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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia forecast Canberra mostly Sonny. Lake wind a 5-12 knots. S. Tablelands sunny Cool. S. Coast Cloudy dry slight seas. Weather details capital City forecasts tides. Page 32. World weather. Page 5. I Lee Trevino drives off the 7th tee at Royal \ Canberra on his Way to a record 66 in the Dunlop International Golf tournament yesterday. The round gave him a total of 138 for the 36 holes played so far and put him in second place one stroke behind English Man Peter Beames who had a 68 yesterday. Report. Back Page. Drugs kill Many Vietnam gis Washington Friday Aap Reuter. Deaths from Over doses of heroin and other hard narcotics. Have rocketed recently in Vietnam. Senator Thomas j. Dodd Democrat Connecticut said this today As chair Man of the Senate juvenile delinquency subcommittee. The drug situation is disastrous among the troops and has spilled Over into civilian life As the gis return Home he said. In the last few months South Vietnam has been flooded with the most powerful heroin Ever to come to the attention of the committee. Army tests conducted at the request of the com Mittee staff in Asia Indi Cate that it is in the 95-100 per cent pure Range. He said one air Force Hospital alone recorded 53 drug overdose admissions in september which resulted in seven deaths. There were a total of 41 reported overdose deaths in a Gist and sep tember and there were 35 deaths during the first 18 Days of october. Late news Freedom order for gabled Deputy Saigon Friday Aap the South vie James j supreme court Ord cd to Day the release from prison of former legislative de Pul 1 or Tran Ngoc Chau convicted last March of pro communist activities the associated press reported the court nullified . 10-year sentence Given Chau by a military Kiev court. . Stop work to be reconsidered by Bert Castellaro the Canberra Branch of the trans port workers Union has called a meeting to reconsider a decision to hold a Stop work meet ing on monday the. Decision made yesterday would have stopped government buses and. Commonwealth cars. It was scheduled to begin at 7.30am and the men were to decide How Long it would last. This will now be reconsidered to Morrow. The Stop work would involve 360 members of the transport Section of the department of the Interior who drive the buses trucks and Commonwealth cars. They decided to Stop work because of the in crease in bus fares from november 16, and because of work being Given to private transport companies which they believe should be done by the department. No government buses will run after Midnight to Morrow if the men decide to go on with the stoppage and thousands of people will have to find alternative transport. The Secretary of the Canberra Branch of the Twu or d. Carpenter said the department has been farming out to private Enterprise work which could be done by its own men and equipment and which would help offset the deficit instead of fares having to be raised. The department has handed Over to private Enterprise lucrative transport work and Tours which they used to Cater for. At the heart of the trans port dispute is a depart mental decision to advise the army to hire private take men to an army exercise at Tai Jarra via Sassafras a Remote part of the Braidwood District Chioti is reached Over rough roads. Lie department decided it could n of spare vehicles. The. Delivery of Chassis for new. Buses has been delayed and the department believed it could not. Risk being Short of vehicles for the Public transport system through a possible break Down of a vehicle away. Crucial times Drivers would have earnt considerable Over time if they had been used to transport the army. Or Carpenter said buses could just As easily break Down in Canberra and be out of service at crucial times. The department notified the Deputy Industrial registrar of the Commonwealth conciliation and arbitration commission or r. E. Hegarty about the Stop work. He contacted commissioner j. B. Holmes who sent a message to or car Penter directing him to Call a meeting of members before monday to recon Sider the Stop work decision or Carpenter then consulted the Branch presi Dent and he said later that a meeting would be called for 9am tomorrow at loss Park Kingston. A spokesman for the department of. The Interior said last night the department has been advised by the transport workers Union that driving staff will not be Avail Able for a period on Mon Day morning because of a Stop work meeting. If the stoppage proceeds Canberra bus ser vices including school buses will be suspended be tween 7am, and 10am at least. The Only exception will be buses to. The Molkara and Kooi Harri schools for handicapped children. Common wealth cars and other transport Section vehicles also will be affected. Political writer David 8olomon to or