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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - June 2, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville press and banners 7w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville s. C., wednesday june 2, 1909. Established 1844 a i Henry wat Terson and the liquor question Augusta chronicle.1 Hon. Hebry Watterson in reply Ija Friend and War Comrade refuses concede that to excessive liquor Drining alone is attributable most of to crimes of the Day nor will he add that to liquor is a tribute b e More Crim Khan to other causes. He declares the Here Are Many voices which arise 01if our frail humanity and afflict Moiety which Are or. Watterson holds that Drinkin excess is confined to a very so percentage of every Community an intends that of late years there Haf Ceu a steady diminishing of thedr Inho it due to the better . In the latin countries such As Spain franc and Italy drunkenness is unknown. In Ger anywhere Beer is the National beverage Isioro Ionn Annh think an Drury Pennesi a but in Maine sixty years of Crasti prohibition have not sufficed to e Linguish drunkenness or regenerate the As a matter of fact this Long term c prohibition in Maine has brought in being a retinue Ftp evils never before known although inevitable to the e fort to control by legislative enact Meti the appetites and individual Libe tit of the or. Watterson always interesting writes our Friend of West Tennessee mistaken in his theory that Prohic Tion prohibits. He is mistaken in i theory that wicked husbands and a fathers May be turned into Good Hui bands and fond fathers by act Yassem Bly. The attempt to do it entails Wau ton impositions to begin with and Foi casts untoward conditions to Edd will sacrificing the Freedom of the people without elevating the morals of the people. The better Way and the sufficient Way h to close the evil place where the Community United Snoug to close Thorn and to keep them closed each the judge of its own excite Ai ran Gemenis leaving every Audi video free to develop upon his own lines r conscience and conduct. Already the government ii aug iwo Juilian ii Strain of men. Something must be Lei to moral agencies. Force impelled b clericalism and hysterical ism Undis criminal i uhf Aud despotic Neve yet did any lasting Good but in the end surely come9 the Irr emed Able we know now Down Here in Geo Gia that prohibition does not prohibit we can not draw a lesson in the Mal Ter from our City of Augusta for it a been honed that there would be prohibition of consumption of liquor at i Point. The fact that there is the be a Sale of liquor two Hundred Yards Froc the City the adjoining stat of South testimony tha those who enacted the prohibition Law did not Hope to bring about a halt i the drinking of liquor in this Cit but we have the testimony of town that Are not similarly situated Tec graphically that the prohibition Law have not resulted in putting a Stop t liquor drinking. Kentucky May pass All the Law against Demon rum that she wishes but she will not be Able the enforce pre Bibi Tion of consumption any mor than has Georgia Maine or the Oise states that have enacted statutes this sort. It is a Money maker. The Abbeville dispensary pays Well says senator Graydon. Hon. W. N. Graydon state Senate from Abbeville county and Orte of the leading lawyers of the Abbeville a is in the City of proves Rioual business says saturday s Anderson mail. Or. Graydon was asked what Ali Abbeville county people would Docabo the dispensary at the election to b held in August. I do not think it will be voted of said or. Graydon. In fact we cat not aft Ord to vote it out he continue there is too much Money in it pc us. Our dispensary sold s9,000 wort of liquor in april and half of that it profit. We expect to make at lea$60,000 out of it this ear. Or. Graydon says the Abbeville Dii Pessary is shipping a lot of liquor 01 of the state to Points in Georgia an North Carolina both of which Are or states. A Good Deal of liquor is a biped to Atlanta or. Graydon says. Under the Law the Abbeville dispel sary cannot ship liquor into dry Coli ties in this state but there is nothing to prevent people from dry counties g ing to Abbeville and 1 buying whiskey and or. Graydon pays the Sells a great Deal of whiskey to Greet Wood Laurens Aud Anderson count people. 