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Acton Free Press Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Acton Free Press (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Acton, OntarioFor a sixth year no. 13. A new the methodist Church a Rev i. M. Moyer. Pm to pm re on a it a Willow by. . Lam in Ruth kor Ulm a a inny i Tutu to Trio Emiil Arnii. Cuil Hotl. Rally pm his. Quot Ohr iut Sinforo a Riuli a tuii vion. A you Are Quot a no itch ome Kucifer Root 0 in Ltd Uichi Wii hol fill to a i ii it re it irk of John of Marinou. J Lioio. 103 r a a it. I. Door unto. Top Ducq a Poh Bale a kit Mhz or us y Mill Ion a Hui is a for Bale All Kiiu Ishii Mirror a not of. Iii Xinau i u Wii Rikhi Hal fair Eiolf. T. A Ovoy. tio it , �?T10 a Lilov disir8tove8, he Riib \ Vvs Lium for Halo a of a a Kozoil Suomi us us Ivy to a lieu w. Will Lii Roul or Wool. U Star iceman. Is of. Mill in Ihil. Anion. be Quot on Lora for full work us Oulu i acne Igitkn Luithly. Olf Akom Ohr Vaia of Hugh ui., al ii. Wanted 1.4iay to to Ubiaco Wiir al ii Aloro. Miniat Marin try lion out lid <iluo.niij.Gt-Ablu. Okiw Wlllie Liuha Iiona re Llna Iro it run Wal. Airily a rat line to t. In. Moori Nicar it. T trunk it Toni. Oisiu gasoline. Llala Noo of cur Luad of the Ulith smile Whita Rimo Fla Aolino it 4 n rally a try the barrel up to Copto Mimir �?lv�?T0�-Ra�ah-4te-P�irgalloit. A it flu n. Shown Boc rotary Irp Tnora Chib. Acton Croaa Rouil Noar to Isril Lino is>3 houses andjlot8 for Bale a thu Mihir of Clin Loa Buuri Tler Lota for Quick Aula Ami i Mizumi Linua a ran Flor in Prico from go to 4,000. Killay Torma of payment All end Ullom will ii promptly Ana world. It it Kiir real Isa tato a a it 3 to rower Avenue Acton Village fat Facton notice. To investors Kroop Tennal Chunco of prone Altir u a Afa at u Bush Rule of in it Throat for either to Sitf or Ahert Erma. Tebei Ilum of the Ali Luke of atop ii Lamoun Tler to 340.000. Born Lar in croat. At to tic am now timing i Kunimi in. De it. Noel Nailon of s11r.39 up. Time twi it in from one to thirty Nuru. When int Roht la a Tun. Amply clip off .i.i. A it i. Purther info Mutton May Oil urn it cd at the Tilen of tho Treu Auer to swoon. Tuo Boun of 0.30 u. M. Ami s p. M. Tho Council pm Nta Thiu Opi Ortun loan any Elmo in Makl Nii ii. N. Baum list trea auror. Jotun Bept Emhof 30, 1030, ,. to cure goitre and thick neck by a Homo remedy of Roou and Herba. To have cured Rontrea of More than 40 Deora stand Lar in a few. Weka Elmo. Our Ruar anted to to harm Leo. And will build no. A Nin Down a atom. Write for Che inon nation to prof. Marlo Rox 337, Toranto ont. Shawls catalogue of Duel near Troi Nln schools la mailed free on re Quealy Vaji Tom from Hurt fit 30. Write. Addrena w. If. Shaw. It Helenl Vonro and term re Sta. Toronto. Hay fever. And a asthma conquered by the world a Only two Botto remedy. Don t Buffer n mph us a end to Day si�?33 Day treatment trial also 36c. Und a Cut wanted. W. . Mf0.