David Solomon has re v joined the Canberra times As political correspondent. For four years from 1963 or Solomon was senior civic affairs reporter and then parliamentary correspondent for this news paper. For the past three years he has been parliamentary Cor respondent and then political correspondent of the australian. Or Solomon attended Sydney University and graduated from the australian National univer sity As a Bachelor of arts major ing in history and political science. Banks Hail Treasury move Sydney,1 Friday. The chairman of Tho australian Bankers association or t. B. A Bell said today that the relaxation in official regulations governing investments by most savings Banks announced today by the Federal treasurer or Bury was a Welcome move. Savings Banks had responded quickly to the recent relaxation of official lending restraints in order to help Home buyers and the building Industry. Or Bell said that the reduction to 60 per cent in the ratio of specified liquid and other assets which savings Banks must hold would not mean an immediate substantial in crease in Levels of savings Bank lending for housing. But it would enable them to maintain their current higher rate of housing loan approvals in the com ing months. It would also assist the savings Banks to gear their lending operations to the longer term growth in housing requirements Aris ing from Australia s Coli turning growth 1 ministers Choice be Loyal or be fired Brisbane Friday. The Queensland country party Leader and Premier or Bjelke Petersen will try to sack any coun try party Cabinet min ister who refuses to pledge loyalty to him at a special meeting of the party next tuesday. If the unwilling victims of the Premier s hard line will not surrender their portfolios or Bjelke Petersen could jeopardise tiie entire Structure of the government it was suggested today that he wanted to remove the minister for education or Fletcher and the mini Ster for primary industries or Row two known opponents of his premiership from the Cabinet. Or Bjelke Petersen Dis closed that he had called the meeting of the coun try party ministers to clarify where i stand. I have no intention of continuing without know ing their attitude towards me he said. It is Clear that some ministers voted against me in the vote of Confidence in the country party room last week. This was quite unexpected and unusual. On october 21, country party members passed a vote of Confidence in the Premier by Only 13 votes to 11, after an approach by four members on the previous night ask ing him to resign. A senior political source explained today that if any minister refused or Bjelke Petersen s request to resign the Premier would have to resign and form a new government renegotiating the coalition with the Liberal Leader or g. Chalk. Executive rejects Back pay claim the Federal executive of the australian labor party decided yesterday not to pay $2,100 in Back pay to three former officials of the dismissed victorian Branch of the party. The three officials the former state Secretary or w. Hartley the former organiser or r. Hogg and the former assistant Secretary or g. Butler had claimed six weeks Back pay. The executive decided that or Hartley and or Hogg had not complied with past executive directives and therefore forfeited their right to be paid out of Federal party funds. However the executive although not paying or Butler his Back pay Deci ded he had complied with the Federal body and would therefore be paid from Federal funds from i today. The executive meeting will continue in Sydney today where the Secretary or Young is expected to move for the appointment of a temporary administrative Secretary to hold office until a state Alp conference is convened to make permanent appoint ments. Or Mcewen posted by a special correspondent the Deputy prime minister and minister for Trade and Industry or Mcewen is expected to be appointed Australia s roving negotiator on the european common Market after he retires from Federal politics Early next year. A High government official said yesterday that or Mcewen s services to Australia would not be lost after his retirement in january. Or Mcewen he said would carry on where he left off As a minister. He would be Given a roving commission to negotiate with Britain and other european coun tries and other nations affected by Britain s entry in the dec. The official said or Mcewen would have the full backing of the government in carrying out his negotiations. Or Mcewen was renowned throughout the world As one of the toughest negotiators and had spent most of the last seven years on problems confronting austra Lia caused by Britain s planned entry to the dec. Now that Britain has moved further toward entry the prob lems for Australia would be accentuated and the official said who is better than or Mcewen to work in Australia s interests on a non political