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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Sep 8 1909, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - September 8, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville press and Banner j by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville 8. C., wednesday september 8, 1909. Established 1844 ill historic Day one of the most novel that Ever oct history of Roundhead and Cavalier 1 Gary pledge chamber from the Edgefield adv i on saturday last the radicals of Edgefield again essayed to open an election Campaign a Campaign which they Hope is to give Ibern a new lease of Power Over the liven liberties and pockets of White men. Of that Jay their Triumph was to Bud bios gorgeously in november next. Toter magnates came and All were ready Chamberlain Mac by Smalls Hayne ill son. The local magnates bowed Low he lore the cheat visitors. The arrival wus Usu Liln judge Mickey Etc. Proposing mat be a Jolt Oue. And that toe i time should be equally divided among Radica Laud Demitr Dulc speakers. Tue com Muttee after waiting l int Aud patiently bid been informed that the it Dicapi my Tieh de t lined to Shire the time with the democrats general Gary Beu asserts to to tube democrate t will Sbare the time of the meeting or there Small be no meeting get error cram Bertalo and judge m key state to to Nome mls under standing must exist that they Are not the committee of arrangement but that the Are perfectly willing the meeting should by a joint one. Be Leral g try presses them Foi some det late arrangement and Govero Chamberlain proposes that the speeches shall t be in turn Republican and democratic and that each speaker shall be limited to a bail Bour. Tbs is accepted As the settled plan. And now governor chamber lain begin. His face still bears the Gallows expression and be Speaks More to the Whites than to the Blacks. Be tills up Bis half Bour with English words but says not blog not Aneudi visual thing that you could Lay your for nor Nunn the no roes Are hair if Omurlu fled . They Sluk into Volc Eisot gloom. The Whites press gov. Chamberlain or a explanation of his appointment 01 Mcd vill and his persistent continuing Hui in office. He seeks to evade the Issue but pressed to the Wall and replies that if any reliable citizen or citizens of a Igelfeld had represented to him Mcdevitt s unworthiness he would Al one have displaced him o course the crowd jeer so absurd a come off As this. And now chamber Aln is done and general Butler begins. General Butler has Ben the subject of base misrepresentation and calumny throughout the length and breadth of the Laud Aud especially at the hands of governor Chamberlai himself. He has evidently panted for the Opportunity now before him and he pours out his righteous Lud ignation his refutation his scorn his contempt his invective in magnificent Eloy Nenore. And throughout even when turning face to lace to c Nambe Lalland hurling the lie in his Teeth he maintains thorough dignity thorough is vain for us to reproduce this great outburst of Pride passion invective and vindication. To attempt to put it upon paper would be As vain As to attempt to reproduce a Lush of lightening from heaven. He excoriated the Radical party its spirit its record its work. He arraigned Chamberlain Smalls the Salon Herald the news and courier in grandest style and pronounced Chamberlain and Smalls to their faces base premeditated. Mal Grant liars. And now judge Mackey rises and from this moment to the end mirth and bad Inage Rule the hour. Repeatedly since the beginning of the speeches the platform has fallen each time laying the radicals to the ground and leaving the democrats aloft upon some sure loft or beam. And at each fall judge Mickey utters some salient witticism that cause the huge and swaying crowd to shriek with laughter and applause. Even the Trees Are Lull of people and the railing the bad Inage and the shouts of laughter come not ouly from every Olha hot Alun hmm Uhova. In Edgefield. Land exciting scenes purred in the politics. Ouch and tin in honeyed words. Riser of August 17, 1876. Between the Radical and democratic be was glad to see them in order that be might assure them the democrats did not desire to return them to slavery when in Power they would not re enslave them if they could and could hot ii they would. As for him Well he believed slavery was a curse and a blight to the South and that their emancipation was a Blessing l u disguise to hot White and Black that he considered he had inherited one Hundred and fifty of them by the demise of slavery. He was engaged in farming in partnership with them Tual Ibey got along amicably and that both Partie had made some Money. The Only thing tie complained of was that the Radical Leader were stealing it from them under the forms of Law in the shape of heavy taxation. 