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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1909, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - January 6, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina He press Ana published every wednesday at two dollars a a year in Advance. Wednesday Jan 6, 1909. I t notice. The books of subscription to the capital i Stock of the Amos b. Morte co. Will be open i at the Stoe of Amos a. Morse on january 7. I capital Stock $6,000, divided into sixty shares of 100 dollars each. Amos b. Morse j. S. Morse. Board. K always looking to your inter ends. Cal 1 and see me at once i have two Deal collages near Public Square to dispose or at a sacrifice. Three sales of dwell lugs have recently been made in the Olty to new Comers and the Supply run bldg Short. Can sell you a number of vacant lots but unless you apply Early cannot fill your Bill for pm proved property. Not a vacant dwelling in the City i and the Supply not equal to demands so you bad Best look after the two cottages mentioned m. E. Hollings Worth. Stockholders meeting. The regular annual meeting of the Stock holders of the National Bank of Abbeville will be held at the Bank on the twelfth Day of january 1909, being the second tuesday of the month. H. G. Smith cashier. _ for Hale. 80 acres More or less situate about Miles from due West on due West and i Naids Road. Well improved three room dwelling stable lot pasture. For particulars see or write e. R. Horton of Anderson. A or j. E. Mcdavid Abbeville 8. C. Fire ios Ranee. If your dwelling furniture store Etc., should Burn up tonight would the loss Hurt you if so see or phone me. I can give you Best fire insurance Protection at very Little lost. J. E. Mcdavid. Land for Sale. I will sell 60 acres of land three Miles from Hodges and two Miles from Ware Lile within half mile or Railroad terms easy. Apply to w. W. Bradley. A h people to know that the Hiu Moseley Kielc Tricco. Furnish All kinds of electrical supplies and do first class work. Resh lot of batteries on band. Of Good land wanted. tract of Good land in ibis Conn to two Hundred to three Hundred acres l1level, and in Good state of cultivation in desirable Community. Apply w. , Abbeville a. C. D. Or c. The daughters of confederacy will meet \ next tuesday afternoon at tour o clock at it j residence of mrs. R. E Coz. Mrs. Lucy Thomson president. Mrs. L. T. Miller Secretary. Lost or Gold filed open face in cd Large size. Return top Ess and Banner Ollice Ana be rewarded. No questions asked. J English Spavin liniment removed Hird soil of calloused and blemishes from horses Al of blood. Spavins curbs splints Sweeney ring Bone stifles sprains swollen throats coughs Etc. Save $50 b use of one bottle. A wonderful blemish cum. Sold by p. B. Speed druggist. Yonng men if Yon want to know Why you 6hould become Telegraph operators and what school to attend write to Southern school of , the wan ga., Lor Iree every boy should read it. Chi leg tale Market Active. How about a Dice cottage id the City of Abbeville have More iban a dozen at prices ranging from 9875 to $5,000. Also several lots at moderate prices Anu Ady old terms. Can sell Yna any number of acres 01 cultivated lands Pear oily or country. One new cottage just fall bed with All modern improvements cheap for Cash. Costs you nothing to look. Come to see me. Aida in office. Of m. E. Holling Shortb. A a program of the week of prayer. January 4.8, 1909. Funeral subject the kingdom of go 1. Monday 7.30 p. M. A. R. P. Church. The Book o the Klu Udom. . Kennedy Rev. Theory orces. Tuesday 7.30 p. M. Baptist Church. Man responsibility to the c Medgor the . A. C. We kens Rev. J. Lorle Wilson. Wednesday 7 30 p. M. Met body to Gnu Rob. The Extension of the kingdom Rev. Henr Stokes Rev. E. . Thursday 7 30 p. M. Episcopal to the growth of the . E. Prentiss. Run Rov. I arc in Jiuu Vyt Iurco. The relation or the family and the school to the kingdom. . L. Wilson Rev. A c. Wilkins. Omro. 8. T. Eakin and Elna Ward to spent lust wednesday club and thu Rudaj very pleasantly with recall yes . Or. Parker Browd and sister