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Albury Banner And Wodonga Express Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1911, Page 1

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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (Newspaper) - June 23, 1911, Albury, New South Wales % \ ? ? not ibis to ? a =yil6etysr Ltd successors to h v Hwy Ochu Sij a Kif Fickli arid Coalburg a a fun to foil sales Fly tjtosic1ij0ir Sifes Are mow being received a he to a Kkt j june pox Ryb ii Stock s saturday 24& Lack liar Stock a St ?. Re a a aug a re holy a Tallangatta Stock s r r esd$tj-iiy.rw, fortnightly 7k us a . Stock a a. A a j3mtrjse p.?f 3, ? ? ? ? a a ij-x2th july mus Al Tel in. Wod Briga on. The premises. At i 2.30 ? ? r,6jpfi\sqvyi. ? a ? ? i dj3r�ix-Rwoonea horse Iii i a. I Sale. ? ?. I Moray 14th Albury Wool hide. Soj v to est produce Sale at Albury. Or Tjie Taay fortnightly -%-4rmarketi?j, ?.-. V or \,.-% ? svy or may29july 7t-Walwa Stock Sale. ? a a to Ibe y ? v Mem of a to a Stic censors to a leurifandr06 a in Ury 0lfmsjkuti amp. ? or i Sale $.-. Mie ii Asburyy melb Urive Sydney or 9iiiv-. Julie Day 27th i we j a s??5t& to i i de. Successors i to @c54tctos.l/ Griffith and Coalby a i a on the above Date when they Wil Yarc a 2��rime3pat Bullock Fey from the exons. V ? 5 Crof rtli5a d tit e is a Laurin Tiver Foch a v t20 by Intoc Yed heifers from me bars. Few v4 f�3 find a if Chicki ealm Alnio 6 ? ? a Jimi see a and heifers of fam or. a list Pri me Speed. Heifers i Roiti messes. A Barker. By Jim Corabella. A. A 10 prime .mr.-, a a. % a qty i i Rhine Fromi ski. Iiah Ili Elliis. -5 a by i i Hijii be j hijtwksvi0\vjestatei.h locks View by mr.g.54 Gottrell Ivr,.fot Mountain greek ? ?. 1 v ?�3 5iprimebe in e rsi4 m messes a a Iid v. Vav. Vij l Len Vii a i bks Tal Altti v v i a vi2brhijp.ipp Wethers i messes. ?. V i ui.j3rloi, -.? i? up or Irmi messes. ,y. ? ? Jimj a in Triwick Galm Alino a 100 extra Prim e1hea.yyi, Reid yes ?. A a i prime sirs Cli and a a i ,., a a a ? y i v ? i \ Igop me Voss red Wethers fi6in Moacir ? .-.? off Lisa ? a v ,. .�.-. ?. ? Law rame Timek Weih ers Kuarom or. ?. 4 Illiam tuner Vood lavrids v i of ii Editewry-3pr�mmr., h.#. Ogilvy Ion Somerset Park \ la Pann of a a Bra a wet Lei a from or. . Rissell Clarke Hawk View estate in v w ? a 60 prime crossbred ewes from or. B. ? Mclelland Hawk Yiew ?., a a \ i 50 rim6 Mer is Wethers Froni mrs w. ? ? ii. Kussell. Clarke tawk Svilow a ? ?u1 estate ? ? ,. I .50 extra prime crossbred ewes from v,.iiig met twi s. Nornan Albury i _j6qprimemerinowethers from or. A. M .7.aj.,hpaaiiibr9dclesby a ? ?50\ triwbwgrb6sbrear-Etlier, from Fri. Owl a Tijani Hugah brocklesby50 Pho crossbred. Lambs from or. J. I. A. Hogan by pickles by. I ?.,8o0prirne crossbred Lamb s from or. B. Wylo Anduha . Ool Iraq Cross Hufe cats mixed sex a As a. In owned front or. G. T. Griffith ? ?-.-.?. I Woods Ido ? ? .?.? a A ?. 250 crossbred Wethers tooth, in for. Avard Fromor Vul. V f. A Iii Laid Park Bow a \ 2q0 first str Rpss mixed sexes ?. V to Lviv or. William Tarnov wood1 Ian Civi. ? j.00 Merius we thurs i acid 0 tootle from How Long v / 1000 mixed sheep from various owners sales by auction. ? tuesday f6th Roll. T Dalgety andlc6ltd. Successors to Chas. L. Griffith and Coalburg Mulcairn arid branches vill hold their next Alejin their Yards at Wall Walla on the a veda be they Wilt Yard. ? fat a id store Gale. A. Fat and store sep. A / horses. ?/.? --.?.?