basis the official recalled that it was the Strong stand taken by or Mcewen in 1961-62 that Engen dered doubts in the British government a mind about entering the dec at that time. Or Mcewen first took his stand when the chief British negotiator or Duncan Sandys then us minister for Commonwealth affair sought Australia s con Currence in Britain s determination to seek entry. The official recalled also that it was or Mcewen s insistence that Australia s exports should be protected that led to a virtual breakdown in the British govern ment s attitude. As a result Britain became lukewarm and Australia was Given a breathing space of eight years. Tributes to or Mcewen. Page 3. Labor Man no 35-hour week in Rural sector the labor Shadow minister for primary Industry or Patterson announced yesterday that he was opposed to the introduction of a 35-hour working week in the primary production sector of the Economy. Although his statement referred specifically to the primary Industry sector of the Economy it was interpreted As a repudiation of previous interpretations of labor s policy. It has caused consternation in the labor party coming on the eve of the Senate election. Or Patterson against policy both the Leader of the _ opposition or Whitlam and the president of the Actu or Hawke have advocated a 35-hour work ing week for All Indus try. Or Hawke has stated publicly that 1971 is the year for its introduction. In parliament Over the past week the 35-hour controversy has blown up into a major pre election Issue. Or Patterson issued his statement minutes before leaving Canberra for Queensland. He said the government had grossly exaggerated the effects of the introduction of the Shorter work ing week. _ but he admitted that its immediate introduction would Worsen the present financial position of far mers. Nevertheless his state ment has caused consternation in the labor party s ranks coming on the eve of the Senate elections. On thursday the prime minister or Gorton said the 35-hour week would destroy Australia s Capac Ity for International Busi Ness. No economic justification9 or Patterson said that because of the present highly unsatisfactory economic and financial position of Australia s major Export Rural Indus tries there was no economic justification for the shortening of the work ing week in the Rural sector. Although the costs and effects had been grossly Over exaggerated by government spokesmen for obvious political reasons the Blunt fact remained that to deliberately impose further Cost burdens on the ailing Export Rural industries would Only Worsen the present critical Finan Cial position of seriously growing numbers of Export primary producers. Such a decision. Under these circumstances could Lead to unemployment in Rural areas he said. The Bleak immediate future of some of our most important industries like Wool wheat butter and fruit further emphasises the inability of Rural Indus tries to absorb additional Cost increases under pres ent conditions. It was regrettable that the government was using the controversy of a Shorter working week As a Politi Cal smokescreen to desperately hide the real causes of uncontrollable _ Cost increases in Australia. The government has continually turned a Blind Eye to High interest rates and exorbitant consumer prices charged for farm materials under monopolistic pricing arrangements he continued. ". It is perfectly True that a policy objective of the labor party is for Shorter working hours. For 70 years this objective has always been a Funda mental Ideal. Sydney Friday. Or Hawke said tonight that the Actu would set up a committee to examine the implications of the question of increased Leisure time. This committee would also look at which sectors of the australian Economy were ready for the introduction of the 35-hour week. Asked do those Sec tors include primary producers or Hawke retorted you Don t make a statement out of what you expect to find if you re going to have an investigation. Or Whitlam declined to comment on or Patterson s statement. Labor pie pollution Sydney Friday. A labor govern ment would make Grants to encourage re search and develop ment of automobile engines and fuels in Australia to Minimise production of pollutants the Federal opposition Leader or Whitlam said tonight. Or Whitlam said the automotive Oil and pack aging industries were responsible for Australia s worst forms of Environ mental pollution. He was outlining labor proposals to fight pollution during a Senate elec Tion Campaign speech at the Hurstville civic Centre. Or Whitlam said a labor government would establish the joint Commonwealth state Bureau for the control of pollution proposed by the Senate select commit tee on air and water pollution. Involve and integrate the efforts of common wealth state and local government authorities in a National approach to pollution control. Provide tax