-Chamlat 97 Dundas at e., Toronto Veno and Charlta 6t� Toronto enjoy a a excellent reputation for High Fude work. It la no wonder the demand for our Gradit Pua la five Timon our apply. Vontur any time. Catalogue free. \ w. Elliott Prin Olps wonderland Pandav. September 24 a i he Cobbage of Mage o do Onby vat Artuph hip Iclal in a Vii Roo a. Al it John cd my by. Jap saturday september 25 i a children of select with my Tohill Luizia. Or. I and my. Carter d. Haven comedy. Vox Newa. To tuesday september 2s a a roue of Ltd _ a Blu Oil 11 of Ihu a Oil lock be cml snub comedy. Extra night open wednesday 6es�temper,�0 a a the thirteen la chair Quot la Lal. Quot tho Oun irn Quot comedy Wilh Katly Arbue Klu 1 Arlo in a16o and Aco. War tax Otra. R. L. Gregory Wein Vite you to Guelph i to visit the Mac Pond old store As soon As you Acton. Ontario thursday morning. Septh Mner 23, 1020 shoe factory Agrem Clit so far As or. To Uriah and return of $500 Loiuis Danu ended _ i a waterworks debentures Are offered to local investors single g pm Csc five gents can to us Lew fall season display a of now Nutu a have become Numi inner Chi eng indeed. Ilie swagger coals clinic suits the Flora blk. Silken Woollen dresses Beautiful blouses picturesque hats the Trouv looking skirts and All Mott i dress accessories developed for the new crispy season Are Here in variety depicting the newest fancies that have passed the censorship of style Dom. If you Bow your own clothes you Wlsh also find hero All those Lite be cesaites listed in the dressmakers category As Well As n wonderful a qty off Brics needed la Timlake that new skirts coat suit Drons or Alst these fabrics Ore shown in an unusually handsome variety in both colors and designs offering to All wide latitude for Choice. -of.particular, in fret in women who Aroh a dressing up their Homes b our refer caring displays of curtains and draperies. It b a display that brings to or patrons the very latest designs and colouring ideas now in Vogue one that b pleasing in variety As it b in the individual treatment of colouring and designing. It Wlllie a pleasure to Shew you these and All the other line new things first time you can come to town. D. A. Macdonald amp Bros. Ltd. Guru its in saying a Argust store a Wyndhom Macdonnel and Carden streets Guelph Onti Acton a High Grade Candy store so Furduy specials a Corn it omit b not a it without Monihon allow to Riovo just received o fresh shipment of Plain mar8hmalloy� for toasting. Reg. 50c in Saturn special Price 39c. 25c. Lowneys chocolate Baks saturday special Frico c for. Assorted chocolates to Tuiai ,qoc.,saturday special Frico.,.,______46c. Nei sonts Solu cd a of Colato regular 75c. Saturday special Frico. Me. H. Wiles Mill Street a Acton. Notice this week it is our aim to Clear out every Fol Lars Worth of dry Goohs in our store in order to do this to have Cut the Price of every article to Leas than Cost. A a. To have in Stock a Good Aas Artmont of men s and boys j and pullovers braces. Collars ties overalls .cl9ves"men a Wom ears and children s hosiery underwear laces. Pm bindery buttons ribbons sateen Cro tonnes coat linings Handor chiefs Cotton Batts Calatean table 01is, oct our grocery Stock \ a is still Complete and every a Riclo Cut to Cost Price. Done to Overlook this splendid Opportunity. Stock up at Cost Price. While you can. goes. Our Stock and fixtures a a arc for Sale in bloc. Any one wishing to continue the business hero would do Cir to secure this splendid stand with Good lease. Stock at right Price. / d. A Russellr a it. Mia Street Acton ont. A Olom Tuto a a a pm Fridiof and a turn try. Coli Ifill Tny let by Butr. mar we car Mellom cold Liu Muni und 1u Miman Puent