4 Why Wirz was hanged. Fort Mill Timet. It must have teen extremely edifying to the Confederate veterans of Abb vile county and their descendants 1 read in the last Issue of the a Banner the tirade against the memo of capt. A Vii and the criticism of to daughters of confederacy for erection a Monument in irs Honor at Anderson Villega. The Monument to cac a Viz is a tardy recognition of a Worth of a Loyal patriotic Soldier we met a Martyr s death rather than i by assenting to the trumped up lies in placating president Davis in the Allej de brutal treatment of Federal Soldier at Sivilie. Capt. Wirz was hero whose memory should live in to hearts of All True southerner for 1 us Crifie his life on a Yankee Gallow in behalf of the cause to which our be Tion wan committed. We Are glad Thi the Monument has been erected to Cap Witz s memory. We would be please to see a Monument in his Honor in even Confederate state. Plan Case to test prohibition. Portland me., May 20.thesheri of or Atnipp in nov has Hon Klin la sued into the United states court i answer a Bill in equity tiled by Bosto wholesale liquor dealers alleging Fei ures in violation of the interstate con Merce and pure food Laws. It will i an important test Case for ajl Prohic lion states. 4 East end. N Gra " what a sees and hears on his a by Jug i rounds about the City and along id route to. 3. Fufi11 ller in the marriage ceremony of or. Will Dupre Row and my a Kikut Sihu will be celebrated la the ver episcopal Church this evening at 9 o clock Tho l re l a Inelss officiating. Larl. Rimmed lately after the Cera Mouy an elegant Call u reception will be Given at the Home of the in t Bride. W the Bride elect in formerly from Atlanta will g but has with her Mother made her Homo la ibo i Abbeville Long enough to by not Only a dental Fror tied with this people but by her Grace and the t Charm of manner to be quite popular already old a and most highly esteemed and beloved by a Hgt u Larue Circle of Friend la which she move. Fur the Groom or. Willie Dupre is too Well deet and favourably known to the people of abbe in a j Dilieto used any compliments from our Peu the it to Bay he lease it made Young Man the Ana As a Young business Man has already hav made Hon influence and popularity Felt in the p0\ Busiutis Clicie of the City Belg Book keeper the and head clerk in his father s store. Slbil this Happy Young couple receives id and by c Vance the congratulations and Best wishes of an t hours of it lend. Thl mrs. Albert Hammond after a pleasant wee e stay with relatives id the City left last suture tree Day for her Home in Columbia. To j f or. Lambert Caldwell has bought the it w n Slock of general merchandise belonging to be tithe late Hub Mcllwain and will co Dusci Earl p business for him Biltat the same stand. He a m f. Will keep a list class Stock of Lancy and Sta a. Of e Gio Cerlee trolls Etc. Lost every body knows or. Caldwell to be Prill the Aud attentive to his business. He was with will White Brothers for a Long time Werp be top r made Loi himself a Fine business reputation Ter ? and Many friends whom be now cordially seat invited to Call and see him him la the let Elf Malip store around the Corner on to laity Street. Just be it. K. D. Carrier enjoyed h rest la6l crop monday it being memorial or demo ratio 81 b Day they also enjoyed Belg in out of the Floe j Raio St pm that afternoon. Piai Rev. Henry Stokes is Oft to u Enn Springs the Aud other health re Oris on his summer a will l . On next sunday his pulpit will be Necil tiled of Rev. Daniels of Columbia. To next ins Sutay Rev. Or. Moffat of Erskine College left id Bio in i nit Xvi i Hei e Ard two Able divines and the Public t a e Are Cor pull who did Well and seemed by Belr sex the be enl speeches Eccl talons Huici essays thai hav i they were just out of the Walls of a sure now s to Vogh co 1 be Sotny e Only Mentlow the exec loses in a Genera Eart Way As we know the entire program will appearing full. The old cottage on now being j eked up and will Ood be on the move to another site on the t lower Patton he lot next to the cott8ge of to f. Or. L. T. Miller. We understand the re after meander of the lot will be divided up into i Jedi several lots. The dwelling is under con act i