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Adelaide Times Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1850, Page 5

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Adelaide Times (Newspaper) - November 30, 1850, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia miscellaneous. In place of the " grecian a chapter by ship. For. London direct. The fast sailing. British built Copperud barque stand rings a 1 for.12 years 271 tons per re Gister George Woodcock com Mander. Having the whole of her dead weight and chief portion of Wool freight ready for ship ment will sail with the usual punctuality observed with the late barque grecian on or before 20th december next for terms of freight apply to Captain get be Hyde port Adelaide r Alexander Thomson. Bundle Street 26th oct. 1850. For London. Direct. $0follow the sea the Fine fast sailing Al ship maid 01 Auckland 450. Tons s. Shepherd Comman Der having a Large portion of her. Cargo engaged will be despatched j Early m Jari pary so As in time for the i Early Wool sales the Cabin and Steerage passengers Are of a very Superior order. For freight or passage apply to Joseph stilling & co or to Philip Levi. November 13, 1850. First Wool ship for London. 0 sail positively on the oth december. The Fine fast sailing a 1 barque sea Queen \ ,404 tons per Register r. T Wood commander having thirds of her cargo on Bora will be despatched As above. For Wool or other Light freight also for Sage having one Stern and one Side Cabin 1apply to Joseph stilling & co. Or to h. F. Penny & co. Grenfell Street of to Philip Levi. For London. The splendid a. 1 fast sailing barque Hyda spes 500 toys Register capt Hugh Stewart will be despatched punctually on the first of january so As to arrive in time for the May sales. The poop. And other accommodations for passengers is most Roomy and convenient and Dmato Long Well known to the Public of this Colony proceeds to England As surgeon to the vessel. For freight or passage apply to we. Younghusband Jun. & co. Tor Swan a Tver calling at st. Georges sound should sufficient inducement offer. Pile a 1 Schooner x Sadak 150 tons Register Captain scar Hron will proceed to the above port or ports with immediate despatch. For freight or passage apply to d. A Gafney port. Or Jules f. , Grenfell Street. The friends of the late or John Stephens Ai respectfully informed that the funeral will leave i residence North Terrace this afternoon at half a four o clock precisely. Albion House King William Street. W. Christie begs to intimate to the ladies of Adelaide and the Public generally that he has opened this Day one Case containing the most Beautiful and newest designs in Barege dresses Muslin ditto. De Laine ditto to families. One Case containing boys tunics richly braided children s frocks ditto Holland Pinafore a. A. Inspection invited. W. Christie Albion House King William Street. Nearly opposite the. New Bank. To grocers assistants wanted a Young Man thoroughly acquainted with the grocery business. Apply to Boord Brothers Hindley Street. Adelaide nov. 29, 1850. To builders carpenters Cabinet makers 8fc. C. Wood p l Ane m a kept bundle Street a few doors East of Gawler place. Blanes . Altered . Drawing. Al saws sharpened Aid repaired tools Portland Cement. A on sales few cases of the above Cement. For lining of tanks it his no equal. Apply to or Brown commercial inn Grenfell Street. To freeholders land Pur chasers and others. Just published and now on Sale a carefully revised and elaborately delineated map of the county of Adelaide an surrounding districts. Scale half in Inch to the mile. Primbs s. D. Plain. 8. 0 coloured 10 6 Plain in pocket Case. 12 6 coloured ditto 15 0 mounted on roller and varnished 14 0 ditto coloured and varnished. 16 6 the Trade supplied. Calvert & Waddy King William Street facing the Exchange. Nov. 29, 1850. Mining advertisements South australian mining association. Thirteenth dividend. Notice is hereby Given that a dividend of Hildred per cent. Being to fun pounds per share his been this Day declared Ito the directors of this association and that the same will he paid to the share holders on saturday the seventh Day of de j Cember next and on any wednesday or Satur Day afterwards Between the. Hours of ten and one o clock. The certificates of shares must be left at tile office for examination at least three Days previous to the div Iii i theadg called for. By order of the Board Henry Ayers Secretary. Adelaide 21st november 1850. Burra Burra mines. To carriers. Notice is hereby Given that on and after the second Day of december next the rate of cartage to and from the