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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia forecast Canberra morning fog Frost. Fine mild Day. Light winds. Max. 69 Deg. Lake Hurley Griffin Light and variable winds be coming northerly. Southern table lands Fine Cool to mild sunny Day. Light winds. South coast Fine mild Day. Light winds. Smooth seas. Details Page is. Canberra steam laundry and dry cleaning service Lonsdale and Jooyong its 41221 Braddon 41222 Send to the Best it costs no More depots in All centres from the Canberra times week ending 4/5/1940 recruiting started for 11.000 men to compose the 7th division and corps troop . Rate of pay for a private was 5/ a Day plus allowances for dependants and 2/ a Day when on Active service. A petition presented in parliament appealed for an increase from t l a week t o 30/ in the old age pension. The annual report of the University association of Canberra said that amongst those who advocated the establishment of a National University at Canberra there was full agreement that the univer sity be fully National Posi graduate and residential in character. Ollices elected were president. Sir Robert Garran vice presidents. Mrs i till Yard. And sir George Knowles treasurer or h. L. White Secretary or ii. F. E. Whitlam assistant Secretary or r. F. Archer committee. Mrs d. Riley Canon w. J. Edwards or l. H. Allen or f. R. E. Mauldon messes k. Binns. L. F. J fit Hardinge and d. I Bbyrd. Initial payments of �3,000 each were made to the Canberra Branch of the red Cross society and the Canberra volunteers welfare fund from the proceeds of the government House fair. Canberra legacy club entered its 13th year with or w. R. president a. G. M. Burns and t. L. Legg vice presidents j. M. Orr Secretary c. J. Tetaz treasurer and t. Nicholas chairman of committees. Hie Bush fire Council was instituted by Ordin Ance for the prevention and control of fires in the act other than in the City area. Meat prices in Canberra included sirloin 10d., Rump Steak 1/3, Chuck Steak 7id., sausages 7d., corned Silver Side 10jd., legs of Mutton 9jd., fore quarters 5jd., loin chops Lod. And leg chops Lod. A la. J. Hume led Hanuka to a 74-53 win Over Queanbeyan 1939 premiers in the opening game of the National football season. The above historical information is supplied with the compliments of l. J. Hooker limited and first in the act and still first the Canberra times postal address . Box 218. Canberra City . Phone 40751 woman faces 2e a Man died pm thursday after being shot three times twice from behind during a struggle with a woman police alleged in Canberra court of Petty sessions yester Day. Police said that after Llie shooting affray Irmgard Luise to Miszewicz 3l y ear old housewife of Lilley Street o Connor had driven from Uri Arra Forest and surrendered her self at Canberra police Sui tion.,. To Miszewicz was Char gut before or Keane. So. Yesterday with having on april 29. Felonious by am maliciously m u r d e r e d Guillo Romeo Fame Ghent 51-year-old Foreman lab Ourer of Cockle Street o Connor. Tymosz Wicz has been remanded without bail to appear in Canberra court of Petty sessions at 10 am on Mav 14. The police prosecutor sergeant r. M. Allen told or Keane that at i Mon thursday t Wos a Vic called at Canberra polite station and reported to detective Constable c. Kent that she. Had been involved in a shooting at Raj at Uri Arra Forest. Fired during struggle she allegedly told police fac left Famighetti sitting on the ground in a we break in the in returned to Canberra in car owned by tym. To sgt1 Allen said it would be Dunn o n morning a air r. Tymo Czewicz Famiglieiti in his. Car to. The Uri Arra Forest and was in his in Mia in until about 3 pm when the shooting us of said. It is believed that after some argument Famiglietti produced a double barrelled r Shotgun and a .32 pistol. After some time a struggle ensued and to Miszewicz obtained pos session of the pistol it is thought the pistol was fired during the a Truckle but it will by alleged that this shot did not inflict any serious injury if ? and. To Familietti. It will be alleged that three bullets were fired into the body of Familietti and evidence will be prod cd that at least two of these bullets were fired into the body from behind. Bail of sought or j. J. Caincr. Appear inc for Tymosz Wicz said his client had Only been for. In Illy charged by _ police Early yesterday morning and he would be applying for a re or Caincr said he would rot apply for bail at the cout t of Petty sessions but an application might be made later to the supreme court.,. To Miszewicz was Brogni into the courtroom by a 2 woman policy of car. No appeared Calm and did i10 speak during the Brief a ? plication for the sitting As City Coroner in the afternoon or Keane adjourned to a Date to be fixed an inquest into Famigl tit s death. Party leaders confident of Victory Sydney Friday. Political observers believe the result of the new election tomorrow will be As much a Surprise to them As to any one else. Any big trend for or against the labor govern ment is expected to be shown about an hour after voting ends at 8 pm. 1 a record number of i 2,218,550 voters will go to the polls women voters outnumbering men 1,139,186 to 1,079,364. J tonight Only hours from the deadline of 8 am when the first voter will fill in the required form the three leaders of the major political parties were supremely confident of Vic tory. In All 3,218 polling Booths have been set up throughout the state. Leaders sum up. Page 3 late news us names 14 5ttjgl