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Rivers Banner Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1999, Page 4

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Rivers Banner (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Rivers, Manitoba4 the Rivers Banner december Peter Holle Frontier Centre vouchers Rule in Denmark in Brief Denmark uses school vouchers to provide a better education at less than half the Cost of our own monopoly school All political parties in Denmark support this Choice based Drew Manitoba new education minister believes our Public schools will perform better if the divisions they belong to Are merged into larger considerable evidence suggests the opposite conclusion the larger the school the More it costs per Pupil and the worse it carries out its function of providing a Basic these you dont have to be an academic Whiz bang to understand How Market economies work and command economies fail its not hard to picture the chaos that would engulf us clothing and housing were distributed Only through a Central state do we still insist on running Public education through a top heavy one shoe fits All Model the minister no doubt listens closely to the teachers which have traditionally opposed the idea of school Choice As u direct threat to the Public their reasoning is More being allowed to shop tends to strengthen Public As indicated this fall by the Fraser institutes review of Denmark experience with the Danes have a Long history of offering a Diversi fied school result of their fervent embrace of religious Freedom and parental control Over vouchers in Denmark pay about 75 per cent of the full Cost of sending a child to private the government requires families to pay around a year for each child enrolled in an Independent this out pocket fee May be relatively but it still bites deeply enough to make parents into Price Sensi Tive Manitoban pay Over per Public school Stu Dent per year while the Danes spend under a year and score higher on International literacy and math Competition improves Quality and encourages inno government Public schools Are not regarded As inferior precisely because they have tuned up their offerings in response to the danger of losing voucher up to age danish children attend schools that Are completely autonomous from direct government control of budgets and As Long As they teach the Basic subjects and maintain voucher they Are free to the Only condition that circumscribes this Freedom is a Rule that they must pay their teachers the same As the municipal since this ties up almost two thirds of their it is a significant on the other their autonomy liberates them from Many of the High administrative overheads canadians have grown to Only five administrators at the ministry oversee the students who attend Independent while thousands Are somehow needed Here to run our Public the danish Public school system offers us a Well tested example of the Superior Allaround performance of voucher costs been contained by com and yet Danes enjoy educational alternatives unmatched in the every political party in Den Mark now supports the voucher the new democrats could relieve Many of our pub Lic school woes in rapid order by allowing the Emer gence of similar markets in that would mean the introduction of school based management and ending expensive administrative particularly school you say but if Nixon went to Why cant Gary doer go to the especially one in a progressive welfare state called Denmark last november re port Magazine for Merly Western re port ran a Story about the rom entitled Trail Send for the mounties indicating that if something int done soon Bur internationally regarded police Force May soon be on its Way the Story backed up this claim with some Bottom line indicators about the the costs of operating the ramp and hew they Are falling behind other pol ice forces in fund base salaries for exp three year consta Bles Are lower than those of Many major Urban police forces in according to the ramp pay the highest paid Munici pal police Force Ontario provincial to 283 Quebec provincial to 520 lowest paid Royal Newfoundland 128 top salaries for other ramp ranks staff ser Geant superintendent Deputy commissioner commissioner ramp handle twice the Case solve More crime than other police departments and Are least sex in ramp Ken Waddell editor chief speaking out under provincial contracts Cost per com pared to the surety do Quebec at and the at ramp Munici pal detachments have the lowest Cost per Fol Lowed by the Opp at and Independent agencies at a Cost of 157 per source Canadian Cen tre for Justice studies interestingly enough the town of Rivers has its own police Force and its per capita Cost is considerably below the Cost for the larger one has to wonder if More towns and municipalities Arent going to go that it is no secret to the Crooks that our towns Are unguarded in the wee hours of the we dont have policing in towns on a 24 hours per Day on the farms it is much there May hardly Ever be police patrol past most one deterrent to for is the threat that an intruder May get shot Down on the it has been known to happen and for the potential evil doer it is still a real deter the bigger deterrent is that most people Are Hon est and have grown up with an appreciation for the Golden the Jude Christian values still hold some Swain our society in spite of being ridiculed by Many of the so called Learned wonders that populate our universities and departments of Educa report Magazine goes on to give some suggestions As offered by the mounties Many mounties in the Field recommend cutting red tape and extra serv ices Cut the number of upper ranks by half and hire More frontline become More flexible and until staffing Levels within the country Are and Stop sending ramp officers overseas on peacekeeping More than 70 Are in East Haiti and Guate Mala up to 100 Are planned for next open a second training perhaps at cab in order that the Money invested in their training not be lost if they leave for other police require new recruits to sign five year or to repay the Cost of the train ing if return the roving ramp Force which at one time filled temporary a find someone other than mounties to teach children to abstain from re formed addicts describing the horrors of addiction Are More effective with youth than lecturing authority toughen the judicial sys tem so that the criminals police work so hard to put behind bars Are not out on the Street the next that last item is another whole if you dont think the Justice system is major expensive joke then you Haven sat through a court session the next time you see a smile and they deserve or May for

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