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Adelaide Times Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1849, Page 1

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Adelaide Times (Newspaper) - October 22, 1849, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia v Evert description of letter press printing with rsatks8s arb bes Satoei. At reduced prices at the " Adelaide times office King William Street directly opposite the commercial Exchange. For Hobart town direct. Chhe Fine fast sail ing Clipper Brig Dorset. 82 tons David Walsh com Mander will meet with despatch for the above port and will sail positively on wednesday 24th instant at 2 o clock. I for freight or passage apply to b. N. Emmett & co., Adelaide or to Captain Walsh on Board. Foe Calcutta direct. To bail 27th in Start. I he a l British built barque Mac de on Captain o. F. A. Edwards. This ship presents a desirable Opportunity for passengers or shipments of Opper to the Calcutta Market. Apply to die commander on Board or to Ocraman. Cooke & co. Adelaide october 10, 1849. For Batavia. Win Tail about the 21th, the Schooner Bri Amicus John Arthur master. For height or passage apply to the blaster on Board or p. D. P. Val rent Blyth s buildings. Rouse at Glenelg. To be sold a House containing eight rooms Well adapted fora school or boarding House together with from two three acres of ground adjoining. Ciao several allotments of land near the above. Apply to w. K. S. Cooks a go., Albion steam Mills Grenfell Street. Money to lend. The directors of the Adelaide Marine Assurance company have Thesna of �1000 to i and on mortgage of Freehold Security in one or More sums As May hereafter be determined. Parties borrowing will be liable to the repay ment of the amount borrowed on receiving three months notice to that effect. Parties in tendering for Loans Are required to state the rate of interest they Are willing to give and the description of the property proposed As Security. I All applications must be addressed to the Secretary Exchange Chambers Adelaide on or before the 31st october next. I Tim directors Reserve to themselves the right of accepting and rejecting such proposals As they May think proper. By order of the Board Lewis Gilles Adelaide october 18, 1819, Secretary. Notice. J. S. Crabb being about to relinquish the business o grocer and Tea dealer begs to acquaint Al parties having any claims against him to Render their to counts for immediate payment. J. S. C. Also requests ail parties indebted to him to tender him the respective amount of their accounts. A. S. C. Cannot refrain from returning his sincere and Heartfelt thanks to those who have so kindly patronised him since he commenced business. He would in conclusion beg to inform the Publio that the premises will shortly be re opened by messes earner & Hodgkiss recently arrived from London with a Choice selection of drapery goods. Caution. The undersigned a twelve years resident i South Australia daring which time All his just debts have been faithfully paid hereby can a i that he will be answerable for no liabilities whatever contracted in his name except in pursuance of an order bearing his signature. 1 w. W. G. Nicholls. Adelaide october 19,1819. Metropolitan building society the members of this society Are respectfully requested to take notice that the first monthly meeting will be held at the White horse onrow lev on thursday Trebing november lit when eight shares will be offered for Sale. The books will be dosed for the receipt of subscriptions Ai eight o clock precisely. Geo. Brunskill. The. Friends of the undersigned who have kindly expressed their intention of paying him a visit on the occasion of the of More or an new Horn i sea Beach Are respectfully informed that a cold spread will be on the table at eleven in the morning of j. Wednesday november 1st and dozing the Day. Chas. Calton october 20, 1849, Brighton. Fob 8 ale of to let. An enclosed Section comprising 83 acres of. Some of the richest land in the province adjoining the South australian company s special Survey on the Torrens with huts stockyards do distance from town 20 Miles. This Section has been under cultivation for several years and is abundantly supplied with excellent Spring water. For terms and inspection of the premises apply or Oliver Philp morning Star inn Chain of Ponds Chain of Ponds. October 18th, 1849. Wanted nursemaid apply to mrs Paxton North Nohrn Iii n0n a i Pilj but of unexceptionable october 20th, 1849. S 0 u t h a u s t r a l i a n mining association. Established april 16th, 1845. Trustees William Allen Christopher Septimus Penny John Benjamin Graham and Michael Featherstone Samuel stocks Junr. Esquires. Directors William Allen William Peacock Charles Beck Christopher Septimus Penny Montague Feathersto Haugh Samuel stocks jun., George Strickland Kingston and William Paxton John water