Birth Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Thu, Oct 18, 1928.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, October 18, 1928

BirthsGirlsOrus and Olive Taylor. 48 North Chester.Basil and Clara Strouse, 1201 Centennial.Tom and Mary Buckner, 1714 Cornell.Luther and Minnie Hussey. 937 Berwyn.Edward and Bell Gill. St. Vincent.Harry and Ida Achgill. St. Vincent hospital.Edmund and Mary Schott. St. Vincent hospital.Lewis and Catherine Miles. 1229 Lee.i-ovjs and Helen Hoalt, 348 South Auburn.Ace and Bertha Steenbergev, 1417 English.John and Margaret Mills. 1024 Orange..Jesse and Johnnie Evans. 1820 WestTenth.Joe and Hattie Lambert. 335 Leeds.Charles and Netty Wilson. 2346 NorthArsenal.BoysGlenn and Helen Green. St. Vincent Hospital.Olin and Martha Furgason, St. Vincent hospital.Gabriel and Estria Calderon. St. Vincent hospital.Edward and Marcella W'eeks, 148 South Belmont.George and Edith Bradford. 216 North Mount.James and Margaret Burnside. Methodist hospital.James and Anna Borden, Methodist hospital.William and Iren Peet. Methodist hospital.Jefferson and Laura Holloway, 823 South Capitol.James and Ada Odom. 1204V* West Market.Harry and Jesse Rolf. 2505 Brootcside.Eulah and Clara Coe. 2741 Parker.Alfred and Annabelle Clark. 828 River.Othel and Mary Simson. 528 West Henry.