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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Jun 26 1907, Page 4

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - June 26, 1907, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe press and Bann by w. W. And or Bradley Hugh Wilson editor. Abbeville s. Publ Lilied every wed esp at year in Advance. Wednesday june 26, 19c Smith Hyatt Anil Wenton to son july 25, at the court House or. Smith president of the South Carolls vision of the Southern Cotton growers elation or. F. Hyatt. National pres of the association and or. Rank we Secretary of the state association will speeches Anent the coming Price of Cotto this is a question of vital important every Man in the county for on the pro Cotton depends our Prosperity. These i men Are anxious to meet every Man we in Anywise Lutei ested in this Shuji it. 1 Bers of the Farmers Union have a spa on Al Talon to come act hear the plan As w outlined by these speakers. All three of these men Are Good Speake those who have Bead them will attest. If the millions of Cotton growers South would pay a Little More Attento the Sale of their product it might mean Llona of dollars to the South. There is one thing connected with la ton movement which is much to be regi and that la the spirit of rivalry Between Southern Cotton growers association the Farmers educational and co open Union. The Bouse divided against cannot l be truth of this statement is As Imp ble As the Laws of the medes and Peri and As Long As there Are Farmers it working for the welfare of any parti organization merely As an Organ Zatlo Stead of for the Good to be a comply through the organization no Good Ca Orne. The Malory to of the Farmers Are work ii the welfare of the Farmer Bat there Are in both these organizations who Are i against each other instead of together a Man is not worthy to Lead the fai snob a Man can Only stir up strife. Thebe organizations Are Strong and tar no doubt that both have done a great aug of Good Bat they ought to get closer Toge there should be some action taken to the amalgamation or at least the frat i ton. Of these two great forces. The working toward the same end they a same people Why should they be at purposes As a Rale Man does not in Confidence in Yoa by attacking others w purpose Zeal and integrity go inquest ii and when a Man in the Farmers Ugloi tacks the Cotton association or a Lead the association fights the Union you know Nome Hanx is wrong. These two organizations have the same end in View and they should so shall their Force As to work in perfect Mony. Does the order of Railroad engineers the order of conductors ? no. Does the Der of plumbers fight the order of Plum no. you know of any labor organize that fights other Jabor organizations what then. In the name of reason do expect when one Cotton Organiza fights another the interests of two being identical. The result is in for both if not defeat at very poor Success. To Tho Loq Fiera n the wifi two Organiza get together and Frame a policy by w both can work in Harmony. Amalgam is not necessary Bat some Unity of act absolutely essential to Success. I there Are Good men in both Organ zat Theun Lon Man thinks the Best results i obtained through the Union. The uni the place for him. The association thinks the most Good Oan be too Omell through the association. The ass Clatl the place for blk. But let both work in Mooy or both will accomplish nothing. Death of a stood woman. Mrs. Matilda Howard Lyon wife of j j. Fuller Lyon died at her Bome in co Bla 8. C., Friday june 21, 1907, aged i years. Several year of her life were � in Abbeville. She was Rich in those v anly graces that attract even the passe and those who knew her Best loved most. Mrs. Lyon was twice married her husband or. Upchurch was a prompt Man of Ravel go n. In december 1896 married judge j. Fuller Lyon who a ways enjoyed the highest esteem and o Dence of the people of this county. Have been living for several years in col Bla where judge Lyon holds a Post to Bond clerk in the state treasurer s offic there were times of deep