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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia thought Forfi May. Let Lidar to do our duty As to understand it. Iii i. I _l.,_i_i- i Lincoln. J . On or tic Tamise Mainland i Koo said that 1 Koai. Dic Iacoi snips tie communists could not Siop the r aggie Ive Poney a common St o Quemoy and any of e. Oatly n0 islands guarding Formosa Wou u Only be a Pic Luke to incas on of Foi Mosa Tjio ambassador was confident that Kals its to would shias any Jovas on at tempt so Long As the sea and a i approaches Tov Quemoy am other is lands we e Conti oiled by the nationalists our government docs not want to involve the u be ant. Other countries in our conflict we feel we will be Able to do the fighting so Long As the flow of Amman Tion and equipment continues " " i found that the Moalc of our troops was very h go oui defenders have been thoroughly be trained and re equipped with Standard american weapons i Koosa d he pointed out that Quemoy and the Lachen a brands vital to the Security of Formosa South East Asia and the free world they were like sentinels at the Gate of the Mainland Ano they Seive not Only As guards but As observe it on Points he added or Koo said the islands would be used As bases for attacks else where if they fell into communist hands the communist Pott of Amoy opposite Quemoy would be built up into one of the largest communist m Litany poits that would threaten South Jea t Asia and pose a headache Foi the us Navy m the Pacific i or Koo said the psychological effect in Asia would be even i eater than the military effect if Quemoy or the Majhen islands wer lost after a fight i no Quarter Fotr Chiang London sunday communist China Hab promis cd lenient treatment Fri every nationalist on Formosa with the single exception of chinned Kai Shek if they surrender to the communist regime according to the tientsin newspaper to Kung Pao the new China new Agency told the nationalists on the Island it is time for you to renounce your evil past come Over to the Side of right the chinese people Are determined to take positive action to Liberia to Foi Mosa " Chiang Kai Shek was denounced As a renegade who had imposed fascist Rule on China for More than 20 years before becoming the obedient tool of american imperials four killed Sydney sunday. Chairman of Laronga Park zoo Trust sir Edward Hall i a Tom who has been searching i three months for a White Crow was presented with one yester Day Queensland Grazier Tom Elli Ott of Corfield near Longreach presented sir Edward with a whte Crow at Mascot last night or. Elliott said he caught the cow Neur his Home about four years ago i a Sydney commercial radio station which had joined in the search announced yesterday that or. Eliott would receive a Jack pot of �385 if he took the Whito Crow to the station to Morrow. Chinese air attacks on red installations chinese nationalist air Force heavy bombers escorted by Thun Der jacks dropped bombs Ever White Stone fort and artillery positions around Shihchin both each of annoy when they continued Large scale assaults against Imal land targets in Fukien province yesterday. A communique said that the Bambers attacked communist concentrations hiding in harbours near Amoy. Propellor driven fighter bomb i ers softened the targets before the bombers flew in the new China new Agency claimed to Day that anti aircraft units brought Down one fighter plane and damaged three Ochery of the raiding nationalist Chin Ese Force. It claimed that others were damaged. Chinese nationalists struck ? with sea and air attacks at t t chinese Mainland for the n nth successive Day. To Day in an at tempt to crush a threatenec7 communist invasion of que Roy Island said United press to Day. A nationalist spokesman a d that Jet fighters and bombers pounded the communist buld up Centre at Amoy with heavy bombs. Naval units supported them with bombardments of Island Between Tangshan Island and Swaton. Navy patrol planes ranged Dong the coast of South Chan searching for possible new deployments of a communist in Vasion Force he added. An official government com Munique a d that comic unit batteries Inland from Amoy had Cost need shelling Quemoy and nationalist islets. There was no announcer ent of rail allies or damage by red shells. Hot dog gift disappears on Way to Queen London sunday. One Hundred hot dogs with Mustard sent to Queen Elizabeth As a gift from America have disappeared since they arrived at Nondon Airport on thursday. The sunday express said to Day. William Black an american company president sent the hot dogs to commemorate the pre War visit to America by King George i and the Queen Mother. The sunday express said that officials had refused to say what happened to the hot a Buckingham Palace spokes Man said this is a private mat Ter on which we cannot com weakness seen in . New York sunday. The South East asian pact would not be fully effective until the Republic of Korea and the Republic of China had 1,500 000 men under arms senator Wil Liam Knowlan said last night. Senator Knowland Republican Leader in the Senate described the treaty As a step toward building collective Security in the area but he added it was not As Strong As the Atlantic treaty because of the neutralise policies of India Burma and Indonesia. Weather experts inquire on atom explosions Geneva sunday. World weather experts bombarded with letters calling for International action to restore Good weather have ordered an inquiry into whether bad euro Dean Summers had anything to an with Hydrogen or atomic explosions prime minister presents premiers trophy the prime minister or. Menzies Patron of the Eastlake football club presented the