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Armidale Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 3

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Armidale Chronicle (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Armidale, New South Wales The Prince s visit. Comb impressions of the week. Magnetic personality. Us Hie chronicles special Etc pc Ecol alive. Tji writer Lifis a far different condition of his undertaking to furnish country friends with a summary Otje a i of tie Prince of Wales ,1,-m when lie entered into it. When i Promise was made it was impossible u form an idea of a succession a of Call with special Fea Ihms of its own and All with enthusiasm and largeness of scale. It to re Silede the writer could have had no comprehension of the things that were in Ore or. Neither could any other Man simply because there existed in this country no Standard by which to Range Idem. They were away out on their own far and away larger and grander than any Liing that has Ever in a staged in this country before. This article will endeavour to recall and describe though to fear inadequate a some of the most outstanding features of the riot of enthusiasm which possessed Sydney from wednesday morning Onward. Not i reviewing four or live Days of functions and after allowing for the abatement of All that might be Frothy in connection with the reception of the heir apparent there is one conclusion Hal stands out like a Mountain pack Froin the Plain. There can be no doubt that Trio popularity of the Prince is a real Ali aug. There were Many people the writer amongst them who expected the Prince to meet that cordiality ii Nii his Imir which the might of the Empire Over which his father reigned and the warm attachment of his subjects to Trie throne warranted. But j they were net prepared in these Ultra Ile Morralin Days for the exuberant a which has marked the Prince s Progress everywhere. They were inclined to allow a great Deal for the inventiveness of the newspaper correspondents who went with the Ilc Nown and its Hayai passenger. People who reasoned in this Way and we admit they had much ground for if for it seemed scarcely credible a Hoy could move whole countries to wore told lie had had not come under the spoil of the Prince s remarkable personality. Wherever he wont the pop Trace lost itself in unconstrained admiration. The demonstrations were evoked by feelings of Loy ally to Trie throne and affection to the person of Trie King and his family but in y went far beyond that. They could not otherwise have rioted in the abandon of their demonstrative approval. Tust what there is about Trie personality of the Royal visitor it Izard o define in Mere wards but lie is not singular in this respect. Is it Ever easy to sum up in a few concise sentences just what there is about popu Lar men that makes them so if it could lie defined so precisely it would he Trie More easily imitated but personality is one of the hardest jobs for the counterfeiter. The qualities that make for attraction or repugnance arc really indefinable because they Are intangible. There was something in the words of Uio Democrat who saw one of the Sydney processions the Osiier Day that spoke eloquently of the hold which the Prince has taken upon the affections of the Jie Ople of this country. His Iron is As Safe As the throne of " the Man who said this had mine under the spell of this Young Man of so. No the popularity of the Prince is tangible enough. It is not a of journalistic creation but an enduring reality that Means much to Hie future of tiie British Empire. The country Cut out. Ii is a pity for Many reasons thai an Opportunity was not Given for his Royal highness to have toured the country districts. The Prince came Here after All to see Australia and not merely its capital cities. The number of people who had to stay behind shows what a Small proportion of the slate s population were Able to Goto Hie capital. So far As new South Wales is concerned the Prince will see very Little of the country. He will not have much Opportunity of viewing Llie open spaces which bred the men who were proud to Hail Liim As the Prince of entering the Heads. The writer was fortunate in being aide to lie aboard the Ingarra a ferry boat chartered by the government from one of the companies for the purpose of enabling Federal members Anil friends to get a close View of. The i n ii own As Alio came through the Heads. The vessel commanded by a m officer put out at eight o clock i wednesday morning. On Hoard i i l senator Duncan who is a native of Armidale. We reached the Heads a ten minutes to nine just in time to a Hie Lle Nown approx calling at tremendous Speed growing larger each moment and the destroyers forming to lines pointing to the battleship remained outside the Heads until exactly nine o clock. Viewed from the deck of the bin Arru from just inside the Heads at this hour the City was not of. of which we have often read. What the first editions of the