by a company irom Columbia who will do weel .1 the moving while the family remain in the i building. J Ude Ernest Gary who now owns gpet0 this property is making a move in the right my p tar Ecton White will Lurther build up this Sabl it Beautiful and historic Hill. Atteson lust thursday afternoon pastor j. B. Bull " Hll Bouse and congregation bad another one seve to of tote hippy Sochi gatherings at the mans 8b where they were heartily welcomed by the or. Paso Randols sister. During the afternoon coms delightful Cream an d cake were served and m Macii one enjoyed the afternoon and Especial Wen o by be kind and courteous attentions of their Day. Pastor and Host. I � or. John b. Gibert has Cio Sod another sue tue Cess Fui session of Bis school at Benet Uville or in s. C., and is Home for Bis summer vacation. The or. John e. Evans came Home last week to Tom Davidson col f be and will spend Bis a tier action with Bis borne people and friends at Nigl p l Hanoi. Miss j. H. Penney and daughter miss Lei rub r Trude left last saturday for Laurens Weie m f they will visit or and mrs. R. P. Mcneill. On Mips Louise Mok Enzle spent last week in i the City with relatives. Is the miss Luclle Wilson spent last week in the m . M. Wilson rela and Felly. Or. W. E. Link of Wellington spent last week in tie City the guest of Bis sons and " friends. The doctor always receives a heart Welcome from Tbs people among the Young ladles who took in the a a coded school commencement exercise hfpomroute8 were misses Lillian and Jos Mccanty and miss Rosa Coox who were m pleased with their . W e mrs. E Len p. Norwood after a pleasant m r i he Willi her Nephew or. E Iwon Parker and la family. Returned to the City last saturday m where she win be the guest of friends. W miss c Ara Bonner a turned to her Home in t. Up due vat it St. Saturday Baving been the guest of mrs. David Gilliam since the cios Ngn t of ski Iron school. Or m onh m to i w Tuilom Nam in Olla u1 v fixed up Luibel pretty new cottage at Watts. Of lat they were the guests of mrs. David Gilliam of Sharon. M or. W. Herbert of Row and. N. A spent several dub of la6t Welt with . If c. F. Gilliam at Watts and was also the r guest of or. David Gilliam and family or. Herbert was superintendent Ofsha Rons High 9 school several years ago during which time lie made Many friends in that Community b0 c1 who Are always glad to see him. All Stoi d Bellevue. Rev a. L. Patterson of Mtcarmel preach " de at Moor mice on the fourth Sabbath and was the gust of mrs. W. H. Kennedy. The school entertainment at Wellington came off tuesday a Light and was quite a to " Success it was to on Friday night 4-t v but was postponed on account of disagreeable Weith a. The bit revue and handover schools closed i on Friday and the teachers patrons Anor f t a is of both schools spent a pleasant Day thing on Long Cane Creek at maj Cutick s j Mills. Y miss Sara Britt is at Home from school in Hel Orangeburg. She was summoned by Telegram reached Abbeville tuesday night Ana a ? present at the death and burial of Ber grand \ lat her m a Morrow of above Lyle. Or. A b. Britt and children went to abbe qui Vine wednesday morning and accompanied the remains of or. Morrow to his last resting up Lariat Cedar a pings funeral exercises were conducted by Rev. K b. Kennedy of abbe Vine. A Good Man has been called to Bis big Reward and will be greatly missed in the g. Cur cd and in the Community in which relived. The fathers where Are they and the " or Pubis to i Nev Veio revert Fri 1 or. And mrs. John Wardlow came bume y thursday Afier Tisou alter several Days in Charleston in mrs. Moore and children of Elberton b g Are guests of mr6. Cade. I j. Miss is Fannie and Victoria Fowell of f Cuba lesion Bave been in Bellevue since stir d urday and will upend the summer. Miss r in Hottie Nowell of Augusta will arrive today. Y to or. W. D. Korrub Bas been quite she Dur Itig the past week but is better at table writing a i j and his lamely expected to Start to c 0 Charleston on monday of last week but on a j. Account of Bis extreme illness prevented from. Goll g. F8 mrs. Norwood 1b the guest of mrs Parker r a of fat Woods. J a mrs May cede of Bordeaux will give the y Young people a sociable do bldg the past week we have been having t is genial showers of rain