Ainslie Rex premiership trophy to Roy Watterton capita n and coach of Queanbeyan Acton in the dressing rooms after the grand final at Hanuka on saturday. In Centre or. C. Chandler president of Canberra National football league. Benelux ministers agree with Eden on German arms Brussels sunday. R talks Winch inc British foreign minister or. Anthony Eden had with Benelux foreign ministers yesterday were an encouraging Start for his tour of West european capitals. Ii Eden said before leaving by air Foi Bonn i am sure the a Alks in Biu Szpis have been use Ful i Hope it is an encouraging it Ait Foi the work remaining to be done " i he said that the belgian Foi eign minister i Spaak had riven him support and Wise advice and they Weie All agreed or Spaak went to the Airport to see or Eden off. He told reporters the talks had been encouraging and Comfort no "we1-definitely made a step Owaid though we have not of oui be regained the ground lost by i ejecting e d c we now have to Start from catch again m oui defence plans i Spaak added a communique was Imade at he end of or Eden s talks with the foreign ministers of Bel Gium Holland and Luxembourg the discussions on the situation created by the French rejection of the european defence Community treaty will be Pui sued in the coming Days through diplomatic channels the com Munique said an eight nation conference suggested by Britain will prob ably be held m London at the end of sept Imbi Belgium Holland and Luxem Bourg Are said to have met or. Edon with a United front on West German rearmament. The West Germany Chancel Lor or. Konrad Adenauer said that he believed that entry of West Germany into the North Atlantic Alliance was the Quick est and most viable Way of get Ting a German defence contribution. Chancellor Adenauer told ajl mass rally of his Christian Dom socratic party at Neu Muenster that his government shared the British View that West Germany must enter . O. As soon As her Freedom was restored. J or. Adenauer criticised those who believed that the creation of 12 German divisions would Lead to War or create a thie Ati for the soviet russians he pointed out had 220 to 2 10 divisions in eur Ope. Far from being afraid of 12. German _ divisions Russia wanted Only to destroy european Unity. Operation to save life of motor cyclist the condition of Donald Gilbert Warner 16, of turn i was described late last night a "critical.". Doctors undertook a delicate operation to the head yesterday in an Effort to save Warner s life.1 Warner was admitted to the Canberra Community Hospital on Friday after a motor Cycle he was Riding collided with a car at the intersection of Macleay and co Damine streets Turner. He sustained injuries to to j head and Chest. I seeks 4-Powcr pact in Manus the Federal Council of the australian country party meeting in Canberra called for a four Power treaty for the future control of Manus Island As a military base. Tile Council will ask the Commonwealth government that Australia new zealand Britain and the United states control the rebuilding administration and military control of Manus. Each Power would contribute equipment finance and personnel. The Council decided to seek an amendment to the Constitution to prevent compulsory referendum to Amend the Constitution should be held at the next Senate elections. The amendment to be sought would prevent any common wealth or stale parliaments making Laws abridging the Fredom of speech the Freedom of the press or abridging the right of Freedom of association. The suggested amending would make existing Laws null and void. Another Resolution will seek legislation to protect lessees in Commonwealth territories and make provision for the payment of compensation should there be any alteration to the terms at the lease. Council will consider a proposal to print the country Pahy platform and policy in foreign languages for Issue to newly naturalised citizens. The minister for health sir Earle Page was chairman of the meeting. The Federal parliamentary country party has been asked to explore immediately every Avenue to implement the country party policy to abolish uniform taxation by returning the Rev Enue raising responsibility to state government bid to fast 100 Days i Rouen Bur-1 i mall was last night sealed in a Glass Cage with 100 moroccan vipers to attempt a fast of 100 Days. The stunt Man already i claims a world record fast of 92 Days 5 hours. Vietnam general ? i defies Premier in faction struggle Paris sunday. The chief of the general staff of the vietnamese army Nguyen Van Hinh to Day defied a government order to leave the country a French news Agency reported. He continued to work in his Saigon Headquarters protected by armoured cars Ana a dozen lire hoses. The hoses were to repel any police who might try to arrest him. Meanwhile the Premier Ngo Dinh diem has barricaded him self in his Palace with 100 police stationed outside. The moves Are the latest in a trial of strength Between the Premier and an important fac Tion in the vietnamese army. The prime minister of Viet Nam Ngo Dinh diem yesterday ordered the chief of staff of his army to take six months leave and put another general under House arrest in a trial of strength with an important any fac Tion according to reports from Saigon. The Premier ordered general Nguyen Van Hinh the chief or staff to take leave and under take a Mission in France. He asked Nguyen Van by commanding the Saigon cholon1 area to act As chief of staff in Hinh s absence. General by refused and the Premier then requested him not to leave Phie Home a polite Way of putting him under House Are rest. Sources close to general Hinh said that he had also refused to obey the Premier s order