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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1909, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - August 4, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaI the Abbeville press and Banner by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville 8. C., wednesday August 4, 1909. Established 1844 111 notice of election state of South Carolina county of Abbeville. Notice is hereby Given that an Kle Tio willbe held at the voting pro � cents prescribed by Law in Naid Courty on tuesday August 17, 1909, a provided in the following act. 1 no. 42. An act to prohibit the manufacture Sale barter Exchange Givin away to induce Trade the Fui Nishi Ngat Public places or Obei Wise disposing of alcohol spirit Ous vinous or malt liquors o beverages or other liquors o beverages by whatsoever Nana called which if drunk to excess will produce intoxication except for Sale of alcohol in l i Tain cases upon certain conditions and except the Sale o wines for sacramental purposes and to provide penalties for the violation thereof. Section 1. Be it enacted by the general Assembly of the state o Soucy Carolina that All alcoholic liquors and beverages whether manufactured within this state or else where or any mixture by whatsoever name called which if drunk to excess will produce intoxication Are hereby declared to be detrimental and Tebei use and Cou sumption to be against the morals Good health Aud safety of to \ state and contraband. That it Shalbe unlawful for any person firm corporation or association within this state to manufacture sell barter Exchange receive accept give away t induce Trade deliver store keep ii Possession in this state furnish Public places or otherwise dispose o any spirituous malt vinous fermented brewed or other liquors and Bever Ages or any compound or mixture thereof which contains alcohol and is r used As a beverage and which if drunk to excess will produce intoxication except As hereinafter provided. Sec. 2. That wholesale druggists May lawfully sell in wholesale quantities to retail druggists and to Public or charitable hospitals or to medical 01 pharmaceutical colleges Aud in no other Way pure alcohol for Medica purposes Only or Grain alcohol to t 5 used by chemists or bacteriologist actually tag aged in scientific Worl and for such purposes Only Aud such wholesale druggist shall at the end o each Mouth in which Auy Fuch Sale have been made file with the clerk o the court of the county it which Tobej do business a state deut in Wii Tiff under oath giving the Lin Rue of the purchaser the Price paid tue Date o Sale and the Quantity and character of the alcohol sold. That if Nak no Esaie a Luggisi making Suco san is not a resident of the state of South Carolina then such statement shall b filed in the office of the clerk of to court of the county in which the Pur Chaser resides. Sec. 3. That any retail Druggie whose place of business is located ii any of the incorporated towns or cities of this state who is himself registered or licensed pharmacist or who regularly employs a registered or i Censed pharmacist May sell in Thi manner herein set out upon filing Bond in the sum of five thousand Dol Lare to be approved by the clerk o the court in which such druggist Doe business conditioned for a faithful Observance of the provisions of Thi act such Bond to be approved by Thi clerk of the court pure alcohol of for to Linn Nelv Orrin ulna i a a m w lol to chemists and bacteriologist actually engaged in scientific work and for such purposes Only and win to be used for sacramental or religion purposes Only provided that Noth ing herein contained shall Preven such Drugg its from using alcohol ii the compounding of prescriptions o other medicines the Sale of which would not subject him to the Payseu of a special tax required of liquor dealers by the government of tin United states provided further that nothing herein contained Shal prevent such druggists from com pounding or Selling medicinal Prepa rations manufactured in accordant with formulas prescribed by the United states pharmacopoeia and ration Al formulary which contain no Mori alcohol than is necessary to extrac the medicinal properties of the drug contained in such preparations and u More alcohol than is necessary t hold the medicinal agents in solution Aud which Are manufactured am sold a a Medicine and not As a Bever age. Sec. 4 that to Sale of pure alcohol for medicinal purposes shall be mad by any Reian a Luggisi except upon the prescription of a regular practising physician of this state who before writing such prescriptions shall