c. Mar. Mana Elitt came Home saturday after cer. sometime with friends in Abbeville.i1. She was with her lather in Hub Lavt illness. It. Get j j y the Mascot of the s Cinco clan Rosa Blu lot of Standard on Tat by Allty cents each at Speed s Drue store. _ the state of South Carolina i county of Abbeville. Of probate court. In the matter of the estate of l. H. No Felis in 0 deceased. In notice to debtors Aud cred lorb. Y. All p sons indebted to said estate must Settle without delay and Bohe holding etl claims against the estate must present them e properly attested to nerf Lotf. S. Estelle no Feles p adminis Gratrix. Work in the Orchard. Of that Rummer is approaching and the 8 and Weed Are growing what will Yoc about the Orchard ? too often to the injury of the Trees and fruit. I do Dot know All about Orchards eed Lew do. But it would certainly be doth Eright thing to plow the Orchard Carey and Well if that has not been done ear inthe up bldg. If the Trees Are planted in 8, an they usually Are Tbs will not be y difficult. But if the Orchard is one Olse in which the Trees Are standing Irreg Yand without order it will be quite d of Leto plow an the limbs of the Trees will be he Way. Rhen the Trees Are in rows this difficulty be partly removed. In blowing the dirt uld be thrown towards the Trees i away n them so that when the work is finished rows of Trees will stand in the Center of e lands with furrows Between. It will be l not to plow very deep near the Trees tier away it will not Hurt to plow some per. It is always Safe to plow quite deep Young Orchard. As the Trees grow older prowl us should not be discontinued but depth should be Jess Tor the tree roots e taken Possession of the soil add deep ivling would break Ibera unnecessarily. It Trees Are in rows two ways it will be pos9to break the group Between the Trees Ross blowing and there will be left Only unbroken Square of soil around each tree. B unbroken ground should be kept Clear Olds with the Boe or grass scythe. As the s grow and the limbs reach out it will not ot-8lble to plow near them any longer but 111 not then be needed the open spaces Freen rows should still be slowed As the h mulch thus formed a ill be valuable As leans of checking evaporation after Rains Ter 1 essential in the summer add easily. Anything that will help to keep it in ground where it will reach the tree roots be beneficial. To it is evident that the soil should be kept broken if possible throughout the growing Ion just As in the fold crops. Tel Swilli a Good Deal of work but cultivation is As helpful to growing Trees As to growing s. Dee then it is Best to keep the top soil and broken it is generally a Good plan to it some slow Trees. Comon. Potatoes peanuts or peas Segool. Then id living me a crops me Hary cultivation we would also be work Berf a. But always the Trees should be a wide de. Irn and crop � p no bar planted among they Requer much to Stive and Thant up much ton thu tree at the Elmr m Thev in to net d it. I it is Dot possible to t cult Viitel crop in the neb Ned it will i Good p he to sow peas broadcast and r will help protect the ground from the Imer Suu add will gather not Roger Muti to growing period if the soil is very Rich this nitrogen will be needed. Iese things suggest themselves at this b of year. To others some other usetu1 i gets will occur. This we should Reemt Hutther Orchard will respond to careful la agent treatment As much As will tht1 crops. Good cultivation will make the h More vigorous and More resistant to ase. What is True of fruit Trees in Illy True of Gra Pesaud other Small fruits. First and deepest blowing might Well e been done earlier. If not. Then do it. The later work whatever is Given lid to shallower a it is intended As an a mulch to conserve the Rait fall. X. Bellevue. Here was preaching it Lethe Sabbath noon by Rev. J. B. Hul Bouse of anon. Is j. A Brill is in Abbeville Tholf. Be with her father. R. J. L. Bradley add Little son David it tuesday with relatives. Is s. L. Wilson returned to her Home doth afternoon she came Down to do the Sabbath school convert Lon at Alo was taken sick and remained ral Days with friends in Bellvue. Riff Lyon or w. W. Bradley and Willie Lyon pent monday la the Molty. Iss Preu lib and a. L. W. Cowan a guests of mrs Minnie Watson Balur r. Oscar