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Cairns Post (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Cairns, Queensland National Library of Australia Sun Moon tides to�4y am. At High 8.45 7.5 m m Low 158 1-0 x56 m to Morrow mjg. It psf of High 9j24 a 8.41 m j Low 3j7 0.h 148 14 Sarut nimm " Mou sept 13 �13 an. Us pah Moon pall Moon to night terrible fight to finish predicted if chinese reds attempt to invade Quemoy Washington sept. 12 . Or. Wellington Koo nationalist chinese ambassador yesterday predicted a terrible fight to the finish if the chinese Cornil munits attempted to invade Quemoy Island. Or. Koo who had just returned from a five week visit to Quemoy Formosa the Pescadore and Tachen Island said in an interview with United press that the United states and other free nations should consider chinese nationalist resistance to this latest communist aggression with sympathy approval and support. He said Formosa and its outlying islands were thorns in the Side of the communist regime and prevented con. Soli Dation of the Mainland. Like All dictatorships or. Koo added the communists cannot Stop their aggressive the ambassador said a communist invasion of Quemoy and any other out lying islands guarding Formosa would Only be a prelude to invasion of Formosa. I Confidence in Kai Shek s forces. L. ?. Ile voiced conf Losaso tint i gun Missimo Chiang Kai. Saw s forces Woad smash my invasion attempt so Long Muht Lea and air approaches k Quemoy Formosa and � a islands were Emroll 4 by the nationalists 1 in government does not is to involve the United a and other countries in conflict Jar. Koo added i feel we will be Able to die fighting so Long As Tho Goa i ammunition and equip tic continues. Our troops in e. I found was very High. Of defenders have been Tia Ughy retrained and reef pea with Standard Ameri Ca Tal to Sec Bitt t of Ambas Jamor Sala ice m and the a Forf Sui pad n vital the the Curis is. T a South est -.5siitf a Tail a world. Toey a like sentinels at the Gate at the Mainland and they served not Only As guards but As observation if the islands fell into communist hands he added they would be used As bases for at tacks elsewhere. The communist port of Amoy opposite Quemoy would be built up into one of the largest communist military ports that would threaten South East Asia and pose a headache for the us. Navy in the an american associated press report from Quemoy said that major general Wil Liam Chase chief of the United states military advisory Mission to nationalist China arrived in Quemoy on Satur Day to inspect the defences of the Island outpost. I the report said that the visit increased the impression m the area that the United states had a very Strong interest in Quemoy. It was considered possible that the United states had decided to give the nationalists All reasonable Aid Short of military action in. Protect ing offshore islands while not entering into any commitment for intervention if they were attacked. I acted strangely if the communist chinese really intended to launch a military drive on Quemoy i they bad acted strangely in alerting the nationalists and giving them a Chance to get set a new York times Cor respondent reported to Day from Taipei. The correspondent. Henry a Fieberman. Said the chinese communists were credited with the capability of attacking Quemoy sooner or later but responsible observers did not regard the present situation in the area As involving a grave immediate threat. Military men in Taipei said that at the moment there had been no unusual build up of men Junks or planes in the Fukien area facing Quemoy. According to a nationalist military spokesman. There were no communist air units now stationed in Fukien pro Vince. Of an estimated 220,000 com. Monist regular troops holding positions along the South East China coast about 100.000 were based in the nationalists had around 50.000 men on Quemoy and Little Quemoy and thet-cbm-4 munits would have u get. Across from Amoy. I Liberman said it was considered possible the commun-1 its might attack the nation Alist held Tachen islands. The possibility was also not ruled out that the chinese communists air Force might Start bombing Formosa. Could not count on immunity but in the first Case the communists could not be absolutely sure they could count on i immunity for their major main land installations if they attacked an area that clearly Kell within the protective Juris diction of the seventh Fleet j this did not mean the communists were any less deter Minad to liberate Formosa but whether they would risk a general War at this time Toi do so was open to question. Determined As it was to absorb Formosa Mao tse Tung s regime was believed to to counting As much or More on political and propaganda tic Tica m of military weapons. I now that Korea and indo i Nina were relatively quiet peking s Sabre rattling had again dramatised the