Maki an actual examination of the person for whom the prescription is issued and the said prescription shall be sub taut rally in the following form state of South Carolina. County to. Druggist. I. A regular licensed and practising physician unde the Laws of Thia state do hereby certify that i have . A Pati Enin my charge and i do hereby pre scribe for the use of said patient. Alcohol and x further certify that the use of such alcohol is in my judg ment absolutely necessary to alleviate or cure the illness or disease fron Tiruhi in Cai i not inf a Nair in Furino and that i am not interested in to drug store to which this prescription is directed nor in the profits on the drugs herein prescribed. Dated a. I Sec. 5. That no prescription Sha be filled herein except upon the a upon Tubich it is issued or the following Day Ppd no More than ont a pint of Aico bul shall the told and d Sec. 0. That any retail druggist whose place of business is located in i any of the incorporated towns or cities is of the state May lawfully sell alcohol in quantities not greater than five o Gallons to be used in the arts or for scientific or mechanical purposes and such druggist May sell in like quantities to chemists and bacteriologist _ engaged in scientific work and for. Such purposes Only and such druggists May sell in quantities not greater than one half gallon wine used for r sacramental or religious purposes Only e that any person desiring to Purchase. Alcohol for the purpose set out in this Section shall sign a written or print red statement giving his name residence occupation and the purpose for of which he intends to use said alcohol and he shall certify that said alcohol is purchased in Good of Ith for such purposes and no other and that said druggist shall at the end of each f month file with the clerk of court of the county in which he is engaged in business All such statements with a certificate under oath that said state " ments contain a True statement of All g such sales. F Sec. 7. That it shall be unlawful to r sell wine for sacramental purposes except to a minister pastor priest or ? regularly constituted officer of a reg1ularly organized religious co Grega Tiou or Church. Any person desiring to make such Purchase shall sign a written or printed statement giving his name and residence and the name i and location of the Church for which 1.on/1 via Violl l Sulci w1lic 19 up 1 Una us Usu us oui f certify that said wine is purchased in Good Faith to be used for sacramental or religious purposes and no other. I that such statement shall be filed As provided for in the next preceding i Section in the office of the clerk of the court. Sec. 8. That All statements or pre3seriptions required by this act to be. Filed in the office of the clerk of court shall be recorded and properly indexed by him in a Book kept for that Pur pose which shall at All times be open1ed for Public inspection and a Cert lied copy of such record or the Origi Nal statement or prescription with the i certificate of the clerk of the court in Idorsey thereon showing that it has f been recorded shall be Prima Facie s evidence of the facts recited therein f for Maring such record the clerk of the court shall be entitled to charge t and collect for each prescription a feel of lie cents and for each statement f other than prescription a fee of fifteen cents which shall be paid by the 1 party filing the same. ? Sec. 9. That in addition to the requirements Hereinbefore prescribed Allua no onh Ronrico Forfia f ii Csc a uuv4 t Vamg Giuva we. ? ing alcohol by prescription shall keep a. Record thereof which shall Bear the True dates of the sales the names of i the persons to whom sales were made i the names of the physicians or sur Genus upon whose prescriptions each were made such records shall be subject at All times to the inspection of. The solicitor of the District the sheriff e Aud other peace officers of the county the mayor and police officers of the. City or town in which said licensed f and registered pharmacist s business is ? located and All other persons Aud each druggist making s any such sales shall be required to report under oath to the circuit r judge presiding at Pach term of court of the county in which said druggist. Is engaged in business a True statement of such facts and also file of monday morning of each week a list of the alcohol sold by him to whom. Sold and by what physician prescribed i with the chief of police and the May or or intendant of the municipality r and past one copy in some Public place 111 �uul1 . T Sec. 10. That nothing in this act r shall prevent the Sale of Wood or deep matured