Alius Annie Beile Brown resumed to Belr borne Liberty last thu Rwy after spending several Days n the City the of Belr con sons Tbs misses Mccoid. I or j Warren Allu and 6on e Ward of new York Aru visiting her Slater mrs. J. F Miller. .1 Buff Opplee Olej Glor Sale by j. , �1 00 Lor 15 bugs. Mrs. L. M. Fooehle of porn Mola who has been on a visit to mrs. J. F. Bradley will return borne tomorrow. Or. 8. L. Edmunds of Mccrmack director of the Abbeville Greenwood Mutual association in the Wharton land on cur tall brought$5 00 an acre. Senator Graydon son who was shot and taken to Atlanta has been operated on and reported doing nicely. Miss Nellie May Hoone Cornet soloist. The concert Given Here by the ladies Commonweal a orchestra of Boston was one of. The most enjoyable we Bave Ever bad. Tit program was Rich in variety add the interest and enthusiasm of the audience were sustained to the close. Or. Lewis Leader and vlo4llnlst won the bears of the audience. All the soloists were encoded again and a first Pennsylvania slate Norma school j. W. Lansinger manager the Amos b. Morse company. Or. Amos b. Morse will change the name ohls firm this be r to the Amos b. Morse company. The company will be a joint took company. Or. Joel Morse who has been with the a. M. Smith company for some time will enter this new . The company begins business under most favourable auspices. The gentlemen of the firm Are known to be gentlemen in every sense of the word and the Jubilo May expect the fairest treatment at Belr bands or. Morse Well trained in business methods be Active and energetic and we expect to see the Al rom reach a Hlub degree of Success. Slue Ridge railway co. Effective january 5,1907. No. 12 no. 10 no. 8 eastbound. Daliy Dally Dally sex. Sun stations. . . . La Walhalla 8 30 5 12 80 la West Uei Iod 8 35 5 to 12 40 it la Seneca 8 53 5 38 1 10 la Jordan la 8 55 5 40 2 05 la Adams 9 10 5 55 2 28 la Cherry 9 13 5 58 2 83 la Pendleton 9 25 6 10 2 58 Lva Utun 9 38 6 18 3 08 la Sandy pc Springs 9 86 6 21 3 8 la Denver 9 41 6 26 3 48 la West Anderson 9 55 6 40 8 43 la Anderson pans. Dep. 10 00 6 45 3 53 Rev Anderson fat. Dep. 10 08 6 48 4 48 a be top 10 30 7 15 5 15 westbound. No. 11 no. 9 no. 7 stations. P. M. A. M. A. M. La Belton 7 80 11 15 la Anderson Fri. A Poi 7 56 12 21 la Alderton pass. Dep. 7 59 12 24 8 10 la West Anderson 05 12 30 9 20 la Denver 8 18 12 42 8 40 la Handy Spring 8 23 12 47 8 50 la an Tun 8 26 12 49 8 55 la Pendleton 8 84 12 57 9 10 la Cherry 8 44 1 07 9 40 la Damp 8 47 1 10 9 45 la Jordan la 9 05 1 28 10 Tola Seneca 9 07 1 30 10 15 la West Union 9 25 1 50 11 20ffi. A Walhalla 9 80 1 55 11 so will also Stop at the following stations and sub take on and let off , James to away j. R. An deut of Cut Tilner cent my imm 1909 mom i this will be the Grea garments Ever in aug the new 1909 style who have not kept if everything in this so Ash basis and if we j or in this undertake again. Cash Over the on will give yours i Pfow your of Yea Etc. M. V the Toimi ladies Ore the most famous Fema e world will appear it opera House monday night Jai it an unqualified su3c of this organization in great bands and or Chest other countries. The cd posed of Solo artists Sale care the part they tafe i ensemble. The program tire Field of classical Jop Ard composition. Seats now on Sale at store. Mckee locals overcoats $3.85. Rain coat 83.85. Clothed roys suite 9sc. Men pants 65c. Boys pants 19c. Be of 1 60c ties 88a 25c ties 18c. 50c shirts 88c, �"d,8ygloves 88o to 19o per pair. We 10c lace for 6c a Yard. A per la 5c lace for 2%o a Yard. A wilful 10c half Hose for 5o a pair. A we the men Leggis 3i Ca pair. Eed Waltl fancy vests for 98c. Ver Dre ladles shawls and Fascinator for 19c, Sec Chc in and $1.48. Petty in school tablets 4c, 7 for 26o. ?.s, or. 7 30 o cd groceries at lowest prices. It Ting soda 4c package or 7 packages for 25o. To the baking powder 4c or 7 for 25c. By to Octagon soap 4o cake 7 for 25c. Les Srb Tea Worth 60o per Pound for 35o. In t x 50c 8 hoop Brabb bound Cedar water buckets cd mlbsor35c comls Cypress buckets for 18c. My Mike cattle powders 19c and 35c a package. Couples