Austin American Statesman 12 O'Clock High

Clipped from US, Texas, Austin, Austin American, March 30, 1950

By Dadlty Early'12 O'Clock High'A 20th Ontury-Fox picture, produced b? Darryl F Zanuck. directed by Henryj Lt Col Gat ely Col. Davenport 1 Mah 8to% allHush Marlowe Garv Merrill Dean Jatter(by »y Bartlett and from tlieir novel of the •ame name At the Paramount Oen. Savant Gretory PeckKing, icreenn.ay Belrne Lay JrA very satisfying motion picture, “12 O’Clock High does not quite get over that indefinable line which marks the beginning of greatness.ii—acne pimple*,_ irs (bli heads), eczema.bumIItetter and uglybroken-out akin ie ternally eauaed).Black and Whit#Ointment Is soothing. antiseptic, aida healing 25c. 60* and 8« sizes. Cleanse daily with Black and White Skin Soap.Upon viewing this film, it becomes obvious why it was not among the serious contenders for an Academy Award—and why Peck and Dean jagger were.Jagger, as everyone knows by now, won the award for the best male supporting role. There were undoubtedly bigger supporting roles during 1949, even meatier ones; but Jagger did so much with what he had that it makes his achievement all the more outstanding.As much as anything, this picture is an example of excellentscreenwritmg and storytelling; Peck takes over a bomber group in England early in the war when its morale is at low ebb and whips it into shape, developing not onlypride in the group among the members, but leadership as well. The story is so satisfyingly told thatyou will leave the theater with no trying to tie up loose ends. It ends when it should end, as it should end; With mission accomplished.There are some air battle shots that appear to be authentic, including an outstanding one of a fighter plane being hit and its pilot bailing out.However, with all its excellence in several departments, it adds up to short of true bigness.I«(IJ1I11I(]