alcohol. Sec. 11. That Auy person who Vio lates Auy of the provisions of this act. Shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour and. Upon conviction thereof be fined in a e sum not less than one Hundred dollars nor More than five Hundred dollars. Or imprisoned at hard labor for a period of not less than three months t nor for More than one year and for i the second or Auy subsequent Offens upon conviction thereof shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than one year nor More than five years. Sec. 12. That any druggist or physician who violates in any Way the provisions of this act shall in addi1tiou to the punishment herein prov ded Nave their Mceune revoked Tor a r period of not More than Ope year fori each offence. B Sec. 13. That this act shall not Haye the effect of preventing the indictment prosecution and conviction1 of any Perton who has been guilty of the violation of the present criminal Law relating to the dispensary or pun1ishment therefor As now provided by r Law for offences heretofore committed. Sec. 14. This act shall take effect i on the first tuesday in August 1909 provided that in the counties then having dispensaries an election shall e be held on the third tuesday in aug.usf., 1909, for the purpose of determine aug whether the dispensaries located a therein shall be reopened and such election in each off Aid counties shall e be held and conducted by the Sapie n officers and under the rules and regu e lations provided by Law for general elections. / Kec. 15. At 6uch an election the election commissioners for such count shall at each voting precinct therein provide one ballot Box in w Ich the ballots must be ca9t. Any person who is a qualified elector of such county May vote in Taid election. " every voter whom a be in favor of the Sale of liquors and beverages in such counties shall cast a ballot in thed Box provided therefor on which Shal be printed the words for Sale Anc " manufacture of alcoholic liquors aut ? beverage and every voter opposed 8 shall cast a ballot upon which Shal � be printed the words against Saul and manufacture of alcoholic Liquori Plaud if a majority of to ballots cast in such election be mfg a scale and manufacture of alcoholic Bijj Quorn and beverages it shall be lawful for such liquors and beverages t a be sold in Saia county As herein after a provided provided that expense o -1 these elections shall be borne by to i state. 1 Sec. 16. In Case an election a herein provided shall result in favo i of the Sale of liquors and beverages the dispensaries in each county is voting shall be reopened and conduct " de under the provisions of an act entitled an act to declare the Law ii reference to and to regulate the manufacture Sale use consumption Poe session transportation and disposition of alcoholic liquors and beverage within the state and to police the same approved the Lgth Day of february 1907, and acts amendatory thereof provided that All of the pro visions and limitations of the said a not inconsistent with this act Shal remain in full Force an effect in Al of the counties of this state provide further that in counties which shall reopen dispensaries therein the county dispensary Board and dispensers in office on june 30, 1909, Shal continue to discharge their several duties As if such dispensary or Dispensa Ries had not been closed. That in the counties which have heretofore voted upon the question of dispensary or a dispensary under existing or previous Laws and have no dispensary at thit time shall have the right at any time after the expiration of four years Frorer the last election on the liquor question to hold an election upon the question of dispensary or no dispensary a provided in an act entitled an acl to declare the Law Law in reference to and to regulate the manufacture Sale use consumption Possession transportation and disposition of alcoholic liquors and beverages within thit state and police to the same approved february 161907.Sec. 17. That All acts and parts o acts inconsistent herewith be Anc the same Are hereby repealed. Approved the 2nd Day of March a d. 1909. Before the hour fixed for opening the polls managers and clerks Musl take and subscribe the constitutional oath. The chairman of the Board o managers can administer the oath t Bamkam a Vii to via of Orr inc a Lull Lulu Liuto Usu in but Vav a a notary Public must administer the oath to the chairman. The manager elect their chairman and clerk. Polls at each voting lace must be opened at 7 o clock a. And close at 4 o clock p. M., except in the cite of Charleston where they shall be opened at 7 a. And closed at 6 p. The