Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
23 Jun 1909

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Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
23 Jun 1909

Read an issue on 23 Jun 1909 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Abbeville Press And Banner.

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaA Square Deal what is the biggest business prom 11 Lem this nation is facing to Day one s Man will speak up quickly and say i the question of an elastic currency t of course his neighbor will declare v that the attitude of the administrate Tion toward corporations oversteps g everything else in importance to the n people of this country. A Little later n we Are Likely to be told that the re v adjustment of the Tariff is the Over t shadowing question. B but All the time a problem bigger to than any of these is being overlooked to by the politicians of All parties by h the press of the entire country by o the political economists and by most i of the people themselves. Only a h few men recognize the existence and c the bigness of this question and they Are of the kind that make very Little g noise in the world. However if they c Are listened to and their words taken s to heart by the men who make up the Al greatest Industrial class in the United s states we As a nation will suddenly to Wake up to the fact that we have c Hoon Prit Naif tip Industrial suicide. A the reckless and wholesale Dele g Tion of the Fertility of the soil in t this Good land of ours is beyond All n question the biggest and most Seri t Ous question now confronting the a american it is bound to n remain the big problem for Many o years to come. I am so sure of this d and feel so deeply on this matter v that i have determined to devote the a remaining years of my life to doing s All i can to arouse the Farmers of v this country to the fact that if they t go on taking everything they can out b of the soil and putting next to Noth e ing Back they Are in the position of deliberately and knowingly creating c a hopeless run on the greatest Bank in the marvelous soil of a the United run which can t result Only in wreck and disaster As t wide As the country. C this is the dark Side of the picture v the thing which will surely happen e if we do not Wake up and give the c soil a Square Deal. There is another s Side to the problem As Bright As this s one is Reward for Well doing t ii just As great in proportion As me i punishment for wrong doing. If to Only Twenty five per cent of the far to mers of this country would Wake up a to the situation and do their level 0 Best in giving the soil a Square Deal b they would not Only save the also d Lute loss of millions of dollars but they would make millions to make themselves Rich in the bargain. P unless there is a general and wide s spread Reform in this matter of the n mistreatment of our soil we Are going 0 literally to put millions of acres of i Good land out of business. All we t have to do to Cut out our National a wealth land enough to make a dozen european kingdoms is to keep right b on doing what we Are doing and a what we have been doing Ever since u the first reaper and Binder was put h into the Field. In the matter of soil i depletion the Farmers of this country c have been going the Pace that kills that kills land and robs the nation e of a yearly Power to produce a vol a a me of wealth almost beyond the r rag Power of the average Man to under stand. D this problem is not a theory with n me i Haven t come at it from the a Raj theoretical Side. To the contrary i Oil have bumped against it from the is leg practical the Active Side. I did not Nuj leave the farm until i was Twenty six vib years old and there has t been a ii year of my life since when i Haven t ii h been in some kind of business which of was close to the soil. And for Many a years i have owned and operated a Biff several thousands of acres of farm do so now. And i May a h add that i have not a single farm 1 i which i have not made to pay a Good bus and satisfactory percentage on the if investment year after year. I say n � this simply because the Farmers do ii i not take kindly to advice from Mere t i theorists they naturally wish to s p that advice comes from a prac it Cal and successful Farmer before the attach enough importance to it Yuji to act upon it. This is right and i natural and it is because i am so i anxious to have them give to my t i plea the weight which it deserves h that i say to them i am entitled to Bif talk about farming because i was p g brought up on a farm and operate to several thousand acres of farm land t i divided into farms of 160 acres s g each. In a Way which makes them i pay me a handsome profit. R 3 Ecil Ding up the land. D my right from the Start i made up my mind to buy Good farms and keep i them and run them for profit. This meant that i looked at them As a i Long time investment not As some o i thing on which to speculate or make of a Quick turn. In other words the t i task before me was that of building c go up and making the farms much better t a each year stronger in their ability f i to produce profitable crops. How i Many Farmers treat their land in this i Way fewer by far than you would i i suppose of course most of them i i intend to do there is a wide i sap Between their intentions and a t5 Avotray Rosinn to say that the majority of Farmers j in this country Are living on their principal instead of their inter est so far As their treatment of their soil is concerned they Are Rais ing fair to excellent crops putting up Good buildings and making perhaps j a Fine showing on the profit Side of j the Ledger but in doing this they Are \ literally bankrupting the f act leg it of the capacity to keep up the s Pace of production in the future. J