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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - September 22, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina The Abbeville press and Banner by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville s. C., wednesday september 22, 1909. Established 1844 John Robinson s big circus. A comes to Abbeville Friday oct. 1st. To 1 be the oldest end one of the very Best shows on the Road. An the Shamokin pa., daily news of. June 14, 1909, says the Street Parade was perhaps the biggest brightest and Best that Ever Tell paused through the streets of Shamokin. Sylthe horses were fat Aud sleek borne we great big ones and some Little tiny ones Foj Aud All to be admired. Three bands be furnished exceptionally Fine music and the Gold decorated wagons and dazzling costumes of the performers the big herds of elephants Aud camels All went to make the pageant a Delight 8a to every one of the hundreds of Happy to spectators. I a Thi Safier. Noon s Der Mormance and came away delighted with the entertainment. There is a abundance of merry Mak neing clowns while each Aud every act i9 i worthy of individual commendation Pil some being of such novel and extra or Pil diary character As to deserve special mention. Among which Are the Riding a seal9. These wonderful aquatic creat a ures perform a series of marvelous acts. They actually ride on bareback Liv / horses play Ball juggle Aud balance coi various objects while Riding on the col backs of Fleet horses. This May seem a incredulous yet nevertheless May be witnessed at each . _ in another act that deserves More no than parsing comment is that of the the american Hercules. The strongman of Warren Lincoln Travis whose Obeno a. Metal feats showing the wonderful a muscular Power of the human Frame a both astonish and Maze the Beho Ders a the elephants which dance Waltz and he perform various feats subject to the master mind of their Trainer were pro in bounced to be the Best performing Herd sic Ever seen in this Section. An Adenir j Able feature was the six horse act. The Riding driving Aud managing of six in horses by Gordon Orton is a most won Sanderful display of equestrian daring. In of fact every act presented was of the Afi highest order of excellence Aad skill an after its kind. The menagerie was one of the Large stand most comprehensive in its Ken night i n i i this sep Luzac v tv/1 i aug us Uva us tied. X be taken As a whole it is recognized m As one of the greatest shows that has by Ever visited the state and such is the unanimous verdict heard from Many to of the thousands who flocked into the v6 City to see will exhibit at abbe few Ville Friday oct. 1st. Loss. 1 to what Congress might have / done. for which he went into partnership with of or. S. S. Turner in the dry goods Busi Tii Ness. Here his health began to fail him and he retired from Active life to his Home in Cedar Springs township. The remains were carried to Lebanon a and buried the pastor of that Church As officiating. The. Chi death of George Pressleyjr i George Pressley oldest son of mrs. Dessie Pressley died last week at the in Home of his Mother near Cedar a Springs. " the cause of death was diphtheria. The Little fellow was about six years a old and a Bright boy he Pride of the family. Sincere sympathies go out to the grief stricken Mother in her aft fiction. John Campbell dead. John Campbell who was reported injured last week died from his injuries at the Home of or. James Evans. Or. Campbell made the Eta Talent before be died that he bad climbed a tree to q gather Muscadine and fell out and into the wire Fence thus injuring 61 Xii lit on i Enlil Mountain. On a lonely night Alex. Benton of fort Edward n. claimed Bald Mountain to the Home of a neighbor tortured by asthma Bent on curing him with or. King s new discovery that had cured himself of asthma. This wonderful Medicine soon relieved and quickly cured his neigh apr laterite cured his son s wife of a severe lung trouble. Millions believe its the great est Throat and lung cure on Earth. Coughs colds croup Haemorrhages and sore lungs Are surely cured by it. Best for Hay fever grip and whooping cough. