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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia Canberra Fine and Windy. Maximum 10. Lake Westerly 10-15 knots. S. Tablelands cold South West winds. S. Coast Cool South West winds 10/20 knots. Details Snow report. Page 35. $ o monies ads critical of chief Justice Melbourne Fri Day. The Leader of the Federal opposition or Whitlam questioned the competence of the chief Justice of aus Strajia sir Garfield Barwick tonight. He criticised sir Gar Field s administration of the High court. Or Whitlam accused sir Garfield of demeaning the office of chief Justice and of involving the High court in political matters. He said Legal advice Given by sir Garfield to the governor general sir John Kerr last novem Ber was at the very least inadequate and probably wrong. Serious charges v these Are serious charges and i do not make them lightly he Whitlam made the comments when he opened a constitutional seminar sponsored by the Mel Bourne University Law faculty. More than 250 experts on the Constitution will take part in the discussion Over the weekend including the prime minis ter or Fraser. In his speech or Whit Lam criticised the action of sir John in dismissing the labor government last year and attacked the sen ate and conservative state governments for obstruction. He called for constitutional amendments but said his three years of office bad shown that labor arid the Constitution can co exist. The High court by the Way it interpreted the Constitution had allowed the labor government a considerable degree of Freedom he said. It was the machinery of government under the Constitution which had been shown to be inadequate riot the Federal government s Power to legislate. But or Whitlam said he had become increasingly concerned about some aspects of the High court s approach which had significant implications for future government. He criticised the ten Dency particularly of the present chief Justice to base decisions on constitutional glosses and unstated assumptions. He said his extra Judi Cial invention of the Doc Trine of caretaker govern ments in the Westminster system is Only the most notorious manifestation of. The chief Justice s Bent. Secret advice on the political involve ment of the High court or Whitlam said the chief Justice s decision to tender secret advice to the governor general last no vember and to do so without first informing and consulting his colleagues was in my View a breach of the duties and responsibilities of his office. His decision to bring Tho High court into the subsequent debate Over the events of november 11, 1975, by giving a press conference demeaned his office in a manner none of his predecessors would have contemplated. He must now accept the fact that he has entered the political Arena and his views must be canvassed in the terms appropriate to that Arena. Edited text of speech Page 2. Late news new clash at Soweto Johannesburg Fri y Aap. South police firing Auto Matic weapons clashed for univ third consecutive Day with Black derision stators ill Soweto today. Witnesses said eight people were injured by the gunfire. Report. Page 5. Government joins big by Arthur Gray the government and the North West shelf private development consortium have agreed in principle to a joint venture to Supply and distribute natural Gas. The venture involves primarily two projects a new pipeline from Dampier to the South West regions of Western Australia and As economics determine a connecting pipeline from the North West shelf through Loomba to the Eastern states. The government involvement apparently was contingent on Bop acquiring 75.2 million shares a 41 8 per cent interest in the consortium through the Pur Chase of the shareholding of the Burmah Oil co of the us in Woodside Burmah no. Woodside Burmah holds half the interest in. The main Oil and Gas exploration permits covering the North West shelf. The other three groups each with an equal shareholding of 16.6 per cent Are British Petro Leum and development Australia Shell development Australia and California Asiatic. A statement issued by Bop yesterday and welcomed by the minister for overseas Trade and Deputy prime minister or Anthony was the Climax of a week of speculation regarding the implementation of the Basic con nor plan by private Enterprise. The statement showed that the government was asserting its authority Over the Western australian government which had been anxious to Export North West shelf natural Gas and Oil rather than have it distributed locally. There had been considerable speculation that the Federal government would take control of the resources As intended by the labor government s former minister for minerals and Energy or Connor. Instead the development will be a joint venture the off Shore legislation upheld last year by the High court enables