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Big Spring Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 30 1990, Page 8

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Big Spring Herald (Newspaper) - August 30, 1990, Big Spring, Texas 8-a big Spring Herald thursday August 30,1990-Low s that q. What Are the known facts about the first olympics a. The first recorded olympic contest took place in the stadium of Olympia in 776 b.c., which had room for 40,000 spectators according to North american precis Syndicate meeting today a the Kentwood country Western a a special at 7 . Will feature a Western swing program by the a super six band. Public invited. No dancing. A the Golden Trowell award will be presented to an outstanding Mason at the big Spring masonic Lodge 2101 Lancaster at 7 . The Public is invited to attend. Saturday a the big Spring fire fighters annual fill the Boot drive for mad will be in the morning at the Coronado shopping Center. A the Howard county youth horseman club will sponsor an All Breed open horse show at to . At the . Arena on the Garden City Highway. Registration will be at 9 . Concession stand. A the Jaycees will be sponsoring a weekend Long labor Day rest Stop save a life project. They will serve free Coffee and snacks to travellers encouraging them to take a break. Donations of food Money or time will be appreciated. Call 263-7219. A the humane society will sponsor a senior citizen Only rummage Sale from i to 5 . At w. 4th and Galveston. New style new items. Sunday a the humane society will sponsor a rummage Sale for the general Public from i to 5 . At w. 4th and Galveston. New style new items. Monday a the big Spring evening Lions clubs 2nd annual a Lions fest will be at the Lions building on East third Street. There will be arts crafts garage sales and food Booths. A Over eaters Anonymous will meet at 7 30 . At Scenic Mountain medical Center room 414. A West Texas Legal services will provide attorneys for civil matters disability divorces adoptions Etc for those unable to afford their own attorney at the Northside Community Center. For More information Call i 686-0647. Tuesday a the big Spring chapter of the veterans of foreign wars will meet at 7 30 . In the vow Hall on Driver Road. A there will be a Community Pep rally at 8 . At the Amphitheater in Comanche Trail Park. Featured will be the steers football teams bsds cheerleaders 7th and 8th Grade cheerleaders steer band bsds coaches student Council and More. Everyone is urged to come out and show their support. A Coahoma All sports athletic boosters club will meet at 7 . In the elementary school cafeteria troops a continued from Page 1-asheriff�?Ts log a i watch can and headline news Cable news and then switch it to a Span a mrs. Newton said. A i think in a wearing out our Remote when Newton arrived in saudi Arabia at Midnight on sunday aug. 12, the temperature was 105 degrees according to his letter. This excerpt describes the brutal desert conditions . Military personnel Are enduring the Sun comes up at 4 30 . Here and by 9 00 am the Sun will bake your brain. It got up to 121 degrees the first Day and a a lot of unloading to do and s Jap up equipment. We stayed in tents. A a Gary a unit sets up pumps to Supply Petroleum to the other vehicles a mrs. Newton explained. Newton wrote in his letter that his unit has been working at such a feverish Pace most men Are Only sleeping two hours each night. In his letter Newton expresses his observations of where he is stationed we were in a Camp a few Miles outside of Bahrain a City of one million. There were a lot of arabs working and walking around the compound. Its close to the main Highway in the country that runs from the kuwaiti Border to South saudi. There have been people pouring from Kuwait to saudi and they just Start heading Down the Highway South. There a no Way of knowing who everybody is and there has been the threat of terrorist activity Here. We conveyed up the Road today to the arabian ministry of defense compound. Newton graduated from Coahoma High school in 1982 and entered the army shortly after graduating from Texas tech in 1988. A one thing i am grateful for is that Gary chose his career a mrs. Newton said. A the knew the situation he is in now was always a Newton explains in his letter that he is staying in a compound with about 1.000 other gis a Short distance from the saudi Border. He explains that he will a know what we will do As far As missions if certain situations arise a but his orders prevent him from talking about it. Mrs. Newton said she and her husband visited their son l0fc month and toured fort Bragg. A we were shown what the 82nd airborne does so we Are a Little familiar with what Gary is doing a she said. The concerned Mother made it Clear she did not appreciate president George Bush vacationing while thousands of United states military personnel Are preparing for