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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 1

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Medicine Hat, Alberta Weekend edition series knotted Page b1 Index am landers.c6 badge .b4 busin�g8a6 City news.a2,3 aasshiedb5-11 comics.b4 crees cards .b6 Freedom in Hungary Page cd Don Mcge Vray a4 my a Ero to. .a4 doonesbury.a5 miss manners. .c8 Dhonal. A4,5 National news. .a7 ,. 02,3. 02 b4 religion. .c7 International news a8 scoreboard. .b2 lat lbs to the news. A5 sports. Bi-3,12 lifes. C4�,,8 .c1 in Otley numb eib.a2 what son .c4 weather map Page b4 mainly sunny sunday High 24 Low 08 province seeking revenge a Clark Toronto up much of Newfoundland a opposition to the Meech Lake Accord is motivated by a desire for revenge Over Long standing Hydro Power disputes with Quebec external affairs minister Joe Clark said Fri he made the i remark to a 1 radio interviewer the a Toronto Star said in a report today from Edmonton. Clark said Hubert Kitchen Newfoundland a finance minister had probably a spoke for a lot of newfound Landers at least members of the Liberal party in Newfoundland when they suggested that their motive had nothing to do with constitutional matters but was As i think he put it a matter of revenge with regard to James Bay Power. A at Issue is a Long term Power agreement involving electricity generated on the upper Churchill River in Labrador. The Power lines from the Hydro Generator pass through Quebec to the United states and Newfoundland has fought an unsuccessful Legal Battle to renegotiate a Deal that provides Quebec with substantial profits. A they got us by the Short hair on upper Churchill Quot Kitchen said of Quebec this month in the legislature. A a we be got them in the same place on Meech the Meech Lake Accord embodies several constitutional amendments that Quebec considers a minimum for it to willingly accept the 1982 Constitution signed by Ottawa and nine provinces. The 1987 Accord reached by prime minister Brian Mulroney and 10 premiers has a june deadline for ratification by parliament and All 10 Legislatures. Newfoundland which endorsed the Accord under the conservatives has rescinded that approval under the Liberal government of Premier Clyde Wells. Stonewalled a its been two Long nights in Edmonton for los Angeles snipers. The Kings Solva Oiler net under Bill Ranford wednesday night Friday night they could beat him Only once. Mike Kru Shelyski can close attempting to ram this puck Home but Ranford stood tall As the 0 lers stopped the Kings 6-1. The smythe division final moves to California for game 3 sunday night. The oilers Lead the Best of seven Serles 2-0. Story Page b1. A up smash City bus shelters Phil Melnychuk of the news a Medicine hat senior is so upset Over an Early coming smashing spree of bus shelters he is willing to put up $500 of his own Money to catch the culprits. An elderly Man phoned crime stoppers about 830 this morning after hearing of the 20 shelters shattered by vandals. A people Are upset and one person even called in and said head even pay the Reward a City const. Bob Pocsik said. The Glass shelters a everywhere All Over the City a were hit sometime Between 11 30 . Friday and 5 30 this morning said const. Colin Grant. The vandals main targets were the Hook outdoor advertising shelters which incorporate Large advertisements into the shelters. The shelters Are made of safety Glass and can stand an amount of Force. A you just can to walk up and hit them with your hand and break them a said transit operations supervisor Tony Fitterer. A a it a probably somebody going around with a Sling shot breaking them a or a Pellet gun. A it looks like they drove by and shot them a shot by a Pebble or Pellet can shatter the pane he said. Fitterer said the Large panes Cost $720 to replace while the smaller Glass costs about $550. Lithuania shuts non essential plants chained a soviet soldiers padlock the Gate of the communist party printing House in Vilnius Friday. Witnesses say workers inside the Plant were beaten by the soldiers map laser photo Vilnius up lithuanian factories producing non essential goods have been asked to close for the weekend to save Energy government sources said today. Today was to have been be a Normal working Day to make up for easter monday declared a Public Holiday in the Republic for the first time since the second world War. A number of factories including a fertilizer Plant employing 3,000 workers have already closed completely in the Wake of Moscow a move to Cut off All crude Oil and 85 per cent of Gas supplies to the breakaway Baltic Republic. The Kremlin tightened its Vise on Lithuania by expanding its Energy Embar do to other products and soviet troops stormed a printing Plant and beat at least 30 people lithuanians said. Lithuanian president vytautas Landsbergis issued a new plea Friday for talks with Moscow on the standoff Over his republics March 11 declaration of Independence from the soviet Union. He also was reported to have said in a letter to soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev that his government might consider suspending the declaration for two is As the basis for negotiations. Vilnius radio quoted Landseer grannies launch Navy on parliament Hill Ottawa up Only from the land of the Lotus eaters would 13 raging grannies Sally Forth to parliament Hill to launch their own toy Navy. That there was hardly enough water in the Moat around the Centennial flame to float a rubber Duckie did no to deter them in the least they rowed their inflatable boats on the Concrete shoulder of the parliament Hill Monument until beached