hoes 32c and 37c. Collars und pads at Cost. Be Imp dutch log shovel6 at Cost. He Boldi harrows plows storks nails wire le8,Fence wire at Cost. Vorrat ind Hei a unique advertisement. Its Yore w t c. A. Allford &. Co have in one of the Large 1 Bis i Bow windows a striking reproduction of to belled of National Capitol at Washington. It 1b built the Han with bars of soap and a handsome piece of hear Lei work. For a lot the soap first Quality and any me buying bar gets a guess at How Many bars there Are in the pile. 1 he nearest queues get Fine a Lari prizes aggregating a Nice sum. For car a / i hols we by nag 11 Sill h h h Al h h he bal h m m \ by Lay test event in Muslim rated in Abbeville will be a revel at with the change e will be marked u Jet the encourage in the Trade will 1 1 in enter a Mill support it will not 1 Dor Unity to r r ago. You 1 your had wealth f _ & Fulu Stra i 0vi " Jed orchestra in the cd the grand to on Jet his qui 1.11, 1909. W a 3ss. The work it als that of the $ ins Ras of this and $ a Many com cited with great f in the exquisite 1 l covers the in & Iular and Milford drug the rolling of thed Leflere according writers a Bride and Groom. Speak id Lynva effect of i in their right minds they Are tonn 1mod Thi w now among the Blest. Wasas Ai the most interesting events of the the next was the marriage of or. Calvin wet Aslly and miss Mary Artoe which Ocorr he Druid enday evening december 30th, at Mgcrane Charob. The Church was Ottorio in and artistically decorated with sen Ted p ims and other potted plants to get icel slam by and Holly. An Arch was used Cov i Ivy from Wiloh was suspended a to oven ii draped in Sallaz. The lamps quor Nan ipod in red and White crepe paper 1 jowl used a soft dim Light to fall on the ene rendering it More charming. Mony was performed promptly at 3. Prob cd by Rev. K. W. Gregg in a most 4 in Nanner v strains of the wedding March played car 101 Bertha Fantt be parly slowly enter was Envoi e bide aisles in the following order. Tto Price Walter Winn Tom cock. Liller Nashert or. Alonzo King and High n to Berle Crawford or. Alvon Ellis control Ali Rosa Seawright. Or. James Price of tree. I Mattle Barksdale or. Tolly Price 7� to he Cochran. The corresponding the Lino coming a opposite aisles Aronna Low 11c e Arch and stood in a line on either Iea along a becoming Back ground while resolve ceremony proceeded. Lamely tix Peru e with her maid of Honor miss Ludle eary to. Met at the altar by the Groom with i1minr Man Crawford. The Bride Lur jican11fini own of White Liberty Satin Mot 80d r veil was caught up a Ltd Orange do Spenski. She carried a bouquet of a Para. And Narcissus. The brides maids aay Lite dresses with White Sheath girdles. The be Ras a Beautiful wedding and was car teach i l most successfully. We extend 10 some and popular Young couple our "ppiln8 it congratulations and our Best wishes in Happy and prosperous life. The m cleaning re shipment of Huyler Candy Freh Cream 1istmas at Milford. Price / i " b f t / � i do i i a ii Turin mtg j Quai n underwear to sen your � Ion to those or in fashion week. On a strictly White Lent we Hope Rem hear from Rem Ltd lever. If Grea 5e necessary d Aake one Dollar Aeed the goods to please Doni 11. A extra spec other information regarding our display of Capitol building in � the people of Abbeville Are still3r-estimating the number of cakes w. To bring everyone within Reasone nearer the exact number of cake and a reasonable Opportunity to be re of the $76.00 of prizes we give a week we will sell direct from the i sickly showing How deceptive Thi it. Come often possible an ring Down of the Capitol building in guesses by new soap Purchase be Over estimated. I to mama Tia of a fish Flat Kif t Stead of 25 cts and the pres to b 3 valued at $76. Yours truly g. A. Milford a a a a a in Vij prohibition. W ome Jems to be a wave of prohibition or the country. The reports from it dry places differ we think Abbey ill a to the View Point from which the Relfi e things. G for this editor we Are ready to be it does seem Ost any Story to the immediate than a fair St prohibition. We once had