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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 1

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Medicine Hat, Alberta M s Medicine hat news 35 per copy memorial Victory Page a9 Index amp a a aug .b1 Don Mcgirk tay. A4 lottery num liets. A2 b4 doonesbury. A5 National news a8 business stocks. A6 a4,5 87 City news. A2,3 entertainment. B3 Pete Mossey a4 classified. 85-7 Horoscope. B4 a13 84 International news b8 sports. A9-13 crosswords. 86 b1 West. A7 weather map Page b4 Cloudy tuesday High 12 Low 02 triple a blocked secretly chairman by Joan Bryden Southam news Ottawa a Ottawa and Quebec have a secret Deal to Block any Senate Reform proposal that would give each province equal representation says the chairman of the triple a Senate committee. After six months of private discussions with Federal and Quebec representatives Bert Brown says he a concluded the two governments Are deliberately deceiving canadians by holding out Hope for Senate Reform after the Meech Lake constitutional Accord is ratified. In a roughly worded letter to the 11 first ministers. Brown says its Clear the two governments have no intention of agreeing to a triple a Senate elected effective and with equal representation from each province. A these two governments Are in fact acting in concert to prevent such an eventuality for partisan reasons and motives that have nothing to do with preserving the Canadian the triple a committee is a non partisan Alberta based group that has been quietly lobbying for Senate Reform for seven years. Brown said the committee decided to take a Tough line in the letter to Force Quebec and Ottawa to Lay All their Senate Reform cards on the table before the june 23 deadline for ratification of Meech. In the letter Brown suggests Quebec and Ottawa have secretly agreed to push for a reformed Senate with equal regional representation and a substantially less Powers. Under such a scheme the Atlantic Central and Western regions would each get 48 senators. Although Ottawa has repeatedly refused to reveal its official position before Meech is passed Brown says on three occasions various tory maps have urged the committee to accept the concept of regional Equality. In discussions with Quebec Cabinet ministers. Brown says the committee met with the same tactic. At a meeting in january with one Quebec minister whom he does not name. Brown says the committee was again urged to accept regional Equality. When the committee walked a the minister flatly stated would rather take Quebec out of confederation than agree to Equality of the provinces in the a Brown says its Clear the fee eral and Quebec governments Are engaging in a deliberate deception in what amounts to a cat and mouse game with the provinces who support a triple a Senate by alternately bribing and then coercing them into support of Meech in Hopes their Day for Senate Reform will Federal officials have suggested that some Compromise on Senate Reform is the key to unlocking the Meech impasse last week the four Western premiers suggested a Sunset clause might be the answer. Weekend inmates free during strike Edmonton up a Alberta can Cope with an illegal strike by prison guards for at least a month says solicitor general Dick Fowler. But agencies that help welfare clients say they May have to Start turning clients away because of an illegal walkout by social workers that began 13 Days ago. A the managers lasted 30 Days in the last strike and the facilities were a Damn site poorer in 1980 than they Are now a Fowler said. A we done to even have to consider out of the province ramp help until 30 ramp and City police officers have been filling in for 1,800 guards who went on strike last thursday to Back demands for higher wages and pensions. No negotiations Are planned. All provincial government employees have been prohibited from striking since 1977. There have been no major problems since the guards walked out Fowler said. Weekend jail terms have been suspended and will be served after the guards go Back to work he said. But a Union spokesman says prisoners who Are supposed to be serving weekend jail terms Are being let go because of the strike. Dan Maclellan said his contacts at several jails across the province reported saturday that prisoners who Are supposed to be serving weekend jail terms Are receiving temporary absence passes instead. A the release rate is also much higher. If you be got 15 Days or less left in your sentence they re kicking you and social agencies Are finding it difficult to handle the overload caused by the absence of social workers. Larry Derkach executive director of a drop in and advocacy Centre for welfare recipients in Edmonton said the Centre has been busier than usual. He said the second half of the month is usually busier than the first half because welfare cheques done to go far enough and the Centre May not be Able to Cope. Most of the provinces 2,100 social workers child care counsellors and psychologists walked off the Job May 1 to Back demands for lighter caseloads and higher pay. A judge issued a Back to work order last week but Many of the social workers have defied the injunction. The province said it will ask the court this week to file contempt charges against the workers who could then either be fired fined or sent to jail. A Liberal politician said a weekend meeting Between social services minister John oldring and Linda Kar Powich Leader of the social workers Union May mean a thaw in the cold War Between the government and the Alberta Union of provincial employees. A they have gotten Over one hurdle a said Liberal critic Bettie Hewes. A a Premier Don Getty had said they meet with the Law separatist sentiment up poll Toronto up a a referendum on sovereignty association in Quebec would pass easily today a new poll suggests. Support in Quebec for a politically Independent state associated economically with Canada has climbed to 60 per cent indicates the Survey by the end ironic research group. Thirty two per cent of respondents say they Are opposed to sovereignty association and Eit per cent say they have no opinion or Are undecided a the highest level for any end ironic poll since 1978. The poll also suggests concern about National Unity is growing. The number of canadians who see Unity and constitutional issues As important has jumped sharply the poll suggests to 23 per cent today from seven per cent in january. The poll indicates concern about National Unity is at its highest level for any end ironic Survey including those taken at about the time of 1980 Quebec referendum on sovereignty association. And while 46 per cent of respondents still oppose the Meech Lake accords proposed amendments to the Constitution 35 per cent now support the Deal up 10 percentage Points since april. Baltic want joint negotiations Moscow Reuter a the leaders of the Baltic republics of Estonia Latvia and Lithuania have appealed to soviet president i Wail Gorbachev to begin talks on their Independence. A Telegram sent after a weekend Baltic Summit in the estonian capital Tallinn urged Gorbachev to begin joint talks with the leadership of the three republics All annexed by the soviet Union in 1940. A we