the Federal government to take an Active part in the development. Government sources said this week that the government would ensure world parity prices for any Oil or natural Gas developed in the North West Field. A second statement issued by Bop said that the company would raise about s98 million in a new Issue of $2 shares at a $2 Premium on a one for eight basis. Bop directors said funds made available to the company by the Issue will be used to finance its further development in the minerals steel and Petroleum Industry sections As Well As its in vestments in associated companies and for the general Pur poses of this group. In a statement issued before he left for his overseas tour yester Day afternoon or Anthony said Bop s entry into the joint Ven Ture at this stage is very timely As proposals have been made for the development of the North West shelf Gas Fields. The project which will Cost about $2,000 million will be one of the largest Ever undertaken in Australia and is expected to have a big Impact on the australian Economy especially in Western Australia. Some aspects of the proposals arc still under consideration and will require government approval but i have every Confidence the project will go ahead and i Hope very quickly. The North West shelf Gas Fields represent Over half austra Lia s reserves and 2 per cent of Australia s total Energy reserves. Earlier this week government sources said that sir Charles court the Western australian Premier together with private Enterprise had entered into considerable negotiations which were now at a very delicate stage. Woodside Burmah was stated to be the private Enterprise part of the negotiations. Woodside Burmah though its subsidiary Burmah Oil co of the us was stated to be subjected to considerable outside pressure to become a partner in a trans australian pipeline project but this company was More inter ested it was stated in direct exporting than local pipeline involvement. It is understood that the pipe line authority has not been consulted in this latest venture. Bop share Issue expanded re port. Page 17 officials inspect the wreckage of the Nomad at Avalon yesterday. Picture Gram. Test Pilot Dies in Nomad crash by Frank Cranston defence and aviation correspondent. The prototype of a new version of an australian air Craft crashed near Avalon Victoria yesterday on its Maiden flight killing the chief test Pilot for the government aircraft factories or Stuart Pearce. Two other men Gay s chief designer or David Hooper of Melbourne and Gay s flight test Engineer or p. Larcy of Geelong were seriously injured. The Nomad n24 aircraft a larger capacity derivative of the n22 version crashed from about 250 metres after it had taken off on a routine trial with or Pearce at the controls. Accident investigation experts of the 1 department of transport yesterday were Sif Ting through the wreckage to ascertain the cause of the crash which was observed by expert witnesses in the control Tower of the Gay test Airfield at Avalon which is South of Melbourne. Or Pearce had indicated that he was having trouble with the machine and was at tempting to turn Back to the Airfield when the aircraft Plum meted to the ground. Yesterday s crash was the second loss of a Nomad this year. On june 6 a Sabah air machine. Crashed while at tempting to land at Kotu Kin Abula. Twelve people including Sabah s chief minis ter Mahomed Faud Stephens and several other ministers were killed. The cause of this crash has not been announced but faulty loading and in expert handling by the Pilot have been speculated by some publications. The .n24 Nomad differs from the Basic Model in that it has an inserted Section which makes it 1.09 metres longer to enable the Carriage of up to 15 passengers com pared with Basic Model s 12. Or Pearcy was to have gone to the United states next month to conduct test flights of a being equipped with flotation equipment for water operations. An n22 is on its Way to the Farnborough air show in England next month though this program could now be disrupted by the need to replace the Crew of the crashed aircraft in the flight testing schedule. Or Blunn handles the Monkey bar competently. And he has no trouble with jumping Jim Green. But his bold approach to the roman rings impresses most. City manager with the greatest of ease j the leap Frog obstacle the rail vault and the Wall climb were handled with ease by Canberra City manager or Tony Blunn when he officially opened the Woden fitness track yesterday. As part of the opening ceremony or. Blunn and representatives of sporting Community and physical Edu cation bodies went for a run around the track. Most of them coped with the course or Blunn doing particularly Well on the roman rings. The new fitness track which Cost $3,000, was built by the department of the capital territory and is the second of