in i Ihu chair. Thai Chian of 0�mmlttr� a it re a mint i rib or Wilim Liemth Jav Mart nil tho Fol Luwina a Colin to a a no Rul to count vote Riis a a in our n. Of. Moore. .34r�u�r ii. Ciuc Kiiu u my la and j. Coli boy Hirv Leif i Hydro Acue unt. Hayti Hii i a Luru. Clitu. Muziii. Lui Lary Fth o. Ily Nilu. Ulmer Hydro la it War. Uonmi., .Gt we a Auto inc by Dit i a incr comm. Up Palm Moi it omit it Lii a Wylli Iurii. Kup puck Cun Miljun of thru Loul dlr. Up Pelleu n. F. Moore rur Turu. A magus Liuio 1 i3 be 1c 3� 33 36 443 14 3c 3r 1 n 33 03 10 30 10 3a Wuu Zwerk a count of. Moom it Virtu a. Contr us found Billmi co., bul Anno Ahl Mutu no. 3. Lay Uhm 43c to in Purul foundation co. Imi Anoa a Hal my to no. X to it my hound .-�.�. A. 1,1 to 00 Dri Minond Mcnull. Auppllm.-. 1,337 42 j. 11. Muo Wenslow. Aupp lax 13c 44 �4.1ci 00. Trio tii port waa adopted. The clerk Wax instruct in to Liuvao thu a do it in turn a printed and to Minaok in tho fun i Kaaa u ii Otlo in local investor a that tho de Hon Tyrea were ready for Aalo to local Nivea lord on Opplt Cuilon to the treasurer. Tiu i Kulon of Ilie or com Max Leo wac then up for Laou Aalund. Twin Iota Pur Chuard Are now for male and u in Mill need they will a on Dluhi Wihl of and tho linux in commit a Ion will in Ull prolix Billly i Toome to unit. The Saki Fox auxiliary of tha o. W. V. A. Row a ruled the free use it it of the Hall Onoe w Ponth for w euchre and Dunn ii they Lead received it Law Yard a tho Council or reel to Rovn the rain Ioaz auxiliary Jiuu it of the Hall for if i6.0o to cover the coat of la rat and fuel and they to leave the Ball in pm rim condition a when they re cell my it. Tho i High a Fantry Queutin for Diao Uhlon und the clerk Wax in act Rullod i notify or. Gourlay that he to Nigut return tho Uoo loaned .Gt a by Trio Council it once or Leal Inix will lie insult used to recover in Max. I vivid Itono requested a refund of Hui Neari Tux on the he Aineah Cerruit by her Lato Hux Liand. No refund Rouchl in Ken till Hula Ever a the Loloi him Vul i Mim Olomei and the yell Oon re Recd a tho 3nuxx know tiny for the exp Lap Tuin of the Wauriw Urx Delv Niuma Wax for Tuia Alay even nth next and the a Iven to udder tale the Hume. Hit nut Nylon of owner Alp of the then of mortar Wuh then a Murat up the Stoeve the mortar Lead lie ii vol Pishl to the Cori Kimlon of Acton and malntaln4iml that it should remain it tho town Hall on Torii Motlon pm ii to. Or. A Taani thought the it i Aston Lead riven full Izower to the Cut Lena committee of five and that the us Wax Isle Pletl for the Mem Ursul. Or. Cox aet Forth tins fast that to we Pue of the Marn Rui Wax town property for the method let Church Tina in Tildy i Lvi ii thu Doc i. And therefore tho Corimbi Niton had control if u Wii put at the Monument site and that this would lie a very jul table Plum. 1 tho to Aller. Wax Deuce it a Ercely worthy of very ratio Roox Contention of lieu to the Htay in infant Chirac if of the run sent und it Wax decided to allow it to remain peaceably where it Xlyn adjourned it 11.66 in m. In my Mortain i Nalja Willt knt i Muld Warren. Faur of bred wantin of Thea City and probably the in Osro county died on tue Duy. Aurut 17, it a Qoon hox pit i where of Hud been recent al in Trecet Mienl. To Wax 13 Yerx of Oro. Or our run Veel ded Here with hex i und