Thanksgiving night slaying, j “It didn't go off and I grabbed lit,'' he said. “We both had our | hands on it. He may have pulled I the trigger again or I may have j pulled it but it went off. The .second shot came almost instantly as th** car hit the curb.” Born But Du S|H»t At the same time Kennamer, ITI year old son of Federal Judge Franklin E. Kennamer, declared he was positive Sidney Born Jr., who was found fatuity wounded last Sunday under circumstances 'similar to th** Gorrell case, was murdered. Citv police have so fast that the prove profitable, equipment and daily Associated in several years ago, and Ada will be in so far as daily at I is concerned. investment will With this new with 2 4-Ii our Press service, metropolitan class newspaper service Searchers Expect to Find More Bodies When Debris Is Cleared Away INQUIRY BEGINS F uneral Services Held Here Today For Victim of Sunday Accident th** let to with John wants to legislation this time, improving we want !at«*r. as soon as their control is st rengt heiled. “He says he was in a meeting between Penrose, Watson and himself. In fact he took Watson to Penrose about three or four weeks ago, they being the first to se** Penrose after his sickness. “Penrose's orders to Watson were ‘give DuPonts what they want just as far as you possibly can without getting into a row, and will improve it later to meet their views*.” DuPont States Aims Irenee DuPont told the committee today that a fleet of airplanes carrying gas or incendiary bombs could make it "very serious'’ for the civilian population of New York. “It is just silly.” be said, “to think on** airplane could wipe out the city. However there Is no doubt that with a large fleet the civilian population would he in a very bad way.” Local Carpenter Killed in Car Accident at Shawnee Tuesday (From Wednesday's Daily) John A. Freeman, IT, Ada carpenter, was killed in an automobile accident at Shawnee Tuesday afternoon about 5 o’clock. Funeral will be at the First Baptist church Thursday afternoon at jl o'clock, according to announce-j merit by the Criswell Funeral Home, followed by burial in Memorial Park cemetery. I    Surviving Mr. Freeman are ; four daughters, Mrs. Ida Ruth ! Shelton, Misses Brucia. Vivian J and Retha Freeman; a son Aaron I Freeman, a brother Author Free-| man of Rattan, and a sister, Mrs. ! M. E. Payne, living in Tulsa. His I father, J. A. Freeman of Idabel, (also survives. j    Mr. Freeman bad made Ada j his home for a number of years and resided at 330 West Fifteenth.. FRANCE REPUDIfiTES jnounced their conviction that Born committed suicide but Sheriff Charles Price still Ii olds to the murder theory. j Kennamer, lying in bed in bis room in th** matron’s ward of the j county jail, told in a three hour I interview of events leading to •Gorreli’s death and of the actual shooting which lie confessed. Born, he said he was convinced, was murdered because of what he ■ could have revealed in Kenna-mer's defense; put on the spot for what Ii** knew about the activities of Gorrell lier** and in Kansas j City. Suspect* Named To Sheriff Kennamer said lie knew three men who could have and would ! have had reason to slay Born. Sheriff Price has their names. (From Monday's Daily) Funeral services were held | here Monday for Mrs. VVin-j nie Fay** Fischer of Ada, who j was killed iii automobile crash 'six miles west of Seminole Sunday morning. H. A. Lions, also of Ada, was in a Seminole hospital in a serious condition and three other persons received minor hurts in the wreck, which occurred on the Turkey creek bridge, six an-1 miles west of Seminole. Second Well On South Edge Of Field Flows 800 Barrels In Hour TESTING NOT COMPLETED New Well, With Smith Well Completed Sunday, Proves More Of Field Investigators Question Witnesses About Fire and Connected Events LANSING, Mich., Dec. 12—(ZP) —Five bodle*, charred beyond recognition, had been taken this afternoon from the ruins of Hotel Kerns where at least 2 3 persons were killed yesterday in an early morning fire. Who they were could only he conjectured, so complete was the mutilation. A medical aide in iii** temporary morgue set up near th** scene said, however, that he believed at least one of the bodies was that ot a woman. Near another was found a key ring with the name of Senator John Leidlein, Saginaw, Mich. He already had been included in an official list of “known dead." I Until other evidence was found, j possibly through examination by ja dentist whose aid was enlisted, | it was assumed that all five of 'the unrecognizable bodies were j those of persons previously listed as dead. Inquiry Begins LANSING,, Mipn., Dec. 12.