to leave for France. The Premier s action in Barri Cading himself in his Palace to Day was apparently aimed at giving credit to the theory that Hinh was threatening a coup d eat. Reports differed Over the Rea son for the Premier s action. One version was that the e government did not want at the head of the National any an officer who was known to be Iti Kewane in his sentiments to wards Bao Dai and who As an advocate of a unified vietnamese army had differences of opinion with various religious sects in South Vietnam. I other reports were that Gen eral Hinh was suspected of conspiracy. Algerian death Roll reaches 1340 Wuh Many missing Algiers Linday. The death Roll in the algerian earthquakes fast week mounted to Day to 1340. Hundreds of persons were known still to be trapped in the ruins of Orleans Ville officials said. Forty europeans have so far been Idelli find among the dead. The French minister for the Interior a Francois Mit Urand toured the ghost City of Orleans Ville to Day. He encouraged exhausted res Cue workers still digging for survivors and congratulated the algerian i auth ont is on the r courage and Devotion to duty in the worst catastrophe of its kind in r"1 history of the african continent. I be ii irom the Orleans Ville Cathedral which toppled in the earthquake still called catholics to mass this morning. Boy scouts dug the Bells from the rubble and rang them with pieces of Iron. J a new Earth tremor Shook the ruined City of Orleans Ville this morning As the French m Nister for the Interior toured the City. It is not. Yet known Whethe the tremor cruised further dam age or . Between 5,000 and 6,000 per sons Are reported injured and 20,000 Are homeless. I a London message reports that the entire Stock of Blank i ets pillows and bedding held by Britain at Gibraltar for Supply ing troop ships was flown to Algeria yesterday As a Cross Appeal Geneva Munday. The league of red Orosi societies has launched a world wide Appeal for help to vict is of the or Lansville earthquake. The league req res supplies of condensed and powdered , canned fruits sugar and meat children s clothing and Blanket. An air France plane took off from Geneva yesterday for Al Giers with. 1000 blankets from the league s emergency Sto is at Geneva. Five killed in Road accidents Sydney sunday. At least five person Tiave been killed and eight others injured in Load accidents in new during the week end three men were killed and another injured when a car ploughed into the Back of a stationary Semi trailer ten Miles from Albury last night police ambulance men and passing motorists worked for Houis to release the Driver of the car from the wreckage dead were Edward Vernon Wornes 54, of Holbrook Leslie Roy Parker 40, of hoi Brook and James Nolan 37, of Canton the Dii Vei Richaid we Soctt 24 of Holbrook was not seriously injured one Man was killed and seven others injured critically when cars collided at Warra Wong near Wollongong last night the dead Man was Thomas Atfield 36, of Penang Street bom Derry Charles 1 Raymond Stanley 55, of Rand Wijt was killed last night when he was crushed under an overturned car at Wymble Stanley was Flung from the car As it crashed into a tree the car then rolled o or him. _ \ 250 arrests of russian network in Persia , saturday. Persian Secundy forces have uncovered a ring of army an Force and police officers financed by and working under the do Ort orders of Moscow persian Intel Eugence and foreign embassy sources state officers in trusted positions close to the Shah and to trime minister general Zahedi Ai e daid to be among a haul of Between 250 and 300 officers and Civ Hans arrested since Dawn on tuesday All sources agree that no coup was plotted but they said that the ring existed Foi Cai tying out Moscow s orders on a Long Teim basis and to Supply Complete de tails of us military Aid to Persia West rejects russian note for Security pact London saturday. In identical notes Butarin Fiance and the United states have rejected the soviet Union s i pos Ais for the conclusion of an All Europe collective Security pact unless the German and aus Trian problems Aie solved first the Western answer was anticipated by the soviet Union on tuesday night when its foreign ministry issued a Long statement claiming that the rearmament of West Germany would endanger peace the Western Powers be iterate that they will take Nat in a further big four conference on the German problem and will re. View the question of euro Pean Security Only if the soviet will conclude the Long Over duo austrian peace treaty and agree to free elections throughout Ger Many they announced their intention to stand by the North at lactic Alliance and bluntly told the russians there can be no question either of modifying or abandoning this concept on stamp to feature Antarctic Feyd Nev. Sunday. A new 3jd. Postage stamp featuring australian Antarctic research expeditions will be issued on november it the stamp Blue Black in Colour will be of the same size ask the current 5/ stamp and will be on Sale at All Post offices for approximately seven weeks. The design of the stamp swill be based on the e circular Emblem of the Antarctic division of the department of external affairs. Or. Casey Jinbu Nna for talks Rangoon sunday. The australian minister for external a affairs. Or. Or. G. Casey on arrival at Rangoon for talks with burmese leaders described s .t.o. As a Good Compromise in Many turning to a burmese foreign office official he added with a ski mlle we Hope you Niay be attracted to it some Lar. Casey emphasised How Ever that he was not in Burma to try to influence the govera meet to join-s.b.a,

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