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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia 1 forecast Canberra Fine warm. Lake Burley grif Fin wind Easterly 5-10 knots. Southern table lands Fine mild. South coast Fine mild Sens slight. 17. Gemini from gemini astronaut Thomas Stafford in gemini-6 took this photograph of gemini 7 j60 above the Earth last wednesday during the twin spacecrafts extended rendezvous. Trailing from the. Adaptor Section of gemini 7 Are. Straps and wires left there when the spacecraft separated from its Booster relic la. Radio picture. Back after 5,700,000 Miles Houston sunday Aap Reuter. The gemini 7 twins Frank Borrman and James Lovell after a record breaking 14 Days in space appear to be in better shape than the Crew of gemini 5, which was up for almost eight Days. Space Agency doctors said this afternoon after several hours of testing that the flight left no serious physical or mental Marks on he astronauts. The astronauts splashed Down yesterday and will Fly from the recovery aircraft Carrier Wasp to Cape Kennedy this morning. Astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford arrived at Cape Kennedy aboard the Wasp on Friday a Day after guiding gemini 6 to a rendezvous in space with gemini 7. When the gemini 7 spacecraft came Down right on schedule at 12.05 aest South West of Bermuda it had travelled 5,700,000 Miles in 3.10 hours 35 minutes just a few hours Short of 14 Days. Much to do before Moon Landing. Rage 6 warder killed in gaol break Melbourne sunday. A warder was shot dead and a salvation army chaplain was used As a hostage by two prisoners who escaped from Pentridge gaol today. The warder George hods on 41, was shot with a High powered ,30 calibre us Marine carbine in Syd Ney Road Coburg outside the South Gate of the prison. The escapees Are Ronald James Ryan 40, serving nine years for shop breaking Possession o explosives and armed burglary. Peter Lohn Walker 24, an englishman serving 12 years for armed Rob Bery. Brigadier Bringle Hewitt 57, the prison chaplain was used As a hostage to Force Hodson to open the South Gale. They hit him Over the head with a Rifle butt and ran into Sydney Road. Hods or. Chi ised after them and was felled by a Bullet which struck him in the right shoulder and pierced his lung. He died lying on Tram tracks. Police would not say which of the escapes fired the shots. Another warder who was attacked in the sentry Box said later thai alter recovering he saw the prisoners Dart along Sydney Road but could not fire at them for fear of hitting bystanders. Roth men were described by police As desperate and highly the escape was made at about 1.30pm when Ryan and Walker were in an exer Cise said. I the two men used a Long pole with a Hook on the in to o Blanket tied together to a catwalk surrounding the Yard. They clambered up the blankets bashed a warder in a sentry Box with an Iron bar and then grabbed a carbine from a gun rack. They leapt Over the Wall and grabbed Brig. Hewitt who had just been distributing Christmas gifts. After shooting Hodson. The two prisoners jumped into a Blue Grey Vanguard which was found abandoned about 31 hours later in j Bruce Street Kensington near a Ponds Yard. Hods ii who liked alone at Inkerman Street St Kilda had been a warder for eight cais. Brig. Bringle was taken to Royal Melbourne hos Pital where he was said to be tonight the search switched to Ballarat. Thirty armed police searched a wide area after a ear had been reported stolen. Disease follows Cyclone Dacca sunday Aap. A new agony faces the survivors of the killer Cyclone which has mauled the East Pakistan coast. Many parts of the stricken area now lace epidemics be cause medical and Rescue teams Are unable to reach them. Latest reports appear to confirm that 25,000 people May have lost their lives in the 140mph Cyclone that ravaged a 600 Square mile area. The Fate of thousands of Island fishermen was still Uncertain last night four Days after the storm struck. More than 10,000 others others were known to have been swept to their deaths. A Rescue party sent to the Island of so Nadia re ported heavy loss of life on the fishing Island but did not give details. Intermediate results the results of the 1965 intermediate examinations for Canberra and District schools Are listed today on Page 17. The prime minister sir Robert Menzies flanked by wide eyed children watches As a cake is Cut backstage at the special Farewell performance of Peter Scriven s Tinto okies at the Canberra theatre Centre in saturday night. Dante Pattie Menzies Cut the cake and each of the special guests at the performance received a slice. Quiet Day for pm 71 today sir Robert Menzies 71 today celebrated his birthday yesterday with a quiet family gathering at the prime minister s Lodge. The prime minister and Dame Pattie entertained six of their grandchildren Dur ing the weekend. The children will be joined by their parents for Christmas. On saturday night sir Robert and Dame