—(.Th As searchers probed the blackened ruins of the $350,000 Kerns j Testing of the Fitts field’s new-j hotel for additional bollies, a ' est producer, the Ed Moore No. I three-way inquiry got underway I Akers, was not completed late {today into the fire, one of the Mrs. were R. Baker and Mr. and H. L. Miller of Shawnee the other persons injured. ! In addition to throe small sons and one daughter, Mrs. Fischer I is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.‘ D. Murphy, four i brothers and one sister, all of Ada. | Mrs, Fischer's husband    was killed in an automobile accident I several miles north of Ada about six months ago when Die truck which he was driving overturned and caught fire. Wednesday night hut reports from the well indicate that it may rank among the largest producers I in the field. The well is located in the north-j west of northeast of northeast of j Section 36-2-6 and it was washed j in Wednesday morning. ! During the first half hour, 390 I barrels of oil flowed from the hole (and later reports said that the NMO barrels dur-j period before itj The flow was well had flowed ing a one-hour i was shut down. TO PCA MEETING through casing. The well is bottomed in Bromide sand which is the tho oil- most frightful in Michigan's history. I he known death list stood at 14—including six members of the Michigan legislature—and it was estimated by Bapt. Laurence Lyon, of the state police, thai between 30 and 40 more died the flames or by junip-the Grand river at the the hotel and into the front. today firemen pulled that remained of the either in j ing into j hack of street in Early down all walls of the four-story structure which for years had been a fav- hearing formation that has made I ?rite nioetinK place tor politic- .    hails. the Fitts field the latest major pool in Oklahoma. Edge of Development Because of its location, the well is important to the field. The Akers test and the Moore No. I smith two locations to the were tests in * Kennamer said he was con-j    — vinced someone representing him- j E. M. Bowman, of Allen, self to he representing Kennamer! authorized representative and ap- telephoned Born Sunday morning I Plication writer in Pontotoc j    cast    that was    washed    in as a and made a date for Born to meet [county for the new cooperative j    producer Sunday    afternoon I them at the spot where he was farm credit organization, the    -«»    * I fatally wounded.    [shawnee    Pdoduction Credit as- Born was attempting to verify J sociation, has received notice of the message when lo* telephoned the first annual business meet-tlu* jail from the suburban drug-1 ting of the organization, together | store and asked for Kennamer, < with an invitation to attend the the young prisoner speculated. session/ ; Ken namer said lo* did not he- The meeting will he held in lieve threatening- notes had been January, and will be attended bv I received by various witnesses in j all the stockholders, many of for a tricks T < I'rn iii W iMlnrtdnCa Daily) Lonnie Walker, iried on charges ut assault with a sharp and dangerous weapon, was the first defendant to win a not-guilty verdict ol a jury in the di>triet criminal docket taken un more than a week ago. Walkers case went to th** jury late Tuesday afternoon and not long afterwar*! the verdict clearing him of the charges was returned. •* A congressman protests the i ii.*'** of President Roosevelts picture in a liquor ad thanking til** president for repeal. Of course. don t they know it was congress that parsed the repeal law? DENYER, Dec. IO.