possible conflict. Jim Bob Wright Gary Newton Bradley Darnell Brandon Darnell a i resent it his vacation a mrs. Newton said. A the very appearance sends out the wrong kind of at the close of his letter Newton informs his family a a in la sleep easy tonight in a pretty sleep is something however that wont come easy for mrs. Newton until her son returns. Reuben Darnell of big Spring said his 21-year-old twin Brothers Brandon and Bradley Darnell of Burkburnett Are . Marines who recently were ordered to the Middle East. A it makes me proud because i love them a Rueben said. A but people really done to know what kind of Strain it puts on the Jim Bob Wright 26, the son of Howard county Volunteer fire department chief Roy and Glenda Wright of Sand Springs is currently aboard an aircraft Carrier located in Diego Garcia a Small port near the Indian Ocean. Wright a graduate of Coahoma High school enlisted in the . Navy almost three years ago and works As an aircraft Mechanic. A of course it bothers me but i have to leave it up to the lords hands now a Glenda Wright said. Edge of her seat awaiting news of whether she will be sent to the area As Well or. Matteson said. Though chances Are slim daughter Karen 25, also in the air Force could also be sent overseas. If As is possible or. Matteson a own guard unit is called up to serve in some capacity a a in la ask to be shipped Over there a he said. A we could have a family a ooh i done to know How i would handle that a mrs. Matteson said. She said she has a no regrets about the family tradition of military service. A ifs been Good for them a she said. A but this situation is just not All that easy to he feels a concerned Pride about his sons deployment or. Matteson said. A we have something Here that is Worth trying to preserve a he said. A a that a my feeling about it. I teach school for the same reason. I think that idea is Worth passing on to our Waits Forward of deployment father May follow children to Mideast Ralph and Elaine Matteson of big Spring said they raised All eight of their children to love this country. Or. Matteson an army Veteran is now a member of the National guard As Well As a big Spring High school economics teacher. Three Matteson sons and one daughter followed their fathers path into the military and now two of those sons both in the air Force have shipped out for duty in the persian Gulf. Randy 31, father of a 9-month-old boy was sent overseas about one week ago. He has been Able to Contact his wife by Telephone. Roger 26, had already shipped out when his commanding officer called the Matte sons to inform them they Are waiting for a letter or phone Call. Randy a wife Elaine is a on the Coahoma schools superintendent Gary Rotan is also one of those staying near the phone in Case his National guard unit is called to serve. A i guess in a just like any reservist a he said. A a lot depends on the severity of the crisis As it Rotan a member for 18 years is a chief warrant officer and Legal administrator. His work involves various aspects of preparing troops for deployment. A basically we make sure they have their affairs in order a Rotan said. A we also work with the families so they can get things straightened although much of the units work is done stateside some officers Are needed for duties overseas As Well he said. What Are the chances of Coahoma Stop school administrator joining in the military Effort a i really done to know yet a he said. A a in a hoping that negotiations will be made and the thing will be continued from Page 1-a Washington d c., officials about the incident for several hours Early thursday. Doug Willis 506 e. 16th St., said As he walked out his front door last night the electricity went out a and All i could see was a fireworks display by the Willis said three policemen in patrol cars who had been following the balloons descent quickly cordoned off the streets in front of his Home. Two women on a nightly walk said they were startled by the balloons approach. A we just thought it was a Parachute a said one woman who declined to be identified. A a it started out As a Little Dot in the sky a said one local Man. A then As it got closer a it was the damnedest thing a it started to change shapes and change colors it did All kinds of things. First a yellow Ball came out and dropped Down. Then the big object on top began to smoke and change to Orange. The top part drifted off towards Colorado City. Both the objects had a Black Dot in the Center and the Little object had flickering lights surrounding it. It the Little object hovered Over big Spring for a while before going Down. A i thought at first it was a weather balloon but in be never seen a weather balloon do this a he continued. A there were three of us who observed it. A a in be heard of things like this but in be never witnessed anything like this before. It was Beautiful. I done to want to sound like in a crazy or