3ov. Chamberlain and his party bad stolen from the pubic crib until their hands had become weary in taking from a depressed people and when the negroes f Colleton and tier counties were barefooted without clothes to hide their nakedness and even starvation was beating at the doors of the Bumble cottages and the inmates of the Asylum were Demonia Cally crying for bread Ibe reply came from the governor and his in us u in i ill Lull iut a Lucid Tino uni a a uni in the Al such a Lime As this governor Chamberlain come9 Forward As Ibe Shano Plon of Reform. It reminds me of Ibe Iryck of the rogue who cries Stop thief As he runs. While he would not make an Arga meet to them on politics As he knew that they wild not understand it. And that they were not banded together As radicals but by be instinct of race still he would say to them ii All fairness that be was willing to Jive them All of their rights and Law. And that the door of the democratic party was on to them to come in ind that the platform was not like theirs of Oday too Rotten to hold them up but that it was Strong enough to hold alike White and i acc that they would be taken in Tobii 2 Undy like Obj 1 � not a. A to heir members by putting Shera upon six months trial. When Thev proved their Faith y their works they would be taken into nil Fellowship. The would by thit As to this Campaign it a with few Roo Larl. For Warance Aud tenderness towards the Ignaut negro Mas Elk but with the most rigid and strict accountability to the leaders go Vega decided preference to the White carpet Agger and the Scal Awag the second object f consideration would be the Mui Atoe As Bey were half whiter and thirdly Black negroes who were Lead lug their race to Deit Ruolo for every White pfc son killed Jouse Burnt or property destroyed the Leau a would be held to a Ewitt reckoning. The ail topples will be our fax Orlles the Rule of order that governs us will be the Law or self Erser Patlon the first Ana highest known amongst the Laws of Man the Many crimes Bat fill the air prove that the government of tout Carolina under the administration of h Chamberlain is a cheat a fraud and a Mare. You remember that judge Mackey a just told you that twelve out of the Burteen jewels that formed the Rad Loal la Lemon tie South have gone Over to the dem Tara i party to a the have been lost to be Radical party not by fraud intimidation r violence but by the corruption of the idl Cal officials themselves that in Point of hot they have rotted and i bad expected the classic judge to Complete the picture by telling Bow South Carolina Solt Arvand alone Hange like a Rich jewel in in a top s the last time i bad the Honor of addressing of fellow cd tins i bad occasion to Analyse be pretensions of gov. Chamberlain As a i Stormer those who know me Best know t is not my Battlo nay to one s Back even Ingoll tics what i Wou d not say to Bis face ind for this reason i am glad that the governors Here. I do not propose to arraign lira today under charges preferred by Mem democratic party Bat will Codea myself with of Imp Bis attention and roars to those made by judge Carpenter in be late Radical convention add by other members of Bis party since that Tom \ 1st. Taftt he was As the Law officer re pics Lyle forthe enormous increase of the ended debt of the sat. 2a 1, the endorsement of the Blae Ridge 3 adj 8rd. For the unlawful Issue of the of the slate. 4ib, that being retained the lawyer for Ese Bond Bis paty x Ted a pledge from Liim that be would not during Bis adm Nur Uoo attempt to validate these Bonds. 5 b. That be borrowed sixty thousands liars Tor Campaign p i in we from the Bank 1 Tia Ruy s i or on Ana Laai was me reason it his inf Eide the a ii f Ibe Stine id that a Atuk id tie tet 01 the advice of Uard Iza Itil the Bant was Udho Udo. 6 b. Liat be drafted a tax Bill and re pull Ledit when it proved to be unpopular Iod Tea to l tax Bill was the highest Ever known in this slate. To All of these fave charges be did not pretend to make any and wer but with to kill of the sop Bim be answered charges that Nad not. Been rna Deand left unnoticed those Bat Hla confederates in villainy bad charged against Bim. Out of All these great jobs tie has grown enormously a lab nod now assumes the role of a reformer poll Lolan and gentleman and in Bis classic English be Speaks about the Clyl Liza ton of the round Bead and the Puritan the Cavalier Aad Huguenot being imperilled when hit old "pals., mob and the a bopper Are elevated to the is nah of the Luril Olav of this states. He is a civilization of Auy people being imperilled. He gave us a splendid example of Bio civilization when be dragged the name of Bis wife into Bis speech before the convention of Radical negroes White carpet baggers Scal wags and Thieve Aud robbers generally and said that but for her inspiration be would have faltered and stained the record Boblack at thai time that the face of be blackest l his negro followers would be As White a the Snow Flake upon the River in comparison who appointed Mcdevitt treasurer for this county d. Chamberlain. He said in his speech that no one Ever asked him to remove Moi Evott