its Type in can Berra. The other in Haig � Park Turner was opened in 193. The track is around the Canberra cemetery and through Woden Park. Or Blunn said he consid ered this a most appropriate location because it was also near the Hospital and health Centre and this might Benefit the less fit fanatics. He hoped that the location of the track near schools the Community Centre. And office blocks would attract people during lunch hours and at the weekend families. The course is about 1,600 metres Long and has 11 activity Points for exercise. The beginning of the course warns people to warm up Start carefully and Progress gradually. Unemployment in Australia in season ally adjusted terms has again risen above 5 per cent. Figures issued last night show the july level to be 315,257, a 6.2 per cent increase Over the june figure of 296,835. The present level represents 5.2 per cent of the workforce the highest this year. The minister for employment and Indus. Trial relations or Street said the employment movements in july must be regarded As indicative of some deterioration in the labour Market. He said the labour Market appeared to have weakened during july with new accounting for the vast majority of the increase in registered unemployed. The opposition spokesman on Treasury matters or Hurford said that Australia was now the Only country he knew of which had worse unemployment than eight months ago. Seasonally adjusted the proportion of Australia s workforce unemployed in july is the highest since last october s 5.21 per cent. In actual terms the number of unemployed in july Rose by 5,035 to 270,286, or 4.4 per cent of the workforce. Economists generally regard the season ally adjusted figures As the More accurate guide to the situation unfilled vacancies fell by 41 to 19,153 seasonally adjusted unfilled vacancies Rose by 2.9 per cent to 22.338. Or Street said that Over the past 20 years the Normal pattern during july had been for a fall in registered unemployed and a Rise in unfilled vacancies. Deterioration while there was a Small Rise. In unfilled vacancies seasonally adjusted the movements during july must be regarded As indicative of some deterioration in the labour Market he said. This apparent deterioration in the demand for labour underlined the importance of the View the government had been putting in the National wage Case that the Price for a speedy economic recovery and reduction in the level of unemployment was a policy of wage restraint. Disguised subsidy on superphosphate i business a economics existing pricing arrangements for phosphate Rock arc costing the australian and new zealand governments an estimated s15 million to s20 million annually and the figure could double. It is a disguised sub Sidy to superphosphate users Worth an estimated s3.50 a tonne. It is ten Ding to disguise the costs of anti competitive distribution arrangements involving proportional distribution and Stock piling of different grades of Rock which arc adding a further si.30 a tonne to the Price. Compulsory use of australian manned ships was adding a further $2.60 a tonne to the Price. The observations were contained in the industries assistance com Mission s draft report on assistance for phosphatic fertiliser consumption published this week. The Lac s criticisms of Supply and pricing practices in the Industry were scathing. It hns advised the government to re View the existing arrange ments and has recommended that any future Bounty be paid on total phosphorous Content. This it said would re move the incentive for manufacturers to produce superphosphate of Quality that just qualifies for the Bounty or to dilute higher Quality superphosphate with Sand or Gypsum a practice the Canberra times Drew attention to last year. Warwick Bracken reports. Page 17, . Dispute on garbage goes on the dispute disrupting the collection of garbage on the South Side of Canberra goes on. Page 3. \ nuclear Israel and Egypt to get nuclear a captors from us. Page 4. Review act supreme court to review magistrate s decision to admit into avid Cnoc an alleged confession by a 14 year old girl. Page buses department says parts of an internal report on starting Levels in bus. Workshops Tver wrong Page 6. Inquiry confusion about appropriate methods for dealing with reports of inquiries into Security and intelligence scr vices. Page 7. Hair today gone tomorrow saturday Page in hair today and gone tomorrow Noel Francis takes a Lighth carted look at Man s hassle Over hair happiness and j. D. Rutherford recalls has Canberra s last Battle. Page 11. Therapy to relieve stress books the Harvard medical school s professor of Medicine deals with relaxation therapies As a Means of relieving stress in the relaxation. Response reviewed by Thelma Hunter and Maurice Dunlevy discusses Marcel Proust. Page 10. Wage wage indexation decision cup cited