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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1920, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - January 30, 1920, Abbeville, South CarolinaAbbeville press and Banner 1/ established 1844. $2.00 the year. Tri weekly. Abbeville s. C., Friday january 30, 1920. Single copies five . 76th year. Socialists hear Effort is made $500,000 to be to restore u. S. J used in study air mail lines1 of flu germs american farm crops i Worth Twenty five billions in 1919 whiskey can be secured legally for medicinal use claimed that radicals favored red Flag question of party a attitude on War ousted assemblymen Call charges Mere scrap of paper. Washington Jan. 29.�?a fight to j Washington Jan. 28.�?plans for Washington Jan. 29.�?american Washington Jan. 29.�?it�?Ts All save the air mail service started to extended research and study of the Farmers have just completed the Yery wel1 to permit hospitals to Lay Day in Congress. Influenza situation Are prepared and j most prosperous business year in a a Supply of alcoholic liquors with the air mail must be abandoned j waiting upon the final passage of history the agriculture department a bib to treat influenza patients at the end of the fiscal year Juno the appropriation of $50,000 now be showed today in announcing the of but Bow about the thousands of 30, unless the Senate restores to the ing considered by Congress assist mated value of the 1919 crops Ani victims who Are confined to their Post office Bill an $850,000 approx ant surgeon general j. W. Scheres Mals and animal products As $2, Homes and whose physicians have privation for maintenance of this Che sky said today. 982,000,000 an increase of $2,500, had and May have difficulty find ing drug stores with a Stock of such service which was Cut out by the or it Scheres Hewsky made this j c00,000 Over 1918. House in line with its Economy pro Gram. Otto statement As reports to the health a this farm turn Over represents an stimulants would Divide excess profits to protect Public director general gives views on necessary future policy must be dealt with effectively. Inquiry at the Legal department of second assistant service from All Section of the coun a average income of nearly $4,000 for Titre indicated that the disease still a each of the 0,000,000 farms in the1 ,0 Trucina Revenue. I a i Rij a to a a 4 i Inere directions Are is spreading. United states. It is approximately \ the sum Albany n. Y., Jan. 29.�?an attempt to show that sabotage in munition factories was a weapon which Otto Praeger socialists were virtually invited by postmaster general went before the their party to employ in its program a Senate Post office committee today. A we shall immediately. Send j five times As great As of a continuous Active and Public to plead for Tho air mail. He is in squads of investigators into epidemic i government is preparing to spend i Quot a in format on m t0 the j Malm a in excess earnings of Railroad Corpora opposition to the War Quot was made to charge of it. Centers Quot he said Quot to study the Dis the current fiscal year. Which the Law a a being cd tons above a reasonable return in Day by the prosecution at the trial friends of the air mail said to ease at close Range. Medical schools. Farmers still have a Large part of we As the Lega Mohori by which order to protect the Public against of the five unseated socialist As Day that America led the world in and research laboratories will be in this sum to spend since a percentage wants of anybody in the United excess earnings of very prosperous Ndon cited to assist. Of the 1919 harvests still remains on nah Louisville ky., Jan. 29.�?walker office Herje a a. Hines director general of rail Given for the roads it by an address before the a National enforcement of the pro ibo a transportation club Here tonight Tion Law yielded me some pertinent ur�2d the necessity of a division of Semb Lymen charged with disloyalty its development and that states suffering from influenza Orra roads and order to insure counsel for the Assembly judiciary ing it at this juncture is a reaction a the investigation will be divided the farms. And prices of other ailment for which a Phy fair return to All railroads. Committee conducting the i Vestiga Ary mov. Its foes said they believed into two parts first a study of the j products now tons read into the record the pro it was not Worth the Noney it nature of the disease including How. High claymation War program adopted takes to keep it running at the St. Louis convention of the or. Praeger declared today Are still unusually Jit is transmitted and to what de a Cron that Gree immunity is conferred by Previ the Simian declares alcohol is necessary j a Hines declared his belief that a Medicine can be applied. Unless the Railroad problem at the produced 64.1 per cent of process is this any physician present time is dealt with a in a bold Otal and animals and animal wh0 sets Forth under oath that he and effective Way the return to Pri socialists party on april 7, 1917, one if the Senate does not restore theous attacks and second a Laboratory products the remaining 35.9 