uen Butler has just told you that both gov. Bonham and himself who Tel upon him and asked for the removal of j. Mcdevitt. There he sits d. H., convinced in the presence of his coloured fiends of an unqualified he and he an aspirant a eco a time for the gubernatorial Calrol thus ate that he has already so disgraced and dishonoured. But this is not the Only lie be has told. When charged with going to the City of Wash Langton to have troops sent to this state be lied about it shamelessly and has involved his Friend the Christian editor in hot water. He has been charged by members of his party with getting up the Hamburg riot in the interest of the bloody shirt Mill in order to build up Bis falling fortunes and i believe that be has been properly so charged and Bis confederates were . Elliott henrys Parnock s. J. Lee Louis Schiller and or tar. To 4 o Iii a tha Tom a a a Nln. Nam of of Vii in Nao Iuo u v n to Tuo Pinch moves these wars because they put Money in Bis purse and sustain Bis Rotten political fortunes. Well might judge Mackey have aided that had rolled Down in this state and that the stench bad reached the nostrils or the people of the United states regardless of All parties. The idea of gov. Chamberlain advocating Reform. It is Well thai his coloured Fried de Here have lowered Bis Banner of Chamberlai nand Reform. I Tell him the Day of the carpet Bagger is Over. The Summers Ofshe Mao s army must begin to seek Belr native Boles and our exemplary governor bad belter begin to pack his carpet bag for be will soon have to quit eating South Carol Narice and return to Massachusetts the e be can enjoy codfish and rear Bis Cal Loren under a codfish Sirls Toracy. The civilization of the Cavalier and Huguenot will soon be too hot for him and whenever be takes his departure the people of South Carolina will utter after blk the malediction of the poet accursed he the Man. Who owes Bis greatness to Bis Countree s ruin Gen. Gary having concluded Junge Macke jumps quo Fly to the front of the platform Aud stat i to the crowd that be has risen to depend gov. Chamberlain against certain gro8 and unwarrantable charges just made against Blui by Gen. Gary. But loud Orles arise on All sides Down Down he Baa had bar half hour and said Bis say Down Down Gen. Gary himself cries Down Down and the Bubb rises big and human voices become tumultuous. At this crisis Gen. Butler at whose voice the crowd always becomes bushed Springs into to breach and proposes that judge Mackey be allowed to proceed upon condition that be Gen. Butler be allowed to answer blk. The torred is quelled and judge Mackey proceed sin his defense of Chamberlain Blob defence is lame and Bopple Stocal. But in it there is a Beautiful and passage. It is where attacks Bis judicial brother. Judge Carpenter with gloves off and peels the bide from Bis Rhinoceros body As one would Peel a Tomato. We know of not blog pleasanter than to Bear these Ridl Cal magnates vol life each other Ludge Mackey boldly charged upon judge Carpenter All the do scree lawlessness and corruption that have prevailed in Edge fled during the last four or five years. By this time the platform Bab become a chronic inclined end representing the top of a Bill the other base. Judge Macke occupies a precarious footing on the Summit Wylle Gen. Butler sits upon the Plank in front of the stand meant for Ibe speaker to lean upon with b s feet dangling in the air. And just As Ibe judge is closing a Brilliant peroration Down go the whole Structure with a crazy crash prone upon Mother Earth. Judge Mackey Falls upon Bis feet but looks As if he bad been suddenly dropped from the top of mount Blanc Gen. Batter remains per card aloft and laughing i moderately cries out. In my friends a Good Omen the Radical is Flat and the Democrat is High and the vast crowd again shriek with laughter Aud Salute Gen. Butler upon la prob / and now gov. Chamberlain who has Lopi been Oll Nging to a spar of the wreck Tunis Tail and slowly retires in the do Reolon he town. Smalls follows Jillson follows Hayne uni inns rain and bilk los follow the band follow the Radical horsemen follow the women follow the children follow the Wagon Sand carts follow. And they All stand not upon the order of Belr going. They go quickly. In Igno my and abatement. Nor do they Stop the negroes strike nervously for Belr Distant Homes in every Quarter Wylle the Columbia Beroes Brount their chariots and ble Wayto the Sweet Security of the capital. Edgefield has Lor them do still Waters nor pastures Green. Nor will Ever have again jury acquits Barbe of Engineer s murder Man accused of killing Holt freed after deliberation by his Peers. Durham n. C.,sept. 4 after an hour and so minutia deliberation the jury in the Barbe murder Case returned a verdict of not guilty tonight and the prisoner was released after eight months imprisonment. My 1. Us i 4 n a Akina Ivlo me jury Usu us a Suvio in i Tui verdict the evidence yesterday of Solomon Sheppard the code eased murdered of Engineer