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Bathurst Daily Argus Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1909, Page 1

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Bathurst Daily Argus (Newspaper) - January 11, 1909, Bathurst, New South Wales Kotb Relief i Frlj Vail which spread Over hands arms ? neck and face face so swollen she could not see a doctor called it incurable treated by Many but grew steadily worse until wholly cured by Cuti Cura remedies my wife Wae cured of eczema about Ifor yen ago. It Camo Between nor it lifers and on Tho Palm. She was and iced by Frienda first to try one thing and then another but it continued to spread to Tho elbows. She had the advice of three doctors. The first said Thero was no a acc. The second said the disease ws3 duo to Tho Nango of air and water a our Home being in Kent. She continued with him for about three months but she still got Voree. Much against my wish she went to tic Hospital. They gave her a prescription for ointment Only a hat did Noc satisfy me so after n week i went with her to another doctor As Tho eczema began to Rhow on her face. To Aid he could cure her but it would Tako a Long time. He attended her five weeks giving her Medicine and ointment. She soon went from bad to worse. Her hands neck and Faco be came swollen. For two Days she could not eee out of her eyes. I was in terrible trouble. A fellow Workman asked me if Ohe had tried Cuti Cura. His Uncle suffered with a Czuma and found great Benefit from the Cuti Cura remedies. I than Fiol a set for my wife to try. I commented with great eagerness. For tire Days is was bathed freely with Cuti Cura soap before we could Cernovs the cnut of matter and ointment which had formed. Then things began to Ehan the swelling rent Down and she could move her fingers and feed her u of we Continuo a using nothing nut the Cuti Cura remedies and in three Booths treatment my wife derived a Complete euro. I shall at any time to pleaded to recommend the Cuti Cura in Emedis to of terrors. G. Jubilo House Hart st., Abail staffs., july 80. 1907. S Sand to nearest depot for free Cuti Cura Book on treatment of skin diseases. external ? id int from i moment for Eft h amour Otinus. Children. And adult Chi dusts of pm Pleura to Elwirr tie Kari. Cutt in re ointment to Honl the a mtg. Unil cubic us Fri i cd Solat Contr re. In Tuli or co to i Urley Mia blood a Yii Filc Oft a cures old thro Zirli nut the Wold. Doport London. J7. Carte Houie a it Rue de a pal aug trally. U. It co., b7dner South afric. Lennon. Ltd. Oops to a. Etc. Fandli. U. Paul. A 0ultrdv��� four Drue pfc Ctm. Corp. Sole Proiti. Boston. My a Tutu Cost Jav go 0. Monday. January ii 1909. Drop predictions. ? a a .1 i y or. C. Wragge was not Long after j his return from. India in giving the people of Australia acid new zealand tie Benefit of his knowledge Rand a is predictions concerning the future sea sons in new South Wales Are not Rev assuring for lie asserts that a general univ be expected getting worse and worse during tue text few years. Or. Griffiths acting. Federal meteorologist in his answer to or. Wragge is More comforting. A assumes that or. Raggo based tvs statement on a supposed connection of the spots on the Sun and Wea ther conditions of the Earth and proceeds to assert that scientists were divided in opinion on this Point which now Rico living pc great Deal of at i tin and lie adds there was no Aba Timotio n for assuming that connection it established in Australia. At tempts had been made to acc a heftier there was a connection Between the rain curves and Sun spots and the. Re suite so far were negative in is89, j when Sun spots were at a minimum or. Griffiths said he found the rain fall in agricultural areas particularly j Good while in 1893, when the ? Sun san = were at the maximum the. Rain fall was also very Good. While this opinion a in c ont Radostin Chi on to that of or. Wragge so will be More read ily accepted his further statement will be Ever More re assuring. When asked if he thought there were. Indications of a coming drought in austra Lia he said the records for the year 1908, so far As Victoria new Bouth Wales and South Australia Are concerned do not a Ford any indication. In the Northern part of new South Wales arid Well Inland from. The coast almost to Bourke in the greater part of South Australia As far. North As Alice Springs and in portions of the Western District of Victoria the rain fall for the year has been above the average. In the South West of South Australia the South of new South Wales and the South and especially