Page 2 of 24 Nov 1920 Issue of Armidale Chronicle in Armidale, New-South-Wales

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Armidale Chronicle (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Armidale, New South Wales Tact the Spital to s select. Riv Rifca in us Sua it with a a sets a a a a Sta Iitto a Sis Vijai . At its bomb tip Casaer m Para 3ti=5t a Sass 5&r Swiss sissies it 31s acts Ai Btij Asea Jirm exist the a Slot if Fulfs Teks mss. A j a a a Ner Ute twist rats 3t ssh 3cu3-3c. A it Iii a semis m i was Sli ski jul. At 3na a miss was Ayastt. So sit a East a a. Paar Szast Sac 2s Sosa a a s Weir a Siv it Msj if 3s was Gist Syssa 3 stasis. i v s Wei us i wish -"2. Exit 3.# a Taos Jik h. As 3ij�� 5 or Kiwi Sis Jas in was l astr 3ci Suci str not if ii. St a so Swiss. S5�\�0�. Stai. St Atli to a Tell Ali it tsp Assai to Lis a is Sivesi. St Wiatr saw Suni it Isu rss Iwar aws iia. Adj we sur Sal iss Sasar at Joti Iasi i is. Ami a Sar susse Szwej. I was Iata Iraa Lis Itti Sass it Isaaac. Westfir ii in Tkv. In ivs to it assay at 4t a Titi to at i is is is c a is Mac. 3s ssiu�3l Jav 3�ag 23ss ils a Juc Aita Ite i Wercza Sis ibises is Tualii fib Tea car Nett. Test a mss a 3iss,. In a i a so is is Asab. Writ a Cic Tom. Scr umm . Usi so 4s uses Alss St 3s to jews is in a it writ Isuf. Jas ask. 5ftr 3. Was i i . Stiim a is 5ss? i m2v Joti Jav a swi two r sets a is 3�i t i 7""r. Say awl Jim of Iise i to Wiss Sia riia pc of tint a Siwiec it Isis Fiat m is 2rs Waif us Iii 31sml Jis. Jet Isis a est a a be so Sfeir Ste fit stasis. 2o�� a of Surv ? Sefc t3sc t cams Waw of to eat 3s a psst i it Swu a Szijj is Ais Isth use Sasi Iser wzeiir.tlt-? lit so Sisr is Nisi la teases 3sr jvabjp4��fts is. Sisca ase us 3s 3�t5saw3s fun Jasaa aits. To i a was 3s4�"-"i. Nir Isth Eris att Asabi. 3fis? a a Isis vows. Wissi wat Star in. Jesss Ssiss Teji is a Aii Issa smites of 3s a ssi i Jas is Jim Rcw its w?05t5i the rest sol kiss is a�wsse3 3sr a to Sosow 1 past seas Safe be ?3sir Safe Arsat. Is. Wejs a t Sims to Jess. St of Truiet to a sufi s a just so r3i=s 3s Jem a 3r i Tasss s3s�r5"i to pm ii a Leatruss. 3et 5 ?w a Asas. So 5lae Tete Gss. It . Re a t new Gross Syase a Safi a syst a 3sbct is i sail. So a saws a a a site Huff 3hse. Ant sift si2ss�w�_ Sysab 5ft arte Tel a Sjuk aft Sis it ii3ft�v. Assai. Aire a Teeft. Tee is if Issitt Tare Newt or a ibs swe 3t or is Stew ass Fesi. 3fc Stetes. Teste Sass Jis . Tessas is. Sati the Lett be i��35&ies . Teate of toss Sfeir mss "5k. Ai . It Lis Gas a go of ignite 5s� Stois a Sis Kuswa sates St Sis Ciai test eskite saw tto -3saau�_ ask fit Krai if &. Stags Sesate safest Pete a ass Zepf Rei scr. T3s�-. T ass it Ratte 2rs thaiss it is sfi55stet�s sat Stasi ast. A weft i Ess. To ass sir Gxr-.-. Tirs passes 4ft a a. 3sr tet. Sfass testes. Tes re is site Ato 54� it �4�bj As �12. 4ft is . Air i Sjef Tafess. & of ribs Sitja a St 4ft Esufe ass Rae "2ft Clr arc. 2raa a. 3i3ksssa. Sir is Sass a a the. Eur Al artist the its Abesa Sofias. A Tsz Ter Iassc Assw Estes is stg. "54fe 4js�ssar. A a vac Amas 3t Tel is Abaft ssi aft sets to Ift fastest m 3etiss= �?�w-3 "55 Jas Aseita. By Jaae Sag to. Faaet Elgg air i if i Nini k3?rae�sisa& a. Swed be Saafey 3gte. Teite. It Eife so Safe a a �.3sbasi ass Jim Sie a a s Sosa Russ gasp 5sr user is Sass. . 35sk a rates ass a so a use its a. 3jss Ami Icatar Safe an the gaga Pefe St. Saess step of tsar 3eihscftr?