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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia t forecast Canberra few show ers. Cooler. Lake wind southerly 5-15 knots. S. Tablelands show ers Clearing. S. Coast Cool wind. Few showers. Weather in detail capital City forecasts South coast tides. Page 8. Brian Woodhouse takes a hard fall while his horse seems to be doing a Victory dance during the Canberra Rodeo buc jumping event at the showgrounds on saturday. Australians won seven of the eight events. Vietnam awards to 16 airmen sixteen members of the Raaf including one from Canberra and two from Goul Burn have been awarded honours and decorations for ser vice in Vietnam. The awards were announced yesterday by the minister for air or How son. Group Captain Peter raw dec acc of Ipswich director of operational requirements department of air is awarded the distinguished service order. Three pilots have been. Awarded the distinguished flying Cross and 12 other men have been mentioned in despatches. According to the citations group Captain raw 1 was posted to Vietnam in May 1966, to command the Raaf contingent at Vung Tau. He also held the appointment of task Force air support officer and was responsible for establishing a 6ystem of control and co operation Between the air and ground forces. Wing commander c. J. Melchert of Townsville who was awarded the dec was posted to Vietnam in May 1966, to take Over command of no 35 squad Ron. During his tour he flew More than 580 hours As aircraft Captain and demonstrated great skill determination and Superb leadership. Flight lieutenant l. O. Hindley of Goulburn was posted to no 9 Squadron Vietnam for flight com Mander duties and in that capacity he was responsible for the supervision of Fly ing operations. He received a dec. The third dec recipient flight lieutenant f. P. Riley also of Goulburn was posted to no 9 squad Ron in june 1966. He proved himself to be an aggressive and courageous Pilot. The act Man Pilot officer d. J. Collins of Ainslie is mentioned in despatches for completing his duties coolly and effectively under enemy fire and accepting responsibilities much greater than normally required of his rank. The list is distinguished s c r v i c e order group Captain p. F. Raw dec acc of Ipswich old. Distinguished flying Cross Wing com Mander c. J. Melchert of Townsville old flight lieutenant l. O. Hindley of Goulburn new flight lieutenant f. P. Riley of Goul Burn new. Mentioned in despatches Squadron Leader r. S. Ramsey of Penrith new flight lieutenant r. M. Hayes of cot Esloe a flight lieutenant r. A. Macintosh of Nowra new flight lieutenant c. M. Dohle Reserve of Ham Ilton Vic flight lieutenant g. A. Banfield of Latrobe tas flight lieutenant j. T. Mcdonnell of East Berit Leigh Vic flight lieutenant j. Mcl. Harris of Penola a Pilot officer d. J. Collins of Ainslie act flight sergeant o. V. Cooke of Brisbane old ser Geant d. W. Kennett of East Bentleigh Vic Corporal d. F. Olsen of Clayfield Brisbane old leading aircraft Man h. R. Sharpe of Collaros new. Vung Tau sunday Aap special. An australian Navy Heli copter Pilot flying an american army Mach Ine was forced Down in hostile territory yester Day. The helicopter Comman ded by sub lieutenant a. A. Caradio of it Gam Bier South Australia was a. By Vietcong ground p1100 Tuy province. Sub lieutenant Caradio was flying in support of River operations about 35 Miles South West of Saigon. The Vietcong ground fire broke a fuel pump forcing the aircraft Down on marshy ground in enemy territory. But before it landed the Crew had time to return the fire. One Vietcong is believed to have been wounded. I Friendly forces were called in to. Secure the grounded aircraft and a second helicopter from the us 135th assault helicopter company at Vung Tau took out the Pilot and Crew none of whom was Hurt. A heavy lift helicopter lifted out the damaged Craft within an hour and returned it to Vung Tau. Late news Australia wins soccer Djakarta sunday Flap special. Two goals in the first six min utes and Strong Dehnic boosted Australia to a three goals to one win Over a Djakarta soccer team Here today. Nixon to solve school crisis the minister for the Interior or Nixon said yesterday he hoped to offer the Catholic Educa Tion authority in can Berra a solution to its accommodation problem in the next few Days. The department of the Interior is looking for accommodation for six classes of Woden. Valley roman Catholic children whose schools will not be ready for them in the first term next year. Its offer to spare class-1 \ rooms in the Pearce. And Torrens state primary schools was withdrawn last week following opposition by the act teachers association. Or Nixon said in a statement that the depart ment was studying a num Ber of possible alternatives including a partitioned government office buildings the completion Date of which could be advanced and an arrangement with Canberra anglican schools. Walsh criticises Nixon Page 3. It was a plot unionist says of or Jones Adelaide sunday. The appearance of or Andrew Jones my at a Union social at a suburban hotel on Fri Day night had been a deliberate plan to gain credit for having at tended a Union function a former my for Kingston or Pat Gal Vin said tonight. It was something he had teed up with the hotel manager Long before he arrived or Galvin said. All the Union members who were present at the social a counter