the Oast of Victoria it has been below the average. Here. Then we have vary ing iral fall under exactly the same spot conditions. That illustrates Tho Dichl Lusty of the whole problem these statements can Only be taken As the opinion of men of great attain ments in the scientific world and a9 such must exercise a certain influence on the minds of the people and al though it is always Well to be prepared for trouble there is no necessity to go Forward to meet it. Weather fore casts Are valuable Only up to a certain degree but up to the present it is impossible for the Best of men to make these prophecies with any degree of certainty. Still they Bhoi ild be useful especially to those engaged in agricultural and pastoral pursuits and these j in conjunction with the experience of the past should Lead men to exercise Oare and devote a nov attention to j those things which will help them to provide for any. which might arise. The lessons As revealed i11 the settlement of Australia should to sufficient to make the most thought less pause and profit by past experience. In a drought stricken country such As Australia it is Only natural that seasons such pcs those through which the state is now passing will frequently be met with. Thiis Welong Tafb Case it is the duty of the people to prepare Tor the worst if Tho i worst does come the Joebob of Stock crops etc., Are minimised while if 011 the other hand there Are a series of fair and Good seasons greater profit will result. The object of the introduction of Sci Entinio instruction by the agricultural department and imparted by Means of the Experiment farms established throughout Tho stale was to enable tie Man on the land to prepare for Adverse seasons and to fight successfully the frequent recur ring droughts. The system of dry farming so successfully carried out in j our midst on the Bat burst farm by j or. R. W. Peacock is sufficient to prove what is possible of accomplish 1 went and if those concerned will not profit by the lessons taught they have Only themselves to blame. The time is fast approaching when the people j of Australia will be compelled to do something v in pc systematic Way to provide against droughts. This is to be alone by co serv Aicra of water building of silos etc., and when this lesson is Thorou gaily Learned Tho losses which so frequently Are met with will be considerably minimised. Id Canada and other countries where the win ters Are so severe provision is Madoc Fps Stock during certain months of the year and this course is adopted so re j to Tilary that it becomes part and Par-1 of the year s work. In Australia tie lesson a though in another direction a must be Learned and fre Trust that the experience of the past will not be lost upon the people. The fall of Mann. The trouble at broken Hill which or 011 saturday developed such a serious aspect Marks nothing More than it does the baneful influence of one Man. We eau credit that a body of industrious sober minded men who have so far acquiesced in the resort to arbitral Tiou As to Send a special representative armed with full Powers to a conference in Melbour Anfe a i tax the representative of the proprietary company and or. Justice Higgins president of the fed eral arbitration court with a View to the last named eventually arbitrating in a More definite Maimer could so pre Judice their Case As they undeniably did on saturday without the operation of such baneful influence As we have noted. It is evidence of How far the notoriety Hunting socialist extremist May. Go by judicious playing on men s passions. Socialists h3� ?.of ditto remit grades and we doubt not that the to c. Watson Type has no sympathy with such As Mann but is. Is notorious that ext Reri Jim in a political waelghs1 heavy in Cue aggregate Troice .61 a great part site at if there is an j Good in social Jsn then Tom Mann who sets up As the Ruveh Soror efficient kind of i socialism Lias largely damaged it in the eyes of even the very people to whom a i socialist propaganda appeals. We believe that Mann seeing that his influence was weakening in so far that the men had gone to Melbourne to seek satisfaction by a Mode disagreeable to the bile of Mann a devised saturday s rioting As a sort of last flutter. No one. As events show could have better devised his downfall or at a More critical mom ent. Us a when he would need All his passion mongering to sustain him he is transported to the quiet of a cell. The message states that several prominent unionists were allowed their Freedom. Possibly this May have been deemed a diplomatic move by the