hums London a riday Aap Reuten ? Nee ii com pan a i Les a for nationalisation in Ihu sied White paper a i by Bruin s labour government this Consoli Lulu he mail part of the Industry am own or control All 22 in to Teljii Ald Iron and steel a irks in the United Kin Jagm and 42 other Iron and Al works. The governor general plays the pied Piper at the Forrest primary school ves Lenl i Wash r Egton Friday Aap renter. The australian treasurer or Holt believes that his talks on american invest ment curbs have been very he completes his Washington talks today after hav ing worked out a basis for rapid consultations to meet future problems. Or Holt appeared Well satisfied after a full Day of detailed consultations yesterday saying that he was encouraged by the out come of his discussions at the Treasury and Commerce departments. We have established a basis for quite rapid consultations in particular mat ters which is going to be quite helpful As problems arise in the future he said. Or Holt s three Day mis Sion has been directed at drawing inc us administration s attention to the difficulties and Impact on the australian Economy of any Market cutback in the flow of american private invest ment capital. Us sources said that or Holt had put up a Good Case but they still Felt that Australia would not be Hurt As much As the Canberra government at first feared. Or Holt is due to arrive Back in Australia on tues Day morning. Lord in i Isk Usu s his Lin in How it Dickson Ullh h school. The vote was yes Twenty Hoo thou Sand Canberra school children and several Hundred teachers voted enthusiastically yester Day in favour of having a school Holiday on moriday. The vote was taken at four huge assemblies by the governor general Viscount do l Isle. The assemblies at Forrest Griffith Lyneham and Dickson Ligh schools were arranged to allow lord de l Isle to Farewell Canberra schoolchildren. Lord de l Isle will leave Australia next thursday. At each of the assemblies yesterday be told children How fortunate they were to he living in Canberra at a time when it was growing into a great City. In finishing his Short speech lord de l Isle asked each Assembly if they wanted a Holiday. Lord de Lutsic then moved among the thous ands of children and As he left received tumultuous cheers. Man Woken by flames a Man escaped j with singed hair and eyebrows from a fire which gutted the top Storey of his Fiat in Stuart Street Griffith yesterday. The Man or Graham Marshall 45. A proof Reader was sleeping when the fire broke out in his bedroom and quickly spread. He woke when he smelled smoke and heard crackling and made his Way Down stairs As the fire destroyed the bedroom and severely damaged other rooms. The fire caused damage estimated at More than �1,000. Or. Marshall who was married on March 3, was left with Only a pair of mrs Marshall was work ing at the Griffith Mother Craft Centre nearby when the fire started about 9.50 am. I thought my husband was burning when i ran across she said. I knew he was still j when she found thai her husband was Safe and that a ire brigade was coming mrs Marshall had to return to the Centre to work be cause no alternative sister was available. When the mothers of children at the Centre Dis covered the marshalls plight however they Broi it gifts of clothing. People Are wonderful said mrs Marshall. She said that the government Flat was fully insured but that she had lost a brooch earrings and a fur which had been of great sentimental value. Or Marshall had lost his glasses in the fire and could not go to work until he pot new ones. Mrs Marshall said that she her husband and a Young son from a previous marriage would probably continue to live in the lower Storey of the Flat unless they could find accommodation with friends. An elderly Man in an adjoining Flat slept through the fire and the ensuing commotion. Peter o Donnell 7, of Hughes infants school juggles his subject into focus. Russia and France warn hands off Vietnam Paris Friday Aap reviser. The soviet Union and France called on All countries last night to keep their hands off Vietnam and other parts of indo China. They said in a joint communique thai the situation in Vietnam had worsened and represents a danger to the cause of the communique was issued at the end of a five Day visit to Paris by the soviet foreign minister or Gromyko. It said the Only Way to solve problems in the undo China area was to recognise the Independence of lie countries there and the i permissibility of foreign interference in their Home the 1954 and 1962 Geneva agreements on Vietnam Cambodia and Laos which were based on these principles must be observed. The communique added that the soviet French talks revealed an area of agreement which exists Between the two governments and thus will facilitate the development of useful consultations Between them. The communique or " both governments agreed that the United Lions should return strict Observance of principles of the in Char Ter especially regarding the attributions of functions and Powers among the different organs of this in other sections the communique said _ the French foreign minis Ter or Couve de Murville. Would make an Olli Cial Visk to Moscow Iii Llie autumn or Gromyko s visit. I he Dale will be announced and Russia took note of us and British agreement to an International confers acc on Cam Bodia a move favoured earlier by Moscow and Paris. The. Pope s i plea the Pope appealed today in a 2.200-word document for conversations and negotiations at All Levels to Avert the threat of War. In the second1 encyclical