Tea arranged by the postal telecommunications technicians association walked out shortly after the arrival of or Jones. Absolute rubbish commenting _ on or Gal Vin s allegations or Jones said tonight absolute rubbish. It was my fian Cee s birthday and i was waiting to meet her. The last thing in the world i wanted to see was a mob of Alp Union officials. Or jone9 and or Galvin clashed at the Findon hotel Findon on Friday night at a private counter Tea arranged by the Alp dominated Union. Or Galvin the Union Secretary said tonight it was a social get together. We were having a counter Tea and a few drinks when someone announced that Andrew Jones was their. Doing an Artie Fadden i said what Are you try ing to do an Artie fad Den this recalled an occasion when the former austra Lian treasurer turned up at a pub in Northern Queensland and said to the Cane cutters you. Would be mad if you voted Liberal but it does t Stop you having a Beer with me. I told the manager that if or Jones remained at what we considered was a private affair we would All leave. He said or Jones was his guest so we All got up about 70 of us and walked out. Cabinet called on crisis australian devaluation no Likely treasurer hints by Jonathan Gaul political correspondent the treasurer or Mcmahon gave a Strong hint last night that Australia would not follow Britain in the devaluation of its currency. The treasurer said that it had already been accepted by the dec countries Canada Japan and the Usa that other countries with an important place in International trading should not devalue if the British action was to have the desired effects on her Economy. As Australia is classed As an important trading nation this remark has been taken to indicate the australian govern ment s attitude. This attitude will be officially decided today when the Federal Cabinet meets in an emergency session in Canberra at 2.15pm. The British Treasury announced Early yesterday Canberra time that the Pound Sterling would be devalued from sus2-80 to $2-40. The prime minister or Holt who was in Brisbane electioneering in the Senate Campaign last night has already spoken with or Mcmahon and consequently called the special Cabinet meet ing. Or Holt has abandoned two of his five remaining Days of election campaigning cancelling meetings in Bris Bane and Townsville today and Tam Worth and Ragga tomorrow. Among the consequences of devaluation for Australia will be cheaper British imports but it will be harder for Australia to sell its goods particularly Prim Ary products like fruit butter sugar and Wool in Britain. More serious could be the announced British Cut in defence which will hasten British military withdrawal from Mal Aysia and Singapore with important implications for Australia s defence planning. What devaluation Means to you Page 3. How Britain took the plunge Page 5. Or Mcmahon s Broad hint does not mean however that the australian Cabinet will decide automatically not to devalue australian currency. The country party in particular will Battle to save some of its strongest numerical support in the Dairy fruit and sugar industries from damage by British devaluation. But it seems Clear that the Treasury View will prevail even at the possible Price of More government support for the affected australian industries. In his prepared statement or Mcmahon said the Treasury was pre paring a technical document on the effects of British devaluation. The statement said the treasurer had already been in touch with the Secretary of the us Treasury the British Chan cellar of the exchequer and the australian executive director of the inter National monetary fund. He had Learned that the major Trad ing countries overseas apart from Britain were proposing no change in their own Exchange rates the statement added. If approval needed or Mcmahon also made the Point that any member country of the if Australia is one needed fund approval to devalue and must satisfy the fund that it was in a Funda mental disequilibrium in its balance of pay ments. On october 27 austra Lia s external reserves were $1,170 million made up of Gold $a205 million. Us and Canadian dollars $a250 million. Sterling and other foreign Exchange $a715 Mil lion. In addition Australia has drawing rights with the if equivalent to nearly $us700 million of which the Gold Section is nearly $us200 million. Australia s official debt redeemable in Sterling amounts to about �stg300 million. He said that As Mon Day had been declared _ a Bank Holiday in Britain All foreign Exchange operations in australian Banks would be suspended until the equivalent australian time of wednesday morn ing. Or Holt in Brisbane or Holt told newsmen in Brisbane yesterday of the special Cabinet meeting today. As Well As the four elec Tion meetings today and to Morrow that he had can celled he might cancel More in Melbourne and Ballarat later in the week if Cabinet bad not made a decision. He had Learnt of Britain s decision on Satur Day in a confidential Cable from the prime minister or Wilson. Since then he had conferred twice by Tele phone with or Mcmahon. Or Holt will leave Bris Bane at 8.30 this morning for Canberra where he will see or Mcmahon two senior up ministers the minister for primary Industry or Anthony and the acting minister for Trade or Sinclair the Secretary of the Treasury sir Richard Randall and the governor of the Reserve Bank or h. C. Coombs before the