Pattie took the children to the final night of the Tinto okies Pup pet show at the Canberra theatre. Today it will be work As usual for sir Robert who has a Busy schedule ahead of him including a meeting with the former British foreign Secretary or Selwyn Lloyd. Record time in office tonight he will attend an official dinner party in response to a Long standing invitation. However the function is not related to his birthday. J yesterday s Celebration was a double one As it has been every year for the past 16 years the record term sir Robert has been in office. The Menzies ministry look Over on december 19, 1949, after an election on december 10 that year. Among the Shoal of congratulatory messages expected today will be one from or Fred Raven president of the chamber of com Merce in Liparit Victoria sir Robert s Home town. I will certainly be Send ing him a Telegram or Raven who said he was compiling a biography of sir Robert told the can Berra times last night. Townspeople in Jep Arit have raised �2,000 for a Thistle topped Tower Mem orial to sir Robert to be built at the Entrance of the town s recreation Reserve. Building of the floodlit spire is expected to be completed in february and sir Robert will unveil it some time a March. I Hanoi peace us accused of fabrication Wpm to Chi Mink Tokyo sunday Aap Reuter. Two terse paragraphs Broad cast today by the North Vietnam news Agency dashed Hopes that a re ported peace feeler from Hanoi could Lead to negotiations on the Viet Nam War. The Agency said that news reports of statements by president to Chi Minh were sheer groundless fabrication and part of an american peace the message was monitored in Tokyo and the Agency said it had been authorised to deny absolutely the reports. The Agency s version of presi Dent to Chi Minh s remarks to two visiting italians omitted the Assurance reported by the ital Ian foreign minister or Amin Tore Fanfani that he was pre pared to go anywhere to meet anyone. President to met or Georgio la Pira 61, and professor Primicerio 25, in Hanoi last month and or Fanfani wrote to president Johnson of the re ported offer. All along Washington officials had feared that premature Dis closure of the letter would pro Voke Hasty North vietnamese denials that negotiation feelers had been extended. The Agency said it was Well known that each time the us imperialists Jabb ered about peaceful negotiations they intensified and expanded the War in Vietnam they Clamour about unconditional negotiations and Fabri Cate the Story of a so called probe about negotiation on the part of the government of the democratic Republic of Viet Nam it said. This is precisely aimed at covering up their new and extremely dangerous Steps in their military adventure in Vietnam. But these allegations can fool nobody. On the contrary they expose further the aggressive and odious nature of the us imperialists a cold reaction in Washington the Johnson administration reacted coldly and the White House press Secretary or Bill Moyers said til let their statement speak for itself. State department officials made it Clear that the denial came As no Surprise and would have been surprised if such a denunciation had not been forthcoming. I president Johnson and the i Secretary of state or Rusk conferred before issuing the White House statement. In Florence professor la Pira. A left Wing Chris Tian Democrat politician reaffirmed president to s reported remark. He said president to had added that peace talks pre supposed a ceasefire and could Start immediately and therefore without the immediate withdrawal of United states professor la Pira added i confirm that i and pro Fessor Primicerio when we were received at he presidential Palace in Hanoi on november 11, heard from president to Chi Minh s own voice that he was Dis posed for the Good of his people to go anywhere and to meet anyone to negotiate for prof Primicerio claimed the premature disclosure by Washington had jeopardised Chance of ceding the vict r m War. Secretary of state Rusk is to be blamed he said i because he showed that he wanted this Mission to fail by disclosing in Advance what had been despite this assessment the initiative by professor la pint was judged in Washington As an expression of combined idealism and naivete by a devout Lay Monk. It became Clear on the basis of comment by in formed sources that the two florentine. Had made their voyage to North Viet Nam on their own Initia Tive and withe. Receiving any mandate from the italian government. They spent a Carly a week in North Vietnam and according to professor la Pira return Edith great Hopes of but the leading Florence Independent newspaper la Nazione ridiculed their mediation. J t said the slate depart ment regarded the views expressed to the professors by North Vietnam s rulers As merely an empty repetition of principles Well known to be unacceptable to America. The ambiguity of these views probably deceived the italians not very expert in this subject who took seriously