War Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Sun, Sep 3, 1972.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 3, 1972

By MIKE DURANTDon Raimundo Olivas and hissoldiers with their guns loaded and swords drawn were ready and waiting for the band of renegade Indians.L u c k i 1 y , Don Raimundo, tipped off by a friendly Indian squaw, had been given time to alert the Mexican garrison at the San Buenaventura Mission of the impending Indian attack.The Mexican sergeant and his men crouched low in the mission church ready to surprise the unsuspecting band of Indians. The soldiers knew the fierceness and ruthlessness of the renegade band from reports of an earlier raid on the Solvang mission.Don Raimundo, determined not to let the Indians do damage to the Ventura mission, sat next to the thick wooden door of the chapel with a dagger in his hand waiting for the attack.Finally the expected Indians appeared in the courtyard, and, with their young ringleader in front, began to charge up to the adobe steps to the chapel.The 39-year-old sergeantsprang to his feet and into the chapel doorway; blocking theIndian charge.SHOCKED to see the soldiers wading for the suiprise attack, the Indians stopped and hlt;s'hated for a moment.The pause allowed Don Raimundo to challenge the renegade leader to a fight-to-the-dealh with daggers.The fight on the chapel steps didn’t last long. Don Raimundo after a few lunges and parriesmanaged to pUmge his steel into the Indian’s throat.Startled by the slaying of their leader, the other Indians turned and fled from the mission grounds.Don Raimundo Olivas had saved the mission singlehanded-iy and a year later, 1841, was rewarded for his heroilt;»n by the Mexican government with a 4,693-acre land grant along theSanta Clara River.In 1849-50 on the land given to him, Don Raimundo built asimple but study adobe ranch house of five l8-by-20 foot rooms and a 30-by-22-foot chapel.TIIE HOUSE — The Olivas adobe — is found still standing.However, instead of being surrounded by the pastures which fattened the Don's cattle for the hungry 49ers who were making their fortunes collecting gold in the mother lode of Northern California, today the historic adobe is in the back y i d of he 18 hole Olivas Golf Course in Ventura.Don Raimundo’.* Iwo-story house, along with the SanBuenaventura Mission, the Pioneer Museum and the Ortega Abode are among the historical sites restored and being kept in shape by the City of Ventura.The restored Olivas Abode