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by p. B. Speed. Old have caught on to the idea that the ugh ters of Good mothers make the Best win for a should not. Therefore be a priced at any Day to hear that some ambitious youth was trying to Rob the me nest of some of its choicest it is that the daughters of cd women As mrs. Lyon stand very Little Ance of being left Over Stock at the old m s rummage make them a License. Clinton Gazette. The legislature at its next session ight accomplish some Good by enacting Law to tax murderers. Murderers of All ses shades and sexes Are at Large in Ruth Carolina roaming up and Down the rth like the Devil seeking whom they a destroy. Murder cola blooded Angh handed is becoming about As Comonas the illicit traffic in mean whiskey id there seeming to be no safeguard Aust the steadily growing evil of life King not even by recourse to the courts id juries it would appear to be a Good l6iuess venture for the state to fix a scale prices and License All murderer i make e would be and the determined murder the accidental and the self defense murderer a Cash Bonus of $500.00 into e state s depleted exchequer the keeper the records granting the Legal papers acing the great Beeai 01 Ine of adj a menu us vouchsafe no to the Holder the Privis Reto kill. Let the murderer hold Nogich paid up policy or certificate go Scot be. This will save the state a vast sum court expense Money and at the same me Stop the courts usual findings of Elf defense or accidental homicide id a Long list of hum buggery which Only Nijs to give impetus to the furtherance evil. The Good old fashioned hanging la Haman is As much out of style to Day the old and once honoured Flint lock and be rope route being discarded let the Linse murderer arise go Forth into the a ways byways and Hedges and slay to s heart s Content untrammelled by Public Nti ment and uninterrupted by the mock urts of a free country. The state Bac Ghim or her in the Enterprise let the murderer ply his Trade for Revenue Only. Met Ntim Ess is near at hand to hundreds of a Yeyille readers. Don t neglect an aching Back. Backache is the kidney cry for Elp. Neglect hurrying to their Aid Means that urinary troubles follow quickly dire distress diabetes Bright s disease. Profit by a sufferer s experience. W. P. Dean sr., 303 Magnolia st., Greenwood s. C., says some time ago i was feeling quite miser Bleas the result of kidney had a Dull ache through the Small of my Back Felt Lani Ruid and my kidneys did not seem to act properly. I finally decided to try Doan s kidney pills and procured a Box. I have not Finis bed the contents but can say that they have done me More Good than any remedy i previously used. The pain in my Back has disappeared and i feel better in every for Sale by All dealers. Price 50 ends. Fo8ter-Miiburn co., Buffalo Newyork sole agents for the United tates. Remember the Ike no other. Acc. Balance of nature. Destruction of certain animals is soon repented. It seems that the groundhog is under the ban in Illinois. A Bounty has been put upon the head of the animal that on candlemas Day each year tells us whether Winter is to pass or to linger. Col. Watterson of the Louisville courier journal come to the defense of the groundhog. He bespeak consideration for it in the name of Kentucky. He might bespeak consideration for it in the name of humanity. The groundhog of Illinois and the West generally is the woodchuck of the Eastern states. It is charged against him that in digging his Home he throws gravel up Over Teh surface of the ground to an extent that injures the Farmers prospects of raising crops the groundhog is also accused of being a Powler in the vegetable Garden and it is said that the Early cabbage that should go to Farmer s table is sacrificed to the appetite of the unbidden guest in Thefield. We hold no Brief for the groundhog but it is pretty Well known that nature keeps the balance of things even. Not Many years ago the Pennsylvania legislature passed a Law giving a bunty to every Man who killed a Hawk. The thought of the legislators was that if the Hawks were killed the poultry Industry of the state would thrive three fold. The Price put on the head of the red shouldered the red tailed and the Broad winged Hawks resulted in a thinning of the ranks of the predatory Bird family and in the depletion of the treasuries of most of the counties of the Keystone state. After Pennsylvania had spent $50,000 in payment for. Hawk scalps the Farmers of the state suddenly found out that the rats and the squirrels were eating up their crops unchecked. They tried to Stem the tide of destruction but failed and then Trey called on the lawmakers to make life possible again for the Hawks. The red shouldered the red tailed and the Broad winged Birds had lived mainly on the animal that were preying on the crops of the agriculturist. The Farmer found it out a Little late but he found it out in time to save the Hawk family in Pennsylvania from extinction. \ out in Kansas a few years ago the Western detailed Hawk was abundant. Abou once every six months the retail would pick up a Chicken and the act aroused the owner of the Chicken to anger. The lawmaker of Kansas declared the retail an outlaw and put a Price on his head. There were so Many retailed Hawks killed that the count was lost. Coincident with the killing of the Birds the plague of Prairie dogs increased and menaced the very Means of livelihood of the majority of the Kansas