the words of to Chi the new York times Max Frankel said there were indications that at least one message from Washington would be passed to Hanoi by or Fanfani who is current president of the in Gen eral Assembly. Or Fanfani was expected to convey to Hanoi thei reasons for Washington s sudden publication of the reported other. Delay gains nothing president Johnson said in a National television Broad cast last night we declare once More our desire to Dis a cuss an honourable peace in Vietnam. We know that nothing is to be gained by further de Lay in he said that the visiting British prime minister or Wilson who appeared at or Johnson s Side has told me that his govern ment will renew the quest for peace As co chairman of the Geneva or Johnson said he had told or Wilson any new Way he can find to peace will have a ready response from China s peking people s daily said today that South Vietnam had become a graveyard for the Ameri cans who had been driven into a passive and Vulner Able position. In Washington senator Mike Mansfield said that he doubted whether the reports of a peace feeler from North Vietnam had any Validity in View of Hanoi s denunciation. He is democratic Leader in the Senate. The Pope appealed today for a ceasefire in Vietnam at East Over Christmas and said he hoped it could be followed by negotiations to end the conflict. The pontiff about 20,000 pilgrims in Saint Peter s Square appeared at the window of his study to give his sunday1 Blessing and express Good wishes for Christmas. No formal request for men Saigon sunday Aap special. Australia has received no formal request for additional troops from South Vietnam the min ister for external affairs or Hasluck said today. But he told reporters at a press conference before leaving for Kuala Bumpur by Raaf aircraft that he had discussed increased non military contributions during his visit to South Vietnam. Or Hasluck stressed that Australia was not contemplating a step up in military Aid to South Vietnam. There was no formal re quest for additional troops in front of the australian government he said. Useful 1 exchanges or Hasluck assured South Vietnam that Australia would stick with them. During his visit or Hasluck had useful exchanges of views with the chairman of the committee of National leadership head of state lieutenant general Nguyen Van Thieu and the prime minister general by. Or Hasluck also had talks with other ranking Vietnam leaders As Well As australian and us officials i he said that prospects in. Vietnam had improved greatly since his last visit in tune 1964. Or Hasluck complained that far too Many people in this world look on this As a regional War. My View and the australian View is that it is All tied up with the world Pat Tern of he said the vietnamese the americans the australians the new zealand cars and the koreans Are doing the Job for the churches write to pm Page 3. Saturday features on Friday the Canberra times will not be published on Christ Mas Day next saturday. But the usual saturday features including the saturday Magazine pages the gardening and Church sections pop cult and other regular features will be published instead in the Canberra times on Friday. Friday s paper will be like saturdays but a Day Early. Fifteenth War death Corporal a. H. Bothering Fiam of Inverell new serving with the 1st Batta lion Koyal australian regi ment was killed in a grenade explosion in South Vietnam on Friday. A statement issued in Canberra by the depart ment of the army last night said no details of the incident were available. Cpl Lotherington is the 15th australian to be killed in Vietnam since . Offei pry dry i log \xservfee5 Lons Dou & Cowon ersts 41221 a upon y 1222 Send tooth of it costs no More depots in All centres Smith stops Oil for Zambia i Salisbury Sun i Day Aap Reuter. Rhodesia announced today the immediate suspension of Oil sup plies to Zambia to pre serve her reserves against the effect of the British Oil embargo. Britain imposed an immediate Oil embargo on Friday with penalties of six months gaol or a �500 Fine or troth for any British National who attempted to break it. The government at the same time asked the Shell Oil co to Stop a 16.000-ton Tanker due almost immediately at Beira Mozambique to unload Oil for Rhodesia. Shell has now announced that the ship will not discharge her cargo. There was no panic buy ing at rhodesian petrol stations today. Smith broadcasts Page 5 de Gaulle leads in polls the pollsters say presi Dent de Gaulle is out in front As 29 million French voters prepare to cast their ballots in the presidential elec 6. American b-52 bombers from Guam have struck at communist military installations in i aos. Page 5. Other pages tie in general Assem Bly s trusteeship com Mittee has vote d for Early Independence for the australian Trust territories of Papua new Guinea and Nauru. Page 3. For Afonien. 12 Rui Liing. 14, 15 sport 18-20 classifieds Page 16. 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