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Dublin Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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Dublin Journal (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Dublin, DublinW a Tiv f f county 6v of mid receive one on their by producing ver they Willams City at g9nerti Stem by of the right int Tori and Tail had on then seventeenth Day of Freedom thereof wat unanimously granted in of wel1 m for attention Ethi Beuoy i Jonii All to the different yeomanry Corpt Seal at Taid City it hereto deed the Day and year Aljurn and tit Generd Kiv Tox Pray Ted tooth Taid free e mat Pfaue to return the it Tutor r sincere for the very High honour have conferred upon name to be Ltd amongst Vou at a Freeman of your ancient and i in receiving Marke favour at your Ideal it hat been Confer red non me More from Predel Laion than from any claim i can possibly conf in the discharge of my which you we pleated in to flattering to a i conceive i merely acted As i called upon official tour my lord and Gen May Reu Tati Ifield will Ever leave a lasting i of my Abife the Honoto with die most sincere and 1 your devoted it right the lord and of the City of f a Charity Sermon will by of Bachko Bijj by Falasa cd Vati of by the Rev hex Tel and a collection will be Mude for the the Haritov schools of that where the Chi Idren Terf tax a Sroor and Are cat fully instructed in the first of in and and and Many of whom arc now earning their 1ga servitude in this Parish add sur two thousand nine Hundred and were provided during the a ice and Bur Rurie Ifo Twet Hor very Nualta portion of their w wealth would contribute to the Relief arid of a number of their Gawf Andrare sanguine in their i v such benevolent As cannot attend it the scr to tend their to Alderman the Matthew Campbell cd e William i Koiwai or iceman from tub London 1 the court at Carleton the 31st of his Byal highness the Prince Regent at Rii Day by kit Royal tie it in the Ajmer and on the behalf of Hii a jul by and with the of his majesty privy Liat no ships or belonging to of hit to Jatty subjects be permitted to enter out for in of the ports within the Terri brits of the United states f until further order i Ltd his Royal highness farther the name and Oti tha lie Thalf of and by and with the advice to order embargo or Stop be made of All ships mid u belonging to the citizens of the us id Lof within or which shall hereafter int any of the within any of Hii majesty together with All per ipod Orl Ward such and and t he of ships of War and riot text do detain and into Poh All ships and h belonging Toj the citizens of the United states of Arne or bearing the of the United except be British which Ali allowed to proceed according to the Tenor of the and licenses but that the1 utmost cafe be taken for the of All and every part of the of Board of the wed or m that no damage or pm a Lauver i and the i bit of Are hereby pruned to detain and Bri Ujj into port every such ship vessel except As Are above excepted a Rightn Honam Tibke Lordi i majesty the commissioners of the and lord Warden of the Cuit Jue Are to the dec essay directions herein As to them May re of 7th offige118 of hit to Lett they m won for executing the of Nve of lord Admiral 01 United kingdom of great Britain 1 Irreas by an passed in the fort third year reign of his present for the bet pro action of Trade of the United kingdom dung the hostilities with France a Power is vend in Fatm licence to vessels to sail without and we pursuance of the said granted sundry licences Oro ogly and we see Fil to revoke certain of hereinafter we do hereby Rcd declare null and and of Iro All granted by to airy ship or vessel to sail without portion place of North new 1 the West or the Gulph of not have cleared out before this known to the collector or other of Lecce in port at which such ship or vessel under our hands and the Seal of the office of of july signed it May i Waymand of their l for the ordnance service la on contract for three commencing the Verat Anaclet will be paid for in the coarse of afar the of every three and no Peri dirt Advance Wilt be primed for which Are to be filled up with the and the the in Petiet May be had on Aputi cation at the office of the clerk of the Cheque of the Ord Turice and patterns the Jereral to be nipped May be teen by apply ing at the Security will be required for the due performance of and no tender will Berece ired after twelve Oclock on the above nor any attended unless the or Tome person properly authorized on his be present at the time and each Mutt be accompanied by the written assent of two respectable and solvent to become the the qu9mrty for the of senior Sophie