managers have the Power to fill a vacancy and if none of the Man agers attend the citizens can appoint from among the qualified voters the managers who after being sworn can conduct the election. At the close of the election the Man agers and clerks must proceed publicly to open the ballot boxes and Coull the ballots therein and continue without adjournment until the same if completed and make a statement o the result for each office and Sig i the same. Within three Days thereafter the c chairman of the Board or som one designated by the Board must de liver to the commissioners of elect Loc the poli list the boxes containing the ballots and written statements of the results of the election. Tina nut to Audi to or Jcj Jack. X Iii. The following managers of election have been appointed to hold the election at the various precincts it the said county . W. R. Nance w. G Chapman r. O. Hunter. Mcadams Way Man Bowen. A Knox. Wll Linton a. D. Morrah s. Chowan a. H. Mcnair. Due . D. Kennedy w. B going a. J. Mcadams. . W. Johnson w. R Dunn w. B. Acker . P. Hannah a. J. Morrison Thomas Nickles. Edmonds Thos Dea on to. J. Sibert. . Pruitt. Will Ashley Burt Ferguson. It. Knox a. W Black John Morrah. T t i 13 All t t poo. Us Wuco Lluc u. Xxx. Jcu i i 4. Kid Joseph Gibert. . W. Lawson h. H. Hester r. 0. Bell. Clatworthy x Brown. H. Link Jos. Link. Bryant s x . L. Busby m s. Ashley a. F. Carwile. Rock . J. Jamison m. L. Latimer g. L. Burts the managers at each precinct named above Are requested to Delegate one of their number to secure boxes and Blanks for the election which will be delivered at Abbeville on Satur Day the 14tb aug. 1909. H. Wilson r. O. Mcadams w. E. Morrison commissioners for state and county elections for Abbeville s. A f. Calvert clerk. My a my the Abbeville insurance and Trust be. Notwithstanding the Dull times hav been turning things in the real estate Market. Within the last forty Days they hav sold a 200 acre Plantation near Troy foi$2,000 10 acres in Abbeville for $1,500 30 acres in Abbeville for $2,000 a Nousi and lot in Abbeville for $2,000 a build ing lot in Abbeville for $600 an auction Sale of lots to coloured people sell ing 40 lots at an average of $40 per lot if you have any real estate to sell o wish to buy either City property o farm lands see them. It will Cost Yoi nothing to list your property with them unless they make a Bale. J. Li., Cave some very leu Iuie Uit a property in the Way of unimproved lots dwellings etc., in the City of Abbeville which they Cau sell at attractive prices also farm Ladd in a Moa 11 every portion of Abbeville county. I Abbeville insurance & Trust co phone 118 office Over Cobb s shoe store. A .9 we of put up your Winter clothes and blanked Vita Cedar and Luvenda flakes. Much Bettt. Than camphor Biln. For Sale at Milford Rug store. Phone 107. Re a the beet extracts in the world Are Blackl f on display at Milford a drug store. Consistent with facts. Possibly such to i was not desired As it might have prov p f in a Strong argument in favor of the 01dispensary Over Blind tigers and pro of inhibition. B. 8 i to 1 of 1 prohibition paragraphs or selected a anti liquor nuggets " dec a gentler an and consistent prohibitionist lately said to me our contentions against the legalized Whis p 1 key traffic whether under High i Cense Low License or the dispensary i our present fight is against the Dis do Pessary in our state since that is the shape of the enemy before us right Good and True. And dispensary liquor makes one drunk an Breeds corruption shame and crime just As effectually As bar room Whiske does. The dispensary was launched p and has been strongly supported by. The dream that an evil could be Poi m i bed regulated and made Respeita Roble decent and harmless. Or. George vflmmpr1# Warha pome in Well Here. He said any restrictive a Creme that tends to make an immoral traffic reputable and popular is a vicious and dangerous scheme. H. I is it a kind Dutiful Mother that in h courage and protects her children in things hurtful and degrading to themselves and that will m bring to them shame poverty crime. Peril unhappiness imbecility of mind to weakness of body insanity suffering in and disgrace ? now every citizen " Young and old male and female in wis Outh Carolina is in an important sense a child of the state. We own and Are expected to Render Fidelity to to the Mother. Let not that Mother entail and hold Down upon us old so great an evil As this one in question. Poes our Mother the state love us he her children ? if so and if she has a self appreciation and self respect she to must say i deserve no credit no re awl Kokomo