unsettled Formosa Issue and raised the question of whether the West would fight if necessary to keep the Island out of communist hands. The Domestic situation in China could net be ruled out As a possible contributing fac Tor to peking s intensified propaganda on the liberation of Formosa. With China Suff ering from the worst floods of the Century in the Yangtze and Huai River valleys the government May have Felt the need for another patriotic Campaign to Spur its drive for greater production. Communists founded Mew York. Sept .12 National we Stuie chinese Mainland for the ninth straight Day to Day sunday in an attempt to crush a threatened communist invasion of Quemoy Island a United press dispatch from Tarpeh reported. A nationalist spokesman said that Jet fighters and bombers pounded the communist build up Centre at Amoy with heavy bombs while naval units bombarded islands be tween Tangshan Island and Swaton. Navy patrol planes ranged along the Southern chinese coast searching for possible new deployments of a communist invasion Force he said. An official government communique said the communist batteries Inland from Amoy had continued shelling Quemoy and nationalist islets. There was no announcement of casualties or damage caused by the reds shells. Crazy scene at Airport Johnny Ray mobbed almost dragged from Gangway 1 Melbourne sept 12.-in the craziest scene Ever witnessed at Melbourne Airport hundreds of Yelling women and girls mobbed sob crooner Johnny Ray and he was almost dragged from the Gangway of an Airliner this of the frenzied Welcom ing group were teen age girls with a fair sprinkling of youths. But there were also Many older women and men milling about in a wild attempt to shake touch or even kiss Ray. 1 police specially assigned to control the crowd estimated that 4000 were there to meet Ray. It probably was the biggest crowd to gather at the Airport to meet an. Individual except during the Royal tour. A group of women broke through a police cordon As the plane taxied up. They were reinforced by several Hundred other youngsters who jumped i the Fence surrounding the tar Mac j Ray was almost pulled to the ground before police surrounded him. Spear headed by wrestler chief i Little Wolf who was there to meet him they forced a diff to cult passage through to his car. J property in Townsville purchased by theatrical i firm. Townsville sept. 12. One of the most centrally Situ ated building Sites in Sturt Street Townsville is reported to have been purchased at a highly satisfactory figure by a theatrical firm. Birch Carroll and Coy is. The property on which Are two cottages Haa a frontage on Sturt Street Mit and a depth of 165ft. The Sale was negotiated by c. L. Knobel and co. Primed and Raulf Sid by the Cairns Post pay. Ltd. Of n-9 i Abbott stint Cairns at that address. Churches condemn so. Betting special mention in 8ebvlces Brisbane sept. 12 Chireh Lisi is Tram to areas of Brisba a pal pita a Lay at 1 the to legalise of the Saarse bet Ting. Speakers from every major denomination except the roman Catholic Church Erm Turt the determined opposition of their churches to any move to Galisa up. Shops. Hundreds of enema land churches at the request of the san Tfaye netting shops Tan pain made special Mentan of the evils of gambling in St. John s Cathedral Bris Bane the diocesan registrar Rev. R. T. St John said the proposals for legislation Are an immediate Challenge which must be faced now. If the betting shop comes to be regarded in the same Light As the lottery Agency children will grow up in the belief that bet Ting in such shops is one of the accepted moral standards of the Community. The newly elected president o1 the Queensland congregational Union Rev. B h. Park Erin the South Brisbane congregational Church said when off the course betting was legalised in South Australia there Wera lines of prams outside betting shops and children played in the streets while mothers placed bets. This contributed to juvenile delinquency and disrupted Home Rev. P. T. Smith in the Baptist City Tabernacle declared it is impossible to close our eyes to the iniquitous in roads made by various forms of gambling on the moral life of our Community. Legalising of off the course betting will mean the government sanctioning an other dangerous form of Gamb Ling which win jeopardise the morality of Australia s manhood and womanhood meat prices is Rise Queensland sales stepped up elimination of Price control advocated Brisbane. Sept. 12. Bris Bane faces a meat shortage More grim than that experienced in recent weeks unless the state government moves quickly to bring ceiling prices Here nearer into line with dearer markets. A meat Trade spokesman said this to Day in commenting on a week end announcement by the new South Wales prices com missioner or. Weir who was increasing prices in that state by up to 1/5 per la. More for beef and 7d. A la. More