mourning Aore trial in mrs. Lyon s life notably v her Only daughter mrs. A. Smith Stelcen Down in the Flower it Young Woi Hood. This daughter Beautiful Ana a a lashed was the Pride of the Mother s b and her death left a weight of constant Row there. Mrs. Lyon s remains were taken to Elgh her old Home for burial Best evidence of Prosperity. Twenty years ago there were less than students m the leading male colleges of state. Clemson College was then not in a Steno. During the past year these same Leges had an attendance of something 2000 students and in addition to this Clec had 600 students on her Roll. Nor is Tali Folly 200 students were turned away Clemson for Lack of accommodations. What is the meaning of this increase Terest in higher education ? is it slip la other evidence of Prosperity or is it an it tonal Awakening the Large attendant Clemson can be explained in part. It sit fulfils a purpose that was Long Lgnore our people and the popularity of the ins ton is the Best evidence of the a Morlan that purpose. Before the advantages of ent Flo education were offered the Farmei looked with dismay upon those literary 1 tut Odb which grind out preachers and or clonal men and slowed on. Clemson bae it within Bis Power to train both the and the band. Bat the interest in Edaco Bas increased everywhere in the state one Hundred per cent. This is no where i apparent than in our common schools w re have much larger terms and fully do the enrolment of Twenty years ago. the Good work go on. An educated pie will be an Independent people Ai Thrifty people. Or. Carlisle of Wofford lege once said that an educated Man Cou anything better than an uneducated o that be could even bunt rabbits bet this May not be True As applied to Lindl Ais but it u True As applied to Oommen Bishop Capern. Bulletin or phys Liam show non in increasing and patient is w enl of. Spartanburg s. C., june 24 the cond of Bishop Ellison d. Capers of the up Lac Barch of South Carolina who is 111 at summer Home at Cedar Mountain a reported to be much is rapidly spreading Accordi the latest reports and be is in a deep sti the attending physician entertains no for his recovery. Paints door stains brushes and All the to Lulea to make your Home look new at Ford s. An elegant line of trunks. P. Stoa enc co. I sex East end. Mrs. Bascou Ibe Brogdom alter a pleasant stay of three weeks with Home folks an1 friends returned to her Home la Alauta o yesterday accompanied by her sister Mili Antwonette Hammond who will spend a be Davs with her in the Gate City. Or. Neel and family left yesterday for Ailalia where they will now make the borne. Or. Neel and family Bave been la old in Abbeville a Long Tomc and our people sin eerily regret to see them leave. Or. Neel is still a Ltd the 8. A. L. But by 32 a run will now be from Athens to Atlanta Bent Belr move. One of our townsmen was highly Honore while attending the reunion in Richmod of a form cannot be curled by the Rural carried n a or through the nulls simply wrapped by must be securely packed so As to Prever Mil breakage therefore Lis no use to Send it 1 otherwise for such is the Law and it Munibe obeyed Espi Dally by the carriers. While the Post office 1 a Public place or netted place for the Public it seems to us it is in in omit tor in Hin for indies have often mad 2 id 1""" t that there Are to Many nu8 0 ances such As a Small clog dance or Shu Atlee a by the Dolored nrchln6 of the pity we Otsel congregate in the lobby of the office Anbang about the windows in crowds and Ocoa locally a Dop tight causes the scatter Auta Ingol decent people and now and then w Lions have a whistling gang whose shrill note deafen the ear of All within half Nolle arum Ware i 0 the whistling gang is adde Cular the loud Soprano and Tenor of the later q n melodies out both together ailing the a with musical sounds that would soothe sea Savage breast or split a cabbage either nac which Are too mob for the officials with in As they have frequency to suspend Bulnes to listen to the whirlwind going on outsold Igloi while All these free and popular Antic men Are enjoyed by a few