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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 2

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia saturday october 17, 1970 Tasmine trading whatever the outcome of the Wilson report on the dealings in Tasmine shares one remark that cannot go unchallenged is that made by the chairman of. The Melbourne Stock Exchange sir Cecil Looker. Sir Cecil said on wednesday he did not think the tas Minex affair put the Melbourne Exchange under any Cloud. He defended the action of the Exchange in not suspending trading in Tasmine shares after the reported remark by the chairman of Tasmine or w. Singling on january 27 that the company could have a Nickel Prospect better than Poseidon and bigger. The Wilson report makes the Point strongly that the directors and people connected with Tasmine made big profits by trading shares on a false Market. While the Melbourne Exchange was not to blame for the creation of the false Market it must accept some of the responsibility for the fact that the false Market continued for several Days. The Exchange s responsibility is to ensure an orderly Market. It has the Power to suspend trading in any Stock if it appears that the trading in that Stock is irregular or if any outside Factor could produce an irregular Market. Sir Cecil said that the damage was done in London when the shares Rose from about si8 to $96 on january 27 when the better than Poseidon statement was made after the close of trading on the australian exchanges. This however is hardly a satisfactory explanation of Why trading could not have been suspended from the opening of the Market on january 28. The value of trading that took place on the one Day in London would have represented Only a Small proportion of the total amount involved in the trading of the Stock at the inflated Price. The Sydney Stock Exchange was reported at the time to be in favour of the suspension but Melbourne was not. Two questions that remain unanswered Are Why it was not possible to make a decision to suspend Trad ing in the shares on the evening of january 27 and to notify London of the decision or if this were not possible Why were not suspended the follow ing Day until such time As assay results could be produced to support the claims for the Tasmine Prospect. It was the failure of the Exchange to suspend tas Minex that led directly to the current Senate investigation into share trading and the growing pressure for some form of Overall control for the australian exchanges. Until these questions Are answered it is too Early for anyone to absolve the Melbourne Stock Exchange of All responsibility in the Tasmine affair. Welcome to Australia another Sheet has been added to the dossier on those people in Australia s immigration apparatus who appear not to have read How to. Win friends and influence people the Case of or fou Tsong a concert pianist who arrived in Sydney from England on thursday is on the face of it one of too Many examples of disparaging treatment of asians by australian immigration officials abroad. Or fou is a British subject of chinese descent who defected to the West in 1958. He has visited Australia before. This time he was invited by the Abc but because his skin is not White he had to answer a series of infuriating and he says demeaning questions put by immigration officials. Even the question of his possible political involvement with the communist chinese was raised according to or fou. It is of course understood that people seeking admission to a foreign country must Coro ply with the Normal requirements of International travel but it is unacceptable that More stringent controls should apply on account of race. Australia already has the reputation of being a racialist state and the kind of discrimination reported by or fou is exactly what would make the Label stick in spite of the fact that non europeans Are being admitted for permanent residence in increasing numbers. Australian Ballet sir australians should have a Good look at the australian Ballet dancers in our Community. The company is of Gargantuan proportions and like a Dino there its size can destroy it. Taxpayers pay the Piper and the Piper in t playing the tune. The time has come for it to fold. The dancers must Realise that we do not regard Ballet As a sacred cow. Australia can get on quite Well and much cheaper by importing Ballet companies. The added demand of $1,000 a week or whatever it is ought to be spent if necessary on this. Those who have trained Here will soon get employment else where overseas if they Are any Good and the dead Wood among them can move into use Ful employment. Their brawn could be used in other ways. Cancel the tour before there is further shameful waste. Grant Mcintyre Deakin. National Park sir i very much agree with your correspondent l. J. Har Radine letters october 16 on the destruction caused by cars driving close to the Sand at Seaside areas and the undesirability of this being possible. It has been my experience How Ever that complaints of this kind have Little Impact on those concerned with the siting of such roads if they Are voiced in the Canberra press. A letter to the Shire Engineer or Council concerned is much More Likely to reach its objective and the More they receive of them of course the better. Audrey Benjamin Deakin. Poor show sir thank heaven it has