--- entries now being received. co. Ltd., Albury Oul Cairn arid branches. Poi Sale by auction. V on the premises. \ \ wednesday 12th july at 2.30 Dalgety & c6.v Ltd. Successors. Chas. L. Griffith and co ,. Alb tiry Hay received instructions from the trustee in th6jestajp of the late Annie Halden to sell by auction on the premises on wed .?,.12ith july at 2.30 . The tej sol Unju Iid telio.d0 my a on allot Nientsu 1, 3, and 4 j of Section Vimy Wodonga com prism a total area of if Aci is end _. Yang Foj get up up 132ft thigh a Stretc 26i$bi, by Hume scr a Etc and 165jft.ao South Street. / the hot is situate in close of a Xiii a to the Wodonga rail ways Ati Oriya arid con Veri fent to the Sala Yards Aid is As the principal hotel town. %.?v a tie uses consist i a ? tvo Storey Brick building comprising upwards of 50 rooms. Hot and cold water service and acetylene Gas throughout also Brick cot Tage of 5 rooms 2 . Shops Brick office Large stables 8 Loose boxes and ,18 stall buggy Sheds Etc., Etc. ? ? the hotel is leased to a Good tenant Tori i til the 1st january 1016, at a rental of �9 per week ?. ? ? ? ii I the auction Ells would specially direct the attention of investors speculators and. Mothers to the Sale of the above valuable property which is for Bona fide salejvais1 the trustee is desirous of winding1 up the estate. R. ? ? terms a one third Cash balance in 5 years at 5per cent per Sariri Tihy w it rep tips of paying Cash ? of ? ? ? for further particulars apply i is a a. Dalgety. Co. Ltd f Albury. Or Wodonga. Messes. Gaven Duffy and King 125 Queen Street Melbourne solicitors for the estate. Wod a Pici in hrs k ,. Wednesday.12th july. J d1algety& co. Ltd a successor to Chas l. Griffith v and co Albury and Wodonga in conjunction with messes Adamson Strettle & cd m Victoria horse Bazaar Melbourne will hold. Their Lieut horse Sale., at Wodonga on a ?. ----?Dnessayrlsth-jul Owhy is ii Virigl a terse s Fortis Sale kindly Send full acid Early particulars to a Al Gety & co. Albury to Doniga or branches. = v Abam Soni Strettle a cp.,. Victoria horse Bazaar Melbourne. ? John m Donald Tallangatta. ? j3has. Findlay Corryong.? our following Sale hold on wed Jip Day 23rd August. Wol Avo for Saje a Quantity if Wir Nett no arid win so pleased of submit on ? a Pipii Edtl i. ? is Dalgety and co. Ltd. Successors to Chas. L. Griffith and Coalburg. ? ? ? ? sales by am Csoti. S. \ Hira a Kab ssh a Sale. D Dalgety Cov Ltd Yva Bury a next Sale of Wool and Tatson Pilod be Albury on \ / / i of ? ,,44h be 5 owners having consignments of Wool idea. Skins tallow \ and other produce coming Forward for this Sale please Send full and Early particulars. Correspond ence invited. Address labels / Bent promptly highest prices secured. Prompt settlements. Liberal advances.-. ? ? Wall a m Seket. I \ ? thursday 20th july. To algety.1 & co. Ltd. Successors Hajj has. L. Griffith and co Alibi Rev will hold their a next Sale at their Yards Ati Wal a on Pfoor estate when thy Illyard-,-., of Afat Ana store oaf Celej i i a fat aph store sheep. \. A r la. Horses. ,. A a a .-._, ? entries now be mgr ?e Dalgety & co. Ltd., Albury wet Donga and branches. W. Walker Jiri gallic. ? ? i in the estate late or. Fohn Litchi Wodonga West. 5 Dalgety & . A if Ceasr Lv-6dffihand have received f rom the a recur Tor in the Abbye estate to Spalj on tie pure Mises. Go Terri i Oad four mile from Wodonga foie Ali be of the j of f v . Iglesi ? be up acid. ? ?. ? ,%bvsud.fes,x of i ? son wednesday 2ndvvmjgust, i i. A ? commencing at 12 o clock a next issue.? / i raft Dalgety cd , \ ? ? ? ? aucti�n6pr Ujj. A ? far priv ate ale a \ t Dalgety & Cit to. 7 Success Lei Sha \. 