we think they Are or tiling tirely out of place in the lobby of the Post office As it disturbs those within and the such go there to attend to Bulnes Ranier another us Lance is loafing in the Post both door taking a prop on one Side of Tedoor to read a letter and so and Infin Tum. Ai re if whet a and other nuisances about the Cluj Lound should be looked after it seems to us by la Ither police who have the right to see and Ato them without even a complaint being lodged Ward nuisances should no More be tolerated in t Nolza Public building than on the streets. Wha v Are say the Public miss Lillian Gambrell is attending a teach e the err meeting at Chick Springs. Cross mrs. John m. Gambrell and daughter Melsi Ellen have just returned from Batesburg j where they attended the marriage of Melsi Rosf Minnie Bates. 3ned, the k. F. Boys Are now having a bar Lime Riding through the dust and by Elt Erlof under the burning rays of the summer s Sun or in they Are earning every Dollar paid them Anc May they think More services were held last sunday night in the methodist Church Rev. B. Kennedy very of the a. P. Church preaching the Sermon mar from the text for what is your life it i her even a Vapour that appear rent Lor a Mill d time and then vanish Etc James 4tt chapter and latter Ocause of the 14th verse fight his discourse was very Fine proving the n divine inspiration of the Bible which wai6 or most edifying and instructive and was closely hers listened to throughout by the Large and a Meitlon Prevol Atlee congregation. The occasion o to those interesting services was the meeting on0 the Bible society of Abbeville dust lot which t you affords pleasure and instruction annually t tion Toee who Many for leads of judge j. Fuller Lyo ithe Lender him their sincere sympathy in Tali Nevi dark Bour of death of his Belovec least wife who recently departed this life and entered upon that life in the great beyond Tea snows no ending but is full of love Joy Anc tons Praise. Mrs. Lyon Wab a most est Mabli re lab Christian woman living a life filled wet Good deeds and was faithful and True in Lberg Market. The new Columbia at one Dollar Leach has no equal. The Mac Hitie hism a d of the Money a made every nut Bej perfection As is pos t the majority of far d k in a t 1 i stood at the near is stand there As Long i of Grain to be Cut. I have just ret a mowers. A Mach i and see it. E t. A ii f t " Mem statement 1 of the condition of. The Lowndesville banking co., 8 located at Lowndesville 8. Cat the close of business juuel4tb, 1907. I. Resources. Loans and discounts 8 49,525 20 overdrafts 6.587 59 Hanking House 1.360 co r furniture and fixtures 1,416 36due from Banks and Bankers 7.949 61 currency 1,791 00gold 273 50 Silver Nickels and peonies 394 17 checks and Cash items 623 06 i total ? 69.910 55 liabilities. R capita Block paid in % 12,500 00 f undivided profits Lens current exit eases and taxes paid 3 651 40 individual deposits subject to Ohe Csc 19,623 79 demand certificates. 202 49 1 time 13,909 82 3 cashier s be cats 288 48 1 notes and Bills reds coated 8 234 57 Bills payable 11,500 00 1 total 8 69,910 55 3 state of South Carolina 1 county of Abbeville.5 before me came r. Moseley cd Shier of the Lowndesville banking co., who being duly sworn says that the above and fore1going statement is a True condition of Saidhank As shown by the books of die in said Bank. Moseley cashier. Sworn to and Suh scribed before me this. 18th Day of june 1907, j. B. Leroy a. P. S. R . T. Latimer 1 Thos. P. Cooley directors. Horton. \ estate of Francis Arnold dec d. I notice of settlement and application for final discharge. T take notice that on the 25th Day of july 1907, 1 will Render a final account of my act Ings and dough As executrix f the estate of Francis Arnold deceased in the office of judge of probate for Abbeville county at 10 o Olock a. M., and on the same Day will apply for a final discharge from my Trust As sub. T All Persona having demands against said i estate will present them for payment on or i before that Dav proven and authenticated or i be forever barred. R Elizabeth