for Mutton. The prices minister or. W. Power would not comment on the new development. He said prices were a matter for the prices commissioner or. Ful lagar. The Impact on Queensland s supplies has already started. In expectation of higher prices in new South Wales sales of both Queensland fat cattle and beef were stepped up appreciably last week according to one authority. One of Brisbane s largest wholesalers who supplies More than 60 retailers with 250 to 400 bodies of beef a week said not one body would be sold to local Trade before thursday. The manager said his com Pany could not afford to do other than to consign to Syd Ney beef from All Catle Pur chased. A Trade spokesman said there was Only one thing for the government to do. That was to fix Queensland prices equal to the Best Market and let the actual prices find their own level up to that Point but the Best thing to do would be to eliminate Price control Alto Gether. Weathermen investigation effect of hand a bombs Geneta sept. U a top. The Wor Affa Eastma expert Hosso Ardd with letters Calita Tor Tater a Tiaval action to restore. Good weather have steered an to hairy into whether the had Earea Caa a Auer had anything to a with the Hydrogen or Agoada Hamah Tsa toscans. Or. Gastav Sheheda. Director general it the world asap i Alioa Baa been instructed the a adapt the Tae Fey. It waa Learned to Day. Extensive spy ring in Persia eliminated by Security forces military governor s announcement Teheran. Seat ii Aap Tersaa Security Torees have an extensive spy ring of Anny police and Gendar. Erie men working far the Pra Emma mat Tadefa party brigadier Teymer Banc hour Aane faced to Day. Brigadier Bakhtiar who is military governor of Teheran said espionage in Persia s armed forces and Security service has been increasing and growing stronger Day by Day. Informed sources put the number of those arrested at More than 500. Persian intelligence and foreign embassy sources said to night that officers occupying trusted positions close to the Shah and the prime minister or. Zahedi were involved in the spy network. Bakhtiar s statement claimed that All those arrested would be tried according to the Anny penal code. This provides sentence of death for traitors. The statement said the nation s Security organisations had now been cleared of spies and traitorous elements. Junior officers in the Royal guards who stood at the Shah s Elbow at ceremonies were stated to have been Seis Edita the round up of suspects. Four Hue in truck collision employees at rum Jungle eight others injured Msj Tim Bent in fear Awn were a filed and eight injured Early to Day when two tracks collided head a 22 Salles Frasa Darwin. All were a splay de at the Baas jangle Veraniam aunes. The men were returning in a leave truck from Darwin. The names of the men killed will be revealed after the next of Kin have been notified. Seventeen men were sitting on seats in the Back of the truck when the Accident happened. Some were asleep both trucks overturned and 17 men in the Back of the rum Jungle truck were thrown out one Man was thrown More than 30 feet one of the uninjured men ran and walked four Miles to a works department Camp and telephoned the Darwin ambulance Centre when two ambulances arrived three men were dead and four others were lying unconscious on the Road. One died after being admitted to the Darwin Hospital. Hat for lonely Joe Laronga Park s White Crow gbazd2r mat win 135 Sydney sept. 12.-a Queensland Grazier on saturday presented sir Edward Hallstrom with a White Crow and stands to win �385 for it the Grazier or. Tom Elliott of Corfield near Longreach caught the Crow near his Home four years ago sired Ward who is the Laronga Park zoo Trust chairman has been trying for More than three months to find a companion for lonely the zoo s Only White Crow. Thirty minutes after or. Elliott arrived at Mascot Aero drome or. Henry Hawke of Sunbury. 25 Miles from Mel Bourne arrived from Mel Bourne with another White Crow. However. Sir Edward said this one was cinnamon and not a real Albino. A Sydney radio station offered a Reward for the finder of a companion for lonely Joe with the prize Money in creasing on a daily Jackpot advertisers Secretary killed on Road Sydney sept. In the Secretary of the australian association of National advertiser since its inception in 1938 or Charles Roy Stanle of Rand Wick was killed when he fell from a moving car to night police said that Stanley waa thrown out of the car when to the door opened suddenly. A waa aged 53 and married. Hurricane s Trau of destruction . Blow cause of thirteen deaths new York sept 12 Anu Hurricane Edna roared fan ugly up the Atlantic coast yesterday Brush whee ram find split in two and today wat blowing herself out North of Nova Scotia. Thirteen deaths in the a theasle unwed states were attributed to tha mostly m traffic Ace Atar its and Tea emanated property