1j Chis l1. Or Clr Aid. Copy Albury have to ii ? Sale ,1a ibb Vee ? a. Ple and id \ ?1by.tjphy.an4bl�ey-Bdfess, situated in a thoroughly Souid i s t rail t. Present owner Vetri Ingv ? ? \ ,. Full on Toa i a. Dalgety Covi to a a ? a. \ .i5.�Albury n . It apply Market 3 i ? to ,4tii, Ion o n aim a ter fhe Joyie. Date fat. So Jpn a Mijes will Cuiji Mprice at ? u a r Rio Ilock Shrp by ? ? i v 1 ? of off of a ? ? ? instead of l a,m.,Asreviouslyv Dalgety & co. 1 ,., \ , Row & co mat Meson & Davis. ? s ? Herbert. Power & son. \ Rev Smyth & co a a. A Wallis & co. ? r of no Hub Herow 4f a Prie tary Jii id. A prepare to Mak advances no dist gbow1ng clips of Wool for Sale in either Abb try Mel t Bourne or London Mark a applicant ibis invited ? is Alep Bif auction ? ? ? Oun Ausba Bobow go pro i Prie tary Ltd. Announce their Foith coming auction. Sales for which entries Are now ? being received a Corryong mor Twy Market. A saturday 24th Junei a ? ? ? ? Albury fortnightly tuesday 27th june. Tallangatta monthly Market a saturdays list jelv.? ? Wodonga a tuesday .?/.v.4tb/july.,. ---f.,. ?. Lett july. / a a ? a next Sale of Skieens kens Hotos tallow ? Furis a to a Friday a thusly 5 wodpnga1, fortnightly Market a tuesday is Italy. ? �?.?--- Wal a monthly iviarketthursday,. 20tb -.j�?= -.?.--.-,.-r la ? z. ? ? ? ? ? i Corryong monthly Marketsatufday,. 29th july,-., ,.,. ? ?. A Wodonga horse i Sale in conjunction a Vita messes. Campbell and sons j at an Pearly Date. ?. A a i 1 kr-0p tuesday june 2 7vfi is3j in Hus i am Row g6 pro 3 div Prie tary Ltd will hold their Usu to 5 is ? for tightly Sale of fat arid store Stock. A01l , municipal Yards Ontha above Date a i ? web Uliey will of Fern ? a ? ? i a a he fat Cattlev x. ? j8 10 prime fat0 Bullocks arid cows Oia a a Tal Garrio ? t or. ? v a 10 prime St a Lack from Betha a. 10 prime fat pos and dealers front. ? ? ? Jiri Dera ? ? i h6vyoung springers from or. H. Bauerle woo Targama. Diioli ? Spati sheep. F i aj.a 300 prime fat Merino Wetli efs ? from. Messes. Daley bros., Mulle Gandra ? ? 200 pro Mejia sub Repp crossbreed Wethers from and. Sons is Tony Park Jandera .-., / 200. Prime Pat crossbred wether ii Vand a. Ewes from or. C. A. Jacobs Walla ? ?waivia.? 100 prime fat Merino Wethers f Reiji of. H. Walker Petong ? 10,0 prime or. A k a in Coll Yeprig Eek w ? 100 prune fat. Merriol ethers. For pit or. ?.5s. Beach Hub ? in. ? lop prime. Fat Wethers j. D. And j. Smyth Yeprig Creek 100 prime fat Merino ewes f rom Jtfrw. A Yensch ale Jinde a. R. Liq prime fat Shrp. Ewes fro Rii Sursi. ? .jelbar.t, and.0sons. Stony. Park Iii . -.-? App rime fat Merino Wethers Iron or. H. Jolt spin. Oops Ariori ?.,.?/, ii ? 1100 Prinie eat lambs fro Riv. Messes. Jek Bart Alid sons i Stony Park . ? ? store sheep ? y y ,. ? 800 Cross bred ? loaners mixed ii sexes a ?.? from a Laundrie. Viu 500 Merino Wethers 4 and g tooth from ? a German ton ? ? i c00 Merino to priors mixed sexes from i a a h bal Dale ? to i a i 300 Grpss bred Weaner so mixed. Saxes from Mulcairn. ? i u.-. A. ,-.?, 20d Merino weep tooth, dry to Fem i Walla Walla ? a al0o0f mixed sheep from various own yrs. / i a. Fps i /.js-,? i 20. In of Kei a and Bung i is Goiri in Oua ? hers ?. ? ? a Vij. Of of a ,1 1 i ? 1 ? y h a ? a by Iuo of. ? ? i prop re Tarsi us. A ? a a pioneers to Tili hold their Ile horse so ? a a. .?. A Riff Date to be and _ Yert ised later ?. \ _ a ? entries now boing received by 9 ? ? ? Campbell & sons Kirk s Bazaar Melbourne. Younghusband. Row & co proprietary Ltd., Albury and branches. ? Row and co. S Aduis. Oono to Naii on paso 20. Othor auction ad�srt5ar, continued on pages 5, 6, 24, and 25

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