recently went to the capital Olty til receive Meill Cal eld., allx Larro Cirolo of for lend in be Stripe will Loam of Htu Deuth with profound borrow tho dec Jed la Surv in a by hex two Hon Freil Warren of Tolx City and Morrn j. Warren of lied Cloud formerly editor of tho Are us at that Plao hut now i isred in the Telephone near them lie also leave two run Daonah Itou Wanra a City und let Onald Warren who in Runny or a motor by Oil the Union Pao Flo Thui Bol Woon Kearney and tap Lehurl Ilia Wilfo a puked Way 67 Yerx Oroyt a ten Lay. The Day of or. Warron a death. A Lvii Talco neb. Warren a a a Ruther of John. In Olwert. A mex Andrew und Alexander Warren and Pont hex ski Hood thu x 4n a Lon. He Wax torn lit Ken Rugale. Ingeme Tahire Scotlund und Bame to Canada with hex up rent be fax Aro. The rumbly Felt cml on the fourth Une. On Collar Creek farm now owned by. Or a. You if. A or. Warren was a tailor and wont to Iha Weaklem buteo Many year so. Lie followed Hie Bull Neon us us tailor in re Arloe until Hla. Re Tremont from Potiye work be veil your mro he Wax the Loat member of the a Rren family. Or. a Man or Xterm Lnor ohm Veo ter and Wax he rely esteemed or a a Travelis aug Max Minnie Bonnet to recital of tier Ono Emlon into. Noi Hern Junta Rio with tho Ontario ton Bera last month Wax riven it the me Cipr of the Epworth Long to on monday amt talk Wax not Only an incur ext nor Arlex of word Plet Rex of tho pantu Ivunie Minery form Lar Nind the Neil Rutm of to Pranlal Oom Pitilon Phlp but it Hud a wealth and inn Trouve detail. Mley Ite Nitt wll Rivo to fax add Lam lit us i ton in tit ule it it invention in in nto noxt.ninntti.,., Acton soldiers Community House Tolx in really a Lyral Uko inn a Omro Irive Tiru Luiu the rom fort of Hmann it a dlr it a i. The Placo in us i or the Mona tin ii of Paolini o. W. V. A., with mfr. And mix. W. Colea us Mun Miuor und Iio seem a. News of local import or h. 8. Kiuon coming to Arlen or. H. H. Alwn. Ilover of Milton. in Igor Aventi which Wax oco Pleil Fogt a a a Many year by Moore and family und kilo Grad to tho a Utun of the Lute i Kew Una Mutru. Or. Win ii recently. Mold hex Lino Furm it my Lynn to Mua from Quai Mhz. I i to a manager Alp or. M. L. . Who came to Acton two Yerx aun to occupy the Poult on of to line of the Murli unix link Imit Juat Lmh b Pru Mozeil to in Nian Ajce re of the ranch it Fexix irate in al Xinu. Near Lbruce a Knox. Or. , who Wax Herat. Over us a. And name to Acton for hex Itrat Imwie urn the War. Made Many Fri Nix Durbin he in town. A an Omodei of the Luitek he. Wax very a it thu liar. Hex a Tapir Teroux and nil Ulnic demo Anor town no the Ink a a exit Max being us Wuyu uniform and Valoua in a a Uuk wadding on Tua Aday 0,1 Tux play at High noon at the Home of the Hridel a father. Marla fit Reet. Acton. Mix Anno Wou Ace. Tho daughter of. Or i Tolbirt Walloe. Wax in Neil in tho i mud of Lily win look to or. Lorro Murray for u real Tlell h�ru.,hut formerly of Siax of Tow. Scotlund. Roy. Y. A Moyner per of Meixl Tiu ceremony. After thu Wod dlr amp or. And or. Murray left for hernia a Omro they Qixiu the Northern Navy Sutlon ate mar for n trip id Lair we ilium. A hero. They will vex to Max. Murray a a Ulster Max. In 13. Ihil rum. Police Ceuch it Oliv Tux Plarl Xart Harlow who ont Neil oat Lon ural not William Wotton. Of Toronto