per needs alcohol whether in the form vate management after Federal con Day after the United states entered appropriation an extensive program study of Means of prevention and cent. Crops alone Are valued at $16, 0f a beverage or anything else and Jutro <wi11 be wholly the War in which members were of air mail development which How to avoid 025,000,000 while animals and Ani makes the proper affidavit before the director general also urged urged to oppose the War a through would bring Many new cities within Mal products Are estimated at $8, United states attorney can get the the compulsory consolidation of the demonstrations i ass petitions Anto scope must be Given up. Mexicans hold 1957,000,000. Liquor. The United states attorney Railroad system of the country into All other Means within our a the Pirn was during the next tw0 lieutenants a a of course must apply to Federal a Large systems and suggested the prosecution also read into the fiscal year a said or. Praeger a to meet in Greenwood. J court in his jurisdiction for the the participation of the Public and record denunciation of the War in extend old airmail routes and create j Mcallen Texas Jan. 28.�?twoinecessary permission and if there is Abor in management of the in the proclamation As a one ones so that the service would army aviators Lieut. E. F. Davis Chester Jan. 28.�?the Rev. John an available Supply in the hands 0f roads by the treachery and trickery of the include daily mail deliveries by air an j q a Grimes carrying a Mili pc. Roper the Centenary and mis the collector of internal Revenue of maj Gen. Leonard Wood who is capitalistic class through their re Over these Router tar message from fort Brown Tex a sinary Secretary of the upper South trained through confiscation the visiting Louisville on am inspection May require the collector top was another speaker at the ban their re Over these routes preservatives in Congress. A new York to the Pacific finally committee counsel brought ably san Francisco. In a a new York to a the same that the social had been stricken out at convention. Part of the afternoons session was devoted to examination of Frank was Herman a new York lawyer who testified that in a debate on socialism with assemblyman August. Claessens the latter had called the Federal Constitution a a Mere scrap of paper and that the people when they got control under a socialist t the a anti sabotage clause in Quot Aew one to Atlanta via Phil 30 my ies South of Zapata Texas and the evangelistic movement being put stores who hold permits for Sale of Road rate question and the re organi the party a Constitution assorted and a Bias Baltimore and Washington tonight Are being held by mexicans a on by the Southern methodists in j distribution of . Zatis a of the railroads which he be i lists formerly had a a boasted a a it Tieburg to Kansas City via according to a message received a this conference As conference Evan available whisk by lives necessary after government Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Chester Jan. 28.�?the Rev. Mili c. Roper the Centenary and itary message from fort Brown Tex a sinary Secretary of the upper South trained prob As to Nogales ariz., today were a Carolina conference who has been court a forced to make a Landing in Mexico charged also with the leadership o Phil 30 Miles South of Zapa being held by mexicans on by the a Southern Mennoo to a message received this conference As conference Evan sell to the physicians or to drug Quek la his discussion of the rail a Here tonight from the aviators they a Geli Stic director left tonight for a St. Paul to St. Louis through Bave been promised their Freedom to Greenwood where together i the Mississippi Valley. Morrow a Tho co plans must be abandoned As Well As extending air mail routes which Are new York to Chicago via i a. A Here were carrying a message Duple Cleveland and Washington a York. Plane available whisk by lives necessary after government i under the Law the United states Cor Tirol or. Hines said he court May authorize the Grant of believe that no prompt conf a who Are attached Rev. J. W. Kilgo. D., the presid a Quot free of charge to any govern Dilt and Liberal regulation of the Avis and Grimes a elder of the District will ret up rent Agency thus the army or Navy railroads will be practicable unless to the air station Evans Elisec program. Could get it fit of any collector of pr0vision is made for the apr Pori All of the pastors of the cokes internal Revenue who happens to be a in for by Benefit of the Public Cate of that which was sent fort Bury District will be present. This is nearest any Camp or port. Also it interest an important part of the sex emment would take things byuni.,. Brown to Nogales in another thirty planes now constitute the Lair mail Fleet. They carried More a than 22,000,000 pieces of mail Frota they became confused in a cd ti., in a _ and followed the Solado River a the first of a series of District group a is quite probable that the american Cess we cd any Railroad company Fot the beginning of the service to Jan-.1 a meeting to be held. / red Cross would be construed to be May earn Over a clearly