dwellers. They called on the biological Survey of Washington to help them out of their trouble. The scientists sent this prescription repeal the Law placing a Bounty on this was done and since that time nature has kept the balance even. All this perhaps has comparatively Little to do with the groundhog of Illinois butt May be said that the legislators who would pass Laws intended to interfere with the Workings of Mother nature Are taking great chances. Confessedly it is Notko unjust what place the groundhog or the woodchuck As you will holds in nature 6 system of Economy but that it holds a place is Well assured. It is More than possible that the propaganda for the preservation of the natural resources of the country includes the Post. Little folks who spites the editor. The newspaper like the preacher will pronounce this autograph at the end. A Aanna of Moro Uffa it oven Lett fluff. Ref Ati a to updo us jew by w. A i old Man came into this office and stopped his paper because something in it did no just suit his fancy. We have frequently met him on the Street since that time Aud it is amusing to note the look of Surpris on the old fellow s face that we Are still in existence regardless of the fact that h stopped his paper. Some Day. And it won t be Long old Gen Telmar will turn up his toes. His heart will be stilled forever. Neighbors and friends will follow his lifeless Clay to the silent City and Lay them to rest among the Flowers. Ai obituary will be published in these columns telling what a kind father a Good neighbor and beloved citizen he the recording Angel will Overlook for Charity s Sake and in a very Short time he will be forgotten. As he lies out there in the cold cold graveyard wrapped in the silent slumber of death he will never know thai that last kind word spoken of him was by the editor of that paper which he so spitefully stopped did you Ever pause just a moment to think that your editor whoever he May be will write your obituary some Day?.king s Mountain Herald. An interesting Little Sermon is that. It like the tone of it throughout. No Man should do anything for spite for spite never pays. Of course every Man has a right to take any newspaper or not As helices. No newspaper Man should entertain any feeling against a Man who do s not take his newspaper. To entertain such feeling is absurd. The Man however who wants a newspaper and wants it enough to be willing to give up the Price but does not do so in the belief that he is siting the publisher is so Small that he is to be pitied the same principle of course applies to All other daily transactions with As Tonuci Force As it applies to taking newspapers. Nai Irea Faro o in or Vii Luis a u1 v a a we v my � we v4 Pien but thei a Are newspaper men and newspaper pen. Popae Are As Spall and As narrow and As spiteful a any subscribe who has Ever stopped his paper for is necessarily the Case and it would be absurd to suggest that the spill spiteful newspapermen Are connected Only w to smaller papers bit Neverth preps it is ?.fact that the average newspaper is Boup to take a broader View of men and things than the average in Diu Ual. Every Reade for instance knows How he will say things to one Man that a would not say Totsc others at the same time and How he will say things to even two or three that he would not say to a crowd. Most men Are broader More circumspect and More careful when they Are talking to a crowd that when they Are talking to an individual the newspaper Man is in the position o. Talking to a crowd All the while find since what he says becomes a matter of record that cannot to denied he learns to Bremor circumspect even than if he were talking verbally to a crowd. And every one Shoul know enough to realize that a View thu openly expressed to the world Ivill if it i important enough to amount to anything give Irence to some Oay even to undoes not intend offence to any adv then Are few editors who would rat a offend anybody though their newspapers except As a matter of duty to the Pupil thatis there Are few editors worthy of the name who would do so. And is filly Thi poor fellow that feels be has been suited is the information All to himself. Thi editor probably never dreamed of Givin him personal offence. It is so eases out of a Hundred. But after All not withstanding the admirable Way in which the Herald has put it the subject is Bardl wort discussing. The Popr Little Fello who would Stop his paper in order to spi tithe editor is incapable of realizing to far he misses his purpose and the Editp who would waste l is time brooding Ove things like this is hardly big enough Bro fid enough for the successful prosecution of the profession he pretends to folios. Yorkville enquirer. Death of a 600d Man. J. R. Dunn passes to the great beyond. I j. K. Clarence Dun late of Ocola Florida died in the City