above mines will be altered to thirty five shilling per ton with loading each Way. The carriers now on the Road and those despatched previous to the 2nd proximo., will receive the present rates. Henry Ayers Secretary South aus. Mining association. Adelaide 16th nov., 1850. To charcoal burners. Tender for the Supply of 30,00 bushels of charcoal to their works a Kooring will be received by the Patent cop per company at their office in Adelaide 02 Kooring till the 10th Day of december next. G. S. Walters manager. November 28, 1850. Royal mining company. Notice is hereby Given that the Calls now due on shades must be paid at the office of the company on or before the 31st of de Cember next or in default thereof the shares Wil he forfeited agreeably to the 54th clause of the deed of settlement. By order of the Board of directors , Secretary. November 20, 1850. Wheal Maria mining company. The postponed annual meeting of this com. Pany will be held in the Large room " Norfolk arms Rundle Street 011 thursday the 5th Decem ber at six o clock in the evening when three i directors will be appointed in the place of those retiring and a report of operations at the mine and balance Sheet of the company s accounts pre-1 seated. Shareholders who May be willing to become directors must signify the same in writing and Send in their names to the Secretary at the office. King William Street at least Teh Days before the above general meeting. By order. Robert Hawkes see retard. Shipping intelligence. Nov. 23.the barque Joseph Soames 774 tons Eli Stone ma3tcr, from Plymouth 21st August. Nov. 24the Cutter Lapwing 60 tons Duncan master from Swan River 1st november and King George s sound 17th november. Nov. 28the Schooner Emit _ 35 tons Fraser master from port Lincoln. Cleared out. Nov. 23the ship Solaria 844 tons Brown master for Sydney with part of original cargo and passengers from Liverpool. Same Day the Brig Martha 250 tons Longrigg master for Yorke s Peninsula with five Passen Ger s. Nov. 27the barque Abberton 450 tons James master for Melbourne with 39 original passengers from London and part of original cargo. Nov. 27the Cutter of Volpp ton8 Wisher master for Yorke s Peninsula nov. 28the Brig Phanth 158 tons Brown master for Sydney. Pa8sexoer3 inwards. Passengers per Joseph ,, lady and family or Harris mrs do., and four children miss Lang and or. Meynor surgeon superintend Dant in the Cabin b. Andrews wife and family w. E. Allpress p. Carrigg wife and family John Collier and wife Samuel Fowler and wife i Garratt Jas. Goddard wife and child Mary Graham Mary do., p. Sarah do., a. Gray wife and family d. Hoggert and wife e. Higgins w. King wife and family Vav. J. Longland e. March Jane Mizilar w. Morgan and wife w. Nicholson and wife w. Morrell and wife w. Borreli wife and family h. A Lade wife and family j. Phillip Thomas Ponton r. Pope and wife George Reid and wife. Ann Matron l. Self w. Severn wife and family w. Singleton Fred. Stephenson h. Tam sell wife and child j. Tysoe f. Webb wife and family James Wishart wife and family h. Bodrig wife and child John Cummins wife and family Joseph Greenway wife and family m. Larragan and wife James Hickey and wife r d. Hodge and wife Thomas Hill and wife h. William son a. Thompson Jane Mitchell Elizabeth Tait c. Smith m. Garrock h. Jameson a. Robertson j. Williamson b. Wallerson j. Dalzil ,. R. Millar j. Thomson j. Laurenson b. Hug Horn a. Beatties John Burt wife and family b. Hilt John do., re. J wife and family ii Kavanagh wife and family James Kearney wife and child t. Mcnamara wife Hud Tanily b. Mart Iii wife and fan Lily John sic gov Dite and family n. Hitter wife and family j. Hallace Anil . Thomas Harrow John Chave John Deusing John Devil m. Greeves b. Gimlick Thomas do., Ann do., Catherine do., John Sgibnev Stephen Hopper and wife. , de. Kenney k. Mccairn j. Mcelreavy John Martin and wite a. Nixon and wife t. Dial Lagan and wife g. Rundel m. Rogers e. Sullivan and wife. T. Hor Den b Archbald m. J. Atkinson a. Coloni m. A. Geary e. Hamlon m. A. Hou Usei. R Harper e. J Allien m. Kergan a. Kelly h. Do., m. Lynch m. J Malone m. A. Nesbit d. , Ann do., l Payne l. Do. A Ryan Sarah Stephens and family s Taylor s. Benson and wife j1. Stephens and wife l. White and wife j. White and Wile j. Humphreys and wife j. Lone wife and child m. Wallag Bau f. Ditto. K passengers per Lapwing a. Bulcher esq., and or Harris. Passengers per Emu or Fink or Stevenson and five in the Steerage. Passengers outwards. Passengers per phantom3. James c. Chorliss Matheus and wife j. Watts. Cargo inwards. Cargo per Joseph somes22 Hhd Brandy j. Mor Phett 50 casks Beer stilling