authorities but at this juncture we doubt the Wisdom of tie proceeding Tho men should have been relieved of the incubus of their leaders entirely if possible. Then they would probably Hare assumed a More rational aspect towards Tho Situa Tion. But whatever the upshot a and even if the pardoned leaders do carry on the blustering Mann s policy two May join with the prime minister in hoping that a peaceful settlement May be made and that the removal of Tom Mann May teach a lesson in commonsense that May obviate the recurrence of anything of a like character. F i. Corporation Sale Yards. Tie draw for positions at the Sale Yai is to Day is As under James Cassidy 1, e. H. Taylor and co. 2 eight hour demonstration profits. The Secretary of the Sydney eight hour demonstration states that �1400 represents Clear profits 011 last year s Celebration. Of this amount _ �1250 goes to the trades Hall association. V Rise in butter. ? on saturday in Sydney the wholesale in ice of Butier Rose 4/ per ewt., making surer lne �5, and other grades in pro portion. A rising of about a per la is anticipated in the values for cheese ear Lyl his week or. Roy Macdougall. My. Roy Macdougall second boo car. H. Macdougall who has twi for the Yast .12 years in the service of the new South Wales Bankham been appointed Aff Countant i the Bathurst Branch in place of or Reed Transfer red. We congratulate or iia Dougall on promotion to a Branch in which he entered upon his commercial career. Death of mrs. James Bate up. Be following notice appeared in the Sydney dailies 011 Friday mrs James but up 35 Gladstone Street Elinore after a Long and painful quiness fas gone to test in peace deceased was formerly Well known in Bathurst. He was the wife of or. James nip Oyez in the establishment of 1 messes. Kelk and Beer Ana was a Pron intent worker in the Temperance cause ? i broken Hill trouble police v. Mori of 4000. Constables carry the Daff. Tom Mann arrested. J socialist Banner captured. Baton freely used. Broken Hill sunday. The critical situation that has prevailed at broken Hill developed into a riot yesterday. The silence of the last two Days taken by some As the u Loru n Ner of a brighter Outlook was evidently of the nature of the Calm before the storm for yesterday an actual and a look place Between the police and a Large body numbering some thousands of the disaffected men. The first struggle was Short and Sharp the mounted police saving their comrades on foot from the violence of the mob. The trouble occurred while the troopers were escorting a Waggon filled with supplies to the proprietary mine. A crowd of about fifteen Hun dred followed hooting and throwing ? ? Tver latter stones at tue troops. A drove the mob Back and the foot police executed a rapid move closed in and made several arrests. At the a use some of the police Drew their Batons and one pulled out his revolver but uie coolness and promptitude with which they subsequently acted saved the Situa a second and far More serious not occurred shortly after four o clock the hour at about which the change of pickets takes place. A procession of -4000, headed by Tom Mann and other officials marched along the Street. Mann led the Way hat off a cd bowing to the crowd on either Side of him. Right in the Van was the socialist Banner and the amalgamated miners association s band. 1 on reaching the police cordon maim was met by superintendent Mitchell who briefly informed him that he would not allow the procession to go on to the lease of the company. Mann could go North or South along Crystal Street. Mann momentarily turned South but Wheeling suddenly and followed by the mob he endeavoured 10 Tush past superintendent Mitchell. In a moment he was in the Nanas 01 police and though he struggled and fought desperately lie was speedily on his Way to the police station. Pandemonium reigned. The crowd rushed to try to Rescue Mann but they had no Hope. The police were in too Strong Force. Quick As lightning others were arrested and though resistance was made in several Liisia of u 1 to a All. The police Stool like a we in they worked in pairs and offence to wards one meant finality so far As the j aggressor was concerned. It took four to six constables to conduct some through the turbulent Seething crowd 1 Hough beyond hustling and hitting i thing was done. Stone throwing did not take place. The police actually al Lowed several leading unionists their fredi a including or. Nulty president of the . A. Rae Cic tement after the s v. Jib1 indescribable. The crowd gathered in j Force round the court House to which. The prisoners