House esquires a t the half yearly general meeting of the above association held at the offices of the company bundle Street Adelaide the seventeenth Day of october 1849, Charles Beck esq., chairman. It was resolved that the report of the directors to the shareholders with the returns and statements annexed be received approved and entered on the minutes of this meeting and that the same be printed for the use of the shareholders. The Hale yearly report of the directors of the South australian mining association to the shareholders at the half yearly meeting held the 17th Day of october 1849. During the last six months the Copper Ore Market in Britain has been subject to great fluctuation and recently when a considerable Quantity of the association s ores were for Sale the Price realised was about �3 per ton less than the average rate. The Swansea Sale of the 21st june last which is the latest known in the province shows a slight improvement and from advices subsequent it is expected that prices will speedily Advance. The sales effected in Adelaide have been More advantageous and the directors Hope that the time is not far Distant when the whole of the ores May be disposed of Here. Since the accounts were closed the directors have sold 700 tons of Ore for delivery at port Adelaide at Good prices. Accompanying this will be found the usual return of Ore raised during the past six months and which nearly equals in Quantity while it exceeds in Quality the production of any previous half year. The fixing of the pumping engine is expected to be completed and at work on the twentieth instant and with its assistance still better results May be expected the operations of the last six months having been much restricted for want of the engine. Hew. Discoveries of Ore Coati use to be made in the mine and scarcely a month passes without some additional evidence of its value. Captain Roach reports of the principal Workings thus u the thirty fathom level going North from Graham s have driven this level ten fathoms on the course of the lode the size of which we have not yet ascertained. We have no Wall on either Side. This end produces Blue and Green Carbonate of Good Quality the better part of which is gone Down. The thirty fathom level going South from Graham s we have driven through a course of oxide and malachite Twenty fathoms in length varying in Width from one to eight fathoms and producing Ore from forty to forty eight per cent. The thirty fathom level going South from Ayer s Shaft Here we have also driven Twenty fathoms through another course of Ore much the same in size and Quality As the one above mentioned. We have seven pitches in full operation in this level from which 1 have no doubt we shall extract five Hundred tons of Ore during the present take six weeks the Ivo Enty fathom have several Good pitches in the backs and. Bottoms Here particularly Gartrell s pitch at Kingston s where they have recently Cut a new Bunch of malachite. The remainder of the pitches about the six and twelve fathom Levels Are looking As Well As can be expected considering the time they have been worked. The pitches at the ten fathom level at Bunce s Are look Itig on the 29th september last the establishment at the mines consisted of sixteen officers two surgeons and the following miners mechanics and labourers Viz.281 miners 13 mine labourers 3 Timber men 8 engineers and fitters 13 carpenters 6 Sawyers 6 Smiths 6 strikers 9 masons 22 labourers 8 stable men 2 watermen 49 labourers 11 Carters 12 youths Carters a. 15 Landers 15 whim boys 21 boys on floors a. 195 men Ore dressing 12 boys ditto 1 weigher 1 watchman total 727. This number will be considerably increased so soon As the engine is fairly at work. A return is annexed showing the total Quantity of Ore raised since the opening of the mine and the Matzner it Ibali lieu die posed of. There is also a return of the Quantity of Copper received to the 29th Ultimo from the Patent Copper company on account " Ore delivered them. The directors have hitherto been enabled to sell the whole of the Copper Here at such prices As leave the coh up a Good profit and Hope it will prove remunerative to the purchasers. The directors prefer this course to shipping but As it is not certain that a Market will always exist Here for the whole of the Copper a trial shipment ius been made to England and if necessary similar shipments will be made to other places As opportunities offer. The return of Copper shows the Sale of about 61 tons Only but a further Quantity has since been received and a Sale of 75 tons effected. In addition to this there till be deliverable during the present year about 200 tons of Copper in respect to ores already delivered to the Patent Copper. Company. On the 5th Ultimo the directors resumed the payment of dividends and they Hope nothing will occur to prevent their continuing them