Norl Henri Hahnn l w Lull Uriu Ilij our Jav huv4 it for corrupting my own children a t through my endorsement and protect " Tion of any pernicious business of any at by h not Long ago i was talking with a co i citizen in a county that has dispense m Ries. He is a Man of Many Good qual m cities a Church member but a weak to one. Strong drink has caused him to fall again and again. He seems to to have inherited the love of it and if be of. Smells it the passion for it seems Irre a Sis Tible. He said i want the dispensary closed. I la vote for prohibit a Tion. It will take a generation to get " this thing right. Our children should to 3 be brought up with right views As to r the this Man Longs to live right. He is the slave of an appetite i and needs help and sympathy from his fellow citizens. And As a brother he appeals to Christian voters to take i l1i " c away ?. Usu twi. Are like him and All Are crying to us r for an uplift. 0 brother you voting y r citizen and Church member will you help Buch men August 17th ? or be a will you keep the bottle to your a neighbor s Mouth ? � y. To in this country alone two billion dollars $2,000,000,000 is spent each a year for whiskey. The liquor thus a f Billa run the Avora Orp 100.000 in us Nguk Willd -.v.0people each year. Ninety five per to Cut. Of the murders seventy five per o cent of All crimes seventy five per Ujj cent of divorces forty per cent of in a 6anity, All from whiskey now judge v your tree by its fruit. V drunkards shall not inherit the 18 kingdom of the occasional Drinker is on the Road to drunkenness. � a. Wilkins. It a big lot of Standard Only fifty Cente each at Speed s Prog store. E or. Moffatt s ? conclusions i criticised. A contributed it gives satisfactory proof that prohibition largely decreases the consumption of Strong a drink among the people. The drop from 60,.000 to so 000 gallon a year Down to 26,000 Gaii Onsa year is a pretty considerable slump in e liquor drinking and who will deny that an a. Derson county la not better for the slump ? it makes evident the fact that prohibition 8 r promotes Good order among the people the cases in the mayor s court decreased from t 1,440 under the dispensary to g84 under probe p1 i bit Ion the cases of drunkenness from 776 to .1 257." Ujj the above paragraphs taken from r an article of Rev. J. S. Moffatt in the press Ana Banner who seems to be r much exercised Over the dispensary Kyj question manifests a reckless handling _ of facts inconsistent with a candid and honest discussion of the question. Need to conspire to the enjoyment of to Leasure subers. They bad flab Fries every Day besides Gret islets filled a Ltd All kinds of Good to inf of Belr Homes. Boat Riding and dancing were the Ohli Nuse Menta. Nothing marred Belr pleasure except to a client that is opened to miss Lonyse m Enzle and Mies Ethel Penna who were of Zed in the River by Belr boat striking ick Bat were luckily saved from a water ave by an old coloured Boatman who is car by a Ltd Bis Batten and reasoned them. The following persons made no the part z., misses Llna and Dosle Evans Clarale Lellam Ada Mcneill Woolle Wilson Rob nox Louise and Marie Mckenzie be Slink. Lillian Mccanty Nellie Mcgaw Etc n Penna Margaret Mecord and Willi Lark messes. W. J. Evans Bam and Motl Lellam Langdon Wilson Bayford and Bot e Mckenzie Hanter link George Mccan Mabry Cheatham. Jack Pergason Emor Okee and Jimmie Wood burst. Or. And mrs. f. Graves with Belr Chen Earl and Eldelle were the chaperones. This was a Jolly party and the trip will Ion remembered by one and All. Personal note and items of interest misses Maggie and Sara Evans of Lebano e entertaining a Bonse party in Honor Leir charming guests Mlisse Little of Carm lie Georgia also or. Orvllle Calhonn Uhn ton. A delightful dining was that Given Lailur Day by or. And mrs. John a. Wll Soi tie following were Belr honoured guests d. E. Link or and mra. J. D. Mcgaw i. J. Link and several others whose name e failed to get. This scribe was not forgot n but was served a Ltd a delightful dinner. Miss Donnie Gilliam of Hodges spent to is week Ellb her ooh Sid miss Robena i in. Capt. George Redd la now to Danville a. Or. And mrs. David Gilliam Are still 1 ree Aville. Or. Gilliam we Are sorry to r Rtia not doing much Rood if any a provi ent it la very alow. Bla friends Bope Bover be May improve rapidly and soon b Manelf again. Don t fors Rei the Farmers meeting tomorrow Raday 5th int int at Sharon. It will be eat gathering and a big Barbecue anti bait dinner for everybody. Be Aure and Atte distinguished speakers will be present t Terest Yon. Mra. James Gilliam with Ber brother. I