text and senior will be held on monday and the 19th and 20th of of i8i2i and for the of Junior Sophie terran Junior on thursday and the 22d and Thomas senior 5th Edmond Tad govern Este of Taid a metting held this Day notice it hereby at the hour of one the 30th Day of a general meeting will to surgeon to this in the Roo of Ebenezer i by s 16hm Isac candidate it to expected to produce Docu at by just b vol ugh tetik an address Faz Gular ode of has added assortment of to a very extensive Stock i particularly Laid a fur thre purpose Orrt May Fayzur him with their from hit fir Rafidy he is enabled to fun Ruib a the Post encouraging will any and Vance or payment until the Money is issued by go Vraj went for that at Lii Council the of 1812 the lords of his Muj Tissys most honourable privy court Fri areas it i iii Heen that there net longer stay necessity Tor continuing which was by of Khz Lodi of his majesty i Tost bearing Date Khe fourth Day of october one Blini Jiwu Hundred on All ships and coming directly or Cut Teubl Fromi or having touched1 Tolfe or any port in t ulan of Cubas it Llinat the said order fourth Day of Dilber Hui Rcd and and the re voted and honour the Lordt of his the for office nrl6rd Admiral pc i the lord wart Law of the the of the Puii Cipal of maj Stys to Ecru try and the and Cojito Andrii chief for the time Beirl gof the of and Mun Are to give do re Cliotis herein at to at tit court if the the i Tye King Mil exp Juaiil most try in its majesty by Jis qr4ej a Cou Iichi of third first of May one thous title cig it Hundred and pleated to thar no Exfer therein should Kerr ii Ito the liar Kijuu Lei Ilyf Between Tjie Island of Goland and Guidy and the of tie said islands and commonly called or Kun own by the of the North the South under any his majesty by and with the advice of is privy to revoke so the order respects ships entering into the of the Island or in and to that henceforth merchant i tier any of cent the coining shall la allowed to Witer with his majesty licence and right honourable or lords Commissi finers of his majesty an4 directions herein Iuta them May respectively at client the ten i 3th pts Ifni the Kingi Molt excellent in Jelly in Ali ties ins majesty was by Lii order a cot Frocil of 0e of december by virtue of the Powers reserved to his majesty by two car Tjun acts therein in twi fort eighth year of his majesty to and it thereby until further order a hound made the operations of Tryc said act shut cd be suspended at to Uny on exportation granted by the Naid As fur an related to be info Tryc or manufacture of any country of the time biting i in Amity with his and from of the British Flag is not which articles been r be imported direct trom such country iii Oiny port or of the United either in British or in ships of the country of which such articles Are Muu Fairure majesty is hereby fun tier Elf anti to by and with tie advice Tola on Tats of by of by off while cloister d piety displays f the piercing Eye explore to and the pomp of cider whence culls the pensive Byrd his in ctr d i Hor Barren ure the winding of but strewn with v to Attoh on dngtole1 Edinburgh printed the and sold by ill the Orrin Cittato in Fife United pc Dix be and nerves in the Island of to be Soli by the auction in 0 in the itt Day of october tour Oclock in or in wiil hereafter All Lihi Suo a ii t ate railed grand with the and live and dead to Fork Shore Crit to to Imd situate in the Island of Obaji part of the Estat Vichich u Cutti Vafed and now in produces Anim Fly about of and 700 negroes of of its sine in the Wen India particulars to i and London or Joshua or John merchant but it r hit an4byahd Council it herein before contain it neb permit i the Taid a today the import Ion hoi an on of i or in o Kny y i Vitant Whit Soever Tal i Curea or for every barrel of pickled or a tto uate on per weighing Morv than one Hundred acid on bread or biscuit of not weighing More than one Hundred opt weight r on bread for every made Oje or any other grained in or than i v apor or Merj made from or Ather Grain than weighing dred ninety to tit i is in 4 0 s on Indian Corn or other Grainy per v for very Ipp on in proportion for a less or larger i v on ban Jpn riot outre than 0 9 0 o on Brt mfg Apt More than 1 j inches q f t matted out thousand of red Oak Itaf for twelve hurl ref a Etc 9ak and fur every one pieces of head per Fop thousand feet of White or Yel Low Lumbe of All feet of Pine lumber for 111 i other kinds of Wood or i 0 o further privy Aud by virtue of the Powers reserved 16 majesty by Llie said that the operation of Lite aforesaid in like Marinar us to any duties Export Niovi Rantej by the said so far re late to inc being tie or manufacture of any