regularly. The attention of shareholders is called to the annexed statements of account. Part i. Shows the expenses and profits of the association from the 31st March 1847, the Date of the previous balancing to the 31st december 1847, and it will be seen that after writing off All the dividends declared and paid to the present Perio a there remains to the credit of profit and loss account the sum of �726 6s id so that in fact the whole of the dividends amounting to the Large sum of �135,520have been paid from actual profits realised from the working of the Burra Burra mines from the 29th september 1845, to the 31st december 1847, a period of Only Twenty seven months the Quantity of Ore produced in this time being 18,567 tons and Cost in production �133,879 14s 5d, or �7 4s 2d per ton. It brought Clear of freight and charges �296,481 14s id or �14 10 3d per ton and it left a Clear profit of �135,601 19s 8d, or �7 6s id per ton. Part ii. Exhibits the current balances from the 31st december 1847, to the 29th september 1849. Part Iii. Is a statement of the liabilities and assets of the company and in the preparation of which due regard has been had to All reasonable contingencies As however Many of the items can Only be supplied by estimation the balance of profit there shown May be increased or diminished As changes of markets or other unforeseen circumstances May happen but it is nevertheless the belief of the directors that it will in All probability be realised. It has been the pleasing duty of the directors from time to time to congratulate the shareholders on the satisfactory state of their affairs but at no time have they been Able to do so More confidently than on the present occasion. It will be part of the business of the meeting to elect a director in the place of John Brown esq., disqualified but who is now eligible for re election. Charles Beck chairman. Adelaide 16th october 1849. Returns of Ore referred to in the annexed report calculated at 21 cuts to the ton. Return showing the Stock of Ore on hand at the year ending 31st March 1849, with the Quantity raised since that period the disposition of the same with the Quantity remaining on hand at the port and mines. 1849 March so Obb on band. Tons. Cwt. Or. La. At port Adelaide 678 7 1 20 on the Road to ditto 214 14 3 0 at the mines 2312 0 q 0 sept. 29 tons. 3205 raised since 31st March last 5649 cwt 16 8854 18 0 15 hrs. Lbs. 20 23 1849 March 31 to sept. 29 sept. 29 Ore exported for Sale Ore sold within the province Ore delivered to the Patent Copper company. Tons. 2751 670 2466 orb on Hans. Tons. Cwt. Or. La. At port Adelaide 267 8 0 22 on the Road to ditto. 200 15 1 0 at the mines 2498 16 1 0 2966 Ewt. 3 2 14 18 8854 18 0 15 hrs. 2 2 lbs. 2 19 0 22 Charles Beck Henry Ayers chairman. Secretary Adelaide 29th september 1819. Return showing he total Quantity of Ore raised from the Surra Surra mines since the opening of the same on the 29th september 1815, to the 29th september 1819, four years with the disposition thereof. Sept. 30,1816 " 184y " 1818 " 29, 1819 Ore raised to Date do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Tons. Cwt. Hrs. Lbs. 6,359 10 0 21 10,794 17 1 7 12,791 11 1 11 7,789 16 3 23 37,735 13 3 12 sept. 30,1815 to sept. 29,1819 sept. 29,1819 Ore exported for Sale " sold in the province " delivered to Patent Copper com Pany. Ore on hand in the province tons. 26,676 5,625 2,166 2,966 cwt. Hrs. Lbs. 16 2 11 6 1 1 11 i 0 18 2 22 13 3 12 the mines trere hot worked from the 30th september 1818, to the 6th january 1819, and Only partially from that period to the 31st March 1819. Charles Beck Henry Ayers chairman. Secretary. Adelaide 29th september 1819. Return of the Quantity of Copper received disposed of and remaining on hand during the Elf year ending 29th september 1819. 1819 sept. 29 received on account of Ore delivered to the Patent Copper company tons. Cwt. Hrs. Lbs. 1819 sept. 29 95 9 3 26 95 9 3 26 shipped to England for Sale sold in the province remaining on hand. Tons. Cwt. Hrs. 10 0 2 61 1 3 21 7 1 95 9 3 lbs. 0 27 27 26 Adelaide september 29th, 1819. Charles Beck Henry Ayers chairman. Secretary. Part i. 1817 March 31 to Deo. 31 1818 june 1 sept. 1819 sept. 5 29 balance Sheet showing he expenses and profits of the association from the 81s� March to he 31st december 1817nine months. Or. � to expenses of the association including Cost of producing 8728 tons of Ore balance of profit carried Down to sixth dividend of 200 per sent. �21,610 seventh dividend of 200 per sent. 21,610 eighth dividend of 100 per cent. 12,320 balance undivided profit to part ii. � s. D. 67,271 2 1 62,326 6 1 �129,597 8 5 61,600 0 0 726 6 1 �62,326 6 1 1847 March 31 dec. 31 1847 Deo. 31 or. By balance of undivided profit rents to Date fees. Nett proceeds Sale of 8728 tons of Ore. By balance of profit brought Down � s. D. 8,356 9 7 126 o 0 28 0 0 121,086 18 10 �129,597 8 5 62,326 6 1 �62,326 6 1 Adelaide 29th september 1819, Charles Beck Henry Ayers chair up Secretary. Part no. Ii. Current balance Sheet of the South australian mining association from the 31 st december 1847, to the 29th september 1840. Or. To profit and loss from part no i capital Stock rent of lard and buildings. Sales of Ore. Sales of Copper fees received on transfers sundry creditors including drafts against 10 tons Copper and 11.941 tons of Ore exported for Sale eighth dividend balance unpaid unclaimed dividends. S d 726 6 1 12,330 0 0 368 9 0 19,508 12 0 4,477 16 3 159 6. 