Holt having so confused the Isalea that the jury said they bad to give the defendant the Heue flt of the doubt in Tell Sheppard testified the court speaking the state bad made out the Cap. Barbee himself took the stand admitted be bad served a year for shooting in a train and had been acquitted of the murder of Bill Cole 10 Veara ego. When the jury acquitted blk before the citizens of the Olty held an indignation meeting. The Foreman s announcement to night was greeted with mild applause. While mules suffer the convicts drink Chaingan thieves steal Corn and Trade it for whiskey. The to Ger escapes with Fine. Special to the state. Chester sept 4 .1the Serif and Bis Active Deputy Are right id behind the dealers hereabouts in the illicit booze All Galea in this co my being now of course. Jill Cut. One of this class was hauled before Msj Istrate. J. Mclure on thursday pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay a Floe of 3100. The aggravating feature in Bis Case was to bathes a Tbs whiskey to the cd Angang convicts in Exchange for Corn which the a Cool Cisbac stolen from the moles employed in making Good roads. Portsmouth strike ends in Compromise Seaboard air line and its shop employees come to agreement regarding n u Niue Miles. Norfork vs., 8epl4.the Seaboard air line Rall Ray s machinists and blacksmiths in the general shops in Portsmouth who Bave been on strike returned to work today following an agreement brought about through a Grid Shuce committee beaded by h. M. Fallen of savant a ua., e. R Poe of Kalleen And w. G. Hug Well of to the strikers All difference bad been settled in a manner satisfactory to both sides. The two Don audio Hibib whose r employment caused the strike Are to continue at work Aud the shops will employ both Union and non Union men. Faithful old horse dead. Old Dick the True and faithful old horse of Wyatt Aiken died last wednesday sept 1 St aged about 26 years. knew old Dick and he was of oof the Best horses Ever raised in this country. He was raised at Cokesbury and was Well bred being a Lineal descendant of old Lexington and a grandson of Granger my asteroid. He Bas been All Over ibis congressional District covered the country Iron Columbia to Greenville and was a survivor of the War with Spain. How to improve our Orchard Industry. From our general observations in the state during the past year it would seem that South Carolina Bas been As it were a damping ground for All kinds of inferior and worthless Nursery Stock. By this we do not mean to say that South Carolina re elves no first class Nursery Stock,.for we Are yearly band bldg same of the Best Stock in the whole country. The general tendency on the part f some Nurserene without the state towards shipping inferior Stock into the state Bas Cail sed considerable complaint to reach this office. The Pron Opal trouble with such Stock seems to be the presence of serious insect pests and plan diseases. It is a very difficult matter for the casual observer to detect these on Stock that is Only slightly infected and ii such Stock be planted out without having been treated there la Little possibility that the owner will Ever receive any returns whatever for his labor and expense. It is therefore of utmost importance that the planter of an Orchard should know whether or not be is putting out Elean healthy Trees. In order to eliminate a far As possible the introduction of diseased Nursery Stock into on Orchards we shall Endeavor to make a bore inspection of every shipment of Nurer Stock upon request of the owners of such Stock. This can Uteave a wholesome effect upon the incoming Nosery Stock which in turn will make possible the building up of an immense orc bad Industry in our requests for inspection of Nursery Stock should be made to 8tase entomologist Clemson College s. A remedy that simply go ves temporary Relief is Dot the right remedy to Oure a Bleb. You must use something that wiil Kotonly allay inflammation on the sofa cd bet that will promptly act on All parts to noted. Man an the great pile remedy does this. It is conveniently applied by Means of a tube with nozzle attachment. Bold by A. Milford & co. Or. Jones explains. Hon. A. W. Jones states his position in reference to the duties of Board of 1 canvassers in a letter to chairman of that Board. 1 news and courier. The return of the respondent to the \ mandamus of judge Hydrick was As follows the state of South Carolina Richlan county in the supreme court t the state of South Carolina vib a. W. Jones As comptroller general of South Carolina. Petition for mandamus. The respondent in answer to the Rule to show cause herein dated august27, 1909, and by Way of return to the same respectfully shows unto your Honor j "1. That he admits allegations of paragraphs 1, 2, and 4, of the petition herein. 