i in any state of the Union from the t richest to the poorest the casual of t server can see for himself How the \ 6oil is being bankrupted by heavy l cropping and poor fertilization. There Are Large tracts in Virginia for sex s ample where farm after farm can be p bought at an almost absurd Price r not very Long ago thes same acres e were the Pride of the old Dominion t state and produced fortunes to their owners in their unfailing tobacco j crops. Now they Are next door to e useless As tillable land and about All j their value is in the Way of Fine c scenery. They have been depleted by taking from them the elements re c quire to grow crops while compare f timely nothing has been put Back into t for the soil. Hem to prevent bankruptcy. The ame thing can be seen in Southern Illinois where there Are Large District which produce scant crops and there farms can be bought at fourth of the Price of Ood farm lands in the Middle and Northern parts of the state. Southern Illinois farms Ere nearly if not fully As proud civets any in the state. They have Een under the give nothing Adak everything system f cultivation and the result is that the land As been put out of business because f mistreatment. And so you will and it in every state where the land As been Cornea on tvs Piau our True crop rotation. Clover Corn and have been intelligently fertilized have produced ninety bushels to the acre. As showing what Eal crop rotation will do without these of fertilizer i cite the fact that e gets sixty bushels to the acre on ind planted to successive crops of Lover and Oats. My own experience 3 that i can raise seventy five Bush Isof Corn to the acre on land subject Edo right crop rotation and ight fertilization As against thirty bushels per acre raised by my immediate neighbors working by the old methods on land naturally As Good s my own. That i have done right Long and on a Large scale too. What 5 More my land under proper treat Lentis growing better year by year Rhile theirs is steadily going Down a consequently a Price. If they stick to their method their land will in a few years each a Grade of unproductive Ness at which it will not pay for cultivation. As nearly As i can arrive at it bout seventy per cent of the farm ind in Illinois for example have Een cultivated for thirty years under crop rotation consisting of alternating Corn and wheat with nothing save the stubble put Back into he soil. This is one important Reao Why Eastern , new Lampshire Connecticut and others get a very much higher average held of Corn to the acre than the Reat Corn states of the Middle West n the East they practice crop rotation and intelligent fertilization. Before leaving this question of now our soil in depleted let me emphasize the fact that United states. He greatest of All agricultural countries i admitted by soil scientists to tand first in the list in the rapidity if its soil exhaustion and that we Are rapidly adding to our area of aban one agricultural lands. And it May be Well to add to whal have said of the experiments under professor Hopkins a suggestion of Chat has been done in the same line if demonstration in England where hey have had More time in which try out things. At the famous Roth instead station they have grow heat on the same piece of ground or fifty the result thai the phosphorus actually removed rom one of the Best yielding plots n five years is equivalent to fort cent of the total phosphorus or finally contained in the soil to � depth of seven a Pardon affords Best Chanee pea a Pardon in Brittany begins Witt respers on the evening before to East. Pilgrims arrive for that Anc sleep in the Church the Chapel Anc under the Hedges. They chant hymn ill they sing themselves to sleep the first mass is said at 3 a. Ant alien All the pilgrims have receive to Loly communion they depart. An Ordinary visitor arriving say it 10 a. M., will hardly see a Singh ill grim in the Church. They attend Nass take part in the afternoon pro session and buy memorials and Pic ures at the stalls. One of the most largely attendee pardons and a very representative affair in its character is that of Uray which is situated in Morbihan n the Southern coast of Brittany. Here gather All whom the inter session of St. Anne d Auray has Savec rom some peril. Those who hav Een saved from Shipwreck earn rot Hilstead experiments itt wheat for 51 years. Average yield bushels per acre. To fertilizer 13.1 farm manure .14 tons per acre 35.7 commercial fertilizer acid phosphate 392 lbs. Per acre of sulphate of Potash 200 lbs. Per acre 37.1 sulphate of ammonia 600 lbs. Per acre the manure used on an acre contained nearly double the Plant f of contained in the commercial fertilizer used on same sized plat. Again it comes to a question of the use of fertilizers. Here Are the figures from the famous experiments of Lawes and Gilbert average yield of wheat per acre. Bushels. No manure for 40 years 14 minerals alone for 32 years 15% nitrogen alone for 32 years 23% farmyard manure for 32 years. 32% minerals and nitrogen for 32 years. 36% minerals and nitrogen for 32 years. 32%1.86 pounds of nitrogen As sodium nitrate. 