by a mountie patrol. The stunt by the founding chapter of raging grannies was launched to focus National attention on its Campaign to have Victoria and Esquimalt harbours in British Columbia declared nuclear i a ports in time for the 1994 cd it memo wealth games. A we know the people in new zealand managed to do it for the Commonwealth games there this year and we want to do the same for Victoria a explained Alison Acker a charter member of the Victoria group. We be been doing it in canoes and rowboats but you can to get too Many Gnu Mies into a Canoe a Acker raging grannies is a choral group formed in 1 to draw local attention to radiation ha2ards, especially resulting Man Accident aboard one of the 15 to 20 nuclear ships that enter Victoria Harbor each year. Their aim is to ensure a Safe environment for their grandchildren. A a nuclear Accident is the worst possible disaster you can have a Acker stressed. A your motto is nuclear free by �?T93.�?T�?� the groups sphere of interest has soldiers need Gas antidote scientist says Montreal up a Canadian soldiers on peacekeeping missions will need better antidotes to nerve Gas and other chemical weapons in future a scientist with the department of National defence said Friday. Herbert Madill said that a Why the department has a contract with a Montreal firm a Labora Toire Bio Recherche Ltee a to test a nerve Gas antidote developed at cab Suffield which could be used by Canadian and other armed forces. A a it a a sad fact of life but chemical weapons Are being used More and More in military conflicts Between third world nations. A if we re going to Send our men into those countries a even to keep the peace a we have to make sure they Are protected against such ugly weapons a Madill said in an interview from Ottawa. About 20 Montreal area men have volunteered to test a drug called hi-6 which combats the deadly effects of nerve Gas. Madill said actual nerve Gas is not used in the tests. The tests Are designed to find out what Levels of hi-6 Are dangerous to human health. Hi-6 is not a danger in Low level doses he said. But health and welfare Canada has specified that All those tested with hi-6 must sign a release form which recommends they advise their sex partners to take birth control measures during and at least three weeks after the Experiment. Previous tests by National defence show that at High Levels hi-6 has caused severe fetal formations in animals. Jean Frere director of administration with Bio Recherche said the men were found simply through advertising in local newspapers. They Are paid a in the neighbourhood of $500 to $550.�?� Frere would not give out any ifs a sad fact of life but chemical weapons Are being used More and More in military conflicts Between third world More information about the tests saying it was classified. Madill would not disclose How much Money is involved in the contract with Bio Recherche but said a a it a less than $1 he said he hoped the tests would be completed sometime in Early 1991. After that it could take another two to three years before the hi-6 antidote would be available for soldiers in the Field he said. Each Soldier would carry three injection limits and if a nerve Gas attack was suspected he could inject himself in the leg with the antidote. Madill said that hi-6 was first tested in Yugoslavia 10 years ago but has never been tested in the West. Capt. Don Roy a spokesman for the defence department said Friday that Canada has 15 soldiers on the Iran Iraq Border As part of a in peacekeeping Force which was set up in 1988. Roy said hi-6 is being seriously considered because atropine the agent currently used against nerve Gas has some serious Side effects. He said the hi-6 tested in Montreal is manufactured at National defence laboratories in Suffield Alta. It has been tested on animals before but this is the first time that humans have been used in the experiments. Gis As saying in his letter to Gorbachev a fall countries big and Small. Can and must find a solution worthy of civilized societies to any complication if these countries Are guided by the principles of humanity. He also expressed Confidence the soviet leadership would Zimish the soldiers responsible for a Attiat brutal assault and Battery of Ordinary people at the printing Plant. At a news conference on Friday night Landsbergis said the Kremlin a is seeking to Stop the plants put the workers on the streets and encourage social unrest broadened to include the environment social Justice and housing. There Are about 15 raging Gran chapters in Canada. Tie Victoria Vanguard came to Ottawa this week to sing at the Federal conference on aging and to act As a role Model for others who Are or expect to be grandparents. While their parliament Hill two raft Fleet May have been in jest Acker said their next launching would be in Earnest a a we re going to buy a Zodiac motor driven inflatable so we can Buzz the nuclear ships As they enter Harbor. We be been doing it in canoes and rowboats but you can to get too Many grannies into a Canoe. A a we be had 27 nuclear warships in Victoria in the last two years. We Are told by Greenpeace that 11 of those ships have been involved in at least one major accidents Acker said the group wears outrageous costumes to attract attention and changes song lyrics to make people laugh a but we re deadly tiny Bubbler a Early evening sunlight filtering through tree branches turns soap bubbles into something magical for four year old Christopher Cullen of Charlottetown . After making the bubbles he tried in vain to catch them in his fingers. A up laser photo

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