Hospital of Spartanburg thursday night at twelve o clock sept. 16, to 1906. His remains were brought to Don the aids on Friday afternoon and on saturday sol at two o clock he was buried at Greenville m Church. Funeral services were by pastor Sis eve. Or. Cartledge and Rev. 0. Y. Bonner tie or. Cartledge opened the exercises with an Earnest prayer when he read portions of scripture suitable to the occasion after which he asked or. Bonner to proceed with the services. A. Or. Bonner spoke very feelingly and in terms of High regard for the character of 3 the deceased he having known him All his life. He spoke of or. Dunn As a kind Hus we band a devoted father and As a Good to citizen whose example was worthy of All 1 emulation. His words were a great con a 6olation to his children and were assuring 8h to other Kindred and friends. This is said j to have been one of or. Bonner s Bept " efforts. In woe a Enn of tip Dunn of neighbourhood of Greenville Church and j died in his 56th year. His first wife was go miss Margaret m. Nance daughter of major f. W. R. Nance of Abbeville. She died in August 1891. She left four child j Ren namely Andrew Dunn who died in to. Florida w. Dunn miss Jennie Mae Tio Dunn and miss Buth Dunn All of whom be Are now living at due West. Hoi or. Dunn s second marriage was with my sad. Robertson daughter of Captain Robertson of the level land Section. She died about two years after their marriage leaving a son Robert Dunn who is Nowyj living with friends in level land. Gisl his remains now sleep peacefully in the j cemetery at Greenville Church beside the Ai bodies of his two wives an Inear the last be resting place of his father and Mother. Heimi expert on Clover. Gnu or a Smith 6ives some interesting j information. Or i people of South Carolina Are Only Mak Yaing about one seventh the amount of crops. On their farms As Are the Northern far Nei Mere said or. A. G. 8mith of the United i states department of agriculture office of v. Farm management who was in Union he recently when speaking to a Progress representative teething for the Southern Farmers to a begin to realize is that they must grow at More Winter cover crops in other words 3 must revolutionize their methods. The for Winter cover crops which seems to be most re practical in this Section of the country i Crimson Clover. Crimson Clover is an is i specially valuable crop As it not Only is a Tor Winter cover crop but it takes the nitrogen ish from the air and puts it into the soil hav ing the same effect on the land As the cow of pea. It works however through the fall Winter and spring1, while the cow pea Only works through the summer. It also Prepa vents wasting away of the top soil which is very essential on the Hill sides of the for country and the washing will be reduced of to practically a minimum in the Winter. 1"Crimson Clover also absorbs a certain a mount of the fertilizer that the Cotton or j other plants will not take up. A ton of Agi Crimson Clover turned under is equal to i four tons of barn Yard manure besides it is a very valuable forage crop. A ton of Crimson Clover will bring ammonia into 1 the soil which one will have to from Foi seven to eight dollars for in nitrate or soap i or. Smith continuing said fifteen pounds of seeds should be sown per acre about the latter part of september or first of october and unless the land has grown 1s Crimson Clover successfully before it i should be Well prepared and the soil from i other Fields where Crimson Clover had Len sowed should be applied to the land so Aspi to inoculate it. The following directions will be found "1 to be a Good guide for the Man who has go not yet grown Crimson Clover successfully a heretofore but if he has grown Crimson Clover on the land before the land most a probably is already inoculated and the us1ing of Lime and the soil for inoculation will. Not be necessary. Plow and thoroughly pulverize the soil fun apply All barnyard manure possible up to ten loads per acre Dis Kingin in Mech q lately after spreading so As to prevent 2" drying. Apply per acre. A "1,600 lbs. Air slacked Lime. "162 lbs. Acid phosphate or Basic slag. 125 lbs. Cotton seed meal. A "125 lbs. Kalnit or 85 lbs. Uriate of Potash. Work the Lime and fertilizer Well into up " the soil. just before sowing the seed apply s0 some soil from a Field where Crimson cloy or has previously been Success Nelly grown we and work Well into the soil immediately after be or. Smith has an office in the., state Tei House at Columbia and is spending All his a a time in the state just now making a spec1ialty of helping the Farmers to grow Calm. Son Clover Bur Clover red Clover Alfalfa i and vetch. He will Send any one direct potions for planting any of these crops who i asks for them telling where to secure the seed All the material necessary for Plant ing