2.86 pounds of nitrogen As ammonium salts. Now to get nearer Home let me Tell the experience of a Farmer in Northern Indiana who woke up to the fact that he must give his soil a Square Deal if he would get the same from it in return. He first found out what elements his soil most needed an then he fertilized accordingly. This Cost him $1 to $1.40 an acre and he kept close Tab on the results. In a word his fertilization Cost has been thirty five cents for the production of Twenty bushels of Corn and he has had 500 per cent left for investment. This matter of treating the soil is much like a Bank account. If you keep drawing out and put Littler nothing in time will sooner or later write no funds across the face of the draft which you attempt to make against it. A Farmer Hoo nil Rimpfl try Havel fun elaborate scientific education to understand the really necessary things about the elements which go into the making of a crop. The main ones Are phosphorus nitrogen and is the element which makes things mature and go to seed. Which makes the ears of Corn and Heads of wheat fill with plump and Ripe kernels. Nitrogen gives size to the Plant and Potash contributes the element of health or stamina. When your crop is yellow and does not grow to size it lacks nitrogen when it grows rank and dark Green and keeps on growing but does t mature and produce Grain it lacks phosphorus if in addition it is inclined to Lodge and the stalk or Straw is soft and lacks polish you know your land is Short on Potash. Speaking roughly a Clay soil is generally deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus but contains Potash. The tendency is for Clay soil to bake and get hard and the addition of a Little Lime is calculated to Correct this. Then the addition of nitrogen either in the form of Plant legumes As Clover for in com Mercial phosphorus or phosphate will balance us the soil. Black soils Are commonly Strong in nitrogen and Short of phosphorus and Potash and have a tendency to become sour. Drainage together with a Supply of the lacking elements and an addition of a Little Lime is the remedy evening Post. Friend that s disappeared. What s become of our old boyhood 1 Friend the Bootjack asked a shopper in a shoe store the other Day. To to Koon in of inf q 1y incl Riff for such a thing and in half the places the clerks Don to even know what they heard of such a thing. One clerk brought me an Ordinary shoe Horn and supposed that must be what i had reference to. The Bootjack has gone i suppose for the simple reason that few men Wear so called boots any More. The stores ought to keep them though " if for nothing but souvenirs of the boyhood Days of the present Genera Tion when we used to get a Penny occasionally for helping one of the f adult members of the family to pull off his boots. How those boots dipstick i was reminded of those Days j of Long ago when i got a pair of newfangled walking shoes on which the laces started too far up. But i la have to get without a Bootjack or " else make Ono. There Are none to be Plain dealer. Song Birds die from cold. Great numbers of Birds migrating j North were caught Here by the cold wave and storm and hundreds died f there was one flock of estimated fifteen Hundred cock Robins which alighted on the Normal school grounds and remained Here for a. Couple of Days. The next most numerous Bird is the Hermit Thrush and i also there Are a few bluebirds. Such t a visitation of feathered songsters has never been seen in Winona be5fore. Citizens generally provid d r them with food As Many of them seemed to be in a starving condition i Winona correspondence St. Paul dispatch. In Brittany of seeing crowds of Sants. Ii portions of the wreck cd Tessel oth i ers carry the shroud that had been i prepared for them the lame carry i on their shoulders the or Ches which 3 have Decorpe useless to them while. Still others carry the Rop won t you Pray for me wringing her hands she sobbed of Frank i can t Pray i Don t know � How there on her Knees at the Side of her dying boy she turned to us and pleaded for some of us to Pray for him but we each one had to admit that we did not know How and he died before us without a prayer. I never shall forget the anguish written on that poor Mother s face. I do thank god that i have Learned to pry since that time and to hold up before the throne of Grace not Only my own children but those of prayer less Parent about me. Poor but Rich. A poor Blind woman in Paris put Twenty seven francs into a plate at a missionary meeting. You cannot afford so much said one. Yes sir i she answered. On being pressed to explain she said i am Blind and i said to my fellow Straw workers How much Money do you spend in a year for Oil in your lamps when it is too dark to work nights they replied. Twenty seven francs so said the poor woman i 1. Round that i save so Mucu m a year because i am Blind and do not need a lamp and i give it to shed Light to the dark Heathen lands.". Detroit news Tribune. Moral Constitution. A let a Man build up his moral Constitution by thinking Noble thoughts derived from the habitual practice of Reading Good books performing Noble deeds association with pure worn in and honorable men. Let a Man walk in the spirit and he will not fulfil the lusts of the . Williamc. Stinsman. Jarir 1 i Beneficent Power. 2 v no matter How insignificant you May be you can exert some Beneficent Power Over the tide and flow of human passions and diffuse a Calm and blessed Light on those that tall within your James Gibbons. A stronger Assurance. The Faith of the heart is a stronger Assurance than All the visions of the outward sense. When Fortune smiles around me. I May think that i am Happy when Sanctity and love breathe within me. I know it. Inspiration of self according to what a Man is is the to Quality and amount of the virtue that goes out of him and he cannot cease to impart this Peculiar life unless he sinks into the lethargy of death. Sears. Rejoice constantly. We should not found our praises of god on things that Are far apart in their occurrence. We should look for � his wonderful works in those that Are most constant. The rejoicing mat is in the eternal father should be no More suspended than Are his . L. Frothingham. Faith Liat is Able. X i Faith is the eing Able to Cleave to a Power of goodness appealing to our higher and real self and not to our lower and apparent

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