were taken and the police fearing an attempt at Rescue started to Clear Argent Street. The crowd was obstinate and the constables Drew their Batons and soon the rattle of Wood on Heads was like the rattle of musketry. Nothing like this was seen in the big 92 strike. No Humbug or apology was allowed by the police in the Melee and the rioters were not slow to recognise it so that when the last arrest was made the crowd became quieter. No More disturbances occurred but several meetings were held at the trades Hall and the town Hall. Excitement gradually eased off. The police made a coup and though some were bruised with Sticks and tones a e were seriously have. Num Bers of the crowd were injured by the police Batons. In the two disturbances 30 men were arrested including Tom Maun. Nearly the whole of the. 30 Are prominent men. Several of these a i e wrecks on reaching the cells. Generally they will be charged with Rioto is behaviour. But special charges want be in red against one by two. No. Bail wj1 be allowed. The City Stii seethes with excitement ? i l the prime minister s Hope. Sydney sunday. ? interviewed regarding the broken Hil crisis the. Prime minister who arrived in Sydney yesterday said i am More co minced than Ever that there is a reasonable Prospect of an amicable and a satisfactory settlement being arrived at. I fully believe that the Good Sens of the Onen will prevail and everything will be settled peacefully police inspectors report. S Sydney sunday. Two telegrams Werf. Received last evening by the inspect Tor general of police from super inter ident Johnson con firn aug Tho facts or a blushed above. Inspector Johns in described the first disturbance As a serious riot in which the re was Lowling hooting and Stone throwing. Sewn Ai police were injured but Nono senior Isis so far As was known. Ten arrests w Ere made. In Seo owl wire he stated that a Large Enow 1 marched to the. Pickets headed by band and Tom Mann with the so Clalla t Flag flying. A riot took place when the police made 20 arrests including Mam and took Possession of the Flag. T1 be mob continued riotous but the police were Complete masters of the situation. The mounted men kept the crowd from the foot police Many 0 whom were injured. ? sympathisers in Sydney. Revolutionary talk. Sydney sunday. A Large number of sympathisers the broken Hill strikers assembled in the Domain this afternoon and were addressed by members of the International socialists Union. Or. Holland was applauded when he said that Only the scabs in the police consented to go to broken run. Others refused to go. He said the prime minister had proved How Little to sympathised with the labourer w in he promised to Send the militia there to support the police and had invited or. Wade to dinner. Or. Holland said he would make one to proceed to station to drag engine Drivers and firemen off trains in tended for conveying Relief police to Bro Ken Hill. His remarks went cheered throughout. ? ? ? wheat yields. Bathurst Experiment farm. Some further figures have a cd ii suy plied us by or. It. W. Peacock manager of the Bathurst Experiment farm which go further to prove the value of the experiments being carried out in our midst. Cleveland wheat has been chosen is the Standard for location experiments and the following results should go fur ther to prove the advantage of the sys tem advocated by or. Peacock of rotation of crops and judicious manuring. I after Scarlet Clover manured the yield was 37 bushels 401bs per acre Una cured 2 g bushels 5slbs, an excess for manured of 10 bushels 421bs. Wheat after wheat a the system so commonly adopted throughout the District manured 9 bushels 411bs, unman ured 3 bushels 561bs, exc cab for manured 5 bushels 451bs. After Maize manured 6 bushels 451bs, unman ured 3 bushels 231bs, excess for manured 3 bushels 2?.lbs. Al ter rape unman ured 15 bus nets 541bs. Bare fallow manured it bushels 551bs, unman ured 11 bushels -4glbs, excess on manured 5 bushels 151bs. In another paddock wheat after rape unman ured bras 16 bushels 361bs. The yield of car ter s Royal Cluster Oats after Scarlet Clover was 40 bushels 21bs. Typhoid epidemic. Advices from gun Nedah How that typhoid is prevalent in that Centre. Al together 32 cases Are being treated the increase in the week numbering three. Other Northern towns including Narra Bri and Tamworth report the presence of typhoid though no great import Ance is attached to these by the Board of health authorities. Anniversary Day. Some doubt has been Felt As to the Day on much the anniversary of the state will be observed. This