happened. Somebody finally has dared to attack the sacred cow. I am referring to the letter by or Ted Richards letters octo Ber 15 commenting on the pre sent photographic exhibition in the Monaro. Mall. I agree wholeheartedly with his comments despite the fact that i am a Par. Tic Pant in the exhibition. For six years i have entered the exhibition with the apparently false Hope that the judges. Would think in terms of today and not 20 years ago. We Are told Over and Over again that we Are living in the. Age of aquarius but it is obvious that this has not yet occurred to camera clubs either in Australia or elsewhere. One Only has to look at the results of club competitions published. In such magazines As austra Lian photography and the Bri Tish Magazine Amateur photo Grapher. One wonders if the pictures Are picked to suit the judges or the judges to suit the pictures. I suppose it is hardly fair to blame the judges for the results they can Only judge what they Are shown. The blame clearly lies with the organisers who Are invariably camera club members but then of course we come Back to the relation be tween the pictures and the judges chosen. Camera club members sit in their Ivory towers patting each other on the Back making exhibition pictures and telling each other How Good they Are. They do not seem to. Look outside their own Little Circle. They do not sub Mit their Best pictures but those they feel will please the judges. The Competition is not for the Best photograph but for the Best print the criterion being the technical Quality of the print and not the Content of the photo graph. I once heard somebody m this Case not a camera club member commenting on a photograph by Eisenstadt in an exhibition in a local store. He said that the Whites in the print were not very clean and it was a bit Grainy. The print was 5ft. X 3ft, made from a 35mm Nega Tive and had travelled All Over the world. The viewer was stand ing about 3ft from the picture. I would like to see an inde pendent body organise a com petition come exhibition to be judged not by fellow photographers but by people in the communications Media and or the general Public. After All photography is supposed to be a communication medium Par excellence. It makes me wonder what sort of messages the cur rent mall exhibition gets across to the viewers. .1 suggest the organisers of the exhibition and All camera club members take a Good Long look at the photograph accompanying the article by Ivor Mendes France on Page 2 of the Canberra times of october 14. This is the kind of photograph which does not need a title or explanation it Speaks for itself and would Grace any contemporary exhibition. Gabe carpal Watson. Victorian executive sir after 21 years in the political wilderness the Federal executive. Of the australian labor party recently took Over the affairs of its victorian Branch with the appointment of an interim advisory Council. One journalist reported enthusiastic ally that the new party image would embrace the very latest trends in with itry. To create an illusion of change a couple of new leftists were elevated to the committee to replace the Over exposed leftists. However it was noted that the Moscow Trade unions would remain in a Domin ant position to ensure the accept Ance of their policies on Unity tickets of neutralise on defence and foreign affairs and opposition to arbitration. During the by election for the Federal seat of Chisholm where or Whitlam made two personal appearances the new victorian labor party was offered to the people. The electors answered very clearly by cutting the Alp vote quite an exceptional reverse for an opposition party in a by election. Obviously the or exercise had failed because the More the party changed the More it remained the same. Until labor finally Breaks its chronic habit of fellow travelling elec toral Success is impossible. Frank Lee Fitzroy Victoria. Education inquiry sir i am at a loss to under stand the attitude of so Many of your correspondents to Cabinet s rejection of the proposed inquiry into education in the act. What a marvellous example of seeing the speck but missing the in a supposedly demo cratic country we have an area of about 900 Square Miles with a population of Over 130,000 that has no responsible govern ment. One representative in a Federal parliament does not make for responsible govern ment where that Federal Parlia ment is elected to represent the National interests of a federation of self governing states. This is obviously True of the Northern territory also. In other advanced countries education is the responsibility of local government authorities at one level or another. In austra Lia the state governments have this responsibility but in All cases those in control Are responsible to those who elect them to office and who can dismiss them when not satisfied. In Canberra we have the ridiculous even shocking situation where we have no responsible government and a Federal government deciding matters for people who have no say in their election. And All we can see is that we have been denied an inquiry into education. For crying out loud let us make a Little noise about the important issues then we won t need to wring our hands in frustrated anguish about All the other ones. Vith a responsible local government Here in the act which after All is our right we could do something about getting