6 168,282 11 7 535 0 0 600 0 0 �206.978 1 5 or. By landed property buildings wages and sundry accounts connected with the working of the Burra Burra mines including Plant fixed machinery Timber horses bags tools implements stores a cartage of Ore cartage of Copper charges being expenses of establishment officers salaries a colonial freight and Agency discount Exchange and interest shipping expenses and port Agency office furniture Bills receivable. Sundry debtors Cash in hand. Bank of Australasia unclaimed dividend fund 11.491 13 s 14.060 0 9 113,668 4 9 37,413 8 6 286 3 6 8,971 4 4 883 9 3 6,768 15 4 4,030 1 11 206 19 5 3.765 0 5,614 0 4 339 19 11 600 0 0 �306,978 1 5 Charles Beck Henry Ayers. John waterhouse l chairman. Secretary. We. Paxton diameters. G. S. Kingston Adelaide 29th september 1849. Auditors report. We have compared the entries in the books of the South australian mining association for the half year ended 29th september 1849, with the to Admus produced before us and confirm the above account As a Correct abstract of the balances at that Date. Geo. Tinline \ Frederic Wicksteed a 4qs �32,&, on the following Days Viz. Tuesday 23rd Friday 26th and tuesday the 30th instant. The sales to commence on each of the above Days at eleven o clock. Adelaide october 17, 1849. North Adelaide and Walkerville Central depot. Fronting the Park lands Corner of the Road leading to Walker Mue 4fohw Auric a grocer dry Salter and wholesale wine and spirit merchant begs to inform his friends and the Public generally that he has just opened the above establishment with a genuine and Well selected Stock and trusts by strict attention and moderate charges to Merit a Large share of Public patronage. T e a 8. Black in chests half chests and Quarter chests Congo us Good and Strong ditto Fine and Strong Pekoe and Souchon flavour Green in ditto ditto ditto Twanakay Hyson and Gunpowder. Svgar8. Double and single refined loaves finest crushed ditto Mauritius Light and Brown. Coffees. Finest Jamaica and deme Rara ditto East India. Spices vinegars pickles and preserves of All sorts. Wines and spirits. Port in Wood and bottle Good 20s. To 25s. Per dozen old and very Fine 25a. To 35s. Ditto Sherry in word and bottle Good. 20s. To 25s. Per dozen old and very Fine 26s. To 35s. Ditto Madeira 30s. Per dozen Marsala in Wood and bottle Cape in Wood Tarragona in ditto Masdeu in ditto Cognac Brandy 18. To 23s. Per gallon rum 149. To 16s. Ditto Gin old Tom 35s. To 40s. Per dozen cordial Gin 37s. To 42s. Ditto London Gin. 35s. To 40s. Ditto Raspberry vinegar and cordials Byass s London Porter and ale. Orders from the Trade and private families executed with care and despatch. Board and dodging respectable Young men can be accommodated with comfortable Board and lodging at w. Hills 2 and 3, Bouch s cottages on the Hill Hindley Street. Terms moderate and number limited. To Wool growers. T he undersigned Are purchasers of or will Advance on Wool of this season s clip consigned to their agents in London or Liverpool. Joseph stilling & co., Hindley Street. October 10,1849. To builders. Tenders will be received by w. Weir arc hitch up to tuesday next from parties willing to contract for the erection of a cottage at Norwood. October 16th 1849. The old English auctioneers auction Mart Hindley Street Adelaide. R. Moyle Twenty one years an auctioneer in England. T respectfully solicits the particular attention of merchants and Immi Grants to Bis Mart assuring them of his most exertion to realize the most Satis factory value for All properties entrusted to his disposal. The most punctual and faithful settlement of All accounts and on he most reasonable terms. To be Sou. The advertiser has a valuable collection of the " fathers including Chrysos Tom Aud Augustin the whole or part of which he would dispose of on moderate eras. Apply at the times office. Notice. To the Northern licensed Victualler settlers dealers Sec. Ryphe undersigned has just opened wholesale store in Murray Street Gawler town and will always have on Sale a Large Supply of wines. Ales spirits a. Of the Best Quality and cheapest rate. Teas sugar tobacco soap a. Joseph Hopkins. punctually attended Tor and sent with despatch and without trouble to purchasers. J. H

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