letter of his Rig i the Pon Tiff said the International situation was Darker and More Uncertain than Ever now new threats arc Ciul ing erg the sup reme Benefit of world me did not mention specific world trouble spots by name associated press reported. Bettr he spoke of unspeakable sufferings caused by agitation guerrilla War fare. Acts of War Ever grow ing in extent and intensity which could at any moment produce a spark for a Ter Rible fresh the reference seemed to apply in particular to Viet Nam. In Hong Kong today two chinese language news papers of opposite political views said the australian decision to Send troops to South Vietnam brought the conflict to a More serious level. The nationalist sing Tao Man said tension in indo China was Likely to develop but praised the australian decision because it showed the Seato Powers meant business. The communist new evening Post said the australian troops would Only help to give the us a Short breathing spell in manpower. World reaction to the australian decision London no official com ment but the news was not Well received. Most news papers gave the announce ment Little space. The guardian said in an editorial. If half a million South and 30, 000 american soldiers can not defeat the Vietcong a battalion of australian in Fantry can hardly be expected to turn the tide. The Signac since of both the Call and the response is More political than military. But Canberra is several thousand More Miles nearer Iii indo China than Are Lon Don and Manchester and australians must be left to judge whether their govern ment is acting new York the major newspapers published the news prominently without comment. Montreal newspapers front paged the news under big headlines. Kii Iila Bumpur the announcement was headline news in radio newscasts and front paged in malaysian morning newspapers. Tokyo major japanese newspapers carried front Page reports. Said o n newspapers gave the news Banner head lines of Welcome. Minister or halt fuck who arrived in London today is expected to give slate ministers a full statement on monday on Australia s decision. The military advisers conference in Lon Don warmly welcomed the Canberra announcement. The military chiefs were also understood to have discussed proposals for joint military action by the is Ato Powers in Vietnam. Informed sources said joint military action by Seato would be governed by a request for such action by the South vietnamese government but there was no such request before the conference. Warmly conscripts May fight if the crisis continues australian National servicemen could serve with us troops against the Vietcong. A spokesman for the army said yesterday the government s policy Oil National servicemen had not changed. This Means that after completing Basic training National service Man will be posted to regular army units some of which could be sent us Vietnam. The British minister for Commonwealth relations or Bottomley said this week Australia would have been unlikely to commit troops to Vietnam if the British had Felt they needed additional men to meet indonesian confrontation. American command Jonathan Gaul our parliamentary correspondent Wiles support for Australia s decision to Send an infantry battalion to South Vietnam is from a majority of asian countries. Australia expects that her action will be supported by Japan the Philippines thai land Malaysia and Laos. Neither India nor Paki Stan which is a Seato member would be expected to oppose the decision. Active opposition is Likely Only from Indonesia. A decision is expected to Send Philippines troops into Vietnam and the new Zea land government is also understood to be considering whether to Send troops. The 1st battalion is sex be used to be flown to South Vietnam before the end of june. The unit will consist of Between 800 and 1,000 highly trained infantrymen and supports. Their initial tasks during an acclimatisation period arc to be the guarding of military bases and installations. Later they could be involved in More direct actions operating As a unit but under Overall american command. New York Friday Aap Reuter. President Johnson thanked a Mew York housewife today for her diplomatic handling of while House Telephone Calls which went to her by mis take. Mrs Rose Brown of Glendale in the new York suburb of Queens has the same Telephone number As Che White House. To complicate matters further the area codes for Long distance dialling Are Little different 202 for Washington and 212 for new York. The president promised to be just As careful in receiving Telephone Calls meant for the Brown family. Jack Fingleton tests cover Jack Fingleton former test player and a distinguished writer on Cricket is flying to the West indies to describe the last two test matches for the London sunday times. By special arrange ment with the sunday times he will report these matches exclusively for the can Berra times in austra Lia. The fourth test will be in Bridgetown Barbados from May 5 to ii and the final test will be staged in port of Spain Trini dad from May 14 to 20. Hanoi s Supply dumps 5. Us flies More troops Inlo dominican re 6. Other pages the Anzac dead. Page 2. The Actu will Call a conference of South East asian unions. Panfic 3. After the. Bushfire a Scot woman feels h e v Inadequacy among the devastation. Saturday feat 9. Pop cult Britain s jazz guitarists. To 13. Doctors telephones. 8 gardening Church services. 12 finance. 14, 15 lotteries 5519,5520 26 courts 26 sport. 27, 28 classified pane 16-23

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