what we feel is right for our situation. Then perhaps the Federal government could give their full attention to the matters it was created to Deal with. And one of these is not education at the local administration level. P. Elliot Fisher. Of an unconditional surrender and that s my last offer from our Washington correspondent at exactly 10.19 on monday morning the news ticker in my office began clattering out a series of reports announcing that Day s decisions by the us supreme court. It was the first Day of the 1970-1971 court session and was the first time in More than a year that the court was deciding cases based on a full complement of nine justices. With the wrangling that attended the nomination of two unacceptable judges and the confirmation of a third finally ended the supreme court now has before it an extraordinarily exhausting Calendar. Many cases now before the court have been held Over from two years ago the justices preferring to decide certain highly controversial cases with a tie breaking ninth vote. Otherwise the four to four split on these cases would merely delay Justice and prove the court ineffectual. Jay very monday morning from now until mid june of next year when the court adjourns for summer vacation with some exceptions this chatter from the. News wire will be reporting the week s decisions. It won t be an easy session. Here is a Sample of the cases the court has agreed to hear whether the belief that the Vietnam War is immoral entitles a Man to the draft status of conscientious objector Gil Lette v us. How much school busing is reasonable in de segregating Public schools. What is the place of the neighbourhood school which May be All Black or All White due to residential de Facto segregation Swan v Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of education. Whether it is constitutional for a jury to decide without criteria whether a defendant convicted of a capital crime shall be sentenced to death Mcgautha v California. Whether Laws forbidding abortions unless needed for the preservation of the Mother s life or health Are unconstitutionally vague us v Vuitch. Furthermore the court has been asked to Rule upon the Validity of the provision of the recently approved voting rights Law which Lowers the voting age to 18. President Nixon s appointee supreme court chief Justice Warren e. Burger considered by the president to be a strict constructionist of the Constitution managed to tip toe through his first full year As chief Justice avoiding controversial decisions on technicalities such As those related to capital punishment and Selec Tive conscientious objection to the military draft based on opposition to the Vietnam War on moral grounds. The chief Justice also treated gingerly around issues on which the court was Likely to be evenly d video. With a Dii shed court the justices faced the heaviest Case Load in history though few of its 109 format opinions last year were of much importance Only elaborating upon ground broken earlier by the court headed by chief Justice Earl Warren. Besides the 109 formal decisions the court in a Clear sign of deadlock set 18 cases for re argument this year. So the same issues Are Back this year some of them unchanged some others in differ ent Guise. And for the first time with two justices now having been appointed by president Nixon the supreme court May begin to take on the stamp of the Nixon presi Dency. As for the chief Justice he distinguished him self in his first term As having been the most conservative of the justices. This of course is to or Nixon s liking. He campaigned against the sup reme court in 1968, claiming it was moving too sharply into the area of. Social legislation charging it was soft on criminals and too lax on the purveyors of obscene literature. President Nixon s other appointee judge Harry a. Blackmun of Minnesota a boyhood Friend of chief jus Tice Burger is As yet an unknown Quantity. There is some belief that he will follow the chief Justice on a number of issues. However those who have examined his record find him siding with liberals on a number of issues. So there is no telling yet what will distinguish the Bur Ger court. It s sure betting however that the Burger court will not come under attack of the right Wing in this country the Way the Warren court did. One could not drive across California or Texas or any number of states containing a Strong right Wing constituency without coming across enor Mous Road Side signs urging the impeachment of the former chief Justice. No signs have gone up urging the impeachment of chief Justice Beir and they probably Wou t. On the other hand there Are signs in certain areas Call ing for the impeachment of associate Justice William o. Douglas 71, who has held his seat on the supreme court Ever since being appointed by president Franklin d. Roose velt in 1939. It has been a career marked by controversy and by a Fiji y Liberal stance. He now faces proceedings in the House of representatives which could Lead to impeach ment. This is the second time in his colourful career that he has faced such a Challenge. During the hey Day of the anti communist Witch Hunt Here or Justice Douglas was the subject of a Resolution of impeachment in the House for having stayed the execution of two convicted spies. That was in 1953. The Resolution died in the House judiciary com Mittee. More recently he