w. Knox agent last sunday with relative mount Carmel. Judge. S. Olbert was among the Valtor the City last monday Mesa Belle Mckenze with Ber Slater Mil arte were among the pretty visitors in they last monday. Mra. Mary c. Parker is now visiting res ves in Greenville. Mrs. Edwin Parker and children Are Spencie a while with Home people at Bellvue. Messes. J. R. Thornton and Andrew Bat 3d several others along route 3, Are bring in Fine melons to Supply the Elty Trade crop along route 8 Are amply oat of alb lat la growing out of Algut the Proi rata Are now very encouraging for a Flop of both Corn and Cotton. Messes. Edwin Parker and a. B. Kenned the Flatwoods Are a Lang Fine melons the Lason and they Are Good too for we a led them. Or. 8. Link the Champion track farm 3 roote 8, has As Fine melons a we have Sec is year and we know by experience the 11 nun. Mib 8eawrlgbt. Of Donolds. He been Eleo 1 teacher in i a Fer Noloff school. Death 07 Little Boyce hahkjje33. The infant son of or. And mrs. J. B. Harl ecu of Avondale Alabama died at the ome last sunday evening aged about Sev Lon Tbs. The remain a accompanied by to rents were expected in Abbeville last Moi a god needed one More Darling Bild in Angel band to he Bent a Ltd Loving smile and duped our Darling s mrs. Harkness was before Ber Marlai Lis Nannie Gilliam daughter of or. An a. James Gilliam of the Sharon Section. Many friends of the afflicted and distress rents extend sincere sympathy the Little Darling was tenderly Laid to Rei Sharon cemetery to await the resurrect to Orn. Beautiful Flower made Bright the Lai Tang place of Little Boyne on Earth by Reg Beer for will be Bis borne in Beaven Ami Tat Angel band. News in and around the City. Or. V. Hammond and daughter met Nolde the left last week for Florida Wei by expect to spend several months. M ammo d has exchanged places a Ltd to press agent at the Olty where be goes. S e express office is now conducted by to Lorida agent who a Ltd Bis family Are in to to for a while. Or. Hughes of fort Pickens met with Al oat a serious Aco Dent last monday will Ming to town with a tip top Load of fun melons. As be plunged in the swollen Strear it runs under the Culvert be went Aow to a Bole and found the water too deep Foi namely himself and Bone managed to g it Bat the melons floated away and to agon was badly damaged. Alt a while than Rush into a swollen Strean Jat is our advice to the r. F. D. Boys. Messes. Will Penney Engen Mcmillan an Den Lorna Are now enjoying Belr weeks Holiday and Belr sobs respect Velj Essres. Read Ferguson and Little Are in e these routes. Or. Andrew. Penney after enjoying by Liday is Back on route x. Or. W. Moore now of due West spec veral Days of this week with relatives 1 e is not asleep but wide awake a e noise of the saw and Hammer Are at Ard in Ber limits. Messes. Cox and so Ltd e building a Fine store room on Mala Stree id other private dwellings Are going no an Ting remodeler. Or. Julius h. Dupre the fal Tefol Asble id bookkeeper of the Farmers Bank a ten quite sick and is yet confined to Bis bees Many friends wish for Bim a speedy re very. Actor Dong to Law the dispensary closed Lai today afternoon at 6 o clock and will r. A. Anta Anatra Nnami a it As Tho a1aai a i u do ii Attu if Vino Uulu Ninvi my a we or. R whiskey or no a great Rush by made All Day saturday and Monda Ben All kinds of Tarnok was carried off b in armful. It la boxed by the time the 17tt r the election everybody will be clothe d in Belr right mind to an to vote for to 8t in threats of the people at Large. At Tala writing monday no get the rain i Llang and we doubt not but that the r. F. I is will have trouble a Ltd swollen Stream it rain or Shine Uncle Sam s boys Are Boun go and they go too. Editor resting with no vacation for Twenty years Edi Tor w. D. Grist is off on a journey. Orvllle enquirer. Or. W. D. Grist editor of the enquire i it last Friday evening for Charleston to a now vnrl1kb a Fuyue Iwuc a. Of which Plao Elt la his purpose to Mak tour of new England returning in Abou to weeks. Or. Murlat Baa Beed at Bla Post 1 be editorial Ohar of the enquirer Lor Somi Ling More than Twenty years a Ltd but to a callous of As much a four Daya la Geog to and Bis co workers on the paper Bave anal Ste iat be take a Short vacation. Having Nei r been North of Baltimore be decided t Ike id new York and new England an ame Back by Way of Philadelphia Atlar to City Baltimore and Washington. Alt l was a Ltd considerable rely Otanke that b Nally cola enter to take the trip Bla c ror Kera believe be will Erajoy it and b Ause be has never been Able to eave to inquirer s readers out of