anything but in a telling you what we Phyllis Hattenback said she was walking out the front door of her apartment in the 1700 Block of Goliad Street when she was startled by a a Flash like police outlined with tape the location of the Parachute a along with the Metal Cage that landed about too Yards away As groups of puzzled residents gathered to observe the unusual event. When an is of official arrived in a patrol car amid the confusion he hurriedly asked chief Joe Cook if anyone suffered injuries. A a we la pay for any damages a he hastily told Cook. Howie said he and another is of official Don Gage will Load the balloon in a truck and begin their journey to Palestine late this afternoon. A i know that for the people Here this was quite an unusual event a he said. A but for us this Isnit really anything out of the continued from Page 1-a the Howard county sheriffs department reported the following incidents a Theodore Diaz 22, 711 eighth pleaded guilty wednesday in 118th District court to burglary of an automobile. He was sentenced to five years in the Texas department of criminal Justice. A Johnny Arispe jr., 19. 1905 Wasson pleaded guilty wednesday in 118th District court to aggravated robbery. He was sentenced to to years probation and fined $3,000. A Eddie Saucedo 29, 1705 Jenn Ings was arrested on two warrants for thefts one for $200 $750 two Bonds of $500 were set a Juan Smithwick 23, 1605 w first was arrested this morning and charged with driving while intoxicated fleeing to elude Law of filers and no liability insurance a a . Diplomatic source confirmed reports that resistance fighters in Kuwait Are receiving american logistical support. A a in new York 36 expelled iraqi diplomats and their families left Early today on a plane for Jordan. Washington ordered them out in reaction to a series of iraqi moves against the . Embassy in Kuwait and its staff. The senior foreign Diplomat in Baghdad who is involved in negotiations with iraqi authorities said embassies were asked to compile detailed lists of the women and children who will be leaving a and that will take All diplomats said they were drawing up lists for exit visas. A tomorrow no government department will be open a the Diplomat noted referring to Friday the moslem Sabbath. A no one expects any development before he and two others said they did not believe Western governments would agree to Iraq s request flights containing food and Medicine. Iraq has been feeling the effects of the militarily enforced . Embargo. Bread lines have been reported in the country and Saddam has urged iraqi women to Cut meat and bread consumption in half. Saddam gave his first interviews to Western reporters a with Dan rather of lbs and a French network a since his forces seized Kuwait. The iraqi Leader told rather on wednesday that a Kuwait is part of Iraq and denied seeking any deals that could Lead to an iraqi pullout. A Iraq will come out victorious a Saddam said. A god is on our Side and satan is on the Side of the United a White House official confirmed wednesday that the Bush administration had received a secret iraqi offer to free All captives and withdraw from Kuwait if certain conditions were met. The conditions were that the u embargo on Trade with Iraq be lifted and that Baghdad be granted Access to the persian Gulf and sole control of an Oil Field that dips into Kuwait according to a report wednesday by the new York newspaper new Day. The White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the offer was rejected. The . Trade embargo aimed at forcing Iraq into pulling out of Kuwait got an important boost from open and Japan on wednesday. Open Oil ministers approved a plan allowing saudi Arabia Venezuela and other members of the Cartel to pump More Oil and help hold Down crude prices. One open minister predicted the agreement could replace 3 million of the 4 million barrels of Oil the Day that disappeared from the world Market because of the pm Bargos on iraqi and kuwaiti Oil. That shortfall caused Oil prices to skyrocket. A . Diplomatic source confirmed in general terms news reports that the Cia and army special forces troops were helping the kuwaiti resistance in hit and run attacks on iraqi occupiers. Herald photo by Perry Hall line repair Public works director Tom Decell inspects an 8-Inch water line break at 4th and Runnells streets wednesday afternoon. Rick Perry promises to increase a production by Patrick Driscoll staff writer St. Lawrence there is no reason Why Texas the number two agricultural state in the nation cannot surpass the leading state califor a i Asaid agriculture commissioner candidate Rick Perry. It can be done by processing More agricultural Rick Perry products at Home he said. A we can do it if there a the proper leadership and the focus of the agriculture department is on that a Perry told about 200 people at a $25 per couple luncheon fundraiser at St. Lawrence