reasonable i the Hill District group meet a a a government the red return Ling will be held at Rock Hill next Cress hitherto has not supplied Mcd be excess earnings thus approx monday february 2 the spartan ii Ines to influenza patients but has or a de or the Public Benefit ought Burg District meeting at Spartanburg confined itself to distribution of t0 be used largely for the creation next tuesday february 3 the Gauze masks and nurses but it would reserves to protect the Railroad i ,3 u a was forced to land and there the Greenville wednesday next of Cru appear to be possible for the red ration in unfavourable years and me1 Praeger said thus i now cot mexicans took the americans prison iary 4? Anderson District at Ander Cross to obtain a Supply of liquor thus an additional element of Stabile is understood. The Only son thursday february 5, and co for distribution in needy cases Al a �?~1 be Given to the situation. J j a a niemans of up Rhino Tho eat Fioti Lumbia District at Columbia we does a though this Point is still under Dis abandoned it will Cost $600,000 an it reaching the Section Quick Congress drive on Kopff Washington Jan. 28.�?the United dually it or Praeger in a Resy to Carrity is by plane. All Day aviators fro miday february 11, and Batesburg at the Headquarters of Thea Ress drive on horse states now has a merchant mat the sae Quantity and Dass of Nail the i amp huh Squadron Here have j thurr uary 6.�?� Zapata into Mexico instead of pro the air mail As now operated can a ceding up the Rio Granda thirty carry the mail it handles much Miles up the Solado River the Piar u. S. Merchant Marine has 29,669 ships or 15,325,000 tons about $365,000 a year to operate. If ers it merchant mar r. Of 29,669 ships with a Gross tonnage by train the new Ajr routes of 15.325,00 tons according to Fig Ned for next year it or Praeger ures made Public today by the deserted it Wou d mean a having of apartment of Commerce. The total pc Ruaro 12. Searched both sides of the Rio Grande and far into the Interior without sighting the two lost men red Cros and at this writing no de vision has been reached. Racing is now planned number of masters officers and men proximately $2,600,000�?seventy per and Toni hts message was the first cent in charges paid railroads and word received the men Are be thirty per cent in salaries of train Leved to be near Herrera it a mining Ai a clerks. To open up these new lines town the message was received video As follows steam vessels 7.-the Post office department is asking from Guerrera it a Small Railroad Congress for a $3,000,000 an Roperia Washington Jan. 29.�?reform forces in Congress Are quietly organizing today for an offensive required to Man it is 266,000. Up to june 30,1919, it was i pre5.dent 13 Able to transact considerable col e h Aull urges routine business people to be sure j they Are counted against horse racing and gambling Washington Jan. 29.�?president a which is expected to drive those Wilson has now reached a Point of col. E. H. Aull director of into the limbo where liquor a convalescence where he is Able to sus for this District was in Abbeville new the fight will not be i i. ,. _ 1 a .1. 817 motor vessels 11,525 sail ves to in near the Border. Sels 4,474 a rigging vessels 5,583. Tion for equipment it since then new ships have Inci Daood the personnel by 31,000 men. On june 30, 1915, the personnel transact routine business daily a Well As take an Active interest affairs As today and had to Virs. Wham and a conference with started in the Ohen until the Reform mrs. Faulkner Raes Are certain that they have a politics and world affairs it was enumerators for Abbeville. He Saidi Enous a votes pledged to give them j More than 100 cities have applied influenza increasing a Learned today. That the census had been practically Victory. The work of lining up these a for air mail routes or. Praeger said in the american army j As soon As the president has had completed Here but that it was pos votes is in full swing today. And interest in the service is rapidly a breakfast he is wheeled onto the sible that some people had not been i 187�92inmen an Mann ? cons a a increasing Alj Over the country. Washington Jan. 29.�?an increase a South portico of the White House counted. He urged that anyone who portrait Painter. T member., of the Senate Post office in the number of cases of influenza j overlooking the mail and Potomac Felt Quot that he had been Iii Fleu to a a latest figures on the size of great committee said they wanted Britain a merchant Marine Are those a Praeger to give them facts of 1914, when its total tonnage aggregated 20,300,000 with a personnel totalling 210,672 men. J figures showing How the air mail Hassmer i worked out financially. Senator Mckellar Tennessee cases of influenza j overlooking the Mailou a m r a or. Among the american troops in six River. Here All matters which re sort new because new was the time 1 a in or a de who is remember and a Here a was shown today in a state quire his personal attention Are gone to be counted not next year. It will j dec in Abbeville As having visited Here issued by the War department Over and callers who Are