and each Stepin preparing and Fertl or living the Progress " 10 i three great grandmothers i mrs. E. is the Happy Mother of two children a son and a two children enjoy a kinship which probably has no parallel in the coun Weto. They have three great grandmothers. The Ages of the children Are two and a half t and four years respectively the Ages of the great grandmothers Range from 76 to 86 years. The youngest great grand Mother is mrs. 8. M. Nance aged 7$. The w next great grandmother is mrs. clinks9ales aged 86 and third or j. A. I Sherar aged 78 years. A there Are two grandmothers mrs. Lucy Thompson aged 65 and mrs. Yak a w1 5 Sherard and 8. A \ mrs Cornelia a i. Get 15th. 1900. J or. A a Crawford Donalds s. 1 Pear doctor it 3 i understand reports have been j circulated in your town and Vicinity p. That you were made to leave Cornelia uii and i take the Liberty of writing Yoi que i a letter and if it will . Ii am More than glad to Send you gnat Agnes Scott College. She t last week to begin her duties. Fiss Louise Brown leaves tuesday to Converse College. E a. George m. Wright of Clinton c it sunday Here with mrs. Wright 10 is Here spending some time 1 the her Home people. 01 Diss Julia a. Foster has returned o1 Abbeville after spending her Vaca " n at Spartanburg with her Home 5 ple. Miss Foster will make her v me with miss Mamie Lou Smith. " miss Louise Allen has gone to of Beville Normal school. Mis ale is very Bright and will no doubt a e a Good stand in her classes. Bliss Hannah c. Perrin of Green re is spending a while with her i a mrs. George White. Prs. Lewis to Bryant and her it a some Little sons masters Lewis h b Bryant and John Bryant Are to e from Atlantic City the guest of Al s. D. Lee. I to Diss Margaret Klugh has gone to St verse College / to resume her do Dies. It Uttoan n\nn4" inf to of. In a h9uu Optat air Jay and sunday in Greenville. A frs. Fannie Wilder of Richmond " i. Is Here spending sometime with p. Mother mrs. J. B. Wilson. V a. Albert Morse left monday for c1 p. I. In Blacksburg va., where 11 will study this Winter. Dias emay Prentiss is at Home tin after a Delight til stay with Reive sin Jacksonville. Diss Catharine Klugh left tuesday Spartanburg where she will enter verae. Fiss Lucy Evans has gone to Belt where she is in charge of a flouring school. & miss Mary Smith left tuesday for Artan Burg where she will enter y verse. Miss Lone Smith a com Nied her. � miss Meta Lythgoe left thursday her Home in Atlanta after spend some time nere Wim a jails Mamie. U Smith. T 5 or. It a. Visa ski is at Home. Ain after a pleasant stay in Atlanta � the his sons or. Sam visa ski and d p. Walter visa ski. 1 � miss Bessie Simpson left monday \ her Home in Monroe after a Jas ant stay Here with or. And mrs. I. D. Simpson. B miss Julia Sohlmann of Charleston c teaching Here this year she is filing her Home with the misses Iree. A miss Isabel Mays of Monticello t a., who has been the guest of miss t Liedick for several weeks has s be to Yorkville where she has a 1 sit Ion in the graded school. 5 or. Roy Miller left tuesday for Lumbia where he will enter South Molina College. Miss Margaret Lemon the Success j i teacher of the first Grade has Reed to Abbeville after a pleasant a by at her Home in Barnwell. Miss e Mon is staying with mrs. Fannie j Lien. A mists to Trine Garrison of Atlanta t s been spending some time with 5 r father or. John miss Helen White left monday for 1 Artan bring where she will teach in s inverse College. Her friends Are e Rry to know that she will spend the c inter away from Here. F or. J. S. Norwood and miss Eliza Norwood Are at Home again of r a pleasant stay with relatives in j Cinatti ,2 prof. F. D. Broyls of Anderson 1 111 be in charge of the tenth Grade. Of. Broyles will make his Home with mrs. J. A. . Preston Speed left tuesday for Siuth Carolina College where he goes t resume his studies. Miss Jennie Causey from pinot Oasis Here staying with mrs. Fan 8 e Allen. Miss Causey is teaching c e fifth Grade. Messes. Bonar and Andrew White t it monday for Davidson College c Here they will study this year i r. Bon a White is a senior at Avidson or. Andrew White has in studying at the Mccallie High Hoed in Chattanooga where he l Ade a Fine record. Miss Bertha White and miss Idaj Ney hath of Abbeville have Poso sin the graded school. The \ hates Are fortunate in securing the vices of such a Fine corps of j Mohers. \ go with Bush. The demand for that wonderful Macb liver and kidney cure a. Taw. T i a Dlallo la 1 Ilig b ii car Usu a Jho to b. Speed 8aya be never saw the 1 be. Its because they never fall to re dour stomach. Constipation ingestion bilious Ness jaundice sick Aada be chills and malaria. Only & if you Are wanting a we dins present whether Cut lass China or Sterling Silver e us. It will you. The. L. Dargan co. Two interesting old letters. Gen. Sherman sent the letter Prine below to Gen. Butler at . Butler gave the letter to Ion. Wyatt Aiken who in turn gave t to his Uncle Joseph d. Aiken of Charleston. A in the Book entitled Story of the great March reference is made to irs. Aiken mentioned in the letter. The colonel Aiken mentioned by Herman was col. Hugh k. Aiken f the 6th regiment South Carolina cavalry. He was killed at Lych s Creek in 1865. Gen. Sherman s letter. 