—LR)— James E. Yan Zandt. commander in-chief of the Yeterans of Foreign Wars, suggested today that President Roosevelt may order full payment of soldiers’ cash bornus certificates before congress meets, “The president’s reason for wanting to keep the bonus fight off the floor of congress is that he fears it will upset both house and senate and endanger the whole recovery program,” Van Zandt said. “He has the authority. under the XRA, to authorize the payment from relief I unds.” Yan Zandt, who stopped here between trains on a nation-wide tour, said he had assurances, from congressmen “in a position to know that President Roosevelt is expected to order the cash payment made before Jan. I. — 1|--- Greatest returns for the amount | invested—News Classified Ads. I PAHLS, Dec. IO LPL Frances fifth    war    debt    default to    the Fnited States was approved today by the cabinet, which sanctioned tile sending of the customary note to Washington. This, it    was    understood,    will repeat a recognition of the obligation. hut explain “the situation is    unchanged”—meaning    that parliament is still against payment and that there must be a new settlement. Edouard Herriot. minister with out portfolio and former premier, remained faithful to his contention    that    the    debts should be paid and expressed an ardent wish    for    a    settlement    with Washington. Louis Germain-Martin, minister of finance, and Foreign Minister Pierre Laval were appointed to draw up the note, toe broad lines of which were !ai I down by Laval before he left for Geneva. MOUE CATTLE TO BE PURCHASED IN STATE OKLAHOMA CITY. Dec. 8.—CP. The government emergency cattle i buying program was extended to-jday to include 30,000 head on Oklahoma farms which are without I winter feed. Officials here were notified that one-third of the cattle will he slaughtered for relief purposes and the remainder will he transported to other sections for processing. A total of 086.000 bead will be bought in the west and southwest. the case, as rumored. “This town is too hot practical joker to be tryin like that," In* said. The story he told today, Ken-! namer said, was the full story he will tell on the witness stand at his trial. Tulsa Men Involved KANSAS CITY. Dec. 12 -CP)— ; Sheriff Thomas IC Bash said to-i day a man held here had told him of overhearing four men in a Tulsa night club (Brown Derby) the night before John F. Gorrell, Jr., | was slain mention th** names of (Several persons since involved in the case, and that one of the men j had swayed drunkenly and declared : “We ll have to put him on the spot." The sheriff said tile story was related by James E. Ekherg, 29, the most southerly of all the Fitts field. , Speculation has been rife from jibe time these tests were announced as to whether they were too far to the south to find production. Their completion as big producers has left unsettled location of the south edge of I field. | Several other wells in field are into or nearing the whom live in this community. Principal business to come befor**      -    _________ the meeting will he the election j Ola lime and so within sight of While workers dug into the ruins for bodies, police with grapping hooks maneuvered a boat through the ice floes on the Grand river hunting for those I who plunged to their deaths in the water below the blazing hotel. One body was taken from the ruins early today, the first to he found since searchers started digging in the debris. J The body, hardly more than * charred hones, defied immediate j identification. It was found, liow-the|ever ,at a,)OUt the place where (three fleeing waitresses said they stumbled over the body of David Monroe, assistant manager of the hotel, shortly before th** walls the the Vi- i and floors fell in. short time, being start-is no pros-of activity lu lu unity. It is a permanent cooperative farm financing organization, designed to make money available to fanners and stockman the year around. The local    representative, who .    ... - ..has aided in    the work by writing w 1° ga\e his address at    826    South j applications    for local farmers, r* Ilion,    J ii Isa.    Ekherg    is    under land otherwise assisting in the ,cl.larpe- J program, is .making plans to join local stockholders in attending of the hoard of directors for, completion within a 1 935.    (and    with    more    wells Business reports of the organ-1 cd right along there ization ar** also to he given at pect for slackening the session,    covering    the opera-    ie the    pool. lion during the past nine months.    !    From Other    Areas The production credit associa- Reports from other areas lion serving    farmers    of this and    >    elude    the following; surrounding    counties    was set up    j    The    Carl Wolff No.    I    in north- during Match, 1934, and has j west of northeast of southwest made many loans, at five per!0! 