damage certain to my into Bullions was left in her Wake. _ although potentially snore powerful than in Irricana cart 13 Days ago Edna with winds up to 135 Miles an Hoar it her Centre caused far less damage than Carol who was responsible for 68 deaths and hundreds of Mil Lions of dollars in proudly damage. Two eyes to Hurricane Edna As she neared new York veered slightly to sea but Cape cod. Jutting 60 Miles out off the Mainland was hit Edna Tore in two As she hit the Cape and meteorologists reported there were two eyes to the Hurricane each about 12 Miles apart the Cape a popular Holiday area reported that Trees and Power lines were Down but the dam age apparently was not As severe As that caused by Carol Small boats that survived Carol were taken out of the water Well in Advance and securely lashed Down. The Nantucket lightship a guide for West bound Atlantic Linera radioed a distress Sig Nal at the height of the storm but a reconnaissance aircraft reported later that her Crew appeared to be in no danger. The High seas had smashed her steering gear. Edna then continued North brushing the Maine coast one Eye passed directly Over Bangor Maine. The storm then moved up the Bay of Fundy. Yarmouth had Hlf Yarmouth on the Southern tip of Nova Scotia waa hard hit a City official declared a state of emergency. There were no reports of deaths or injuries but the damage was said to be widespread and heavy from the 100-mile an hour winds. Edna howled on up the Bay of Fundy and at Midnight the Boston weather Bureau issued its last Hurricane advisory. It placed the storm about 60 Miles North of St Johns new Brunswick and said Edna was moving North eastward at 40 Miles an hour. Fifteen trans Atlantic air liners were being held up at Gander Newfoundland on their Way to the United states. Because of the storm More than 1000 passengers were be ing delayed. North Eastern a a lashed the North Eastern United states a lashed by the Gale Force winds on Edna a fringe causing High Waves and up to seven inches of rain but warnings and evacuation of Shore areas kept the damage Down. Radio stations were on the air almost continually with re ports on the Hurricane s Posi Tion in contrast to Carol which struck unexpectedly. The Miami weather Bureau estimated that about 45 million people kept a jittery Eye on also unlike Hurricane Carol the tides were run Ning out when Edna approached the Mainland keeping damage from floods and driving Waves to a minimum. Hurricane Edna knocked out an estimated 150.000 telephones and left about one million people from Long Island to Maine without electricity As Power lines toppled. Public transport in some areas along the coast was temporarily cur tailed or snarled by the heavy Rains. The storm Cut off communications Between the maritime provinces of Canada and the Eastern Mainland. Meanwhile the Gulf coast was preparing for Hurricane the new Orleans weather Bureau placed the storm at 140 Miles South East of Tampico Mexico. Its highest winds were estimated at 75 . Near the Centre with gales extending outward about 75 Miles. It was moving West North West at five . And was expected to strike Tampico sometime on sunday. Small ships in the Gulf were advised to head for port. Second Victor tested Crescent Wing bomber s Maiden flight. London. Sept 11 that such help could be extended. Realism urged on red menace Premier addresses past students i Rockhampton sept 12. A realistic approach to the menace of communism was urged by the Premier or. V. C. Gair to past students of the Christian Brothers College at a communion breakfast to Day during the College Dia mond Jubilee celebrations. The Premier is an old boy of the College. Most of you stand charged land found guilty of apathy land lethargy for Many years when you succumbed to the belief that communism was an innocuous thing confined to Russia or. Gair said. You have seen the Progress made by communism in our country. I know you Are More conscious of it now but some 20 years ago when someone tried to organise a front what was the attitude adopted i Appeal to you to be unselfish in this work. If you Are not prepared to inconvenience yourself for this country and for the future of your children and generations to come i say. God help aus about 400 attended the breakfast which was presided Over by the roman Catho Lic Bishop of Rockhampton most Rev. A. G. Tynan. Four wings to leave Korea announcement Btu a. Ads Force. Tokio sept 11 adj. The United states air Force announced to Day that four tactical wings and their sup porting units would leave Korea in the next four months general e Partridge the far East air Force commander said that three wings would move to Japan and one Wing would be stationed on Okinawa and in the Philippines. A fighter bomber Wing a fighter interceptor Squadron and a reconnaissance Squadron have already moved from Korea to Japan and an interceptor fighter Wing from Korea to Okinawa. I Suez canal sons agreement. Cairo. Sept 11 adj British sources said to Day that there was a very Good Hope that the Anglo egyptian agree ment on the 8ues canal Ion would be signed Between sep tember. 