papers scribed As a Pearl Grey effect was a Louil of smoke which enveloped everything l think the term which the Mavy employ for just this state of affairs is Low at any rate was impossible to see the City at All nor any of the Beauty of the suburbs which fringe the Inlet. The aspect was a cheerless one. Nine o clock sounded on the re Nown s hell and lie steamed toward she Entrance. She was just Between he Heads when like the curtain Viii tag a pantomime setting the mists rifled and Bright sunlight irradiated t it Jackson the City and All the Imit Ilfeld slopes of the far shores. The transformation was unbelievable. In is Sun bathed glory we saw. Ogilvie s inspiration and his lines occurred As nil aptly descriptive a. He Green hush mantles your Sli Oulder. Blue Waves Wash your feet hero May he greater cities and older Mil never a City so Sweet. Y wardens sloped to Tuc water by clean towers built for Pride. On were Horn for an Empire s Daugh Ter. And bred for an Ocean , it Behemoth of the sea. The Ingarra swung Back on the p allow the renown and it Iii visitor to pass. The pre Domita 1, a impression upon the minds of the spectators As be a text fortress Iii past within n w feet of to licit. P t within a few feet or heir Eulive Craft was of the huge Bulitt o ironclad. The length and beam of uie monster have to be seen to be appreciated. There is Only one bigger ship afloat in All the navies of the world. This is the Hood likewise owned by Britain. But for All intents and. Purposes the renown is the biggest a Iii afloat. Armi Aliaus will be interested to learn that her length is 789 feet and that the shells thrown from her 15-Inch guns weigh 19201b. They travel 20 Miles. The beam or Width of the ship is 90 feet or 30 Yard Sand her Speed is 38 land Miles per hour. What Sulci ships eau do in actual Battle has not been demonstrated. The armistice was signed just As they were launched. The renown gave the watchers on the Ingarra an impression of irresistible might As she swept by hut soon afterwards they forgot the monster in looking at the Prince who had been picked out upon the navigating Bridge with Iii chief of staff. Coo pcs from the Ingarra attracted attention and the Prince raised his hat in acknowledgement of the first if unofficial Welcome to port Jackson. The Ingarra stranded. Whilst the renown was taking upper allotted Anchorage the Ingarra went round to farm Cove where the parliamentarians were to disembark but Llie ferry stuck hard and fast in 11 feel of water. Some funny stories might lie told concerning the incidents which followed. Some have already been told by the presiding Genius of a certain column of a Sydney daily which sees humor in serious situations. The incident might lie dismissed by saying that the watermen who lightened the freight of parliamentarians reaped handsome profit notwithstanding that the ferry was Only sixpence per head the Landing. The Landing of the Prince was the jumping off of 1 lie celebrations which have gained in enthusiasm Ever since. Amongst the big crowd present in the enclosure especially reserved for offi Cial visitors 1 noticed mayor Curtis of Armidale. The procession. Tin procession formed after the Landing was probably the least spectacular of All the functions which it introduced. The mounted police of course were in Fine trim. And this applies to both horses and men. They deserve their title As the finest troop ers in the world. The horses Ridden by the Light horsemen had most of them come from the drought stricken Interior and found it hard to last the 34 Miles Canter. The reception of the Prince however was tiling that had to be seen before its enthusiasm could be realised. It was what i saw and heard upon this and other occasions during my visit that led me to write of the Prince s personality As tie most outstanding feature of the functions As viewed from a country Man s standpoint. Continued on another Page. For children r hacking cough. Woods great Peppermint Dure. Prince s fireworks. Warships give record display. At the chiming of eight Bells Sydiy on saturday night last a oct was fired from the renown and to deafening chorus of whistles and sir ens. He dim masses of the warships burst Jimulla Neoly into a Blaze of Golden lights. About half an hour la Ter Lite lights were extinguished and instantly scores of powerful search b gets swept across the sky and provided a spectacular display seen Only very few times in a lifetime. Later in the evening Mere was a fireworks Dis play and the most gorgeous spectacle of the evening was the discharge from the renown of a perfect Volley of rockets whose explosion seemed to fill the sky with stars of Blue Silver Vio let and Green while the giant ship was enveloped in a Rosy Mist. The crowds on the water were immense. Launches Many of them illuminated were out in great numbers threading then Way through a Maze of ferry traffic. A lonely death. A pathetic tragedy on the Bulla hirer charge vile a. Offi Cial information furnished to the