has been criticised for having writ ten an article which was published in the notorious Magazine Evergreen accompanied in the same Issue by a series of explicit photographs depicting lesbian love making. The House minority Leader Republican represent t i v e Gerald r. Ford called the photography hard Core pornography. The article was innocently enough about protests in the United states. If that weren t enough for the apoplectic or Ford the associate Justice published a Book titled Points of rebel lion which the minority Leader called a diatribe against the government of the United states. But underneath it All there is a suspicion that the conservatives just can t abide the fact that the Lively old Justice recently married a woman in her Early 20s just out of College. He has been married several times before. Or Ford led the fight against or Douglas in Clear retribution for the Senate rejection of two of or Nixon s supreme court appointees judge Clement f. Haynsworth of South Carolina and judge g. Harrold Carswell of Flor Ida. Each was rejected in almost unprecedented action a firm slap at the president for having proposed a Man of ethical insensitivity in the former Case and mediocrity in the latter. Not since 1890 had a presi Dent run into such a problem with his appointees to the supreme court. Or Ford was out for blood. The seat became vacant in fact in another unprecedented action. Associate Justice Abe Fortas appointed by president Johnson was accused of garnishing his Larder with questionable extra Judi c i a 1 activities. He finally resigned under the crushing pressures on him from Capitol Hill. It is impossible to know whether or not he would in fact have been impeached. Now we have Justice Doug Las. He has told intimates that he would rather die in office than to resign under pressure and in disgrace. Realistically chances of his being impeached Are not great. But should he ice forced off the Bench it could mean a revolution in court decisions should a Strong conservative of the Burger Bent take his place. That would mean assuming that Justice Blackmun votes with chief Justice Burger these two votes combined with conservative justices John Marshall Harlan and Potter Stewart plus the Douglas replacement would make a winning majority on the court for any conservative cause. But men have a Way of changing on the court. They Are appointed for life and in their decisions Are ultimately accountable to no one but themselves and their Constien f is remembered around Here that when Justice Hugo l. Black was appointed to the court Here was a great uproar because this southerner had once been a member of the infamous Kun flux klan the hate negro Sheet wearing Cross burners who terrorised Black americans for decades. It has been a matter of some curiosity that Justice Black simply did t fit into the conservative Mould has in fact sided with Justice Douglas on a number of issues of social importance. So no one is pre judging the Burger court now with its newest member Justice Black Mun. But everyone Here is watch ing those monday ticker tapes for clues. It won t be Long before Justice Blackmun distinguishes himself one Way or another by a correspondent is ext theek october 19-23 the International federation of Park and recreation administration holds its sixth International and first australasian regional International Congress of Park administration in Canberra together with the 43rd annual conference of the australian Institute of Parks and recreation. In this article a special correspondent looks irreverently at the changing role of the City Park in the australian Way of life. The Axis of the Earth said Oliver Wendell Holmes Sticks out visibly through the Centre of each and every town and City. He was right for at about the Centre of most towns is the municipal Park focus of Paro Chial aspirations and graveyard of provincial glories. Parks a British politician remarked in the 19th Century were the lungs of a City for they put fresh air around the dark satanic Mills and allowed the insensate Industrial City to breathe. They also gave the workers a place to repose on sundays. Today the Park is no longer a City s lungs. It is its very soul if the soul is where a Community consigns the Bric a Brac of its shared sentiments where it stores its collective memory in a spreading rash of Man made structures. Parks were once areas of open space dedicated to nature. Today they Are More often areas of creeping Concrete dedicated to aldermen. People in general do not think about Parks. Aldermen do. And in the Aldermani mind a Park like a sewage treatment works must be use Ful. People in general do not see Parks disappear. Aldermen do. To them an open space like a vacuum is abhorrent to nature. They therefore fill it up with a Range of mixed uses but deceitfully continue to Call it a Park. What then is a Park used for it used to be a place for lazing looking and Loving. Unfortunately those uses encouraged Only litter layabout and lovers. And nothing gets a Park a bad name like a Lover. I have found said the Ade Laide detective Jacobus Dutchie Vogelsang during the Ern Malley obscenity trial that people who go into Parks at night go there for immoral purposes. So the function of a Park has changed dramatically in Orie generation. It used to be a place of Urban repose now it. Is an Urban repository. It is a place where the