and co. 5 cases Loung husband 16 cases wine. To 3 cases j. Heathcote 1 Case. Barton 4 do., j. A Riner j t trunks 2 casks t. C. Bray 1 Box j. Pollard 100 tons fuel 10 Iron scale dust g. S. Walters 5 plies p. Cuin Ming 1 Case 2 casks order l Case mrs 30 Hhd Beer j. Stilling and co. 10 Hhd 89 plough Moulds 2 casks 154 pots,4 boilers 24 wheels 1 cask 2 cases 3 casks 5 cases 7 bundles 2 oases g. Phillips and co. 2 cases b. C. Porter 1 Caise Napier 60 casks 10 Hhd 4 jars 1 cask. 1 Case 10 Hhd 44 cases 10 urls j. And n. Liner ques 40 urls currants a. L. Elder and co. .3 Bales c. And f. J. Beck 1 Case Hardcastle 8 pkg 4 Bales were Todd and co. 1 Case e. C. Platts 2 cases Heath 241 deals Grant and Butler. Cargo per lapwing3 cases 3 kegs 1 cask 6 boxes original cargo from Adelaide 4 casks tallow e. G. Collison 10 bags Coffee w. Owen 6 kegs to Bacco Marks 1 Case books 1 picture Samson 2 Bales skins w. Bran 37 casks Oil Belcher 1 Keg tobacco 860 lbs whalebone 1130 Kangaroo skins order 1 Bale Wool owen1 cargo per emu13 baie3 Wool Younghusband 1 Jun. And co. 5 tons Copper Ore mount Liverpool mining company. Cargo outwards cargo per Martha sundry stores for per abberton30 bags Rice 25 bags Salt Petre 50 bags Ginger o bagging eve John halt. Cargo per frolic sundry stores Lor settlers. Cargo per phantom1 boiler. 7 cases 7 pieces machinery j. Clark 1 Case cutlery Faulding. J. Miscellaneous shipping. The colder hence arrived at port Lincoln on the 12th instant and sailed for port Pirie on the 14th instant. The Mazeppa hence sailed from Swan Eiver for Batavia on the 13th of october. " the following births and deaths occurred inboard Ali a Joseph Soames births mrs Gray of a daughter mrs Nicholson do. Mrs Mcnamara of a son. Deaths17th september Emily Haggerty infant Iii id do., f. Norrell do. Loth clo., by. G. Do., do. 30th do., j. Mitchell do. Mining intelligence. Mines share list. 2, Exchange colonnade Adelaide. November 22, 1850. Burras. Sale of shares at 2117. 10s. Cash 212/. Sellers. Princess royals last Sale eight shares at 20/., 6 months mount remarkable. 67. 10s, do. Adelaide. 17s. Sellers. Caringas 50s do. Britannia 27. 10s. Sellers port lincolns sales at 37. 15s. Cash which after wards changed hands at �4 10s. Three months. Phoenix Par to 5 per cent Premium do. Enterprise 27. 15s. Cash Sellers North Kapu Udas Sale of 73 shares at 18s 6d, six months. Mount live pools. 37. 3s. Sellers Strath Alvyns 57. Paid 27. 10s do. Glenal Hans 57. Sellers 57. Paid Royal mining company sales at 22s. Cesh 21s. Cash and 23s. 3 months and leave off at 21s. Cash. Victorias Sale at 2s 6d, wheal Ocraman do. Wheal Bartons Sale at 57. Three months wheal margarets 2/. 5s. Sellers wheal Gawler 77. Sellers wheal. Marias. A Votkl friendships Sale of 13 shares lat 37. 5a. Cash and 10 shares at 37. 3s. Cash. Wheal Emma,.nominal. Wheal Harmony Sale at �3 15s. Three months wheal Fortune issuing South Kapu Udas 20s. Sellers Mary Consols Par men Koo Sale at 20s. Cash. Bremer 30s. Sellers bread Iharos. 3s. Do. 10s. Paid Job thai Union mining company 20s. Paid. Issuing. St o key. Several sums to lend at 15 per cent on Freehold discounts. Discounts daily 20 to 25 per cent. J. F. Sioss share broker. Ship mails. Saturday november 27, 1850. Mails will be despatched As under for great Britain by the Imperial to London on monday 2nd december at half past 12 by the sea Queen to London on thursday 5th december. For new South Wales by the Delta to Melbourne this Day the 30th november at half a t 12 and by the Anna Maria this Day a half part 3. For East indies and China by the above to India. For port Wake Heid by the lady Vang this Day at half past 12. Births. On monday november the 25th, mrs p. Smith Rundle Street of a son. On monday november the 25th, mrs Leethem North Adelaide of a daughter. On tuesday november the 26th, mrs c. Everitt Hindley Street of a son. On the 24th instant the lady of or Eades of a daughter. Bent Street on the 21st instant Edward Blackham son of or Edward n. Emmett aged seven months. On thursday morning at his brother s residence. Seacombe near Brighton aged forty four or a dirt Stephens editor and proprietor of the sofa australian Register and Adelaide observer news papers after a protracted illness of nearly eight months. The times Adelaide saturday Noy. 30, 1850. The Watala Board. The pie Iest affair of the week has been that of messes Anstey and co s returning to the rate payers of the Watala Hundred t he amount of their assessment in spite of the advocate general s warning and remonstrance. This May or May not be strictly Legal but it is at nil events As Little liable to censure As taxing the water