rarely Al be True in Many towns that As soon some years a a and As marrying miss a dealing with the outbreak of the Dis Lowed to talk to the president Sec As the result of the census is pub Jary grrr then a resident of abbe listed that howls will go up that the vile has been in the City recently Case in the army both at Homo and him Here. Upper Long Cane society a today he will Lead a vigorous fight a abroad. For the weeks ending Januj Secretary Tumulty generally Sec count was not Complete. To avoid j and Basta in Many orders for por for return of the appropriation. He j Ary 2 and 9, respectively 24 and 41 a the president while he is taking his any possibility of this being True Trats of our Pep a also is fighting to have eliminated leases were reported. The Only Dis a airing and a from senator news Bill creating an a ease death reported however aircraft department All reference to a one due to tuberculosis. Upper Long Cane society of a by Ville District held its annual to Btl Pele of Fly chef mail Rice two m1 is n0w showed the death rate Orsan tation the Dree tote a Quot do cd c0"t�nu / founded in 1793 for the purpose of f0 Ike out r a Quot a a red hash flt a the week end Wjt a Quot providing a permanent fund for the Jean cd Dor Noat Uff Loe a a a a Mary 16�?T it w3s 36 74 p6r th�u5and. Support of the congregation of up under Post office super Ston. Which was slightly Highel. Than for per Long Cane Church and for works a senator Moore a Fagin the goes Over official bus preceding week. During Ness with him. In Greenwood. Those who think that they have been i Raj has spent much of his life omitted should report at once to a far s and Italy and is a Painter either mrs. Wham or mrs. Faulkner. I of wide reputation. When the Mona _ j Lisa was stolen some years ago he Florida democrats i was commissioned by the italian gov fix primary Datene rement to make a copy of the Pic a Ture and on the restoration of the of Benevolence. This year $700 was appropriated to the pastors a salaries \ miss Victoria Howie and miss Mary Hemphill Greene went Over to Jacksonville Jan. 29._the Annh finc arts Mann to it Tanh. A original was commissioned to retouch Greenwood trios afternoon to attend a state democratic executive com l. A reception to the b m i Cadet Corn a a ,., a a a r and restore it to its one time Beau a reception to the a. M. 1. Cadet corp Mittee met Here today and called atty an j mystery week ending january 16 there were j tendered the Young men by miss an state primary for june 8 to Nomi pro or Moore voted against the reported 63 cases of influenza Andonie Laurie Andrews and miss Ruby Nate a 1 0fficers National state and of upper Long Cane and Abbeville Susan b Anthony woman suffrage,30 cases of pneumonia with twelve Hill Devlin who Are sponsors for county. A Resolution to Call a con presbyterian churches. $150 was a amendment thursday. Only four155 from the latter disease. Propri ated for the Upkeep of Long Niem Bers of the Senate voted for the i Cane cemetery. The members pre measure. 1 or. Cody returns sent at this meeting were suffrage seems to have lost ground i v f. E. Harrison j. L. Hill d. H. Steadily in the state for when the1 or. Z. T. Cody editor of the i some of the companies. Mention i mrs. Jas. S. Cochran and mrs. W. National j p. Greene went along As chaperones. Platform major Fulp in Columbia. To elect d convention was voted i or. And mrs. Ade were in America j when War was declared and have a since made their Home in Tryon and Down. Hill Albert Henry r. M. Haddon t. I measure was first brought before theitis courier a member of the comm. Miller. J. L. Perrin j. A. Smith i Public in 1892 by Gen. Robt. of the Southern Baptist con-jr., j. A. Stevenson t. P. Thomson i Hemphill then senator from this mention who has been investigating or. S. G. Thomson. J. Thomson j county fourteen votes out of it so a conditions in the coun e. R. Thomson s. F. Reid r. A ate of thirty five members were cast res of Europe will return to Green Wilson. A in favor of granting suffrage. At the constitutional convention Ville Friday. The commission will report its Given findings to the foreign Mission mrs. L. Sauls returned Home i very complimentary vote was thursday from a Short visit to nor-1 but since the measure has lost friends Board of the Southern Baptist com Folk. Steadily. Piedmont. Hospital nurse secured. J miss Willie Meadows Winder a. Major j. Fulp is attending a has been secured As nurse for the joint meeting of superintendents and. Operating room of the Abbeville College presidents in Columbia memorial Hospital and will the object of the meeting is to Sej report Here March 1. Miss Meadows cure a More uniform system of rat is known in Abbeville having visited ing High school students by the Dif j mrs. Frank Andrews Here. She is a Ferent colleges and to discuss the very charming and Beautiful Young general relation of High schools to Ady of which augurs Well fori colleges. The Hospital. In c. v Cotton Market. M v so v january 30. V v spot Cotton 40.00 v v v v March 36.48 v v May 34.53 v v july 32.54 v v october 29.85 v v december 29.35 v

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