9-5-6, north of Ada, has drll-cent interest, for crop and stock (led 120 feet and is changing to production in this local coni- cable tools. Delaney and others No The Bash said Ekherg told him j was formerly employed by 1 Wilcox Oil company and that knew Phil Kennamer, who confessed to slaving Gorrell KIELING FOLLOWS E the he has I Diamond, in northwest of northwest of southeast of 5-ls-Se, will be ready to spud within a day of two. This test is in Coal county, near Clarita. Miller and Manahan No. I H-Ward, in northeast of southeast northwest of !8-1s-3e, Sulphur graben, has rig completed and may be ready to spud by Saturday. the annual business meeting. MUSKOGEE 1*0 LICKMAN DIES OF WOUNDS TI PENSIONS FOR AGEO E RED OAK, Dec. 8.— CP) —An argument over a country lane horse race was blamed for a fatal shooting here today. Homer Thomas, about 4ft, was shot four times and beaten over I the head as he lay dying. His; father, Seaton Thomas, was wounded twice in the hand, and his younger brother. Bill, who first was involved in the racing quarrel, escaped injury. Harvey Mings, 4 5. was held in jail at Wilburton without bond. County Attorney jack Bradley said he would file murder charges Monday. Thomas was unmarried; Mings has a wife and one child. Mings, arrested by Sheriff John Estes, made no statement. MES KOG EE, Okla.. Dec. IO— bpt—Funeral services will be held here tomorrow for Romie    ________ H. Hinson, 50, veteran Musko- WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 gee policeman, who died yester- Tile Townsenders set up day as a result of a wound, suf- headquarters today, fered last Monday ?    three-way inquiry was (started by E. L. Welch of the | state fire marshal's office; ' Prosecutor Dan McCullough or Ingram county, and th** state police. Witnesses Questioned The fire marshal’s office questioned witnesses in an effort to determine the cause of the fire and whether there was any neglige ne** involved. McCullough said he had called a coroner’s jury to meet next week. One of the prime questions of the investigation will he the report of Mrs. William I/es her, a permanent resident of the hotel, that she was awakened by tho smell of smoke at 5 a. m. The alarm was turned in at 5:3o a. rn. The inquiry, according to the fire marshal, will try to determine whether there was any delay in sounding th* alarm. .Mrs. Lasher said lier husband reported the fire to the clerk, and Night Clerk Jones said he hotel employes to investi-the report. —CP*— capital w’hile attempting to arrest James Ver-j non, Negro taxi driver, j Vernon was killed in the exchange of shots allegedly by Patrolman Billie Guy. Guy said the Negro fired on him and Hinson wiien they w’ent to investigate an automobile accident between Vernon and another Negro. se n t gate ATOKA. Okla., Dec. 8—CP)— D. J. Henderson. 20, wras under a sentence of life imprisonment today for the slaying of Hayden Norris, Sept. 22. Henderson was convicted of murder by a district court jury last night.    _____ The two youths were riding in sponsor Norris’ slain. car when the latter was TTie gray-haired and slight Dr F. E. Townsend, formerly of the Long Beach, Calif., health department, called a press conference first thing to tell of plans for pressing his plan upon congress. Ender it persons over 60 would get $2'»0 a month from the treasury. on condition the money is •spent within 30 days. The originator seeks to have ,15,000,000 signatures to a petition to congress. He said the house delegations from California. [Arizona, Colorado. Washington land Oregon are “virtually solid” for his plan. He indicated that Rep. Smith (D-Wash) and Rep.-Elect Burnham (R-Calif) might the legislation, although tins has tied. not been definitely set Dent Ii List Incomplete The complete list of dead wilt not ^>e known until the ruins and the river have been thoroughly searched. The hotel register wTas lost in the fire and even among the employes of the house there is a wide variance in estimate as to th** number of guests. The Kerns was reported to have been filled to capacity Tuesday night and it has 213 rooms. William G. Kerns, the ow’ner, estimated the guest list at 19ft or 20ft, while Night Clerk Isaac D. Jones said he believed there were 25ft in the house. Capt. Lyon and fire department officials said that 170 persons had been accounted for today. Tile figure included the l l known dead; 33 injured, and those who escaped unhurt,. ;

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