8 "2, that you respondent alleges in 8 reply to paragraph 3, that the following a correspondence passed Between the respondent and the chairman of the 1board 8 Columbia s. C., August 27,1909 \ the Hon r. Jennings chair j Man state Board of canvassers co c Lumbia 8. Clear sir i have re 8 cried the following letter from you of this Date three members of Board r of state canvassers the Hon r. M. Mccown the Hon j. Fraber Lyon and 8 i Are ready to proceed with hearing the contests and declaring the results � of the elections in the various counties 8 upon the question of dispensary the Law provides that quorum of the Board shall consist of four members and 8 knowing that you Are in the state � House at this time desire to be in c formed whether you will attend the 8 meeting of the Board in order that the t non Tim Mav he in mutated and the duties of the Board discharged in accordance with Law. 1 will you please give us an answer in order that those members of the t Board who Are present and ready to f serve May be advised whether it is necessary to Cail upon the lieutenant a governor to attend under the pro f vision of Section 225, code of 1902 a volume i. Yours very truly a. Jennings " chairman state Board of Canna fakers. Replying to your letter of inquiry 0 of to Day in which your desire to be informed whether i will attend meet p ing of the Board of state canvassers in o Der that the quorum by be Oom 1 plated and the duties of the Board be discharged in accordance with Law i 1beg to say a that i was present during the present session of the Board and remained p until the Board by a divided voted decline to refuse to hear argument As 11 to the constitutionality under v which the Board convened. My pre " Tiou is that the Board convenes Only 0 by virtue of the act ordering the n election Jed that we have no jurisdiction to consider the Constitution d laity of any act of the legislature c and especially am i of the opinion that we cannot declare unconstitutional c null and void the act by virtue of � which alone we convened for the Pur pose of the passing upon its cons tit � a tonality. 1 if the act under which the Board 0 now convenes is unconstitutional then the meeting is unofficial and you have no right to be sitting in that Cap i1 acuity nor to demand my presence. " whether the act is constitutional c or not it is not within the jurisdiction of the Board of canvassers to consider and any consideration of it will be purely speculative academic and unofficial. Under the statute Law of the state. O Section 226, code of Laws 1902, vol t ume i., it is our duty upon the certified copies of the statements made by i the boards of county canvassers pro 3 need to make a statement of the whole number of votes Given at such election i for the various officers and for each of i them voted for distinguishing the several counties in which they were f Given. The shall certify such state ments to be Correct and subscribe the 1 same with their proper names i Section 228 says upon such statement they shall then proceed to de 1 Termine and declare what persons t have been by the greatest number of f votes duly elected to such offices or either of them. The shall have pow i or and it is made their duty As Judi t Oil officers to decide All cases under t protest or contest that May com before them on Appeal from the decisions of i the county Board of canvassers under my construction of this Law i and of my Bense of duty i decline to i participate in any discussion As to the 1 constitutionality of the act by which i we Are required to meet and merely 1 Rin Lara the result fan election ordered i by said act. I am present in my constitutional 1 capacity to canvass the votes and de i Clare the election but i am not present in an unconstitutional capacity to question and pass upon the an act of the general As a Bylas a member of the state Board of canvassers. Yours very truly. A. W. Jones. Comptroller air ship at Athens is Given test. Athens ga., aug. 30messrs. Ben Epps and Zumpt Huff gave the air ship they had constructed a test saturday morning at 3 o clock. The test was in a measure successful and the Young gentlemen Hope soon to have a Georgia made Aerial navigator that will be successful in every . Night on Bald Mountain. On a lonely night Alex. Benton of fort Edward n. Y., claimed Bald Mountain to the Home of a neighbor tortured by asthma Bent on curing him with or. King s new discovery Bat had cured himself of asthma. This wonderful Medicine soon relieved and quickly cured his neighbor. Laterite cured Hie Eon s wife of a severe Long trouble. Millions believe its the greatest Throat and lung cure on eath. Coughs colds croup Haemorrhages and sore lungs Are surely cured by it. Best for Hay fever grip and whooping cough. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by p. B. Speed. The Mascot of the Cinco Clara pellagra but not due to Corn. Atlanta a aug.31id Atlanta 53 Walker at. Mrs. Kate Barto jeep rarely ill perhaps dying fron disease that doctors have agreed dreaded Corn brei disease. Yet in the Case of this sufferer Nind wandering her tortured to Iran by periodical spasms May laps be found a Complete refutation he charge recently Laid by Sci Enohe door of the great american prod in. For mrs Barto has never eaten co read. Or. Frank l. Eskridge who 1ittended mrs. Barto in her illness. \ enter viewed monday morning by georgian reporter. Typical pellagra it is the to typical a a of Pellag have Ever seen said or. Eskrid every symptom corresponds exact Vith the latest expert investigate ind diagnoses of the Malad. I % truck with the remarkable Clearn ind distinctness of the symptoms by first diagnosis and you May mine my suprise when after have settled in my own mind that the Ca Vaa Burely pellagra i inquired if i Sarto were not accustomed to eat Cornbread regularly and found to he bad never eaten it nor in a Tad she been accustomed to eat regularly of other Corn products. I could hardly doubt my diag not o conclusive were the symptoms j doubt it i did in deference to tip Inions at present j entertained Amar Favio Laos Lar mom him of j u 111u i duo Vlf durum Lulu Yvio a medial profession. Again going a Refalvy Over to symptoms the Only possible Altern it which i could arrive we sprue disease with quite admit of symptom and vary prevalent in their tropics Able in the philipine islands. As Thia juncture t invited or. /. Do Gino whose service in i Iii Pines has made him Pere familiar with sprue and its Peral aril o diagnose the ease from that Stai Lott. He assured me without Hei Tion that it certainly was not Spind that he had no doubt it v pellagra. This opinion has been firmed by other physicians. Open not a cause from a close observation of eve eve Kofment in this Case and from exhaustive Reading of Many Woi pertaining to tube subject. I have b forced to the conclusion that Pella s not essentially a Corn bread Dise my that it May be found under onions that absolutely eliminate Corn by form from the possible causes. I find that Frappoli a noted Itali Hye Ician writing in 1771, Many be before american Maize or Corn \ a trod need in Italy describes a Disei pith symptoms exactly similar to the f pellagra which he terms Pelle a r skin roughness in fact i am most persuaded that pellagra is malady of the leprous group a Micro Irease perhaps aggravated by alter oru but by no Means caused by it. The Case of mrs. Barto is so a Lus ively typical compared Willi i ther cases of pellagra i have inv sated that i Beleve it Oona Tiute Trong refutation of the Corbon Berry. From the earliest symptom the present Zooi tip Cymru Etc Andrece have set in this morn i he Case exhibits a perfect history Elfarra and pellagra entirely Dis ocl ated from Corn bread or Corn p georgian. About saving Mossy. Anderson daily mail a North Carolina Bank is Send it souvenir Post cards contain be following words "$1.00 a year for fifty years is 01 so.00, but compounded it 290.00. "$50.00 a year for fifty years is of 12.500.00 Bot at compound interest i 14.500.000." those two sentences a hold have fascinating meaning for every no ibo stops to think what be Mif Jave Dene if he Iliad Only saved like land. Dime. Think of the people who Are Spe air their Nickels each Day and Tii Gure what it would be at the end c new years. The above sentences should i Lien and women Stop and think whey could have done had they of started Early. What you could have done can n e done by your children. Stod your boys and girls from 1 no at the dope Fountain from a morning till late at night and hem to saving the Lilc Kels and die in the saving bancs and in the Futi Bey will have Money to i Homes. It is not the Man who makes Moi Ivhon comes to the front in the c Unity but the Man who a Money. The Way to happiness. Misfortune and trials Are great e actors and the Way to happiness d not lie in attempting to bring our Oum stances up to our minds but minds Down to our Circum Tan let us build our Bouses on the Hill of cheerfulness so High that no Shad May rest upon it and where morning comes Early and the even tarries late. She is to be pitied we House is some Valley of grief with longest night and shortest Day., has put us Bere to make the a brighter and happier by our lives j every one of us should study How be a Blessing to Othero. We must the wrinkles out of our brow and must have smiling faces. Let a c go Home at night worn and Weiby the toils of the Day and How so m k narrow escape Edgar n. Fiat Llama a merchant of Robit Ellie del., wrote about two year ago to bin and Ilok and coughed All the time i i did not Bave Toniu Motlon it waa near i Oommen oed using Foley a Honey and and it stopped my i am no tirely Well and Nave gained Twenty pounds All due to the Good Revalta Fromong Foley Honey and A. Milf co. At West end. Wjk oft3 personal pm Pipit and news items � id Mies Lily Templeton. Tore. James m. Lawson of smokes Beelik a is in the Oitt spending awhile with Bis Home people. 1 user prof. J. W. To Omen of Winthrop con1 College was in the City last week the a guest of his brother or. 8. G. Thon atut gon. Tri or. W. R. Bradley is in Troy Spenard ing a while with Bis Home people Emmr. Bradley is resting before beginning a Jas his duties at the graded school. F a. Miss Rosa g. Maxwell is at Hook by again after a pleasant stay in and near to Savannah. While in 8avannah she was the guest of or and mrs. T. S trea a be. Or. A. B. Morse and or. W. A Templeton went to Greenville it Uinins saturday. 