for us Lexinh Fraudin Hiitt in of a horus hem Faill to put Puih Virance laut . To Date the care Wax us Journei. Philice Muri Trute Moom conae quintly dam Laneil tho course. At Ihn Hume of court a Churro and a counter Charro of Xii it Ina ulnar and profane Lan Duagn prefer Mil by Nearh born Heundl. Kvil Niiro adduced Miro Rullet on the Quirt of la it the . Cloth wore and the al Ibex re into the mull Elutil Manury thexor Nearh born Wem in tilt after Law. Thoy rot it und child promptly for in Hearty Bervice at by. Alban x the year boat der lock at he Albany a Cli urfi on Thor Tiluy a Venina and Hundy Wem Well it Tull Elt Lund very Alicr earful. Tho of Hurcil Wax ext fully Docu Rutt with the usual Rmon Fri Ltd. Blown re und table. There Wax of willing a worx and the Maul la Aho Weil it a altar Wax prettily ugh simply ornamented with while Uxter und Maple Leanox. Tho Arch Over thu Chancel Etaw Wax trl Mcneil with aun Flo Woro. While ouch of tho window a Hud my Lex of tho Goat Harvi Xit of wheat my Max on Alder. Und fruit and lower on thu Tull. Kush out ha.1 its array of Maple lout it. Makln0 the a Lale a Leafy ugh Way. Tho font it the . Covered with oath. Held to thy u Lowery Girdle. Around the old Lex minor Lii Tab Lolu Wreath of mauve Uxter Wax planed. Thu. Xeric no were marked by their. Oheeron Litesy Leil by full on Thyri Pluy in the pm Hiir Wax the he a. We. Surl it. The. Of of Orrstown. At both Aero Lea Mux Hetty Yai Rio Xang of Lex during thu offertory. A a note from Oregon the Cou owing for Otto Max John a. Carton. Of Balm. Orc Ron yell Imp read with interest. Let eur or. Kultur a it Apex not seem in Muelhle that it ult al Moat x year alone 1 Wax suit Long the old Hime of Artois. To Many thl fix can Hupin in u yoitr., Heve Rul of tho old Frei id y Mot Whlig Hia Seil away. Atn Oug Kuuku i aim Wall by a it Mimir Fred Hij Coril. To re on in Ond to had Unruh an Lille rating a hat Reno Ling the old i Myx. It in a plea Auie to Road in the al thu in Kim a if the kindly Thieu a that have Heen done Solon to Honor die a slurped Holder re and Loo to know they Havn u Homo there. It could not tuvo been Hiitt a located than in Sunderland via. The Fine family Paul Neq. N it i Only the Homi boys wll enjoy it but thu strap Pic us will a Kohlier in a vol Iller whether a a nol my Mon Aham. In adj Unk of the Amerl Chen Eglon in Hulett. They have or. Home yet but. A Hoon it they it a i Ratee 310,000 the county Kllc i with another and they will then i sin building. They Ore nut Long Money no they. In n a Durlik our tato fair and Are putting on the it ten of the Mariie a n Pym Echio now. Truo to life Rux and All. We Hugo had tho Bat text Eummer in a Lily Yvars Ltd it Winter Wuh the coldest for that term it ,1� now. Ukwu Alful a Tiina weather with hop raid prune picking in pm Gro a. Hui an al Long at 6oc . Kind in Ruiyi. To All old Hefny Cottam. I a. A a a Triplet Dorn at Guelph me. Und Max. A a Riu Ilo Liand. Former a ill known . Now of a Lump Ion to Rocel Vilig Lin arty Congo Allilu to ii from their Fri undo Opl it a Long tho a it a a in at a it i it a it mph a lion Petal hem pm in inlay. Morning. The new ural Val arc nil Lumby i irlu.,und on in Lully. It ten it Lanui it jul thin Ufton Nivon i Lin Marroin a Lennon a that Ull thic Wnm doing will. Mercury. One of lint Deli Hull Idnan Dio. Twenty