year Janu Ary 26 Falls on a tuesday and it was itt c a Tain quarters that the Bank holidays acts applied whereby the Cek nation kept up on the following monday. However All doubt about the matter is set at rest by a per usal of the amending Bank holidays act which specially provides that an Uver sary Esy shall be observe on Tho Day upon which it occurs unless of course that Day is a sunday when it till be celebrated on the monday following. Tuesday january 26, will the c fore be a Public Holiday throughout the stat. Industry rewarded. Or. A. S. Tuckerman in addition to teasing a Rich Harvest of Hay has a there 150 bags of the priest wheat. Or. Tuckerman s Harvest affords a striking example of what May be achieved by the indomitable and industrious Farmer who laugh s at the devastation by drought. Whatever pm ? ploy ment one follows with pc sever Ance and Assiduity will be found fit for him it will be his support in youth and his Comfort in age. In learning Tho useful part of any profession very moderate liabilities will suffice great abilities Are generally injurious to the possessors. Life has been compared to a race but the al Lusion still improves by observing that the most Swift Are Ever the most Apt to stray Froin the course Eye mud egg guardian. A mining. A Midgee Syndicate says the guar Dian is in process of formation to take Over the option of Purchase of the British lion mine situated at Gulf Mountain upper Turon. The mine was worked in the Early sixties and Sev eral crushing were taken out which Gaye results of six to fifteen ounces per ton. The mine was worked under the primitive conditions of mining of those Days and miners were driven out by the heavy water when they had reached the shallow depth of 140 feet. When the option is accepted the party will test the lower Levels in the Vicinity of these Rich veins by Means of tunnels which have been driven under them to Drain off the water. There Are said also to be some Satis factory Low Grade deposits in the close Vicinity of the shafts which live been put Down on the Lino of reef. Now the time to take a Holiday get out into the country 011 the mountains and visit the seashore but do not forgot to take a bottle of Chamberlain s Colic Choi Era. And diarrhoea remedy along with you. It is almost Cornin to to needed and can not to obtained on railroads or steamships. It is too Multi of a risk for anyone to leave Home on a journey without it. For Sale by l. A Gloy and co. Methodist foreign Mission. Work. In new Guinea. The annual services 111 connection j with the methodist foreign missions were held yesterday in the William Street Church Rev. E. W. Bromilow be ing the preacher. At tie morning service ithe preacher took As his text and Paul rehearsed what god had wrought among the gentiles by Liis ministry a Vii in Manv people said the uvula a ? preacher objected to Mission work to the Heathen because their Faith in god was weak. The work of the missionaries was to go to the inner part of things and perfect every part. This was done in business and science and the same course should be adopted wifi regard to religious matters Doinik the missionaries should stay at Home and convert their own country people but to asked if this was what Jesus Christ wanted them to do. The Metho dist missionary society sent their missionaries to the South Eastern portion i of new Guinea at the request of Gover nor Mcgreggor and with the consent of the. London missionary society. About 18 years ago he the speaker and his wife first went there. They found the people believed in a creator but not in the same Way As the Christian nations. They also believed in certain ceremonials some of which were horrible and cruel. Some people argued that these people were not capable of understand ing god but he believed that where any people understood the prayer our father they were capable of understand ing religion. As a. Result of inc Woik in new Guinea there were 21,000 Wor shippers at the different churches every sunday. Of these Between 3000 and 4000 professed to have been converted or were preparing to be baptised. For years after the islands were taken Over by great Britain the people were not Happy and governor Mcgreg Gor sent to the Missio Irsay association and. Asked to have missionaries sent. The government could Rule by Foice and moral suasion but this did not bring happiness. Six years after or. Bromilow began his work the governor and Rev. Or. Brown visited the place and the governor then remarked the change in the appearance of the peo ple. The people had had no moral code j but