w. Kinard executrix. J Good farm for Sale or rent have decided to change my bu8iness,and to consequence of which i offeror rent or Sale my place one half % mile from the incorporate limits of Abbeville known As the Jeff Davis place containing 117 acres. There is a Good six 6 room Bouse Large new barn three tenant Bouses Fine Well of wat a. This is a Beautiful Loca ton. Fine neighbourhood a three Borse farm. I will sell smaller tracts if parties desire. G. Dusenberry. June 28, 1907. Of i Erskine College due West s. Is located in the healthful and moral town of due West s. The work it has been doing for 69 years is its Best advertisement. Its tuition charges Are resonable. Board in the College Home at Cost. The Wylie Home accommodates a limited number of Young ladies tuition free. Abbeville county patronage is appreciated. Send for catalogue to j. 8. Moffatt pres. Eids to be opened. In pursuance of Section 7 of an act to declare the Law in reference to and regulate the manufacture Sale use consumption Possession transportation and disposition of alcoholic liquor Sand beverages within this state and to police the same notice is hereby Given that bids to Supply the Ash Phillp Dinnen Norv with Linnor and " . J 1beer for the next Quarter will be opened at the office of the county dispel Ary Board on the 8th by of july 1907. G. A. Visanska Yvo. F. Nickles t. Price Abbeville co. Dispensary Board. The no name hat for two dollars and filfly cents has no equal. We sell them. P. Rosenberg co. Ficklen s Arnic Salve the Best Salve in the world. For you is Cormick Rit and brains of half a Century it and Blade of this machine As n Isible to approach. The experience mers is that the Mccornack j bbl is standing at the head and \ As there is a Blade of grass or a st of Rort n oar Innel of decor my Jai f Vnti a Wila Aviv w. _ ine on exhibition at my store. j. W. Mckee or the real thing it i0.&0. Particular people insist on havin it the finest Flavoured teas. They a in i right for really Good Tea not onl9v i h it delights the goes further a i ajl the o. & o. Brand is the finest pick l la Cane n8s Earty Spring Tea time. Haft 75c to at fragrant bouquet arising from a ,1k n Flavoured cup. Great strength in \ j v b08 � 40c combined with Good body makes i it cheaper in the end. A taste tells Thi la. Cans i 20c to it � be nicest 50c mixed Tea in town. Fand richly ii Worth that j try a ca3t i l. T. Miller. Size z at Poliakoff. The great rank and file of customer i what s what. They know bargains we they see them. Remembering this d. Poliakoff is offering great june Spe Giai Tim jlx1 men s and boys clothing dry goods notions hats. Caps trunks Valise and umbrella Plain and figured Lawn Worth 8c at 5c per Yard. 25c White goods at 20c per Yard 12lc and 15c goods at 10c per embroideries and laces at proportionately Low pries. s $10 coat and pants at $8.50. Men s $12.51 weight summer suits in All colors and styles at $9.50. Men s and boy s s $4.00 pants at $3.00. Men s pants at $2.75. Men s $2.00 pants at $1.50. Men s $1.50 Pant boys pants from 25c to $1.00. Men s Low Quarter shoes Worth $3.50 going at $3.00. $3.00 so $2.75. $2.50 shoes at $2.00. Ladies Low quarters Worth $1.50 going at $1.00. $2.50 going at misses Low quarters in All sizes from 75c to �1.00. Men s and boys Negligee shirts at very Low prices. Ladies and men s umbrellas from 50c to $2.00. These prices i hold Good Langer than july 4th. Take a look at our Stock. We can you in both Quality and prices. I. Poliakoff. I you Are hot buy or rent an electric fan or take one on trial. If you Are overworked buy or rent ail electric motor then sit Back and keep Cool for your work is done. No r Bills no batteries to buy no gasoline explosions Noi but a Button to push we guarantee the rest. us Send you an electric Flat Iron on trial. Come and see our line of electric fixtures. W i t l a to / water Liim Ana rower \ Lewis Wedlaw Pebbin. I1 Mcd Natl Donly Ilie vwtevill1ball to round june 25, 1907. At half past five o clock Jane 25,1907, while the Ball game who in pro Reea uti the Abbeville Edlum nil Lewis War ditto Perrin a 1 