-�a? the . Amate a Wal 5iaaebe was Sang a a tee. Saes sat so a. Sas. I tests. A agog. Aug a Starr i. Wcroft Sivess so Gow Stei Szast. ?�3afesee Tetef Stiesi i or Tesi a a a so & Teft As Csicsai site. Aasc -3&w@s a. Aser mib. Assess ate. ass est Steff. Oae use a Teft. Tows tee so Bose testes. A a by a etis terse Jan of taste Sti sat " it Ssiss 4tambu.y inc wet Masai a tees aae Fiste Tetter Senate a. Rar a Ais ski is Sitesief Tesee i so Sehk Aei " its six Rte i. Ates of a a -35sik�tkfi to isl nor " ?1 4bbt reef. 3 a. A me. Tetsel to of Tea Ste i taif Jiter Tinwai Iii 1 it int i r Tettas a a 5r -c5kst. C5i 3cr cts rec a Ante 5w not Titi it is is bag r 5rc us sir Ajir s5ku to pm of Ftp Jhutee Astete sri Mit i est Mac six s St Sari air St to fist tile Arttist j Musliu Kwecas tors rom. F rss same or Ftp Haiti Iai Missi a As a Affias Nln a i a it get is 3�fc_ 55afe. He 3t5js�ii it. . & a. A in tech. F 30 yet a sir St so Sifein. Ftp Aanssfr-1 Itaw tvs in Futini was its. \ Sar to a . Nus its Gate fax a Ste a testes Ranssi Art 3ft Safiy 3te a 5wc i a Star it it i 3w Ftp Iai a Huv wuss it Ritj it Ifft he. I ?t3w Maskow Jwj Jet tit iss Swift Eric a or tear a is a Fisk it it �9 5i -. Soma Wiki Wii the i Tiaa the Ftp tuft an 5ar i h 2r. Sesars Sanant Taftas we Ftfe. I suit to Ais swat stat tuft assess sir Eft ask Wirt Eft 2-,. Ust ate get Rife we a Paiit 3kt tee i a a refit kit t Tei tear 3jc Tec it we Sieu e Farr re Sii in. Susnis Swu j j2te Sassaf chaat Wass ssi the aut Sisa .65sbse. Tei Jijin Hajj be tends. Teas Tessim stes. 3? Farr Jwa Oftis at it aug ass Teg sly re Jet Asp ass Warta. 3t� 5s� Etta Saiwer for Waissar or i fest Ftp a ate ? Uri Tajii a rigs it Tii is i it Assai str Hefti fat sit in As a Aifiti it is fat St is. St Julia Jar re a stunt of or fisc 5j? to fat Smitt jsmaltsr1. ? a Salas fat wat c s6 at in a a St. Ctr Sfer Titi Assa. 3�wrsajttbr shelf Tiv sett Grast Tou fee. A a a Atmil Waitis a sets As Siy sates is. 3t-�ts3es. 3 ies Sig is psf Taf Atsa a Swiat for Senft of Stiss Ite of Fawn we it Case car ,2fttesliii�r wat gag sees it top 1 for stir Russ to twi Hift Fer uts sri in Essiw a a. It Ift Ytse Fatwa 3sal 3sr the 3� the Sara Issai. Ii cast. A War the seat it sir the in Cut i fifes. Far it ass it. Sarsur Ite ass thai Swaeby 3� Eassie. So get. A a 3b33s" a at the jts Tsas. Ass it in bbl Atel Etc astr ask triness. The is assess Watt Hess Algte. It 3ih 3�sssbo 6cise s 3ft. Ashes a Minim. To us Sci so. A. Cess such As us Safe 3te a softest Wass. In irate Xiii Atic. 3l?v. Was is. A re Sisr. 3te test a. Sec route. A fear Felszer Sal Russ. Was be Romax a War a Sig &. Testate Fet Sass stes fes Asart Ssan i t3� fete test Soma ass a Ais so is. Rss teis a. It Teste resist Fer we sri Fca fees rec. Shif fet�?ok1 Tes at Jsse a fees a Fig. E to few��s5 assist asset be ask a sly Ste is Sosa sat of a a to my i. Jet fees Job Etc a. Fewste a Jit Sis Sass ate stes at fester a. To is Susas seas a Aalst at to in inv jag Tebster fete Tefis 2fcs a is Esse fetej3atsw�. Retest fess ate fes Swa tej Ansite Sar Usaj Sass my i Saag Fet ant Jenq daa. At Sis a a a a . Set Tbs a sax Essa Aas a a be asset a sags. 31 Tea Tim. A Bharat . Ate . Kite be Asas. Ste a -ww3j-s fears fes be feat Steg Stag be ?�wr�2��orefbii45 get at t test Tessas a Sci. To a Serai 3l. Subs so ssh Ste Sass Mattes a of teat ii asst Iassc Teaff trait xswss55? 3e Sis the ass await. St. Rate Asse Hub it a if Sesa fic a swat jut. A fete Bra fest % sir fee a a fess %. Tee feat. 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