now they had come under the ruling of the spirit of god their lives and conduct were entirely changed. New Guinea belonged to Australia and the australians should do their Best to save the people from evil and bring them under the Power of god. ? in the evening or. Bromilow preached from the text we do hear them speaking in our own Tongue the mighty works of god acts a 11. Having been engaged in work in new Guinea for is years he was in a position to give some of the results. Although the Success had not been As great As could be de sired yet at present there were More native pastors engaged in preaching the gospel there than other Island preach ers. A training institution had been established and 100 students male and female a were being trained for evangelistic work by the Rev. Or. Gilmore. In reply to the question How were papuans to be won for Christ he said it would not be by British missionaries but by the papuans themselves living in the villages and doing business with their fellow men having Christ in their lives. This would be the secret of Success not Only in new Guinea but throughout the world. The missionaries were blamed for perpetuating the native languages. He claimed that this was absolutely necessary if they wished to succeed. It was absurd to argue that it would be better to teach the English language first and asked How would it be possible to teach a Cannibal nation p a to them a foreign Tongue. It was far easier for the missionaries themselves to first learn their language and then teach them. Civilisation and Educa Tion followed and the natives were also being taught English. The first work of the missionary was to convert the Heathen and this would not be possible unless the missionaries themselves understood their language. They could not otherwise get at their hearts. The preacher proceeded to give an instance of a difficulty which arose on the Occa Sion of his first Effort to conduct a ser vice before he understood the language. He engaged an interpreter to whom to spoke in Pigeon English. After the Man had been talking for a while he noticed the people becoming restless and suspecting that ire was playing him false he stopped. The Man said that to had not been interpreting his remarks but had told the natives that the government was going to Send a big Steamer and take them All to prison. The Man did this he explained because Tho natives would not believe the message the missionary brought. The Only Way to overcome this difficulty was for the missionary and native teachers to learn to speak the language themselves and this they did very rapidly. This Suc Cess they attributed to answers to prayer and by the Aid of the holy spirit who As in the Days of Paul was with the missionaries in their work. Mat ters became easier after the language had been Learned but for a Long time 110 conversions took place. Still they were not disheartened but worked on believing in Christ s Power. They met with Strong opposition from those practising sorcery and witchcraft. The people had great respect for him the preacher and asked him if he was Jesus her psf he a Hov uni ill flip of Iii he for him the missionary but could not either hear or see Christ and therefore failed at first to understand the Mes Sage. The preacher proceeded to give a thrilling account of the first conver Sion. A woman who had been ill for a time had been visited by a samoan teacher. This woman was Eaid to be dead and every preparation for e burial was made. The Leach noticed that the woman was not dead but the people persisted m h their custom to Bury people whom they considered were useless. Ike begged to have the woman Sparec and after a time they consented a live till next Day. Not to awas sent to the Mission missi0ivary Hody and then sent for the missionary and Tell him her a ported the woman 10 j ? ?. Lived for several weeks and died a Glori a a a by a am a a a fruit of their work in new Guinea. I was a modern Miracle worked by the Finger of god. For a time afterwards Progress was slow but subsequently old people As Well As Young were com erred and the Good work was continuing in sirt Rii. Miv the Mission the spins Aries had gone there in search o Gold a in the form of human souls which the Arch sorcerer of hell had hidden for years under vice and iniquity but these souls were now being won for Christ and the work would continue. Show banquets. The action of the Mudgee slow com Mittee is Worth imitating by the Bathurst association. The guardian states that at the last meeting of the committee the question As to whether time should be taken