asked him to set a Date. To begin discussions with the three Heads of the Baltic states to solve the Baltic crisis and restore their full Independence a estonian foreign minister Lennart Meri told Reuters. There was no immediate reply from the soviet Leader who angered by Lithuania a March 11 declaration of Independence imposed economic sanctions on the Republic to bring it Back into line. Filipino protesters dispersed a a plainclothes policeman grabs a protester As thousands demonstrate against the . Military presence in the Philippines. Talks on the future of the bases opened today a Day after suspected communist guerrillas killed two . Airman North of i Lanila. Map laser photo . Base protests violent Manila Reuter a riot police battled hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the . Military presence in the Philippines As the two countries opened talks today on the of Titre of the United states largest overseas bases. The United states called for a new partnership that would allow american military bases to remain in the Philippines into the next Century. But philippine foreign Secretary Raul Mang Lapus said Washington must first compensate for Money it had not paid under a present Accord. Police used tear Gas and smoke grenades to disperse hundreds of demonstrators protesting in Manila. Witnesses said several people were injured including four policemen and More than 40 demonstrators were arrested in clashes around the tightly guarded Central Bank building where the talks Are held. The demonstrators included roman Catholic nuns who carried signs Reading a sovereignty not for Sale and . Bases cancer of . President George Bush a special negotiator Richard Armitage said the bases were still needed to ensure the stability and Security of Asia despite global political changes. He condemned the killing sunday of two . Airmen by suspected communist guerrillas outside Clark air base 80 Kilometres North of Manila As a a brutal and Clumsy attempt to drive a wedge Between the Philippines and the United states that will mohawks to be charged in Reserve shootings Montreal up a charges were filed today against five residents of the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve in connection with one of two shooting deaths there two weeks ago in clashes Over gambling Quebec provincial police said. The five were to be formally arraigned later today police said in a statement. It did not say what charges have been filed at the courthouse in Valleyfield West of Montreal. Philip Schneider a lawyer representing the mohawks said he has been told one of the Meri will be charged with murder. A the provincial police told me this morning a said Schneider. A i do understand that there will be a murder charge a Schneider said. The five include four people arrested at their Homes on sunday and another who turned himself in later. Police did not identify the five which include two members of the peacekeepers the Mohawk police based in St Regis a town on the Quebec Section of the Reserve. Akwesasne near Cornwall ont., includes St. Lawrence River Shoreline in Quebec islands in Ontario and land in new York state. Peacekeeper chief Ernie King accompanied four of the accused to Montreal where they were brought by police helicopter after their arrest Early sunday. A provincial police spokesman said the accused were ques Edwards a Mohawk Iron toned in connection with the worker was killed during armed May 1 shooting death of Harold confrontations Between Casino Wilbert Edwards jr., 32. Supporters and opponents. Chretien a son released Montreal up a Liberal leadership candidate Jean Chretien has asked that no special treatment be Given to his son Michel who faces charges of sexual assault sodomy and confinement Michel Chretien a lawyer said today. Chretien 21, appeared briefly in Quebec court today and was released on condition he not Contact the alleged victim or a witness. Police allege Michel Chretien had a few drinks with the woman at a bar and then the two went to his apartment at about 2 30 am. Thursday. The Young woman said she passed out and does not remember leaving the bar. She said she awoke As the alleged assault was occurring her hands and feet bound with tape. Chretien has pleaded not guilty to the three charges on gang exploits Foster girls for prostitution Janet Bagnall Montreal Gazette Montreal a Montreal Urban Community policeman Pierre Blondin chose a few photographs from a folder that he carefully kept Hal closed. A you done to need to see the worst a he said. The pictures he Laid out on the table showed a girls is and Chest marked with Long bum scars. A they do it with Curling Irons a said Blondin. A to Force the girl to keep working As a the girl was just 14 when she became the virtual prisoner of Montreal a most violent youth gang. She was an easy Mark for the gang. They knew where to look for her and for dozens of girls just like her a in government run Foster institutions in and around Montreal. Montreal police say that in the past nine months they have interviewed 150 of these girls. They were almost All recruited in the institutions. And they were All victimized by the same gang a Loose network of 4 x to 500 teenagers and Young Meu from the City a haitian Community. Prostitution is the gangs main source of Money said police but they also do armed robberies car thefts and they re moving into drugs. The 14-year-old girl was put in the institution by her Mother. Another girl at the institution befriended her for the gang. The other girl helped the 14-year-old run away from the Foster Home to what was supposed to be a life of fun and excitement instead she was raped by six or seven gang members at a time paraded around the province As a nude dancer then prostituted on the streets. A this was in december 1988. It was the first time i had heard of such a thing a said Blondin a youth squad officer. A i could hardly believe my ears. The girls who have become involved with the gang Are almost All abused or abandoned youngsters who were placed by the courts in government institutions for their own Protection. It is an intolerable situation said Rene Dubois director of services at notre Dame de Laval a Foster institution in Laval. He said gang members seduce then exploit girls who Are very innocent Dubois said Foster institutions have been fighting off the gangs recruitment efforts for three years. Because gang members have succeeded in entering institutions to visit girls the institutions have had to become More controlling said Dubois. A gang members use false identity papers to get in a he said. Dubois said it took nearly two years for the Foster institutions to persuade police there was a problem. A we even compiled a list of names of gang members that the girls gave in september finally convinced there was a problem the police formed an anti gang squad. Since then they have arrested about 30 suspected gang members. The trials that have taken place have been sensational. A these Guys threaten everyone in sight a said John Kousik police director of operations for the Eastern Montreal Urban Community. A the judges the Crown the police and the Story continued on Page a14

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