912 Garrison ave. St. Louis to. Dec. 17, 1883 Hon. M. Butler. U. It. Senate x 1washington, d. My dear sir since my return Tolis my real Home i have been eng again overhauling old chests and boxes Taing the fragments of years of a me what eventful life mostly old hitters and papers and have stumbled a the enclosed letter of j. D. Aiken of feb Rary 10,1865 dated at Charles n and addressed doubtless to his Rife. I think i recall mrs. Aiken at i if Tansboro that she either came to see 1 the or sent word asking me to Call to a her at All events i am sure i saw be lady and was impressed with her Trident Grace and accomplishments and afterwards Felt sorry when i eard that col. Aiken had been killed i a night cavalry fight at Florence. Me As containing the hint that tier Lee himself would come South t Check my movement or that John on would be appointed to the com Indof the troops opposing me. The letter itself is creditable to the j Riter and most affectionate. If be still alive big you will Send Lis letter to her and apologise for my be plug it so Long or i she be Payoong in dead it May be that some of their it be is too much afraid i got a or. Campbell mrs. Bryan s Broiher Ina to take a despatch and Send it to of from colombian i cow not get it Iff from Branchville. We arrived in own at 5 o clock p. M. And i came directly a ounce and found or. Avenel and a new clerk or. Serine. Bad time to read several letters and trite some on business retired Early id am very Ard at work today. The Nemy effected a Landing on James Aland yesterday and we met them my As there has been no fighting Over Here today i presume we drove the Miff. I have understood that maj. Edward Manigault was killed gave Leard no further particulars. The City Demsas quiet Ana the Beautiful Sunb Ineas Serene and pleasant and our tear Home As tranquil As the Day we Iraq took Possession of it. Maj Oderin says he has sent off Nosi or the Suppus Luw Miu Ciui Ouva is enough to support an army of ,00,000 for a month yet so that j do it look for an immediate evacuation of the City. If Gen Lee comes on As it s reported he will or if Geo. Johnston vere put into immediate command i Elleve we would whip Sherman yet be Only exposes himself the More by going into the Interior and past immunity has made Bim rash there were men at every station Longhe Road but there seemed a want f discipline and organisation or head. So vessel hut the Chicora has got ii Nee i left and nothing got out we not expert anything now before Lext Friday or saturday night. In haste your own signed j. D. Aiken. Iove and kisses to the dear children. If its made of tin you will ind it cheaper Here. The b. L. Dargan co. 5 and 10c store the Boad to we rata is Many obstructions but none so desperate As poor health. Success today demands Nealt but electric bit Eris the greatest health builder the world has Ever known. It compels perfect action of stomach liver if a rifles and enriches the blood and tones and invigorates the whole system. Vigorous body and keen brain follow their use. You can t afford to slight electric bitters if weak run Down or sickly. Only 50c. Guaranteed by p. B. Speed. Schedule for due West railway. Morning train leaves due West at 10 30. Evening train leaves Dae West at 449. 1 Bese trains meet the morning and evening trains on the sont Bern at Donalds. Passengers can go out from one West ont be evening freight train a Boob leaves Dae wet at too Evik. To East end. What a sett and a Gers of his rounds about the City and Julif route no. 3. Look out for John Robinson s big circus it will be Here oct. 1st which is next Friday week. This is a great big thee n ring circus lots of Fine horses wild animate and fun making clowns. Come to the pity and if you dont wish to attend the . You can see the Fine Street Parade through the principal streets of / the City come and let the sights drive away Dull care at least for one Day. It will give you something new to think about our stores will be on full dress Parade that Day and while you Are waiting you can do your shopping. There willbe an overwhelming crowds come Early and get out of the Rush along the s graded and High school opened last monday and if every family had As big a time As we had they had picnic getting boys and girls together Hunting up new clothes shoes and cravats after a Long Holiday was a big but we got our four boys straightened