incentives and penalties to encourage installation of appropriate anti pollution devices in Industry adoption of new anti pollution technology for cars and use of those fuels and packaging materials contributing least to the pollution problem. Ratify without further delay International conventions for pollution control off Australia s coasts and harbours. Set up a certification authority to require All airports to be of sufficient area and to be sited to ensure that Jet noise did not affect communities. Naval base plans announced by . Plans to provide facilities at the naval support base at cock born sound a for four escort vessels and three submarines were announced yesterday by the prime minister or Gorton. Page 7. Students Queensland University has charged at least nine students with breaches of discipline after a sit in at the University s administration building on thurs Day and actions of some staff members Are being investigated. Page 3. Middle East the us has proposed in the United nations that the in recommend a three month Extension of the ceasefire in the Middle East and a re sumption of peace talks. Page 4. Vietcong Hie Vietcong said at the Paris peace talks yesterday that it had received from the soviet Union a renewed pledge of All out sup port in its struggle against the us thus indicating that Moscow was not going along with president Nix one latest peace package. Page 5. Violence president Nixon electioneering in California met the worst violence he has been involved in during his presidency. Page 5. . Profit a report tabled in the Senate yesterday shows that Taa made a profit of More than $1.3 million in the last financial year. Page 8. Other pages parliament. 10 Garden 14 churches 15 arts entertainment. 16, 17 finance 18, 19 courts i.,. 31 fishing 33 comic strips 35 lottery Ordinary 6400. 35 classifieds Index Page 20 real estate pages 28-30 skin Trade l president Nixon Hai taken an interest in Tho skin Trade. Our Washington correspondent reports. Page 2. Garbage tons and tons of in rotatable rubbish a being dumped every. Year. Dumped where what is to happen to it John Newell in London writes about a scheme to dispose of garbage in inner space. Page 11. Fitzgerald. Page 11 books or John Gartner has been collecting Fine books since he was a teenager.,he now pub Lishes them. Maurice Dunlevy in writers world talks about a publishing House with a wide variety of titles under us Banner. Page 12. War Manga $14,600 1 i ready to move in on $1,460 Deposit and weekly ref payments of s23-55. Striking while ranch style with e contrasting dark stain windows. Two of the three bed 5 i rooms have built in wardrobes. 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Price includes All Quality furniture car pets curtains Etc transferable departmental loan. Wee Mangera $17,7001 beat the rising prices in this never to be repeated ex-1 = Clu sively privately built suburb. Ring now to see this = three bedroom Home with separate Sun room or rumpus room. A shape lounge and dining room. Sunroom has � i sliding doors to generous rear Patio. Large Kitchen lots of wardrobe and cupboard space. Price includes polished � = Hardwood floors Light fittings Fly screens 2 Way Oil heating paths drive strips Etc $2,700 Deposit and i weekly repayments of $24-30. Wee Mangera $19,9501 i a spacious four bedroom Home with garage attached. Main bedroom has walk in wardrobe and in suite Bath room. Large lounge with archway to separate dining i room Kitchen with Host of cupboards. Tiled bathroom i Shower recess sep toilet. Sliding door from dining room b = to the rear Terrace. Price includes Light fittings 2. Way 1 Oil heating insulation to ceiling and Walls Fly screens paths drive strips rotary clothes hoist Etc. I Yarr Alumna $13,7501 in excellent position close to schools shops Etc. An i established Weatherboard Home with approximately $7,500 transferable government loan. Price includes floor = coverings window treatments. Fully approved garage i = and Carport. Buy with 51,400 Deposit. Licensed agent Zarema place \ member Multi list and Rei phone 491888 a a 813448, 542060 the Canberra times postal address to Box 218, Canberra City act 2601 phone 480066 registered at the go Sydney for transmission by Post As a newspaper Cal the new look Canberra steam laundry Lonsdale St. 487222 be win ill Bangkok Friday Aap Reuter. General be win chairman of Burma s ruling revolution Ary Council had a heart attack yesterday and is gravely ill the English language newspaper bang Kok world reported today. Burmese embassy officials Here said they had received no official in formation from Rangoon about the report. The newspaper quoted reliable sources in the burmese capital As saying an aircraft was standing by to Fly the 59-year-old strongman Leader out _ of Rangoon for medical treatment abroad

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