sitting in a buggy a Ltd his Nephew or. Wade i s. Corbran watching the game. Or. Cothran noticed that or. Perrin was leaning heavily i is Rasht. Thut. To 070u Motr. On Uius dul my iii ii Lulu ii Kuwa inf himself comfortable suddenly or. Perrin Bead dropped Over on or. Tot bran a shoulder. Or. Cothran called blk by name and when lie made no reply called for help several men who were standing near hurried _ _ to or. Cothran. They lifted him out of Thericio buggy add placed him on the grass where be immediately died without. Uttering a word after be was stricken. Physicians James id 111 new and w. So Mason were present on Thecil ground but or. Perrin was dead before they reached blk. I n the death was n great Shock to All and the 1 it game was immediately suspended. An am vex balance was sent for and the body was taken Back to the Home from which be had but an l. _ _ hour before left in apparent Good health. Nas Perr n was born May a 183u.he enlisted in the Confederate army and was Captain of cot Pauy a of the first South Carolina infantry regular army was capture March 25. 1865 imprisoned at Harl Island n. Y., and at fort Delaware for a Bortt me. was educated at the South Carolina col Lee Irum which a was graduated in 1sw. For several years Alier tie War hah engage Din the merchant 1 Bustle a in the 11 pm f a iii jes Perr a & . Later with the firm l 1 Errin a Quant. Tier he quit the a lne s1te studied l in and wan admitted in 1k7k, with j m. Cuthran Ami t. P. Cothran. Or. It Rulu succeed w. L. Mlle a master iii Kipilii of to Ovll a rid into which place lie filled tin iii the Day of his death. Or. L or in Wabun elder to the presbyterian Church at this place for thirty years and Dur ing that time he was the leading spirit of the choir. Or. Perrin was one of the most Public Spartie citizens that Abbeville Ever bad. 171 11 War always ready to lend a helping band orv 111 to Lead in any Enterprise that looked to the Welfar of the town. The bringing of the Seaboard air line Railroad to this place waiq1 or perhaps Doe More to his efforts than to the efforts of any other single Perrin leaves a widow who was mis Mccow of Yorkville their children Are mrs. T. G. White mrs. A. W. Smith Robert m. Perlo Lewis w. Per la William per run Rhom is Chiles Perrul. In the 11 be and character of his children Are living evidences of i the excellence of his own character. Ii ii the funeral services will be he d about 10 o clock thursday morning in the presbyterian Church. Jail i beautifying he Monument. If the daughters of the confederacy Art Pento suggestions As to Boj to beautify the surroundings of the Coulee rate Monument t we would like to make just one suggestion. Or. 8. Shiver if we Are correctly informal de. Has very generously Given $100 for building an Iron Fence around the Monument. We would suggest that the Fence be put of it once and that the ground within the Fence Fly and the Earth now piled up above the coping in be fertilized and both places Well set or Sod flied with Blue grass. All the Sod that is \ Nece Sarv can be bad from the enclosure in front of Law Range which will soon be Ai covered by the new court House building. The sodding can be done at practically no Cost and in a Short time the base of the Mon Mentwell be a thing of Beauty instead of an � w Eye sore. it Urvater Prosperity. Or. S. Moffatt president of Erskine Colin Liege was in town one Day last week. info Spires one with the belief that the associate reformed Church and the colleges at Dae Sulc West Are taking on new life. expects an increased number of students at the cols Leges and we believe be will not be Duap k ill a a need the Synod did the right thing in i electing him president of a Rokne but the j. 1 authorities Nave not Yei Luuy Uuie Mongu t a thing or blk and the professors in Erskine in they were Given a Little raise in salary wen6 Jyh the pay should have Beed doubled. To Berk president and the professors deserve More 6 we pay and the Pride. If Dot the vanity of the it thu Rob should see to it that Erskine s proves. A sors and president receive from 52.000 to a $2,500. The Money