det Ritus of Urban Pride is sited. It is where the War memorial goes where the band Rotunda is a memorial Bowling Green occupies one Corner a Mem orial croquet Lawn or swim Ming Pool another. And in the everlasting Shade of the Eter Nal eucalyptus the Pigeon pocked statues of forgotten aldermen and dead Queens observe a Stony silence for the unknown Soldier who knows no rest. On a Concrete plinth he stands with Rifle aimed Rock steady at a first floor window of the Royal hotel across the Road. Parks used to be a place for pigeons. Now every Alder Man thinks a Park is a Pigeon which he is at Liberty to Pluck. An old men s shelter must be sited so he puts it in the Park. A memorial plaque for a dead lord mayor ought to be conspicuous and what is More conspicuous than a Park the ratepayers demand a child minding Centre or a new ablutions Block. The cry goes up the Park the Park the invasion of a Park is always gradual. The Concrete slides slowly and insidiously Over the grass and Between the Trees. Drinking bubblers seats sundials sculpture and Entrance Gates without fences slowly crowd in. And naturally Only the More elaborate ver Sion of each is used other Wise who could distinguish the Aldermani taste from that of the common ratepayer More than Gregson Park Newcastle has been taken Over for other uses. Where Green Trees grew once Grey Heads gather now for the Park is the site for an old men s shelter. It is also the site for 3 War memorial women s croquet lawns and men s Bowling greens. Even Sydney s famous Hyde Park has been invaded by such things As a War memorial and a child minding Centre to say nothing of the occasional marquee sheltering a furniture display or an Art exhibition. In Brisbane and Melbourne invasions have been even More decisive. The Brisbane Domain was taken Over temporarily for. Naval purposes during world War ii. The Navy sur rendered to the department of education which turned it into a technical College and later took Over several other Brisbane Parks for schools. In Melbourne various Public Parks have been leased to sporting clubs in return for improvements. The clubs fenced the Public out and the football in. They also made Ordinary citizens pay to use their own land. In mid City Melbourne recently knocked Down some buildings to give the City new lungs. But the new lungs turned out to be of the non breathing Type the prize win Ning design for redevelopment of the space was More of a commercial and architectural extravaganza than a Parks Man s Park. The latest Issue of a building trades Magazine boasts of a new concept in Parkland decorations shop windows in a Park. Par fair Australia s first permanent Trade fair is being built As a series of pavilions in carib bean gardens in scoresby Victoria. In Canberra not much Hap pens to the Centre City Park there in t one unless you count the Pine capped Knoll of City Hill with the Koda Chrome Flowers on its Side. In the other pocket handkerchief Parks at Hobart place and Northbourne Avenue there is barely room to blow your nose. In the face of invasions the role of the Parks administrator is a Peculiar one. Normally he is a Man trained in horticulture and steeped in the ways of nature. He sees his Job As that of saving land for Trees and shrubs and Flowers. But nature is not much help to him during an invasion. Like the statues that afflict him he needs a heart of Iron and bowels of brass. Only the great marksmen like Maclaren of Golden Gate Park san Francisco get by with nature. He used to Plant shrubbery or Trees in such a Way that a blossoming bust or equestrian statue would eventually be screened from View or toppled by a Stout trea Branch. An equally effective method is used widely in australian Parks the offending memorial is taken away for repairs it is remarkable How Long a memorial can take to repair and How Short a Community s memory can be. In fact the depots of some important City Parks resemble cemeteries where the Stony carcasses of provincial society have been Laid to rest. But the memorials that to main in the Park Are the big Gest worry to a Parks adminis Trator. They Are also a Drain on a municipality s finances. Most buildings need routine painting and maintenance the replacement of raised lettering on plaques is almost a con Stant Job in. A big municipality and the scrapes that Pigeon plops Lead to would be Amus ing Only to non marksmen. Some Parks grow As much. Artillery As Trees. Cannon and world War i guns Are notorious for two things they have a habit of trapping Small children by Knees or Ankles in their vice like crannies and 1 eventually they become impossible to repair. The wheels fall slowly to pieces and be cause wheelwrights Are scarce a startling variety of substitutes has been invented. Fun in the Park today is obviously not what it was. Gone Are the hot summer nights in the Long grass mosquitoes in the air a Bird in the arms and a band on the Rotunda. The Park is no longer a place for Community gather Ings. The motor car the clubs and the ponies have killed it for everyone but the kids. The Park is not dying out it is disappearing. Society May cry in horror but society itself is performing the vanishing trick. The appurtenances of a modern City Are vital Only when they Are Central to the Community s Way of life. Every Day the Park becomes More peripheral

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