up at Tho next show luncheon with a Toast list was considered and the opinion was freely expressed that Sucu & Louiae eau heretofore viewed with Disfavour by those taking an interest in the ring events As the latter were necessarily delayed through the officials being detained at the luncheon. It was resolved ultimately that there should be no Toast list at the next show. Agricultural bulletins. Diseases of fowls. The department of agriculture has published Farmers i bulletins no 15, on the subject of diseases of fowls. In the preface it is stated that in a country like this with such an excellent climate abundance of land and other conditions in every Way essential to the keeping and Breeding of healthy Stock it might readily be assumed that there would be Little Dis ease in our poultry Yards in compari son with other countries where moist conditions and Little sunst51ne Tor Sev eral months of the year obtain. Rather than this it has to be regretfully acknowledged that the disease of Chicke Hood Are such that fully 50 per cent or More of those hatched Hoover reach a marketable period while Tho quantities of emaciated droopy adult specimens in the Sydney kale Yards testify to the prevalence of fowl sickness and a consequent High death rate. Hitherto the Only advice 011 diseases was that contained in a few pages at the end of respective books on poultry culture but usually so Brool As to be of Little Avail to the Ordinary Pou Tryman who when sickness of cum not infrequently kills the subject whereas a simple remedy might have restored it. The Nim of this bul Letin Tho first Complete treatise 011 Dis eases in this state is to Supply the Amateur professional Market Man and fancier with the Motet practical up to Date information on the ail ments of fowls the Correct treatment and in the plainest of language Sci terms which Aito i compre pensive to Tho Ordinary Pou Tryman being. Largely eschewed from the never never. ? he was bearded bronzed and hairy. His coat and Vest were absent. Wrap Ped in a swag which was Slung 011 his Back were All his earthly goods. His Tucker bag and water bag were sus Pended the former from the swag in orthodox manner the latter from his Sunburst and toil roughened hand. His companion and fellow Travi ller his mate on the waterless tracks of the West was a great Black retriever which carried the Black and battered Billy. They walked up George Street Sydney the Centre of All interest. Now and then a stranger paused and looked critically at thei pair and thought possibly of nights 011 the open Plains of the West or Long journeys along the Baryon or the Castlereagh. But the Man from Outback stalked on indifferent. Then his sense of Humour asserted itself. He transferred his old Felt hat to the head of his canine Friend and followed by the witticisms of the crowd moved further Westward. Inter130t awakened. Interest awakened everywhere in the marvellous cures of cuts Burns and wounds with or. Sheldon s magnetic liniment. Price 1/6 and 3/. Obtainable at Mockler bros., George-st., Bathurst e. Morgan the lord mayor of Sydney estimates that the total debt of the City at the end of 1909 will be �3,100,000, provided that votes already sanctioned Are spent. You will pay just As a Riuli for a bottle of Chamberlain s cough remedy As for any us Niu Ukia Maui lines i i you save Money 111 buying it. Tie Savinar is in what you got not what you pay. Tho Suro to curo you Quality is in every bottle of this remedy and you got Good results when you Tako it. Buying cough Medicine is an important matter. Neglected colds often develop serious conditions and when you buy a cough Medicine you want to to sure you Are getting one that will euro your cold. When you buy Chamberlain s cough rom Edy you take do chances. It always cures for Sale by l. Edgley and co. I ? a presentation to or. And mrs. Pickworth. The Bathurst friends of or. And mrs Pickworth. Will see by the attached extract from the Queensland daily mail that their popularity in Bath urst attaches to them still in Queens land. The mail says a Tho dawning of Queensland s Jubi Lee year had also a special signify Cance to the Singer sewing machine company in Queensland for with it or. C. R. Pickworth the popular Man Ager completed 25 years of Fhi Lily successful service in the Gigantic con Cern which operates in three continents. With his wife he will shortly leave on a Well earned three months furlough which he proposes to spend visiting relatives in Western Australia prior to his departure however or Pickworth has repeated the conference of employees held with such