Laic next week. Page 9. Embassy work goes on in Sanstra i i a s fire damaged Moscow embassy. Page 9. League o Brien notches group 8 Century. Back Page. Rules chances to Chin Cut top rules spot. Back pane. Clife style a lurches 12 to radio crossword 13 other pages world news 4, 5 courts 8 finance 17 comics 35 sport 36-40 lotteries Jackpot 995 Ordinary 7028 35 Canberra time classifieds accommodation wanted 17 accommodation vacant 17, 18 Antiques 31 amusements 18 announcements 35 auctions 28, 29 births 17 businesses for Sale 29 business Opportunity 29 business wanted 29 birthday 17 builders and repairers 29, 30 building material 30 caravans trailers Etc 34, 35 deaths 17 entertainment .18 engagements 17 for hire 29 for Sale 30. 31 found 17 funerals 17 Garden supplies 31 Holiday resorts 18 Hospital appointments 29 in Mcm orium 17 investment 20 Legal notices 20 lost 17 Marine 35 marriages 17 machinery 31 motor cycles 31. Motor vehicles for Sale or wanted. 31-34 motor accessories parts and repairs 34 notices of meetings 18 personal 17 photographic 31 positions minted 29 positions vacant 20-22 professional 17 Public notices 18-20 real estate 23-28 removals 20 Rural properties 29 return thanks 17 tenders 20 to let 18 wanted to buy 30 wanted to Exchange 18 wanted to rent 18 a Nufril Griffith $72,000 Wal to Hanuka shops a Beautiful Homo in a quiet tree lined Street doge to Ell amenities. This Home is a unique Home by Canberra Stan Dards and features a very Large entertaining area comprising Loungo sunroom dining room with open fire place. The Kitchen has been completely renovated with a Wall oven. 2 bedrooms Are upstairs both with built in Robes main with dressing room and Access to roof top sundeck. The stud also has an open fire. Quality appointments Are fitted throughout the Block has been Well developed and has plenty of room for future extensions. An inspection is recommended. Cook $39,750 split level double garage an unusual Home combining the advantages of a conventional Home with the Appeal of something different. Features include a spacious lounge separate dining room modern Kitchen extra Shower recess and built in Robes in 2of the 3 bedrooms. The Block is Large and particularly Well developed with Many mature Trees and shrubs. Please phone 491888 or a 812030 for an Early inspection. Goliath court a Fine selection of one and two bedroom Home units located within walking distance of shops and close to Canberra City. Prices Range from s23.540 to s28.835 and Art for Sale fully furnished and will be completely redecorated before Sale. To inspect please phone 491888 or a 812030. Wanni Assa $38,500 situated right up on the Hill with excellent views Over the Valley this would be the most realistically priced Home Inthis area. Containing 4 bedrooms with in suite to master and built ins to three sunken lounge Kitchen with adjoin ing family room and electric heating. Constructed by Acme Homes the Home will have an excellent finish. All fences paths drive strips. Etc. Included in this Low. Low Price. Ring now to arrange inspection on 491888 or 812030 a with the sole agents. Spence $47,500 soaring completion this big 170m 18 Square Home is excellent value for Money. Solid Brick two bathrooms toilet laundry four double sized bedrooms with in suite to master big lounge with archway to huge dining room ducted heating throughout and situated in a quite Cul de Sac. Excellent workmanship throughout please phone or inspection on491888 or 812030 a. Campbell $48,000 solid Brick with a Terra Cotta tiled roof in immaculate condition throughout with a huge 2 car garage under. Big lounge separate dining room with views to Black Mountain and parliament House. Three Good sized bedrooms. 2 with Robes Quality carpet and drapes throughout one look will soon show you this is a very Well kept Home. For inspection to Day please phone Tho sole agents on 49188b or 812030 a. Be Connen you could not pick a nicer spot than this top of the Cul de Sac with glorious views Over open Bushland. A really comfortable modern playoust Home containing 4 bedroom with in suite to master a tilt in Robes to three separate Din ing room spacious combined Kitchen and family room wit double Wall oven and hotplates very big Loungo with sliding doors out to Timber deck and double garage and workshop under. Add the following features ducted heating roof insulation. Exposed beams top Quality carpets and drapes with Matching bedside lamps and bedspreads professionally landscaped and terraced gardens and backing onto Parkland. This is without a doubt one of the finest Homes on the Market especially at this Price. If you Are looking for a really top class Home please phone us on 491888 or 812030 a today. Phone 491888 a 812030 licensed agents. Zarema Arcade. City. Fishwick Braddon Campbell Narr Bundah

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