Prohl i Paina that Afflic k Kkt Nulo to nil nor Fhil. Al flt Tok Jet Iii 11w 111uuo iwo. U�iu6 / in up a Usu Hen the Law was enforced the town spite of consta Ryas the proverbial powder House headaches diz2 few months the town became pains they 031 for could make it. Stoop Means Toi of cenness and the disorder became and Bend and that Good old Church elders pre and Many acl St tons for signature asking the kidneys cause re to re Instate the License. Any other Orga be has bad All sorts of control of 11 the kidneys w Lely maintained Only to License. Kidneys and in locality nary. Mrs. V. Gre it Mony would be if prohibition Greenwood 8 ced that Law Best but if allowed Toms of kidney in Way it worst. Complaint Wou Cense the worst possible form of a Dull pain in no the liquor traffic. It gives men a soon followed t whether exercised or not to doctor i was tired an m i-1 41. T Musu in Ca Jiuu Pic. Talc Lull Ltd. A n 1 Nae allows Oom petition and compe Ney pills were a to honesty and air prices. Troubles and i 3dc6 would Teabo that the Despen now a great d e Best Legal method of dealing a Ltd hesitation in and if Temperance people would pro Doan kidney Slety they ought to demand that the remedy for kid by be opened for fewer hours in the for Sale by cents. Foster and of every family should try to new York 80l of Alldren the danger incident to states. Remember t. Take no other. Cmurray drug co. Has a Cream for Silver that can t be beat. Niagara we Lead the so Aste the name. 26 cents the pretty goods. 80fone better. Try it. Been about. Melfi i / w j ii b h he by if in text in 11 ii 11, la. \ i v d your Money to the big a Spring supplies. At bargains in other lines1 Odds and ends in knit i goods embroidery laces / Nants of worsted goods at Nants of of ther t bargains in broken lines Ren shoes. I von almost far a we need the most & com d. A. Dewia shaving parl01 big window soap. M in enterprising Young i in Al doing a frs class Basit to & a it Par ors Are at same old scam wonderfully & old Post office. His prices Are Rig in the win he in 8ettink the business. A 80 All May $ so so " . A a hair cot 25 Eta,8, 80 Inai you or Dewey j8 assist eco by or Inre one or Ter Mccord. These two gent Lii Riith Haiti Tiff i make a splendid team and cat. � i out work most satisfactory i window thus w and unsurpassed in execution. B display 1 _0frtv a Seaboard hetoednle.1 Wain me jj0 52 North bound 152 . Locals orig Parr Flat a clinton.c.diia Correct no. 88 Soaib Board 1,15 . Vee Tib whore inn #1% no 5 t southbound 4.27 . To oa.9 Diioro j we j. No. 32 northbound 5.90 . Vestis no. 38 northbound 1.17 no. 41 southbound 2.45 . Remains 5 cts. A Scebe Doleros due heat Ball Foj morning train leaves Dae wet 10 1e e Fiven away a the evening train leave due we to Coj the sont Bern irom Greenville a Iii Southern from Colombia meet in the twi Ino at. Phnola inn Gllnn. Two mile to i Donalds. The Doe went train will to i sengers from both them trains. I the 8outhern or alb id the evening. Jim and South meet at Hodges. If those Jjck Lime the due West train takes Nii ii from each of them. 11 Tai a Are late still a Walls or re front to Dae weat and in for to blah passengers can also go ont from do on morning or evening freight train. This la Worth Reading. Leo Bazelinski of 68 Gibs in woes. Buffalo n. Y., says i cur Moat annoying cold sore i eve with Bucklen Arnica Salve. Omen Are finding plied this Salve once a Day Folk. _. Days when every Trace of the snarl tit in lob in develop into pneumonia Over attend to duties in by 0dred by Foley Honey and tingly aching backs or soothes inflamed membranes heals tic y spells bearing Down ,w0tap?Cline c01u irom Ine Bybie Nisic stoop Over when to Ture. They mu8t walk Ork with racking pains Foley i Orino lax alive cures Chro we. Jii. St Patlon and stimulates the liver. Wiaes from kidney ills the bowels so they win act m More suffering than and you do not have to take Purgal n of the body. Keep ten couely. C. A. Milford & co Ell and health of a remedy for llnlm0nt.bat helps and cures the batterers from All internal and endorsed by people in aches and pains will and immediate