carts and then returning the rates or. As the governor s writ ipg to or. Montgomery and telling him that the. Commissioner s there might either tax or not tax collect or riot collect the rate just As they thought fit. This step May have been undertaken As. A. Ruse on or ans toy s part and with a View to the increase of his popularity at the approaching elections hut no one Ca n deny that the governor has not open to it or that or Anstey cannot afford to treat the advocate general s threat with con tempt. There is one thing however which demands notice and that is How far arrears of rates and taxes disqualifies from voting under the new Bill. Let or Anstey look to this and if lie finds As we suspect he will that an insurmountable Barrier let him unite with us in getting from the pre sent Council before the new Bill comes into Force a Short declaratory act that no arrears of rates or taxes not levied by the representatives of the rate payers shall have the effect of disqualifying from voting or what perhaps would be better a Short clause introduced into our own Bill for bringing the new Constitution into Force declaring that it shall not have a retrospective effect. The late or jons obituary notice to Day announces the decease of this gentleman yesterday morning at the residence of his brother Edward Stephens esq., manager of the Bank of South Australia at Seacombe. In compliance with his express wish that notice mentions Only the Melan Emoiy fact but we May be allowed to state that or John Stephens was for Many years connected with the Londo newspaper press 1 both As editor and proprietor. He arrived in South Australia in january 1843, and soon after com minced the Adelaide observer weekly news paper and on the retirement of the proprietor of this journal for England in june 1845, he became editor and proprietor of the South australian Keg Steb both of which journals he conducted up to the Date of his lamented illness and death or Stephens was a gentleman of sound and extensive erudition and the tact Talent and Industry he brought to Bear on his duties were of o cd non o t order. His Assiduity and unwearied devoted Ness to business were in the highest degree remarkable and As the staunch Friend of his adopted country and the Earnest advocate and supporter of All her Best interests he has left behind Hira a name which will Long be remembered and respected. For a Man of vigorous intellect Stern principle and Ardeu temperament to be thrown As the avowed and acknowledged editor of Public journals into the midst of a limited population like this in which each one was fighting the Battle of life As keenly As himself and to have made no enemies would have been to effect an achievement which has never yet fallen to the lot of our common humanity but it is confidently believed that every particle of alienation arising from that inevitable source has Long since been absorbed in a feeling of deep sympathy towards him in Der his protracted illness and that his death though daily and hourly looked for for some months past is uni. Verbally regretted and most deeply so by those who knew him Best. He was quite conscious of his approaching dissolution and retained his faculties unimpaired to the last. In his Intercourse with his Christian friends which had of late become frequent he manifested full preparedness for his great change and his most poignant regret was that he should Ever either by word or pen have caused them or others one moment s pain or estrangement. He has left an. Amiable and deeply afflicted wife and four Young children to lament his Early removal. Domestic news. I auction sales advert Keu in this Day & Issue of the tikes this Day saturday november 30. E. Solomon and co., at the City auction Mart sops hams saddlery drapery grocery slope Ironmongery. A. Also ale Tweed and Pilot cloth Coats shirting starch Oatmeal glue 380 reams paper guitars flutes engravings Caps. Boots and shoes also Black Oil whalebone Oil Nunns or .ianqfijrte.