out and on the Road to school in fair shape and on Good Hope patrons will be impressed with the great importance of starting their children on the first Day of school giving them an equal Start with the others. If your child gets behind on account of tardiness it is not Only hard to catch of but May make him indifferent and careless about his studies. Commence at it will help the teachers in their Vivian Caldwell and or Cousin miss Ola Wilson of Newberry after making a. Pleasant stay in the City with mrs. Lambert Caldwel left monday for Greenville where miss Wilson will remain a while As the guest of miss Caldwell Minn Antoinette Hammond after several months sojourn in the land of Flowers is to Home again brighter and happier Hanover. Her friends Welcome her Home. Workis being push i on the High schooling tvs hoped How soon it will be ready for Sev. Henry Stoke preached a special " Sermon 16 engineers last sunday night. Mrs. Robert Hill left monday for due wept bang called by a phone message announcing the illness of Ner father or. W. .?3. Moore. A -�$�3 Boute 8. Mrs. A b. Harkness after Effendi if the Rammer with her Home people at Sharon returned Homo last monday accompanied by her Mother mob. Jamee Gilliam who a trills end awhile with her daughter i Birmingham Ala. Misse Sotele and Llna Evans left Monia for Linwood College in North Carolina. A miss Eva Williams will leave Friday for Winthrop College at Bock hb1 having won & scholarship there. Mis Bobena Gilliam returned monday to the Normal Institute at Ash Vule a. Misses Emma Penny and Leila Walker were guests in the City monday. Or. A. B. Boater has a daughter Side with diphtheria. Many friends nope she 1.3 will soon be Well. Or. And mrs. Lindsay link with their v two children spent a Day of the Rast week with their parents or. And mrs. 8. Link. 1 or. And mrs George Wilson after a pleas ant stay with Home folks at Gral Ridge \. Returned Home saturday. Misses same. Jennie and Mabel Woodhurst spent Friday with mrs. Janie Alchie at . Lamar was in the City monday on business. Or. Jim Hill was out on route s monday looking after the sick. Or. My or. I quite Popularas a physician and is build Well again. Master Ernest Pennel spent1 last week with his Uncle or. 0. F. Graves and family. Or. W. E. Penney up feint last saturday night and sunday with his Home people at prof. M. B. Cheatham will conduct religious services at Sharon Church next8unday afternoon. Mortuary. Or. A b. A Dunn son in Law of our Friend major Nance died last Friday night at the Hospital in Spartanburg where Nehas been for some time under special treatment. Or. Dunn is Well known to the people of Abbeville county and has the highest respect and esteem of All who knew him. spent a number of years in Flora having Only recently returned to his funeral services were conducted at Greenville Church where his remains were gently Laid to sleep with loved ones gone before. The bereaved one s have the deepest sympathy of Many friends in their great grief. The sudden and unexpected death of or. Joe link of Willington last week was a great Shock to my aged father or. W. and his Brothers two of whom reside in this City messes Rodert 8, and 8. A link we knew the deceased Well when we lived atm Carmel some years ago and in All our life we never met a More generous hearted and Jovial Friend he like others of us had his faults but with them be possessed Many Noble traits of character being affable and gentle in manner he won friends every where. His life work u finished and he has paid the debt we Wii All have to sooner or later and i spirit is now in the great beyond. The aged father especially with All the bereaved one s have the sincere sympathy of hosts of friends. On last Friday morning sep. 17, 1909 about it Oclock the spirit of or. Johnny Campbell took its everlasting flight into the great beyond the deceased received injuries from cuts of a barbed wire when blood Poison set in and Only a few Days intervened before death relieved him of his suffering. He died at the Home of his Uncle or. James Evans who raised him from a child his Mother having died when he was of that tender age when the inn Eutty Iuva us gentle care of a Mother was most needed. Or Campbell was kind and gentle in his deposition and has Many friends who Learned of his unexpected death with much sorrow. His funeral services were conducted at Lebanon presbyterian Church by Rev . Hillhouse after which interment was made in the cemetery close by. He sleeps beside loved ob�8 gone before. To the bereaved sister and other loved cues Host of friends extend sincere sympathy. Miss Virginia Gambrel Lof Atlanta paid a flying visit to her Home folks last week. Yoa can always get what you want to stationery and Sonopol books at Speed s drug store

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