Welch the Church now sends to Mexico should be paid to men in Erskine to pastors to the College endowment and to it other Good . Baptism of children. I intercut inv Kerle m at the associate reformed Church. Lust sunday morning the to y sacrament la of who celebrated in the As Boolat reformed Church the pastor Rev. B Kennedy perform Rik Ibe ceremony. After appropriate and Irp p hip remarks be announce thai life Itin might be brought Siefo e the rhpnre1. Where the fathers Andlor mothers might dedicate item to the service f the l re our Gou. The mothers and 21 Albers at the proper time made vows Tob Lugune their Elt l leu la the torture and admonition of he lord. When to nibs Jordan Bradley was presumed is father and Mother William Renwick Brand by and May Lyon Bradley answered for him. When William Tatura Bradley received the m Laor Ament. Hla father and Mother James i Foster Braden and Lii us vice us an were Lor blk. When tie Hii Crement was administered to Hugh Alnon Badley Bis father and Mother. William Wideman Bradley and my traten Bradley stood sponsor for blk. The pastor made a Prav a in which be asked a divine Blessing. hoped the an overruling Providence might enable the Fate Island mothers to impress the tei Lolous truths upon the minds and hearts of those whose care bad been entrusted to them and that the children might be the Joy of their mothers and fat Beis and that when they had reached the years of Manbo cd their live might be such As to make them a Tower of strength to the Church. Home again. Improved in health cordially by Many Wotrin friends. Or. W. T. Bradley treasurer of Abbeville. County came Home from Charlotte n. C., last a Lent monday very Moch improved in health and greatly encouraged in spirit to Bis people of Abbeville county and 43 50 the associate wormed Church. Ech be much More work for blk to do. They Are at $1. Not ready to excuse Bim now. But will re quire of blk about Twenty years More of ser Vic. Oes at $oq0 to close july 4tfl, we the basques a men of Abbeville,8. A. Hereby agree 10 Cioe our reper1liot l be places of business at 12 o clock on july 4ib, 1907 pm lion Henry 4 co. W. Bark Dale people saving Bank All Day. Farmers Bank All Dij a. , h p. Mcllwain . Johnson Abbeville Telephone co. P. Rosenberg & co. . . 8. Bowl. Anion b Moroe. % l. . L. Dii san. Hill a sous. . Link. Allen Smith. Or. The k. Caddoa co. Gleue. j. Anderson a co. 1 Errlin clothing co. Smith dry goods co. L. A. White. Abbeville Ilow co. Ims Pensark All Day National Bank Day 1h. �1. Hill.1 Calvert and Nickles. I. O., sunday Boura. Enair Al. Roche. L w. Keliner and Bro. I i. new York pocket. T. Maxwell. Wii Klusov f. B. Jones. If you want to sleep Good have pleasant dreams Aud get up with a Good taste in your Mouth smoke Speed s Cisco cigars. No need for mirrors if you polish your 1 lur nature with liquid veneer. Speed s drug a store.j\3m the old original reliable native herbs end tablets for Sale at Speed s drug store. To f4.\-v -. By -2parmere Are not getting Enoah for their product. When Farmers can afford to pay a sigh wages fur Geld hands As such la jokers Are getting in town and farm families can afford to dress As Well � is other folks and enjoy the Good Hinga generally that people other callings Are pupa ions. Of course Good management in sell j ing farm products and taking care of the Money after it is made has As. Much to do with How the Farmer gets Hie Benefit of his labor As making Good crops and getting Good prices. Here is where sub Thrift less Farmers Gaio by join Iuga Good Farmers Union. then Cau set the Benefit of the sex. Prience of the Best men in the country and learn their method of business and get As much for his pc dots and buy Bis supplies As cheap As anybody in the whole country. One reckless Man who struck the glutted Marketon cabbage in a Little town ruined prices for everybody by Selling out at half Price before he would carry his stuff Back Home and feed it to his 7 Stock. This one reckless Man net Rul Nous prices on All his neighbors truck for the Lack of information. . The following resolutions Ana nov Mously by