&c,.1 Sams ii Wicks tech Ana co at the Mart by order of the official assignee100 head of cattle i also in re fixate an insolvent All the interest in the Well known House at Clarendon. Also at the government Yards drays and teams also at the Mart a immense Quantity of Merchan Diser monday december 2. E. Solomon Anil Coon the premises Hindley Streci Stock of messes Ryley and co., grocers a. Henry Calton at his Yards in Gander town 50 horses. Tuesday december 3. E. Solomon and co. On the ground 16 Choice allotments in the delightful Village of Brighton. Samson Wicksteed and acre no. 58 Hindley Street allotments of land. Henry Calton at the new inn salgbury40 horses. Wednesday december 4. Samson Wicksteed and co., on the wharf port Adelaide extensive Sale of merchandise. E. Solomon and co., at the City auction Mart 10 Burra Burra shares in lots. Thursday december 5. E. Solomon and co., at the City mart100 Bales Fine fleece Wool. Friday december 6. Samson Wicksteed and co., at the warehouse of n. P. Lebair esq., Grenfell Street an immense assortment of merchandise also part of the cargoes of vessels now unloading e. , at the o. G. Hotel Gille s Plains horses cattle steers and Dairy cows. V saturday december 7. Sams0n�wiqkstced, and co., at the Mart -84 Ham mocks 59 soldiers Coats tuesday december 10 Samson Wicksteed and co., at the Mart important land Sale and a variety of other properties also by order of the mortgagee lauded proper tic sections 256 in the provincial Survey marked letter a also. Sections 690, 691, 692, and la acres put of Section no. 42, All inthe same place. Wednesday december 11. Samson Wicksteed and co on the ground town acres nos. 633, and 640, situated near King William Street in allotments. South australian league for the maintenance of religious rather Stormy meeting of this league took place yester Day evening but our report of the proceedings must stand Over until monday. Supreme court yesterday. November 29. The following prisoners were arraigned and pleaded not guilty Mary o Brien for concealing the birth of her child Joses Badcock and Jama Carroll for cutting and wounding with intent to maim and disfigure Thomas Simms rape Jama if. Cornell forgery Francis Moran arson and John Osborne larceny John Osborne was charged with stealing a gun the property of James butter. It appeared from the evidence prosecutor Lent the prisoner the gun to perform a trick with and the prisoner afterwards said it to a Man named Bur guilty. / a fomer conviction was prove there were j other against the i prisoner of stealing a violin air of boots to i both of which he withdrew his former plea a and pleaded guilty. The court sentenced the prisoner to imprison ment with hard labour for months and at the expiration of that to to a transported for seven i years. Prisoner i Hope or Wigley you will return me that note of hand for 5l. I gave you to defend Ine As Yon have not done so. Air Wigley he what do you say ? it Lias not been paid however i will return it. Prisoner it would have been paid if you had presented it. Yon have not acted like a gentle Man but More like one who would take in a poor fellow. Francis Foran was charged with setting fire to a House with intent to defraud the port Lincoln mining company. Another count charged him with setting fire to his own dwelling House. Charles Edward Stephenson store keeper at the port Lincoln mines said the prisoner occupied a Bush hut at Kop Eringa there were a number of others near it. Thev All contained furniture and miners tools. On the 31st of August last witness hearing a noise ran out of his House Ami saw the prisoner s hut on fire and noticed him walking away in an opposite direction. Raised an alarm. It was past eleven u night. The prisoner returned and threw a Quantity of clothes and tools into the fire. Had heard him that afternoon threaten to barn some place. He was intoxicated. He was very noisy All the Niolu. The hut was Burnt to the ground. The next House caught tire several times but the flames were extinguished. He attempted to Stab witness that afternoon with a pair of shears. By or Stephen when he first came Hack to the House he threw or three buckets of wat Ron the fire. He was much excited at his wife having Lei t him. While the House was burning he went into the hut and brought a lamp out alight. There was a shelf in the hut close to the thatch had the lamp Beer placed on it it would have very Likely set lire toil. Prisoner was a great Favourite when sober. By the court he Waff a Hundred Yards from the hut when witness first saw him. Witness told him he had better be off. He said he would not As he was not guilty and afterwards he Suid that his wife was not co tent with running away from him but had set fire to his hut. He was intoxicated the whole time and might not have observed the flame. Did not see from what part of the hut the prisoner brought the lamp. If the lamp had been placed on the shelf it could hardly have been for any other purpose than to set fire to the House. Much other evidence of a similar kind was taken and his Honor summed up and the jury without leaving the Box returned a verdict of not guilty. Joses Badcock was indicted i or felonious by cutting and wounding Sarah Mary Badcock with to disfigure her. I the advocate general