Bla mind Excel Rulle asleep we feel pretty Anre that 1 Rill Send us soda Lateran blog copy for thee Iso. That however will depend on the o Ort udly be might Bave Lor writing will intr Yang from one place to another. In to meant me the balance of the staff will be be paper Gold a Well a it can feeling a hat our readers will be duly charitable Job shortcomings a my get appear. A t qualification $ coming 5 i la so to the voters of Abbeville Coli f the general elections held l of i cation of the will of the peopl0 Mary. There was practically t t was no necessity for a rigid a � j Tion to be held on the i7th of 7 \ Laws but the conditions Are ver18 a upon the question to be decided � s is thai every Inch of ground i � s it will be necessary for the i # election Law to the letter or Els r it being probable that the � w rigidly enforced in the election y ? than they have been in the past i 2 Man to Point out to the voter a x or in favor of the dispensary a May legally vote. In the Case f 76 8. C., 574, our supreme Coli n " the right to vote each elector a 4 " is ration certificate for the or " proof of payment of All taxe4 it. " oath that he is a qualified elec the election a ill be held Wib / i i. Therefore suggest to each i till Cate and his tax receipt and e 0 he is registered. A i if you have mislaid your u i county treasurer that you Hai year. Nothing Short of this Wii 11 Are so prepared you need not e 41 right. We must have a fair ele l \ co e criticising a Anderson Dally mall. Anent the Luau Lon of abort funeral. Bloh has Arlien from the of Aatlo Remar made by the Abbeville press and Banner of m Berning the services held Over the Remal e of a prominent minister in that cloy recent we feel sons trained to Sav a few words on to. Other Side h it seems to As that the Erst Lolam bad As wide not been things were criticised by the press Al y character of the Servole and Tab length of the Servole. Re the several papers that Bave quoted t criticism Bave bad the semblance at least r endorsing what was said and of endorsing in for the purpose of making Tbs an exam in or a common error on the part of Man leu in Honda Otlang these Bose quires. T. It May be that the Dally Mali comes Tbs class and we do not Wain to ooh i the position after More mature reflection we understand that the funeral service Abbeville was conducted by an aged Man Lotf who was invited by the constituted Auto ties of the Tau Rob and who arrived at Aboc " Volle late saturday even no before the fun Al was to take la cent sunday. This minister waa the life Long Friend the dead minister. They were born in to same year United with the Ebure on to same occasion bad been in the same Gre struggle for the defense of principles of government which they deemed to be right Nita studied theology together in the same semen d i by and a Quarter of a Century Naa Oei most intimately associated in their ebon id work within the Bounds of the aame Presb Tery. It it May reasonably be supposed that to minister thought that be knew the Alshet it i Bla departed Friend a to the Obara oter of to it i services at Bis funeral. D i now a to the character of the service of presbyterian ministers a do Moat Olbe make it a role not to deliver personal Enli glee. The minister who conducted the service be this occasion doubtless Felt that be w burying Bis Friend a the servant of god. 1 took As the text for Bis discourse we Are Tol. The words and when the Clef Shepher. I shall appear be shall Reo Elve a Crown of glow e that Vadeth not Bis discourse we Are told a dwelt pc i the faithfulness and Reward of a servant a Carlst and Moat Tonc Bingly applied it to to e i life of the dead Man who was so Well know n i in the comm Unity. Q i he doubtless considered this a the to ,.j Beautiful Immortelle that be would Lay pc i the Bier of Bla departed Friend and so do w Vej As to the remarks of the other Rel Elste in which were denominated Long and in one Mon place we would suggest that there a be differences of open Lenlon a to what coi d St Tate length and what is common place.01 the Young minister bad been also coated ii the cd Rob work for Mont a with the age Man who was dead. He bad gone to blk it i counsel and bad found it Good. He Wiki standing by the dead body of Bis teacher Aoi Bis Friend. It i we have been told that be gave expressly d to Bis feelings in words that were tender ii love and pulsating with grief eloquent Erja not always Blob sound Long a brakes and e ii1 Trava Gant expressions. A stateman Stas b Merling with sobs and sighs May be to t eloquent and As to the length of the services they were conducted in the cd Orch at to r regular hour