Morrah went to Anderson Day where be Bas a position operations is being made for Ballul Dubridge across Little River. The wll Lugton school will close Friday e will be an entertainment Friday it. R. W. D. Porrata went to Hodges r Day to organized a k. Of p. Lodge r. j. Brett waa in Troy wednesday business. Is Smith an aged lady of new Yorkie Kuest of mrs j. E. Brett. R. 8. L. Wilson spent Sabbath with lives. In misses Nowell of Charleston Are acted in Bellevue to Day to spend the Mer and will Board with mrs s. P. Rah. Iks Jennie Wideman came Home from Lerson Jat t saturday were the has i teaching ensure Moira and Wardlaw Merzlock Smith spent tue by in ural Ridge. E Are having local showers to Day. Iss Emma Wardiaw is at Eden Hall Gurt of mrs j. Kennedy. Is Oscar Cov n died at her borne Mugion Sabbath afternoon after a Blun illness. After a year spent at Loipl Tal in As Billle n. C., she came e inst August her condition was not proved Aid Alnos then she Bas been Laily sinking. She leaves a disconsolate baud and Lour children. Interment was Micarmel monday Afi Moon. R Boyd from near died last k in Atlanta of Beart Troube bulb ans were brought borne for burial. Iraq lot of Ach Mckee s dark corner"1 out second lot just arrived. Al Ead it by Means. Only one Dollar at Speed s drug re. Ire distress. Is near at hand to hundreds of Abbeville readers on t neglect an aching Back. Jack Agbe in the kidneys cry for a select hurrying to their Aid Jesus that urinary troubles follow wkly ire distress diabetes Bright s i e. Root by a sufferer s experience. W. P. Pean sr., 303 magnoliait., Greenwood s. C., 9ays Nome me ago i was feeling quite Mise Bleas the result of kidney bad a Dull ache through the mall of my Back Felt languid and y kidneys did not seem to act properly i finally decided to try Oan s kidney pills and procure Box. I have not finished the contents but can say that they Lave done me More Good than any Vinedy i previously used. The Tain in m r Lionor Hau Diu Unnica rare Oil i feel better in every or Sale by All dealers. Price 50 its. Foster Mil bum co., Buffalo w York sole a gels for the United ites. Ile member the e no other be state of South Carolina county of Abbeville. Probate co Cut. The matter of the estate of Charlie c. Nabors deceased. Notice to debtor and creditor 11 Persona indebted to said estate Murtle without delay and those hol ingims against the estate must present Ihen Siperly attested to mrs. Lucie e. Nabors administer matrix. West end. Personal paragraphs and news items contributed by miss Lily Templeton. Or. And mrs. D. Brown came Home Friday from Charleston where they dad been spending a few Days. Or. Brown was in Charleston at attend the grand Lodge of the k. Of pm. Brown has been re elected to the position of keeper of records and Seal to the Delight of bin friends. Mrs. J. E. Mod Avld and her children came Home from Columbia wednesday were the have been spending sometime with a. W. Jones. Miss Julia Foster left saturday for her Home in Spartanburg were she will spend her summer vacation with her Home people. Or. A. B. Morse went to Davidson last week to hit end the commencement exercises. Miss Helen White went to Spartanburg Friday to attend the commencement at Converse. Miss Carrington of Charlotte. Va., is the attractive guest of miss Mamie Morse. Miss Carrington has been teaching at ,8. C., for the past year and will spend a week Here before going to her Home in Virginia. Or. T. G. Perrin has been in to Trevulle for everal Days. He has been doing some work at the Oil Mill in that place. Or. And mrs. W. K. Respess of Atlanta have returned to their Home after spending sometime Here Wlsh their daughter mrs. Marvin Jones. Mrs. G. A. Teufler and her children spent last week in Orangeburg the guests of mrs. H. W. Wannamaker. Mrs. Far tale j. Haddon and master Cha me Shaddon have returned from a Short slay at Troy. Or. W Uneuy leu in Moro Kubuj a i buium la see Bis Mother mrs. Sara aued who is quite kick at the Home of Ber daughter mrs. James f. Miller. Or. Albert Morse is borne from Davidson for the Rammer vacation. Miss Pearl Watson of it. Carmean miss Bessle link of Sharon Are the attractive guests of miss Louise Watson. Mar. W. T. M fall spent saturday and Sunda with friends in Anderson. Mrs. Francis Henry has gone