on Vanarx al Burlington or. Iclain a. Hurrle comply old a Wency Ohn yeom a editor and pub Liu Hur of the whirl Long Toni tax Etta Luat . Or. Ilner Lii an in mall lord of tho que Iitto by Stfort unit cloak Utt tuni to haul Nevii. Lelih paper Iwen Moul Loyal to Ihirg la Nunn and he Hux had the a of zoning the Community grow thriving indoor per med Iowa. Tho Hux control Rinaud Luru Ely in Prozan whig to the out Alda world tho Advent Sigea of hurling ton. May Ihu Ivy a Gully Ontario weekly Oon Limni to pro Phr. A related bin up undid comply mint a High comply Brant in old the Aston Hod croon Chilli u by Max in Anton dry Khlar of major w. Ranton of tho Milton Champion who Durvod a vet Weum nil a Infra lieu Alt or. Major Yuri ton Wien a my Deu Shtur Huu imd nut Homell dug widow anti old int Tircht and Rel Fly Iho Ludith of Acton Sotl Coxa . Hint Wax anal stunt Matin no. 3 Itou Ideiil at to to a it it. One of liar i ilex Wau to Etc it Dan to Buga of Ooton Feria from the ii Cmara and write Leller of . Flo Liuyu the Aston Imge of rolled Ull Lohora in tint lie Auu fill a Gunnar in which they warn made up idiot Only .tlio.cniitcnim, Hulthen Luigu All u Nilo tha Hongu were made of car spa. Hut to Liao from Aston Wem of ult Umi inn Lergul. Waltn Nunn Moi itly. With a my Croaa neatly a Wii on waterworks Disben Lurex for local Bale at the Nie Otlaug of the Connll on a monday ova lung to Gnu Doc ded to Glou tho ii Opio of Aston Nind vol inlay tha in ext Oritor Lully of Pirich axing the now Wittor work Ltd la it Turt it a. Thia plan l lately by num Herx of and Tolx form of invest inuit Huu Tacoma vary Latapu in Thlu in aug of 34m.ooo of act ii Dolam Primi at Par Oclit. Will Nuku n Proll Tuthi infant mint Ami for thou who deals Long Arm Accuri tiv the thirty year Doha Iinuma will Mitt Thor a Lurex adm Roldy. A clone a he curly in Gilt in Gad. Und our dal Suntum debt. Whan tha Audi Nix Lieut of doll re Wirt Wax ill Vita waa lower than that of any Bihar civic in halt ii a will in held in thu town Hull Nail Tow any. Evening for lha Purpo of giving tho und that a Tun Del of iwo Tunny for local to valmont. I last Rumor a to Highway r a minor la now of rent that tho onto of lha Tomito to hurl a Yelsh. Way will to tho country hmm Laullon Lijo to tho ult ii Larto Lucio of to thu la Hind Llumi thence up tho Mamond Lina the ugly Solon by a Way of Multi Homot. And Utu co to lot no Inhar Ritvo in Krivi and an Road to Rohlk lipid Thea Rodu Oulu out tho Moon Ali Gnu Moutlon Only my Dkl pm nor Vul und Mich through Oeor Guntown i tho ext Mino Lam Ltd the Kuopio will to glad inn ill when thex us tour la aut Thal Doc Nitoly. To fur us Tolx Woollon in . Uver Ilio route through a leu Rotov a up to guv onto Lnu. In Roux thu a tuii Cowx Mill and into town by Young und Miil a Tutu and tho Noe a i main Treut und the Ueo Ond Lino to number Nyu Irh Hux two great Gudvun tages Over Quot Trio now Wylota a now Ruinn red. A there in mom found ton work pm Skudy Dono und thu Rudex us can Aldo Rudy a Vulor. A a a i mrw thir a. Dan fair Ullh Hie Viilu inti re Pisnoy the to Asher Haa fun Vornle and Lilg Tauv Wui a pc Epsilon. The Hall a gtd he Buu we mime Muu . Tho ladle Contilli Ted largely to thin. In Ladola work a do Bricin Cal Loury or Luela my Cen Llod and lha och Lluu had tho Merit of lading a linocut enl Andy now. In