Cabinet meet ing. Or Holt said on the television programme meet the press in Brisbane last night that the government faced a Complex Choice. The new zealand prime minister or Holyoake had telephoned him last night. He is concerned to know what hi3 own coun try should do in this Situa Tion. We keep very close to each other in our consultations or Holt said. London sunday Aap Reuter. The prime minister or Wilson will make a nation wide broadcast at 6pm get to Day 4am monday can Berra time on the devaluation. A police escort stops reporters from questioning the British prime minister or Wilson As he arrives in London from Liverpool before the devaluation of Sterling. Saturday $a2.5o@0 1 =�us2.80 �0 � stg today $a2.14300 = gus2.4o�0 ? stg no halts Trade in foreign Money Wellington. Sunday Aap. The new zealand govern ment suspended today All foreign Exchange dealings and announced it was considering the effect on the Economy of Britain s decision to devalue the Pound. The government is giving immediate consideration to what consequential action if any should be taken in respect of the value of the new zealand Dollar the prime minis Ter or Holyoake said. Cabinet would discuss the British move at its weekly meeting tomorrow before reaching any fur ther decisions he said in an interview. No has lost $22.5m the labour Leader of the opposition or Kirk said that on november 8 new zealand had held $129 million $a161 Mil lion in overseas reserves the British decision meant a loss of More than $a22.5 million. He said devaluation in new zealand would be a wrong step which would produce no lasting Benefit and a great Many Perma nent disabilities. It was the consensus of opinion among Cabinet ministers and financial circles that new zealand would almost immediately devalue its currency to re main on Par with Sterling i the associated press re ported. New zealand might even devalue below Par a step which had been under Active speculation in recent months. From London Aap Reuter reported that by this morning 16 countries including the United states Japan the whole of the common Market and Sweden had announced that their currencies would not change. The United states West Germany and Japan welcomed the devaluation Japan s finance minister or Mizuta adding that it could Lead to the stabilisation and expansion of world Economy. President Johnson declared that Britain would achieve the needed improvement in its ability to compete in world markets. Ireland Israel and Fiji have devalued to match Britain and Denmark will devalue but the Premier or Krag could not say by How much. South Africa Norway Hong Kong and Ceylon Are Likely to devalue. The following have said they will not devalue uni Ted states Japan Sweden Francc Italy West Ger Many Belgium Holland Switzerland Greece can Ada Singapore Malaysia Tanzania Jamaica Kuwait. The italian government said the value of Curren cies of the common mar ket countries would re main unchanged. This would include Luxem Bourg which has not yet made ail individual announcement. Finland devalued her currency in october by about 30 per cent. India is not expected to devalue the Rupee was de valued by 36.6 per cent in june 1966. Pakistan has made no official com ment but Banks have been ordered closed tomorrow and on tuesday. Strike goes on London sunday Aap Reuter. The London Dock strike blamed by Many As the clinching Factor in Ster Ling s devaluation is to go on. At a mass meeting today the 4,500 strikers refused to vote on a Union recommendation that they should return to work. Exports Worth an Estima Ted �100 million Are being held up by the seven week strike. Last tuesday the Trade ministry disclosed that Britain s Trade Gap had widened to �107 million in october after Dock strikes which blocked exports. A week puts television in your Home that s All it to have to viewing today. Call Canberra television services pay. Ltd. And Check now. One Dollar a week is All it costs to get the top programmes. Ring Canberra television services pay. Ltd. Bunda Street Canberra City no connection with Etc Channel 7 the Canberra times postal address to Box 218, Canberra City act 2601 registered at the go Sydney for transmission by Post As a newspaper. Canberra steam laundry and dry cleaning service Lonsdale s Jooyong streets 41221 Braddon 41222 Send to the Best it costs no More depots in All centres Jonathan Gaul looks at the Senate Campaign Page 2 education the Commonwealth government has do cited to continue to support adult education courses conducted by universities and has rejected the advice of the australian universities commis Sion. Page 7. Beer bottled Beer was destroyed when a new hotel burned Down Over the weekend. The Beer drought is to break today. Page 3. Other pages crossword solution 8 weddings 9 sport 13, 14 classifieds pages 10, 11 us car restore relations London sunday Aap Reuter. Egypt and Britain have agreed to resume diplomatic relations after a two year break the foreign office announced today. They have also agreed to Exchange ambassadors. The United Arab re Public broke off diplomatic relations with Britain in december 1965 because it disapproved of Britain s handling of the Rhodesia Independence crisis. Sir Harold Beeley who visited Cairo in october for exploratory talks on improving relations with president Nasser is expected to be the new ambassador in Cairo

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