to Rook bj11 to attend the commencement exercises tils laughter. Mip Lucy Henry Canu her Niece miss Susie Hill Are graduating with the the a has All of the enl gets of pythias who went to Charleston report a Dell Hill time and can not pay enough of the cordial reception Given inra. The friends of or. Philip Rosenberg Are delighted 10 Welcome Ber Back to Abbeville aft a two Mouth s absence sent i Atlanta. Mrs. A. V. Spencer left monday for tier Home in Florence Afier. Spur dog some time Here with Ber n Ece mrs. J. M Hardin. Miss Marie Gary iame Home thursday from Edgefield where Stiebs be a spending several Mon in with mis Mary Evans. Miss Azalle Wakefield or am Reville is the quest 01 mis Ada Mcmillan. A rfcs e Len Parker n i w of has a Torne from a ask stay with n r sister m s. May Parker and is the guest of mrs. James i. Perryr. Or. Code Morgan of Monroe n. is in the City to attend the Eigenman Dupre wedding. Miss Sarah Calvert one of Abbeville s most a Tractive debut nuts has gone to Rock Hill to attend the closing exercises at win t h run or. Haro d Mcfall is id Anderson spending a while with Bis Mother mrs. Low Mcfall. Mrs. Frank Mutee Hod Ber handsome Little ods have returned to Belr Boktae in Spartanburg utter spending sometime Bere a Ltd or. Auto mrs. T. P. Quarle. Or. John m. Harden master Edward and Edgar Harden left monday for Savannah a. Were master Edgar hidden will baie Bis eyes treated. They will be the guests of or. And mrs. Of Ioas s. Clan Wylle in that lot ish Mckenz o of Sharon la p dding few Tays in the City the guest of mus Julia per oat. Miss Nanulet major of Greenwood and miss Mary l iras of Georgetown curve Over from Greenwood saturday and were the guests of mrs a c. Gumbrell until monday. 1 Mac. Fred and master my Nils Cason leave wed Leaday for Columbia. They willbe the us Sib of mrs. Arthur Gage that Olty. Or. Andrew Wylte is borne from Chattanooga,teem., where be has been attending the Mccallla High so Boomers. M. H. Anson left monday or Colombia where she will spend some time wet relatives. Or. Jack Harden came Bome from Davidson last thursday. He has gone to Florence for a Short stay with Bis Cousin Rev Aruba Spencer before taking a position at the Abbeville Oil Mill. Miss Lou Ellen Mcfall and miss Rosa Mcfall Are in Anderson visiting Belr grandmother mrs. Lou Mcfall. Mrs. 0 p Brown miss Charlotte Brown and or. , or left tuesday for co Umbra where Ibey go to attend the closing exercises of the College for women add enjoy the ont of doors play Given by the sen lot class. Or. Calhoun Debrull spent a few Days id Greenville lust week ml6s addle pal lit a of Springfield and Mia Margaret Lemon of barn Ell who Bave been teaching la Abbeville for the past school year have gone to their Homes. They will return to Abbeville in Ibe fall. Miss Lois Wilson is at Home again after a pleasant week s slay a Ltd friends in Columbia. Mrs. G. A. Neuffer has gone to flick Hill to Buena Lue i Hugh ipod exercises Ai wid trop College. Her sister. Mish Lucy Henry is a member o the graduating class. F the people Long enough to Iii we keep a Stock Large enough suit the different tastes of the ple. Us "-13 we have men who know How k o fall 7 in Vazac u7a knit anus a Liiv urus. Yet Navy in Confidence of those who now us. For these reasons we h the business. / i % v r bar t 1 we specialize on men s to Ting shoes hats and furnish f is ladies and children s Fine is. / ,.11 Mem. R a Bis department. Hackett Carhart & it style and Fine tailoring it stands / 1 Al shoes jul Frd & Foster s and Lur Jiuu. ladies. Is Are Well known in customer. Jabor v a 3, hats. 11 the follow. Ift known lines % o name and of Job a i Stetson in All Traw and panamas. Shirts the new Columbi to i to $1.50. Gar land at 50c. The patterns in this line will Appeal to the neat Dresser and the Quality is As Good As the Money will buy. Collars we. Barker & co s Linen collars in All the latest styles. They v no More and Wear longer. 15 cents each 2 for 25 cents. Belts if you have wanted a certain kind of Belt and could not find it Stop looking. We have them in All , Grey Black and Tan. Prices 25c to $1. To buy but com in and get familiar you owe it to yourself to get the y. We Are never too Busy to show e. 1kim co., ii. W

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