stated she Case and called Octavius Hammond surgeon who detailed the nature of the injuries received by mrs Badcock which consisted of a wound on the right Side of the nose and bruises on the Eye and breast. The wit Ness said that in consequence of a Large portion of the nose being off it would have the effect of per . When witness firs Sawher of the night in question she was Between her own door and mrs Anderson s. She afterwards went into mrs Anderson s House. An enquiry was made by mrs Anderson in Badcock s House for the piece Cut off. The prisoner said it was lost. Prisoner was perfectly Calm and collected. When in Ander son s House witness requested the prisoner to j leave As his pre Scace increased the agitation of his wife. J by or Stephen had seen mrs Badcock that morning. Tipiere Lead not been any operation per j formed farther than was originally done. The disfigurement was lessened by the original treatment. The injuries were not dangerous to life. Wilhelmina Anderson wife of John Anderson Union Street knew the prisoner and his wife they lived next door to her. Heard a noise Between three and foil o clock of the morning in question i which woke her out of her sleep. Ascertained it proceeded from next door. The noise was like a woman crying and chairs being tossed about. J knocked at the prisoner s window and called out open the prisoner opened the door and mrs Badcock came out of the House and said her nose was Cut. Took her into her House and went for a doctor. Mrs Badcock said several times her Jiu band Cut her nose. Did not know whether the prisoner heard her. Her nose was bleeding very much. Could not Tell if it was just done. Prisoner said to his wife " it serves you when wit Ness returned from the doctor prisoner was in his own House. Witness went in and asked Lor the piece of the nose. He said he had thrown it away. Sent the prisoner for some Brandy. Mrs Badcock would not Sei him. He said he must have been out of his mind when he did it. The clothes produced were worn by mrs Badcock at the time. They were spotted All Over with blood. By or Stephen prisoner was always remark i ably Foid of his wife. He used to bring water and Wood for her. Never heard them have any words. He was very fond of his Chihyen. Mrs Badcock told witness the Day before that she wanted to go away she asked if witness knew Oliero there was a House. Witness told her she did not. There was a Candle on the table when she first went into the House but she could not Tell whether it was burning or not. There were Beds in the room one on some chairs. That was marked with blood. Sarah Mary Badcock wife to the prisoner said she went to bed about ten o clock. Awoke the next morning with her nose bleeding. No one was in the room hut the prisoner and the children. did nut know the cause. Wuen she awoke witness got out of bed and looked in the Glass. Saw part of her nose was Cut off. H r husband was standing by her Side looking at her when she awoke. Did not see anything in his hand. Ran into the next House. Before that prisoner struck her on tiie face that was after her nose was Cut. He struck her with his hand. Did not see what i Breame of the piece. Asked the prisoner for it he j replied " you cannot have saw him have it did not see what he did with it. That was shortly i after she awoke. Mrs Anderson went at her request for him. By or Stephen slept that nig Jit apart from her i husband on three chairs. Her husband had always treated her with very great kindness he Doatch upon her and her children. Their affections were never equal Uliey had not altered lately More particularly. Had made up her mind to leave him. Had told him so some Days before. Intended to have left him on the Morrow of that Day. Told her husband that she should not sleep with him that night. He offered to sleep himself on fac chairs and give her up the bed. Know no. Other reason for the act than that the prisoner intended to Render her personal appearance less attractive. By his Honor no conversation took place that night Bont her leaving the next Day. Had slept with him the night before. He did not know where she was going. He could have understood that she was about to leave him for some one else. Had some idea of going to live with some other Man. Prisoner she told me so. By the advocate general the prisoner did not j know that she was not going to sleep with him. Should have slept with him had she not been going to leave him. Nothing else prevented her. Police sergeant Rounsevelle repeated his evidence As Given before the police magistrate. Or Stephen addressed the jury in the defence. A asked them to look calmly into the