closing Noah honest i Fin cd boart triple strength the most effective Fyrnn my Zwygart bt., pan rating of All pain killers. Comg., says i had sym Aloo hoj or Polso Nons Drogs and it a trouble for years. The by dealers in Medicine 25c. Noa id generally Start with on wry original package the Small of my Back y a languid feeling and j g i c studio worn out nearly All 18 told that Doan kid highest testimonials. Procured a Box. Lam prof. Jules g. Hug i Al better and have no organist methodist Chur baying that j. Consider Tao her Opp ills to be an excellent and e c e f Ney complaint Piona violin and org All dealers. Price 5u Abbeville. C. Milburn co., Buffalo studio on second floor of new e agents for the United company building next to be office. Miss Carrie Huguelet Ashe .and teacher and in charge of studio. We handle nothing in the hold hat the Best we can Bay. No Shodd of in a pretty store and for Sale. Come and let show you t say the folks who have and Don t forget the soap Deal. C. A. Ord drug store. & co. I to tit i 1909 1aaa 1lvvv. I department stores for will be shown All next underwear hosiery Etc. .4 a half Price. A 2 ii Auau uii him i in of ladies and chilis two would a 3y. Piny f if state of South Carolina f v Abbeville county. � ". Court of common pleas. Henry p. Mcgee plaintiff against Delia Winbush Cyrus Winbush v Mark win Esb Magpie Winbush Laila Winbush a Winbush Maggie a. Winbush and Amanda a Winbush defendants. W to Tho defendants above named h you Are hereby summoned and re an quire to answer the complaint in the. His above stated action a copy of which herewith served upon you and to Servet and a copy of your answer on the undersigned at his office at Abbeville court House South Carolina within Twenty Days after the service Hereof upon you exclusive of the Day of such service. Wai an j if you fail the plaintiff herein Williemen apply to the court for the Relief de1 i handed in the complaint Prce win p. Greene dec. 14, 1908. Plaintiff attorney. To the absent defendants Ned win hash and Mark Winbush w far m take notice that the complaint in in. The above stated action together with the summons of which the foregoing a air a copy was on decent Fer 21st, 1908, filed in the office of the clerk of Coart of common pleas and general sessions Road. For Abbeville county at Abbeville 8. .c.ic. Where it now on file. ,. Do she we. P. Greene i morn plaintiff attorney. Below december 21st, 1908. P a to the defendant Ned Winbush Anorth minor Over the age of fourteen years my ears defendant Lilla Winbush a Mit either or under the age of fourteen years / returns and to Cyrus w. Winbush her father / West an p61"800 whom she resides take notice Bat unless you procure the appointment of a suitable person to act for you guardian and item for the Dur doses of this action within cd St., Twenty Days after the service Hereof de the upon Yoo exclusive of the Day of such 3r had service the undersigned will thereof map Ter apply of r e. Hill master in and r two for said county for the appointment re was of a suitable person to act for you under guardian and item. 25c.wm. P. Greene plaintiff attorney. At May december 15, 1908. Equelo a Tel estate of George Williams. Ii. Djo cod of settlement and application go Rino Reg for final discharge. H morally web con take notice that on the 26tb Day of Jann m 7. In d final an Nannt of my Oil or t 9vt Al Mil aouuv1 Uusi ave hmm. Accounts and doing administrator of the ,. Estate of George Williams deceased in the office of judge of probate for Abbeville county at 10 o clock a. M. And on the same Day external will apply for final discharge from my Traat Lief by soon administrator. Ulment All persons Baving demands against said d most estate will present item for payment on or ans no before that Day proven and authenticated or for Sale be forever barred. \ b Sark l. T. Miller administrator. To Hail the cough i set and cure the lungs 1 with or. King a new discovery Tistadt for colds 8 117e and All Throat and lung troubles through guaranteed satisfactory Milford of Money msgr under. Wjk i
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