8b Ras or. And mrs. J. A. Cheek Are Jat Ess Home again after a two weeks stay who at with friends in Seneca. Y 1" a miss Louise Cunningham a petting several Days Here last week with tier to a aunt mrs. Laura b. Love. Miss Ujj a. Cunningham was returning to Berj ing Home in Montery after a pleasant visit to friends in hones Bath. Int it or. A. B. Cheatham has moved in ing to the store recently occupied by or. A a j. W. Mckee or. Or. Mckee will is travel. Ret or. James h. Perrin has gone Ito to he his Home in Meridian miss., after by extended visit to his Home people Hefe. The or. R. Philson is Home again after a two weeks stay in the Northern be markets. Or. Philson has Many at attractive bargains to offer Bis Trade. Ran a or. Stuart Miller la at Home again a s is after a pleasant week stay in Laurens do with his Mother. Mrs g. Mcd. Miller my miss Louise Debruhl left monday t. For Colombia where fee goes to Resu bae the her duties As teacher at the Shannon be Woi West preached sunday at Long Cane. Or. W. E. Hill came Home monday i from new York where he Baa been gn3fy baying a Large and attractive Winter 5. Stock for the firm of b. M. Haddon a Root r8 company. Or. Hill spent sunday new with friends in Monroe on his return or from the North. And judge Aad Are. E. B. Gary have re jnfcl8t" after a pleasant stay with else Davis Ted 5 of Columbi Aat her summer Home in Ope Saluda. � Lisi Robinsons big show will be in abbe the Al Ville Early in the fall. This is one of orb the biggest shows on the Road and its or coming will be looked Forward to. N As / or. Jak Harden left last week for pro Davidson College where he Goto to be Complete Bis College course. Oon master Arthur Rosenberg wha has a been quite sick for the past week is much better. And or. Henry Dupre was the guest of no or Murmin in Monroe several o Wev o him Days last week. / y ton mrs. L. Dean and mrs. Elizabeth Nily Dean Hartzell of Eualla. Alabama Are is in the City the guests of mrs. D. Fat Brown. Opo ily miss Catherine Morrah has returned g1 Lis to her Home in Mtcarmel after a to. Pleasant stay Here with miss Mamie to i a Morse. 1 Lan miss Nulle Candler miss Ilouise add Fht Scott miss Eliza Candler and or. Ibis John Scott came Over from at Langta in the candles touring car and were the Jet us guests of or. And mrs. Simpson for i Len several Days last week. F a or. And mrs. Will g. Flu of was of. Ogton d. C., Are Here spending a pro Ike while with or. Hill s parents or. And a � Bat mrs. Jack Hill. Tio cily or and mrs. . Barksdale and a i their children spent sunday in Greeno Wood the guest of or. And mrs. I j. K.1 Durst. Pm of miss Bessie Simpson of Monroe in. Ray Is Here spending a while with or. Pat and mrs. Simpson. Joes miss Lettie Macie of Cordesville is pro Are Here spending a while with her Sisters m Fjury miss Julia and miss Daisy Maree. P1 miss floride Calhoun of Clemson is in Ney the attractive guest of miss Ivy Calm Houn. Ves mrs. J. D. Kerr went to Greenwood or c monday to spend a few Days with mrs. T. J. Crymes. Ujj miss Alice Connor one of Green the Wood s most charming Young ladies it l do was the guest of miss Eliza Mabry for Loes few Davs last week. I Cir miss Emma Hall of Charlotte n. Our has been Here for the past ten Days leg. Visiting her sister mrs. Garry Hall. Cor top miss Mabry entertains. The miss Eliza Mabry entertained the thursday evening in Honor of missed ,n8 Connor of Greenwood and miss Edith h6 Wardla of Oxford miss., who were her charming guests. Miss Robertson served refreshing punch on the porch. Are Mabry assisted miss Mabry in c receiving miss Maory wore a Mecom lotto ing Toilette of Black net miss Mabry Ley get wa8 attractive in a band made lace we gown beautifully fashioned. Miss con c., a nor was charming in a Blue messel".�?Ine. Miss Wardlaw wore a Dainty toilet of White Chiffon elaborately us trimmed in lace. After a number of c 0d. Interesting games of euchre delightful cu1 refreshments were served. �5rdb or. 8. Maree spent sunday in. Re Greenville. ?�11 or. And mrs. Sam Mccuen have Der moved to Abbeville from Spartanburg and will make this their Nome. Or. Dpi Mccuen has a position with the Kerr i furniture company. Little misses Sara and Martha grier1 we of Laurens Are visiting mrs. V. D. Tod if Lee. To it. Or. John Weir of Athens was in the in tuesday. Eight or. W. J. Bryson is Home from a a North Carolina where he has been ,41 spending his summer vacation. Of j or. Crawford s protest. Lit or of pre and Banner complying a a your request Bat i make a statement a sold fact touching my prosecution by the " qty medical association for practising Vicine without Hotem i beg to in balt the a Wing. Name to Donalds la Marob 1909. 