Hall tuesday. A we need someone that a not afraid of making Money a he said. Perry a Haskell Farmer and rancher three term state representative and the Republican candidate criticized Democrat Jim Hightower the incumbent for not making agricultural production a priority. A by his own figures Jim Hightower claims to have increased the value added to Texas products by Only .012 percent or $100 million in eight years a Perry said. A a that a not much Money when you re talking about an $80 billion a Over the last eight years a Perry a own plan Calls for adding $50 million a year to the Texas Economy through value added processing. It would be done by establishing a task Force to identify needs preparing Market surveys and attracting established out of state businesses As Well As encouraging in state processing. It will be his top priority he said. A i see no reason Why we can to be number one in Cash value of agricultural products a he said. Texas is the country a number one producer of Cotton with about 25 percent of the total produces 90 percent of the country a mohair and 18 percent of the country a Wool he said. However 90 percent of the states Cotton a $705 million a is exported most of the mohair is exported and All of the Wool is exported. In addition $667 million in livestock meat and hides Are also exported. He said the state processes eight percent of their agricultural products while the average nationwide is 20 percent. And More processing plants Are needed he said. A if texans done to take the Bull by the horns a they could miss out he said. As an example he said a $70 million Cotton Mill was recently built in California by japanese investors. A there Are going to be Cotton Mills built a he said. Pointing out some Texas Success stories he mentioned Justin industries in it. Worth which produces about $320 million a year in boots. Another is the Plains Cotton cooperative association in the Panhandle which employs 500 people and processes about 30 million pounds of Denim a year which is sold for about $90 million. He also said there Are Good research sources in Texas and referred to Texas tech in Lubbock. He called it the a Premier institutions in this part of the country for textiles and leather. The department of agriculture should serve in that role too he said. A a we re going to use that department to become an education meanwhile Perry a Texas a amp a graduate in animal science and a former air Force Pilot said he is confident of his showing in recent polls. He said his name identification has increased from 4 percent on Jan. I to 28 percent on aug. I a those Days Are Over a he said of the Low january figure. He said he May schedule a Visil to big Spring in latter part of september City continued from Page 1a two television networks Abc and can said no . Troops were directly involved in fighting but that kuwaiti fighters based on the saudi Kuwait Border were getting . Intelligence weapons radios advice and instruction. The source speaking on condition of anonymity said a a we re aware of their action and we re supporting them a but claimed to be unaware of details. White House spokesman roman Popadiuk said a we done to comment on intelligence Nimmo earned his bachelors and masters degrees in education from the University of North Texas completing additional graduate work at Tarleton state University. The new superintendent said he plans few changes. A change Wise we be got enough coming from Senate Bill i a he said. A we have some excellent programs. Well organize those and Fine tune them. Our priority is to do what we can for the Ramsey who resigned with 22 months left in his contract said he is in the process of finding another Job. He said he is not sure if it will be a superintendent position. A just say in a looking around a he said. He said he was please with the work he had done while superintendent a a we be made a lot of changes ii two years in a Happy with wha we be done a he said. A a that a a1 in a going to Ramsey and his wife Phyllis it teacher in the school system reportedly resigned effective aug 14 in an agreement with the boart of trustees that they receive $60, from the District. October crude Oil $27 Oil up 1 11. And december Cotton futures 72 70 cents a Pound up 32 Cash Hon 50 cents higher at f>4 even Slaughter steers $1 of lower at 76 cents even october live hog futures 4� 90, up h. October live cattle futures 76 12, up u at 10 41 am according to Delta commodities no body asks for it help Stop sexual assaults. Call 263-3312, rape crisis services big Spring y e is com Ith funeral Home and Chapel 267-82hk 301 e. 24th St., big Spring Nalley Pickle amp Welch funeral Home and Rosewood Chapel 906 Gregg big Spring John w. Jay Howard 7 died wednesday. Service will be 2 00 Friday it Nalley Pickle amp Welt Rosewood Chapel. Int Ermei will follow in Trinity memorial Park

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