Ireum stances and exclude from their minds the false and Idle reports which had been circulated in connection with this cose. They had heard that the unfortunate prisoner and As he must Call her equally unfortunate wife had since their marriage lived happily the prisoner on All occasions showing that he doted on her with unbounded affection. There were Points for them to consider first whether the prisoner if he committed the act was in pos session of his faculties smarting maddened As he must have been under the knowledge that his wife was about to leave him and her helpless Chil Dren for the embraces of a Paramour and secondly whether the act was committed with a malicious intention. In the latter Case he would contend that there was no intention to. Disfigure her but on Yeo to detract from her personal attractions a to ensure the preservation of her chastity to himself by per haps using the Only Means to prevent her. From becoming a prostitute. He could not Tell them that his client had not brought himself within the reach of the Law As he had committed an assault but there was a wide Range Between the punishment of that crime Faatiu the indictment Oti being a Short term of imprisonment and the other involving transportation.-. He trusted they would give the prisoner the Benefit of any doubt that might j arise in their minds. His Kozior in summing he said the first ques Tion was whether or not the prisoner committed the act charged. As to that they had the evidence of the wife and mrs Anderson which with the tact that the parties were living in the House _ Toge ther with Piriya children was Strong evidence that the prisoner committed the act. The nature of the Cut showed that it was done with a Sharp instrument. The intent must be inferred from the consequences of the act. The obvious result of the act was a permanent disfigurement. With regard to the malicious intent j the see night be injuries sustained to living the mind into an unnatural state hut if a Man allowed his wife to sleep in the same room with him and in the night wound her As in the instance before them with a razor who could think that it was not a malicious action. Tha jury after retiring for a Quarter of. An hour found the prisoner guilty. On being asked what he had to say that the sentence of the court should not be passed upon him. The prisoner made the following extraordinary statement. 1 have been married six years. I was a diaper. In business fur. Myself. At Illsley near Abingdon in � my wife was in service. I saw her Ana fell in love with her at the same time being engaged to a Cousin of or Kent of this City. 1 was sent for to Snow some goods to the Hon. Or Moore in whose service my wife was. When i became enamoured of her my father and Mother consented and we were. Soon after married at st George Hanover Square. Or business Ivas a Good one and my Iucci Ine about �300 a year. I treated my wife kindly for i loved her fondly but a Man i see May treat his wife kindly and with great fondness. This waa my Case. The business at Illsley was Good Bat the Placo was Dull and my wife wished to leave it in order to see Mere society As my brother s wife at Abingdon was accustomed to go More into company. I agreed to leave Illsley. I did so went up to London and took a shop in new Oxford Street and my wife and i managed it. We stopped about three months and the business was just paying when she said she did not like it and wanted to leave. I agreed and it was determined As my Brothers were in Australia to go to Adelaide. I took about Hundred pounds Worth of 6tock with me Audi told her in la open a shop for her in Adelaide intending myself to take a situation As Draper s assistant. Pc had been about three months in the ship when my wife became to a boy about Nineteen napped Johnson Felio was constantly in his company and i and Many others spoke to and endeavoured to reason with her on her conduct. She committed adultery with him several times in my Cabin the fact not being made known to me at the time. On our arrival in the Colony we went to North Adelaide to live. Johnson came there but soon left and went into the Suslu about this time my wife was Takou very ill and or Davics attended her for some time. Seeing she got no better i told her i did not think the doctor under stood her complaint. She cried very bitterly and said i am she then confessed that she had committed adultery and that she was suffering from a loathsome disease. Here was a positron for one who had been respectably brought up As i had she implored me to forgive her promising never to look at a Man again. I thought aver the circumstances of