Bounty land Oca Lunion no. 98. W whereas there is a move on foot in. Thin state and throughout the South Tofill our Southland with foreign Immi Grants and Whereat we look upon the movement As being highly Emmen to to farming interests of this loan. Try inasmuch As it Promise nothing to anyone except the extreme Large Laud owners and the speculative whereas we see that it cheapens farm labor and increases � production and Lowers prices for far products. Therefore be it resolved that we must pm pathetically Oon a Dean the movement and ask repro natives in the general Assembly to use All Means in their Power to defeat any measure leading to the immigration movement in this state. Bounty land Union Seneca 8. C., Oconee 8. June a i 07 statement showing the Condi tion of the. I Peoples savings Abbeville 8. At close of business june 14,1907. Resources. Loans and discounts $118,800 70 demand Loans 6,719 98 overdrafts. 4,006 64 a banking Honse 8,000 00 furniture and fixtures 1,982 42 due from ban Sand Bankers 12,036 91 currency4,552 00 Gold. 1,082 50 Silver Nickels and pennies. 1,092 00 checks and Cash items. 1,286 46 a i m ii a � total 4154,651 61 liabilities. A capital Stock paid in $21,800 00surplus fund 10,000 00 undivided profits less cur rent expenses and taxes paid 8,791 94 individual deposits subject to Check 116,658 82 v demand certificates 2,406 85 total $154,651 61 state of South Carolina / county of Abbeville. Before me came r. directors. Frank b. Gary. / University of sooth Carolina j scholarship examination. A flee University of South Cabo Lina offer scholarship in the department of education to one Young Man from each county. Each scholarship to Worth $100in Money and 818 metrical action or term fee examination will be held Atco Onty neat Friday july 5tb. Examination or admission to the University will be held at the name time. Write for information to Benjamin Sloan president,colnt6bla,8.g. New . Add names to your hit Aiken Wyatt residence 208. Andrews w. J., Rescue Noe 174. Bowie j. R., residence 71-4. Calvert or. G. E., re Aldeno 158. Caldwell l. D., residence 204. Coob g. H.,store 56. V Raj Cox j. D., residence 201. Cochran mrs t. H., residence 133. Express co. 1w. Ferguson w. D., residence 191. Gilliam. Henry residence 84. Gore w. A., residence 168. Link Bros ice Bouse 47. Putnam. T. A., residence u. Klonie mrs. Residence 171. So Ltd a. M., residence 156. Simmons k. A residence 202.wm. Barnwell Mckee i locals. J ust marked up a Nice line of shoes for men. And women All sizes Price $2.50 to $4.50. The Best line of oxfords for men in town Black and tan. Oxfords for women in White and Gray All sizes at si.50 pair. Black oxfords tor the Young looks. If you want shoes or oxfords come la and i will save you some Money. Soap. 3 cakes for 5 cents. Arm and Hammer soda. 6 pkg. For 25 ots. American prints 614 cents Yard. Sea Island 5 cts. Yard ladles lace and Lisle Bose All colors 15 and � 25 cts. Pair. Men s Lisle Balf Hose 25 cts. Pair. Men s fancy Balf Bose 15 ots. Pair. Nook Les for men the Best on the Market at to cents Auu of usum. A big assortment of men s collars Negligee and dress shirts. A Palmetto fans 3 for 6 cents. Men s underwear at All prices. Ladles under vests from 5 cents to 25 cents. in s suits and pants at a i prices. I handle of lobes to fit made by Black & co. I can Ulso have you a suit made to order on Short notice. A big line of men s Straw and Wool Bata. Will sell the straws cheap now. The Best line of suspenders in the country and they Are made in South Carolina. Agents for All kinds of machinery wagons buggies and harness repairs of All kinds. Id other words Hoyt blog from a pin to a steam engine and if you care to save Money visit the store of j. A. Mckee or. L. W. While s local. Somo Good vnlue9 in White quilts 81 to 83.80 at l. W. White s. A Nice assortment of table Llu us and l. W. White s. Go to White s and see the new lot of ladles Sombs and fancy belts. Embroideries galore at l. W. White s. we Are offer log domestics at very Low prices. See us. L. W. White

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