Dairy pita Luola mily Wuu them a dearth of Norlex. The Rouch Inabit of tho Cre Umei Lex evil Nelly a Fellx tho Lioma Hulter making hut u a Vlf Elt a jul in Tolx mix Hin would bring mom excl he torn. Tho it Oral do play Wax very it Truchio and thu allowing of Vugin Laflex and fruit Wax highly Orth Luthie. Tho Usu took exhibit wus up to tho High it Ansurd of mat year. Nur Wathu Lunding thu multiplying of tho Jumber of motor Cam the nolo horse App car to hold hex own it Ihly full fair. Tho a Luaao a were will re Ileal and Ero thu cedi Lux of Inie Relod crowd. Thu uha onco of i Ore clonal Homo Ifie did not Duruot lit any a onto from lha intercut of tho fair. Tho sex id lion of furn pm Xiv Ehdy. Trotter Loro Thun Ignudo up for thu of Mialon. The Ali Iolus hat of or Lex Usu dial will riven in next Wnok x Ithem actin pall fair has Aii Ouier notable Success Fay Oralle weather an increased number of entries and an pm Mem Ai enhance Quot Thio fair Haq become a Fra Ture of the fall s activities a Loii Juu for of dub a Dill -0 niger to thu unbroken slut or Aucv. Ful Falzoi hold in Aston. Tho intercut in thex fair Wum by tho Largo it Laid it or if Eill tuu of Ouhl bit mud on Elleu Day und ,,.gt 1 who. Shirgu it fund non on urdu Mooiki. nay a Faiu notch one of the Moat in Lois Wax or. H. H. Modon uld. Of Crumpton who Novar Lorex hex love for the own which wan for to inane Yum Piure big pumpkin Ami Aqua hex Vuturo Upolu my Oncu in oxide Tutor it Aston fair a Wuyu in veld Lutor us oms to in it Vori Llyl year by year. Como from n wide Ima and us Way i Giro Clute tho Ovir Muu hero. Trio Plim for to ruler work to Cicili into the fair Mii Inix ural Vinyl in to it a Lou of Elmo. Tho Tonoli Wuu tilled but tho Iren Cli Lino in Lin a round Ami on tho Stroul tho in urk worn rather unlovely looking. The pen tut Ink Akut Cli of lion. David Lender him by Luttio mix a Fry old both in the Vrusk of an urtext tint tio Rul ugh hit Wuu tho Imit Ulen hero. Jou. You m. Not for Triy year Hux them Jimmu i few int leu in tho Dairy Olua aex. Tho doing in Kur muru wives am not making Bulur a they ii to. Muic by Lam Cpl ended i run Wink of or. I trunk King. Our Galowin Community al Gen Crul it Tellon. I c. W. Krlly it Mon to urdu n Gimp of Hohlt of tho fun our Roll Plunka. 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Ulchin Milaim 44 Yunli gravel 6 80 Fem Neil Meighen wins out tooth hex were Eladel on monday by you Fux. Kun item Rcv. which Wum hold to Day in col a a 6�ter county nov pc Olla. And by. Lohu and Albert than flux. New i unix it Wink Rux Ulton in the Murii of Hun. V. H. Mourn by min later of let Jihuo work. To former . And Llori w. A Lipior it it Menuier of cuff Tom Ulm in tend Ilsc new in the Inver. La nut Minn torn and a ought a a Como Nijiu at the Huddy of the a four of ruining of Imus thex in the 11 Hrul Guoyu rement of ill glib Hon Arthur Molg Gnu a. Sir. We genre w Lik a i mud by or. A 10. Lonny. . Of it. John bum by Defeated by 4, j majority ten Vul Idun idling Plum of k.u38, Nin pry 3.83h. In. H. Mourdy jul vie cled in by u majority of 1.350 Vur la Werner Lihosit opponent Cupl. Hugh a Lukan u. C. Win. Mclatn 40�?�yurrtx a mgr Vul 0 thou. Irr Uncle soymilk grub i 4 co a. Moal Lnu it Yard gravel 00 ail uni Alexander a 66 Quot a urdu. Gravel. 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