the Case and at last for gave iter on the condition that sue would leave town. 1 took a farm on the North Road front or Davis and gave him 120� for the Stock on it. I was six months farming. The farm Dia not answer and i lost nearly All my Money. At last i let it to my brother and came with my wife to town. I took a situation As Shopman at messes Marks my wages were la is a week which i invariably gave to my wife never spending More than is 6d, a week and that i i tobacco and a Glass of ale now and then. 1 my wife Only paid 5s a week for rent 5 consequently 1 she had quite sufficient to live upon. Johnson Canie and lived next door to us at mrs Anderson s. My wife asked me to allow him to Pard with her and. Sleep next door. I was surprised at the question and remonstrated with Iier. She said you know what lie is and if he does not come he will Tell All he knows about at last i consented although after what had occurred perhaps i should not have done so. And he accordingly came. On. Mgt i was awoke by my wife getting out of bed. She went out i followed unseen by her. I saw her get into John Sou s bed. I watched her come in again. She waa astounded when she saw me. I said " in h it a woman you Are to be so infatuated with a boy who has served you As he i have seen him tear dressc3 off her Back and strike her. He broke a looking Glass of mine and has beaten my children several times. Iso. Man that has Ever been brought before a judge has had greater aggravation than i have la night before this occurred she Cooley told me she was going to leave Nic for not Lite Ranf and simply because 1 was badly off the very Man she was theft oin to and has gone to since i have been told is on the Point of insolvency so von see that god curse those who will not serve him. All this has l 6cu Dowie because i did not associate with Tbs world As others although my wife saw much More pleasure Thau from her former position As servant she had any right to expect. She is no liar and will admit ail i have said. I repeat no one has had greater provocation than i have had. Or Stephen told the prisoner he had not sex. Planned the immediate cause for what he did. Prisoner i considered All the night what to Dew she told me she would leave me and go Aud live with or Hare who keeps the " sir John Barley if you will give me but three Days i Wii ii undertake to prove All i have said. Or st Cohen told ii s Honor that it had not Beeri. Mrs Badrock s wish to prosecute her husband and she hoped the court would pass a lenient sen Deuce. His Honor with sternness whatever he l Eeling maybe mrs Badcock s wishes will Haven effect upon my sentence. V -. The prisoner was then removed. Murf o Brien was charged with wilfully Coa Healing the birth of her male child Bora alive. The advocate general said he was Happy to say. Thev were saved from a More Pai Irful enquiry by. The grand jury having ignored the1 indictment for. Infanticide. The Learned adv cute briefly stated the Case and called j. G. Nash colonial surgeon who said he was called about half past o clock on. Monday afternoon the 26tii August to examine the per on of Mary o Brien. She was it the Louse of a but Aei named o Brien in bed. From appearances he was convinced she had been recently delivered within Twenty four hours saw a recently Bora in Mafit dead a Whis Honor said by the statute it was unnecessary to prove that was born alive. Catherine Bennett servant to or o been butche Weymouth Street said she observed appearances which induced her to communicate with her master and mistress who taxed her with having recently been confined. She first denied but afterwards admitted that she had and told them that the body of the infant was in a Box. Tho child was found As described. By or Hanson had known her thirteen years ago. Her father was a Farmer and shopkeeper in the county of Clare. Bridget o Brien gave similar evidence. In Cross examination she said the prisoner had Only Boa a few Days in the Colony Aud might have been unaware that 6he was near her confinement Joseph o Brien corroborated the statement of the preceding witnesses Constable Banks deposed to the apprehension of the prisoner. Or Hanson made a powerful Appeal to die jut on behalf of the prisoner his Honor having jammed up the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Police court.-ykwei�. Friday november 29. Sarah Leedham was charged with stealing & silk Bonnet a Cap and a pair of shoes the property of Elizabeth Jones Oil the 20th november. Several witnesses were examined and the Pri Soner was committed for trial at the next local court

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