30 and 25. This is the first time that the British have been prepared to give even an approximate Date to the Signa Ture. Worth coast forecast Flyak Iserer of in a a a a Pap pm Skem Ca hts 2570 def cult Mes ahead for sugar Industry or. A s Remaria Al opening of new Cairns offices the next few months were Likely to be coif ficut for the sugar Industry the general Secretary of the Queensland Cane growers Council or. R. Muir said in Cairns on sat urday. Or. Muir was speaking at the official opening of the new Block of offices for the Cairns District Cane growers executive in Aplin Street. He went on you need not be alarmed about this i am sure we shall weather our troubles just As we have weathered All the other troubles by which we have been beset in the past thing is that we must stand firmly together and remember that our leaders Are United in their efforts for our ind svy s betterment. During the next few months there will be Many Stormy meetings and growers representatives whose Only fault i is that they Are striving for everyone s Good will come in for a lot of and even abuse must stand together the people who will be guilty of this will be those who will not sugar peaks to which they think Wey Are entitled. I want to Appeal to these growers to remember that their representatives Are not the final authority they can always Appeal to the Central Cane prices Board if they wish. _ above All do not allow bitterness to creep into our Deal ing with one another. I can not Over emphasise the Neces sity for us to stand together in the difficult months that lie the chairman of the Queens land Cane growers executive or. Iden Foley echoed or. Muir optimism for the future. He agreed that the Industry was passim through what he called a. Partial depression but he was confident about its Powers of recuperation. Our Industry has never enjoyed any spectacular Prosper Ity but it always has been table. The Plain fact is that now. After series of pretty Goon years we find ourselves producing 200,000 tons of sugar each year above the Market s capacity of absorption. Had we kept going at this rate of production we should have plunged our Industry into chaotic condition from which it would have recovered with difficulty if at a. We did the sensible thing and entered into a series of talks with the sugar Board and other authorities with the result that we have decided to reduce our annual production to 1,170,000 tons. This will allow us Little better than 500,000 tons for Home consumption and about 600,000 tons for Export or. Foley said. He described the building he was about to open As ornate but useful and satisfying a Long Felt need. I should have liked the Cairns executive s late Secre tary or. Frank Ferguson to have lived to see tvs building because i have no doubt he played a big part in the plans which led to its erection or Foley said much of the i very obvious Prosperity of Cairns and its District depended on the sugar Industry s local development and expansion. It is utting therefore that the local Cane growers executive should have a building worthy of the Industry s importance from which to order its affairs. I congratulate those responsible for their courage and Enterprise in building these new offices. There is no doubt about their suitability and necessity for their purpose or. Foley declared. Plaque unveiled at the conclusion of his re Marks he performed the official opening of the main door and immediately after wards be unveiled tee plaque of Marble inscribed with Gold lettering and affixed to one Side of the door. The plaque proclaims the title of the building the Date of its opening and it carries or. Foley a name As the official who performed the opening ceremony. The names of the six exec i Uve members of the three Mills which comprise the Cairns District Cane growers executive and the executive office staff headed by the Secretary or. C. F. Wordsworth also appear on the plaque. The chairman of the Cairns Cane growers executive or. R. H. Watson who introduced the Day s speakers also referred to the presence at the function of or. W. Griffin. He de scribed or. Griffin As the Only surviving executive member of the four nulls which made up the Cane growers association prior to 1927, when the executive As it is now known waa established. I am proud to Welcome you to this gathering or. Watson told. Or. Grifon amid applause. The new building is entirely of Brick and has been taken to two storeys with provision for the addition of a third should this become necessary. Administrative offices take up much of the ground floor which also houses a Board room writings room and a women rear room. Facilities for the brewing of