country Tor the time being in Amity with his majesty and fro the ports of which British Flag not which arli Clis been or shall be imported direct from such country in or v of the by Ilion tree a West India and irom thence in Ciao any port of c tie Kcf tort Nurt Orthouse the us the Prince fluent in by an act and Inthy 4cth year of majesty i titled rising his do Rifle Are i tent and six of a definitive treaty of Jirld Tion of certain and in Nei itral flt Rij into and from his Terri tories in the West indies and continent of South anti Eric it that Froit ands Ter the pacing of said it and May be lawful his his and by and the advice of Liuji and t6 the said and in such manner and tinder Rioin to Bis by hid with the advice privy teem a iii Nencet tits of the Case appear to Willuhn advice of he privy time during the present ratification of Deli Nirve Fiou and exportation which Ber Nuda or Somer afe or Auy lauds or territories of he continent of South Arienca to his majesty of an such an and Myra Modi ties Aspe Merit Ionedi Der of his majesty in in ship Vewel to the of any state lit Ariit with his in such manner As his Aud by and the shall cer Taiti orders of it fade on the lath Day of tic Stith Driy of the Irh Day of and like 7ul Luy of which1 orders were in Force Lor limited Ifie Appe Avi at to be Nec thary to for a furl ice ii nitty subject to be sooner or As Lic Ciu after provided exportation Roin and territories of Hui in the indies including the and tie Bermuda or some of and lie and aug Terf Turies of continent of South a Nehra to his of certain hereafter men in or belonging tie of Aav 3iat in Amity with majesty his Royal Hij Huew in the name and on the behalf of majesty is thereupon by and with the Uci vue of majesty to and in in hereby that the said or drs id go Natl made on tie in Ohof the Lusth of 10th of and t lip Day of shall Eppl True and be in Force until he 31u Driy of except is Hervi Nutter excepted with of or pickled and from and alter the of 1st Day of it shall be lawful for the or of any of his a islands the in which description the Bahama 4nj if Jubei Inda or Somer islands Are and of Oil hip con tin of South to to per gift until f he Day of sub act to sooner varied or hereinafter in vessels belonging to the of apy state with the i importation into the Aud territories of Lamb neat and Othur of live and live pro and also of kind of Ali Trio and Aud from and after the 1st Day of and pickled Ash also except Aud also the exportation from the said lauds and territories into which importation As aforesaid shall be Maje of and to any other Good and ing for Ouei thousand Wood o and in Prog proof larger or lesser Quan Otler Jive i scr of att Corr of Jilane of 1q and in the name and of by Novier of i tha any thing the atm authority to Ipoh and sex Hall ap4 or be it Verf Tutje Uipi ratio of the Day of Awer the spiral Ion of six months after the in London of any order of the Sikri cation e a Dorfi Ninive treaty of peace Ulp cd Tift at in the Palace in milling the Britain of and Oiher articles in it w by act a narc Ofcar of present in Titi led an actor Day of Orle the import of and Wool except in fore Gfa payment of the like if or Riib an made in the of present was revived ind Fri other continued Mif Twenty tilth Day of eight Hundred and and extended y imported in Forest and Wirich Wai further Nudd by an act the year of he present the of Hun and tight the Sanio was further continued Antil three after the ratification of 4 definitive theaty of peace and Bihe t it Lutfu for he by in Yfeme to Tirrie when and As it judged to permit any pieces of or calf Kius dressed or pieces of tallow1 and except and also co i skins to be Init Orlid in any foreign Thip or Aud to be to Eutry in Auy port or Piare in United on payment of and the like jut is of customs and excise a Are due and payable on die like goods when in any Bri Luh or ship or any in contained in any act to the contrary not withstanding the i incr Regent in the name and of by half of and by and with the advice of hit majesty privy in there upon of Powers vested in by Naid above recited to and Darth hereby Tor the space of six fron Date of order in Council the importation of Hick of pieces of or calf skins of Drc Sud or or pieces of Wool Cullo Wool and aug of Drar sed any foreign or irom any port from which the Flag is exr lured and Tiiu on the arrival at any the United kingdom of any or any Truro but Chloe Brigith u excluded with of the the to Oil be Adi Nueil to entry on payment of the same duties and As Are Dur payable on like goods when imported in any ainu a or Irish built ship 01 and the right honourable the of his macs ten Treasury to
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