LIEGE Univ. Experiment landing in Big Springs

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Clipped from US, Texas, Big Spring, Big Spring Herald , August 30, 1990

Clipped by Luis P.

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Balloon • Continued from page 1-A Washington, D C., officials about the incident for several hours early Thursday. Doug Willis, 506 E. 16th St., said as he walked out his front door last night the electricity went out “and all 1 could see was a fireworks display by the transformer.” Willis said three policemen in patrol cars, who had been following the balloon’s descent, quickly cordoned off the streets in front of his home. Two women on a nightly walk said they were startled by the balloon’s approach. “We just thought it was a parachute,” said one woman who declined to be identified. “ It started out as a little dot in the sky,” said one local man. “Then as it got closer — it was the darnedest thing — it started to change shapes and change colors, it did all kinds of things. First a yellow' ball came out and dropped down. Then the big object on top began to smoke and change to orange. The top part drifted off towards Colorado City. Both the objects had a black dot in the center and the little object had flickering lights surrounding it. It (the little object) hovered over Big Spring for a while before going down. “I thought at first it was a weather balloon but I’ve never seen a weather balloon do this,” he continued. “There were three of us who observed it. “I’ve heard of things like this but I’ve never witnessed anything like this before. It was beautiful. I don’t want to sound like I’m crazy or anything, but I’m telling you what we saw.” Phyllis Hattenback, said she was walking out the front door of her apartment in the 1700 block of Goliad Street, when she was startled by a “flash like lightening.” Police outlined with tape the location of the parachute — along with the metal cage that landed about 100 yards away as groups of puzzled residents gathered to observe the unusual event. When an NSBF official arrived in a patrol car amid the confusion, he hurriedly asked Chief Joe Cook if anyone suffered injuries. “We’ll pay for any damages,” he hastily told Cook. Howie said he and another NSBF official, Don Gage, will load the balloon in a truck and begin their journey back to Palestine late this afternoon. “I know that for the people here this was quite an unusual event,” he said. “But for us, this isn’t really anything out of the ordinary.”;
Clipped by Luis P.

Big Spring Herald,Big Spring, Texas

Thu, Aug 30, 1990 – Page 8

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