for service on the 8abbtl s i there were hymns prayers a Sermon and i few words of appreciation by one minister. ,.1 they May have been so it was the exception and not the re i and surely it need not Bave been paraded b we have observed that As a Rule the fungi y Al services of most ministers Are Short. The y rarely indulge in remarks. The Servic generally consist of one or two hymns a fed appropriate passages of scripture for the Oon e fort of the bereaved and a prayer. We by affection it stands unrivalled Pri if 50o. And $1.00. Trial bottle free. So a and guaranteed by pm Speed. A in up Don t fall to look Over the new lot of Stai re Ard novels Jast received at Speed s or of store. Huyler a Candy Freeh All the time to m a s drag store. Of voters in the t 1 election. Ity jul heretofore have been simply a ratify 1 in expressed at the democratic Pri i iut one Side and consequently there therence to election Laws. The elec 11august is under the same election y different. Our people Are divided at such election and the probability 11 be contested. Managers of election to follow the 9 the election will be a nullity. 1 election Laws will be so much More to be held on the 17th of August i i feel it my duty As county chair whether he be in favor of prohibition what he must do in order that he of Wright is. Board of canvassers \ it decided that As a pre requisite to must present to the managers a Reg i a cinch at which he offers to vote and i for the previous year. Taking an vistor is not 1 Ith this Law in View. 11 voter to look up his registration cer i offer to vote at that precinct at which x receipt get a certificate from the 7e paid your taxes for the previous ii entitle you to vote and unless Yoube surprised if you Are denied the action let the result be what it May. \ Frank b. Gary unto chairman Abbeville county. Listen prohibitionists i comity debts mow. Be big and Many counties seem to be intent id on piling them 0p. Be a classified statement of bonded indebted of Neas by Donn Tea woo id startle the people fit Tbs state into a realisation of a most Serlona / 16 state of affairs that exists from one end of the n state to the other said comptroller general Jones. Few people realize Bow steadily1� and rapidly this indebtedness is climbing no. \ i of by 1 really can form no to ornate Conception Oft a a a flt meal f kn4 1 Iviam my we inv in Vou but Augun Wuhu Caslo Nally g6ts mixed up in his wooo Antwand goes Short. It s a wonder to me that mor o of them Don t get into trouble a the system of booking has been so oomph located by then requirements of the legislature until i am in the next legislature Tole advocate the appointment of a state auditor a to do nothing Bat look after this sort of off does. Y school dust lots have gone mad issuing Bonds for special school purposes. There rein Over fifty new ones this year. The treasurer of is required to keep each of these separate and tue dog and poll tax collected la eat by District separate. Why a Man paying bit tax from any part of the county May elect under the Law to have his taxes go to any u school District he May name or even to any special school 0 m a i Ujj Lowndesville. Dtho a a o l Kun r mrs. Udora Barnes and her two Ohlgren of u Prattville ala., Are making Belr annual id summer visit to Kinsmen in Tbs Elmira Grogan of Middleton ga., la q spending awhile at the Home of her Uncle or. P Harry Grogan. At the Home of or. J. Henry Bell on monday night the Young people of the town and a in reach gathered and passed some pleasant81 hours. Or. Frank Hardy of Lavonla. Ga., spent several Days of last week at the Home of Bla e aunt mrs. . Kay b during the month of july just past Only two Bales of Cotton and those by Rev. H. Fennel were marketed at this . R w. Humphries entitled by Mlls eternal right and or. R. H. Moseley As an elected Delegate from Smyrna Barge to a seat � in the Anderson dust lot conference which held its annual session during the past week at Solloh Church went Over to that place wednesday 8nd remained there till saturday. They report a very enjoyable time w most of the people know that some years ago o the methodists and other denominations moved Belr Rural churches where it was pot20slble, to or near the Railroad stations and since then As a general thing the Rountr Jyrld churches have been ignored to the selection of a place for Tbs calling together of of neb if a Thyl Trono Onolan ref in a annl a Luviano Kun Vimo Bumvu i vuu1uu Puli u ne8 Over a Large territory. Years ago the r preachers and laymen could gather , As the most of them went from Piave

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