police Headquarters Here show that Robert Brown an aged Man who had been looking after cattle in the Vicin Ity of a Dock and North Tomongin run was found dead under sad and revolting circumstances. E previous to the Rains Brown was looking after cattle on Agist ment. Or. George Henness Boundary rider late of Toowoomba not seeing the unfortunate Man for some Days got concerned regarding his whereabouts and acquainted the local Bushman that lie was unable to locale Brown. Hav ing exhausted All reasonable enquiries he reported the matter to or. Henry Pegler. Manager of North Tomongin station and the Constable in charge of Quilic police station with police Blacks numbering about 12, proceeded to about 25 Miles from Quippie to search for the poor Man his tracks being obliterated owing to the recent Rains. The aboriginals however spread out in native Hunting style through the fences and eventually discovered Bro Ken wires some distance away. They noticed a tobacco Pouch and Brown s pocket accoutrements. A Little fur ther a horse was discovered with a Saddle and bridle on Cut about the legs. Constable easter was then satisfied that the unfortunate Man could not be far away. Proceeding Back to the Fence the trackers came upon a Grue i some. Sight. Brown s body in a do j composed condition was found near Dwyer s paddock. There was a Nasty wound on the head which had parti ally rendered him insensible. Evi Dently he had tried to crawl or walk but had collapsed and passed away a lonely agonising death. The police buried the remains where they were found. A regrettable circumstance has Arisen in connection with the death sentence passed on Alexander Lee for the murder of his wife and three Chil Dren. According to Law tiie execution must take place 28 Days from the Date of a sentence and there is no authority whatever for altering in one Day sooner or later. The execution of Lee there fore will take place in Adelaide during the visit of the Prince of Wales. Women in business. While women count so much in business their Success depends very largely on health. They cannot afford to be hampered Bur headaches and other ailments that Are easily relieved by simple treatment. Nearly All head aches Are due to disorders of the digestive organs. Frequently the cause is constipation. For the treatment of this trouble there is nothing equal to Chamberlain s tablets. They cleanse the stomach stimulate the liver and give permanent Relief. Sold every where. Women immigrants. The report of the delegates appointed to inquire As regards die openings in Australia for women recommends that the governments concerned should be approached immediately with a View to ensuring proper reception and Hostel accommodation at the ports of arrival. Subject to the approval of the australian governments responsible women representatives should he appointed temporarily and recognised by the Commonwealth and state governments to superintend and organise tile allo cation of women workers and to be the medium Between employers and employees. It is urged that very careful Selec Tion should be made in Britain with regard to the qualifications of women workers for special occupations and also As regards illness for adaptability to life under new conditions.". Intending settlers should be Given to understand that while a great Many people in Australia favor immigration there is also a considerable element in opposition. A message from Budapest states that the minister for Justice has introduced in the National Assembly a Bill providing Corporal punishment for male profiteers. The maximum pen Alty is to be 25 strokes with the Birch. Sensational advertising. Particular attention is drawn to the pruno & herbs Pill sensational double stunt in which Over �2000 in Cash is being distributed. Full particulars appear in this Issue. 571 Hope for deaf people. Deafness head noises Throat & nasal Catarrh due to loss of hearing. 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Then there is a great line of Woollen Long sleeved vests special value also Fleecy lined vests. And a full Range of children s Woollen vests. In fact All a lady wants for this cold climate May be bought in Litis establishment. Pretty shades of silk & Lisle hos Iery May also be purchased and also Cashmere. The millinery department is still booming so come along and bring your Little girls with you. I will be Able to satisfy you and will make anything you require if the Colour is not just what you fancy. I am Here to please you and trouble to show you any of the Stock and will be Here a very Long time to attend to your requirements. I wish to thank All who have Given me their patronage and help to make my business such a Success and Hope still to have a share of your business. 166 when work is play Iron Day Drudgery is unknown to the woman who uses a Seif heating sad Iron. Price 37s 6 1. Call and see it. J. Richardson & co. Limited agents for Armidale end District. 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