Success Fiyo years ago and saturday the Day set apart for their deliberations was spent in the interchange of some very useful ideas in which about 70 Mem Bers participated. In the evening or. And mrs. Tick Worth were at Home to the delegates and a few of their personal friends at Linden Gladstone Road where tha Beautiful grounds were transformed into a veritable fairyland with Japan Ese lanterns and a most enjoyable time was spent. The Host and hostess welcomed their guests at the Steps assisted by miss Pickworth miss Jean and their two sons while or. Journo had the arrangements for the evening in hand. A Short musical programme was first enjoyed. A Nice supper was afterwards served in the music room by David Webster and the Short Toast list was confined to the Loyal Toast proposed by the Host and Given with musical honours and Success to th6 Singer sewing machine company pro posed by or. Southwick. In doing so that gentleman after admitting to a sense of diffidence gave a neatly word de discourse on the development and business Success of or. Pickworth whom he had known and worked with As a boy. Their manager he declared was a Monument of what painstaking and conscientiousness could accomplish. To had started with no More advantage than Many another yet Here Uliey found him at the head of the Queens land Branch of what was perhaps one of the greatest concerns of its kind in the world a business built up by the Devotion and skill of an army of ambassadors of Commerce and from his knowledge of them he Felt that the future advancement of the business was in Good hands. In reply or. Pickworth 6aid Liat lie did not want to take All the credit for the growth of the business in Queens land during the last five years As much of that belonged to Tho Large staff. Sometimes a wrong idea prevailed concerning the company. It was not an Oversea concern. It was there right 011 the spot and they were All in it. From the Mere sweeper of Tho office to the manager All who did their work veil Wero part and parcel of it and equally important parts. It was the whole hearted Devotion of each Man and Wom an that built up Success and if they could not get that from the employee Well they did t want the employee. There was room for All to Advance if they wished to do so. The turnover had nearly doubled every year for the last five and lie Only asked their Hearty co operation to keep on putting up the figures. He thanked them All for the very Hearty Way in which the Toast had been received. Upon or. Pickworth resuming Bis seat or. Dunn who will take that gentleman s place during his Abs a made handsome presentations to the Host and hostess. They All knew he said that the manager was just completing his 25 years connection with the company and was off to enjoy. Long Holiday. Recognising this tie employees had unanimously decided to Mark the occasion by handing him a framed testimonial in recognition 0 his unfailing kindness and consideration for members of his staff and As a Mark of their profound respect and esteem. To mrs. Pickworth who with her bus band was known for her great Bee Olence he handed a Silver cake Cream and sugar stand together with a letter assuring her of their regard. A number of Heads of departments added their Meed of Praise to the Host and hostess who suitably responded. The testimonial is of an elaborate nature and the engrossing and illumination make a Fine piece of work. In mapping out to near Holiday pro gramme or. And mrs. Pickworth Lia arranged to spend some portion of their time in Bathurst after their West australian trip. They Hope to return in time to visit the next agricultural show and. While Here an Opportunity will be Given to renew old Friendship de. . A terrible Fate. It s a terrible Fate to suffer from a Rylous lung trouble. Ward it otmj�1 or. Sheldon s new discovery. Priv. 1/6 and 3/. Obtainable at mock bros., Ueorge-st., Bathurst e. »01 1 Gan a fall of rain helped to extinguish tha Bush fires on Dunn s Plains new Rockley. About. 150 acres of b 5 f and a few chains of fencing we1 0 f troyed. Existence May to summed up thus Ulm till thirty a live. After thirty liver. An then a just living. R. Hichens. A not be miserable after you Are thirty Yea old. If your liver is sluggish and re to perform its functions Tako a new 0of Chamberlain s tablets and you we ? anew for Sale by l. Koffley and co. The minister for Public works is turn the first Sod of the Cowra to can Indra railway on monday. He flu accompanied by the treasurer represents the District in parliament
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