Tea Are prominent among the amenities provided in this room. The first floor has been set aside As a Flat for the use of the staff. Or. Wordsworth said the Overall Cost of the Structure was about �16,000. The Deputy mayor Aid. V. H. Jensen headed the group of prominent City and District residents who attended the ceremony. Attractive new Block of offices in Aplin Street for the Cairns District Cane growers executive opened on saturday. Death toll rises earthquakes in algd2ks. Algiers sept. 11 Anua total of 307 bodies found in a Village near Orleans Ville to-1 Day brought the known death Roll in this week s earthquakes to at least 1247. The Village named bed cached is believed to have been at the exact Cen tre of the earthquake which ravaged the surrounding area. A new series of Earth tremors rocked the devastated City of Orleans Ville to Day. The new quakes caused cracks and Fis sures in already ruined buildings threatening to bring them Down on thousands of troops fire men and police Are still comb Ine the debris for victims Gas flow at Drill Hole reids dome operations. Brisbane sept. 12.-tests taken at the 447-467 foot level of the Reid s dome Oil Drill Hole have revealed a flow of 50.050 cubic feet of Gas a Day. The Gas which is now under control has not yet been tested to determine its composition. The Drill Hole is now Down 1062ft. And drilling is proceed ing. The Oil search at Reid s dome 88 Miles from Spring sure is be Ling carried out by australasian Lou exploration Ltd. Cut Export quotas Australia not affected nov Axon. Set u ajl. P4. Strata i awl affected by Tai Lima Ali i of til Lalai i Sagar Council Maarse yesterday that certain Sager growing Coan truss Bauld cat their expert Qantas this year to wipe out an estimated Sagar Market Arias of lug Matris tons. This was made Plain last night by Australia s Delegate to the Council the agent general for Queensland or. D. J. Muir. He pointed out that under article la of the International sugar agreement which came into Force last january Aust Ralia and other British Commonwealth sugar producers enjoyed irreducible quotas. Or. Muir said the Council meeting just concluded in Lon Don had discussed an estimated free Market surplus of about 254,000 metric tons. This total would be reduced by about 142,000 tons through a prior decision of four countries to Cut their Export quotas. The countries concerned werer France 18,000 tons Haiti 27,797 tons the Netherlands 36,000 tons and the soviet Union 60,000 tons. Voluntary cuts but As that still left a surplus of about 112,000 tons the Council had agreed to recon mend., voluntary Export cuts by six other sugar producers. Or. Muir said the six affected were Brazil China Cuba Czechoslovakia the dominican Republic and Poland. He explained that these fur ther quota reductions were necessary because a Twenty percent Cut up to last May had tailed to carry the world mar ket Price above a set in of 3.25 american cents per several weeks the Price had been below this floor figure and at present was Only about 3.20 cents per la. Or. Muir emphasised that the whole aim and object of the International sugar agreement was to assure sugar growers of a Market and sugar importers of supplies at stable prices fair to both. The Council comprising representatives from 24 member countries wish that More coun tries should join in its work. It invited India Pakistan Indonesia and Peru which Are no longer members to be rep resented by observers at it future meetings. Temple ruins in London found near St. Paul s Cathedral. London. Sept. 11 - the ruins of a Small roman Temple have been discovered i London within a Stone s throw Oft. Paul s Cathedral the discovery is of major archaeological importance be cause this is the Only roman Temple to have been unearthed in London and the Only one of its particular form in the coun try. The Temple is at Walbrook and is about 50ft. Long and 25ft wide. It has been slowly uncovered after 15 months work by members of the London excavation Council there Are Clear indications that the Temple which is in a remarkable state of preservation was built about 150 whether further Progress will be made in excavating the site is in doubt because the ruins Are in the Centre of an area being cleared for the erection of a. Large Block of Flats. Attempt on use pole who stole Mig Chicago sept. 11 -. Lieut. Franciszek Jaeckl former polish air Force Pilot who fled to Denmark in a soviet Mig 15 fighter plane in 1953, told police to Day that gunmen had tried to kill him while he was driving his car 20 Miles from Chicago. Jarecki said that a shot fired from a car which had trailed him for five Miles peppered his face with powdered Glass when it shattered his car window. He said he believed that the attempt on his life was connected with threatening letters he had received calling him an american

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