1 bed a d Puaoi clog Medicine for Over five year Ler my diploma obtained after a four. A medical coarse in the University of 9 Hville. Daring the time i was located at Sella a were i radioed Woltti Tea a reputable physic mis of that Section three years of that Ione i was Secretary the couty medical society a position ,12liar to that held by or. Gambrell in v & medical association or Abbeville Gonty. La elected president of the association in v i and held that position at the time that i the state of Georgia. _. Is y Sim to was very bad and i aids to visit or. Samael Bear Lybi. � a wife 1 bad treated Lor what was both informed a that they bad a Ming to do a Ltd granting Permley and or. Or who i Willy � silence that i Abold have no trope. Is Aid however that j had Leen reported 3iraotletar to Attr Ita Nae that the state Board bad been risked not Nae a a permit. A cared Tow that thu Lake that i had Heen in the Only a Fow moot i. Sherald that the lid adv me hot to Ehaase Over the a la to to Hoam and await the Latr Nethona of state Board. Afterwards applied to or. Oaf totall Ina Iod laying before him the whole matter. Taid if i would and. Down a state tent ring j oat what i bad Zajd to him and in puny the statement rag a reputable pm a Cleab living in Talgia see is a of Reorg la la which i bad j Rac toed is l the matter would be alright. I moored a rented the at Asemenia and waa then lug red that i Moat a cart the approval of a third. Of the Phat Lan Abbeville Gonty society. I thought Wpm the limit and Thoa Aht 1 Woald to ass Artber in the Way o taking a of Oreay \ Jig be society. Am prepared to stand the examination Smilow Neterer j May. F bold a loyally tract requirement la the matter or Prog a Medicine a does any mawr or the vol Lecounts society. I believe Tebee ters cannot be too safely goer did if i.4idmlntatered, Bat i Belove that Waitice my not Opp Remlong s the purpose of la Law have Beard that there la Home etl Tinalam of a ration that i performed for append Fyk l on the Pereopo of a daughter or or. A. B. Tin of Donalds. In i waa alted by dra. Carlton and Bell both Mem. I i or the Abbeville county society to i lever blame if any attache j a and Abe waa thought to be to a to Pelee a so Anion. I opened the Batie it Tad cleared i afield and the patients and of 000 to Raim ii and la sound and Well today. I can Lake Oertl Floatee oroperatlooa1 append Ocial a totter Eer Loaa Abdom Sbol it Omea in of i Bave invariably Peen anode Rafal. Be me there i mention merely Hera use i 0 of my Trao Zoera Nave we w to men lease Ini which top Relief. My associates of Al in that and undertakings to ? Rod if any member of qty society believes after Tonery of Tea w or two Poy Lojane that the must Voaid e been bin to egy f i people of Dopa Saome Marty Odd % do whom i have practice for the peat 3 month attended the beating before re Kiugo. Lam a quack something of my def Eota St Aid have been Manifest. I Oaly a the i n or Taulty to take the examination and Kyj that be the test of my Elam. Lied with the court in the bearing on sat of were worn stat menu from Doctora of Jackson Smith and Brandler All of Donn Tran Wieb i lived Cert flying to my i Solan of and ability a a Pya Iedian in no ring terms Oman in Habart Bire county will poet 1ibe ability or the integrity of theae be m Tolof ions on the Mui of f l Morrow. Iss Muchas our heavenly father in Bla a vide one Baa seen fit to remove from oar let Bie servant in the person of p. L. Mar-4. An elder in this the Aeao elate reformed Aby Terlan Church of Abbeville 8. C., on26th Day of May in the year of our lord1, therefore be it Boa olved. That we Bow on hearts in Bumble subs Ion Job Tufe Dia phaltion in the Providence or holy father and that we in the spirit in the truth Job in the petition by 1 be of that we Are thankful to on father for life and the example of this Bis servant 0 has pointed is to the Blaber life by Bis Ity nobility of purpose exemplary simple Faith i. That we sorely flu Bis Wise counsels the meeting of the session of this Church t we Mlaka Bia example at the Bouse of Alp Bis Friendly handclaps and . V. That these resolutions be published in local papers and that a oops be sent the a stricken family and that they be copied the record Book of the la Obaob on a Page located to Hla memory. . Bradley j. R Devlin committee from Deeson. M health and Beauty Aid oame los end lotions will not Clear your Nile Lon of pimple and Blo Tebee like to Aroldo laxative for indigestion stomach 1 liver trouble and habitual boost Patlon. Ladoga the Ayatey and la pleasant to take. A Milford a co. Soc men s undershirts Only St 39c each at Gash bargain Ore. � l very Good remedy and one that we can Bly recommend id All eases of kidney Dhle Lap Lentea the new kidney remedy. By Are especially Good in All Ceca of weak Bank or Backa Obe urinary Ordera and weak Kline a. Sold by A. Elforda co. I. A Days of Busy Busy hours Days of idling among nowhere Days of Joys and Days of sorrows dark today and Bright tomorrows Days of health and

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